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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 10, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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here is the big reveal. >> no charge for it. why when it's going to address the climate change? gate legendary actor james cromwell glued himself to the starbucks couch. ♪ ♪ all right. happy coming tuesday everyone. it's my favorite game of the week except for of the others. you don't have to clap. oh, he brought his jacket.
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as you know, talking about a stolen election can get you int trouble it's the equivalent of shouting fire and a crowded theater. but you can shout fire and at theater even more if you're a democrat in you're about to become a white house press secretary. jean-pierre, it sounds like the goal for the montréal canadiens. he has been tapped to really lace in psaki, but do you know she claimed at that the electio was stolen. since when do democrats care about theft, when someone gets fancy job embarrassing tweets surface like a bloated corpse i the east river. i remember when this show started, someone started thinking these erotic videos i made back when i needed the money through, i was the one leaking them. i just felt they needed a wider
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audience. her tweet matters because that sort of thing would disqualify anyone who isn't a lefty. back on april 2nd of 2020 she said reminder, the gubernatoria election in stacy abrams, of course know tim has called this an attack on democracy and clai they're always making against republicans. but they would know democracy, but she is echoing what they ge away with saying already which tells you it's only a crime if republican does it. you know, like marrying your brother. who hasn't. you married a lot. nevermind, you haven't marked a bit, but stacy abrams followed over the elections in the trial actually began last month. it's an attempt to undermine th integrity of georgia elections but like a plane full of passengers during the safety
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demonstration, no one is listening, they're trying to find gas and baby formula which causes gas. because she's a, that doesn't matter mainly because the president is on her side they g together like peanut butter in jelly, pizza in beer, clamps in cheese was. the election secure the border. leaving her job to go to msnbc so she can new now i was sittin down. it's the news station met makes the weekly world news look like face the nation. somebody has to go the do the work they pay rachel maddow for. anyway, i want her job. i don't know if you step show coming her way, but i hear that her office duties will enjoy half the duty she performed for biden. i just hope jen enjoys her firs day at msnbc.
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oh, hey, welcome aboard. let me know if you need anything . office supplies or whatever. >> office supply chain is a top priority for the biden administration. that's why he is ensuring a strong economy. a staple, bends or anything, make yourself at home and let m know if you need anything. >> president biden believes tha every american deserves to feel at home in their own country. get you know you not press secretary anymore, right? gate no more questions about that, tom. >> it now, that one tweet isn't the only thing that was from he replacement, there is this vide from msnbc where she describes fox news as racist in march of
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2020 which he shared on her twitter account. kk fox news was racist before the coronavirus government they are racist during the coronavirus and they will be racist after the coronavirus. the difference is that they are all in on being state tv for donald trump so they will continue to give the miss information in the danger is coming as you have asian americans whose lives right now are seriously endanger perky at least you didn't parody mary poppins, but i remember those days when the left actually did care about asian americans. not so much anymore. now that asian hate crimes, why bother reporting them at all. shall be dealing with all these racist fox news reporters, especially our own peter ducey, he's so racist. it's funny, she will leverage u friday where she will end up right where her plate replacement was when she said w
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all we're racist great i call i the circle of strife. they just switched roles. that's the stooges reference. i guess that's what democrats mean by both sides so with the new face of the ministration phase questions about her may be , but only from people at fox news. the press our another one of those things they can only come for republicans freight as i should point out were not racist , we're just kicking them in their out of ideas so that's why they call as racist rate as long as you're on the right side , meaning the left side, you can see anything you want great unlike the left, we won't try t stop you, it's the best way to make you look stupid. ♪ singing ♪
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let's welcome tonight's guests, his audiences rush the stage because they think there is an exit behind it. fox across america host. she has put more people in stitches than the town staffer, comedian and podcast host, the dirty dozen, why her, but i trust because her 12 toes. fox news contributor kat timpf. and coming he bumped his head o the international speed station the nwa world television champion, tyrus. jimmy, welcome to the show. people are tired of my jokes about your jackets.
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that's a very tepid response today it makes me feel very bad. >> it's pretty lukewarm parrot. >> here's the problem with bein a leftist, sooner or later you're going to run into people that you called racist because you call everybody racist and it's surprising she didn't thin at some point she would be in a room with people that she's going to have to say oh, hi, a couple of things, you have to call people racist to get in. it's like it to drink and a mom. it becomes funny, like you go back. can you emigrate a cracker, it would be funny. it's funny that he came back there soon i think the whole thing is so exposes the fraud o what they do. now your same people are being sick of being refuted about fashion, people are getting sic of being called racist.
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homeless people were showing asian people in front of trains. to the point of his calling entries, i'm going to congratulate a lot of people don't know this, but the missio is to get something on the top shelf. that we have signed a truce. i think jimmy makes a good poin that when you start calling everybody racist, i mean he put all this work into becoming a bigot in everybody else gets th credit. >> it's not fair. i don't think it's racist at al that in the beginning of the pandemic before calling the coronavirus the china virus i don't think it's racist at all to know where they're coming from. i know for me personally, they usually are from new jersey or long island. if we are racist is a network,
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we are so bad at that. last thursday, i did a harris faulkner show, saturday night i did lawrence jones show, blacklist, saturday and sunday did the thing with monday i was on your show with thai wrist, black cohost, apparently recoun the flowers on his jacket for i give the census bureau for african-americans. i think it's is crazy when people act like fox news is one opinion like a lot of different people don't work your. you're going to hear me talk about something and get some perspective in then have somebody else save the same thing on fox in friends we can. probably not. >> there is a spectrum and you are on that spectrum. >> i do have adhd which is clos to that. >> it is this whole thing where
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i think because people watch fo news, the people that hate fox news watch just the clips that are sent out by cnn which is what we do to cnn. >> i don't know, i'd be okay with the cnn clip at this point because six people would see it so they could fire away. >> what you think about just the . >> what do i think about workin at racist fox? should you not have that dog clicks. >> he says some colorful things and he left at that's a new record for the things we said i the bassford. >> you reclothe a report. i don't know is a drunk phone call worse than saying an entir network of people with thousand of workers are all racist? it edges goes back to and it's something i learned a long time ago, any time you're in an
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argument with someone and you win the argument, they go to th panic bag and is start hitting them with facts in truth, they have to play the race card or tried to bring up something tha you did months ago to win the argument. when they get on tv and they sa fox is racist, they hope that gets attention and maybe we wil clinch down which they kinda kind of made us all do. are all plunging down, we're al talking to the 27 people that want msnbc, we just need to ignore them. she has no business, if she is that biased towards one network than where you talking to them. if i was biden i would replace my press secretary is with the magic eight ball the problem is under might find it the wrong eightball. you could tell it was a slow
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>> what are you giggling over there? >> just depression. >> here is to history class tha will give marxism a pass. they take on the world's worst commies and left lefties crying for their birthing persons. on monday, the president of the republic of florida passed a la requiring agents to learn about
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communism victims of communism day. you can see at college campus shouldn't flying the hammer in sickle from the old soviet unio flag grade you will see student that will have t-shirts on the t-shirts, you will see students that will idolize people that t me speaks of a tremendous ignorant about what those individuals represented and the evils that communist inflicted on people throughout the world. our goal here is to stand for the truth. here after the only pinko florida terry r tourist that forgot to pack sunblock. see their skin goes red? did somebody drag the audience? the jokes that bad today? is that what it is? you just so intense.
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florida is the first day to adopt this designation, but it' the first to mandate 45 minutes of school instruction on that day. students will learn about lenin stalin, jane fonda, once again, bernie sanders is left out. students will also learn how people under those regimes had suppression of speech, poverty, and systemic lethal violence. of course, they have already gone after disney in recent weeks physician and themselves is a leader in the culture work we really made pluto his all th more significant considering he only trails trump angles on the gop favorite for president whil mike pence draws less interest and a savings account great although we shouldn't forget about this guy who is also climbing up the poles.
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i wish i had some singles. is this a good idea? >> i know i want that guy at my birthday party that's for sure. it's interesting that communism day is happening in november at school so what does that mean instead of hand turkeys are going to dry i don't know. i don't know. that's like a medical condition. you got the trotsky's. >> think any kid that shares their is a victim of communism. >> that is true. with you make of this? here is my theory. you're going to like this one. >> governor desanto's effectiveness is a governor in presidential candidate, he is trump without the trump is him, all of these things are very provocative and smart ideas, bu
8:21 pm
it's not wrapped in that cocoon of tweets in brashness, so he might actually learn something and absorb what works from trum and what doesn't. what you think of that theory clicks. >> that's pretty good. i have a feeling when i'm not around you to talk about me a lot more than i think. i think we are one conversation what do you do now. even have a codename for me. >> eno, is doing something crazy , the key is really just stepping out of the box. he as fighting sleep with facts freight i'll give you lesson on communism. i know someone's going to say it's racist, but you're teachin them about the evil side of communism and also pointing to
8:22 pm
people who are for it so you're only in favor of communism because those are when they are running the show they have to keep the money in the power to make sure it's spread evenly amongst the masses. by isolating the people that we're for that, so you also support this. 100 million people died on the wrong end of communism. that is hard to look out. where they all racist? >> the thing is when they look at karl marx, they were actuall racist. they were not woke. >> there was no little tyrus is running around. get there is no such thing is a little tyrus. that made me think of something really bad. you know, this is like the republican answer, all you want
8:23 pm
to do crt can working to teach kids about how bad communism is but this is actual factual history it's not like an ideological behind this lesson. >> i'm going to say communism i bad. but the thing is, you don't hav to have the dated teacher, but you just teach world history an you can see that communism is bad pretty. >> but, when i was a kid it was called social studies, what the hell was that? >> i don't know, they called it social studies. >> that was it, it wasn't woke history it was great. >> it's racist because if you'r not social, if you're not a social person you're being excluded from social studies. what about socialism studies.
8:24 pm
honestly have to say that rhond santos, if he wasn't a governor he would be so good at marketing . this man knows his audience. you know what, everybody agrees is bad is communism carried to get this sounds like a trump idea, but it doesn't have the trump you're on it which means people he's like a mountain tha they have a hard time client climbing because there's no new and candies. >> the things he's going after people carry. communism has killed 100 millio people, i think the that when you get into the specifics of what these battles mean to become of the parental rights i education group. don't say bill, ed's popular appearance on both sides of the aisle.
8:25 pm
they are trying to pant this is anti- or anti- trans, but i don't want to go on they don't want to and he is right to know that, and that's why he is winning. >> on that note, why didn't i think of that? >> up next, would you still mak your daily commute if it means making getting intact en route?
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basking please don't shoot just to survive their subway commute. according to a nonprofit business group and they blame
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public safety. stuff like getting whacked upside the head, pushed in fron of a subway train or god forbid running into cap before sunup. new yorkers mister good old day were the only thing they had dori, but was rats and. the group's president said the obvious if we can't solve the public safety problem, we're going to see a long-term declin in people who are unwilling to come back to the office great it's not just new york, chicago to, boeing is now moving its headwaters to the windy city doing to skyrocketing they make b-52s, not banana splits. people who make bombers don't feel safe, what chance do you have? but not to worry, the mayor is
8:31 pm
keeping an eye on the situation. the other eye is pointed somewhere else. so if crime becomes endemic, ho o u yo we have sick days, snow days, isn't it time for crime days? >> hey, boss. sorry, i don't think i can come in today, there is a lot of crime outside. >> that bad home? >> it looks like a guy with a knife outside my window trying to break in. >> it's definitely something going around. how are you feeling? >> fine, yep, another guy tryin to steal my car. >> can you make it and tomorrow? >> it's partly stab you with a chance of homicide. click get plenty of rest to mak sure to drink lots of fluids. >> time to grab some lunch.
8:32 pm
>> so i came up with this idea of having crime days, like 60s because if i get stabbed, i don't want to use a sick day on that. >> i think if you get stabbed, you get the day off. >> but they'll take it from you personal or sick days for it. >> i don't have any experience in that area. fewer than 40 percent of people living in manhattan goes to their desk. nobody really cares about covid they will say they do, but people don't feel safe going on the train and it's so expensive now to take a car. in traffic is really bad becaus nobody wants to take the train. again, it's not because of covid . it's not just dab, but people don't want to get pete on.
8:33 pm
>> you don't want drunk to thro anything at you. jimmy, it's like what you do? >> this is a man that's going t solve it. the guy that is wanted in five states by the fashion police. >> it's amazing to think that everybody feels safer at home except supreme court justices. new york is bad. shootings are up, have other shootings are experience, i thought i told the producers no sports jokes i didn't understand . >> they're bad. >> their baseball. >> their basketball. the knicks are so bad if you ge their early you can play. they are that bad. but the point is people don't
8:34 pm
feel safe in new york, we know that as we've lived here things have gotten exponentially worse. we had a shooting on the subway the cameras don't work. no one wants to go to work, the only company is fully staffed his cnn is because they don't want to end up like jeffrey toobin. >> nobody wants that. >> know. >> no. >> that is the unspoken parts o the cnn story. why he didn't get fired. >> there was a group pant dance. >> it's like retreating crime now like it's the weather, it's not something that's going to g away, it's just something that changes. crazy, you defund the police camilo the criminals go out, yo have public defenders in office that lets everybody go.
8:35 pm
apparently even the guy the detection file is getting. this is a gun that turns into a knife. >> it's a transformer. >> it's a trans weapon. >> you can't prosecute. >> the locust weapon. >> every now and then i stumble into a joke. but the only thing that's going to come out of this is their bottom line is coming up short. all of these woke ceos and stuf that want to do all this crazy stuff, they're never longer going to make the bottom line and make the profits in nobody will care. you doing over there? >> he's really have been fun being there. >> he loves that spread his priorities are like vegan
8:36 pm
fridays. >> and he's got so many likes now. a lot a of verified followers. if you want to be popular, if h sells the crime problem, he wil be the most popular date mayor in decades. >> we talk about it got to get the mentally ill people off the streets of new york city, but i don't know what that means for people like me. >> we joke about it, but if you look woke live in the art give scene moral decay. the quality of life the compromise that live here just accept it. new york looks like off of before batman comes up batman's not coming because he's not vaccinated. >> robin got the booster. >> ed pushed off the train. catwoman is now a cat lady.
8:37 pm
>> cat person, greg. >> i'm sorry. coming up, if basketball fans active full, will charles barkley keep his cool? ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. take on your wild world this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: he brought it to safelite. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their car's advanced safety system, so features like automatic emergency braking will work properly.
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nobody's going to be sued civilly, save what you said to me right to my face right here,. >> that could be fun. bands fight athletes, the nosebleeds great, but i wonder are you going to take your time and not beat them up quickly? >> i'm gonna take my time. under hijab them little bit. should basketball be more like hockey? counted. tyrus, what do you think? >> he wasn't talking about just being heckled. they went after a basketball player players family, small children and his mom. when that happens, you should b
8:43 pm
able to walk them out and say you say? the problem is we're seen with mike tyson and we're seen where people are starting to get emboldened and think they can d whatever they want freight i agrees, sometimes you have to tenderize the meat before you lay it down. you have to talk to them. >> it's like combining two sports because there it not interesting, but you put them together, buswell plus mma. >> if athletes can fight with their fans, comedian should be able to fight with their fans because i have black belt. not in karate just like a regular black belt. she raised a good point though, have you ever thought that physical altercation with a fan or your one fan.
8:44 pm
i like this for a multitude of reasons. they ran into the stands and beat the [bleep] out of everybody. this would save me a lot of money. but barkley is right in one way a couple of freaks and the back really. am an adult friend finder. there is a good point to all of this. it is a real thing. on the show last week, he tilts the fistfight story on my show and downloaded the history of the show.
8:45 pm
that era back where you got smacked in the head. gets a mean from somebody you'r never going to see. that in person thing does matter . >> we need to be on the same highly with each other so we ca kill each other. >> people don't know that side of you. if the fans agreed to the fight i don't see why it's a problem. i am a libertarian, i'm not going to say that to consenting adults cannot enter into a contract.
8:46 pm
>> if they agree, why not. is the downside, the athlete is putting a lot on the line because of charles goods out there and he gets his hands, no only does he get beat up, he loses his job. the fans are going to be everywhere. you talk about the natural consequences. like it's incentivized to be below the could fight to come t basketball games and the me position themselves in the audience brachii would start watching. you would watch that all day. >> so true. this is another sports story
8:47 pm
probably the best sports story we've ever ever done. up next, tried to squirt a pass but fired for excessive gas. >> if you're in the new york area and would like free ticket to see gutfeld go to fox news gutfeld and the con studio audience. r until now. kisqali is helping women live longer than ever before when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant... in hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's proven to delay disease progression. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain... a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills,
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations because when you invest in yourself, making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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8:51 pm
>> we're not short on time, but here's a story in five words anyway. soccer player fired for honestly , we go to you first? is not because of your sports acumen, but the flagellation that you've experienced in your own life that has led you to some bit of wisdom. you think this is fair? >> he was fired because you not going to fire somebody for forwarding. that's what i kept telling myself. and shared my story not only fo myself but everyone who have ultimate inference front of their bosses because it's very
8:52 pm
common and certainly has not only happened to me. very relatable experience. but again, i'm very brave. >> tyrus, what are your thought on this amazing sport story? >> they were losing at halftime in the coach was giving as feet to hyped everybody up apparentl they were acting like kids and the back laughing and giggling. so they ended up losing. so unfortunately it went downhill.
8:53 pm
>> that is a comment about sports that i have no idea what you're talking about. you talk about an oxymoron. why is it that men find flatulence so hilarious and the don't. >> they're dumber. >> women are very. >> man are. i don't think they had the fire him, they should've just pointe him at the quilt and turned him around so he could point toward the other team. this as a result of everyone going vegetarian. >> it is true. the flattest. is that plural?
8:54 pm
what my saying? a kind of is the salt. it's an assault on your senses. i'm not the expert on soccer, but you have to feel for soccer players going number two becaus they're not allowed to use thei hands. how does that work out? what was his possession, it hit was he an offensive player? key it's one of those things when it's professional sports, coaches. they don't appreciate this guy in the locker room. so it was a lifetime achievemen award for getting fired. this just happened to be the most headline worthy firing. also, it soccer. football player would be fired.
8:55 pm
>> any sports. every sport, it's the speech, the coach gives this speech appeared that's his moment to get everybody going. we've come together. we go out there is one. >> everyone's laughing. >> this beach in sports is called win one for the gipper, it's not win-win for eric's while well. don't go away, we'll be right back.
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9:00 pm
will be back in stores soon. >> that is it. they think you to our cast in our studio audience. the evil shannon bream is next. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you america. ♪ >> shannon: welcome to fox news at night, i'm shannon brea in washington. baking tonight, president biden facing fierce criticism claimin the highest inflation in 40 years on the pandemic. russia's president vladimir putin and now accusing republicans of being united behind a plan to raise your taxes and accusation not even the washington post agrees.


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