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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 11, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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go to and never go to the post office again >> carley: a fox news alert. house lawmakers passing a massive 39.8 billion ukrainian aid package as putin's war rages in europe. the bill heads to the upper chamber. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. matt finn on the ground live in ukraine with the latest on the war. matt. >> matt: good morning, todd and carley, that ukrainian aid package includes funding for weapons, intelligence support and defense and $8 billion for the united states to replenish its own equipment it sent to ukraine. that $40 million is
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the largest package to pass in two decades, it was backed by every voting democrat and three out of four republicans. jim jordan is one who voted against it. >> i understand people's intention and how bad the situation is for the ukrainian people and why my colleagues went that way. i realize what is happen nothing this country, border that is wide open. >> matt: on the groundhoged, ground, wreckage was discovered of convoy of civilians trying to escape the area, prosecutors offices four innocent civilians, including children, were killed when the convoy tried to flee. fox news spoke one-on-one with an american man, originally from michigan, live nothing ukraine with his wife. they tried to flee the country, but ended up in russian cap captivity for a month.
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project dynamo says they just rescued the family. we talked to him as he just crossed over the border and says he just wants to go home and wishes everyone else could, as well. >> monumental. big sigh of relief, only way i can explain it. >> matt: the u.s. director of national intelligence is saying vladamir putin might resort to extreme efforts to ensure russia wins in the end. escalating efforts and martial law. >> todd: thank you. pro-abortion activist targeting supreme court justices at their homess staging a walk-by wednesday protest outside the residence didn'ts of all six justices appointed today. >> carley: some turned the table
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on house speaker nancy pelosi showingum outside her san francisco home as she called for peep toll mobilize. marianne joins us with more. good mornin the white house and democrats jumped to defense of protesters they called peaceful outside supreme court justices' homes outraged at democrat hypocrisy and danger of having demonstrator on the justices' doorsteps. >> people say peacefully asem bed, that is not true. the message is, we know where you live, we are going to make you and your family uncomfortable. >> as demonstrations continue around washington and throughout the country, the white house pledging its support. >> press sect. psaki: i know there is outrage right now i guess, about protests that have been peaceful to date, we
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continue to encourage that outside of judges' homes and that is the president's position. >> marianne: a man caught on camera making rude justures and vandalizing as democrats fan the flames and blame maga republicans. >> you think protesters should be outside supreme court justices' homes and interrupt church? >> i get interrupted and protested many times. i welcome it, as long as it is not violent retic. >> the supreme court said protesters should be able to get right in people's places. the supreme court itself has heard the argument and said it is protected. >> even nancy pelosi's house is not safe, targeted for protest as more are expected throughout the day. >> todd: candace owens says this
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is what we should expect from the left. >> they love mob rule, they love to use whistle for white supremacy, this is what they do, the democratic process, all politicians come out and essentially say without saying, it is okay to hit the streets to riot, loot, burn and murder, we saw this during the black lives matters riot of 2020. they say, we didn't say to get violent, we will bail you out if you get violent, we will create not for profits to bail you out. >> todd: black lives matter louisville chapter paid six-figure bail for a man who opened fire in a campaign office. >> carley: alex mooney taking 54% of the vote, he will join
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"fox and friends first" later this morning to talk about his campaign and his platform and a hog farmer wins nebraska's gop primary for governor, jim killen coming out on top to earn the right to face democrat carol blood. pete ricketts finishing up his term. mixed bag for trump. police say they recaptured the alabama murder suspect in time to stop a violent plan he had with the former corrections officer who helped him escape. dramatic video of his takedown coming up next. >> todd: gas prices hitting another new high this morning. parents panicking to find baby formula. president biden respond partisan
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attacks. >> president biden: the ultra-maga plan will make working families poorer. >> todd: that's a lie. cheryl casone and maria bartiromo will reply to biden's speech. and joe concha on this wednesday morning edition of "fox and friends first." your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer; death, heart attack, stroke,
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>> todd: recaptured fugitive casey white arraigned in alabama after waving extradition. final moments of the manhunt that ended in indiana. police cam shows officers dragging former police officer vicki white out of the car. she shot herself in the head later dying at the wing the mom casey white was taken into custody. cops found arsenal of weapons in the car. casey white told them he planned to go out in a hail of bullets. >> he said he was probably going to have a shootout at the stake of both of them losing their lives. their plan was faulty and it
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failed, thank god. >> todd: in addition to pending murder charges, casey white faces new charges in connection with the jail break. guests have reportedly complained of overpowering smell of insecticide on the grounds and they are look intoing whether faulty air conditioners could be the cause. three were found dead in their room on friday. >> carley: shocking video showing seattle's homelessness as dozens of people use public rail car as shelter. bus drivers are being forced to inhale second-hand fentanyl fumes. we just showed the video of people sleeping in the rail car. does that footage surprise you? >> no, it doesn't. during a week when we should be
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thinking about police activities and our brave men and women and honoring them who give their lives in the line of duty on behalf of citizens they serve and supporting families who lost a loved one, they talk about issues facingor country and lack of support we're getting from many elected officials for not holding criminals accountable for their actions. we're where we're at, we have citizens who don't feel safe, but yet still have our citizens are not able to ride on public railways because of the usage of from homelessness issues, usage of hard drugs and that are impacting not only our citizens, but greatly impacting law abiding citizens trying to get
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places throughout seattle and the state of washington. and enough is enough. we've seen in washington state a recent washington state supreme court decision that removed the ability of our law enforcement officers to be able to criminally enforce drug possession laws. we have our own legislature who had the opportunity to fix it and refused to do so. our hands are tied in many ways on this issue. you kepel that with our historic staffing shortages here in our profession, no wonder citizens feel unsave and feel they need to naf gatit issue on their own. >> carley: bus drivers are now worried about getting sick because of secondhand fentanyl fumes because they say so many people are doing drugs on buses. one bus driver says they put their head down and start watching for the flame and they can ingest and they can
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comfortably pass out and no one is going to stop them. if you see someone doing drugs in the open in seattle, can you arrest them? >> with certain supreme court decisions in washington state and our lack of accountability in our legislature on this issue, it does tie our hands. our citizens are getting fed up. i saw a poll that indicated washingtonians, two things important to them, public safety and homelessness crisis is another one, top five important things to our citizens. recent gallup poll, 80% of citizens are concerned about crime. what does that tell you? our citizens are start ing to get fed up. >> carley: if you could implement a few policies today to fix this, what would they be?
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real quick. >> homelessness crisis is complex issue. we've seen billions provideod this issue. it has only made a dent in the problem. what needs to happen, we need to collaborate on the issue with law enforce sxment all stake holders and fraternal police stands ready to do just that with our governor to make sure we address this problem accordingly. >> carley: it is national police week, we thank you and fellow officers, your fellow officers for all you do, it is a thankless job, so critical and necessary. thank you for joining us. >> thank you so much. >> carley: you bet. coming clean about school closures. "new york times" and "washington post" admitting damaging effects remote learn og had kids. >> todd: rhode island parents say school board decision to scrap honors classes is result of equity obsession and they've
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had enough. >> agendas are being rolled out using the same play book over and over and over again. it is unclear who this is helping, the school committee has yet to provide measures of success. >> todd: that mother is leading the charge to undo the decision, she's here next.
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>> carley: welcome back. the biden administration moving to -- letter calling parents domestic terrorists last year. the letter sent by national school board association with coordination from the white house. indiana attorney general telling fox news digital, the biden administration failed the american people by trying to push their assault of parents under the rug. cotta ligsz is seeking all documents between federal officials and national school
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board association about the letter. >> todd: a rhode island school district removing honors classes. parents say the agenda is putting their kids behind. >> fake agendas are being rolled out using the same play book over and over and over again. it is unclear who this is helping. the school committee has yet to provide metrics of success. >> i will not sit through a school district that will not give my son a chance to fulfill his dream. >> the words diversity, equity and inclusion, that is radical left language. >> that rhode island mom, you just saw, ellen shafer joins me now. why would any district remove honors classes that provide students competitive edge when they are trying to apply to the best colleges in the country. why would any district remove them? >> good morning and thank you for having me and for asking the
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question. i think what we're being told is that there are children who are not getting access to rigorous academics at the -- with the same access that other children who are at honors levels are being given. that's the basics of the rationale, but how it happens in practice doesn't turn out that way. >> todd: doesn't make sense, if studenting are struggling, you don't lower standard and expectations to ability to succeed of other students, you raise up students that are struggling. why don't administrators in this woke world get that. >> i think that it is hard for a lot of parents to accept that there's maybe something greater at play that isn't just what we can take at face value and seems like really if we want to work in the name of equity, we need
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to focus on equal opportunity and having those students, there are students in slower lane. they are the ones whose classes were removed first and we want to pay attention to those vulnerable children who were given individualized attention from teachers at the pace that they needed to go at rather than being put in a single classroom with a bunch of other students at different levels when the teacher has to try to shift gears and acontinued to each student. it works out better when they have tailor erngs d /* /* tailored level. with honors classes, you could have a child and a child who had some honors classes, maybeie p,
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slower classes and another child in the same classroom in all honors classes, getting tailored curriculum they needed for that classroom from the teacher. now it is everybody in the same classroom, the teacher has to address everybody and not fair to anybody in the class. >> todd: we're talking parent to parent right now, i like what one of the students had to say. listen. >> all this change does is sabotage and back stab families who move to barrington so their children could get the best public education in the state. >> todd: how much more can our kids take, look what we did to them during the pandemic? put them behind more eight balls than you know what to do with and we're doing it again. how much more do our kids have to suffer? >> it's a really good question, when i first had this issue brought to my attention, i was looking at other issues.
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i was going to school committee meetings for different problems and this was piled on to the plate. i saw how it cut across all partisan political lines, there is a whole diversity of parents and families involved in this that see this as another problem that our school is facing, another problem our children are having to suffer through. this was actually rolled out in 2020 early in the know /* pandemic, huge restructuring of the entire school system known as blue ribbon that is known for a nationally being highly ranked and yet they rolled this out for the most vulnerable kids early in the midst of chaos. it wasn't fair to them, i commend that young man for speaking at that meeting. >> todd: my late aunt was a teacher in rhode island and
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would not be happy to see what is happen nothing her school. thank you for your time this morning, we appreciate it. let's get to a fox weather alert. beach home, collapsing and swept into the ocean in north carolina. >> carley: feel so bad for the people who own the house. another house whipped up by 50 mile per hour wind. both beach homes were unoccupied at the time. senior meteorologist janice dean has the fox weather forecast. did you see that footage? that is crazy. >> janice: it is. the area of low pressure is bringing in gusty winds and beach erosion and coastal flooding, that has been ongoing as the lull lingers and moves in toward the southeast coastline on friday. we'll be watching that, it might have tropical characteristics, i don't think it will be named. it is high to -- we have snow
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across the rockies and potential for severe storms from texas all the way toward the great lakes with bulls eye for the upper midwest, definitely hail potential here, strong winds and tornados, as we get into thursday when things come together with severe weather ingredients. one is extreme heat, we will set records across the plane states. 100 in abilene, high 90s across southern planes toward mississippi river valley and the heat hangs on through the weekend for the central u.s. we will set records for kansas city, 94 today, 95 on thursday and we will drop temperatures in the northeast along the east coast. cooler than average, but abundant sunshine. >> colin:
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>> carley: donate a sweater in kansas city. thank you. the white house is defending the mob targeting supreme court justices and they are getting backup from the media. >> it shows samuel alito what it feels like to lose your freedom of choice, he cannot leave the house easily, maybe that is a good lesson for them. >> todd: wow. and elon musk versus it is media. the billionaire announced what he plans to do about former president trump's account when he takes over twitter. that is next.
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>> todd: transgender inmate being held on bond. honnah tubbs accused in killing of a man and he pleaded guilty to assaulting a young girl just weeks before her 18th birthday when she identified as a man. her case drew nationwide attention as george gascon sentencing landed in a juvenile tention center. the da calling criticism of his decision misinformation. george gascon pointing to the
2:34 am
fact dave chappelle was not injured and the suspect's knife was folded when he hit the stage. >> carley: the media is making it clear they oppose elon musk and his fight for free speech. watch this. >> they pet lent and not so bright billionaire casually bought one of the world's most influential messaging machines and handed to the far right. >> his idea of freedom is freedom to be a jerk. >> free speech of straight, white men. >> todd: joe concha here to react. joe, i'm no expert, you think a lot of hysteria is due to latest comment from our friend elon. watch. >> was not correct to ban donald trump, that was a mistake because it ilienated a large
2:35 am
part of the country. >> todd: doesn't this prove they are so scared their ideas will now be exposed for being as horrible as they truly are? >> joey: me thinks that's a good question, todd. look, i love the argument it is just the right that is embracing elon musk, who is self-described as libertarian, he is left of center. he is like the feature guy cpac next year and dorsey who ran twitter forever up until recently, agrees with elon musk and also says donald trump should be back on twitter. you got to love joy reid, who says, this gives people the right to be a jerk on the platform. that is free speech. you want to be a jerk, be a jerk, someone can mute you, not
2:36 am
read your twitter feed, the point of free speech. that is where we are at this point, guys, the left lost their mind the same way they did over joe rogan. he has added 2 million subscribers since there was an attempt to cancel him. elon musk will get more popular. >> colin: a lot of members of media defending activists protesting outside supreme court justices houses and nbc news op-ed says brett kavanaugh is not in danger unlike the abortion precedent he is return to overturn. and "the view's" joy bejar said this. that is a good lesson for them. what do you make of this rhetoric? >> joey: i can guarantee you as
2:37 am
sure as the sunrising in the east, that if protesters decide to show up at joy reid or joy behar's house, they would not like it and would be talking about how their personal privacy and space is being violated and they feel threatened by those folks. when i hear this, i cannot believe we're at o at a place where people on television in a position of power are endorsing what is a crime according to the u.s. code. you cannot go to a justice's house and start protesting, that is intimidation and we have a fairly decent chunk of the country advocating this and it will backfire. wait, protest the supreme court, go ahead, that is perfectly fine. we endorse that, but not at somebody's home, what about the neighbors and children in the homes at a kavanaugh residence
2:38 am
or amy coney barrett residence, where she has seven guys. >> todd: jen psaki stated that from the podium this week. joe concha, think about that for a moment and we'll talk to you tomorrow. thank you, joe. president biden accused of gas lighting american people over record high gas prices and inflation. >> carley: he's blaming the war and putin again. >> he's blaming everyone, trump, russians, inflation, no, it is a good thing. it is everyone but what it actually is, the asinine policies that democrats promised you. i got a call from some scammer who had the nerve to ask for my medicare number. i was not born yesterday. when someone asked for my medicare number in a text,
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>> welcome back. white house blaming inflation on covid and ultramaga republicans as gas prices reach new all-time high for the second straight day. >> todd: cheryl casone joins us with more. >> cheryl: a lot to unpack here. around noon, the president gave a speech intended to layout his plan to tackle sky-high
2:43 am
inflation. there was plenty of blame to go around, greedy corporation, meat corporations, the supply chain. the buck does not stop at the president's desk. jen psaki was pressed about it. >> when he took office inflation was 2.5, it is now 8.5. >> press sect. psaki: i think the president said today he is president and we control all three congress, the house and senate. what is true, the pandemic, which was going on before he took office, we know and every economist says this is major driver of inflation over the past year plus. >> cheryl: senator john kennedy is not buying that explanation. >> he said today, as you pointed out, he bears no responsibility for inflation. most americans are thinking, right. and jimmy hoffa died of natural
2:44 am
causes. >> cheryl: president biden says putin price hike is the blame, this country hit new record high $4.37 for gallon of regular, this morning it is sitting at $4.40. the president spoke about free energy. here is reaction to that. >> i think voting against the maga agenda will get worse, that is not the reason it will get worse. it is if we stay with this administration and anyone who supports policies he's put forth. >> cheryl: the president also once again targeting republicans, listen to this. >> president biden: is the ultramaga plan and the ultramaga
2:45 am
agenda. i never expected the ultramaga republicans who seem to control the republican party now to have been able to control the republican party. >> cheryl: today the president will be heading to illinois to talk to farmers about the putin price hike, hashtag. back to you. >> todd: in that same clip we just showed of biden speaking, he went on to accuse republicans of wanting to raise taxes on the american people. zero republicans have said their plan involves raising taxes on the american people. if president biden continues to lie to the american people like that, is it clear he has no path to get us out of inflationary spiral. >> cheryl: what is the plan and solution? we're lowering the deficit. the president was being
2:46 am
disingenushgous. rick scott saying he was lying. all the spending programs, ppe, help for small businesses and lo ans, the programs are understanding and that is why the deficit is going down, not because of anything president biden has done. luckily some has been stalled because we -- again, we've seen inflation jump higher. we're getting cpi today, new inflation data. i can't help but wonder why the president came out yesterday, day ahead of numbers we're going to get today and tomorrow, do they know something we don't know yet? >> carley: we'll find out a few hours from now. thank you. senator tim scott calling out janet yellen's claims abortion is good for the economy, watch
2:47 am
this. >> roe v. wade reproductive healthcare include abortion help lead to labor force participation. >> did you say understanding the life of a child is good for the labor force participation rate? >> it means the children will grow up in poverty and he do worse themselves. >> thank you. i will say that as guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty, i'm thankful to be her >> carley: bring in maria bartiromo, thank you for joining us this morning. what do you make of that exchange between the senator and janet yellen? i think it caught people by surprise. >> maria: great to be with you and todd this morning. it is nonsensical, abortions are
2:48 am
not good for the economy. when you look at serious policy, look at tack legislation of 2017 and then you see the needle move in terms of impacting the economy. when you saw taxes go down for all income levels, you saw the bottom ranking of earners, the bottom of earners actually see their wages go up the most relative to the rich. when you want to talk about actual policy that impacts people, take a look at tax policy and policy regarding oil. to make the connection of abortion being good for the economy is massive stretch and makes no sense. >> todd: i want to go broader on this, if aoc said this, what a stupid statement. this is from janet yellen, she's responsible for setting economic policy for our entire nation.
2:49 am
how concerning is that to you? somebody who understands how money operates. >> maria: very concerning and you are hitting on something very important. people are surprised when janet yellen started talking and showing policy when she became treasury secretary. there was a lot of confidence in janet yellen's work when she was federal reserve chairman. she got to washington to work for joe biden, it appeared she was much more directed by policy and politics and i think that showed up this week in that hearing just there. unfortunately, my sources tell me janet yellen is unhappy where she is and the admachine stragz is unhappy, as well. i suspect in the next era of joe biden if he were to run, which would be a shocker to me, there would be a different treasury secretary. >> carley: yesterday the house approved federal aid package, it
2:50 am
failed through 368-57, what stands out about that number in this package? >> maria: i think the reason it passed is because it wasn't as much spending on other things that the republicans had complained about. look, we're all watching the death and destruction in ukraine and watching president zelenskyy beg for weaponry. i think there is a good portion of people who want to do what we can to help ukraine. we saw democrats try to stuff in here as much as they could to continue spending more money. of course that spend suggest what got us here at 40-year high inflation. "new york post" said it well when they said malarkey on joe biden, it was in the press conference, he said he wanted to get ahead of inflation and he had a plan. what he gave us was same old solution, more money spent on
2:51 am
green energy and spent on his build back better solution. cheryl casone was speculating why would he get out, maybe they know something we don't. most academyists expect april numbers to come in lower than march. what they want to do is make people believe that joe biden had something to do with the fact we'll get a lower reading for april than in march. it is still above 8% and elevated inflation above 8% is a problem for american families. >> todd: watch maria on fox business. thank you. >> maria: today we have all hands on deck, consumer price index is out at 8:30 a.m. and we have former fed president and we are discussing groceries to take a look at consumer prices this morning on fox business.
2:52 am
see you soon. >> todd: here on fnc, gentleman named brian kilmeade will look at what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> brian: "fox and friends" in nine minutes, president biden promised to unify the country. we will go head-to-head with one republican. senator rick scott will respond to attacks on the commander-in-chief. and discussing the baby formula shortage, babies need to eat everyday. we will talk about ukraine and 40 billion coming their way and this time with trump. charles payne will break down numbers and clay travis will react to elon musk saying trump can go back on twit sxer tom brady will spent years on fox.
2:53 am
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>> todd: pro-abortion activists ramping up plans to target supreme court justices staging a so-called walk by wednesday protests today outside the residences of all six justices appointed by republican president. >> carley: sean duffy joins us now. what are your thoughts on these protests. >> intimidate and threaten justices to get the justices to do what the left wing mob want them to do. that's the sole purpose behind this. if you want to protest go to the mall of washington. get a permit. rally. you don't threaten and intimidate justices. i look at this where is merrick garland? isn't there equal justice under
2:58 am
the law. the maker garland is a political hack saying i'm not going to en40s law. i want them to be subjected to the hate that's coming from this left wing mob. make no mistake, it's not just the justices. it's a threat to their families. do what we say or your family is in danger. we are coming for you. that is a threat they are making. again, this is mob justice. and, again, merrick garland should step in and say no more of this. where is the swat team? where is the fbi? where is the national guard to remove justices from home. this has no place in american justice. whether it's judges, witnesses, or juries. stay away. >> todd: you don't get to go on the field of a baseball game if you are not happy with the way the mlb players are playing. it's a confined environment that lawyers are there to do their job. the judge do their job. extra judicial influence is not part of the process. with that sean, what do you make of protesters going to nancy pelosi's home? >> yeah, listen.
2:59 am
no one is safe with the mob, right? they will go anywhere. to that point, todd, when i was in congress, my office was protested, i had some protesters at my home. that happens, you can protest -- i don't like it but can you protest a member of congress. you can protest the member of administration. there is lane for that again, i don't like it. it happened to me. but it happens. but we have excluded our judges and our juries and our witnesses because we don't want outside influence. they are supposed to interpret the law or be finders of fact if you are the jury. we don't want politics in that we do in making legislation. and that's why we have this federal law that says it's illegal. and the democrats want to enforce it and at this point has been made over and over again. we are going to go after protesters, parents who protests, school board who don't look at protesters supreme court justices. this is sickness in liberal america. >> we have seen protest get
3:00 am
violent they fire bombed in your home state, wisconsin, pro-life organization it seemed like the white house it's time to step up the rhetoric and condemn this violence because, you know, it feels like they are playing with fire if not doing that thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, have a good morning. >> carley: all right. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ is. >> my top domestic priority. >> pushes a plan to fight massive inflation. >> biden cited so-called ultra maga republicans. >> they made their intentions perfectly clear. >> play the biden blame game. >> as economy. parents are struggling with the critical shortage of baby formula. >> i'm a new grandfather. can't find formula. what do you give your new grandson. >> i don't know the answer that question. >> i think it sends a big question. >> alex mooney defeating david mckinfully


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