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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 11, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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and go out make a difference. we're glad you're born and may god bless you every day of your life that the life that he had planned and mapped out for you so have to be all right. that's all the time we have left. please set your dvr. f never miss an episode. thank you for making this show possible. in the meantime, let your heart be troubled. laura ishe next . we'll see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ everyone. i i'm laura ingram .am this is ingraham angle from washington. mmtonight . thanks for joining us the chicago way. 's >> that's the focus of tonight's angle. lori lightfoot is one of the most repugnant and disgraceful people in elected office today that a woman with such disregard for her own constituents servingng as mayor of chicago, one of our great american cities is self shocking as an unrepentant radical, her policies
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precipitated chicago's decline and decay. the city's bleeding people literally and figuratively people are up l and leaving in their record. numbers of its residents are becoming victims of crime. as much as chicagoans love the summer on the lake and who the bears, e the cubs, the restaurants, the architecture they're not going to stay if their home becomes unlivable. chicago under lightfoot iso slowly turning into detroit. but you'd never know the situation is urgent if you're listening to her real chicagoans are asking how coulde you possibly even consideray running for reelection as mayor of the city of chicago? the harm you've caused some i disagree with you fundamentallyda and i don't thik i need to address and dignify your comments one second further. her city is being ripped apart by violence, drug overdoses
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and despair. and she's on twitter issuing a call to arms urging people tob fight back if the courtace reverses roe, it's going to be the end of the world. onlyal a radical out of touch activists like lightfoot would try to sow confusionld aboutur the court's draft opinion to distract residents from her own' pitiful performance over mother's day weekend alone ,at least 18 people were shot for were killed, including the heinous attack on twenty three year old culinary student decota early friday night s that has left him clinging to life in intensive care
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. he would go on to shoot him again. this is for a cell phone password. lifeforce office has yet tomm comment about this vicious assault that police believe iss ie connected to sevens other robberies in the area. same two individualsa,. rs we'veel reached out to her ourselves, but she has not responded to that either. a so thugs and gangs are running and gunning acrossun chicago because they know that cook county state's attorney kimt fx and lightfoot together, they're never going to take them on . . datelly chances today are pretty slim that criminals are going toe, be caught for maiming and even killing and certainly for stealing the probably do that without repercussions or penaltywi if they're arrested. oftentimes they're put out on the streets the next day. h but lightfoot hopes people are stupid enough to believe that if roe is overturned,d,
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what federal authority is going to be busting through your bedroom door not that we're supposed to be worried that asi man is writhing on the ground under your apartment window and lincoln parkt gasping for life left for dead is saying what's the password? let's give lori the benefit ofgi the doubt here. let'se say she's done her best, okay? she's done well. her best is a disaster. her radical policies have made chicago a living for the people who most need a break like another family mourning after their twenty two year old son was gunned down last week. >>so he murderedn it really ha.
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i'm just me just this city of chicago we got to do we have too do this stop. i was born and raised here. as well, well. our coach of let us say well our i would like justice for my grandson. it's heartbreaking. listeded as statistics, the murders, the robberies, the , burglaries. they don't affect you like hearing the sobs from the victims, the cries fromam their families. but lightfoot has no answers, only cliches and meaningless generalities taking stock m analyze the data and we will be making the necessary changes going into the new year. noneneno of us will rest until e bring peace to the city.
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>> empty words. the money>> is promised for i guess doorbell cameras, some street cameras, jobs programs f. nward but things have only spiral downward. police officers in the windy city have told me that the revolving door of justiceol oftn makes arresting suspects essentially a fruitless p exercise. and at a time when police morale has droppedle so low, loi lightfoot decided to get into a fight with police over as pointless vaccine mandate. it's insanensan, of course. she also sided with teachers unions and kept kidss locked out of their schools for over a year during covid the damageug that was inflicted through that decision alone was immeasurable. again, the rich kids they could figure out kind of doing tutors and a workaround, not the underprivileged who neededsc in-person schooling the mosthoe in the end to take on the teachers unions forced them to goor back to school.
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dohtfoot wasn't going to that . think about us . this is all lightfoot and her corrupt a party . republicans do not have the numbers to block her withoo things as they are.k, look how many of you would want your kids to work or live alonec in chicagohi today. i would you? i love chicago. it kills me. say this or ask the question. democrats there have had every to succeedry their hero. barack obama still calls it home. but where are his sustained efforts to influence the place the better. the south side'sro a long way from martha's vineyard. it's what its faith family, lawd and order, hard work, respectll for small business. i mean, that's kind of it. not a secret. chicago has a very sophisticated and highly educated workforce. it is a strong investmentd in banking sector sports franchises w. bil come on ,li they're worth billions. but laury, life would actbut asf
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i don't know she's thehe president of kind of like a community college because shel prefers getting down intohe the mud and all the cultural issues kowtowing to the gender and racial identity crowd. >> i am here today to formally declare systemic racism as a public health crisis here in chicago, the rampant murders, that's the way we'll leave that to another. ul so here's a cultural issue, lori. how about fightingss crime over the filmmakers who produced the dark knighto and batman? gh well, they shot their films, a lot of it in chicago. and now lightfoot is turning chicago into a version of gotham city. it's bleak. darkin and for too many it's really gotten depressing. but lightfoot prefers to turn on the local officials like my nextt guest who dares to ask questions and their neighborhoods are already i obliterated. it's too late. welate have to come up with a
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better plan because once my fear is once they're doneng looting and rioting and whatever is going to happena tonight , god help us . what happens when they start going after residents? i've got gang bangers with ak 47 walking around right now just waiting to settlein some scores. thank you , aldermanwait. question no, i want an answer. i you commented on everybody.y. i wanti an answer. it's not something you ignore. this is a question that i have,h >> mayor lightfoot: i think you are 100% full of [bleep] ketanji 100%. >> well, i think back to thera repugnant and odious part. yes. and yet she'll always be defended by her friends in the press gallery when she says a call to arms. that's something we in the 60s know what that means.e that doesn't mean to go and do any price that aren't safe to pay attention and make sure you're there voting, doinge what you think. e i'm totally sure that what
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they would have said the same thing, right? if a republican mayor issued a call to arms over a school curricula. we alreadycu know what our attorney general thinks ofrricuc parents who just get upset and write some angry letters if liberalism lightfoot style doesn't work in a city as vibrant as chicago, my friendsmy, it ain't going to work anywhere and that's the angle. all right. joining now, chicago alderman raymond lopez who is running to unseat lightfoot. we just lost that golden oldie alderman. her approval is at around 30%. she's out doing biden. how could she possibly win reelection with those numbers? i think laura , good evening to you and your viewers. i think her numbers are lowererm thanan that to be perfectly honest. i don't think she even realizes that she's doing that badly because i've never seen someone work so hard to be this disconnected from reality. you talk about her focusingf
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on the agenda issues of the left. peopleeen gaslightingef for two years and what we've seen as of late is that now she's turning to the national issue of a possible decision about abortion rights, which isu in no way, shape or form under attack in the state of illinois. in it c is legal in chicago. but she wants to deflect to what's going on at the federals level in the hopes that ,es as you said, everyone willly ignore her failures locally. just today, three hours ago we had a double mass shooting in the back of the arts community where a group of individuals were shot at by five people were shot at by gangbangers and then the retaliation of six other people half a mile away ensued 30 minutes later. not a peeput out of the mayor, nothing from our police department because their hands are tied trying to address add this while she is too busy fighting everyone else to deflect from fear. . fargo's got to save itself here. yeah, that people have
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and that's why they got to saveu themselves. chicago hasey g had to vote this woman out of office, but i want to get turned mike lindell have their chance to do that .ol yeah,ut they they absolutely will. and i want to get your pointo about being out of touch because mayor lightfoot's last month she was insisting that everything is going to be great. >> m watch. ayor lighti told my team this ma summer of joy.. we haveewe the ability to dreamd about a summer of joy and getting us closer to whatever our new normal is and it's got to be a summer of joy for our youth all how are we looking for the summer of joy so far in the month of may we've had nineteen people killed, by gun violence in the city of chicago. it is o not joyous for antoine devel jones and others who have been gunned down or any off the hundreds. n eighty four people who have died by gun violence in theit city ofy chicago. the new normal as far as lori lightfoot is concerned is that everyone in the city of chicago should live in fear
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and that something that is unacceptable. we cannot continue to allow her to normalize gang life and the violence at the expense of law enforcement. weush will continue to push back as mayor. i will set sanity back in the city because this is not only the most american of american cities, but this is a global city and right now i refuse as so tens of thousands of chicagoans tolo allow lori lightfoot to destroy this city anyo longer. if that boeing move out of the city doesn't wake people up . dakota i mean, if that video that we showed of dakota early getting gunned down ear friday night and the way that happened in lincoln park, you know, the taxes on lincoln park, i don't have to telln p you, alderman, the highest among the highest in chicago. still clinging he's still clinging to life. but you know, it's a horrific situation. alderman lopez, we're going to be watching this very carefully . thank you . and while lori lightfoot wants to makean chicago an abortion
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oasis, treasury secretary janet yellen believes killing the unborn is a boon to the economy. >> eliminate the right of womenf to make decisions about went in with her to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades roe v. wade and access to reproductive health care, including abortionr ,helped lead to increased labor force participation . translation getting rid of those pesky babies will get women. are we allowed to call them that back in the labor force much quicker than if they actually are mothers. senator tim scottar, like many in the room, couldn't believe what he just heard. did you say that ending the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate? one aspect to satisfying life to feel that you
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have the financial resources to raise a child. in many cases abortions are of teenage women, particularly low income and often black.often the guy raised by a black womana in abject poverty. i'm thankful to be here as a united states senator . >> that was the line of the day. joining me now is kellyanne conway, former senior counsel to president trump, author of here's the deal and mother of four kellyanne, what does janet yellen who shouldn't even have her current position at treasury things are so bad, should have been firededhoul loo after dismissing inflation. what why is she now, you know, going off the rails on the abortion issue? i mean, what she's singing from their hymn book and this is e their religion. laura , it was so embarrassingmb to have the secretary of treasury who's presiding over this economic decline of the biden administration to actually read from pre written notes, perhaps supplied
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by planned parenthood. they give one pregnancyfo referral for every eighty one abortions they perform everybody you pay about a half aor billion dollars in taxpayer dollars a year to planned parenthood and she's talking about the economy being more important than about eight hundred and eighty a five thousand babies aborted a year and then she goes and channels her inner margaret sanger, the eugeniciststs startt planned parenthood. you said don't tellel anybody bt we like toat extinguish certain race in this population. she goes and tells tim scott, t a black republican senator who's just asked her to clarifye her very racist remarks d and doubled down on them by saying, look,k, a lot of thee people who need access to abortion so they can participate not be in labor but be in the labor force, they're young, they're teenagers,in they're black. what kind of life ford? their child have my goodness. that is that is racist and thisd is somebody who as secretary of the treasury should be worried about inflation, shouldut i
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be doing what steve manoogian did at this point in our administration having presided over tax cut and jobs act deregulation, a sound economy and it goes on and on . butt this is what's dividing the left now. they think they'veey t got a new issue headed into the midterms. even the vice president has something new to do, but it's not going to work now. it's a it is i'd say last gasp of that kind of plays into the abortion issue for them. but it's pathetic. there's another kelly and kind of ghoulish comment from melugin that we need to play watch it allowed women to plan and balance their families and careers and researchba also shows that it had a favorable impact on the well-being and earnings of of children kelly. so she says, well, our children are not the ones who didn't make it. yeah. yeah,did i mean there is kind . takes your breath away, but this is where they are. this is the core of
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the democrat party today. this issueis more than any of the other issues, climate and that is their sacred altar and they will go back to it every time. >> k and i think yellen made a bigel mistake today, laura , becausele even the hard left, a the feminists are trying tore downplay the elitist aspect of their message. they don't want you to know that roughly 400000 black babies have been aborteded per year, roughly about 18 or 19 million since roe versus wade. and there's a great op edxn on fox right now by t.w. shannon. erhe's half black, half chickasw and he says don't tell me black lives matter until blackli babia lives matter and goes through all the all the statistics for folks. i think that janet jones testimony today is the sort nantucket quieter version oft what's going on in front of the justices houses where people are protesting violating federal u.s. code by doing so threatening, intimidating, not trying to cheat, not not protesting an opinion that's
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been issued by the court, laura , but trying to change in a game fight. kellyann it's great. it's great to see and it won't work. yeah, well, i think people are reacting very poorly to this . but again, they don't have anything else. they have a dying economy on their hands. >> an entire chapter in my new book here is the delta chapter in the new book coming out about the arc of abortion opinion over the decades. oh , great. well, kellyanne, thank you so much. great to see you tonight . and remember, if you cannot watch us live, make sure set a series record on your dvr. i've helped a lot of you do this . i realize that don't miss us . you don't want to miss us . remember, it's every weeknight at 10 p.m. biden's big speech on inflation. well, what about as well as expected today, but beyond the policy prescriptions, there was something more troubling about his appearance. what was it mollie hemingway, steven miller have relaxium moments twitter boxey is forever grateful to those who put this great country first to show our appreciation,
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we're continuing to offer all active military and veterans their first year of fox nation for free where you can stream shows that celebrate our country and honor those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. this is an award show that america needs that our heroes deserve. this is for all the men women. i'm so grateful for the years in afghanistan we had a willingness to learn she had a really good, calm, clear head about her . you gave her a command. she could operate off of it. you get the rea
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to be smart about money she'll go real fast investing your best investment pretty much all right. it was a bad decision in hindsight, but today joe biden held a press conference on the issue of runaway inflation why they think sending himtion out as ever going to be a good idea is beyond me. butit he said it will be the first of many on the topic and then he made a promise. mi i knowli the families all across america are hurting because ofin
12:26 am
inflation. i want every american to know that i'm taking inflationg.g. vy seriously and it's my top domestic tub priority. >> okay, a little late likeay a year. ago this show and others we tried t to warn you inflation surges. the democrats dream ofio a wild massive fake spender. obama is slowly fading away as their own party's economic gurus are ratting them outup now former clinton treasury secretary larry summers has been warning about the dark o clouds forming over the biden economy for months now. forget the ignored warnings if you truly cared about resolving a crisis, youu wouldn't continue making excuses for why it's noww happening. i think our policies help not hurt. think about what they sayhu the vast majority of the of the of the economist think that this is going to be a real tough problem to solveve. in butg it's not because of spending. ra
12:27 am
it's: just not ever stop spending. but the president's reckless policies that have lawmakers worried. earlier today,lessick senator rk scott questioned the president's fitness for officentfi. >> biden was asked about it at the presser. he said and i'm justter: he setg here that the best the most effective thing joe biden can do to solve the inflation crisis he created is joe biden is unwell. he's unfit for office, isen incoherent, incapacitated and confused. these are his words opportunityo i think is a problem. no, joe , the problem is youem you prove the senator's point. s they made their intentions perfectly clear . senator rick scott, wisconsin, a member of the senate republican laid it all out. joining me now is mollie hemingway, fox news contributor, editor in chief at the federalist and steven miller, former senior adviserer to president trump and founder of america first legal. stephen , first time i've seen you in adi studio a couple ofr
12:28 am
years. unbelievable. all right. fort good or b badad the country that inflation is now on biden's mind?owow that'sbi a question. well, it's very bad becausee everything he puts his mind to turns extremely catastrophic very quickly in president biden especially he said that inflation is his number one domestic policy priority that you just out of the word increasing before the word inflation. i can guarantee youi he would be successfule in that mission because inflation has set a record month after monthaf after month, fourr decade high. we are suffering through right now. now molly biden has a new catchphrase with putin's price didn't work quite well, buthe he hopes this one will smear the republicans. >> i never expectedev the ultra maga hat republicans u who seem to control the republican party now to have been able too control the republican party . molly ultra maga hat it sounds
12:29 am
like some product that i'dll rather not mention right now,oj but i'm not quite sure what this is. i guess what miller qualify as also maga hat let me just say you're a bad guy.. i think i'm probably molly. what is writing this ? i know i have to know who thought that it was a good idea to use this term becauseng it actually takes something that , you know, they're trying to actually make it sound uncool. ultra maga hat greatly cool. yeah. so i don't know what they're thinking at all but i do i do assume what they're trying to do is kind of move away from the extremism of their policies, the failure off their policies, everything biden has just mentioned, everything biden has touched. he said inflation was his number one priority. he didn't actually sayid decreasing inflation. so maybe on someme network. yeah, maybe in person. and then he done actually a pretty good job with his spending packages, with his decreasing of energy independence. spenhe's managed to create this problem. how worried are you about
12:30 am
the fall and the mentioning ofio covid? it's coming. it's coming. it'snco comingvi. million cases unless we get our $20 billion and more pushing of the mail in ballots, more justification for extended voting again, maybe people are worried about schools and some cities as well. teachers' unions are going to be saying that we need more ventilation. whatever the latest complaint is, they're clearly laying the groundwork out.s all these news articles that you're reading about how in the fall and winter there's going to be a catastrophic disaster search of it. one hundred million cases. what they're saying ismillng in october they're going to have to force everyone too vote by mail drop boxes everywhere. nono identification, noo verification. and then if they're not drubbed in november and december, youan will seece mandates come. back with a vengeance. i think that's right. and molly, the white house isen now endorsing illegality. >> watch. i know that there's an outrage right now. i guessn, about protests that have been peaceful to datee and weac certainly continue to
12:31 am
encourage that outside of judge's home. what she's describing isat against the law. yes, the proper response scr whn asked about these protests isul that what she should be saying is that president biden condemns them, that he's telling people to get away from people's houses and theirs children if they are supreme court justices. this is against local statedr, federal rules. you're not ever to i intimidate a justice in the course of them coming up with a decision and instead they're actually encouragingng this to continue. and it's not justs biden. it's of course, you know, senator schumer has personally threatened. i'm sure he's just don outside the watergate hotel with our bags. ti how many times have conservatives been upset about court decisions over the last ten years? forget the last thirty years, massive conservative activists went to justices homes and started screaming at any time of day or but we have two standards of justice right now in this a country and it isll one where yu are allowed to threaten and go
12:32 am
after people if they areon political opponents or ultra maga hat protesters, it all be in jail or beyond ankle bracelets right now without a question right now, they'dar be facing years in jail potentially. but going to duncan, of course, his election completely i think has galvanized so many parents across the countryar and given them a real hope you can make a difference in these elections as new governorer of virginia, he said he's monitoring the situation at the homes of the justices. is that a strong enough response, david s? well, i don't know exactly what his plan is and so i hope he's just not tipping his hand. but i will say you need a forceful law enforcement response. you need to break up rehe and disperse these illegal protests at once. and anyone who's's broken the lw goes to jail for the maximum final word from you, molly, on this because it takesne one person in a crowd p who fees invincible in a situation like this . and that's why monitoring is not sufficient. you don't want to have a situation where someone is actually assassinated.
12:33 am
you've been hearing a lot of this rhetoric from democrats and supporters of joe biden. he should be personally condemning them by name for what they're doing here before something horrific. all the liberal justices should also sign a letter with all the other justices, all the justices should. suri'm sure they're i'm sure they have read and they're all concerned. but junkin has got to do more . i think both of you are right. on that. stephen , molly, great toohe see you and thank you tonight . all right. tonight's here's a clue for tonight's with end segmentnt that will be revealed at the end of the show. now which celebrity is finallyh speaking out against soaringit prices now? it's probably, by the way, hint. that it's not for the reason you think, okay, whichrity celebrity is finally speakingoa out about soaring prices? tweet mee your guesses mangle and we're going to see if you get it right. but up next is a major upset brewing in pennsylvania and that republican senate primary. ar kathy barnett thinks so.. she surged into contention and she joins me next to explain why she thinks that's going to happen.s stay there going to anyone quic.
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hotly contested republican senate primary in pennsylvaniaigte, there's ben a lot of attention paid to two men, dr. mehmet ozn and david t mccormick. the two have spent tens of millions of dollars on the campaign so far. now oz, as you know, wonem the endorsement of former president trump while dave mccormick is the choice of former trump secretary of state mike pompeo and former trade rep bob lighthizer. but despite all the money and the political star power, there'sr po now a third candidae who has seen a late surgesu veteran and singlerg mother, kathy barnett. her politico is describing her as an ultra maga hat long shot, a but that doesn't apply any new polls nse two have her surging withinew the margin of error. kathy u barnett joins us now. kathy, good to see you. you were on with us last week or week and a half ago or so to talk about your mom and your own a story of but d to what do you attribute
12:40 am
your late surge in this race? yeah, and let me just offer just one point of correction. my husbandrr is watching rightle now. i am not a single mother. we'vee been married for over 20 years. so i love you, babe. you're requested that laura is you know, we simply ran a much better race than my opponentan and we ran a much better race because we have always kept the main thing, the main thing and that is the people ofnn pennsylvania instead of doing slick commercial ads and having pollsters tell me, you know, whether i use a fork or a spoon and what word buzz words i should say, we simply walkedd out of our front door and iie earnestlyve believe that if the people of pennsylvania knewt they had a better option, they would take it.t. and the polls are showing just that they now know you know,an contrary to many in the media who have just made this about two particular people, they nowt
12:41 am
know that they have a better option. they don't have to hold their nose and settle this time ..>> lau now cafera the national journala has a piece out about what they're calling extreme candidate and it mentions you specifically saying that republicans fear there's a lot more baggage that could come out if barnetts the nominee, given that she hasn't faced the same degreee f scrutiny as her better known rivals. you wantri to share the dirt with us? kathy, what'st? what's allre the dirt that they're they're referencing here? yeah, there are no bones that are going to fall out of my closet, but we know mainstream media. we know politics is dirty and so people will come up with a slew of things. i don't care. we have been running for over 13 months nowow. the media was not so takenke takenn back by the moneycu that these two particular gentlemen were bringing to the race. . they would have been me. i've always been here was
12:42 am
a year before i decided to leave new jersey and comee and run as a pennsylvanian.e i was here when mccormick was still living in connecticut and decided to move hereli this year. i've always been here so they could have done their duee diligencee. now they're just late to the party and they're upset. but again, the people of pennsylvania, they are looking for someone who actually live here in pennsylvaniaves who shs their values and i've made a much better case m for the fat that i am them. i am. but it is something it'sht a tight race.e.the i mean, the three of you are i mean, it's fascinating for me to watch because, you know, i kind of i really think your story is amazing. i think dave mccormac story is incredible as an army ranger in west point. thank you both. have y a lot you know, i don't. know ause i'm not quite as wild about that situation, but kathy, you have made such an impact on the abortionth questin and it's again front and center. we were referring to your single mother earlier, by the way. you know, here's part of an ad
12:43 am
that frontrunner doc dr. oz released about the issue justtc yesterday. >> watch. i haveve a very strong perspectivei as a pro-life candidate. i'm a heartid surgeon and heart surgeon operates on children. i met a child. who had five years of age, had surgery at my hospital. that heart was about the size of my pinky nail. i couldma you imagine performing that ? imagine ninemingt? months earlir terminating killing that life. i'm pro-life. >>li life starts at conception. that's i how i feel. cafe i think it was dave maccormick or at least that ad showing him saying the exact opposite about a heart, whether it was beating at a particular point. i'm not surems what he was r referencing right there, but it seems to be a reaction to that pro-life criticism of oz. your reaction to that ? yeah, you know, mehmet oz is having an identity crisis. i mean,n we don't know if he's pennsylvanian or from new jersey. we don't know if he's turkey first or america first. and we certainly don't know if r
12:44 am
it's truly a liberal as he has portrayed himself to be duringng during his public career or if he's now maga hat conservative and but in a real pointed out, we don't have time to wait for it to figure out who he is.nd our nation is in trouble and the people here in pennsylvania, we see it now we're talking about not having enough baby formula for our children. we're looking at gas prices. m we're looking i mean, biden is great and inflation of one point seven percent now we're well over eight percent and growing that we have real issues and we need people who actually understand und who they are so that they can be of service to the peoplen of pennsylvania. and that's what i'm offering. cathy, we'reis watching this rae very, very closely. it's days away and we really appreciate your being here. thank you so much. as cathy just mentioned, the shortages of baby formula threatened thousands of babiesfe in the house of o representativs
12:45 am
just passed a bill sending another 40 billion of your tax money to ukraine. what do americans really think t about this ? >>he the angle hit the streets for answers. twitter. i feel stronger. i just feel healthier. my blood pressure and healthy and i find i have more energy throughout the day. why are so many people giving five star reviews? the super virtue's because super beets are nature's heart healthy secrets a delicious way of getting the antioxidants. you need to support your circulation and enjoy more healthy energy without caffeine. that's why super beef is america's number one beef brand of circulation super foods. there's caffeine in it and i could take something that i know give me a totally different kind of energy. my blood pressure is even more healthy. i'm loving it. inspired by the nobel prize winning discovery nitric oxide for its important role in regulating cardiovascular health, super virtues make doing more to support your nitric oxide reduction
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and get another one absolutely free. so call a number on your screen or go to mypillow .com and use your promo code to get my buy one , get one free offers and get deep discounts on all mypillow products americans asian to see their ama for
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a limited time so hurry go online today that our blog com we have been having to look pretty heavily for it i would f
12:50 am
say for the last four or five months. butt this last month it's just become impossible to find and unfortunately for me i can't breastfeed my kids as i spend a lot in formula as my kid can eat. you would think it wouldn't be a problem to a be able to fes your baby, but now r it's really scary. how is this america, the unitedd states of america and as american mothers like the ones you just heard from thereon struggling to feedil their children, we'redr spending billions and billionsin and billions to eastern europe. in these last hour the house passed a bill to send anotherbi 40 billion dollars to ukrainell and military and humanitarian aid. is this even popular with the american people? >> well, we took the streets toe do our own little surveyw baby coming from a secure that doesn't make any sense. g i think the government needs to do more of that . they talk about america putting money on the side of our means for us . takeey care about so that we
12:51 am
can take care of the rest of the world. i'm very specifically legionella. i'm very sensitive to the fact that people are dying unnecessarilyy. however, we have the same problem here.i the united states. i don't see any of these issues being addressed. the whole country is still homeless. there's still unemployment here. inflationt screwing every working class person, especially young people. what do you do if you can't find a formula? g my daughter breastfeed but if you can't find formerly, what do you give your new grandson? i don't know what the appropriate g amount ok money to send to ukraine is, f but i think we need to take care of business at home at the same time. it's a lot going on in america>> so it's why we worried about overseas and that's what i got to say on that one . joining me now is jim jordan, ranking member of the house judiciary committeeth who voted against this massive appropriation. congressmanisas, and your fellow lawmakers realize that the average american who is freaking out right nowri about
12:52 am
issues like baby formula that they're not, in sync with what they would like congress to be doing right now ? well, t i think that the man on the street, folks you aret. talking to, they get it. i mean, think about your typical family out there. we got a forty one year high inflation rate. everything costs more for the for the moms and dads and families. it costs more gas, cost m more clothes, cost more . and we know that if you gott a newborn congress, you've got a newbornn. butt what's congress do? i mean that they're sending 40 billion dollars over to ukraine. it's a horrible situation. what is happening in ukraine, american weaknessam helped creae the atmosphere in europe. but this is just this is you know, if you thought the ukraine money dumb people think it was a democrat led initiative. congressman, everyone has to think again. watch h this . we all agree the most importantw going on in the world right now is the war in ukraine had a chance to call the president last week and request that the
12:53 am
ukraine package move itself and quickly congress. and meanwhile, we still have an open border gang wars on our streets and homelessness two blocks from where we're doing the show right now. look, look, look, look, look. i understand people's intentions. i understand how bad the situation is for the ukrainian people, what they're going through and why some of my colleagues may have went that way. but i also understand what's happening here in this country with record levels of crime, the border that's wide open. attorney general who tweetsbo the treats, the very moms and dads you were talking to as if there were domestic terrorists and what are t the democrats done in the last two weeks? last week they give us thehe disinformation government boardd and they come after our first amendment liberties and this week they spend 40 dollars on a foreign country. so that's the concern that i have and i think so manyor americans have. i voted for all kinds of help for ukraine thus far, but s f this bill we said no, look, we got to focus on the issues that count here in america that matter to american families and also help ukraine but do it in a wayy that makes more sense than i think d this piece of legislation did,id particularly the fact that we only had a few hours to look at
12:54 am
it for goodness sake say is another reason we should have been against it is insane. atin the same time we're taking the terrorists off of the chinese goods coming into the country, which means we're helping a country that's giving money to russia by dumping the tariffs trump's tariff. so figure out how we got back , why we need president trump back . i mean, all the good things he did, we would not be in this situation if president trump were still in the office y in the oval office. and i think all your viewers know that well. congressman, great to see you tonight . thank you so much. and our whitsun segment is next . okay, the cluee whichwh celebriy is finally speaking out against soaring prices and it's probably not for the reason you think so. hurry up. tweet me your guesses at ingrams angle. that's next . that's next . and i'm digging through the dirt,
12:55 am
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>> laura: which celebrity is finally speaking out again soaring prices? here is what we did elon musk,
1:00 am
britney spears. and tree guest will smith, who is tree? >> all over the world, we give these things away with no charge for it. why, why now to address climate change? there is no reason for it. speed >> laura: legendary actor glued himself to the starbucks account. >> todd: a fox news alert fox news alert house lawmakers passing massive $39.8 million aid package as were rages in europe. the senators expected to swiftly send it to president biden's desk. you are watching "fox & friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, the allies abroad, the united states faces multiple crises of our own. gas prices in the u.s. searching yet again to a brand-new high this morning. the average price per gallon of


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