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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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$100,000 price on the "wheel of fortune." to the same thing happen when your show debuted. i think that show might be rigged. you know it, i think you are right. i think that vanna is running scared. that's all for tonight, "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. and just remember that i am watters, and this is "my world." ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," if you are the white house press secretary and thank god you are not. he would have two tasks every day. you have to learn the president's views on what is happening in the world so you can repeat them and then you have to try to remember the names of those weird looking people sitting in the holding chairs in the briefing room. so it's not an easy job, but it's not a very rewarding one either. not making policy or decisions, you are repeating the party
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line. under normal circumstances it takes a lot more creativity to sell lipstick than it does to be the white house press secretary. x stepped on the totally different job under joe biden, the rules have changed. you have to be able to think on the fly, because your boss can't. so every time he goes outside you're going to translate what he said or what he really meant, for the sake of argument he meant anything at all. i know that you're frustrated for example, i can taste it. what does frustration taste like? an earthy slightly unctuous blend of banking notes, mango and raspberry? joe biden did not say. the white house press secretary, that is her job. to name another example, which united states senator who represents the state of florida and which is the state of wisconsin which is not near florida? the press secretary has to know
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that too, and of course just stayed today, and et cetera. so it's not an easy gig and particularly tough job on the topics are serious like nuclear war. a few weeks ago joe biden pledge to overthrow the government of russia, which is fully capable of nuclear war possessing as it does 6,000 nuclear warheads. that's not a small thing starting a global conservation and ending human life on the plan. so it fell to the secretary to clean it up. we are not advocate to clean up a regime change, jen psaki explain, that despite the fact joe biden advocated for regime change in russia. so it is a lot of power. how did something like jen psaki, someone so demonstratively talentless, a humane gender study from greenwich, how did they get that much authority in our government? good question, now news comes with the job of set press secretary. just hours ago jen psaki explained that federal law no
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longer applies to mobs of biden voters, they get to nominate all of the supreme court justices they want as long as they are on the right side of abortion. we certainly continue to encourage protests outside the home, and in so saying reversed hundreds of years of policy and tradition and took yet another blow against civilization and decency. she can do that, because she is the press secretary. she is jen psaki, or was coming next week she is headed to msnbc for a news contributor. good luck, john's the lament jen psaki. you have to inc. who is going to replace her? is anyone qualified? is there another person in this country as shallow, nasty, and partisan as jen psaki? well, there is. listen to jen psaki describe karine john pierre. >> first, as you all know, she will be the first black woman, the first out lgbt clue plus
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person to serve in this role. the first black woman and out gay person. it speak of the first black person, the first openly gay person. >> the first black person, the first openly gay person. to speak of the first openly lgbtq person to serve as press secretary. >> tucker: you heard it from jen psaki, she will be the first out "lgbtq+ person press secretary." but before you light a candle, what does lgbtq+ mean? hey, jen psaki? let us know if you have a minute. explain every letter and the acronym and specifically what it signifies. we will wait. don't hold your breath, she is not going to do it, because like everybody else who uses that phrase, she literally has no idea.
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no clue at all what he means. it is one of those terms you are not supposed to define. you start using it, lgbtq+ and anyone who asks what it means is presumed to be in the outgroup. so it's not actually a word, words are meant to signify meaning and communicate to other people. it's not that at all, it's a litmus test. you don't know what lgbtq+ means. keep an eye on that person, hates gays, our first out lgbtq+ press secretary and that's all you need to know, it's a good thing, shut up and celebrate. that's why she got the job. she is in the right group and so the biden administration which links exclusively in terms of groups and never individuals, because individuals are nasty and inconvenient, the group is all that matters. that's exactly how they pick supreme court justices or vice president's, members of the federal reserve.
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and now the all-important press secretary gig is going to someone else. it's really simple, show us your picture and we will tell you if you are qualified for the job. and in many ways karine jean-pierre is perfect for the job. not only a member of the out lgbt clue plus community, but critically the product of a private school and an ivy league college and it still oppressed somehow. she is furious at americans despite her ample privilege and enraged by its racist systems of oppression. and she is happy to tell you about it. here she is. >> when he got elected i think that people thought that we were in a post-racial america. and we were not. i think what we learned is that racism was very much real and still very much around. and like the obstruction that you saw and the racist rhetoric of having a black family in the white house was a very clear. you felt and saw the hate. i think that america has a big
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problem with race, and it is very real. >> tucker: [laughs] yeah, they keep electing obama and promoting me despite i have no qualifications to the job. that's a racist country. it's a clever word, cry bullying. right? stop hitting me as they punch you in the face. why do they do it? because they want to do it worse. you ryan about racism and get to the best schools, get promoted and run financial government. in your president on top of the food chain is not evidence that the country is still racist. it has to be or you can justify your job. what an amazing scam. people like karine jean-pierre have going. she has perfected it. she used to work for msnbc. she knows the script cold. he or she is in 2020 yelling some more about. if you imagine that covid came from a lab in wuhan, which by
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the way is true. then according to karine jean-pierre, you are not a person trying to get to the truth. no, can you guess what you are? you are racist. >> an easy pay of it is race. they say it as a foreign virus. i've noticed people tweeting chinese coronavirus. >> that's what tucker carlson says. >> fox news was racist before coronavirus and during the coronavirus, fox news will be racist after the coronavirus. there is nothing new here. >> tucker: [laughs] criticizing the chinese government, the most powerful organization in the world is racist. of course, criticizing the powerful is always racist. america itself is racist. talking about covid is racist. what is into racist? well, we checked karine jean-pierre's twitter feed to find out what is into racist and could not find much, but a very long list of things that are.
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here is a nonexhausted sample that we compiled of racist people and things according to joe biden's new press secretary. john cornyn is racist, joe arpaio is racist, border wall's, needless to say, racist. roseanne barr for some reason is racist. the name polk honest is racist despite the fact that it was an actual american indians real name. mike huckabee may seem nice, but he is racist. the federal government shutdown does not seem like they have anything to do with racist, they are racist too. donald trump, racist. you knew that. brexit, again, not connected to race, does not mean it is not racist, it is according to karine jean-pierre. ed gillespie, former senate candidate in virginia, racist. thank god he did not win man, but he ran in florida, guess what he is, racist.
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steve bannon, racist. sebastian gorka, racist. you know who is most racist of all? republicans who criticized ralph northam for wearing black face and a kkk outfit. you are racist if you notice racism as long as a racist is a democrat. [laughs] it's so awesome. give that girl a big job. you may be rolling your eyes because you have heard all of this a million times with ice cream and shakespeare racist, but think about it for a second, this is the person, the biden administration hired to tell the rest of us what joe biden really means when he says for example he is going to kill vladimir putin. how long until this person calls him a racist? she probably artie has. how was i going to turn out in the middle of a war? we don't have to wait long to find out. here's an incredibly racist
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thing according to america's new press secretary. voter identification laws, you will find those laws in every country on the planet including africa, but that does not make them any less racist. >> in order to get these voter suppression laws besides gutting the voting rights act, you also have to get your people and they are to put these awful laws in place. >> i'm so glad that the georgia issue is being talked about almost every day now, getting national attention and needs to you, because what is happening is pure racism. >> tucker: it is pure racism. you honestly did not think, we started the show saying, could you find someone more grading, dumber, more aggressive than jen psaki? who is headed off to msnbc next week, and the answer is oh, yeah. the biden administration can find someone even worse. that's their job. and just received eight, voter i.d. laws are racist according
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to karine jean-pierre, and if you have them come you don't have a fair election. reminder, she wrote, brian kemp stole the election from georgians and stacey abrams. who wrote that in 2020. that something similar four years before in 2016. stolen emails, stolen drone, stolen election. welcome to the world of unprecedented trump, if we are even pronouncing that correctly, but she use the term stolen election. she questioned voting integrity. she engaged in a baseless conspiracy theory, yes, friend, she did. and you know what that is? we know, because we read the "atlantic" magazine. what you just heard is a brazen attack on our democracy. it is a disqualifying assault on our norms, our secret norms! the looks ladies and gentlemen like karine jean-pierre is an insurrectionist in a queue
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enthusiast likely hired by vladimir putin himself. better call the doj and get her an ankle monitor. we take it back. we did not mean to question karine jean-pierre. that's the most racist thing of all. charlie hurt is not a racist, more of an opinion editor at "the washington times" enjoins us ready to assess the new press secretary. it is great to see you. i feel like we are and for a huge helping of more of the same. >> i think that's probably a really safe bet. >> tucker: [laughs] >> this woman is the purest lowest distillation of everything that the biden administration stands for. they are absolutely beside themselves. watching the handoff between jen psaki and karine jean-pierre and her gushing over the fact that she is the first black press secretary and the first out press secretary.
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the problem is -- as thrilled as they are about that, we have seen her at the podium a number of times, she is not that good. she is pretty bad, in fact. but this is the thing that sort of gets me about her is that her father was a taxi driver. have you ever met a taxi driver you did not think was interesting? this woman is not a product of her father who was probably a very interesting guy. she is a product of american education today. and this is the kind of dribble that you wind up with. do you think it turned everything into race and accuse everybody a being a racist, and you have all the conspiracy theories. >> tucker: that is such a smart and deep point. i have lived in washington for 30 years and never met a single immigrant cabdriver who was boring, not one. and i never met one who went to columbia in the last 20 years who wasn't, so it is the school. i agree. >> and they were trying to make money, which of course is the most unracist thing that there is. this is a thing that brings us
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all together, but if you look at the world through the lens of race, which is what the biden administration does. you tear all of that down just like you tear all of the relationships among americans, which is why it is such a toxic point. >> tucker: what is so interesting is that they introduced her referring to what she looks like and who she sleeps with. but did not emphasize that she is the daughter of a cabdriver which is a really cool story. why? >> exactly. and her mother was a home health aide, another -- have you ever met a nurse that you did not fall in love with? they are beautiful people. they bring people together. >> tucker: such a good point. charlie hurt, very smart. thank you. >> great to see you. >> tucker: oda in los angeles because george soros back to him and he promised to let criminals out of jail. one of those is a sexual predator who has just been charged with murder, kevin corke has that story for us. >> good to be with you, this is just an incredible story.
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to the background is just going to do -- i just can't believe it. back in 2014, then 17-year-old tubbs who identified as a man at the time sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in the bathroom of a home in a california restaurant. he was sentenced to ten years in juvenile custody because of a policy that l.a. d.a. george castellon implement at that bar juveniles from being tried as adults. and now as you know, tubbs has been charged with robbing and the premeditated murder of a man back in 2019. for his part he has been excoriated by south landers because of that original decision and the anger has only gotten worse since fox obtained jailhouse phone calls in which tubbs can be heard mocking the lightness of her sentence and referring to her first dictum as meat. >> no matter what i lucked out, because it was a juvenile case, so if not he would have had life. >> yes, they are treating you all the way as a juvenile, so
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you're lucky on that. >> so i am lucky, so i'm not really tripping. >> so i am not really tripping. big thanks to bill melugin, by the way, for helping us to break the story. as for gas going, he is now thinking of different ways to do its job, but he has been so completely knocked off-kilter because of this case and others i think it is fair to point out that it is not certain that he will be on the job for long. but for now, back to you. >> tucker: kevin corke for us, thank you so much. that's not the only case in which gascon has refused to charge criminals as adults. a two part documentary that is called "suicide of los angeles" available now on fox nation, and other previews at so we are moving at high speed towards open war with russia. we are funding ukrainian governments with tens of
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billions of dollars a year, the russians are saying watch out. we could launch nuclear weapons, this is happening like we are sleepwalking. nobody is noticing. kelsey tabbert is, she joins us in a moment, plus inflation is a good, it is our strength our strength. that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of
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the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities. christians were slow to act and did not speak up until it was too late and 6 million jews were murdered. right now, thousands of ukrainian jewish families are fleeing the russian army for the freedom of israel. imagine fleeing with a baby in one hand and a toddler holding the other with all of your earthly possessions in a sack over your shoulder, leaving your husband behind to defend your country. these courageous families need our help. the time for action is now. we do not know when the borders will be closed. silence in the face of evil is evil. god will not hold us
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guiltless. take action today. donate at or call 1-855-694-9654. god bless you and
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>> tucker: you can fill the federal government through of lunatics and the bureaucracy, but one thing you can't hide is when the economy goes south and their population gets thrown out. it's happening now, so joe biden was forced to deliver a speech on it today and it did not go well, at one point he seemed confused whether inflation, thing that that is crushing us right now is a good thing or a bad thing, watch. >> and i agree with what chairman powell said last week that the number one threat is the strength that we had built his inflation. >> tucker: yes, so we went to the official weight house transcript, because we thought, i don't know, what did he say? and here's what he said. that strength that we built is inflation. so instead only make inflation
5:24 pm
is our strength along with diversity anechoic vaccine. the joe biden with the drugs taking effect flipped around and said actually inflation is bad, but it's not his fault, nothing to do with fed policy or a spinning regime, it's because of krone and putin, watch. >> i am taking inflation very seriously and it is my top domestic priority, but first i want us to be crystal clear about the problem. there are a two leading causes of inflation we are seeing today. the first cause of inflation is once in a century pandemic. this year we have a second cause, the second cause mr. putin's war in ukraine. we saw in march that 60% of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump. >> tucker: you can't afford meat or diesel fuel, but he is sending another $40 billion to the government of ukraine, are
5:25 pm
they going with this? does anybody believe it? dana perino of america's newsroom, "the five" and our friend, she has had a birthday, we won't tell you which one. you're the most charitable evenhanded person that we could think of, and we are going to play it totally straight, did you think is a professional for moral communicator that he did a good job reassuring americans? >> it was ultra-terrible. and he cannot fix a major strategic policy problem with a terrible communication strategy. you just can't do it. now they don't just have a communications problem, they have a serious policy problem and they built the speech as he will have a new plan, there is nothing new in it, tucker. some of the blame was a little bit new. he also blamed senator rick scott for every ill
5:26 pm
in the world and i find it hard to imagine that there is a mom out there in wisconsin who is filling up her tank of gas, i'm really mad at that junior senator from florida for all of my problems, that is not going to cut it. and remember one thing about bill clinton was he understands my problem. he could feel your pain? president biden just reads off the teleprompter and it really was ultra-terrible. >> tucker: if you are prepping the present and a speech on inflation which i think people would say is the number one issue, would you have them decide at the outset whether we are for inflation or against inflation? he could not make up his mind. >> if it is a strength or weakness, here's the other thing, if you are a democratic administration and he let people know that you are going -- these are the points you are going to make in your speech,
5:27 pm
and liberal fact-checkers are openly mocking you and giving you pinocchio and laughing at you, take a clue. and it is not just coming from republicans either. look at larry summers, jason furman, people who worked in the clinton white house and the obama white house who have been saying for a long time that joe biden was going to try to put forward and he succeeded in doing without a single republican vote is going to cause inflation. one of the reasons that people might not realize is why did he give a speech today? because tomorrow morning at i believe 8:30 a.m. you get the monthly inflation number and it is going to be bad. and they know it, so they tried to get ahead of it. and then the bus ran over him. >> tucker: it is unbelievable. dana perino, the most evenhanded person we know, we wanted to hear from you. thank you. >> great to be here, thank you. >> tucker: by the way, mitch mcconnell of kentucky announced out loud the single
5:28 pm
most important thing in the world right now is what is happening in ukraine, which most americans say, the single most important thing in my world is the fact that i can afford the things that i could afford last year. our economy is in trouble, no one in washington seems to care at all. putting another $40 billion that we don't have to send to the ukrainian government, not even for weapons, their government. meanwhile democrats in congress defending the mob intimidating supreme court justices in their home until they back off and change their views on roe v. wade. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease,
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>> tucker: today at the white house, jen psaki encouraged the mob, those of the democratic party to threaten and intimidate supreme court
5:34 pm
justices at their homes where their families are. we certainly continue to encourage protests outside of judges homes. no mistaking what she said, she said it right out loud. so no one no one said this ever before from the white house podium. so we want to know what democrats in congress make of this, fox news hillary vaughn just spoke to several, things were coming on. >> thanks for having me, we have been talking to lawmakers on capitol hill all day trying to ask the question if they support to people protesting supreme court justices homes interrupting church or if they think these protesters should be prosecuted for breaking federal laws in place that began that behavior? >> bottom line, you don't condemn it, you think that these protesters should continue to be outside supreme court justices homes and interrupt church? >> i have been interrupted and protested him many times.
5:35 pm
i welcome it as long as it is not violent rhetoric talking about physical harm and all those things, it's really important understand that those happens. we are in public service. >> the supreme court said that protesters should get right in people's faces, now they are directing barriers to try to keep protesters as far away from themselves as possible. i think that's fundamentally wrong. >> do you think that the protesters should be prosecuted for breaking federal laws? >> what is the federal law? >> 15 oh seven that prevents picketing and parading in or near a building or residence occupied or used by such judge, do you think that they should be prosecuted for breaking federal law? >> the supreme court itself has heard this argument, and they have themselves that it is protected by the first amendment. >> so tucker, even though there are these laws in place
5:36 pm
preventing protesters from going to judge his doorsteps trying to influence their decision from interrupting church services, a lot of these democrats we talked to are not budging and not backing away from supporting this law breaking behavior. tucker. >> tucker: thank you for doing that for us, i appreciate it. and by the way, whether or not it is a crime as it appears to be, it is certainly wrong and grows to society. we are not supposed to influence judges, they are not elected, they are not supposed to change something, they do not amend the constitution, do we really want people showing up at judges homes and intimidating their families? it so obviously a terrible idea. the treasury secretary, nobody in this country is more personally responsible for our economic oppression then janet yellen, completely reckless, and affirmative action hire, so you should not be
5:37 pm
surprised that she did not offer any solutions to inflation and the collapse of the stock market, but she said the real problem with the u.s. economy is that women are not having enough abortions. watch. >> i believe that eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children is a very damaging effect on the economy and would set women back decades. >> tucker: oh, no, it would set amazon back decades if women had families and raise them, we would have the labor crisis is at amazon warehouses, but this book spot corporate america for decades is upset at the prospect, so over in chicago lori lightfoot, her domestic clouding is clear, she has declared war, not that enough is already going on in chicago where people shoot each other in the streets, but a war for abortions. to my friends in the old lgbtq+
5:38 pm
community, the supreme court is coming to us next. this is a call for arms. so now lori lightfoot likes guns and wants to use them so that chicago can stay an abortion oasis. >> if you look at chicago, we have a number of spaces that have trigger laws that would ban abortions upon the reverse of roe, so we see a substantial increase already and are expecting, frankly, an explosion of new cases from women in wisconsin, missouri, potentially michigan, indiana. i think that the list is long and chicago is going to be in oasis in the midwest and we have to be ready. >> tucker: yeah, childless lori lightfoot, the one thing chicago can do is commit abortion, famous for abortion, chicago. candace owens, a very keen observer, she joins us now.
5:39 pm
candace, thank you for coming on. i'm not sure what to make of this. i'm just going to throw it over to you. >> i don't know why you are shocked or surprised, tucker, we know that they believe in mob rule and what we are seen, by the way, they love to use the term dog whistle for white supremacy, but these are the makers of the dog whistle. when they don't want get what they want, the democratic process, all of their politicians come out and say without saying, it's now okay for you to hit the streets to riot, to loot, to burn into murder if you want to come we saw during the black lives matter riots of 2020 when they go, we did not say to get violent, we just basically said we will bail you out in case you do get violent and create all of these nonprofits that will stand behind you no matter what happens. this is not surprising to me it has become the left playbook. but i want to comment on janet yellen, because i think that she has been the most honest about this. she is not entirely wrong to say that her concern is economical.
5:40 pm
anybody that has studied the progressive era and knows where abortion came from was genesis ideology and that the progressives actually believed that we needed abortion for just this reason to get rid of the unfit and undesirables, words that are used throughout many essays written by the founder of planned parenthood, the idea was that black women were not procreating, but also those that were born mentally, and if they were allowed to be born would dumb down the superior nordic race, so when talking about the economic impetus, people just start having babies, they are talking about the undesirable and unfit which will place a burden on finances. so i find her to be the most honest about this and i encourage people to look through fixtures and understand their concerns coming or not a desirable person, they don't want you being born. that's the answer. >> tucker: having your own family when he could serve the oligarchs and boosting the
5:41 pm
sacred gdp numbers, how dare you, candace owens! candace owens, great to see you tonight, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: so things are getting super crazy in ukraine, probably not aware of that, wave your opinion flag and don't pay attention to details, we are approaching a nuclear conflict where russia is signaling that every day. you have to believe russia, but if they are saying they might use nuclear weapons, maybe we should listen or something? or does that mean you are working for vladimir putin? tulsi gabbard joins us in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations
5:45 pm
making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: we don't want to blow your minds or anything, but bill gates is not an epidemiologist, a physician, a scientist, he sells software for a living. he would never know that, because during corona he was the expert on lockdowns and vaccines. turns out he was heavily invested in vaccines, who knew? but today the unthinkable happened, bill gates announced on twitter i have tested
5:47 pm
positive for covid and experiencing mild symptoms. how did that happen? there is good news, turns out that bill gates covid infection is proof that vaccines are actually super, super effective. and we are quoting again, i'm fortunate to be vaccinated and boosted, jason grant is a radio show host in seattle, hello, jason. >> bill gates is hawking his new book, how to prevent the next pandemic, something he does not know much about, but given how many cases we have had in the country, might be holding a side effect is memory loss, because he has been proven wrong on almost everything he has recommended, which is not the best way to sell this book and is probably why he is rewriting history. first example speaking at an event last week this is what he said. >> at that point we did not understand the fatality rate. we did not understand that it is a fairly low fatality rate and a
5:48 pm
disease mainly of the elderly like fluids, but though a bit different than that. so he was talking about what he knew about covid back in february 2020, and in fairness, it was not that much, but we had data for the vast majority of people under 65, it was like the flu and the older ones were hospitalized at such high rates, and bill gates was pushing for a full national lockdown after the data came in. >> so we are entering to a top period if we do it right, we will only have to do it once for 6-10 weeks, but we have to do it and it has to be the whole country. >> as more data was coming in throughout the year, he kept promoting economic shutdowns and other policies that never worked, so pushing testing to prevent covid spreading even the expensive at-home test. but it did not stop the spread or george soros of buying and at
5:49 pm
home testing company, overreaching contract tracing including the centralized database that would attract people who had covid, contract tracing was a total failure, while andrew cuomo pushed for closing schools and partnering with the gates foundation to reimagine education, but anything that kept students out of the classroom was really detrimental. and then he called masks of magical, but the cloth mask that everyone was wearing at the time did not stop the spread. two months ago he said that we should be mimicking australia out to stop the pandemic it, they banned outdoor exercise and even walking her dog outside. bill gates was more prescient about the zoom and he was about treating covid, and now he is revising history and taking stances like hay, american should be more comfortable giving up their freedoms. and i think that's dangerous if we continue to listen to them. >> tucker: the century, anyone? thank you. >> thanks, tucker.
5:50 pm
>> tucker: for the past couple months, biden has told us three things about vladimir putin, he is evil, he is crazy, and we are going to kill him. take them out of office and haul him before the hey on war crimes charges, so what happens when you take someone who is crazy and evil and make him feel existentially threatened? well, today, the deputy minister was asked about the possibility that russia will use nuclear weapons? i'm refused to rule it out. really, should we be paying attention to this? the biden administration is not. tonight sending another $8 billion to ukraine to help pay the salaries of ukrainian bureaucrats, the ones who paid off his son. tulsi gabbard, former member of congress from hawaii said hold on, the stakes are high, we think that you have been vindicated, congressman, tonight. >> yes, tucker, the biden administration's policy, words, and actions, it has been made very clear to us what the real goal is and that is destruction
5:51 pm
of the russian state. we heard just a few days ago how secretary of defense austin spilled the beans on what our real mission and goal is when he said "we want to see russia weakened to the degree it cannot do the kind of things it has done in invading ukraine." what that means his total destruction of the russian state, what he is not telling the american people is that they have also made it clear if we even get close to "winning in achieving this mission and goal." russia has said very clearly they will have no other option then to resort to the use of nuclear weapons starting with tactical nuclear weapons and if necessary escalating to the use of strategic nuclear weapons. this is not fearmongering to point this out. the american people need to know that this is the track at this administration has put us on and the very dire consequences that will occur if we continue down this path to our families and
5:52 pm
communities, our country, and frankly, the world. this is the reality that we are facing. >> tucker: they are asking like he is mullah omar, some goat goatherd we can dictate terms, he runs a country was 6,000 nuclear weapons, do they know that? >> i would hope that the secretary of defense and they had president on the united states would know this, that they would know this, there is no explanation for their actions, their decisions, and their policy, because it threatens the lives and well-being of the american people. but not only the american people, frankly, the world if we continue down this. i think on a hopeful note, it is not too late, that by god's grace, we the people can stop this before it is too late by taking action and throwing out the warmongers that are in congress and actually voting for and electing leaders in this country who will take action to end this insanity before frankly the world is destroyed.
5:53 pm
>> tucker: i thought bringing in kamala harris was the most reckless thing, but this is the most reckless thing i've ever seen anybody do ever. you called it early. i hope in some ways you are reporting for that. tulsi gabbard, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: florida's covid strategy was a success, a big success actually. keeping the bill of rights and saved lives, one reason for that is because of the surgeon general in florida. joseph joins us next. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: some historians can take a break when the only place that kim it does remained magically american for 2 years during the pandemic. ron desantis is responsible for that. the media techconnect relentlessly for it. they think he has been vindicated. we wanted to know how they did this. for a brand-new episode, we
5:59 pm
spoke to one of the arctic -- architects. and we asked him, how did you do this? this was part of the conversation. ♪ ♪ you feel like you are in florida. it is not a political question. it is decent zero one. the way that florida handled the pandemic, that that approach has been vindicated. >> i think it does not matter because the vindication is this, you know, it assumes that, you know, the people in the media, you know, the doctors, the medical community, a lot of the public health community who had valid positions to begin with but their positions were always invalid. what governor desantis and he truly, like, you know, love him. and i mean, i have tremendous affinity for him and it is because he has integrity and he
6:00 pm
is just, you know, god has virtually blessed him with just a very clear vision of the different between right and wrong. >> tucker: dr. dillard ladapo, you will see more of him in the years to come. you will see more of us tonight -- tomorrow night at 1:00 p.m. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." we have good news and bad news out of the biden white house. first, the good news. the most pompous and dishonest pesek street will be gone at the end of the b. the bad news, her replacement is a full-blown control had conspiracy theorist who thinks that many -- many of her political components are racist and we have an investigation into those coming up. we begin with this. joe biden's genius new plan to federal inflation.


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