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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 11, 2022 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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countries and ways to bring in formula. obviously domestically it's not cutting it right now. the chinese supply chain issue is such that we really cut off our supply. >> bill: you are a strong voice for the issue. >> dana: great mama, writer and talker. thank you. >> bill: we have to go. >> dana: we do. harris faulkner is up next. >> harris: he so desperately wants it to be someone else's fault. the inflation numbers out today have president biden trying to turn congressional republicans into the new villain. we've already seen him blame the pandemic and russian dictator putin for the nation's inflation crisis. biden cannot run from the facts, which point to his policies. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". the new inflation numbers from april show prices are up 8.3% from one year ago.
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it was 8.5% in march. however, that is negligible as we're stuck in record territory. prices for most everything are still well above pre-pandemic levels and nearly 6% higher than when president biden took office. here is the president hitting all of his alleged culprits, including senator rick scott, who called the president incapacitated and called for him to resign. >> president biden: the first cause of inflation is a once in a century pandemic and the second cause mr. putin's war in ukraine. what's the congressional republican plan? they don't want to -- they want to raise taxes and lower. senate rick scott laid it out in a plan. the ultra maga agenda. >> harris: rick scott is from
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florida, not wisconsin. senator, he is also governor hard to forget. republicans like senator john thune say they are finished with president biden's finger pointing. >> president biden is flailing around swinging blindly hoping that something will land. and his latest target, of course, is rick scott. but the truth is, he can't defend his administration's record when it comes to the border, energy or inflation. there are so many things that are in crisis right now and so he is trying to change the subject. >> harris: fox business white house correspondent edward lawrence has more. >> i'm waiting for the president to blame me for reporting the inflation numbers. these were big inflation numbers regardless of the minor decrease you mentioned, 8.3%. leading the price increases you are talking about shelter, food, everyday things people use, new vehicles.
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but let's put in focus what americans use every day. all food is up 9.4%. when you look inside the number try to make scrambled eggs without eggs. they're up 23%. lettuce up 13%. regular unleaded gas up 44.2%. it hit another record today. so did diesel fuel at $5.55 a gallon. that's important because just about everything we buy travels on a truck that uses diesel. if fuel costs more it gets passed on to the rest of us. the president says that more spending will solve this problem. >> president biden: i'm working with congress to pass landmark investments to help build a clean energy future as well. from tax credits for businesses to produce renewable energy to tax credits for families to make their homes more energy efficient. >> today in a statement today he calls on republicans to help him saying if there are -- if they are serious about
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inflation send me bipartisan inoh vision bill to make more in america as well as legislation that costs cost and deficit reducing drug and utility bills and restoring families to our fair tax code. jay powell told me last week that fed actions and the government spending is the reason inflation remains high. look here. you could see where inflation was when president biden took office, 1.4% and where it is today, 8.3% year-over-year. >> inflation, balance the budget. stop this ridiculous permitting and shutting down oil and gas. we need to become energy independent. we have to do what families do. live within our means. fix the supply chain. >> the president wants to focus on the positives in the economy. if you like what you see keep republicans on the sidelines and democrats in power. >> harris: thank you very much.
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the president greeted with blistering headlines. "wall street journal" president costanza takes on inflation. inflation is roaring and all biden can offer is a recycled pack of lies. "the washington examiner" biden fumbles for a new inflation excuse. gas prices again hitting a high -- all-time high. people on the president's home state of delaware are definitely feeling it. they live in the united states so they would. >> that's almost $100 for me to fill up my tank. >> with these prices it has to be fixed. it breaks people's pockets. >> president biden is the cause of this. if he would have opened up the pipeline and not -- didn't bow down to the hyper climate control activists we wouldn't be in the position we're in today. >> president biden is going to have a similar legacy as jimmy carter.
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>> harris: americans are super smart. david asman said hire him. he has a job. he is busy. fox business anchor. did you catch the second gentleman we talked with. he paid $100. you didn't see him standing next to a diesel truck. he had a personal vehicle. not even an s.u.v. so we're talking regular unleaded prices being at a record high in our nation. >> what americans' gut tells them is translating into the economy. you mentioned diesel fuel. americans know that all of our stuff is delivered by diesel. more than that, there are a lot of factories around the country powered by diesel as well. that affects the bottom line of everything that we use, everything that we eat and put in our home, etc. the reason i laugh with the george costanza line. i don't know if folks saw
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seinfeld. he was doing the opposite of what he usually does and he succeeds. you read the biden/harris inflation plan. everything in there it's the perfect plan for getting everything wrong on both inflation and growth. if you want to do something right with regard to lowering inflation and increasing growth, you do the exact opposite of what this plan outlines. >> harris: i give you credit for reading through it. after the president said what the plan was, he called it the biden/harris plan but didn't give it to us. we couldn't even tell you what was if it until we read it because he took on a new target. not putin or pandemic, but this time private industry and congressional republicans. as ed lawrence showed us the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded hit another high today.
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4.37 yesterday. it is 4.40 today. three cents from yesterday. 18 cents from last week. president biden was asked about alternative options for americans. >> have you ever thought your administration asking americans to drive less, take public transport? >> president biden: have you ever raised family like mine you don't have to tell them. they are doing everything in their power to figure out how not to have to show up at the gas pump. one of the things that will help allot but it will take time is our infrastructure bill. the truth is they don't have that many options in terms of transportation around the country. >> can i just jump in? he is saying americans are doing their best to find out how not to do anything. this is not a country of doing nothings, this is a country of doing the most you can possibly do. that's why we used to be -- i think still could be -- the best nation in the world in terms of economic progress. he is suggesting we sit home and don't do anything.
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we don't drive anywhere or go anywhere. >> harris: that's what he does. >> he has a salary most people don't have. >> harris: he ran a campaign from a basement in delaware. he is telling you what worked for him. we don't want to live his life. we would like to live ours. >> we have tried his life. we tried the lockdowns, didn't work. turning off the economy was a terrible mistake. donald trump even admits and studies have shown it was a bad mistake economically speaking. we are suffering the hangover from that experience. but he is doubling down, if i was senator kennedy i would say doubling down on stupid. he is doubling down on failure. he has failed to do anything to really hit inflation. he has failed to do anything to really grow the economy. we had negative growth in the first quarter. we need to grow the economy and expand what we're doing, get
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back in the fast lane which is where americans feel comfortable being. >> harris: or as he says the fast lane inside your house. doing everything you can to avoid the pump. >> he is continuing this -- the reason why you haven't heard much about the new plan which i read over and have notes on. it is the same as the last one. you kill fossil fuels, you blame the food producers, you blame a plan that by the way mitch mcconnell rejected back six weeks ago. >> harris: stop at fossil fuels. i had this discussion yesterday with a congressman. i do think it can be both. ari fleischer had this conversation. it can be policy but also politics. but the reflexive we'll make the price of gasoline go so high so people have to go to electric. but then he goes and tries to buy dirty oil from venezuela. he is flexing but even the progressives know it's fake. they know his favorite color is not the green new deal. it is like teal. it is not real.
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>> even if americans -- every american was able to buy an electric car which costs more than a normal car. where does the electricity? from the electric grid powered by natural gas, coal and his attacks on natural gas on pipelines. pipelines have a lot to do with oil. they transport oil and natural gas everywhere. because of the attacks on that we've reduced our dependence on natural gas and working more with coal. we're using 24% of our energy comes from coal now. >> harris: senator joe manchin can talk about coal and how to do it and all that kind of stuff. maybe biden will listen to him. republicans saying the president's policies are to blame for the nation's shortage of baby formula. some parents are driving hours just to find a store with anything that they can buy on the shelves. others are watering down formula trying to ration it. new york's stefanik is a member
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of the house republican leadership and she is a mom and has a 9-month-old son who needs formula. watch. >> this is a crisis across america. i can think of no more harrowing crisis for parents as they are desperately trying to find access to baby formula. i am hearing from parents all across america we are demanding action. we want to make sure there is a plan and we have seen no plan from joe biden or the fda. >> harris: not a crisis to them, apparently. a new op-ed says the fda has failed to protect families and the baby formula shortage crisis. here is a mom. >> the other danger is that while you are keeping your baby alive, you are creating deficiencies that are critical for brain development that they aren't going to recognize until there is some damage done to their brain development and you will only realize that a couple months down the road. >> harris: here is what happens when you abdicate your responsibility on any issue. you hear words like rationing
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used for baby formula in the united states and you don't run to the white house lectern to fix it. maybe you didn't hear it. >> it's extraordinary. another thing that these inflation figures today point out is that we're having inflation more than supply chain issues. it is all of the ingredients that go into the stuff are not available. whether it's baby formula, fertilizer, which we depend on. the world depends on for food. most of the cost of making fertilizer comes from natural gas. they refine the products necessary for fertilizer from natural gas. if you kill one part of the economy, you kill several other parts. it is an extension. to get back to the beginning, we need the economy to grow. growth will solve most of the problems including inflation. this administration has anti-growth policies. >> harris: babies can't wait for that, right? so all of that is true. but right now and i talked
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about this yesterday, operation speed my baby. we had seen a president that would step up and boost production. we have a vaccine. it may affect the brain in ways we don't know not getting their nutrients. this was a guest last hour talking about it. we know it's true. >> fascinating that you bring up operation warp speed. the way in which the two presidents deal with crises is different. operation warp speed was successful because they got rid of regulations, allowed the private sector to move like lightening speed to get the job done. this administration is doubling down on regulations which not only clog the process of invention, but also raise prices because those prices are passed on to consumers. >> harris: we got to a lot. operation feed my baby. let's see if we can trend it. a new report says the hunter biden investigation may be coming to a head.
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>> do you think it was not correct to ban donald trump? i think it was a mistake. because it's -- it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice.
8:21 am
i guess the answer is that i would reverse the permanent ban. >> harris: that's so plain and simple and i can only imagine what the reaction on the left has been. elon musk saying he would restore the former president's account if the deal goes through. former twitter ceo jack dorsey is also on board tweeting permanent bans are a failure of ours and don't work. but, of course, the left with this. one twitter user we knew it was coming but still sad to see. twitter is going to be ruined sooner rather than later. it is not a dumpster fire now? another says this again proves whatever intelligence, cunning or skill is required to get really rich, it is not transferable to the rest of your life. cnn anchor alison kam rad a here? >> will it hurt him? i don't think any of us have
8:22 am
any idea. >> he certainly benefited in the past. elon musk knew himself can escape to space and the rest of us earthlings will have to deal with it. that's my take on it. >> harris: tammy bruce is a fox news contributor. if only for the left it were funny. i would imagine they are appear mrek particular over this. >> twitter and their control of twitter represented their worldview that they control the national conversation, they decide who gets to be heard, they cancel the "new york post," hunter biden story, donald trump. but bigger than that. bigger than creating silence it sends a message to everyone else that unless you conform, you will be erased. that's what twitter has meant to the left and by bringing trump back, that is simply a symbol that a, the left has
8:23 am
failed but their entire basis of controlling the national conversation as a result, gaining power, stopping information they don't like is now over. if you can lose twitter, then you've lost the national conversation that people have not agreed with what you are doing and jack dorsey chimed in with this. the ones complaining now are the ones who know that their ideas cannot survive in a free environment with conversations. >> harris: it certainly brings home the point they weren't having a conversation before. it was never about an open debate. all they had to do is shadow ban people and crush them with stickers and suspensions and nobody had to come up with a thought about how to debate a topic. i don't think any of them are growing a debate hand, right? >> they can't let go of trump. they are are the ones stalking him. they talk about him. everything is trump. they are obsessed stalkers. of course they will stay. he exists in part in their minds because they have nothing
8:24 am
else to say and do. they fear him. and they should because the rest of america has noticed that he is the one with ideas and gets things done. the one, though, they fear him because they can't control him. other than with something like this because he is not afraid of them. he has his own world. he doesn't need them or their approval. >> harris: the hits keep on coming for the biden's new disinformation governance board. republicans introducing a bill to immediately defund it with minority leader kevin mccarthy writing this. president biden's ministry of truth is an egregious abuse of government overreach. it is nothing more than a ploy by the biden administration to exert its influence over american's free speech. it was a response to elon musk buying twitter. >> the timing. they don't think about the
8:25 am
timing. that's what revealed them. when they realized -- this confirms the value of twitter to them. that was their disinformation board was twitter. it sent signals to all other media as well. now they just had to admit that all right, we'll have to do it ourselves, which they will screw up. with austin powers we had elizabeth hurley. we don't even get her with this. not the benefit of that. it won't exist. they'll screw it up. it moves us into a realization that's important for americans to know. this is who the democrats have become. for every democrat who is a classical liberal you should be shocked. i wonder where the aclu is in this regard. everything has collapsed on left and it is a shame. >> harris: great to have you in "focus" today. a lot of information here. love it. bad to worse actually at the border right now. what one former immigration judge is saying.
8:26 am
he says if title 42 expires on track, that's what the biden white house wants it to do, the backlog of cases will be mind-boggling. not just new people coming over but add that to the people who have been waiting to get in. plus this. >> there is an open effort to intimidate supreme court justices on their decision. it is illegal, improper and should be condemned and it is going to lead to bad places. >> harris: liberal protestors continuing to target the private homes of conservative u.s. supreme court justices sparking fear of possible violence against the gop named judges. i think about their families, the people who didn't get into this. it's their spouse and dad. senator john cornyn in "focus" next.
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>> harris: convicted criminal and murder suspect casey white back behind bars in alabama. body camera footage shows officers searching the pickup truck ditched by white and the prison guard who helped him escape while they were on the run for 11 days. it ended with a police crash in indiana and the sheriff there is talking about it. >> he said that he was just trying to find a place to hideout and lay low and they thought -- they had driven long enough they wanted to stop for a while and get their bearings straight and figure out their next place to travel. their plan was pretty faulty. they are criminals. their plan was faulty and it failed. thank god. >> harris: let's get the latest from florence, alabama now. steve harrigan. >> after an 11 day manhunt things moved quickly at the end. dramatic dash kam footage in
8:33 am
indiana. it happens after the u.s. marshals rammed the cadillac white was driving. vicky white shoots herself in the head with a handgun. taken to the hospital and later dies. autopsy confirms it was a suicide. casey white was brought in the late night hours, yellow jumpsuit, arms and legs shackled. arraigned and sped off under heavy guard back to a state prison. they won't let him escape twice facing 75 year sentence in jail and new murder trial next month. basic questions about why this happened, how a 17-year model prison employee could open the gates and run off with a confessed murderer. here is the u.s. marshal. >> several tragedies to the story. the way the escape, ended but the things that somebody entrusted with what she was given as a correctional officer, planned, organized and
8:34 am
facilitated this escape. >> at the very start this was a carefully planned escape before it all went haywire. they used four different vehicles moving from alabama to tennessee and north to indiana. for the last vehicle, the cadillac, inside was found $29,000 in cash, wigs, four handguns and rifle. casey white according to police officers showed no remorse after being captured saying his hope was to die in a shoot-out with police. harris, back to you. >> harris: thank you very much, steve. >> there are voices on the right who have called out this protests that are happening while remaining silent for years on protests that have happened outside of the houses of school board members or including threats made to women seeking reproductive healthcare or insurrection against our capitol. there is an outrage now i guess about protests that have been
8:35 am
peaceful to date. the silence is deafening about all of the other intimidation that we've seen to a number of people. >> harris: u.s. code 15.03 that mentions judges and justices and not being on their personal property to see what you do. there is strong, established law on the books. regardless of what she just spewed, she can engage the law at any time on behalf of those people but it must be done on behalf of the u.s. supreme court judges. white house press secretary there calling out republicans for hypocrisy over protests at the homes of supreme court justices in her opinion. she is soon to be feeling a lot of her opinion. while progressive lawmakers are backing the demonstrators. watch. >> they have a first amendment right to be there and protest. i don't want us to turn into a fascist government where we don't allow people to protest or speak up. >> this supreme court said back then protestors should be able to get right in people's faces.
8:36 am
now they are erecting barriers to try to keep protestors as far away from themselves as possible. i think it's fundamentally wrong. >> supreme court judges have heard a case, they themselves have said it is protected by the first amendment for people to protest outside of everywhere. >> harris: if only they could read the 18 u.s. code 15.03. it is all about a juror or justice, influence, injuring anything, it is considered force. if only they could read it. i'm happy to read it to them. jane's revenge claims it is behind the molotov cocktail attack of a wisconsin pro-life group. it is the first flash point but
8:37 am
we're all over the u.s. and will issue no further warning. republicans are raising the alarm and calling out the d.o.j. and white house. here is senator tom cotton. >> if any person gets close to a justice's home they should be arrested and charged with a federal crime. if joe biden and merrick garland won't do that and there is violence against one of the justices they'll be responsible for the crimes they allowed to happen. the only thing one can conclude is that joe biden and merrick garland are poll itizing and weaponizing people against their philosophical opponents. >> harris: john cornyn is in "focus" with us. his bill to protect the justices and their families just passed the senate this week and heads to the house next. great to have you. i have put a fine point on the u.s. code that specifically talks about the protection of justices and jurors. would you please explain to our
8:38 am
audience the difference between what jen psaki says at the white house lectern, people protesting, and people protesting on the personal property of a u.s. supreme court justice? >> this reminds me a little bit of some of the scenes we saw the protests in seattle and other places, portland, where the news media called this mostly peaceful protests while the fires were blazing in the background and obviously it was not peaceful. they are making the point that the first amendment does protect free speech but there is a line that you can cross and the criminal code sets that line out. and the department of justice is responsible for investigating and prosecuting those crimes. and they apparently are not willing to do so because they don't want the political blowback from their progressives who want to keep
8:39 am
people upset over this case, which hasn't yet been decided. >> harris: talk to me if you would about how this can influence the case, because that's what the federal law is all about. you are not allowed to lean in on anyone whether it's a judge at any level. not just the supreme court. there is a reason why they are separate and special under the law. there are several laws that even states have for petitioning or being on the property, the personal property of people involved in legal cases. >> absolutely. well, let's start at the beginning. let's start with the constitution itself. article 3 sets out the judicial power. federal judges are nominated by the president and then confirmed by the senate. and they serve for life. the reason they serve for life is because they -- we want them insulated from political influence or coercion or threats or intimidation. the sort of thing you are seeing happening now displayed on our television screens.
8:40 am
they are also -- you can't reduce their pay in office. so they are designed not to become a player but rather be more of an umpire and unfortunately many of these protests are designed to make them a political player and to impugn their integrity and thus threaten their independence. >> harris: how concerned are you when you hear the group that has taken responsibility, they'll still investigate this but they say they did it, hitting the wisconsin anti-abortion group offices with a molotov cocktail. they say you won't get any further warning. they'll continue to do this. what is your level of concern at this point? >> it's very high and why i introduced along with senator coons my colleague from delaware, a democrat, a bill that provides the protection for the supreme court justices and their families on the same basis that the capitol police,
8:41 am
for example, can protect members of congress and our families in the face of threats. but emotions are very high right now because of this unauthorized leak of a draft opinion. that needs to be investigated. it will be investigated. the person who did it will be identified and held accountable. but in the meantime that has sparked a political firestorm and, of course, many democrats are hoping this will energize their base in the november election. i think they are overreaching. i think they are crossing a line they should not cross by these threats and the actions of many of these protestors who are violating the law. >> harris: look, the politics of this are something that the democrats will try to hold onto. you have the senate majority leader chuck schumer today holding what's called a show vote to codify roe v. wade into law, roe v. wade into law. he needs 60 votes. he won't get that. it has no chance of passing. schumer said this on the floor.
8:42 am
>> i asked my colleagues to think carefully about their vote, to grapple with the impact of a world without roe v. wade. all of us will have to answer for this vote for the rest of our time in public office. last week's draft decision didn't come out of nowhere. it didn't materialize in a vacuum. on the contrary, it is precisely the outcome that extreme republicans have been working towards for years. >> harris: senator, your reaction. >> senator schumer and many in the democratic party are embracing this idea of no limits on abortion. any time for any reason. that's not where the american people are. we have spoken out against the barbarity of partial birth abortions. i think the vast majority of americans would say abortions for sex selections are wrong or
8:43 am
target gender selection or disabilities are wrong. most countries in the world have some limits on elective abortions after 20 weeks gestation. and -- but the democrat bill invalidates all of those limitations and thus embraces abortion up to and including the time of delivery. presumably a child who was born as a result of a botched abortion would be subject to being put to death rather than resuscitated and being cared for like any other child would be. >> harris: senator john cornyn of the great state of texas, thank you for walking us through several topics today. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> harris: more coming to light from that new book about the 2020 election and president biden's first year in office. house speaker nancy pelosi is getting flak for something that she said about the gop.
8:44 am
>> nancy pelosi saying this country needs a strong republican party. >> harris: the speaker getting serious flak from her fellow democrats. we'll get into it with the power panel.
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>> harris: house speaker nancy
8:49 am
pelosi is catching heat from members of her own political party. she suggested democrats should try to persuade republicans to come to their side. that is instead of working against them. >> i want the republican party to take back the party. take it back to where you were when you cared about a woman's right to choose and you cared about the environment. i'm saying this country needs a strong republican party and we do. not a cult but a strong republican party. [applause] >> harris: how about a strong democratic party that cares about baby formula running out in the greatest country on the planet? twitter exploding with criticism and sarcasm. one user said finding it basically impossible to justify stroet voting for democrats while pelosi is in power. and then pelosi gave mitch mcconnell a healing hug and he came to his senses and america
8:50 am
was saved. a slogan that will surely lead the democrats to victory in the mid-terms. power panel mercedes schlapp. former trump white house communications advisor. jose, former dnc deputy press secretary. okay, mercedes, i'll come to you first. you found it funny that nancy would try so hard, nancy pelosi speaker with respect would try so hard to recruit you. >> no kidding. i have to laugh because otherwise i am going to cry because when you look at nancy pelosi and comments that even joe biden has made. call the republican party a call. the maga movement extreme. talk about a way to try to isolate so many americans and not bring them in. joe biden obviously in his inauguration speech talked about unity and now all he is doing is being more divisive. for nancy pelosi, who doesn't
8:51 am
even pretty much allow pro-life democrats to be part of her party, just shows how isolating the democrats are becoming. so their only desperate measure is to make the republicans the enemy for their own democrat failed agenda that hasn't been able to go through. look, the democrats know they are in trouble, harris. they haven't been able to pass through their radical agenda and the american people are tired and need and want to see changes happening in our country. the democrats are failing to deliver. >> harris: so it sounds like something out of marvel comics ultra-maga. i know democrats have poll tested it. i am curious what good is it to make republicans the enemy when the leader in the house says make them your friends? >> jose. >> i think first and foremost
8:52 am
agree with nancy. we need a strong republican and democratic party. we shouldn't fall to extremism on both ends. the republican party has the old magas. the democrats have their alexandria ocasio-cortez and i have come on fox many times to say we don't need that. it's why biden became the nominee, not bernie sanders and why biden became the president not trump. people want politics done in the middle. it makes good tv but not good politics. >> harris: people want a good debate. you are very transparent about not liking the squad. we hear you. upcoming book on the 2020 election by two "new york times" reporters is revealing more information, at least what they say they can prove, that one of president biden's close campaign advisors made a stunning statement about the choice of senator kamala harris
8:53 am
to be biden's running mate. an excerpt reads this way, you know, white women have incredibly racist as are white men. none of it was safe. it was a risky thing to do but it was the safest of choices we have. when fox reached out to the white house it declined to confirm the aide's comments. jose. your reaction. >> look, i can't speak for a specific advisor, harris. what i can tell you is the majority of the american people are not racist. they're good people. is there racism in america today? absolutely but it's a minority. the american people are worried about the economy, they're worried about climate change, they're worried about immigration, the border. those are the issues we need to talk about not the political drama. i disagree with that statement.
8:54 am
>> harris: you may have to invite jose to your christmas party. the democrats may not have him back. >> i make -- >> i'm honest. >> jose can come over to my house any time and i make a great mohito. the democrats have moved into the identity politics mentality. when the left starts pushing the critical race theory as part of their agenda it has been hurtful for them. i agree with jose. there is so much of this political drama you are seeing that come out in the books. they make for great summer reading if you're bored but we have a country to run and make sure inflation goes down. there are serious issues. 2/3 of americans living paycheck to paycheck and single mothers unable to get food or get baby formula. we have serious issues in america now that are impacting
8:55 am
american families. we have to find solutions. we have to find with both republicans and democrats on board and stop the isolation. however, let me tell you, the democrats are going to be shocked when come november republicans will take control of both the house and the senate. >> harris: 181 days. you know i'm counting to november 8th quickly. operation warp speed, my baby. help me make it a trend. "outnumbered" after the break. . it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now.
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>> kayleigh: this is "outnumbered." i'm kayleigh mcenany with my co-host harris faulkner and emily compagno. inflation is through the roof. with new data from april showing prices jumped more than 8%. that's a near 40-year high. gas prices, well, they also shattered another record again today.


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