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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 11, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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violent they fire bombed in your home state, wisconsin, pro-life organization it seemed like the white house it's time to step up the rhetoric and condemn this violence because, you know, it feels like they are playing with fire if not doing that thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, have a good morning. >> carley: all right. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ is. >> my top domestic priority. >> pushes a plan to fight massive inflation. >> biden cited so-called ultra maga republicans. >> they made their intentions perfectly clear. >> play the biden blame game. >> as economy. parents are struggling with the critical shortage of baby formula. >> i'm a new grandfather. can't find formula. what do you give your new grandson. >> i don't know the answer that question. >> i think it sends a big question. >> alex mooney defeating david
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mckinfully west virginia's congressional primary. >> that's no surprise for me. endorsements from former president trump is always a good thing. >> shocking new video shows homeless people in sceettle using public transportation as shelter. >> our citizens are not able to ride on public railways and enough is enough. >> the goat is coming to fox. tom brady agreeing to join the channel. the network, the experience. once he retires from the nfl. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: it's a brand new day. good morning, charlotte, north carolina. this is your 6:00 a.m. eastern wake-up call. right now you have got temperatures in the 50's. buff you are going up to 81 and live it up today because there is a chance of rain. >> brian: no one promises you
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tomorrow. >> ainsley: seized moment, brian. >> brian: any more catchphrases, ainsley? >> steve: there you go. charlotte, north carolina. welcome to studio m we are up here on this wednesday, may 11th, 2022, mezzanine level. good to have you aboard. once again three hours of news that starts right now. >> ainsley: news is breaking again this morning. yesterday we told you we hit record high gas price and today it's even higher. today the record high gas price is 4. 40. you can see yesterday was 4.37. it went up 3 cents. last year it was 2.98. >> brian: right, thanks ultra maga. >> steve: i should have filled up last year. >> brian: ultra maga these prices would be so low. probably would be free if it wasn't for ultra maga what is ultra imagine tore. >> ainsley: is it pandemic, putin, ultra maga. steve: ultra highest octane can
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i get at gas station. trucker listening on the radio right now. diesel prices highest ever in the history of the planet, triple nickel, 5.55. it's north of, what, 2.25 over one year ago. and that is why the "new york post" on the cover in addition to the fact that tom brady is coming to fox, which he has done with tampa bay, joe biden: malarkey. he came out yesterday in the old executive office building to certainly say hey this inflation thing is bad but i have got a million good ideas, they are rethreads. i'm going to fix it but it might take two years. >> ainsley: he blamed everyone but himself. listen. >> inflation do you take any responsibility your policies? >> i think our holies have helped? not hurt. there are two leading causes of inflation we are seeing today. the first cause of inflation is
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a once in a century pandemic. a second cause, mr. putin's war in ukraine. you saw -- we saw in martha 60% of inflation that month was due to price increases at the pump. >> brian: right. so those are factors. okay. pandemic, we get it we know there is a war in ukraine. we just wrote a $40 billion check. the senate is going to look to rubber stamp and pass through the president and get over there. i understand that. if you look at the president, not looking to passing the $1.9 trillion rescue package right after donald trump gave us one at 800 billion. after we spent over 6.7 trillion. prohibiting money for the last year and a half. maybe 8 month more than we needed to in the big picture. you don't see that you see also the president of the united states bringing up build back better again. is he like if you passed another spending plan, multi trillion spending plan, who knows we would end up we wouldn't have these problems. then there is what i referenced to before.
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he says ultra maga. and he says look at what i'm doing. you got to compare what i'm doing to what the republicans would do and that would be raise your taxes because of wisconsin senator rick scott. >> ainsley: apparently he is from wisconsin. i thought he was from florida. >> brian: you don't know anything. >> ainsley: the president thinks he is. >> steve: president revealed democrats are in charge of all three branches of the federal government. so they are in charge of the white house, yes, in charge of congress, yes. wait, in charge of the judicial? i don't think so obviously when you look at what is going on right now. the highest gas prices. g.d.p. is declining. april inflation report 8:30 this morning. it's probably going to be 8% or bigger. mortgage rates are skyrocketing, of the stock market is are are tanking. you can't buy baby formula. everything is going great for the president.
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instead of talking about inflation. the democrats would rather talk about abortion. and they would rather talk to your point, brian. they would rather talk about what the republicans will do if they are elected. keep in mind, the democrats right now run the congress and run the white house. so, all that stuff is on their plate. >> ainsley: they can't blame us. here is a look back at how biden blames everyone else. >> so because of the pandemic, we had disruptions in our supply of important materials. so prices went up. the second big reason for inflation is gas prices. and it's vladimir putin's gas price increase. >> the deficit went up every year under my predecessor before the pandemic and during the pandemic. >> ainsley: he thinks the republicans are going to raise taxes on everyone. which is false, that's not true. >> steve: mitch mcconnell said that. >> ainsley: this is a tax. inflation is essentially a tax. because you are bringing home, let's say 100 bucks' say in your paycheck. you are actually bringing home
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$75 now instead of the $100 because you are paying more for everything. paying more for food, gadd, electric bill. you mentioned some of the things. i made a list too record high gas prices, verge supply chain crisis, baby formula shortage, plunging stock market. not to mention what's happening on our southern border and the pullout from afghanistan. are you better off? are you better off with this administration? >> brian: the thing, is there are certain things you don't have any control of. the pandemic you don't. the way we bounce back is that's when you have tests available. they weren't. the vaccine was not effective against this variant. maybe you could help, maybe it couldn't. here is other thing important to bring up. the president brought up the thousands of leases unused. gouging when it comes to oil and gas. that is a total red herring. if you want to get oil and gas drilling to happen you release the regulations incentivize the drilling to happen. did you go up to the oil and gas industry and say i need you to
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pump more and we will have your back like we do with operation warp speed and it came to the vaccines that would help europe, help the war and help us. they say at the foundation of all inflation is the energy costs. we are still subsidizing wind and still subsidizing solar. so, at the same time, if you want to quickly help the economy short-term, you do the other things. and it would be fossil fuels. but that be devastating to him. i loved the headline in the "wall street journal" editorial. the president tanks on inflation. they urged the do what castanza would do. make it opposite day. everything you want to do instinctively the country could be saved. >> steve: george castanza was always wrong. the president has been wrong before. in november when the inflation was 6.9%. he said that is absolutely the peak. we are up in the 8s right now. in july when it was 5%. he said it was temporary. whoever is putting the stuff in
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his teleprompter is wrong. and john kennedy, the republican senator from louisiana says at this point, you know, it's hard to believe joe biden these days. risen. >> sometimes i think president biden just doesn't eat enough fiber. he said today, for example, as you pointed out, that he bears no responsibility whatsoever for inflation. i think most americans are thinking right and jimmy hoffa died of natural causes. the truth is that the biden administration just keeps kicking its own [bleep] the truth is -- president biden won the nomination because he promised not to be bernie sanders. who is he trying to elm late? bernie sanders. the american people see this they see that after 14 months,
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nothing is built nothing is back. and nothing is better. >> brian: there is a couple things going on. number one anti-leadership to sit there and blame if you have analysis economics e pert to say republicans are the problem. pandemic is the issue. long down shanghai i get it as president of the united states you need it run the country. you are not running for re-election you are three and a half years away from that three months before we really start paying attention most of americans starts paying to the midterms. now you are saying the republicans want to raise your taxes? excuse me, republicans have nothing to do with this right now. it is senator rick scott who comes up with 11-point plan who will be on this show to discuss the merits of it growing up and his mom read to take social welfare and they paid into this no matter how much you are making.
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they took this and they say the republicans want to raise your taxes. mitch mcconnell told rick scott i'm not for this. i'm not for your 11-point plan. they had some friction between them. so he left it on his website. jen psaki says i have got a great idea or whoever the mastermind ron klain come up with this name test marketed at some supermarket somewhere called ultra maga and keep saying it over and over again. wait for it today the president is going to be in the farms talking to people that are affected by the putin price hike. >> steve: what is the opposite of ultra maga because that's probably what republicans would refer to as the president's plan. but when it comes to the putin price hike and the president blames pretty much everything on that before that coronavirus. before that he always blamed donald trump. is it the putin price hike or is it the fact that on day one this president potus pulled the plug on petroleum because that is ultimately all the prices for
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the most part when you look at inflation the biggest number is always the price of energy. and it costs so much to get the stuff to your house these days. costs so much to buy it, the prices are through the roof. that is why they would rather talk about those evil maga republicans than talk about the inflation. >> ainsley: senator kennedy brought up a good point he looks more like bernie sanders. you always say he was there to unite our country. that's not at all what is happening. we would love solutions. we would love to get behind him and support him but we can't. because we are paying so much more all of our good dollars and services. paying so much more at the pump our electric bill. ask anybody from south florida who is from cuba. they say they are not going to support biden. they are going to support the republican because they say this is what socialism looks like. when you try to emulate bernie sanders, we are against that we know what socialism does to a country. steve: i think this president has actually united the country.
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everybody is angry at the prices of everything. >> brian: yeah. rick scott a little bit later on. >> steve: an hour. >> brian: the president is taking on rick scott and naming him the leader of the republican party, kind of. >> ainsley: coming up, new details on a confessed killer's greatest escape from an alabama jail with a corrections officer. what we are learning about his 11 days on the run before he was captured. >> steve: plus will former president donald trump return to twitter when elon musk takes over in the tesla's ceo's plans to reverse the permanent ban on trump coming up. most? most? from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past
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♪ >> carley: good morning, we are back with your headlines, starting with this pro-abortion activists ramping up plans to target supreme court justices outside their homes. protesters staging so-called walk by wednesday demonstrations today outside the residences of all six justices appointed by republican presidents. the white house still maintaining that they are peaceful. some even turning on house speaker nancy pelosi showing up outside her san francisco home after she called for people to mobilize. two democracy 2022 nebraska's g.o.p. gubernatorial primary dealing a blow to former president trump's endorsement record. the candidate he backed businessman charles helperster falling tillen in a primary race. face carol blood winning fellow
3:19 am
conservative moany. he will join us to share his america first platform. and the goat is coming to fox sports. tom brady will join the team whenever he retires from the nfl. the deal is worth $375 million over 10 years. believed to be the biggest contract in sports history. brady hint okay twitter he may keep fans waiting writing quote excited but a lot of unfinished business on the field with the tampa bay buccaneers. jimmie johnson will join us with his reaction to the exclusive announcement. those are your headlines, guys. >> steve: man if he has $375 million over 10 years job, why doesn't he just start now? >> brian: more money to play football. so he is getting paid and no one tackles you in the booth. >> ainsley: he is not quite ready. >> brian: going to go from the bucs to miami. >> ainsley: how many more years
3:20 am
do you predict? didn't he say i have a lot more football in me. >> brian: i thought he was going to retire 34. he is 35. i'm out of this game of predicting. the rumor is he was set to go to miami and become part owner and quarterback it all blew up. >> ainsley: is he able to live in florida and do the gig at fox? >> brian: i don't know. i'm going to work that out with him. ultimately i will be signing off on his expenses and his travel. [laughter] >> ainsley: he can afford a private plane with that kind of money. welcome to the fox family. >> brian: you have to get some supermodel money, too. >> steve: tom brady coming to fox as soon as he is done. meanwhile 6:20 here in the east we have details on the jail broken confessed murderer and guard who spent 11 days on the lamb. >> ainsley: police say they caught the couple just in time they intercepted a violent plan. >> brian: todd, he was amended toed to. appearing in court handcuffed
3:21 am
and shackled in a yellow jumpsuit as he is arraigned in alabama. this as authorities release new footage showing the final moments of the massive 11-day manhunt for him and his prison guard lover that ended in evansville, indiana. police body cam video showing officers dragging former corrections officer and alleged accomplice vicki white out of get away car which crashed after law enforcement ran them off the road. authorities say she shot herself in the head and later died at the hospital. as for inmate casey white this dash cam footage shows the moment he was taken into custody. cops finding an arsenal of weapons in the car, including several handguns and semi-automatic weapons after his arrest. police say casey white told them he had planned to go out in a hail of bullets. >> he said that he was probably going to have a shootout at the stake of both of them losing their lives. their plan was pretty faulty. they're criminals their plan was faulty and it failed, thank god.
3:22 am
>> white also told detectives that the couple spent most of their time on the run cheap indiana hotel planning next move after driving north to ditch vicki white's. charges could carry the death penalty. escape in the first degree charges in connection with that jail break. back to you. >> steve: in addition to that his attorney has filed a change of venue motion for the june -- before they -- you know, they sprung each other, well, she sprung him, he was supposed to go on trial in june for murder. a woman he confessed that he stabbed. but now the attorney for him saying, you know what? we need to leave this town so, judge, please consider that but, apparently the trial is still on for june. >> ainsley: people are asking please consider donald trump coming back to twitter if you buy twitter elon musk and he talked about this he said it was wrong, it was a mistake to ban
3:23 am
president trump from twitter. morally wrong should be researched for bots and scam accounts. >> brian: here is elon musk irthink it was a mistake to ban donald trump. that was a mistake. it alienated a lot of the country. i would reverts the ban. my opinion and jack dorsey, i want to be clear, shares this opinion is that we should not have permanent bans. he has publicly stated he will not be coming back to twitter and he will only be on truth social. and this is the point that i'm trying to make which is perhaps not getting across is that banning trump from twitter doesn't end trump's voice it will amplify it on the right. s this is why it is northerly
3:24 am
wrong and flat out stupid. grin brian jack dorsey originally said it was good for business to do it. now he has back tracked it would be a better business decision. it shouldn't have been it shouldn't have been banned to begin with. >> ainsley: why is he saying that now he was ceo when he banned president trump. >> brian: there is something going on here. why would jack dorsey be so in favor. >> ainsley: is he going to get rich. >> brian: maybe held hostage by the political left or his board that were pressing him. that's why you think he threw up his hands and said you know what? i'm going to move on to something else. i don't really need this. he does so terrible in the congressional testimony. he looks terrible doing it and you get the sense that some of these decisions he is doing it because he has no choice as opposed to elon musk who is a maverick and does his own thing along with the guy on the other side of the screen. >> steve: there is jack dorsey right there. jack was taking only a dollar a year in salary. and i don't know about the board, brian, with you i know that the people who control the
3:25 am
content moderation including those lawyers who we have detailed on this program in the past. i think they are the ones who were stridently against donald trump returning, trump says he will not rejoin twitter. he will stay on truth social. there was one bit of news about elon musk yesterday. remember on monday we were talking about the guy who runs the federation of space for russia he had a back and forth with elon musk and then elon musk says if i die under mismisssteerous circumstances jy donnelson a youtuber with 95 million followers also known as mr. beast. he said hey, elon, if you do die can i have twitter he responded yes, you can tongue in cheek, obviously. >> ainsley: still alive, thank
3:26 am
goodness. >> brian: he wants to buy something like $56 a share and now it's down in the high 40s. so maybe i'm not sure what makes sense. >> ainsley: it was a little strange when he said that in that interview if i buy twitter then yes, donald trump can come back. hasn't bought it yet. maybe sounds like the deal is not going to happen? >> steve: i think there is problems with the financing. >> brian: tesla stock had to be a certain level. tesla stock has dropped a little. everybody's stock is dropping a little. >> ainsley: yes it is. don't it if you don't have to. >> brian: two republican incumbents faced off in the west virginia primary, only one came out on top. of it was trump-backed congressman alex mooney. he joins us live right after his elections victory. that will be next. i'm winning ♪ i'm winning ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ ♪ steve republican congressman alex mooney declaring victory in the west virginia primary race. the trump-backed candidate raising a rare matchup against fellow incumbent congressman kinney who was backed by joe manchin. here now on the heels of exciting night post game show alex mooney. good morning to you and
3:31 am
congratulations. >> good morning. thank you very much. >> steve: why did you win. >> voters are conservative. i think it's worth noting a lot of people called this very wrong. not only did i win. i'm ahead by 19 percentage points even though it was two thirds his district. if you are a republican and it's a conservative party the voters expect to you act and vote bike a conservative. of course this is trump country. president donald trump endorsed me and was all in for me. did a tele rally had me in a live rally. and really helped let the voters know there was a true conservative in the race. that's what voters are looking for. a true conservative who will fight for them. >> steve: how much did the joe manchin endorsement help him or did it hurt him in a republican primary? >> >> one of the weirder moments to wake up one day and see a democrat u.s. senator voted to beach is donald trump twice try to tell republican primary voters how to vote.
3:32 am
it's certainly did not help my opponent. it may have hurt him but it certainly didn't help. i was surprised. i mean, it's frankly quite arrogant of a democrat senator to think he could intervene in a republican primary like that not to mention the nasty personal attack and false way that he did it. i think it was embarrassing of him. obviously he is afraid of me. it certainly didn't help. probably hurt. it just showed the voters that i was the real republican and the other one not so much. >> steve: sure. mr. mckinley one of 13 republicans to vote with the democrats to pass joe biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that he has been talking about. so going to your point earlier about it being a conservative state, that probably didn't help him. i don't know if you saw the beginning of our program but we were talking about how joe biden has come out -- he came out yesterday and he talked about boy thinflation i know it's killing you. i'm doing everything i can. but then he pivoted to talk
3:33 am
about okay. i'm doing everything i can but, listen, if the republicans win in november, they are going to raise your taxes and do away with social security and stuff like that. which "the washington post" has already given three pinocchios. that apparently is a tact they are going to take. how do you combat that going into november against your democrat challenger? >> i mean, just tell the truth. look at what donald trump when president how great the economy was doing. the truth of the matter is, these folks don't know how to run the country. they keep trying to push socialism. i hope and pray that when republicans take congress back and hopefully the u.s. senate also in november, that the democrats, president biden in particular, are forced to actually work with us. right now, it's it frankly tyrannical the way they are running washington, d.c. they think that the far left runs this country. the senate is basically tied 50/50 and we have a five seat majority in the house.
3:34 am
they are running it into the ground, the economy. they don't know -- spending, spending, spending. i hope this race, my race shows that republicans want republicans to control the spending. out-of-control spend something helping cause thinflation not to mention supply chain issues, the lack of drilling in open lands. these policies, the actual policies being pushed by the left is what is causing this inflation. so, i think the voters can correct that. and hopefully we can force democrats for a change. [broken audio] to fix this country. >> steve: all right. congressman mooney, thank you for joining us from west virginia. and congratulations again. >> thank you very much. >> steve: all right. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, the white house claims to be working around the clock to solve the baby formula shortage but two parents desperate to feed their kids disagree and join us live. washed away, two houses along north carolina's coast the outer
3:35 am
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♪ >> i want us to be crystal clear about the problem. there are two leading causes of inflation we're seeing today. the first cause of inflation is a once in a century pandemic, not only did it shut down our global economy, it threw the supply chain and demand completely out of whack. the second cause, mr. putin's war in ukraine. >> ainsley: president biden addressing inflation and supply chain issues at the white house blaming covid and russia's war on ukraine. but many americans, especially parents, just want solutions. our next guests, they are desperate to feed their infant babies as the baby formula shortage is wartsenning with major retailers shortages.
3:40 am
texas mother of two emily stanley. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ainsley: emily, i know you have a son who is 3 years old and you just had a daughter 5 months ago. you are worried about meeting her. how is the shortage affecting you? >> well, we have just been short here in lake jackson. i have driven an hour away to find what we could that is not normally what i feed my 5 month old. i have had my family from alabama shep me formula. family from dallas facetiming trying to find out what there is out there. there is nothing on the shelves in town. >> ainsley: your friend in dallas i understand she had to ship it in a wine box because you were worried someone was going to steal it if it said similac on the side. >> here in town they have been locking up the formula upfront make sure nobody was stealing.
3:41 am
we were concerned did it was well recognized in the mail that somebody might pick it up and i would be out of luck in that way. >> ainsley: ruffled, you have a 3 month old daughter and you just had a son six weeks ago. how is this affecting your family. >> crept up quick. my friend was on "fox & friends" not too long ago it snuck up on us. that night i went out to look for baby formula because we were down to a quarter a can 1:00 at night. the pandemic a lot of places close at midnight now. it's not like you can go at 2:00, 3:00 in the morning on the fly if needed. and there is nothing. there is nothing on the shelves at all. i couldn't even switch brands. >> ainsley: what did you do? i'm sure you were panicked. >> that night we ended up i went online and started searching everything i could. amazon was sold out. the next morning i tried to call enfamil, i was on the phone with them for two hours before i finally just gave up.
3:42 am
i had it on speaker phone just playing. it's a real problem. we have had family and friends from las vegas and other places, ohio has had to send us formula so we have been able to get through it. >> ainsley: emily, what is your message to joe biden that this supply chain crisis is affecting everyone. when you can't feed your baby as a mom i'm sure you panicked. they say they are working around the clock. what's your message? >> i mean, i it's a problem everywhere. and as a mother i'm going to take care of it. but, anything you can do to speed up the process, we are all panicking down here. >> ainsley: ruffled, what is your message? >> >> i don't want to get into politics but it's disappointing to see everything in our lives right now. i was born in '8 the i thought by the time i got married grew up things would be awesome. the world is a lot different than what i thought it was going to be growing up becoming a new parents. >> ainsley: i understand you
3:43 am
ordered that night when you were trying to scramble and find formula, you ordered from five different places and only one order was filled? >> yeah. a lot of them four of them were canceled and one was delayed. >> ainsley: gosh, elm liberation i understand some of these places they are limiting the amount you can buy. have you run into that? >> yes, ma'am. a lot of places are limiting, you know, three and four cans per visit. which that's enough for me maybe for a week, a week and a half that's just kind of scary knowing after that it's unknown if you will be able to find something. >> ainsley: how did alli do? first you were on similar and then general maker brand because you couldn't find the similac? >> yeah. i mean she is premature her stomach is extra sensitive. she had stomach upset for a week that's mild in comparison to
3:44 am
what some parents deal with. scary have a new baby and reasons you don't know what's wrong with them anyway and add the formula into it makes a very stressful season in your life more stressful. >> ainsley: when you are not getting any sleep and the baby is up every three hours wanting to feed and upset stomach i dealt with that, too, with my baby and it was so sad because they can't talk. you can't -- you don't know what their problems are. that their stomach is hurting and it breaks your heart as a parent. i hope they fix this problem very soon. thank you so much for coming on with us and waking up early. god bless you and your children are just precious. we were showing pictures while you all were talking. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> ainsley: you are welcome. hand it over to carley she has headlines for us. >> carley: i certainly do. we will begin with a fox news alert. a officer is shot in the arm in the bronx by a man with a prior bun arrest. two officers were chasing after the man when he turned around and opened fire. mayor eric adams is asking why the suspect was out on the
3:45 am
street despite multiple prior charges and pleading guilty to criminal gun possession. >> so ask yourself he pled guilty in december 2021. why wasn't he in jail? people want to ask why are we pushing for reform? that's why. >> carley: fortunately the injured officer has been released from the hospital to cheers from fellow officers. is he expected to make a full recovery. police are still searching for the suspect. ukraine's first elected president dies at the age of 88. he led the ukrainian feel independence from the soviet union in 1991. serving as president until 1994. ukrainian president zelenskyy remembering him for his, quote: wise words calling him especially important in crisis moments. his passing comes as the u.s. approved a nearly $40 billion package to provide military and humanitarian aid to ukraine.
3:46 am
the bill now heads to the upper chamber. a fox weather alert here. crews are preparing for a clean-up after a beach home collapses and swept into the ocean during high tide at cape hatteras in north carolina. look at that footage there another home buckling into the water whipped up by 50 miles per hour. both of the beach homes were thankfully unoccupied at the time. authorities warning locals to avoid the area as more collapses are possible. in the near future. those are your headlines. >> ainsley: how awful would that be to buy beach front property and then to lose it goodness. thanks, carley. let's check with our senior meteorologist janice dean for fox weather forecast. >> good morning. take a look at the temperatures. still cool in the northeast. i will say the sunshine is helping. right? 54 right now in new york. 54 in raleigh. 75 in chicago. look at dallas, 75 there, too. we have got this area of high pressure that is bringing very
3:47 am
warm air to the southern and central plains. all the way up towards the upper midwest and risk for severe storms today from texas all the way to the great lakes including minneapolis and sioux falls. amarillo, lubbock, you could see some of those stronger thunderstorms throughout the afternoon and then later on on thursday, the bulls eye for the upper midwest. those highs today will get close to 100 degrees for el paso, texas. up towards mississippi and nebraska. well into the 90's and we're going to set a lot of records. look at that there is your forecast today. feeling like summertime for the central and southern u.s. great lakes and mississippi river valley. cooler than average across the northwest. and we'll get some of those high temperatures in towards the interior northeast and even new england on friday. fire weather danger for the southwest, we're going to have to watch for that with gusty winds, dry conditions persisting, and those are your active wildfires as well that we will continue to monitor for the next few weeks as we continue wildfire danger for that season.
3:48 am
all right, ainsley, over to you, my friend. >> ainsley: thank you, janice. >> janice: you got it. >> ainsley: homeless in seattle turning public transit into a shelter. how the homeless crisis is impacting local businesses. plus, president biden promised unity but now he is targeting what he calls ultra maga republicans. senator rick scott joins us to respond at the top of the hour. ♪ what's you say ♪ ♪ ♪ go further with the power and range of a lexus hybrid. whoa. get 2.49% apr financing on the 2022 rx 450 hybrid all-wheel drive.
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3:52 am
♪ >> brian: all right. stunning video out of seattle show as group of homeless people inside a railcar using that as shelter. it's the latest harrowing depiction out of a city in the middle of a crisis, ongoing one. our next guest owns a bakery in downtown seattle where she she's the homeless crisis firsthand and crime running rampant as they gather outside of her shop. warns the homeless epidemic in the city is bound to get worse before it gets better. owner of bakery olga joins us now. how would you characterize the situation as you go to work every day, dangerous? >> definitely. it's an emergency. it's a humanitarian emergency. >> brian: it's national police week. do you have a chance to talk to
3:53 am
the police officers in your neighborhood and say i need my customers to be safe and i need to be safe? >> yes. i do. but unfortunately, i don't think it's police officers it's a lack of community services. and police is short staffed by 30%, 40% in seattle. >> brian: 30%, 40% because they are not backed by any administration it seems. when did things first start getting bad. >> i think it started getting bad two years ago as covid progresses and as people left downtown. we just forgot about our downtown. a lot of boarded up businesses. it's really sad to see. and you really don't know it unless you travel outside of the country. we -- i'm sorry, outside of the city. we do our business travel outside in other cities. so we see the drastic difference between austin and seattle or
3:54 am
what have you. >> brian: i feel bad for you. you are just trying to run a business let alone get customers that's not easy. then you have to worry about your own welfare that's harrows. look at seattle's crime stats aggravated assault up 33%. homicides up 44%. robberies up 30%. violent property crime up 23%. and you feel that on a daily basis. what could fix this? >> i really have no answer to that i think consistent legislation that is creating a lot of community services. and support for small businesses. you have very little small businesses left in downtown. it's really, really sad to see. >> brian: these businesses are boarded up. nothing to replace. >> nothing to replace. blx and blocks of boarded up business. it is pretty dire. >> brian: check out when it comes to overtime. look at these stats on police work. almost 99% are working in some type of overtime.
3:55 am
when you talk to the police officers, 99.7% of seattle police officers are working some form of overtime. when you talk to them, is that what they express to you they are overworked and not supported? >> i think the new mayor is providing some sort of -- starting to provide some sort of support which will take a long time. they are not just overworked and not supported they are also retiring. they are also at the age a lot of them that are ready to retire. we are not replenishing they say for every 30 officers we lose we only gain one. that's the speed seattle is going at. again, we need other services as well not just policing. >> brian: what are you going to do in all of this? are you in danger of closing if this gets worst? >> i already closed one of my locations and i'm not willing to reopen until i see change because it is quite dangerous for everyone. >> brian: do you have trouble getting employees because of this? >> absolutely, we went from 15 employees a couple years ago to
3:56 am
one and a half right before we closed and it was really -- it was really sad to see and shut down after having, i think, three gunshots outside of our store window within a week. >> brian: that's unbelievable. it's like nobody cares. bakery in seattle, hanging on by a thread because there is just no law enforcement. olga say began, thanks so much hang in. >> there thank you. >> brian: don't go anywhere the man in the middle of the firestorm senator rick scott on his 11-point plan. congresswoman elise stefanik to get baby formula for americans. and what it was like for president trump. and clay travis on elon musk and we'll talk to jimmie johnson about tom brady joining the team ♪ it. with mavyret. mavyret cures all types of hep c. in only 8 weeks.
3:57 am
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4:00 am
inflation on covid. ultra maga republicans. >> their plan is to make working families poor. >> after 14 month nothing is built, nothing is back and nothing is better. >> evening in apparently a flirtation with one donald trump to come back to twitter. >> it was not correct to ban donald trump. i think that was a mistake. it alienated a large part of the country. >> i think it sends a big message. >> alex mooney defeating david mckinfully west virginia's
4:01 am
congressional primary. >> i hope and pray that when republicans take congress back forced to work with us. >> as grapple with the economy what do you give your grandson i don't know the answer to that question. >> the goat is coming to fox. tom brady is agreeing to join the channel, the network, the experience, once he retires from the nfl. ains that is beautiful indic ca. as good as it gets. cloudy today and some rain this weekend. but you won't care because it will be the weekend. >> steve: because it's going to be 70 tomorrow in new jersey.
4:02 am
so hang on. >> ainsley: okay. all right. >> steve: you look he up avenue of the americas there is not a lot of action 7:01. come indoors. look, the lights are on and it's show time, baby. >> ainsley: we are ready. >> brian: two more hours left unless i'm way off with the big hand and little hand on the clock. do you know how deep the water is in cape may when you were taking that shot? >> ainsley: it depends when you first walk in. >> brian: gets deeper the more you walk in? >> ainsley: that's how the ocean works, brian. >> brian: you have this background in the sea. i had no idea. >> steve: that's why it's a bad idea to start walking toward europe. >> ainsley: that would not be a good idea. >> steve: anyway, welcome to hour two of "fox & friends" for this wednesday. 90 minutes from right now we are going to get the april inflation report. and it could be a bad omen for president biden. >> ainsley: yeah, this comes as gas prices, they reach, we thought yesterday was the high, no, no, no, no. today is. an all-time high.
4:03 am
$4.40. >> brian: don't blame president biden. he doesn't. lucas tomlinson is live at the white house as the administration braces for impact. lucas? >> good morning, guys. when president biden took office inflation was 2.5%. today it is 8.5%. and the president biden blames putin and the pandemic. >> the supply challenges have been further hampered by the onset of delta and omicron viruses second cause mr. putin's policies in ukraine. i think we have helped not hurt. >> $4.40. the price of gas up 50% from a year ago. even steeper rise with diesel, $5.55 which, of course, truckers rely on to ship goods across the country. the price of diesel up nearly 78% from a year ago.
4:04 am
many republicans blame the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package the president signed into law two months after taking office as a major factor in driving up inflation leading continue to ceased cost in goods. the justice department says there is up to $100 billion in fraud when it came to the covid loans paid by the u.s. taxpayer. >> he said today, for example, as you pointed out that he bears no responsibility whatsoever for inflation. i think most americans are thinking, right. and jimmy hoffa died of natural causes. [laughter] >> fred smith, the founder and ceo of fedex recently told bret baier barack obama told him his poll numbers were almost directly correlated to the cost of gasoline. as you mentioned the consumer price index measured to inflation. we will see that number at 8:30 this morning, guys. >> steve: we will, indeed. lucas, thank you very much. gas the highest price ever. g.d.p. declining.
4:05 am
mortgaged damage rates skyrocketing. stock market will tanking. you cannot buy formula in parts of the country. yesterday joe biden made it clear he is working on inflation but what he really wants to talk about is how the republican also destroy america if they get their hands on control in the midterms, watch. >> their plan has actually made working families -- going to make working families poorer. you don't have to take my word for it it's in writing. they have made their intentions perfectly clear. senator rick scott of wisconsin, a member of the senate republican leadership laid it all out the plan the ultra maga agenda. their plan is to raise taxes on 75 million american families. will over 95% make less than $100,000 a year total income. the average tax increase would be about $1,500 per family. they got it backwards. >> brian: he went on.
4:06 am
>> steve: and on. >> brian: let's bring in florida. >> ainsley: florida? i thought it was wisconsin. >> brian: i had it wrong. >> steve: he is from indiana, are you kidding me? >> brian: two time governor of florida, too. chairman of the senatorial committee. you were spar, with the president yesterday. he brought you up. it's about your 11 point plan, senator. he has a problem with number 5. >> you know go to risk there is nothing that the president said that's in there what i have said is let's get people back to work so they have skin in the game. think about it we want people to work in this country. i grew up in a poor family. i grew up in public housing. i know what my mom said get to work. when you have work you don't have to rely on the federal government for food stamps. you don't have to rely on the federal government for your healthcare. you don't have to rely on the federal government for anything. you are independent. think about the joe biden economy. as steve just said, we got the highest inflation in 40 years, we have labor participation rate that's low. highest gas prices, supply
4:07 am
chain, mortgage rates are up. stock market is down. business is like. you know joe you tried hard, you can't do it you have got to resign. get somebody in there who knows how to fix this economy and he can't do it. >> brian: when he looked at your 11 point plan. mitch mcconnell didn't sign on to. you put out. all americans should pay -- have some skin in the game even if it's a small amount because 50% of this country does not pay income taxes. so, you are saying if someone makes $30,000 even if it's $30, put some skin in the game? >> get people back to work. what i have said basically is, you know,if they are able-bodied get back to work. guess what? when you work you pay payroll taxes, you buy things, you pay sales tax, maybe you buy a house you pay property taxes. that's how this country was built built on workers. what new government program can i get on to where i don't have to pay any taxes? that's not how this country was built. let's get back to work.
4:08 am
that's what i did as governor. slogan was let's get to work. 1.7 million jobs. we have to do that for this country. you cannot build a country without workers. we have to build things in this country. think about it. if you wanted to fix inflation balance the budget. stop this ridiculous permitting. stop shutting down oil and gas. got to become energy independent. we have got to do what our families do. we live within our means. fix the supply chain. there is nothing happen with the biden administration. the secretary of transportation came had no idea how to fix the supply chain. the secretary of commerce said oh it's federal reserve's problem inflation. no it's reckless biden and government spending that's what's doing this. >> ainsley: senator, you called the president incoherent, incapacitated. confused. mentally unfit. he doesn't know where he is half the time and he should resign. a reporter asked the president about that. listen to his response.
4:09 am
>> anticipating your remarks he said and i'm just quoting here and the best thing -- most effective thing joe biden can do to solve the inflation crisis he created is resign. >> i think the man has a problem. 80s. >> ainsley: he is now saying you have the problem. what's your response? >> look at what his accomplishments? it's the opposite. we're in horrible shape. he doesn't know what state i'm from. he was supposed to give his ideas on inflation yesterday. what was his ideas? oh, it's everybody else's faults but his. so we know he can't do it. let's be honest. we know that joe biden cannot fix this economy. all right? get out of the way. let somebody else do it. that's what you would do in a business life. he is not -- he is confused. i mean, is he confused about all these things. there is nothing -- go to rescue my plan. is there anything in my plan about saying some poor family is going to pay another $1,500 a year in taxes? no. get people back to work. that's how this country was
4:10 am
built. >> brian: that's where the tax comes from. where people go back to work. get people to write a check. >> no. >> brian: that's the clarity? >> brian, i cut taxes and fees 100 times. think about joe biden's experience. he has voted for every tax increase since he has been in the senate the debt of this country went from less than a trillion to 30 trillion and his plan is to take it to $45 trillion. he constantly wants to raise taxes and by the way these democrats raise taxes since biden has been in office on poor families. on the uber drivers, people like that. these guys are want more and more of your money and they waste your money up here. we have got to balance this budget. we have got to quit wasting money. mad about what is going on in this country. >> steve: "the washington post" essentially said the white house is telling a big fib when they talk about you. they gave the white house three pinocchios when they talked about your rescue america plan. the republicans now want to talk about the inflation.
4:11 am
of the democrats want to change the subject. they now want to talk about abortion and later today in the senate there is going to be a vote in the senate, chuck schumer is going to try to codify it coast to coast, it's going to fail. but what we have seen over the last week or. so you know, senator, we have seen protests, a little bit of violence, some stuff going on in catholic churches. a lot of protests outside of justices homes. even though it's against the law. hillary vaughn, a great reporter over at fox business, went out and talked to some lawmakers on capitol hill late last night as they were hedged out and asked if they think it's a good idea to do these protests. >> bottom library you don't condemn it you think these protests should be outside supreme court justices homes and interrupt church. >> i get interrupted and protested all the time i welcome it in many ways as long as it's not, you know, violent rhetoric. >> i wish them to be careful it's a slippery slope.
4:12 am
they have a first amendment right to be there and protest. >> this supreme court said back then protesters should be able to get right in people's faces. now they are erecting barriers to try to keep protesters as far as away from themselves as possible. i think that's fundamentally wrong. >> supreme court itself has heard this argument and they have themselves said it is protected by the first amendment. >> steve: but there is a law on the books that says it's illegal to do that senator. >> i think, look, people have got it -- if you want to protest, you have got to do it, you know, peacefully. you have got to do it safely. we have got to be careful about these things. i mean, these protests against abortion clinics. these -- violence against abortion clinics is horrible. by the way here is what the democrats are voting on today. they are saying you can have abortion up until the birth of a baby. so you can abort a baby. it's a baby. you are going to abort this human being up until the moment
4:13 am
before it was born. then last year they blocked a bill that would say you had to keep the baby alive. and they want you to pay for abortions america and around the world. that's radical. that's exactly where the democrats are. >> ainsley: what do you think about we -- we actually have had this discussion here in the studio. do you think going to protests in front of these justices houses? some are arguing it's intimidation. some are saying it's okay. they are allowed to be there peacefully. i know it's illegal if they are there to try to sway them. >> i think whenever you protest you have got to do it peacefully. the supreme court, first off, we don't even have the supreme court decision. we have a draft decision. why doesn't everybody wait to see what the supreme court actually decides and make a decision how we go forward. i mean, look, if you are going to protest, you have a right to protest in this country, you have got to do it peacefully. you can't be violent. you can't try to intimidate people. you have got to, you know, just express your views. that's how protests should be. it shouldn't be violent.
4:14 am
>> ainsley: what's the latest on this leaker? are we going to find out who did this. >> i hope. so this person needs to lose their job. disbarred. this is wrong what they did. this is an an attack on the supreme court. that's the what democrats do attack all our institutions. wonder why we have all this fighting between republicans and democrats. so, let's -- we have a supreme court. we have a process. we have a constitution that actually has worked. this is the best form of government ever created. thank god forever our founding fathers what they did. so let's support them. if you want to make changes, make changes. but we have the supreme court went the other way then that's okay? i mean, this is their right. interpret the constitution. that's their job. >> steve: there you go. his job is the senator from florida, rick scott, thank you very much. >> ainsley: thank you e senator. >> have a good day. >> ainsley: you too. >> brian: go over to carley who is having a good morning. >> carley: i certainly am. i do have update on important story we have been following. several guests at the bahamas
4:15 am
resort where three americans miss tierously died. complained of insecticide on resort ground. investigators are looking into whether faulty air conditioners could be a contributing factor in the tragedy. the three victims reported feeling unwell and all received medical attention before being found dead in their rooms on friday. family roomer president trump picks up another victory in west virginia. g.o.p. congressman alex mooney winning his primary against fellow conservative david mckinley. mooney joined us earlier to discuss what voters were looking for in this intense race. >> >> if you are a republican and conservative party the voters expect you to act and vote like a conservative. that's what voters are looking for a true conservative who will fight for them. >> carley: mooney will face democrat city council member barry wendell in november.
4:16 am
ads could be coming to netflix by the end of the year. netflix told its employees it is planning to roll out a cheaper version of streaming service. the plan was supposed to come out over the next year or two. but an internal memo shows netflix is speeding up the process after the company lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year. those are your headlines guys. over to you. >> carley: we were in the green room, carley and i were. we were asking each other when is steve doocy's next cookbook coming out. >> carley: right, we were. >> steve: that's what goes on in the green room. >> carley: we were so excited about it. >> ainsley: that is your third one. >> steve: kathy and i are proud to reveal for the first time the cover of our new cookbook the simply happy cookbook. 100 plus recipes to take the stress out of cooking. go comes out on september the 13th. it's a new cookbook simply happy. simple recipes, simple ingredients, nothing complicated, everything delicious.
4:17 am
100 recipes many from your favorite fox hosts, greg gutfeld, jesse watters. dana perino, ainsley, dan bongino, bret baier's wife. as well as the doocy family. peter has a famous recipe in there. his wife hillary vaughn has her recipe in there. mary, sally, and so many more. reserve your copy wherever you get books. you can do that today or go to the website simply happy cookbook. they have got all the links or you can preorder the book there and unlock an exclusive digital recipe for the book goes on sale. brines. >> ainsley: you are up there with stars and lord of the rings. >> brian: and rockies. >> steve: simply happy cookbook reserve your copy today wherever you get books. steve: that's right hayden hay stacks with innovative. >> ainsley: hayden's nickname is haystack and she loves it she
4:18 am
makes those hay stacks. have you ever had a haystacks chinese noodles. >> steve: delicious. >> ainsley: everything simple. this is my kind of cookbook. >> steve: it absolutely is get your copy today. we have all run out of things to cook. have 100 new ideas for you. >> ainsley: congratulations to you and kathy both. >> brian: good job. >> ainsley: more food in the studio. when he release as cookbook he brings in food. >> steve: this next guy helped me with a recipe. >> ainsley: who? all right. lawrence jones. look at that, he is carrying your cookbook. he just got back from west virginia. hey. ♪ only road i've ever known ♪ like the drifter i was born to walk alone ♪ i made up my mind ♪ allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from
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4:23 am
bribe brian gorge gascon featured on fox nation tucker carlson's show. the backlash on soft on crime policies is only growing stronger now tapped into the entertainment world with the recall campaign now reaching more than 400,000 signatures. threshold is within 100,000 now. "fox & friends" enterprise reporter lawrence jones joins us. you know, dave sheam is not happy about this to begin withenning still saying that he doesn't have the power to chark him. but when you have d.a.s in his
4:24 am
own office saying yeah, can you charge him. he continues to say well, the knife that was connected to the fake gun was not on him. now we are finding reports there was a knife wrapped up in a paper towel that he had on him. so, it's lie after lie, the only thing consistent about him he doesn't like charging criminal offenders. >> brian: we are used to having people offended from the outside. now you have dave chappelle saying channel it this guy didn't fall before he got to him, who knows if he would have reached into his pocket and pulled out this gun that was actually a knife. >> lawrence: that's exactly right. he was trying to suppress his point of view on that stage. a lot of people in the entertainment industry especially in the comedy community is saying hey it could be us next. some people say this is just isolated event. is it really? it's just now hitting a zit. it's going on across the streets of l.a. and california every
4:25 am
single day from carjacking from stabbings, to shootings. inn inn toughest laws if you have a gun or have a knife. when it comes to the criminal prosecution. they do absolutely nothing. >> brian: good news is he is still in jail. the judge refused to let him out. they say misinformed by questioning this he says in the city of los angeles, other cities which amounts to about 50% of the population. we have city prosecutors that handle misdemeanors. they have the jurisdiction for misdemeanor prosecutions and is the case with the city of los angeles being the largest one with a population 4 million. >> lawrence: i hate when they speak down to us and act like we don't -- >> brian: a municipal court. >> we know what a municipal court does. the problem we have is this a correct charge. they don't want to say that he had a weapon on him when he committed the crime. if they would classify him as having that knife on him when he committed the crime then he would be charged with a felony. they are going with a misdemeanor. >> brian: netflix is not going to air it. do you think that's right
4:26 am
distinction it's wrong they should say what's happening they say they don't want to distract from the overall performance the public deserves. dave chappelle is a story teller. maybe they are saving it for some type of big special that he is going to air. i think they should show the public what took place that day. >> brian: i think he went over to the next day to the comedy store to the upstairs to the room him and chris rock. >> lawrence: wrote something up already. >> brian: catch lawrence jones cross-country saturday at 10:00. lawrence, you are not on the road you are in studio. unbelievable. do you have any idea what you are doing this weekend. >> we are going to talk about what happened in west virginia race. as we predicted yesterday all the people said they were going for mooney. you cannot go by the polls wanted or hear from political pundits. people will tell you what they feel if you go to talk to them. >> brian: he lost in the nebraska governor race but he won in west virginia.
4:27 am
>> watch my show before they see your show. when am i going to be violented on your show? >> brian: when i hold you. thanks, coming up straight ahead. president trump will be allowed back on twitter if elon musk takes over. should he? vivek ramaswamy will join us. is he about the world's effort to restore free speech online if he gets twitter. tom brady's future is about to get a whole lot foxier. jimmie johnson reacts to the retirement plan to join fox sports and has exclusive announcement only here on "fox & friends" for you. ♪ walk like a champion ♪ talk like a champion ♪ so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine.
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4:31 am
>> i think it was not correct to ban donald trump. i think that was a mistake because it alienated a lot of a part of the country and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. i would reverse the ban morally wrong and flat out stupid. >> steve: elon musk saying he will reverse the ban on donald
4:32 am
trump if his deal to buy twitter goes through. vivek ramaswamy joins us right now vivek, you know, elon says it was morally wrong to keep trump off and now jack dorsey says it was. jack dorsey is still running the show. what's going on? >> well, look, actually jack dorsey, in fairness here as the founder of the company, i think always had a vision to respect free speech on the platform. he let the managerial class at twitter catch up with him. now that elon musk take over he is starting to voice his views in favor of free speech. i think this should surprise no one to allow donald trump back on twitter. if you have a new owner of twitter that says they want to operate the company as a free speech platform, stable steaks for a free speech platform is allowing elected officials, especially major elected officials to voice their opinions on the platform. i think this would come as a surprise to no one. it should not be controversial. that's part of twitter realizing
4:33 am
true mission. >> steve: elon musk wants to remove politics from social media from free speech. and it's kind of like something you announced yesterday. strive access management launched yesterday with the mission to remove politics from business. this is your company. >> that's right. so, i have been talking about these issues for a couple of years. i decided it was time to actually translate this into action. one of the problems in this country, steve, is that the three largest asset managers in the world. that's black rock, state street and vanguard. these three firms basically control nearly every public company in corporate america in an indirect way. you think of competitors like exxon and chevron. or disney and paramount pictures or even coke and pepsi. turns out the upstreet owners of these firms, some of the shareholders are the same people enforcing this ideology, many of them the top shareholders of twitter before elon musk. what we are doing is representing actually the voices of the actual shareholders. not the institutions who claim to be the shareholders but their clients.
4:34 am
the everyday citizens of this country. firefighters, nurses, doctors, small business owners, who want to deliver a different message as shareholders to corporate america's board rooms focus on excellent products not on politics. tieing it to the elon musk point. what elon musk is doing to twitter we want to do that every major company in corporate america across sectors. >> so many people vivek have talked about disney, why did disney step into the debate down in florida and their stock price, i think went down 20 percent or something like that. if you are a stockholder, it's like i didn't buy this stock to be political. i bought this stock to make money. so what you are going to do is strive access management try to make money for stockholders and shareholders and stay out of politics? >> exactly. but with a message to companies to put the interest of your customer first. focus on product excellence for your customer. and the disney example is
4:35 am
perfect, steve. they alienated over 60% of their customer base according to survey data. if we are a shareholder of disney. we deliver a different message than disney's top three shareholders today. our message is to bob chapek knock it off. focus on excellent products and services to customers. disney shareholders as of now black rock, vanguard do not deliver that message. in many ways they deliver the opposite message telling the ceos to wade in issues. >> steve: you mentioned capital markets what you are doing sounds like capitalism. you launched yesterday when is it going to be available for the average person? >> yeah. what we said in the press release third quarter of the year is when we expect to launch our first product. this is going to be a long-run journey of bringing a different voice to capital marks. a different voice to the table. the number one thing we are
4:36 am
focused on every step is that mission of taking the actual shareholders in this country and representing their actual voices in a way that the big three asset managers aren't doing today. >> steve: big asset managers are located in new york? i think strive is going to be there in ohio, right? >> that's right. right here in columbus, ohio. that's where i am. if you are going to change the heart of our country and economy you have to start in the heart of the country and that's where we are. >> steve: great talking to you today vivek. thank you for watching. check out strive asset management. he in has a new book called nation of victims. >> thank you. >> steve: parents all across the country are struggling to keep their babies fed as the massive formula shortage hits every state. elise stefanik and ashley simpson says the fda needs to fix this and fix it now. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss.
4:37 am
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4:41 am
♪ >> it snuck up on us that night i went out to look for baby formula because we were down to about a quarter of a can. there was nothing. there was nothing on the shelves at all. i couldn't even switch brands. amazon was sold out. the next morning i tried to cal. >> i was driven, you know, about an hour away to find what i could that is not even what we are normally giving my 5-month-old daughter aly. i have had family from alabama ship me formula from there. >> ainsley: two parents joining us earlier to describe their desperate need to feed their infants as the nationwide baby formula shortage worsens. our next guests are two republican congresswomen and they are both moms, they are demanding action from the fda and the white house to fix this crisis to help these struggling families. congresswoman elise stefanik from new york and ashley hinson from iowa. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> ainsley: good morning.
4:42 am
congresswoman stefanik you just had a baby nine months ago, your son. i'm sure you are feeling this as well. how is this affecting you and what are you dries to do about it. >> well, this is a crisis across america. i can think of no more harrowing just crisis for parents as they are desperately trying to find access to baby formula. sam is nine months. is he formula-fed. we are lucky in the sense that there is not a particular brand of formula but for health issues some babies only take a certain type of formula. the shelves have been fairly empty in upstate, new york and i'm hearing from parents all across america. we are demanding action. >> i actually saw this crisis coming and demanded fda respond in february of this year when there was the recall of the sturgeon jess michigan plant. this is a huge crisis we want to make sure there is a plan. will we have no seen no plan from joe biden or the fda. >> ainsley: ashley hinson they
4:43 am
maybe three formulas. there was bacteria that was found and they had to shut down that plant. people started complaining about this problem going back to february as you were saying congresswoman stefanik the fda has said they are going to respond to you. have you heard back from them? >> we have not heard back from them. it's another clear indication, ainsley that the biden administration does not have a plan. they do not have the answers. we asked how they are going to make this supply chain resilient for a product families and parents need. they need to be fed and need these options. we are one of six states april more than half of our baby formula sold out. that's a real panic for parents when they go to that grocery store and they see those shelves and have to drive 40 miles to get to the next one maybe. parents shouldn't be having to face this they are already worried about how much the groceries are going to cost that they're putting in their grocery
4:44 am
cart and gas to fill up minivan like i do. that's a huge challenge and burden on our working families. the biden administration plain and simple needs a plan to fix this. >> ainsley: congresswoman stefanik has been under criticism for not acting critically, why aren't they fixing this fast? >> there is no excuse. they absolutely should have had a plan months ago. as i said we saw this crisis coming. and there was no response. when i reached out and wrote a letter to the fda, there was no substantive response about how they were going to address this supply chain crisis. and what did we hear from president joe biden yesterday? we heard no plan and him trying to continue to pass the buck. as president of the united states, you are responsible for leadership in this country. moms and dads and i will tell you grandparents across america are so, so concerned about this. what are republicans focused on? we are focused on demanding action from the fda. demanding action from this administration. working directly with the manufacturers, working with our hospitals to make sure that we
4:45 am
have an acceptable supply of baby formula and then also making sure that parents know where to go if the shelves are empty at the stores. we need to address this across the board. and as ashley pointed out, this is exacerbated during this inflation crisis where people are already challenged to balance their daily budgets. and, yet, having to drive with historically high cost of gas miles and miles for hours to get what they need to feed their children. >> ainsley: we have heard those stories, they are contacting family members in other states mailing formula in wine boxes so it doesn't say the name on the formula on the outside because they are fearful someone will steal it i'm on "the washington post" website right now. and it does say that abbott, the fda has informed abbott that they don't have any objection to the company immediately releasing product to individuals that are needing urgent life sustaining supplies because some of these kids have deadly allergies and they can only have one formula. anyone needing special formulas call abbott 1-800-881-0 --
4:46 am
that's "the washington post." thank you. >> thank you. >> ainsley: keep us posted if you hear back from the fda. we all have questions about this. thank you so much. check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. good morning, janice. >> janice: good morning. cloudy skies. cooler than average get near 70 today. take a look at the temps. area of low pressure. that is bringing winds and inclement weather along the coast for the next couple of days, i don't think it's going to turn tropical but it could have some tropical characteristics and we are getting into that season where we could see the potential for development in the atlantic and the gulf of mexico. so, severe storms are going to be possible from texas all the way up towards the upper midwest and the great lakes. hail, damaging winds, tornadoes will be possible. have a way of getting your watches and warnings. and then thursday, a concentrated area of severe storms for the midwest so keep that in mind. the other huge story is the
4:47 am
temperatures, the high heat feeling like summer for the southern plains, the central explains, all the way up towards the midwest, the ohio valley, even into the interior northeast where temperatures are going to be into the 80's. that's something to look forward to. a sneak peek of what is ahead. our fire weather danger is high today to extreme across the southwest. this has been ongoing situation for parts of arizona, new mexico, in towards texas. god bless the firefighters out there that's been a tough season already. and we will continue to watch the fire danger as very dry and we have lots of gusty winds in the area. all right, ainsley my friend. back to you. >> ainsley: thank you, janice. parents in one rhode island school district are outraged after honor classes have been canceled. why they say an equity obsession is putting their students of futures at risk. pro-football hall of famer jimmy johnson is going to be here and he is going to share an exclusive announcement. ♪
4:48 am
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>> ainsley: countdown to kickoff. the nfl is set to announce their 2022 schedule tomorrow. but we have an exclusive look at one of the games to watch on
4:52 am
fox. >> steve: we're about to reveal that. that's right. the dallas cowboys will take on the green bay packers on sunday, november 10th. >> ainsley: november 13th. >> steve: sorry, november 13th. that's the 10th game of the season. >> brian: all right. here with more are fox sports analyst, pro football hall of famer, he's on the number one scoreboard show in the history of the world for the last 20 plus years, jimmie johnson. welcome back. >> ainsley: good morning. >> good morning. glad to be here. >> brian: first off, tell me about -- we are allowed to release one game, packers-cowboys your thoughts as of right now before training camp. >> well, you know, america's game of the week. it should be exciting. first of all, you've got two playoff teams. you got aaron rodgers, dak prescott plus mike mccarthy head coach he's returning to green bay to a team where he won a super bowl. should be a great ballgame. >> ainsley: then, jimmy, we can see the entire line-up for the
4:53 am
nfl 2022 season tomorrow. it's released at what time? where can we watch it? >> you should know that! i don't know what time it is. probably tomorrow night about 8:00. >> ainsley: you're right. you're right. on the nfl network it says and simulcast on fs1. >> brian: bradshaw usually bails you out of those questions. he wasn't there to help you today. >> no, i bailed bradshaw out! >> steve: there you go. hey, jimmy, cover of the "new york post," big headline, brady bunches. he's coming to fox! congratulations. >> yeah, we're all excited. you know, of course, joining network of the stars and hall of famers. you mentioned bradshaw. i'll be with bradshaw and strahan and howie long in a couple of days. we're all excited about tom brady coming. you know, it's going to be interesting to see how he handles football if he's able to talk about it in an unbiassed way. >> brian: right, do you find, jimmy, that the players have a hard time being critical when
4:54 am
they first go to the booth? he says he has a lot more playing to go. when players leave the field, is that the toughest thing? >> yeah, you know, it was difficult my first year because, you know, i was thinking about, you know, maybe if i go back into coaching. and so that's a difficult time. once i knew for sure i was out of coaching, it wasn't a problem at all. and i think it will be the same way with players. >> ainsley: how did you know it was time for a new chapter in your life? >> when i got tired on that practice field. i still love the game. i still love sunday. but man, i got wore out on the practice field. i want to go back to fox. >> brian: air conditioning, not in the heat of miami. >> steve: this will be another season post covid. we're still in covid, not in the same kind of restrictions. that will make you feel good. people feel better about going out.
4:55 am
>> yeah, you know, i think it was really difficult on the teams, you know, they had to be testing every day. you know, they had -- they never knew, you know, what players are going to be eligible that week. they had to change the line-ups on and on. and there was all kind of protocols as far as, you know, how close they could you know, mask, on and on and on. not having all those restrictions, i think, going to be a lot more fun for the players and the coaches and be a better product on the field. >> brian: think about this. you're about to get eventually get a quarterback that's already 45. usually when these quarterbacks leave the field, they're 33, 35 maybe, 36 tops. now you're going to get one at 45. have you ever in your career remembered such interest in somebody like tom brady because it was a bidding war to get him. and you got him. does this remind you of anything? >> no, i think it's
4:56 am
unprecedented because with tom brady, you know, he's won more super bowls than anybody. he's the greatest player of all time. even though, you know, i talked to bradshaw, my buddy and he's t.b.12 as well. he was the first t.b., brady is the best. and he worked so hard, you know, at his -- at the football. he worked so hard playing on the field and anything that he goes into, he puts 100% into it. i know talking to belichick, belichick said hey, the guy is just unreal the way he puts himself into whatever he wants to be successful at. he'll be great at tv. >> steve: well, soon, you'll have two t.b.'s on the tv. thank you very much once again. big announcement, dallas cowboys are going to take on the green bay packers on sunday november 13th in week 10 of the nfl schedule will be released tomorrow night on nfl network tomorrow night on nfl network e to severest on fs1. rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on...
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> the ultramaga plan. >> the white house is blaming inflation on covid and what president biden calls ultra-maga republicans. >> he was supposed to give his ideas on inflation. what was his ideas? it's always everybody else's fault but his. >> parents are desperate to feed their infant babies as the baby formula shortage is worsening. >> i've driven, you know, about an hour away to find what i could. >> there's nothing on the shelves at all. i can't even switch brands. >> representative alex mooney
5:01 am
defeating fellow congressman david mckinley in west virginia's congressional primary. >> i hope and pray when republicans take congress back, the democrats, president biden in particular, are forced to actually work with us. >> steve: elon musk revealing he will reverse the ban on donald trump from his deal to buy twitter goes through. >> i think that was a mistake and alienated a lot of the country. >> this should surprise no one, having a new owner. they want to operate the company as a free speech platform. >> the goat is coming to fox. tom brady agreeing to join the channel, network, experience. once he retires from the nfl. ♪ put my hands up ♪ ♪ playing my song ♪ ♪ butterflies fly away ♪ ♪ nodding my head like yeah ♪ ♪ moving my hips like yeah ♪ >> brian: don't worry, the sun will eventually come up full blast. seen this picture before. looking at spokane, washington where they detected the bird flu in a dead goose. i'll follow that story. elevation 1843 feet, i imagine that right at the top of the mountain.
5:02 am
area code is 509. go 509 and try to wing it and see who picks up this time of the morning. >> ainsley: it might work at some point. every time you give the area code, if somebody calls the number, maybe it can be a love match. they call you. >> brian: they have websites for that now. you can do it. you don't have to randomly call people's homes to find single women or single men. it's up to you. >> pete: swipe right or swipe left? >> brian: how does that go, ted? >> steve: right. >> brian: thank you, ted. >> steve: not that he's ever swiped anything, just saying. >> ainsley: no comment from ted. >> steve: good morning, spokane! beautiful in the pacific northwest. >> ainsley: good morning to everyone. 30 minutes from now, we expect april inflation report and could paint a bad picture for president biden. >> brian: it comes as gas prices reach a new all time high. >> steve: lucas thompson is live on the lawn of the white house. the administration is spinning like crazy. >> that's right, good morning,
5:03 am
steve, brian and ainsley. when president biden took office, inflation was 2 1/2%. it's now 8 1/2%, a four decade high. biden blames putin and the pandemic. >> supply challenges have been further hampered by the onset of delta and omicron viruses and you've all seen it. you've all felt it. this year, we have a second cause. a second cause. mr. putin's war in ukraine. >> i think our policy should help, not hurt. >> today, another record high for the price of gasoline. $4.40, the price of gas up nearly 50% from a year ago and even bigger spike with diesel fuel. now $5.55 which, of course, our truckers rely on the shipped goods across the country. high cost of fuel one of the reasons the costs have soared. the price of diesel now up nearly 78% from a year ago. record-setting inflation
5:04 am
outpacing them that they continue to spend money. everything from green energy to the $1.9 trillion covid spending signed into law by biden two months after taking office have led to skyy. >> joe biden is unwell and unfit for office. he's incoherent, incapacitated and confused. these are his words. your response? >> i think the man has a problem. >> as you mentioned, ainsley, less than 30 minutes away now from that new consumer price index number that measures inflation to see if the cost of goods goes down or continues to rise. guys? >> brian: yeah, it's expected to not be great. thanks, lucas. appreciate it. so right now, if you look around, don't really have to check out a poll. but if you are, 26% of the people approve of the way the president is handling inflation. 34% approve, according to a fox
5:05 am
news poll of the way he's handled the economy. when asked, he did the anti-leadership thing, he just keeps talking, blaming other people and what i thought was really outrageous is when he starts bringing up this ultra-maga message that came out a couple of days ago. ultra-maga. make america great again is the problem. everyone is wondering where that came from. who poll tested that? and what does it have to do with policy? because republicans don't have the house. they don't have the senate. and they certainly don't have the white house. >> ainsley: i think that's going to bite them this the tail, though. it's like the deplorable reference. >> steve: yeah. >> ainsley: the maga republicans love that phrase. they want -- they loved the trump policy. >> steve: half the country voted for trump. what it refers to is senator rick scott from florida. he heads up the senate re-election committee. on his website, he has a rescue america plan. and it's got different things
5:06 am
that he would suggest. he's the only republican behind this. but because, as we started this segment with, right now, the white house is spinning so much, they're trying to say, you know, the republicans. remember, it's one republican had a suggestion. it's not going to happen. social security is going to go away. your taxes are going to go up. stuff like that. rick scott was actually on this program one hour ago and he listened to how the president of the united states referred to senator rick scott from florida as being from wisconsin. and also, suggesting that the democrats are in charge of the three branches of government, white house, congress and the judiciary. not true. and said, you know what? if joe biden was in business, he would have been fired or quit by now. >> the joe biden economy. as steve just said, we've got the highest inflation in 40 years. we got labor participation rate that's low. highest gas prices. supply chain.
5:07 am
mortgage rates are up. stock market is down. you know in a business life, everybody will go and say you know, joe, thanks, you tried hard many you can't do it. you got to resign. we have to get somebody in there that knows how to fix this economy. joe biden can't do it. if he wanted to fix inflation, balance the budget. stop this ridiculous permitting. stop shutting down oil and gas. we got to become energy independent. regulatory environment has got to change. we got to do what families do. we live within our means. these guys want more and more of your money and they waste your money up here. >> ainsley: yesterday, he called on the president to resign. he said the president is incoherent, incapacitated, confused. he should resign. he's mentally unfit, he said, and he doesn't know where he is half the time. >> brian: right, meanwhile, in the wall wall street journal, check out this editorial. president costanza takes on inflation. biden lays out his plan on prices but he'd do better if he did the opposite thing.
5:08 am
remember in "seinfeld" the myriad of episodes that made it a classic when george costanza decided to reverse things in his life by doing everything opposite of his instincts. watch. >> every decision i've ever made in my entire life, i've been wrong. i should do the opposite. i should. >> if every instinct you have is wrong, the opposite would have to be right. >> yes. i will do the opposite. i used to sit here and do nothing and regret it for the rest of the day. so now i will do the opposite. and i will do something. >> steve: there you go. it tags with americans have learned the hard way over the last few years that no amount of federal transfer of payments can make up for the decline in real wages caused by inflation. president costanza still hasn't. remember it was a couple of years ago he came out in his book and he said, the former secretary of defense says joe biden has been wrong about every foreign policy decision over like the last 30 or 40 years. when it comes to inflation,
5:09 am
remember, in november when it was in the sixes, he said that is absolutely the peak. last july, he said it's only transitional. the number that comes out in 22 minutes will probably still be in the eights so when the president says we're doing everything we possibly can, does it feel like it it to you? because we saw those prices for gas. we know a lot of you can't find baby formula. if you thought about buying a house, the mortgage is like three points higher than it was two months ago. does this really feel like a great comple? of course want. >> ainsley: opposite. open up the keystone pipeline. close the border. >> brian: right. >> ainsley: fix the supply chain crisis. >> brian: work out a deal with canada and mexico to start taking control of our own energy sector and how about getting rid of all the regulations involved with the permitting process for oil and gas? and backing them up by guaranteeing at least $50 a barrel so they would be producing overseas. how about not bringing up the
5:10 am
build back better plan that he bought up again. he thinks that would help. how about not having subsidies for wind and solar because we can't afford to do that and it's not going to be effective and productive in the short term and i think even his own political fortunes are subjected to the short term. so i'm not sure how funny that would be in a sitcom. but in this sitcom, the real life one, where we hope to be laughing again, i'd love for him to do the opposite and the worst thing, i think, is blaming people. blaming people is one of the worst attributes. >> steve: now he can blame george costanza he made that popular. yesterday, we had dispatched lawrence jones to west virginia to ask the people who they felt would win the primary. keep in mind, they redistricted and the second district is what two people were then running for because they reduced it to one. and congressman alex mooney beat congressman david mckinley in the second congressional district. mr. mooney was backed by donald
5:11 am
trump. mckinley, meanwhile, was endorsed by joe manchin and one of 13 republicans to vote with the democrats to pass the joe biden $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. so there were a lot of people voting in the republican primary saying you know what? mr. mckinley seems a lot like a democrat at least that's what we heard earlier from the guy who -- >> ainsley: it helps to have the endorsement of president trump, it appears. we saw that with j.d. vance. it helped him. he won that election and now congressman mooney has won. trump has endorsed many people and 47 of them have won so far and trump wrote this on true social. not on twitter. can't do that anymore. he has his own social media platform. he said i love west virginia. congratulations to alex mooney on his big win. >> brian: he's had 42 wins of people that endorsed him.
5:12 am
he did lose his candidate, his candidate did lose in nebraska who was running for governor, all types of personal issues. here's alex mooney from earlier on our show. >> if you're a republican and it's a conservative party, the voters expect you to act and vote like a conservative, of course, this is trump country. president donald trump endorsed me and was all in for me. he was a true conservative in the race. that's what voters are looking for, a true conservative that will fight for them. it was one of the weirder moments to wake up one day and see a democrat u.s. senator who voted to impeach donald trump twice try to tell republican primary voters how to vote. >> steve: right and one of the very telling primaries is a week from yesterday and that's in pennsylvania. where i saw the latest poll and there are three people essentially within the margin of error. dr. oz is out front. david mccormack is second and kathy barnett who has been on our program many, many times. >> ainsley: all three of them
5:13 am
have. >> steve: they're right around, oz has 22. mccormack has 21 and the other has about 20. >> brian: 22 oz, 20 for mccormack and barnett has 19. it will be probably the most looked at primary out of all outside of maybe ohio, a little bit more interest. >> ainsley: so close. >> brian: it was 47 victories for the president. >> ainsley: dr. oz endorsed by trump. and barnett has a fascinating story. she served in the military and now with the abortion issue, she's been talking about her mother giving birth to her, i think, at age 11. >> steve: oh, man. >> brian: karl rove said barnett is taking votes from oz and he's the genius and stuff like this. meanwhile -- >> steve: let's see if joe manchin endorses anybody else. that didn't work out so well. >> brian: we have new details of the murderer and guard who spent 11 days on the run.
5:14 am
>> steve: they caught the couple in time. they had a violent exit plan. >> ainsley: todd piro joins us with more on this case. >> casey white appearing in court handcuffed and shackled in a yellow jump suit as he's arraigned in alabama as authorities release new footage showing the final moments of the massive 11 day man hunt for him and his prison guard lover that ended in evansville, indiana. police body cam video showing officers dragging casey white out of their getaway car that crashed after law enforcement ran them off the road. authorities say she shot herself in the head and later died at the hospital. as her inmate casey white, it is dash cam footage showing the moment he was taken into custody. cops finding an arsenal of weapons in the car including several handguns and semiautomatic weapons after his arrest, police say casey white told them he had planned to go out in a hail of bullets. >> he said that he was probably going to have a shootout at the stake of both them losing their
5:15 am
lives. their plan was pretty faulty. they're criminals. their plan was faulty and it failed, thank god. >> white telling detectives that the couple spent most of their time on the run in a cheap indiana motel planning their next move after driving 100 miles north to ditch vicky white's car. in addition to the pending murder charges which could carry the death penalty, casey white faces escape in the degree charges in connection with the escape from jail. >> steve: it's the time of day when a lot of people are putting their kids on school buses to go to school. that's the lead story for carley right now. >> carley: we start with a fox news alert. breaking news out of charlotte. 15 students are hurt after a school bus crashes. you are looking live at the scene. our fox affiliate in charlotte reporting they are all being taken to nearby hospitals. officials say the bus was en route to a high school at the time of the crash with 40 students on board.
5:16 am
when it crashed with a dump truck and another car. luckily, none of the students have serious injuries. the driver of the bus and dump truck were pinned to their vehicles. no word on their conditions. we will bring you updates. as we learn more. turning to this now. pro abortion activists ramping up plans to target supreme court justices at their homes. protesters staging so-called walk by wednesday demonstrations today outside of the residence of all six justices appointed by republican presidents. the white house still maintaining they are peaceful. some even turning on house speaker nancy pelosi showing up outside of her san francisco home after she called for people to mobilize. listen to this. a passenger with zero flight experience suddenly lands a small plane after his pilot reportedly suffered a medical emergency. listen here. >> i've got a serious situation
5:17 am
here. my pilot has gone incoherent and i have no idea how to fly the airplane. >> roger, what's your position? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. >> carley: miraculously, air traffic controllers managed to locate the aircraft and coach the passenger to a safe landing. the f.a.a. is investigating what happened to the plane's pilot. to the nfl now, dallas cowboys and green bay packers will square off on november 13th, football legend jimmie johnson joining us moments ago to react to this exclusive sneak peek at the 2022 nfl schedule. >> well, you know, america's game of the week. it should be exciting. first of all, you've got two playoff teams. you got aaron rodgers, dak prescott plus mike mccarthy head coach is returning to green bay to a team where he won a super bowl. should be a great ballgame. >> carley: that's right. johnson said that matchup will be america's game of the week.
5:18 am
and the rest of the 2022 nfl schedule will be released tomorrow night on fs1 and the nfl network. those are your headlines, guys. over to you. >> steve: we announced it on this program. it's now live in times square with the big announcement. >> carley: that's so exciting. >> ainsley: thank you. a rhode island school district is under fire after the board decided to drop the honors classes for students. why parents say an equity obsession is putting their students' future at rifshg. -- risk. >> steve: please free birds. elon musk said he would let former president donald trump return to twitter if elon's takeover is successful. clay travis reacts to that straight ahead on "fox & friends" for this wednesday, may 11th. ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. ♪ harp plays ♪ only two things are forever:
5:19 am
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5:23 am
>> before you had classrooms with a child that might be needing a little bit of a slower lane or some more structure in one subject area but in the certain subject they were in with the honors classes, you could have that child. you could have a child who had some honors classes maybe in i.e.p., some slower classes and then you could have another child in that same classroom that was in all honors classes but they were getting the tailored curriculum that they needed for that classroom from that teacher. now, it's just everybody in the same classroom, the teacher has to try to address everybody. >> ainsley: rhode island parents are outraged over their school board's decision to scrap honors classes as the result of an equity obsession. fox news contributor and author
5:24 am
of "the war on the west" douglas murray is here. you wrote about this in your book a lot. in fact, you had a lady stop you on the street and say thank you for giving me the arguments so i can go in front of my school board. when you read this, when you hear the story, first, they did away with classes for kids with disabilities. and now they're doing away with these honors classes. what are your thoughts? >> this is a classic example of the diversity inclusion equity agenda in practice. you know, the people who worked on this agenda for years at various left wing universities always try to create this system that's meant to produce equity. here we see in rhode island once again the actual results of this obsession. the results include removal of honors classes, the insistence everybody, whatever their abilities must effectively come out at the same place. one of the things it does, one of the things it's clearly done for schools in rhode island is it effectively suppresses the most talented people from being able to achieve because equity
5:25 am
is meant to -- the same thing as equality we have to keep saying. equity is about everybody coming out the same at the end. and, of course, in educational terms, that's a disaster. people have different gifts. people have different capabilities. there's nothing wrong with acknowledging that. there's something wrong if you keep people down that are talented, sure. but if you keep down -- in the name of equity, they're now actually doing that. they are keeping down talented students. they're producing people who are meant to be the same and as a result, they're making everything worse. >> ainsley: one of the dads that is a parent there, he's a dentist and he said if you guys really believe in equity, then pick an average or below average dentist and see what you get. there are some exceptional students. if you're really great at math, you need to be in honors calculus. that helps you in college to produce a scientist that can help find a cure for covid. we need these exceptional students. >> exactly.
5:26 am
and instead, this route, the so-called equity route, the diversity inclusion equity route means instead of that, instead of fast tracking the smartest kids in a particular subject, you do the opposite. you throw everybody into the same class effectively because you want everybody to come out the same. and in educational terms, that's a disaster. it's a disaster for the students in question. it's also a disaster for the country because the country needs gifted people, gifted students of any and all backgrounds to roar ahead. it needs to help them. not kind of mute them and keep them down. >> ainsley: you're right. i love what you said. we all have gifts. god gave everyone gifts. your gift is different than mine. that's ok. >> that's fine, thank goodness. >> ainsley: i want to read a statement from the school. they sent this to fox news. too many individuals and school support enablist structures where advanced course work is a privilege and students have to earn. all students deserve opportunities to become expert learners and this is not
5:27 am
possible when we continue to track students in different levels based on antiquated models. >> that is almost every talking point of the radical left right there. antiquated ideas like testing. by the way, i mean, this is across american teaching now. no less the figure of the randy weingarten says they're against standardized testing. these radical leftists think that things like testing students is somehow bigoted. but look, every single word that the radical left uses is in that statement right there. look at that. i mean, talking about privilege. all of this. how about talking about opportunity in america? not this privilege, this divisive stuff. how about talking about american opportunity again. >> ainsley: look what america did for you. put on "the new york times" bestseller list. that's great. hold up your book so we can see it. "war on the west." great. perfect for this segment. thanks so much, douglas. >> thanks so much. >> ainsley: you're welcome. still ahead, a key inflation report will be released at any moment now and charles payne is
5:28 am
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>> carley: back now with a fox news alert out of charlotte. at least 15 high school students are in the hospital after their bus crashes. 40 kids were on board when it collided with a dump truck. both drivers pinned under the wreckage. officials describe the injuries of the students as non-life threatening. it is not yet clear what caused that crash. also, breaking right now, the key inflation report for april just coming in. consumer prices jumping 8.3% year over year. that is worst than economists predicted which was 8.1%. this follows last month's 40-year inflation high of 8.5% year over year. guys, over to you. >> brian: a lot of people are feeling the pain on that announcement, carlie including charles. charles payne host of making money. trying to make sense of this. it's about what we thought. 8.3%. >> charles: 8.3% on the headline
5:33 am
number, core number, 6.2%, that also was worse than expected. >> brian: what's the core number mean? >> charles: they try to strip out things that are hard to -- energy and things like that. and the monthly number also came in higher than expected. this is something of -- it's disappointing. it's so disappointing because there are parts of this report, and you know, obviously i'll go through it later that we had signs that it may come down. used car prices, for instance, that last year went crazy. they have been coming down and other things. it shows you how entrenched inflation is and it's heartbreaking because, you know, we talk about it in numbers. 8.3, 6.2, but these are people's lives, right, i mean, this is the american public that's struggling mightily and really grasping -- or gasping for air. they're hoping that somebody or somehow something will come and help them other than the notion that eventually inflation goes away and burns itself out.
5:34 am
>> ainsley: this is so heartbreaking because gas prices are so outrageous, electric bills. what about the gas prices? do you see them going down any time soon? today is the record high ever. >> charles: you know what i wish president biden had done yesterday, instead of blaming the gas companies for profiteering, you know one of the key problems that we have in this country are refineries or lack thereof. the last time we built a refinery in this country is in the 1970s. you take crude oil, you've got to turn it into a refined product whether it's gasoline or jet fuel. i mean, imagine that. i mean, so it's all bogged up here and the prices are going -- this is why the price won't go down. we should first and foremost take more of the crude oil that's under our feet and build more he refineries and refine it. it's economics 101. there will be more supply to meet demand and price will go down. and people can live and guess what, we can survive until we can get to that climate change utopia that somehow they think
5:35 am
is right around the corner. >> steve: you know, the inflation impacts everybody and you look at the price of gasoline $5.55 per gallon. the democrats don't want to talk about that. >> charles: diesel. >> steve: diesel. >> charles: which is worse. that's where prices go, right, everything goes back. >> steve: the republicans are talking about inflation and the democrats want to talk about abortion. and yesterday, janet yellen, our secretary of treasury was up on capitol hill and she had an extraordinary claim that said that if abortion went away, it would be bad for the economy. not kidding. watch this. >> eliminating the right of women to make decisions about when and whether to have children would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades. >> steve: bad effect on the economy. worse effect on the baby. >> charles: yeah, well, you
5:36 am
know, they're trying to make this an economic piece. here's one of the things that i did some research on. assuming you lost 400,000 people a year through abortion, over 40-year period, 15 million people. that works out to 10 million workers, lost economic activity of up to $135 billion. lost tax income of $10 to $33 billion. in other words, what she's saying is illogical. and also, have you guys thought because later on she spoke about, you know, they always bring up minorities and how specifically this harms minorities. and it's so amazing to me to promote abortion to young black women and still say we need open borders because we need people to come in to field jobs. wait a minute! hold on. you're telling me that not to have a kid in the greatest, richest country in the world because you would be harmed
5:37 am
financially but we got to let people in from other countries to work those open jobs. it's so nonsensical and ridiculous. i don't know why everybody keeps falling for it. they don't like you. they don't want you to be born. they don't want your children to be born. putting everything that janet yellen said together, black women -- black people, you thought if we went for the last 100 years with her philosophy, that young, poor people, mostly young black women should not have children, there would hardly be any black people in the country. the good news according to janet yellen, those people that were born would be in a great economy. think about what she's saying. >> steve: think about what she said to tim scott, poor women wouldn't have to have babies. i'm glad my mom -- >> ainsley: his mom was poor. >> charles: she's presenting a mathematical formula, utopia without any black people in it.
5:38 am
it's mind boggling what the game plan is. >> steve: our game plan is in 22 minutes watch charles at business. >> charles: at 2:00. >> steve: i'm thinking you're taking over for stewart today. >> charles: really, this is heartbreaking stuff. economically, we would have -- we want more workers. we want a strong economy. and we want everybody to participate. this is the richest country in the world. we can have children and we can survive. >> brian: i thought so until yesterday. >> ainsley: the tim scott soundbite was so powerful. >> charles: it was powerful. i wish we had it. listen, i'm glad my teenaged mom decided to have me. >> ainsley: and if he becomes our president, he's already a senator which is amazing. if he becomes our president, you know, just incredible. what kids can do. thank you. >> steve: see you. >> ainsley: still ahead, america's top spy chief spills on vladimir putin's drastic plans for the war on ukraine. >> brian: and former secretary of defense mark esper joins us
5:39 am
live next to react for the latest developments on the 77 day long invasion. from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. you know, you hear a lot about celiac, but i never thought my dna would tell me i had a higher risk for it. i mean, i'm a food critic. i literally eat for a living. this can be a game changer. do you know what the future holds?
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symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. >> brian: did hear about this? house lawmakers yesterday passed a $39.8 billion aid package more than the president wanted to go to ukraine. it comes as the u.s. director of national intelligence warns that vladimir putin might take drastic measures to ensure russia actually wins or takes the east part of the country including escalating military actions and institutional martial law for his guys because he might have a national conscription. former secretary of defense mark esper joins us now, his book is on sale. it's big. it's a lot. i got through a lot of it "sacred oath, memoirs of a secretary of defense during extraordinary times." nice to see you. first off, your reaction from what you've seen from vladimir
5:44 am
putin from his may 9th speech, what he didn't say and what you notice what's happening in the battlefield. >> it's been a failure all around. he's managed to push ukraine further into the west and bring more nato troops on to the front line states. he's unified nato. hopefully we'll see sweden and finland joining the alliance. this is a massive strategic failure for him. at this point, it seems like a stalemate. >> brian: right now, he is making progress. seven rockets into owe desa the other day. if he doubles and triples down and just takes that region and holds on to crimea, will he spin that as a win and is that possible from what you see? >> he may be shooting rockets and missiles but there's no evidence that he's making substantial gains on the ground. i think it freezes, if you will and that becomes another frozen conflict and drag on for years. >> brian: are we giving them the right weapons? >> i think the administration's response was slow and mixed at first. i think it's picked up now that we're seeing javelins and stingers. i think we should be providing anti-ship cruise missiles.
5:45 am
and we should support the provision of the migs to the ukrainians as well. >> brian: mr. secretary, in your book, talk about your time served. west point grad. working class outside of pittsburgh as you grow up. as you serve as secretary of defense for president trump, and many times you seem exacerbated by the president's style. why? >> i think it was unnecessarily coarse and divisive. what you need in a president because i'm a reagan republican. you need a president that will bring people together, that can unite the country, that can lead and if you're republican like i am, you want somebody that can grow the base. and the only way you can advance core republican policies is if you grow the base, win the country and win elections. u to win elections. >> brian: true. he won one and lost the next. >> and lost the house and senate. >> brian: if you see what happened in the senate, he actually gained two seats in the senate and then in the house within five seats shocked everybody. i would say for you in particular, you said you loved what happened with the abraham accords. you liked the strangling of
5:46 am
iran. you liked the taking out, he green lighted. that you can support and arming ukraine. >> and more. i supported border security. i supported building the wall on the border and continue to do so. operation warpspeed was a tremendous accomplishment. there are a lot of accomplishments in the trump administration. he pursued traditional republican policies. it's just in some areas, he went too far, right? the president was exactly right in terms of making nato allies live up to their commitments. he was right to call out germany. he went too far in terms of saying we should pull out of the alliance. i served in nato. i was stationed overseas. and that's why i don't think -- i think in some ways, he we want too far on too many things. >> brian: when they started stepping up and financing some of their defense, then he started to change, you don't agree with that? >> i think as they started stepping up and we did see growth in terms of the commitments he did dial it back some. but -- and that was a positive thing. but again, the policies are right. but it was delivered, the
5:47 am
coarseness and divisiveness just doesn't -- didn't help, in some ways, undermined his own policies. >> brian: right, for example, it's been brought up a lot, he said i need 150,000 or 250,000 troops at the border. you couldn't do that. he wanted to maybe take out where those cartels were in mexico. these are almost like thinktank questions when you are throwing out ideas. and do you think it's right to put that in a book? >> well, he didn't propose sending a quarter million troops to the border. that was steven miller. i never had that discussion with president trump. but with regard to shooting missiles into mexico, yes, i thought that was an act of war. it was illegal. it should not happen. and those things should be discussed and we did have a meeting, national security council meeting i describe in the book where we sat around in the situation room and discussed how to address the issue with cartels and bill barr came up with a great idea to focus on drug shipments coming from latin america into the southern united states. and that we deploy additional navy and coast guard ships in the caribbean and the eastern pacific to do that. i thought it was a great idea. fully supported it. if you recall, the president went down to southern command in
5:48 am
miami in the spring of 2020, and we talked about this. and had a lot of great talk, because i respected the president. his passion for stopping drugs, getting it off the streets of america was real. it was genuine. and his instincts were right. but he wasn't always given the best ideas to do so. and i thought that situation room encounter that i described was an example of the cabinet coming together and offering up good, legitimate ideas. >> brian: it does seem like mark miller is in the middle to circumvent the president a lot. >> i don't believe we were circumventing the president. our job is to give him with good ideas and presenting him with more realistic and enduring solutions to the problems. at any one time, mark and myself, it could have been attorney general barr or mike pompeo at different times we worked together to propose or offer the president better ideas to get where he wanted to go. >> brian: some of the stories from behind the scenes with the trump administration, congratulations on your career
5:49 am
and telling everyone what took place. mark esper, thank you. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: coming up straight ahead, bringing free speech back to twitter. elon musk is ready to welcome former president trump back on line. but trump says no. clay travis will react. first, let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up on top of per hour. >> president biden tried to get ahead of today's inflation number. thank you very much. he was trying to blame republicans and vladimir putin. if you saw anything last night on primetime with jesse watters, the president's policies are squarely in opposite of americans everywhere. baby formula shortage. why some believe this is a mrorl and policy outrage. we are less than a week away from the pennsylvania primary. high stakes for both parties. we'll have the latest on the neck and neck race. see you at 9:00. for every veteran homeowner who needs money
5:50 am
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>> carley: back with your headlines starting with this. new york city socialite and event planner is now behind bars at reichers island after being charged with the shoving death of an elderly broadway voice coach. she was out on $500,000 bail but a new york judge ordered her to
5:54 am
be held without bail until her trial calling her a serious flight risk. officials claim she drank several glasses of wine and flew into a fit of rage before the unprovoked attack. she faces a maximum of 25 years in prison for manslaughter, if found guilty. the nation's largest wildfire in new mexico surpassing 200,000 acres burned. the hermit's peak fire is blowing gusts of wind reaching 48 miles per hour. it comes as officials report the cost of fighting that fire has topped $65 million. about 300 structures have been burned including homes. nearly 1800 firefighters and support personnel are fighting those flames. those are your headlines. janice, over to you with the weather. >> janice: it's been a terrible wildfire season so far out there. and unfortunately, we've got extreme fire danger over the southwest and the southern plains. let's take a look at where we are dealing with weather. for the west, colder than
5:55 am
average temperatures and even some snow in the higher elevations. the southern plains, that's where we're going to set some daytime records and along the east coast, still cooler than average. we could see some severe storms including hail, damaging winds and tornadoes from texas all the way up towards the upper midwest with that bull's eye for sioux falls and minneapolis and then it kind of stays the same for thursday. that stalled front will bring the stronger storms especially in the afternoon hours and then you can see where we've got warmer than average temperatures. it feels like summertime across the plain states in towards the mississippi valley on thursday and friday. we'll set some records certainly daytime highs for parts of texas, even up into kansas city. if we hit 94, that will be a record set back in 1962. we could set a record on thursday as well before those temperatures start to come down. kansas city, that's steve's old stomping grounds. right, steve? >> steve: and i remember the day when it was so hot! >> janice: that's true. over to you. >> steve: it absolutely was.
5:56 am
thanks, j.d. elon musk revealing what he'll do about the trump twitter ban if elon's deal to buy twitter goes through. >> do you think that it was not correct to ban donald trump, i think that was a mistake because it's -- it alienated a large part of the country, and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. i would reverse the permanent ban. it's morally wrong and flat out stupid. >> steve: flat out stupid. clay travis joins us. clay is down in florida today. how are you? >> how are you doing? yeah, it's perfect weather down here. and i think elon musk is right. it is absolutely flat out stupid. there is no way to defend it at all. now, to me, the really challenging part, however, becomes not only is that flat
5:57 am
out stupid and is it the right neutral decision for elon musk to make? the bigger challenge is, though, does donald trump benefit, steve, from being able to go back to twitter as he potentially considers a 2024 presidential campaign because right now, the referendum is all about joe biden and what an awful job he is doing on inflation, on the border, on crime rates, on international affairs. everything biden is touching, i call it the bidas touch except everything joe biden touches turns to crap, steve, so right now, trump doesn't have to do anything. all he has to do is let biden fail. if he gets back on twitter, the same people who were bothered by his mean tweet turn him potentially into the story as opposed to the incumbent into the story. so i think not to mention whether he's allowed to do it because of his true social relationships contractually, i think this is a fascinating dilemma potentially. right move by elon musk,
5:58 am
challenging decision for donald trump and his people to decide what to do. >> steve: as you pointed donald trump has an investment in truth social. the political left, their hair isn't just on fire. their hair is on fire and they've caught the drapes on fire, too. >> and i love it. i love it, and you know what? they're so triggered by here, steve, is it's just the rules being applied evenly. look at all the crazy things that lori lightfoot is out there saying. look at all the democrats and what they are arguing for in the wake of this proposed alito opinion showing up and violating federal law to protest. you saw yesterday, jen psaki endorse that on behalf of joe biden. it's a federal law violation, it's a crime. >> steve: right. >> what they're so upset about is not anything that is rigged against them, it's just the rules being applied evenly to
5:59 am
democrats, republicans to left and right. and they know they have an advantage right now. and they are up in arms in an uproar. i love it, steve. i love seeing them so angry over content neutral rules. >> steve: because big tech is squarely stood against donald trump. facebook, which also suspended him, you know, they say he will remain suspended through the midterms. how convenient, clay, you've got 20 seconds. >> well, of course they're going to keep him suspended because mark zuckerberg is not going to admit he got everything wrong. benefit that elon musk has here he's coming in brand new and point out how incredibly stupid this decision was because he wasn't responsible for it. it's not often that they are willing to recognize they made an error. zuckerberg is not going to admit he blew it until twitter lets trump back on. really, this is a step in the right direction. by the way, credit to the aclu for actually agreeing with elon musk. let's keep these left wing lunatics absolutely furious. that means things are going
6:00 am
right in the country. >> steve: all right. clay travis joining us today from the panhandle in florida. check out what is clicking on outkick at he's in a beautiful spot today. >> data suggests the president's plan to lower prices is falling flat on its face. face plants, sorts. >> dana: good morning. i'm dana perino, this is "america's newsroom." this is not the number that the white house wanted but probably is the one they expected given the president's speech yesterday. new inflation numbers shows prices are up 8.3% from a year ago higher than expected but also a tiny slight drop from the 40-year high we saw in march. >> bill: one thing


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