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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 10, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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pierce. go out and make a difference. and may god bless you every day of your life. the life that he had and the plan map out for you. i'm so happy for you. that is all the time we have. [never miss an episode. thank you for making the joke possible. laura is next. we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ ♪ >> laura: i am laura ingraham. this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. thanks for joining us. the chicago away. that is the focus of tonight's angle. lori lightfoot is one of the most repentant and distressful people in like to office today. that implement with such disregard for her own constituents serving as mayor of chicago that one of our great american cities is itself shocking. as an unrepentant medical for the policies precipitated
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chicago's to clean -- decline and clay -- decay. people are up and leaving and in record numbers. residents are becoming victims of crime. as much as the chicagoans love the summer on the lake and who does not love the bears, the cubs got the restaurants, the architecture, they are not going to stay if the book home becomes unlivable. for chicago under electric is slowly turning into the 20. but you never know the situation is urgent if you are listening to her. >> real chicagoans are asking, how can you possibly even considered running for reelection as mayor of the city of chicago after all of the harm you have caused? >> mayor lightfoot: i disagree with you fundamentally. and i don't think i need to address anything -- or even dignify your comment once i can further. >> laura: her city is being ripped apart by violence, drug
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overdoses, and despair. and she is on twitter issuing a call to arms urging people to fight back. if the court reverses roe, it is going to be the end of the world. only a radical out of touch activist like lightfoot would try to sow confusion about the court's draft opinion to distract residents from her own pitiful performance. over mother's day weekend and on, at least 18 people were shot. four rich hill. including the heinous attacks on 23 road culinary student writing that. that has left hand -- left him clean, life in intensive care. -- clinging to life in intensive care.
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[shouting] [sound of gunfire]
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>> laura: he would go on to shoot him again. this was for a cell phone password. lightfoot's office has yet to comment about this vicious assault that police believe is connected to seven other robberies in the area, same two individuals big. we have reach out to her ourselves but she has not responded to that either. so thugs and gangs are running and gunning across chicago because they know that cook county state's attorney kim fox and lightfoot together are never going to take them on could not really. chances to date are pretty slim that criminals are going to be, for maiming and even killing and certainly for the stealing. they will probably do that without repercussions or penalty. if they are arrested, of contempt at their put out on the streets the next day. but lightfoot helps people are stupid enough to believe that if roe is overturned, federal authorities are going to be busting through your bedroom
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door. not that we are supposed to be worried that eight-man is rising on the ground under your apartment window linkin park gasping for life left for dead. [screaming] [indistinct] [screaming] [sound of gunfire] >> laura: he is saying, what is the password? let's give laurie the benefit of the topic let's say she has done her best. she is out of breath. her best is a disaster. heretical policies have made chicago a living hell for the people who need a breakneck like another family mourning after their son was gunned down last week. >> they murdered him. it is really hard.
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we need justice. >> the city of chicago, you got to do something. you have to do something. this has to stop. i was born and raised here. >> he was a hell of a ballplayer. saved all our young men. >> i would like justice from my grandson. >> laura: it is heartbreaking. statistics, the murderers, the robberies, the rape, burglaries get they don't affect you like hearing the sobs and cries from the victims and families. lightfoot has no answers. only clichés and meaningless generalities. >> mayor lightfoot: analyze the data and we will be making the necessary changes going into the new year. none of us will rest until we
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bring peace to the city. >> laura: empty words. some money, promise, doorbell, cameras, some free cameras, jobs programs, but things have only spiraled downward. police officers in the windy city have told me to revolving door of justice often makes arresting suspects essentially a fruitless exercise. and at a time when police morale is dropped so low, lori lightfoot decided to get into a fight with police over a pointless vaccine mandate. it is insane. of course, she also cited with teachers unions and, kids locked out of their schools for over a year during covid. the damage that was inflicted through that decision alone was immeasurable. again, the rich kids, they can figure out kind of doing tutors and eight work around. not the underprivileged republic, needed in-person schooling the most. in the inca take on the teachers unions, forced them to go back to school. lightfoot was not going to do that.
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think about this. this is all lightfoot and her cropped party. republicans do not have to numbers to block her with things as they are, look, how many of you would want your kids to work or live alone in chicago today? what you? i love chicago. it kills me to say this or ask the question. democrats have had every chance to try to succeed. your hero, barack obama, it still calls it home. where his sustained efforts? the southside is a long way from martha's vineyard. it is safe, family, long article hard work and respect for small business. i mean, that is kind of it. it is not a secret. chicago has a very sophisticated and highly educated workforce. sports franchises, come on, they are worth billions. but lori lightfoot x as if, i dunno, she is the president of a
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community college because she prefers getting down into the mud on all the cultural issues. kowtowing to the gender and racial identity proud. >> mayor lightfoot: i'm here today to declare systemic racism as a public health crisis here in chicago. >> laura: here, the rampant murders, we will leave that to another day. here's a cultural issue. how about fighting crime? i dunno if the people who produced "the dark knight" or "pac-man "they shot that in" pac-man -- she is turning it into a version of gotham city. it has gotten depressing. lightfoot prefers to turn on the local officials like my next guest, there's to ask questions. >> has of our neighborhoods are already obliterated. it is too late. we have to come up with a better plan because my fear is once
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they are done loading and fighting and whatever happens tonight, god help us, what happens when they start going after residents? i got gang bangers with ak-47s walking around waiting to settle scores. >> mayor lightfoot: thank you. next question. >> reporter: i want an answer. you commented. i want an answer. it is not something you ignore. this is a question that i have. >> mayor lightfoot: i think you are 100% full of [bleep], is what i think. >> laura: back to the rape -- repugnant part. >> that is what we in the '50s to pay attention and make sure you are there voting and doing what you need to do. >> laura: i'm sure that will be
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would have said the same thing if a republican mayor issued a call to arms over his cocurricular picture. we already know what our attorney general things. it is liberalism lightfoot style. it does not work and a city as vibrant as chicago. my fans, it ain't going to work anywhere. and that is the angle. no chicago alderman raymond lopez who is leading to unseat lightfoot. we watched that. her approval is at around 30%, she is outdoing biden. how could she possibly win election with those numbers? >> i think, florida that evening to you and your viewers but i think her numbers are lower than that. i don't think she even realizes that she is doing that badly. i have never seen someone or so hard to be this disconnect it from reality. you talk about her focusing on
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the agenda issues of that left. she has been guess letting people for 2 years and what we have seen as of late is that -- he is turning to the initial issue of a possible decision about abortion rights which is in no way, shape or form under attack in the state of illinois. it is the law in illinois. it is legal in chicago. but she wants to deflect that what is going on the federal level in the hopes that as you said, everyone will ignore her failures locally. just today, three hours ago, we had a double mass shooting in the back of the community where a group of individuals were shot at by five people were shot at by gang bangers and then the retaliation of six other people half a mile away ensued 30 minutes with later. not a peep out of the mayor. nothing from her police department because their hands are tied trying to address this book she is too busy guess letting everyone else at the flick and from the fear. that people have. [overlapping speakers]
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>> laura: they got to save themselves. chicago has to put this woman out of office. [overlapping speakers] >> laura: yeah, they absolutely will and i want to get to your point about being out of touch. mayor lightfoot last month was insisting that everything is going to be great. watch. >> mayor lightfoot: i told my team this must be a summer of joy. we have the ability to dream about december of joy in getting us closer to whatever our new normal is. it has a summer of joy of our youth. >> laura: alderman, how are we looking for the summer of joy? >> alderman lopez: so much -- so far, we have had 19 people killed by gun violence in the city of chicago. it is not julius for those who have been gunned down or any of the 184 people who have died by gun violence in the city of chicago. to a new normal as far as lori lightfoot is concerned is that everyone in the city of chicago should live in fear and that is
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something that is unacceptable. we cannot continue to allow her to normalize gang life and that violence at the expense of law enforcement. we will continue to push back as mayor, i will send sanity back in the city because this is not only the most american of american cities, but this is a global city. and right now, i refuse and so do tens of thousands of chicagoans to allow lori lightfoot to destroy the city any longer. >> laura: if that video that we showed of dakota early getting gunned down friday night and the way that that happen and in lincoln park, i don't have to tell you, alderman, the highest in chicago. he is still clinging to life but it is a horrific situation. alderman lopez, we are going to be watching this closely. thank you pac-12 lori lightfoot wants to make chicago an
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abortion oasis, janet yellen leaves killing the unborn is a boom to economy. >> limiting the right of women to make decisions about limit whether to have children but has a very damaging effects on the economy and with set women back decades. roe v. wade and access to reproductive health care, including abortion helped lead to increased labor force participation. >> laura: translation, getting rid of those pesky babies will get those women back into labor force much quicker then if they are actually mothers. senator tim scott could not believe what he just heard. >> did you say that ending the life of the child is good for the labor force participation rate? >> secretary yellen: one aspect is able to feel that you have
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the financial resources to raise a child. in many cases, portions of those are of teenage women, particularly low income and often black. >> senator scott: as a guides raised by black woman in abject poverty, i'm thankful to be here as a united states senator. >> laura: that was the line of the day. running the notes is kellyanne conway. author of his to deal and mother of four. kelly and what does janet yellen who should not even have her current position should have been fired long ago after dismissing inflation, why is she now, you know, going off the rails on the abortion issue? what? >> kellyanne: she is seeking coast and this is the religion. it was so embarrassing to have the secretary of treasury, and the biden/harris administration, to actually read from prewritten notes perhaps by planned
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parenthood. they give one pregnancy referral for every -- about 81 abortions they perform. and she is talking about the economy being more important than about 885,000 babies aborted a year and then she goes and channels her inner margaret sanger. who started planned parenthood and said, don't tell anybody that we like to extinguish certain race in this population. she goes and tells tim scott to a black republican senator esther to clarify her very racist remarks and doubles down on him by think a lot of these people who need access to abortion so they can participate not in the -- but be into labor force, they are young. they are teenagers. they are black. what kind of life with their child have? megan is. that is racist. and this is someone who should be worried about inflation. should be -- should be doing with steve nugent did.
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the regulation. it goes on and on. this is what defining that left now. they think they got a new issue. even the vice president. it is not going to read. >> laura: no. i would say last gasp. but it is pathetic. there's another kind of ghoulish comment from yelling that we need to play. watch. >> secretary yellen: it would lay out women to plan and balance their families and reses that it has a favorable impact on the well-being and earnings of children. >> laura: kellyanne? >> kellyanne: not the ones who did not make it. >> laura: i mean, it is taking your breath away. this is where they are. this is the court of the
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democratic party today. this issue more than any of the other issues, climate, that is their sacred altar and they will go back to every time. >> kellyanne: and i think yellen made a big mistake. even, heart left are printed downplayed the elitist aspect of their message. they don't want you to know that roughly 400,000 babies have been aborted per ear roughly about 18 or 19 millions since roe versus wade and there's a great -- on right now by tw sheridan. he is half black. he says don't tell me black lives matter until that babies' lives matter. i think that janet yellen's testimony is the sort of nantucket quiet version what is going where people are by letting u.s. code by doing so, threatening, intimidating could not turn to -- not protesting an opinion that has been issued by the court but trying to change
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an opinion. >> laura: the intimidation game. kellyanne, it is great to ceo. >> kellyanne: and it won't worked. >> laura: they don't have anything else. they have a dying economy under their pants. >> secretary yellen: there's an entire chapter and that new book coming out about the ark of abortion opinion over the decade. >> laura: great. kellyanne, thank you. if you cannot watch us live to make to record on your dvr. don't miss expect you don't want to miss it. it is every week night at 10:00 p.m. biden's big speech on inflation, beyond the policy prescriptions, there was something more troubling about his appearance. what was it? mollie hemingway and stephen miller have reaction text either.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it was a bad decision, but state joe biden held a press conference on the issue of runaway inflation. why they think sending him out is ever going to be a good idea is beyond me. he said it would be the first of many on the topic. and then he made a promise. >> president biden: i know the families all across america are hurting. i am taking inflation very
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seriously and it is my tub domestic priority. >> laura: okay. it is a little late. a little year ago, we try to what you. inflation surges. the democrats' dream of a wild massive spend a rama is slowly fading away as their own party's economic group, rules are leading them out now. from our clinton's treasury secretary has been warning about the dark clouds coming over the economy for months. forget the ignored warnings. if she truly cared, you will not continue making excuses for what it is now happening. by due i think our policies should help cannot hurt. hurt. the best majority of the economists think that this is going to be a real tough problem to solve but it is not because of spending.
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>> laura: it is never that. it is not just the president's reckless policies. senator rick scott questioned the president's fitness for office. but it was asked about it at the pressure. >> reporter: he set and i'm just quoting here, the best thing took he could do to solve the crisis is resigning. joe biden is unwell but he is unfit for office. he is incoherent, incapacitated, and confused. those are his words. >> president biden: i think the man has a problem. >> laura: no, joe, the problem is you. improved the senator's point. >> president biden: they have made their intentions perfectly clear. senator rick scott of wisconsin they laid it all out. >> laura: joining me now is mollie hemingway and stephen miller, founder of america first legal. steven cohen first time i haven't seen you in a studio for
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a couple of years. unbelievable. is it good or bad for the country that inflation is now on biden's mind? does the question? >> stephen: isn't bad because everything he put his mind to turns extremely catastrophic very badly. president biden's he said that inflation is his number one domestic policy priority. they should have added the word "increasing" before the word "inflation." i can guarantee you he would be successful because inflation has set a record month after month after months. four decades high. we are suffering through right now. >> laura: biden has a new catchphrase. he hopes some will smear the republicans. >> president biden: i never expect it the ultra maga republicans to have been able to control the republican party.
7:29 pm
>> laura: mollie, ultra, 19, it sounds like one project i would like it is not like to mention. would miller qualify as ultra maga? mollie, what is this? >> mollie: i would like to know who thought this was a good idea because it takes something that they are printed make it sound uncool. ultra maga sounds totally cool. i do assume what they are turn to do is move away from the extremism of their policies, the failure of their policies, everything biden has mentioned, everything biden has touched. he said inflation is his number one priority. he did not actually say decreasing inflation. maybe -- [overlapping speakers] >> mollie: then he would have done a good job with his spending packages. managing to create the problem. >> laura: miller, how worried are you about the fall and that
7:30 pm
mention of covid that is coming. 100 million cases unless we get our 12 those $20 billion and more pushing of that mail-in ballots, more justification for extended voting, again, maybe people worried about schools in some cities as well, teachers unions, going to be saying that we need more ventilation or whatever that latest complaint is. >> stephen: they are laying the groundwork. all these news articles about how in the fall and winter coat there's going to be a catastrophic disastrous surge of covid. 100 million cases. what they are saying is in october, they are going to have to force everyone to vote by mail, drop boxes everywhere. no identification. no verification. and in if they are not dropped in november and december, you will see mandates come back with a vengeance. >> laura: i think that is right and mollie, the white house is endorsing it. >> i know there's an outrage about protests that have been peaceful to update maquette we certainly continue to encourage
7:31 pm
that outside of judges' homes. >> laura: what she is describing is against the law. >> sean: what she should be things that president biden condemns them. he tells people to get away from people's houses and their children. this is against local, state, federal, you are not i were to intimidate djustice. and they are actually encouraging this to continue and it is not just biden. it is the course senator schumer. >> laura: imagine if they did that outside of the watergate hotel with rbg's. how many times have conserve this been concerned with court decisions? mentioned if conservative activists one to justices' homes and started screening -- screaming? >> mollie: it is one where you are allowed to threaten and go after people if they are
7:32 pm
"opponents." >> stephen: those are all ultra maga protesters and would be facing years in jail potentially. >> laura: election has galvanized so many parents across the country. as the new governor of virginia. he said he is monitoring the situation at the homes of the justices. is not a strong enough response, stephen? >> stephen: i don't know exactly what his plan is and so i hope he is not tipping his hand. i will save you played a forceful law-enforcement response. you need to print up and disburse these illegal protests at once and anyone who has broken the law goes to jail for the maximum. >> final word from you, mollie, on this. it takes one present in a crowd who feels invincible in a situation at this. >> sean: and that is why monitoring is not sufficient. you have been hearing this
7:33 pm
rhetoric from the democrats. he should be personally condemning them for what they are doing before it something horrific. >> laura: liberal justices should also sign electric with the other justices. i'm sure -- but young can has to do more. great to see you. here's a clue for tonight's segment. that will be revealed at the end of the show. which celebrity is finally speaking out against soaring prices? it is probably by the way, not for the reason you think. which celebrity is finally speaking out about soaring prices? tweet meet your guesses at ingraham angle. next is a major upset brewing in pennsylvania that republican senate primary? kathy barnette thinks so. and she joins me next to explain why she thinks that is going to happen. stay there. i need a lawn...quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed... scotts turf builder rapid grass.
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>> laura: into a highly contested republican senate primary in pennsylvania, there's been a lot of attention paid to two men. the two have spent tens of millions of dollars on the campaign so far. ozi won the endorsement of former president trump while david mccormick is the choice of former trump secretary of state mike pompeo and former trade rep. but despite all that many in the applicable star power, there's now a third candidate who has seen a late surge. single mother kathy barnette. politico is describing her as and to -- an ultra maga marc sharpe. two new polls have her surging. kathy barnette joins us now. cathy kipp good to see you. you were on with that -- on with us last week. to talk about your mom and your own story of life. but what do you attribute your late surge in this?
7:40 pm
>> kathy: , and that we just offered this one point correction. my husband is watching right now. i am not a single mother. we have been married for over 20 years. so i love you, babe. laura. you know, we have simply ran a much better rate than my opponent. and we ran a much better race because we have always kept the main think that the main thing and that is the people of pennsylvania instead of doing slick commercial ads and having posters tell me, you know, whether i use a fork or a spoon and what buzzwords i should say, we simply walk out of our front door and i earnestly believe that if the people of pennsylvania knew they had a better option, they would take it. and the polls are showing just that. they now know, you know, contrary to many in the media turf who have made this about two particular people, they not
7:41 pm
know that they have a better option. they don't have to hold their nose and settled this time. >> laura: kathy, international journal has a piece out about what they are calling extreme candidates. but it mentions you specifically think that republicans fear there's a lot more baggage that could come out if barnette is the nominee given that she has not faced the same degree of scrutiny as per better-known rivals? do you want to hear the dirt? what is all the dirt that they are referencing here? >> kathy: , there are no bones that are going to fall out of my closet. but you know, we know mainstream media, we know politics. people come up with a slew of things. i don't care. we have been running for over 13 months now. topic if the media was not so taken aback by the money that these two particular gentlemen were bringing, they would have seen me. i have always been here.
7:42 pm
before dr. oz decided to come and run. as a pennsylvanian. i was here when mccormick was still living and decided to move here this year. i have always been here. they could have done their due diligence. they are late to the party and they are upset. but again, the people of pennsylvania that they are looking for someone who actually lives here in pennsylvania and who shares their value and i have made much better case for the fact that i am them. >> laura: it is a tight race. the three of you, it is fascinating for me to watch because, you know, i really think your story is amazing. i think david mccormack's story is incredible as an army ranger and west point. i think you both have a lot. i don't know oz. but kathy you have made such an impact on the abortion question and it is again, front and center. we were referring to your single mother earlier by the way. here's part of the ad that front
7:43 pm
runner dr. oz released about the issue just yesterday. watch. >> dr. oz: i have a very strong perspective as a pro-life candidate. i'm a heart surgeon. a heart surgeon operates on children. i have met a child who had surgery at my hospital. that heart is about the size of my pinky nail. can you imagine harming that? imagined nine months earlier, terminating, killing that life? pro-life. life starts at conception. that is how i feel. >> laura: for kathy, i think it was mccormick who believed that ad sing the exact opposite about a heart beating at a particular park. but it seems to be a reaction to the pro-life criticism of oz. your reaction to the? >> kathy: having an identity crisis. we don't know if he is tricky first or america first.
7:44 pm
we don't know if he is a liberal as he portrayed himself to be during his public career or if he is now a conservative. and the real point is we don't have time to wait to figure out who he is. our nation is in trouble and the people in pennsylvania, we see it. we are talk about not having enough baby formula for our children. we are looking at gas prices. we are looking, i mean, inflation, 1.7%. well over 8% in growing. we have real issues and we need people who actually understand who they are so that they can be in service to the people of pennsylvania and that is what i'm offering. >> laura: kathy, we are watching this race very, very closely,. it is days away. and we really appreciate your being here. thank you so much. as kathy just mentioned, the shortages of baby formula threaten thousands of babies. the house of representatives passed a bill's spending another
7:45 pm
$40 billion of your tax money to ukraine? what do americans, about this. the angle hits the streets for answers. estate there. i was trying to refinance my mortgage. i went to check my credit score and i found a couple of inquiries that i had not initiated. within a few weeks of working with, my credit score went up about 60 points. get started at
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and your doubt. heat makes it last. so you'll never sit this one out. new icy hot pro with pro-level contrast therapy. rise from pain. ♪ ♪ >> we have been having to look pretty heavily for i would say.
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with the left four, five months. but this last month, it has become impossible to find. >> and partly for me, i can't breast-feed my kid. i depend a lot on form that. >> think it would not be a problem to feed your baby. now it is really scary. >> laura: how is this america? how is this the united states of america? as american mothers like the ones you just heard, they are struggling to feed their children. we are sending billions and billions and billions to eastern europe. in the last hour at the house passed a bill to spend another $40 billion to ukraine and military and humanitarian aid. is this even popular with the american people? well, we took that to do our own new survey. >> that does not make any sense. i think the government needs to do more about that and put money aside for our means first.
7:51 pm
i'm very sensitive to the fact that people are dying a necessarily. i don't see any addition addressed. there's still homelessness here. there's still unemployment here. >> inflation, screwing every working-class person, especially young people. what do you do if you can't find formula? emma going to breast-feed? if you can't find formula, what do you give your new grandson? i don't know what the appropriate amount of money to send to ukraine first is, but i think we need to take care of home first. >> what are we worried about overseas? >> laura: joining me is the ranking member of the house judiciary committee, but against this massive appropriations. congressman, do your fellow lawmakers realized that to the average american who is freaking out right now about issues like
7:52 pm
baby formula, that they are not in sync with what they would like congress to be doing right now? i think that men on the street and the folks you were talking to, they get it. think about your typical family out there. everything costs more for the moms and dads and families. gas cost more. cosmic cost more. >> laura: we know that. what is congress doing? you are setting $40 billion over to ukraine. it is a horrible situation. american weakness helped create that and europe. this is you know, you -- people think it was a democrat led initiative. everyone has to think again. watch this. >> i think we all agree the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in ukraine. i had a chance to called the president last week and request, the ukraine package moved by
7:53 pm
itself and quickly. >> laura: congressman midmarket we saw the open border gang wars, homelessness, two blocks from where we are doing the show. "the ingraham angle" -- >> congressman jordan: i understand how bad the situation is for the ukrainian people. i also understand what is happening here in this country with record levels of crime, the border that is wide open, the attorney general, chris.moms and dads as if they were domestic terrorists. last week, the democrats the disinformation governance board and they spent on a foreign country. i think so many americans have that concern. i voted for so many kinds of help for ukraine. we got to focus on the issues that count here in america. also help ukraine but do it in a way that makes more sense then this legislation did, particularly defense that we only had a few hours to look at
7:54 pm
it for goodness sakes. >> laura: this is insane. and we are taking the tariffs off of the chinese goods coming into the country which means we are helping the country that is giving money to russia. by dumping the tariffs. so figure out how that makes any sense. >> congressman jordan: that is why we need president trump back. all of the good things he did. we would not be in this situation if president trump were still in the oval office and i think all your viewers know that. >> laura: congressman, great to see you and thank you. our with's end segment is next. which celebrity is finally speaking out against soaring prices? it is probably not for the reason you think. tweet me your guesses @ingrahamangle. that is next. i feel something ie a fire, that's just growing. i feel kinder, when nature is so kind to me. find more ways to grow with miracle-gro.
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the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities. christians were slow to act and did not speak up until it was too late and 6 million jews were murdered. right now, thousands of ukrainian jewish families are fleeing the russian army for the freedom of israel. imagine fleeing with a baby in one hand and a toddler holding the other with all of your earthly possessions in a sack over your shoulder, leaving your husband behind to defend your country.
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these courageous families need our help. the time for action is now. we do not know when the borders will be closed. silence in the face of evil is evil. god will not hold us guiltless. take action today. donate at or call 1-855-694-9654. god bless you and >> which celebrities finally speaking out against soaring prices? and peers treated and unmasked very britney spears, and tree
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guest will smith. here is the big reveal. >> no charge for it. why when it's going to address the climate change? gate legendary actor james cromwell glued himself to the starbucks couch. ♪ ♪ all right. happy coming tuesday everyone. it's my favorite game of the week except for of the others. you don't have to clap. oh, he brought his


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