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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 10, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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and it's because he has he has integrity and he's just god is fortunately blessed him with just a just a verynd clear vision of the difference between right and wrong. such a gentle, wonderful florida. s that man to start you're going to see more and more of us tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. the best with the one . >> and welcome to hannity. we begin with breaking news tonight . now we have good news and bad news out of the biden white house. all right. first, the good news, the most pompous and dishonest pressst secretary in american history. she will be gone at the end of the week. the bad news, her replacement is a full blownwn tin foil conspiracy theorist who thinks that many of her political opponents are racist. and we've got a full hannity investigation into cregeen peer coming up. but we begin tonight with this . the big guy, joe biden, his genius new plan to battle
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inflation. >> take a look and i agree s with what chairman paul said last week that theeek number one threat is the strengthon in strength that we build is inflation. look, i know you've got to be frustrating. no, i can taste it for inflation and it's going to take any responsibility or policy. i think our policy is to helppde nots hurt. think about think about what they say the vast majority of the of the of the economist think that this is going to be a real tough problem to solve. but it's not because of spending screaming at the tv. >> how have they helped joe now since joe has clearly lost any ability to communicate becauseog of this cognitive decline? allow me to m trye to translate for him. there's no plan to curb inflation, by the way. it's notay transitory either. there's no plan to lower gas
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prices, is no plan to spur on economic growth or as bloomberg reported, quote, inside the administration there is a sense of frustration, doom and some say magical thinking about inflation, magical thinking. we're now on the verge of what is a devastating recession- coupled with record setting inflation and of course, on topi of that a supplysi chain crisis and gas prices. they just hit a brand new record high along with diesel prices. is plungingrket right before our eyes. fortune's i mean fortunes are being lost by the middle classn in this country and people on fixed incomes in this country country that means r their pensions, retirement funds for one case they're getting wrecked in the market is a nationwide shortage of baby formula and the white house is thinking about the economy in a magical way. well, it'sy? time for heads to roll joe's economic and energy policies. there are nothing butpo complete
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and utter disaster. biden's inflation is now costing the average american the average american household over five thousand two hundred dollars annually. and new numbers out today show the average american is paying two thousand dollars more peray year just for gasoline. but nothing is going to change because the democratic party is ruled by socialists that are all part of this religious climate alarmists cult and they will never retreat from their radical agenda. i don't see that ever happening . they don't seem to care if you the american people suffer. they don't care if the country implodes so long as the system is fundamentally transformor the way they want and capitalism becomes a thing of the pastmeca and according ta them, we all must pay for our sins against mother earth and beg iran and venezuela and opec to produce the oil weul could be producing ourselves. so no matter how high gas prices go, i'm not notng going o
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open up drilling and fracking. he's not going to greenlight the keystone xl pipeline. the alberta premier said we'd be getting nine hundred b thousand barrels of canadian oil a day and he let that continue to be finished by now. and no matter how bad inflation gets, joe's not going to stop spending either as the economy gets worseor and worse,p the administration, they keep peddling more dumb excuses one after another. you know, the usual biden excuse, for example, treasury secretary janet yellen, she waso supposed to be a brilliant economic mind. as it turns out, janet o has lost all touch with reality. she now wants you to believe v that a future supreme court ruling on roe v. wade iss the cause of joe biden's economic and energy policies and allergy the problems we had. i thought this was all caused by putin and donald t trump. >> i guess i was wrong if the draft of the court's majority holding in roe o wade is the actual decision. what impact the loss ofn
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abortion access means economically for one ? well, i believeth that eliminating the right of womenf to make decisions about women, whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set womenand back decades. e a l >> thereis won't be a loss of abortion access. there might be restrictions in some states, but there'sle going to be plenty of opportunities for everyone wants one . now remember, this is the same janet yellen, the promised inflation was transitory. janet w was wrong in inflation r not transitory. our economy is ein a train wreck and yet janet yellen continues to toe the party linee at this point she really isus nothing more than a useful idiot and it's past time that she sell off into retirement. here now with reaction is fox business anchor larry kudlow.w. larry and my mistake and are wew to get new inflation numbers, consumer price index numbers
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tomorrow if i'm not mistaken, yeah, i'll get him tomorrow. cpi comes outes tomorrow. so it's interesting that joe held a press conferencee on inflation today because i would assume that tomorrow's numbers, even if they decrease from the previous , are still going to be a forty year high. is that a fair assumption? yeah, i think that's fair. n the trend line is not going to change. , he and you know, joe biden, he probably got at numbers some time in the middle to late afternoon. a i usedfter to be in that loop. but look, all he did was play the biden blame game today.e there'sth nothing new . he wants to continue to he wants to continue to restrict fossil fuels of all kinds. gasoline prices hit a record high. he also wants to continue toe tax. he's also blaming i just love he, he blamed putin. there's one in there you blameet rick scott. ed he blamed what's it ultra maga hat? i don't knowi what that is, sean. maybe you could help me. i may be ultra maga hat.
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i'm not really sure. but he blames that you're justea the republicans. you're justn: irredeemable, deplorable to cling to your clinging to your god guns ,bibles, religion probablyp shop at wal-mart like i doat and you probably smell when you shop. there was a piece but i . can i say something, sean? just one point. i , i just want to mention look, i'm very, very strong pro-life, defending the life of the unborn and what janet yellenen said today in that senate hearing was bizarre, are deplorable. it's one of the worst things i've ever seene eve since roe s wade. sean, i'm sure you knowum these numbers since roe v wade over sixty three million abortions have been performed.t those are sixty three million of god's created babies who never see the light of dayp, ,who never would grow up, who never would become productive people in our economy and our society. we lost sixty three
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that is a great damaging blow to the economy apart from the moral problem involved, not what yellen said today was grotesque and deplorable and she ought to take it b back because there's nobody could respect somebody who comes out and makes a statement like that actually more abortions would be would be good for the economy. just it's just utter nonsense, bizarre, grotesque. s letea me ask you this is i just want to say that well, i don't i disagree and even people that i know that say they're pro-choice, they're not as extreme as where the modern democratic party is, which is'r you can have an abortion even hours beforeee giving birthl and that would be perfectly legal and acceptable toan some f them. i want too ask you this economic question. we now had a report today two thirds of americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. i mentioned in my openingha monologue that the average american householdt t is payin, according to bloomberg, about
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fifty two hundred dollars extra and biden inflation. now if you put those twou facts together and then you artificially reduce the supplyf of the lifeblood of the world's economy and that is o oil, gas and coal like joe biden did when he became president. and now you beg iran and venezuela and opec to produce the oil that we could be producing ourselves. when you do that larry. ev isn't that a guarantee that everything you buy in every store youst go to iser going to cost more because supply demand crisscross and dictate the price and you reduce the supply? demand remains constant. that means we're paying more for everything. and he caused am i wrong in that analysis?lysis? no, look, you're basically right. basically i got to be the cruelest t minus. gois ahead. t yeah, no, you're working on a good solid b okay, we can we can work. thanks a lot. inflation is the cruelestt inflation is the cruelest tax
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of all. so a your point about 50 tofo 100 dollars a year for typical american family is a very important point. but here's the strangeness of this whole progressive agenda which has failed so badly. here's biden up there blaming everybody else. but it's not bad. but he wants to keep spending, io which means more inflation. in other words, spendn. and borrow. he wants the federal reserve ton purchase bonds and inject more money. but he also is blaming fossilrs fuel producers if you know his issue on gasoline, he has no sense of how important it is to produce more oil and gas, l including lng. he has no sense of that .se so his white house people have the most restrictive environment permitting in our history which will knock out oil and gas pipelines, lng.
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but here's the bizarre part. it will also knock out the infrastructure. bridges, roads and highways will not pass an environmental testst and even more bizarre, the green new deal people who want more solar and more wind turbines and so forth, they won't pass muster the way these regulationsas are now beig stopped. well, now soak we're nowhe predicting brownouts around the country because c of theseol insane energy policies. larry,ic i got to run as a gues. you get about a c plus. i really appreciate being with us. u but in all seriousness, i support it's the middle class people on fixed incomes. they're getting slaughtered unnecessarily. we do not need to, you know, help people at last wordd think of this . think of this . this is the ultimate failure of the left wing progressive agenda and really good news here is that most americans have a lot common sense.
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so you look at these polls and they are completely rejecting the progressive agenda. big government socialism and so forth and so on . and so the cavalry is coming, sean. the cavalry is coming. let's start november. a larry kudlow, thank you . now while americans do suffer under crippling inflation, rd record high gas prices will pay more for everything we buy. every store we go to democrats are spending almost 100%nd their time and energy lying about roe v. wade as we showed you. now if the supreme court does in fact overturn roe and casey, abortion will still be legal in the united states. but according to the left, we are w now living in a real lifee version of handmaid's tale and the only way to stop it is to take to the t forget abouto streets. voting or contacting your state representative, the people that willpres actually decide democrats they prefer mob rule,e
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political intimidation and harassment. and today once again, jen psakir speaking on behalf of her fearless leader joe biden encouraged far left lunatics from arlingtonnc, virginia and suburban maryland to stop their local supreme court justice and show up at their homes. this is so extraordinarily dangerous. they're trying to delegitimize an institution branch of government and on top of all of it, it's against the law. takeook a look. >> so i know that there's an s outrage right now, i guess aboutec protests that have beena peaceful to date and we certainly continue to encourage that outside of judges homes and that's the president's position. but the silence is pretty deafening about all of t the other intimidation and that we've seen tole a number of people. >> you know, let's's send a mob right outside the house of elected officials, supreme court justices s, anybody we disagree with . this is not going to e end well now on this program we havete consistently condemned all actst
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of violence and intimidation. we r condemn the riots the summr of 2020 five hundred and seventy four of them. dozens of dead americans, billions in property damage, thousands of injured cops and the biden administration. oh ,, either quiet or they kindo of supported it. they weren't going to take on the base of their party that was responsible for ite on this program. on my radio show in real time,. i condemn the violence on january u six . i condemned it that night on this program. we also nowow condemn the doxing of supreme court justices demonstrator's talking now justice alito and his family and justice tabbert on justice roberts and in some cases forcing them to flee their own homes can't gen you be bothered a little bit not see the danger in this philosophy of a president of the united states puttingt, a tacit seal of approval on this type of behavior even though it's
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against the law. but i guess they aidte and abet lawbreaking all the time down at the border right now. pro-abortion group isor now planning to hold more protests at justice's private homes and by the way, this is not only wrong, it is unlawful as i've been saying. look at the law section fifteen 07, title 18 of us code. it is illegal to protest near a residence occupied or used by a judge or a witness court officer with the intent of influencing the discharge of his duty.nd and get this one of g the reasot it's this. illegal to protest oe the private homes of public officials is because of a case that actually protected the privacy of an abortion doctor . >> sowhit now is the white house going to apply the law equally or are they just going to wait around, see if something really happens first? now this week, senator susan collins of maine, she got multiple death threats because of her support for.m constitutionalist judges.
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i can only imagine the kind ofts threats that the justices themselves are receiving. and by the way, not a word from fbi director ray, not a word from the dhs secretary who just last week marcus was saying domestic extremism is the single biggest threat to america, not a word from the attorney general merrick garland. not one word at allchch. e they're the ones that were p scared of of parents protesting at school board meetings and wanting to investigate whether they were domestic terrorists. and of course, none of that matters to the genius over at the viewth joyless bay'ah. now she thinks this kind of intimidation is just wonderful . >> take a look. you have the right to peaceably assemble and that's so far what we're seeing outside of candace owens house and i will say this i think the more appropriate venue is the steps of the supreme court where itda could begin to look like intimidation with at someone's doorstep. i'm someone who is so funny. so does what alito wrote looks the same way to me it's like intimidation when yeah, it's
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kind of the same thing. but it also shows alito what it feels like to lose your freedom of choice f. ma >>yb he cannot leave the house easily. so maybe that's a good lesson for them f. d les oh , goodso lesson for them. teo oh , what if we send people over to joyless house? not that anyone would want a to go that anyone would care how she's going to feel about that here with reaction, florida senator marco rubio. senator , this is harassment. this is intimidation and the law couldn't be any more clear. i read the statute. >> what part of that law is merrick garland missing here? he's missing the whole thing. first of all, it is illegal. look, if i can't call a supreme court justice tonight and say, hey, i know you have a case before you, i really like you to rule that way. you can't do that if i can't call him on the phone and say that , how can you assemble a mob with pitchforks and torches and gon outside their private home and people say peacefully assemble? that's not true .. the message behind showing up at someone's house is we know . family live
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we're going to make you uncomfortable. we're going to make your family uncomfortable and byyan the waya there's one hundred of us here. ninety nine of us are going to go home and you never if one whack job either here orr somewhere else is going to show up in the middleo of the night and try to harm you. that's the message behindd showing up at people's home. it is an open effort to intimidate supreme court justices on their decision. it's illegal. it's improper. itul should be condemned and its going to lead to bad places. this is going to become a two way street, unfortunately, because you'll see this happened the other way at some point we shouldn't be doing this . they should put a stop sho right now. senator , imagine if i gave out the address of a congressman or a senator or justice a liberal justice somewhere. i would never do it. it's too dangerous. you know, maybe you can explain the logic behind this . i mentioned the five hundred and seventy four riots in the summer of 2020. i mentioned january 6th. i mentioned what's happening now in front of the homes of supreme court justices.s. my question to you is why is ito of all of those incidents democrats only are outspoken
11:19 pm
about one where outspoken anyvi time, any violence, anyol placee anywhere is going. it's the same pattern. so s for the left right, violence, intimidatione, all these things are appropriate as long as the people doing it hold a position that they agree with that we sawhe that in the summer of 2020 whenyo they were saying, look, youu know, riots are the language of people that feel like they have no power and they can't speak out and it's the same here. they're saying well you know, these are people that are outraged and they're cheered on . u kntnow why these groups do because they know people like those whoever those ladies were, they're talking you know, people like that are goinge to be out there cheering them on and they know political leaders in the senate. we have senate leaders that are saying i don't see a problem with people showing up outside their homes. they know they're going to be cheered on and it's across the board. this is a radical left wing party , radical left wing party who believes and supports an abortion paid for by taxpayers on demand up to the date of birth.. that's their position. that's the vote they want here y tomorrow. that's either running
11:20 pm
somebody's against me in florida. they want to take me out f and replace me with someone named demings a do nothing pelosi puppet congresswoman who supports taxpayer funded abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. by the way, i've asked everybody out there if you don't want to florida to go crazy orec in crazy direction, you know, go on my website, learn more about this crazy congresswoman marco rubio. come and help me because otherwise we've got to beat these people at the ballot box in november. but this needs these protests right now and leaders who refuse to condemn it should be called out for it. senator , your your reelectionta is pivotal ifl the republicans are to have any chance of taking back the senate and you've done a great job for the people of florida and i hope people gope to your website and i hope they learn a lotho aboutas your campaign. you wof know, as we look at alls this happeningee and we seeno everything going on with the economy, is there a single thingou that you can point to i that you can say is a success for joe biden and the democratic party and what has happened to this party because it's unrecognizable to me. democrats used to hide
11:21 pm
their radicalism. y now they're more outspoken. you're going to vote on apo bill tomorrow, i understand that would allow abortion what up untilkegoin the moment f birth that's really taken place tomorrow. you mt cannot be a democrat officesuor a major and support a singlepp exceptio, a single restriction. you can't youou can't support a single one of them. the position off most democratsk today, the press nevered asks them about it. ask them. i hope the press will ask them what restrictionssk do you support? they will not answer that because you can't get the naral endorsement unlesstiti you are in favor of taxpayer funded abortion at any time during the pregnancyy on demand up to c the moment of birth. that's the only way you can get their endorsement and every democrat either doesn't want to talk about it or admits it or just refuses to o answero the question and they know the media won't ask them. all right. nswe senator rubio, your election is pivotal. you back in the senate . thank you for being with coming up, is the incoming white house press secretary press secretary kerry here? we're going to tell you everything you need to know
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t bonaly .com today right now chief fighting propaganda circle back jen psaki as we've have been telling you, will leave the press secretary podium this fridayum and willpl be replaced with the current deputy press secretary and that's corrine chomper who is yet another far leftch activist with a history of radicalism, extremism and of course baseless attacks against conservatives and even fox news. what a shockerfo. >> take a look.>> when k you look at fox news, fo. news was racist before coronaviruses. they are unracist during the coronavirus ng. fox news will be racist after the coronavirus. so there is nothing new here. i think the difference is that they have been they are all in on being state tv fory
11:27 pm
donald trump and so they will continue to give them misinformation. okay, and that's t not all because jumpier has a long record of promoting debunk far left conspiracy theories.s that's why she fits in so well at msnbc. see when she's there anyway, especially about the twenty sixteen electionio. she. claimed that election wasee stolen. she also tweeted in twenty e sixteen stolen emails, stolen drones, stolen election welcome to the world ofce the unprecedented trump and april 20 of april of 2020. she posted quote reminder brian kim stole the gubernatorial electione from georgian's and stacey abrams and like anys unhinged democrat who was a huge purveyor ofss the russia hoax quote distraction, misdirection cover up, we have to keepp asking about trump. russia ties hashtag russia totally debunked on this show. we will do what the mainstream will never do
11:28 pm
and that's actually bet the biden white house here is just a small sample of the lowlights from her appearanceses on msnbc and fake news. cnn hero donald trump is the first president to have purposefully had made has made racism the center of his of his campaign of an administration clearly so not only is donald trump a puppet for putin's puppet, he's also a puppet for the nra. donald trump is indeed putin'se manchurian candidate. i don't know where donald trump is wants to take this , but it's wherever it is it's going to be dangerous. it d could lead to some sort ofo horrible civil war . i and he looked really like a child, like a manchild sitting there. but it really goes back to that's why he loves dictators. that's's why he wants to be a dictator. we're torturing these five six year old these babies. ry and just one other story just one more story of the inhumane kind of nature and treatment by this administration every t
11:29 pm
fear that we've hadru about donald trump, which is that his reckless and dangerous behavior is now a national security. donald trump is just he stands with, with abusers. he doesn't stand with thee abuse . it's almost as if he's projecting. we know that donald trump is a liar. t he's the chief liar and youay know, he's like the chief liarsi of the presidency and he never stops. all right. as jen psaki departs, what can e we expect from the new press secretary? it sounds like we're set to hear the same old same old samew old propaganda, same old conspiracy theories, same oldhe attacks, talking points against fox newsts here with reaction, fox news contributor joe concha along with the co-host of the five. there he is, geraldo rivera in order although unlike i do, i'm not going to demand that she be fired or canceledd or boycotted. i'm just going to point out the obvious. p pshe's not qualified for this job. she has to she's a rigid radical leftist partisan
11:30 pm
that spews lies and propaganda conspiracy theoriesonsp. i don't think she's qualified for the job based on her own words. wo >>rd well, i think she's qualified. she's a graduate of columbiaeraf she k is. d and i think that it is of note that we haven't discussed atri all the historic nature ofc her appointment. the first black person and not just black wrong. i don't want to the hang on a sec. hold the office. i just heard you just heard of you just heard her . p we played it for you. spew y one lie after does y that bother you at all? let me lies bother you at all. it is it is unfortunate and unfortunate that you would it's that she smeared us here at fox news.i i think t that it is a lazy way of doing business and she has to do much better as press secretary. joe biden is a person who needsp what about conspiracy theory? he needs one about unicon you didn't answer my question.
11:31 pm
what about the lies? what about the conspiracy theories? i mean, are you just going to sit there? they just it was this is partisan. this is a partisan a partisan position. it is not so that we're not picking a judge here. you're picking a press secretary flack for the president president who has a difficult time. so youou say that i want to be clear. ec sot you're saying we should be able to lie? we should expect that she will lie like you and you should expect her to be a politician. she's a g politician. and the fact that no, no, no, no, no, of course you help me h not this isn't no, that's notli being political . that's outrighttth lying. there's a big difference to me, joe , if those tweets showns, that you showed in your your monologue aren't the first three or four questions to green jump here in her first day on the job, then we have no hope for t the white house press corps outside of producing jackie heidrick, she launched,
11:32 pm
as you mentioned, several chilling attacks on democracytt as you pointed out, said without ambiguity. 2016 election was stolen from . llary not true . 2018 gubernatorial election in georgia was stolen from staceylect abrams. not true . that sounds for the lack of a better word that doesn't actually exist. insurrectionist. right. and should be noted that koreen jumpier is married to a cnn political analyst and comes from msnbc a . she called this network as you guys were just talking about racist simplyt. because some analysts and pundits pointed out that covid maybe just maybe came frommrom ruan that studies, you know, coronavirus even many on the left. see, that's probably the case now. but let's have some sympathyne here. okay, guys.reri karim jumpier is now inheritingt arguably the most difficult white collar job available in the country. she has to defend this president on inflation at a 40 year high gas prices at ano all time high, skyrocketing crime police officers being targeted likeargeot we haven't n in recent memory a border that is an outright catastrophe
11:33 pm
with more than fourr million people, including those on fbi terror is projected to enter this country illegally in the span of two years. so. offend that no thanks. but that's what green jumpier signed up for. and iie the feeling even just a few weeks from now, harold, those that she's going to regret it. big league. you know,eyme i although i'm trg to agree she's not elected officials. shawn. she's not representing a district in the united states . you're telling me that the united states that's pajamagram squishier. the president description's intel rindfleisch is you are you're basically saying yes, goes with the job, should lie to the msnbc show. geraldoh she lovese political pundit on msnbc. she did she did she tell things that are really illumination? did she say things that are demonstrably false, yes or no? yes. yes. go yes, she did as an illinois
11:34 pm
her i disagree with one hundred percent. it does not disqualify her byer not person who can a now attempt to translate for joe biden what he really meant when he talked about anything thing on american were inflation. today i need my blood pressure medicine on . i got some air somewhere. all right. for also driving me nuts. thank you , joe . thank you . b when we come back , elon musk, he says he would reinstate donald trump's twitter account. plus biden'sonump office opinia trump supporters. donald trump weighs in as we continue to. hello, i'm former governor mike huckabee. and as time passes, the more i realize i don't need much to be happy. i need my help, my family and a good night's sleep. and that's why i take relaxium sleep. the clinically proven sleep aid that helps you fall asleep faster. stay sleep longer and wake up feeling refreshed for the longest time i struggle to
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11:39 pm
the quote ultra maga hat agenda and senator rick scott. apparently biden thinks he's from wisconsin unbelieve. >> take a look. i happen to think it's a good thing when american families d have a little more moneyue in their pockets at the end of the month for the republicans in congress don't seem to think so. their plan is actually made working families going to make working families poorke. you know, to take my word for i it, it's in writing they've made their intentions perfectly clear . senator rick scott, wisconsin r a member of the senateai republican leadership laid it all out. and a plan is the ultra my maga hat agenda ultra>> maga hat you mean the one that gave us prosperity second to none secure borders. let's see b trade deals free and fair for the first timeth with all of our trading a partners all over the world. let's see record low unemployment for every demographicmplo group, the lowet gas prices we'veav seen in decades now we have
11:40 pm
inflation at a 40 year high under biden, the highest gas prices we've ever had. we set another record today. parents across the country even struggling to find baby formula amid what is a nationwideou shortage. rs ask yourself, did did you hearr any solutions from biden today? you hear any answers to the growing self-inflicted crisis? so for allri of biden's bluster, if you can even call it that about the ultra maga hat agenda, the america firstic agenda, the make america great again agenda at work he delivered, he at least delivered results meaning donald trump for common sense americanstr, low taxation, deregulation, free and fair trade deals, school choice, safety and security, law and order for every community. secure borders, originalists on the bench. national sovereignty, border security. and get this even elon musk, you know, says he's going to reinstate president trump on twitter calling permanent banstwor morally wrong. >> take a look.
11:41 pm
you know, i to whataboutism, you know, all of the same mind, which is that fans should be extremely rare and really reserved for people where they're trying to four accounts that are bugs or spam scam accounts where there's just no legitimacy to be counted or even former twitter ceo jack dorsey says he agrees with elon musk, although dorsey was the one to ban president trump in the first place. itit react to all of this donald trump jr. he has his own social media site. it's a media gathering site. ut you want to tell people about that part now that you're now entering the space as well? : well,i listen, i think truth social is a place that was created because therete was no level playing field anywhere else. i mean, the engagement that i seeeengahe there just in a few , jon, versus all of the other social media platforms i'm on,th
11:42 pm
it's just through the roof.eit i mean, it's nice to see it someplace that's just not totally biased against youth and you know, that's when you get from the media. that's what you get from existing social media. and so creating truth was a really important thing. and i think people should r really go check it out because i think they will experience something that no conservativeo has experienced on social media in quite some time nowow look, i like the idea of truth social. i think there'sal a need for it. i thought it was gracious of elon musk to to open the door for your dad toad come back and that has been pretty clear . i don't g think he has any plans to go back as he's building out that whole new site of true social. you also have a media websiteu where you link to articles and news that you believe isir more fair. >> tell us about. that part . well, that's msm news. some friends of mine and ind created that because again, like the hunter biden story like the durham stories, there's news that's out there that you just won't see. ut
11:43 pm
it won't show up in a google search. it won't show up on social m media sites. it won't be there. so you know, i just createdef some news so people can actually see the news that's out there,ot not what big tech wants to see. and that's a big there's a huge distinctionat between what big tech, what the democrats, what they're lackeys in the media want you to seee and what's actually out there. and i want people to be able to see all of that . what's great about just the radical insanity of the biden administration and really what it is showing . y. democrat policy you saw his speech earlier. he's blaming everyone. it's trump. it'sonru the russians inflation. it's transitory. no, no, no.ns it's actually a good thing it's everyone but what it actually is, which the asinine policies that democrats promised, they are delivering what they said they were going to deliver. i americans aret. feeling it. you can't find baby formula in america, but they're going to make sure that you can get abortions at forty forty two
11:44 pm
weeks, maybe a little bit postum i mean what difference does it make? right, sean?f this is the insanity of the radical left agenda butit it's been very domineering. but what's great about donald trump, sean d, is he brought out the fight in conservatives. he made them learn to be able u to stand up for themselves, to speak out, to not just be put in a corner and to be afraid ofe cancelation. it's creating entire economies whether that be againmiet, youhe know, true social in the boom that's going on on there, whether it's msm news, whether w it's what's happening to disney in the reverse effect when you see see corporate america taking asinine positions where, you know, they want to really get into the explicit details of sexual innuendo with young children and if you can't, it's over . you see with netflix, america is waking up. there's going to be a red wave in the elections. but more importantly, there's going to be a push back against the corporate america that's ownedha by the left for so long
11:45 pm
as it's about time. sean ask, i actually like the comments of elon musk. i think he's a great innovator . i'm not sure why the left hates him so much. i mean, he's producing their precious electric cars and i'm told that they're really good. i'vead not had one friend of mim loves his . do you think he means they hate him, sean? because they but they hate that they no longer have t a distinct advantage if someone even levels the playing field, that's too much. you saw the reporters. well, they could they could manipulate an electionld by just turning up someone you meanth like they've been doing to conservatives for the last decade? c you know,an they can't't stand that . they could actually be in a h fair fight. they're used to having trillion dollar corporations have their back and function as their marketing department. but that's notir happening anymore. and just the notion of a level playing field and free speech is far too far for them. t that's why they're going nuts and losing their . alll right, don junior, always s good to see thank you for being with us.
11:46 pm
sorryu. when we come back , the left wing outrage over the leak supreme court opinion on roe v. wade continues was a draftio opinion. chicago mayorn. laurie lightweight is now urging for a call to arms monica crowley leo 2.0. in on the rhetoric of her next nextradio without personal capital , there's absolutely no way we would have had the financial confidence to live the life that we're living in both the tools and our personal lives or give us the comfort to not have anxiety about retirement. i never imagined this dream would come true . working with our advisor and personal capital , we were able to make that leap to control your retirement. download our free tools, thenot talk to an advisor. start today at personal capital .com buried in receipts, invoices and other paperwork that'sra preventing yu from doing what matters most to get the all new apps and rapid receipt smart organizer to
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11:50 pm
han you think. visit bonaly .com today. right now prominent democrats they are once again amplifying l the lives of left wing rageef and the rage mob, for example, laurie cicago mayor lightweight is now claimingt that the supreme court won't stop its abortion decision if in fact it comes down that way and they are coming for the lgbtq rights next . even writing quote this momentms has to be a call to arms will
11:51 pm
not surrender our rights without a fight. sounds to me like she's calling for an insurrection and is trying to use force to intimidate political opponents. but to the mob in the media, one rule for democrats, one rule for the rest of fho the world is our friend whoopiop goldberg defending lightfoot's remarks earlier today. >> take a look. >> i think that lori, when she says call to arms, that's something we in the 60s t know what that means, that doesn't mean to go into any price that i'm safe to pay and make sure you're there voting, doinga what you need tot if reaction.n former trump treasury official monica crowley is along with foh news contributor leo 2.0 real monica will begin with you. imagine a conservative talks about a call to arms. b how'se that going to be interpreted? yeah, two things with that tweet. number one , she talks about she's invoking fear saying that well, you know,
11:52 pm
conservatives on the supreme court are kind of come for us days next when in that drafto opinion written by samuelpi alito, he explicitly says multiple times that this would only apply to abortion, not gay marriage. not any other social issue, just that .sos lying so she's lying there to your question about conservatives. look, i guess ava calls for viot incitement. i guess that's now cool with the left right. look, president trumpa on january six talked about a call for a peaceful protest at the capitol. . okay, so if people like liz cheney and adam kinzinger on the january six commission, if they hadd any political integrity whatsoever, they would then propose an investigation into this because this languageo from their lightfoot looks like an actual call for violence. en it looks like an actual incitement to violence with a call to armsnd. and whoopi goldberg can make all of the excuses in the world
11:53 pm
about the phraseology of mayor lightfoot and whatever. butt we know exactly what they mean because the left has been engaging in the threats of violence and actual violence since the nineteen sixties and even before that , sean, to achieve their communist aims>> a call to arms s doxxing leo and five hundred and seventy four riots in the summer 2020rt virtual silence. they only careen about one riot. why don't they care about all the other riots? why don't they care about the violencedon't in chicago te talk about a lot? i'll tell you, sean, it's so funny when she talks about call to arms and for us to take up arms, she wants to turn america into chicago called arm 2 that goes on twenty four, seven, seven days4/4/ a weekin in chicago. youcago have a disgraced mayorfo trying to look for an issue in order to salvage her reelection chances and it won't worker r.
11:54 pm
there is no nexus between roe v. wade and the lgbt community or you know, the chowdhry interracial marriages and i'mg so sick of whoopi goldberg and those keep talking about a 16 a third of this countryd wasn't even born until after 1960. so they keep going back to this jim crow civil rights movement in order to get people upset to to basically tear down this country's value system. this is nothing more than an what is greatnge about this country, the heritage the supreme courttn ,they want to tear it down a because all they're interested in is their power and control. they don't care about rules. they don't care about anything like that .th t all they want is power all they want is power and control. what if they have arrest people >> 2020 rioting? why why did all those people go free? how come they're silent? t and even the tacit approval ofid joe biden as it relates to doxxing. we've got 20 seconds, monica d. yeah, you know, you're hitting on the really critical point
11:55 pm
here, sean, which is the double standard, the two tiered justice systemm, the uneven application of the law and the republic just cannot go on likew this that needs to be fixed or we're not going to survive as a country. all right. when we come back , we actually have some good news coming up next right here on "hannity". >> so musty in here. skybridge dropping in the tabbert distracting and trap with your eliminate musty odas college wasn't built for me. i didn't care if i had to work a double shift or if my kid had a favorite deadline. the deadline i want to set the deadline. i'm going to test when i'm ready. i want to take courses on my feet up when i know my stuff. i want a university that cares
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results. reporting from the front. we've been hearing rounds and rounds of air raid sirens. russia launched a fresh wave of missile strikes, tanks and artillery units wiped off the map residential block for the latest developments, stay with fox news channel. all right. occasionally we have and we goteat news some big news and a big congratulations to friends of mine whitney andrew. now they already have three beautiful girls twelve, ten and six . and they just had their son there he is pierce james bornan yesterday and whitney and drew ,i know god has a great plan for his life just like w your incredible daughters and both of you, by the way,ay he's going to grow up like i did three older sisters. it wasn't that easy. but anyway, i want to say congratulations. god bless all of you looking forward to meeting him
12:00 am
hopefully soon. w and welcome toelcome the world e and go out make a difference. we're glad you're born and may god bless you every day of your life that the life that he had planned and mapped out for you so have to be all right. that's all the time we have left. please set your dvr. f never miss an episode. thank you for making this show possible. in the meantime, let your heart be troubled. laura ishe next . we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ everyone. i i'm laura ingram .am this is ingraham angle from washington. mmtonight . thanks for joining us the chicago way. 's >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. lori lightfoot is one of the most repugnant and disgraceful people in elected office today that a woman with such disregard for her own constituents servingng as mayor of chicago, one of our great american cities is self shocking as an unrepentant radical