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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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air force base were deployed to support nato amid the russia-ukraine war. an emotional evening months in the making and that is great to see right there. tomorrow on "special report," china rebukes the u.s. for a state department report about taiwan. thanks for watching "special report." i'm trace gallagher in los angeles. jesse watters handing the reins back to you, jesse, one hour later. >> jesse: perfect timing, thank you, trace. >> trace: yep. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: as the saying goes: desperation is a stinky cologne. and we have all worn it at some point in our lives. >> it's called sex panther by odion. illegal in nine countries. yep, it's made with bits of real panther so you know it's good. >> it's quite pungent. >> oh, yeah. >> with a formable subsequent,
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stings the nostrils. >> trace: when you get desperate you play the blame games. it's never your fault. struck out trying to find a prom date. you blame your stupid car. if only my parents had bought me the mustang, i would get all the girls. lose all your money gambling? not your fault, just a run of bad luck. we know desperate times call for desperate measures. today, joe biden signaled probably the most desperate call we have seen yet in his presidency. when he blamed his tanking economy not on himself but on republicans. >> look, i know you got to be frustrated. i know. i can taste it. but the fact is congressional republicans not all of them, but the maga republicans are -- counting on you to be as frustrated by the pace of progress which they have -- they
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have done everything they can to slow down. >> jesse: all the republicans' fault, you see? joe creates problems and blames republicans for not fixing them. democrats control the white house, the congress, and the senate, but, if you are stupid, which joe biden thinks you are, you will agree and blame republicans, too. agree with joe and just act like his economy is a smash hit or biden is going to start calling you an ultra maga right winger. >> americans have a choice right now between two paths. my plan, tax inflation and grows economy but lowering costs for working families. the other path is the ultra maga plan, put forward by congressional republicans. to raise taxes on working families, lower the income of american workers. >> jesse: joe biden's policies have raised costs for the american family and a year later now he says he has a plan to
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lower the costs. [laughter] and by the way, republicans aren't raising taxes. the democrats are trying to raise taxes. but then again, joe doesn't seem to know what he is talking about most of the time. >> the number one threat is the strength -- and that strength that we built is inflation. >> jesse: what? "primetime" still hasn't figured out what joe is trying to say there. i think he was trying to tell us the number one threat to the country is inflation. but he wasn't responsible for any of that. >> inflation in this country? do you take any responsibility four policies? >> i think our policies help, not hurt. >> jesse: joe biden came of age in politics before the internet. so i can understand why he doesn't understand why all the things he said about inflation are still out there. the guy intent the whole last year brushing off inflation like it was hunter's overseas
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business deals. >> talk inflation, overwhelming consensus it's going to pop up a little bit and go back down. no one is talking about this great, great, you know -- most of the price increases we have seen -- are, were expected and expected to be temporary. >> nobody is suggesting there is inflation on the way. >> it's highly unlikely it's going to be learn inflation that's going to get out of hand. i don't know anybody, including larry summers, who is a friend of mine. >> yeah. >> who is worried about inflation. >> jesse: the lying dog faced pony soldier president thinks your memory is shot more than his is. you are the one who has to suffer for all of joe's lies, when you can't even get baby formula to your newborn and the white house seems to be more worried about aborting babies than they are with feeding them? you know their priorities are out of whack. maybe gutfeld was on to something yesterday.
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maybe they do see abortion as a cure to the baby formula shortage. who knows? and people are seeing a white house of obviously doesn't care at all about rising costs. while joe is blaming republicans for the price hike, he has let gas prices to get out of control. biden is breaking his own records like jordan with gas hitting a national average, are you ready? $4.37 a gallon this week. remember when joe told us that releasing oil from the reserves would help? well, let's look back. gas prices are up nearly 20 cents since biden did that. does it look like he cares? well, we sent my assistant johnny out to ask people if they care. ♪ ♪ >> gas prices hitting a hoard high again. what are you feeling about it. >> it's way too high. >> this is outrageous. >> this is out of hand. >> not that great. >> horrible. it's so bad. i can't afford to move from a to
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b. i don't know when it's going to stop. >> why in hell are we still doing this. >> how much does to cost to fill up your tank. >> like 120. >> 100 something dollars. >> $135. >> 75, $80. >> that's a lot of money. ♪ >> president biden said prices of gas are going to go down. how is that working out? >> he is taking too long with that he has got to get on the ball with that. >> i am waiting. ticktock on the clock ♪ ticktock on the clock ♪ party don't stop. >> he lied. >> yeah? >> yeah. he is not a friend of the people we don't like him. >> we really are friends. [laughter] >> every day goes up a few cents. four days it went up like had 0 cents. >> words is words but action is better. >> it's all talk but no action with these politicians. >> president biden said he was going to release the reserves and then the gas would go down but the price of gas went up. what happened? >> it's a bunch of lies.
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>> he lied. tell the people what you want to hear, obviously. >> duh! >> i don't think whatever is he doing is working. >> i'm still waiting for this guy to make a big move. [horn honking] >> i think he wants to communicate. >> releasing the reserve is only good for like three weeks or a month. >> he wool be riding horse and carriages. i have to get to work the best way i can. >> buy a horse? >> yes, he haw. >> hello. ♪ >> president biden, is he doing this big electric car push. everybody has got to go get an electric car. when are you going shopping for an electric car? >> no time soon. [laughter] [kamala laughing] >> goes up. >> forget it, man. can't afford it with this business honcht is going to pay for it. >> that's the end game for them, for him, for them that's the end game. >> bingo. >> what do you care more about, roe v. wade being overturned or
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the rise in price of gas. >> the riding price of gas. it's like when is it going to stop? roe v. wade. >> gas prices is almost put out of business. >> rise in price of gas. >> how dare they! >> do you think that president joe biden cares about your issues? >> no. >> i don't think so. >> he is just -- wasn't fit for the job in my eyes. he is not qualified for the job. >> joe biden is lucky if he knows what day it is. >> merry christmas, happy holidays. >> you are going to be on "jesse watters primetime." >> okay. >> what do you know the to tell jesse? >> hi. thank you, jesse and thanks for looking out for us new yorkers. >> love jesse. >> love you. >> jesse: joe biden may act like he is this good old scranton joe. he has lot his roots. don't buy the act. >> i come from a family where when the price of gas or food went up, we felt it. it was a discussion at the kitchen table.
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>> jesse: gas prices were actually flat when is he a kid so that's another lie. joe biden should start listening to the penal instead of the pundits. we hear joe watches a lot of msnbc. listening to pundits like howard dean is a great way to lose touch with the rest of the country. >> the republican party has a mess mystic view of man kind and the democrats don't. now, that makes us weaker because we have to fight with one hand tied behind other back. we have to be hopeful. we are the party of hope. they're the party of fear, of anger and frankly they are the party of pessimism, they believe there is no future for human beings. they are creating an american or trying to where there is no future for the united states of america. >> jesse: howard dean may not be the best person to listen to about anything. his presidential run ends almost as fast as kamala harris', remember? >> we are going to south dakota and oregon and washington and
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michigan and then we're going to washington, d.c. to take back the white house! yeah! >> jesse: these are the people joe biden listens. to say they tell him to say ultra maga he says it they tell him to say putin price hike he says it at the tell him one day inflation isn't an issue and tell him the next day inflation is his number one issue. coming on. joe biden is circling the stage. seeing the final stages of the presidency. record high gas prices, crime, border crisis, and a global recession could be on the horizon. as harry truman once said the buck stops here maybe joe biden thought he was talking about money. john kennedy is a member of the judiciary committee who is probably an ultra maga senator,
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aren't you? >> i listen to your framing of the issue, jesse. i will give you a couple of thoughts. i don't mean to be uncharitable. but sometimes i think president biden just doesn't eat enough fiber. he had is said today for example as you pointed out, that he bears no responsibility whatsoever for inflation i think most americans are thinking right and jimmy hoffa died of natural causes. also, the stripper really likes you. here's the truth. the truth is that the biden administration just keeps kicking its own ass the truth is president biden won the nomination because he promised
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not to be bernie sanders. who he is trying to emulate? bernie sanders. after 14 months we know that president biden believes in bigger government, higher taxes, more spending, more debt. more regulation a weaker military, open borders, fax pair funded abortion on demand and turning cops into social workers. here is his energy policy, wind, solar and wishful thinking. he thinks he can run the greatest economy the most powerful economy in all of human history without fossil fuels. that's one of the main reasons why the prices at the pump are so high. and the american people see
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this. they see after 14 months nothing is built. nothing is back. and nothing is better. and that's why when you poll american people say the country is headed in the wrong direction and the president he has no self-awareness or at least the people around him won't allow him to have self-awareness about the real problem. >> jesse: he must know, logically, how to get get out of this inflation spiral. the stop spending, fed increase the rates unleash american energy. if he does that then the left will go crazy and totally dessert him. he is kind of in a box. and it looks like he has chosen the left. isn't that right? >> yes, he has chosen the wokers. as we talked about before, he has got to ignore the wokers,
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they are bizarre. they are one dimensional. what the president needs to do to get inflation under control and to get gas prices under control is very simple. he needs to turn to congress and say congress, you've got a budget. live with it live within your means, don't spend any new money except on defense and helping ukraine. instead, has proposed a budget with two and a half trillion dollars worth of taxes. that's kerosene on the fire. and in terms of getting control of energy prices, what he needs to do is say, look, we can't run this economy without fossil fuels. i'm going to get my boot off the neck of the fossil fuel industry so we can return to being energy independent we can add to the supply and price also come down. and he has done the exact
4:15 pm
opposite. >> jesse: all right. senator john kennedy who always has a way with words. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you, jesse. >> jesse: how the abortion industrial complex is targeting and brainwashing black women. >> i'm killing [bleep] i'm killing the baby. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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>> jesse: the democratic party is completely consumed by rage. we have seen the protesters surround the homes of our supreme court justices. alito just trying to scare them
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into betraying our constitution. these are intimidation. these are mob tactics. these are completely endorsed by top democrats from the white house down to the senate. >> are you comfortable with the protests that we saw outside the homes of supreme court justices over the weekend? >> if protests are peaceful, yes. my house -- there is protests three or four times a week outside my house. >> i know that there is an outrage right now, i guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date. and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges' homes and that's the president's position. >> jesse: we didn't get here overnight. it began way back in 2016. legacy media was pumping anti-trump propaganda everywhere 24/7. brainwashing weak minded libs into believing trump was evil and had to be stopped by any means necessary. that propaganda led to rage which led to violence. all of a sudden it was open season on anybody with a red hat.
4:22 pm
trump supporters were getting cold cocked and cars were getting lit on fire. >> whoa, whoa, [bleep] >> hey. [bleep] [shouting] [bleep] [bleep] >> oh my god. they are throwing -- >> while the resistance was throwing hay makers in the state. the deep state was putting in work behind the scenes. lies, spying.
4:23 pm
the all tax returns all accord attacks to take down the president. it didn't stop there remember the summer of love in 2020. criminals terrorizing cities, looting, burning down politicians. knocking out officers all in the name of racial justice. [explosion] [shouting] >> leave now! if you're in the area of southwest third avenue between southwest main street and southwest madison street, leave now! >> jesse: americans were scared to leave their homes while rioters were just getting bailed out and the media cheered it on. riding that rage into the 2020 election. >> that ain't a riot what we are seeing right now in minneapolis. what we are seeing right there is frustration. >> do not get it twisted and think oh, this is some --
4:24 pm
something that has not never happened before and this is so terrible. >> show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful. >> mostly peaceful protest. it is not generally speaking unruly but fires have been started. >> jesse: now they are doing it all over again. midterms are just around the corner so the democrats are ramping up the rage machine encouraging their followers to burn it all down. >> run down to the abortion clinic and have that little [inaudible] sucked right now. >> abort, abort, abort. >> i'm killing him. i'm killing the baby. >> brett kavanaugh, justice samuel [bleep] alito. everybody that they thinks that they can tell someone that they
4:25 pm
don't have a right to choose. >> jesse: this is not a good look for democrats and not going to distract us to what biden did to our economy and our border. what we are finding out is that something more sinister may be going on here. democrats are monetizing violence the same way blm raked in 90 million off that bloody summer. the democrats are looking to cash in on the abortion outrage. just hours after the opinion draft was leaked. the biden campaign blasted out an email begging for money to stop the republicans. within 24 hours, democrat fundraiser act blue raised over 2 million. and by the end of the last week, they were flush up $28 million. since this leak. the more hate, the more dough. this has all been a fundraiser for them. the vandalized churches and fire bombed pro-life centers. that's just the cost of doing
4:26 pm
business. dana loesch, nationally syndicated radio show host joins me now. all right, so, dana, you will see, this more violence, more fundraising. i don't know what we are going to do about it. do you? >> i don't know either, jesse. you are right on one thing. this is hot democrats are don't forget chicago mayor lowe light foot calling for actual these are her words not mine. call for arms. asking for alphabet people to go and take up arms because of the supreme court because scotus is coming for everyone, apparently. so you have a sitting elected democrat who is actually telling people to take up guns that she hates and go after scotus. and that i think that chicago already has enough of a gun problem. but, jesse, can you imagine for one second if a second amendment supporter or donald trump or donald trump jr. or eric trump or anyone associated with the trump campaign or administration had even remotely said anything close to what lori lightfoot has said? can you imagine the weeping and
4:27 pm
gnashing of teeth from this left who have as you pointed out and i had would go back even further, jesse. i would go back to occupy wall street. go back to all the way to weather underground when you had democrats that bombed is a senate building in the 70s. this is who these people are. when they fail to convince with you their words and screeching they resort to violence always and they are doing it again. >> jesse: yeah, they are. there another wrinkle to this secretary janet yellen told a senate committee this afternoon that abortions are good and necessary because most of the time it's poor black women who are getting them. listen. >> in many cases, abortions are of teenage women, particularly low income and often black who aren't in a position to be able to care for children have unexpected pregnancies and it deprives them of the ability, often to continue their
4:28 pm
education, to later participate in the workforce. >> jesse: these racial stats when it comes to abortion in america are pretty unset bling, black women make up about 7% of the population but account to nearly 40% of all abortions. so, what do you think is going on here here with this abortion industrial complex kind of targeting them? >> yeah, it's big abortion, big oil big meet and big abortion. i find janet yellen's remarks to be some of the most racist, antifeminist, antiwoman remarks i have ever heard from another woman species. i find it disgusting. and i think she should disavow them and apologize for them. what she is saying is it is better to be dead than it is to grow up poor. janet yellen is using her idea of wealth as a way to justify whether or not someone should be alive or not. this is what is wrong, jesse, with big government. we have a government that tells
4:29 pm
women that they are too stupid, especially black women but women in general they are too stupid and not powered enough to raise child. whatever economic status you are born, into you can never hope to get out of it unless the government elevates you. this has always been historically the belief set of leftist ideology, tyrants the world around. this is absolutely abhorrent and it's disgusting. >> jesse: i don't expect a treasury secretary to be weighing in on roe v. wade anyway. it's way out of her lane. it would have been much better. >> dana: it's class warfare. >> jesse: she didn't need to get into it and she will pay a price for that politically. dana loesch, fired up as usual. >> good to see you, jesse, thank you. >> jesse: investigation into biden's new press secretary. we found a few doozies. also, donald trump may be allowed back on twitter very soon. ♪
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>> jesse: in a matter of a few days, jen psaki is going to be leaving the white house and karine jean-pierre will be taking her place as press secretary. we have seen her before. she has filled in for jen a few times. but who exactly is she? well, we looked into her background and it turns out she is a misinformation machine. back in 2016 she fueled the russian collusion lie tweeting: stolen emails, stolen drones, stolen election, welcome to the world of unpresidented trump. >> jesse: stolen election? i thought you weren't allowed to say that. obviously none of this is true. just a big lie this wasn't the only election jean pierre falsely labeled as stolen, nope? she did it again 2020. jean pierre tweeted brian kemp
4:36 pm
stole the gubernatorial election from georgia's stacey abrams. how dare she undermine democracy like this gej no proof. she is a fire hose and she thinks fox news is racist. >> fox news was racist before coronavirus. they are racist during the coronavirus. fox news will be racist after the coronavirus. so there is nothing new here. i think the difference is they have been -- they are all in on being state tv for donald trump. >> right. >> so he this continue to give the misinformation. >> jesse: if fox news is racist i'm sure jean-pierre is going to be treating our very own stupid son of a bitch peter doocy with utmost respect. she is speaking with a cnn correspondent suzanne malvo. so no conflicts at all this is what fairness looks like in the
4:37 pm
biden white house. the biden administration focuses on partnering with crack down on misinformation anything they spree with. great news today. elon musk set to take over twitter announced that if the deal goes through he is going to allow donald trump back on twitter, listen. >> it was not correct to band donald trump. i think that was a mistake. because it it alienated a lot of the part of the country and ended up in donald trump not having a voice. i guess the answer was i would reverse the permanent ban. >> jesse: this would be important first step to reverse the silencing of conservatives that has been going on for years it also means we are in for a big treat. shear a little trip down memory lane and a little taste of what could be coming. remember? why would kim jong un insult me by calling me old when i would
4:38 pm
never call him short and fat? oh well, i tried to hard to be his friend and maybe some day that will happen. classic remember this one? sorry losers and haters but my iq is one of the highest and y'all know it please don't feel so stupid or insecure. it's not your fault. and one of my favorites is cinco de mayo which is happy cinco de mayo, the best taco bowls are made in trump tower grill. i love hispanics. personally, you know, i could use some more of that. what will the political implications be of trump being back on twitter? here to weigh in mike pompeo former secretary of state and former director of the cia. all right, so, secretary, you were there when he was firing off a bunch of these. what kind of reaction do you think that would -- what kind of reaction would the country go
4:39 pm
through if he was back on especially with the left? >> jesse, they will explode. their heads will explode. thanks for walking me back down memory lane there with some of the greatest hits. those brought a smile to my faces a you can tell. look, i think it be fantastic. it would be right to put him back on. right to put back every conservative who has been taken off or throttled down or shadow banned or whatever the right word is we have seen it in my own account. this should be a place for people to speak their minds, speak freely and speak about the things that matter to america. i think president trump and everyone who wants to be out there should be allowed to be back on twitter. i'm glad to hear what mr. musk is going to do. >> jesse: if he gets back on twitter? do you think the left secretly wants that? they want a big bad wolf back to bash because ultra maga is not working. the putin price hike isn't working. they are desperate for the boogie man. do you think that actually would help democrats? >> i think some of them think
4:40 pm
that. careful what you ask for. we have all seen he has been pretty effective at communicating that way. he delivered an important message. it allowed to us break glass for four years to change a lot of the things that to put america in a bad place under the obama administration. it's been most unfortunate to watch them undo so much of what we did. i welcome the president back to twitter. i welcome everyone who has been abandoned or kicked off or shut down. this is a place for free speech and if i were the left, i would not be welcoming conservative voices back into the market place. there is a reason they tried to cancel and shut it down. letting those voices be heard only inniewrd to the benefit of america and the conservative movement. >> jesse: you wrote a nice op-ed today in the "washington times." it says that we have to get rid of wokeness in the military because it's actually putting our national security at risk. do you think the drive for wokeness in the military could actually maybe cost us a battle or even a war?
4:41 pm
>> jesse, i don't think there is any doubt about that. and it could certainly cost american lives. when it comes to these kind of life and death things. when it comes to american security only one standard. that is excellence. unfortunately this administration has driven wokeness into every element of it. they now have entire weekends where reservists are called up to train on issues like this president biden told young sailors, soldiers, airmen and marine we were going to make climate change the most important thing in their lives. every one of our military vehicles was going to be green and this focus on equity to the abandonment of training on the hard stuff, the difficult things that i learned when i was a soldier an awful long time ago, when you lose that focus, the focus on being a warrior and on excellence and you put other things and you pit blacks and whites and hispanics against each other inside this really important institution, the united states military, you indeed present real risk to those same young men and women that were asking to do hard work on our behalf. >> jesse: i think you are right. i don't think we are sending any
4:42 pm
green joint chief of staff lips over to ukraine. i think we are giving them the good stuff. secretary mike pompeo thanks for joining "primetime." >> thanks for having me on tonight. so long. >> jesse: we caught liz warren red handed. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> jesse: the democratic party is facing a major shift, liberals are done with joe. they don't want him in charge and kamala has totally faded. they need a savior someone to rally around because they are not rallying around joe at all. i think they have found a new bell of the ball. liz warren. young progressives have dumped biden and are flocking to the senator from massachusetts. we have been following this. she is making more powerful endorsements than the president and she has been very strategic. she is locked in on a radical left issues and owns them canceling student loan debt. taxing billionaires. making big corporations pay and of course going green. warren is very caulked in every
4:48 pm
move she makes and she is outsmarting joe and kamala. when the supreme court draft leaked last week, warren was front and center completely outshining the rest of the party. >> i am angry! say it with me: we are not going back. >> we are not going back. >> not ever. >> not ever! >> not ever! >> not ever! >> not ever! >> never! >> republicans have maneuvered more and more extremists into office and have been able to just chip at it this is the day to get in the fight so that come november we have enough people in office who will protect the right of a woman to choose. >> jesse: liz is giving this new lib generation exactly what they want. a far left voice that's going to try to make all their extreme dreams come true. axios is reporting she is building strong connections throughout the department of
4:49 pm
education. the nfc, the treasury and the dnc. so, what is liz warren planning? kayleigh mcenany, the former white house press secretary and co-host of "outnumbered." what do you think she is up to, kayleigh? >> so, she swears she is not running for president in 2024 and that she is just running for senate but just every politician swear that to us before they actually mount a bid? >> jesse: right. >> what is doctoring to me you just showed a clip of her on the steps of the supreme court rallying with the grassroots. you showed a clip of her able to put words together on "the view" unlike i have never been to europe comma harris and while liz warren is garnering the progressives quite well. kamala harris is doing everything in her power tao void joe biden. there was reporting in politico she wouldn't even film a video with him about student loan debt out of fear of losing her liberal street cred. this may be a budding replacement for the veep.
4:50 pm
>> jesse: do you think that kamala and joe should be worried? you hear these things is joe running again? kamala has a shot? kamala only one thinks she does. should be concerned? because it looks like she has all the. >> i think shy she a dark horse candidate. i remember some of my colleagues whispering she is more formidable than people think in terms of getting the nomination. kamala ♪ getting to get it kamala says is he running. his sister says he is running. i think he will run unless his better angels. >> jesse: you do? >> he is too stubborn not to. people said don't pull out of afghanistan he did it anyway. is he a stubborn old man. is he running but is he going to be prime married. kamala can't do it. he west wing whisper campaign in there for pete buttigieg. she is principled i don't like her principles. unlike kamala politically
4:51 pm
calculating. liz warren has principles stood up for the january 6th reuters january 6th riotersthey deservee process. at least she is principled where she stands. >> jesse: would it be principled to primary a sitting president of your own party. >> that's where those principle goes out the window, jesse. that's where personal interest comes. in. >> jesse: right. >> look, bernie, he has not ruled out running. he said if biden doesn't run, maybe i will run. but he is the most politically weak candidate we have had since jimmy carter there will be a primary challenge. who it may be is the question. pete buttigieg even on air force 2, kamala harris' plane, is he talking to the press asked if joe biden is going to run? is he going to win, et cetera? and he didn't just say joe biden is running i stand behind him. he gave a very nuanced kind of vegas answer i can tell you if any cabinet official gave in trump's cabinet probably wouldn't be a cabinet member anymore. >> jesse: if they do have that primary debate, we will be watching and that will just be
4:52 pm
delicious. thank you so much, kayleigh. >> thanks, jesse. >> jesse: we have some answers to some of your questions. back with the texts. plus, don't forget to set your dvr. i know basketball is on. but dvr "primetime." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ ♪ ♪ scotts turf builder triple action kills weeds,
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: the window, greg gutfeld gave me some reading to do when i was out with my back situation, was not penthouse, it was a book called healing back pain by dr. sarna, and it really change the way that i thought about my issue, it's really about how your mind is connected to your body. i suggest anybody with back pain read this book. i talk about my back and like thousands of people all across the country emailed me. and let me tell you why.
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everybody in this country has back problems because, are you ready? sitting is the new smoking, that's what my doctor told me. sitting is the new smoking. you live a very sedentary lifestyle, and then the commute and when they sit when they get home, it's not good. you have to stand up and walk around and be active, and that's what it takes. time for some texts, marcus, east bill california. if the supreme court tried to overturn the sect amendment and conservatives went to the home of the justices, they would be prosecuted. you are right. harold, aurora, colorado, telling greg gutfeld he needs to stop wearing his glasses to a chuck schumer dome, you know how he hands him over his nose? i can't tell him anything. he is old and he needs glasses. christie from henderson, nevada. is it nevada or nevada. text me about that. i can even take a sip of water
4:59 pm
while john kennedy is speaking. while i am laughing i'm afraid i may choke, love him and you. he was on fire tonight. lois from the flowery branch florida. i'm just wondering if the pro-abortion protesters are paid. if they are, is it by the same dlm protesters? they are going to look at who is astra turfing if they are being asked or turfed, all of these people that are showing up about 7:00 at alito's house, we will see where the money is and try to track that down for you guys. donna, jesse, i live in upstate new york, our gas prices atop 469 outrageous? i don't know if you saw the package that johnny just shot, it's like 619 here in new york. i have never ever seen in that high. the scene that you came back,
5:00 pm
pat and vanna gave away the $100,000 price on the "wheel of fortune." to the same thing happen when your show debuted. i think that show might be rigged. you know it, i think you are right. i think that vanna is running scared. that's all for tonight, "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. and just remember that i am watters, and this is "my world." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," if you are the white house press secretary and thank god you are not. he would have two tasks every day. you have to learn the president's views on what is happening in the world so you can repeat them and then you have to try to remember the names of those weird looking people sitting in the holding chairs in the briefing room. so it's not an easy job, but it's not a very rewarding one either. not making policy or decisions, you are


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