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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 11, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> kayleigh: this is "outnumbered." i'm kayleigh mcenany with my co-host harris faulkner and emily compagno. inflation is through the roof. with new data from april showing prices jumped more than 8%. that's a near 40-year high. gas prices, well, they also shattered another record again today. highest prices ever when you go
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to the gas pumps. just as a new report finds 2/3 of americans are living paycheck to paycheck. and parents, they can't even find baby formula. president biden is taking zero responsibility for record high inflation. instead blaming the pandemic and russian president putin. while claiming that he is actually helping americans. >> do you take any responsibility for inflation in this country? do you take any responsibility for your policies? >> i think our policies helped, not hurt. >> kayleigh: and not only that, he's not taking any of the blame. biden also tore into what he calls "the ultra-maga agenda." it sounds so ominous, doesn't it, while pushing a talking point, "the washington post" has called a lie. emily, democrats really need to wrap their head around this ahead of the midterms, fascinating piece from politico out today. katie porter, a vulnerable democrat. one of the more moderate ones, here's what she said.
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she talks about going to the grocery store. i had a similar experience. she got bacon. i think it was bacon. she said it was $9.99 a pound, and she ended up putting it back and had this experience. this is what americans are going through. here's what politico said. when porter gave an emotional speech about how inflation has hit her family during a private house democratic caucus meeting last week, she said it seemed like the first time the personal toll of high consumer prices had sunk in for the lawmakers in the room. here's what she said. too often, congress recognizes issues too late. porter, a top g.o.p. target this fall in a swing district said in an interview. i had a colleague mention to me, we're not seeing it in the polls. well, you don't know what to ask, she said, we see it in every poll and we've put it up. >> emily: we see it in the grocery stores, kayleigh. we are the ones that are living it. there's a reason that every time we go to the grocery store, we are missing or cannot afford up or over 1/3 of what we need on the grocery list. you're telling me the democrats
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need a poll to tell them that? that they don't do their own shopping and they don't need baby formula? it kills me the reason we're suffering is because of the decisions that this president and this administration has made or the lack thereof. their policies and all we hear from them is the same recycled lies over and over again. we heard it yesterday from the president, right? remember, it was over a year ago, april last year, that he said inflation was transistory. and then he blamed corporate greed and then he blamed putin and now he's blaming maga americans. it's everybody but him to your point and i think the disconnect is why it hits so close to home for americans. when they're suffering in the grocery store and their pocket and 2/3 are living on credit and paycheck to paycheck, all they want to hear from the president is the truth. some transparency and ownership of the policies. instead, we're getting that same recycled lies over and over again and the reality because they disrespect us, we do not deserve the respect of honesty or ownership of those policies.
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>> kayleigh: we heard it yesterday on the couch. you dubbed it three or four p's, putin, private sector, pandemic here today. the remarks are dubbed the putin price hike. he blames the pandemic and putin for unacceptably high inflation. this is the president he told us in the campaign, i'll do my job and take responsibility. i won't blame others. he's blamed 15 entities in the last 24 hours. >> harris: they're way underwater. i mean, when you're drowning, it's hard to like unless somebody throws you a rope, you stop reaching. it's like there's -- yeah, they don't know what to reach for at this point. you mentioned you want americans to hear the words "i see you." we are in i.c.u., intensive care for the economy. and, you know, this whole thing of democrats don't get this, yeah, the ones with the capital d don't. if you're a democrat voter with a little d, you get it! because you're standing in line
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with everybody else. you're looking for baby formula today as well. you know, that's the shortsightedness of this white house. and if they believe and lawrence, i know you'll get more into this. if they believe they can divide us by skin color and hair texture and compartmentalize us as voters, they're going to get a rude awakening because the very people they will depend on economically and culturally and racially because they identify us, the very people they will need will be the people in the cities with the highest crime suffering the most. or even the suburbs. i mean, crime doesn't have a zip code now, right? it will be the people who were on the w.i.c. programs for those moms who need a little foot stamp boost, right, they can't get the formula either. i mean, they've hurt everybody with this. they've made us all americans. they can call some ultra-maga which is very marvel comics of them. what they ought to be calling all of them are americans that
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are feeling their policies and not in a good way. >> kayleigh: unless you look at the hot take. he had a hot take for sure. u.s. inflation took a breather last month. took a breather. so don't believe your own eyes potentially. >> we cite polls so often. what about representatives speaking to their people? one of the unique jobs that i have here is being able to do diners and talk with people from all different walks of life. and when i'm in west virginia and the moms are telling me about the formula and the gas prices and the crime. and then i go to the south side of chicago, they say the same thing and then i go to birmingham, alabama, dallas and everyone is saying the same thing. it gets to the point where you got to say that the democratic party is not listening to the voters there. and harris is right that they want to try to separate us. i'm here to tell you, the people that i talk to on a day-to-day basis, they don't believe that. they don't believe the democrats. they feel like they are responsible for what's happening in the country today.
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i talked to one woman that said, and i know they want to criticize the maga agenda. but one woman made it very clear. i just want it to go back to how it was. there is such a focus from the media to focus on personalities and the things that really don't matter to the american people. but i guarantee you tone doesn't matter when the gas prices are up. when parents get the formula. when crime is out of control. when the border is surging in fentanyl and kids are overdosing. all that tone stuff that they highlighted in the last election and did not highlight the issues that separate the candidates are coming to bite the democrats in the you know what. and that is because they have yet to provide any solutions for any communities so you look at the polling. black voters are gone. you look at hispanics. they're gone. when you look at gen xers, gen zers, millennials they're gone. the question is who do the democrats have? i kept hearing the poll that manchin will be a big player in
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west virginia. we just saw mooney won and the polling was suggesting that the other guy had had some type of tangible because jim justice was supporting the democratic establishment, the republican establishment were supporting them. i talked to voters yesterday, they said mooney was going to win. what do we see in the results when they came out? mooney won because he had the maga agenda and i know they want to paint that as people -- they want to take their country back and their races and all that type of stuff. that's not going to play with average day people. they've experienced what happened during the trump administration with their pocketbooks and they know what they're experiencing right now. and these are all people. >> harris: all people. all americans together. >> kayleigh: morgan, let's listen to everyday americans. you're a new mom and this is the plight that parents are dealing with. >> it's incredibly stressful to not know if i'm going to be able to feed my baby next week. >> a little concerning. she's not on actual solid human food yet. >> it has been a nightmare every few days hunting for baby
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formula. >> as a parent, you want to provide for your child and it's your worst nightmare if you're unable to do so. >> a mother shouldn't have to worry about how is their child going to get fed? >> i'm glad everybody is waking up to this now. my baby is 18 months. this is a problem for a long time. i had to formula feed her. you stop at about a year. in the last three months before she turned a year old, i was having problems finding her formula and finding it in some of the ready-to-feed bottles. i noticed it, you know, eight to 10 months ago i was noticing this was going on. so as you started off, it's congress, you know, just now starting to realize it and paying attention almost eight, 10 months a year after this problem started. listen, the federal reserve, we all have to remember, i think they're a big part of the problem. we blame a lot of it on congress and spinning as we should, the trillions of dollars that the biden and the democrats have put into this economy. where has the fed been? the federal reserve just raised rates last month or in march. we've known about inflation for a year. they kept saying it was
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transistory. it wasn't really until november that i think the feds started to wake up and raise rates in march. so yes, the democrats in congress get a lot of the blame. i think republicans in congress need to have more oversight of the fed especially these new biden appointees and say, what are you guys going to do about this? you're a good solid year short to try to tackle inflation. >> harris: that's a great point. >> kayleigh: yeah, biden's favorite word transistory is taking on a new meaning, hasn't it? coming up, nancy pelosi is going after republicans saying she wants a strong party that is pro choice and great energy mind. it sounds like democrats, she may want to focus on strengthening her own party. >> here i am nancy pelosi saying this country needs a strong republican party. and we do. not a cult. but a strong republican party. i have fantastic news for fellow veterans who need money for their family and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran,
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>> i'm here because the democratic party and the democrats as a whole have been complicit in this whole thing. >> 35 years of your reign of terror, you had a super which t should have been your top priority! >> kayleigh: video of angry pro choice protesters picketing in front of speaker pelosi's san francisco home saying she shares the blame for the potential end of roe v. wade. this as pelosi at an event in miami called for a "strong republican party" that embraces abortion rights and action on climate change. watch. >> some of them do and they talk about it. when it comes to the vote, it just isn't there. so rather than saying well, we have to defeat them, no, let's just try to persuade them. i want the republican party to take back the party. take it back to where you were
9:16 am
when you cared about a woman's right to choose and cared about the environment. >> kayleigh: this is hardly the first time she has voiced this mantra. watch. >> take back your party from this cult. but it has been hijacked. >> i hope there are some republicans here so i can say to you, take back your party. the country needs -- the country needs a strong republican party. not one that has been hijacked as a cult. >> all i say is to my republican friends and i do have them, take back your party. one of my prayers is the republicans will take back their party. to have it be hijacked as a cult at this time is really a sad thing for america. >> kayleigh: morgan, to paraphrase the immortal michael jackson, why doesn't she look in the mirror? constituents are saying why don't you take back the streets of san francisco and your democratic party before you start casting stones to us?
9:17 am
>> morgan: you'll make me start singing michael jackson. listen, let me say something to nancy pelosi. we have taken back our party. we are now a party that puts americans first. that puts our border security first. that puts our economy first. we are a party that cares about moms feeding their children, that cares about people's ability to earn a living and to earn the respectful wage that cares about small business owners and cares about the average worker around this country. our party for too long was the party of the chamber of commerce that cared about big business and that cared about unfair trade policies. we have rejected that whole mantra under the chamber and under big business and we are a party now that cares about what everyday average americans care about. yes, we care about a strong national security. we have that under president trump and under my boss, mike pompeo. we have a strong national security because every decision that we made was putting americans first. so we have taken back our party and i'm very proud of what we did.
9:18 am
>> emily: i think that's why frankly, lawrence, she's a little bit scared and that fear is echoed in the fracture, dissidence within the democratic party. let's watch a soundbite between janet yellen weighing and senator tim scott's response. watch. >> in many cases, abortions are of teenaged women particularly low income and often black who aren't in the position to be able to care for children. >> i'll just simply say as a guy raised by a black woman in abject poverty i'm thankful to be here as united states senator. >> lawrence: you know, that has been on loop on twitter all day. and it gets under my skin so much because that is -- what she defined, the treasury secretary was literally the founding definition of planned parenthood. and they targeted black and brown bodies. well what she's saying is they can't raise their children. and the reason why i take it so
9:19 am
personally because my mom was a 16-year-old mom that got pregnant with me. and we did struggle. but we were ok. >> emily: she did a good job, your momma. >> lawrence: thank you, i appreciate it. i will say this, if this is going to be the mantra of the democratic party that our moms and our dads just because of their age cannot take care of their kids and that because you start somewhere, that is going to be your determination. i say the republicans better strap up and prevent a message to black voters. you know, i often don't talk about it because it's a personal thing and it was a personal decision that my mom decided to make to have me. but for the first time today, because of this video, i asked my mom why did she decide to have me? and she's going to join me on my show on saturday to talk about the decision that she made. i was the first time my mom, not to get too personal, first time she ever had sex. she knew what she did and it was
9:20 am
not my fault that she made that decision. and she has to step up to the plate. so she left her basketball scholarships, my dad married her. and we have a beautiful family as a result. we struggled but we made it! what the democratic party and the treasury secretary is saying that cannot exist in america. i think that's awful. >> emily: wow, thank you for sharing that, lawrence, we cannot wait to watch your show on saturday to see more of that with you and your mother. that's beautiful. harris? >> harris: i'm speechless. i've known you a really long time. you know, painting us all with the same brush and not being able to see our potential is in hopes of controlling us. and it's what i talk about before, if you can divide, you can conquer. and we will not be divided. not by our skin color, not by what people think are our potentials, plural, we'll be brought together because they're wrong. and all we have to do is be living proof of that. and you are that. through your parents.
9:21 am
this is particularly sad to me with yellen because what she really misses is what makes us a great country. and that is our ability when we are struggling to pull ourselves up together by our bootstraps and to reach for the american dream. i don't know if they'd rather that some americans not reach for it any longer. but we will not settle as a country. no matter what they hope. they can let us as many people illegally into this country as they want, but you cannot take the place of who we are as real americans. we are an open door through legal process to mix that in. but how can you say you care about the well being particularly of black women when you aren't worried that today, they've been told to ration their baby formula by adding water to it to stretch it? which scientists have said can have long term effects on brain development in children depending on the age they are when you start to do that.
9:22 am
how can you say you care? how can you legitimately say you care. you can say whatever you want. i don't believe them. >> emily: and kayleigh, going back to that broader playbook illustrated by the democrats as our colleagues have been talking about, now they're adding in calling the g.o.p. a cult and wanting us to get stronger so they have a worthy adversary but as johnny rawls writes, democrat, why don't you become democratic party cohesive and fight because we'll fight along side you, right? there's no benefit for what the democratic party is going through right now which is a civil war of not only strategy but policy but to the point of that knee jerk echoing talking points, all we get from them is the same rote recycled talking points that means the party not standing for something that actually benefits americans. >> kayleigh: and nancy pelosi wants republicans to be a women's right to choose party. we have been. we will always be the party of a baby's right to live so that little babies, like little lawrence, can grow up and show
9:23 am
their full potential and be here in this country, 62 million children are not here because of the heinous practice of abortion. i never want to be like the democrat party. the party that today where a majority of that party, a vast majority are going to show up and vote for abortion in the final trimester! in the ninth month, in the 10th month where a mom is literally giving birth. i never want to be that party, nancy pelosi. you want to talk about the strength of the republican party. you're going on find out all about it when you're handing that gavel over after november 8th. >> emily: amen. coming up, elon musk is fueling more outrage from the left with his latest comments, what he said he'd do if the twitter deal goes through. that's next.
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ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> harris: elon musk says he will reverse former president
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trump's permanent twitter ban. but he'll have to wait until his $44 billion takeover of twitter is complete to do that. here's what he said about the decision to ban trump in the first place. >> i think that was a mistake because it -- it alienated a large part of the country, and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. and that is why it's morally wrong and flat out stupid. >> harris: so before we go on, i want to hear, also, from the former c.e.o. jack dorsey because he said something similar. watch this. twitter founder jack dorsey agrees with musk's decision saying, in part "generally, permanent bans are a failure of ours and don't work." i wonder what kind of power he did or didn't have on the board before. because he's in total agreement. >> lawrence: you know, harris, i've talked about this before.
9:29 am
if you really watch jack now that he is not in control of twitter, he's been silently in his responses and tweets supporting elon musk. this is a guy that is an uber progressive but like many progressives i speak to on a day-to-day basis, they've lost control. and they want to be sensitive to people's rights and feelings and they want to be welcoming. but they do feel the progressive wing has gone way too far. but they don't know what to do about it. so in comes elon musk. he's kind of like silently supporting. as it relates to the president of the united states, of course, he should be let back on the platform. i mean, we have enemies of america that are still on twitter. the question is does it benefit donald trump being on twitter? now, i would argue him chasing back and forth, i don't think it's productive of the former president. i think the biggest thing that he has right now is joe biden's failures and continued to highlight that, go around the country with these rallies talking with those people about the issues that matter to them the most.
9:30 am
>> harris: that's interesting. >> lawrence: is his best strategy. that's just me. >> harris: what i hear lawrence saying and i've heard many republicans and libertarians who support president trump say, you know what? it's good to have him out and about. but not fighting with the crowd on a platform. but he's got true social. he has his own platform. >> he has his own platform. i would argue it's beneficial for him to be on facebook. great advertising platform and instrumental to his election in 2016. i'll be interested to see what facebook does. they put a ton of pressure on facebook in particular because remember, they extended the ban until january of 2023. probably shortly before, i would guess, if president trump runs, he's going to declare he's running. it would be beneficial to be back on facebook. sorry, jack dorsey, you can say your stance now. you oversaw this last ban, the hunter biden story where 36% of biden voters didn't know about it. 13% said they wouldn't have voted for him if she had known. i'm sorry, this is too little too late. >> harris: that speaks to the issue, what kind of power did he
9:31 am
have or not have? was he lying then or now? i'm sure he's a nice guy with the whole castaway beard and everything. anyway, chicago mayor tweeted this. a call to arms. chicago mayor lori lightfoot tweets to my friends in the lgbtq and plus community, the supreme court is coming for us next. this moment has to be a call to arms. emily, is that a call for violence? like what is that? >> emily: it is! i mean, to be frank, there is true incitement of violence on twitter but it's ok as long as it's against the right. let's drill down to exactly why president trump was banned from twitter, right? remember, they said we are against the glorification of violence. and when you drill down into the two tweets that they pointed to by the former president, he just was calling america first, make america great again, america patriots. compared with what the chicago mayor tweeted, compared with so many verified twitter accounts who have called for things like burn it down referring to the
9:32 am
country and the supreme court. how is american patriots the glorification of violence and burn it down isn't? it's such a double standard and so audacious and so shameless. unfortunately, it's what we've come to expect. that's why so many people are looking forward to the new twitter under elon musk. if he rips off that vibe, because at least then there should be semblance of fairness applied to it because the incitement of violence is real. when it's applied on top of supreme court home protests right now, i fear for what could happen. >> harris: all right, quickly, let's talk chocolate milk because elon musk did. and animal rights groups now are angry at musk. get this, liking chocolate milk, the billionaire posted a tweet simply saying and we can pop it up. insanely good. they jumped on musk immediately saying drinking cow's milk is like driving a gas guzzler.
9:33 am
>> i'm glad with today's inflation numbers they can afford to buy chocolate milk. there's a lot of people that would like to buy chocolate milk. that's luxury for your kids because you have to buy the regular milk and chocolate milk is a delicacy at this point. i am lactose intolerant and i would give anything for chocolate milk right now and i miss ice cream. i have to drink non-dairy alternatives. >> harris: they make a great chocolate -- >> morgan: no, i miss milk. >> harris: that's an interesting point, too. now everybody is -- he's done it, right? elon musk has engaged people in such a different way. like they're jumping on to the platform. they're not jumping off the platform which is what maybe liberals thought would happen once he bought it. all right, we'll move on. it is delicious, by the way. >> morgan: i remember. i just can't have it. >> harris: with cookies. great. anyway, coming up, governor
9:34 am
desantis wants to make sure the public school students learn. hard truth about communism while the left is taking a different approach when it comes to what our children are learning. that's next. if you own a home and need cash, call newday usa. why? home values are at all-time highs. use your va benefit now to turn the equity in your home into cash in your hand. newday lets you borrow all of your home's value. you could take out an average of $60,000. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank or credit union. more cash to pay credit card debt or cash to have on hand, so it's there when you need it. since newday's been granted automatic authority by the va, the process is fast and easy and newday can say yes when other lenders say no. call today.
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>> florida is god's country and we have a great governor who signed a bill this week requiring students to learn about communism. it also establishes november 7th as victims of communism day allowing high school teachers to discuss the regimes of communist leaders around the world and how people suffered under those regimes. bill would require teaching about stalin, mao and castro as well as poverty, starvation,
9:39 am
migration, systemic lethal violence and suppression of speech endured under those regimes. lawrence, it makes a ton of sense to me. unfortunately, the younger generation, you know, desantis said himself, saying capitalism has got to go. you need to understand the alternatives. >> lawrence: i learned this when i was running campus reform how ignorant and i don't mean that in an offensive way, that our young people are of our history and world history as well. you know, i like what the governor is doing. i would urge him to go a step further. there's a lot of adults today that are just not learning about american history, the good, bad and the ugly. i think all of it needs to be taught. people just learn about that. i've been growing up with that my whole life. that's american holiday and it comes from a place, people just learn about what lift every voice and sing was. so i think this is the great time. especially when you have c.r.t. and all the biggest offense to
9:40 am
that is just to lay it all on the table and allow kids not to reach conclusions, not to teach conclusions, but to teach the facts as the way they happened. >> harris: i like that. >> kayleigh: i think that's exactly right. both need to be taught no doubt about it. morgan, you're from florida as well. i remember growing up with the cuban community and i remember moms and dads talking to me who were first generation immigrants about what it was like to flee castro. and they express dismay over the younger generation, maybe second generation immigrants not understanding the realities they faced. >> morgan: and i think this bill is so particularly important in florida, too. as you said, we obviously have a lot of cuban-americans in florida that fled that regime but venezuelans as well. russians, right, my good friend carol who used to live in new york is now in florida. so many people are in florida and understand what it's like to live under a brutal dictatorship. what it's like to live under communism or even socialism. and as we see with the venezuelans. that's why i think this education is important.
9:41 am
and another key reason why it's important, there's a phrase that's being mainstreamed in our society, and that's the phrase "democratic socialism." right? and that's why i think it's so important because that is a phrase that is just -- there's too much cognitive dissidence there, right? you can't have under these regimes, you have a one party system. you have total control. you don't have democratic choices. and so if we're going to mainstream the phrase democratic socialism even more importantly, we should be teaching our kids what socialism and what communism actually means. >> kayleigh: makes a ton of sense to me, harris. when you look at the two parties, here's an example of republicans saying let's put parents in their child's education. let's teach about communism and not teach kindergarteners about sexuality and on the alternative, i read an article today about c.r.t. being taught to 4-year-olds, being taught to identify racist family members at the age of 4 years old. >> harris: and for some to be seen as aggressors in the room, and some to be seen as victims in the room.
9:42 am
which i mean, at that age, can stick with you a really long time if you don't have the counter value filled information, you know, flowing at you from home and other sources. that's the problem with only teaching part of the story. >> lawrence: that's right. >> harris: if you teach the whole story, it comes with context of it's history. and you'll pile that on with other things that you learn in life, and sooner or later, you'll be able to make your own decisions. that's the goal. that's how we raise our kids in general. when you potty train a child, you don't just teach him to go to one bathroom, right? we went to everyone, by the way, we were on a world tour of bathrooms with my second one. point of that is you teach them to apply what they've learned in every situation. and i like what you said, morgan, because there's a difference between communism and socialism. let's teach it all. and you wouldn't slap the sticker of democracy on either one of those things. >> kayleigh: emily? >> emily: democratic socialism, that phrase is a euphemism, right? it blinds the truth and that was part of the strategy in world war ii which really led to a narrative that had absolutely
9:43 am
tragic consequences for this entire world. and so when we try to ignore that, when the public education is sort of designed or geared towards creating a false one, then you're doomed to repeat so many inaccuracys and so many ignorances of that. i mean, growing up, my best friend's father, he was on the olympic rowing team for hungary. and he defected and fled the communist regime at the japanese olympics and came here and rode for us. i grew up hearing his stories of what happened in communist hungary and also what happened to him after he got here. and the stark contrast was so incredible to me. i'm so grateful to him for sharing those stories and as you say, if we don't have those stories, then we've lost everything. >> kayleigh: yep, coming up, california's housing crisis has gotten so bad that they're renting out bunkbeds. stick around for this story.
9:44 am
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9:47 am
>> americans still going backwards in their wallets. why didn't president biden put forward any new plans to turn inflation around? some thoughts about that and where we're headed with inflation. what's the republican plan to
9:48 am
respond to inflation? is it rick scott's or something else? congressman tom emmer is here and general jack keen is how it may play on the economy for years to come and senator john kennedy takes on the ministry of truth. i'm john roberts. join jillian turner and me for the top of the hour for "america reports." ♪ everybody ♪ ♪ everybody ♪ >> california has come up with an interesting solution to the housing crisis there. bunkbeds. you can rent this bunkbed style pod for just $800 a month. the space comes with 13 other roommates. but that may actually be a steal because the average rental price near stanford university there in palo alto goes for $2400 a month. morgan, this is why those of us from the east bay call it shalo
9:49 am
alto. >> if you like living that way and want to be bunked up, join the u.s. navy. everyone knows i'm in the navy, although i haven't served on a ship. but you know, join the navy. you can serve your country and get the g.i. bill so why go to san francisco? join the navy. there you go! >> emily: lawrence, i loved living like that in my sorority. that's when i was 19 and 20. can you imagine being like 30 and out a date and at the end of it, what do you do? come back to my dorm with 13 other people? >> lawrence: no. this guy is a scrub. listen, i come from humble beginnings so i'm not saying it's beneath me. but i don't want to return back to that lifestyle. yeah, hard pass. i don't think i can fit in the bunk bed. >> emily: that exceeds really the average rent across the country that you're getting for -- with 13 other roommates like living on one of those old mining camps. >> harris: we're coming out of a pandemic. how could you do that with 12
9:50 am
people you don't know? one. and i mean, you know, my husband, like you, tony is 6'4" his feet would be hanging off. he'd be nobody's friend in that camp. couldn't walk between the beds with him in there. i do scratch my head, too, about everything costs money. so why couldn't you put yourself in a situation where you have a roommate, somebody that you maybe know, share values with, that sort of thing or my goodness, go home. my parents would have loved to have me home. i left when i was 17 and never looked back. i had like five jobs at one point. you know, i wanted to be that independent person. but there's nothing wrong with going home. >> emily: and kayleigh, this is on the heels of, remember everyone's uproar, rightly so, of the housing crisis in china that led to allegations of abuse. so let's put side by side here of what's happening in china and then what is now being sold for $800 a pop. i don't see so much of a difference, do you? >> kayleigh: that's pretty crazy
9:51 am
comparison there. i will say to harris' point, 58% of young people live at home. that seems like a lot and millennials get a ton of hate for that. i think it's a little bit unmerited i would say i'm a millennial and we get a ton of criticism. it's like 70% of millennials between 18 and 40 want a home and cannot afford it. i have so much empathy. home prices have gone up like, i think, 120% since 1950s. there's homes, people put 13, 14 offers on and you only get it if you knew about it before he went on to market. i feel bad for the younger generation. people generated during the great recession in the obama years and can't find a home now under president biden. >> emily: to put this in context, it turned into a meme but it was real. burned out garage that sold for a million dollars in california. that was in palo alto. so this is that same just absolutely inflated land value place where stanford university is.
9:52 am
that apparently, for $800 a month, you can only rent a bunk bed. that's sort of an illustration of the toxic aspect and toxic nature to housing in california. >> harris: two things, david last hour on "the faulkner focus" told me we are headed for a real crisis in housing. and he laid out a few things. this was, you know, because david keeps talking right until he gets to the stairs so we're like fully in commercial and now i'm freaked out because he's telling me all this. when we look at it, why not stay home? you know, my parents said come home. you can save all your money. get that together for the first purchase. i worked, like i said, five jobs. but you always have options that may not look like that, you know. and why not join the navy? >> emily: all right, guys. coming up, why this actor and peta activist super glued himself to a starbucks counter. got to love those hollywood activists. stay with us.
9:53 am
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♪♪♪ >> a lot of country music. >> shout out to the producers today for all the great music. thanks, guys, we love you. anyway, james cromwell, the actor from the classic film "babe" is taking a stand and protesting, the overcharging of vegan milk, he's hot over that. cromwell super glued himself to a starbucks counter in manhattan, because they charge extra $0.70 for nondairy milk. oh, let's go to morgan. >> i'm being very jewish and
9:58 am
talking about my lactose intolerance the whole hour, like a "seinfeld" episode. i agree with him. i'm with you, buddy. >> you would super glue your fine self to the top of -- >> trying to get around. >> top of the starbucks counter, you would do that? >> maybe for free coffee for an hour or something. maybe to an old pair of pants. you know, you only live once. sometimes you have to super glue your butt. >> yolo. emily. >> isn't this what emilio estevez got in trouble for in "the breakfast club?" someone else's. if he's concerned about the prices, lobby your elected representatives, call up president biden because the reason that charges are so high is because of this administration, i throw out there.
9:59 am
>> but that would take a lot more energy. glue yourself to the counter. >> i think it's trashy, i really do. i think they should just cut him out, and then send him the bill to replace it, and kick him out of there. i don't think he cares about it. he's doing it for publicity. >> totally. >> we are talking about him, it worked. >> i don't know how starbucks feels about it, but the extra $0.70, they are making it right now because we are talking about them. >> that's true. i think this is next level crazy. i'm with warren, like cut the counter, i don't want my coffee on the counter this man was glued to, like egg bites, talk about that. >> bacon gryuere. >> and he can also pay the extra $0.70 for people, he can do it. >> hope he does not just take the jeans off. america is not ready for that. >> thank you for the visual.
10:00 am
>> talk about trashy. >> what time does your show come on saturday night? >> 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> and your mom's first name is? >> i'm not going to tell 'em. mama jones. >> thank you for the bottom of our hearts, you and your husband for raising such a wonderful son. "america reports" now. >> john: harris, thank you, and second your opinion on lawrence. a pro choice group planning protests outside the homes of all republican appoint d supreme court justices today in what's called walk by wednesday. >> the group known as ruth sent us has repeatedly staged pro choice protests, all in the wake of the leak supreme court draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. john kennedy is standing by, weigh in with his reaction in a moment. >> but


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