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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 11, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> what time does your show come on saturday night? >> 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> and your mom's first name is? >> i'm not going to tell 'em. mama jones. >> thank you for the bottom of our hearts, you and your husband for raising such a wonderful son. "america reports" now. >> john: harris, thank you, and second your opinion on lawrence. a pro choice group planning protests outside the homes of all republican appoint d supreme court justices today in what's called walk by wednesday. >> the group known as ruth sent us has repeatedly staged pro choice protests, all in the wake of the leak supreme court draft opinion that would overturn roe v. wade. john kennedy is standing by, weigh in with his reaction in a moment. >> but first, to another fox
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news alert to kick off "america reports" for this wednesday. national average of gasoline prices, a record high. inflation is still near a 40-year high. hello, i'm john roberts. gillian, good afternoon to you. >> gillian: great to be with you, i'm gillian turner in for sandra smith. according to aaa, average of 4.40 a gallon. up $0.03 from just yesterday, which by the way also set a record. overall, consumer prices rose 8.3% year to year during the month of april. >> john: consumer price index on an upward trend since president biden took office, although the latest inflation rate is down a little bit from 8.5% increase in march, still the highest since 1981. a recent fox poll finds 87% of americans are extremely or very concerned about inflation. president biden says inflation is unacceptably high and says bringing it down is his top
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priority. >> gillian: he's also, though, deflecting blame from his administration's spending, instead of blaming ultra maga republicans in congress. their only real plan is raise taxes on working families. >> john: art laffer is standing by. but first, to jacqui heinrich, live at the white house. is the president taking any responsibility for these lingering inflation numbers? >> jacqui: john, only in so far as calling inflation top economic priority but owning the blame himself or policies none of that. he got out ahead of in the speech, blaming vladimir putin, ultra maga republicans and claiming his policies helped, not hurt. and we expect to hear more of the same in a speech from him in illinois today. the white house calls a summary of biden's remarks the impact of putin's invasion in ukraine on
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food prices at home and abroad, and give farmers the tools and resources to boost domestic food production. part would double funding for domestic fertilizer production but farming takes gas and the gas prices are through the roof. gas is at 4.40, up $0.03 from yesterday. and diesel, 5.55, up from average 3.12 a year ago. top concern for americans. 87% are worried about inflation and higher prices. the president announced no new policy initiatives to address this, claiming, though, that it would be worse for your pocket book if republicans controlled congress. >> what's the congressional republican plan? they don't want to solve inflation by lowering your costs. they want to solve it by raising your taxes and lowering your income. >> jacqui: facing strong head winds ahead of midterms,
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11-point economic proposal from senator rick scott, it proposes a modest tax increase on some of the lowest paid americans but rejected by republican leadership, including senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and rick scott admitted few republicans have signed on. >> clearly it's not the platform for the republican party, i put out my ideas. we are going to continue to make changes. my point with that. we have a low labor participation rate, we have to get people back to work. >> jacqui: jen psaki was pressed to define the ultra maga republicans the white house is trying to shift some blame to and she named two senators and one congressman who expressed support out of 260 odd g.o.p. members of congress. we will wait and see if the president doubles down on the rhetoric in illinois, john. >> john: sounds they are doing
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some farming where you are, jacqui. art laffer, when you look at the overall inflation number higher than expected, lower than march, core inflation is still up, 6.2%, exceeding expectations, wages again lost, this time 2.6% against inflation. what do you make of what we are seeing? >> well, i just think biden is crazy on saying it didn't have anything to do with him because if you look when the inflation starts, it starts almost literally the day he takes office and it's just been rising steadily. we did have a slight drop this month in the c.p.i. but that was due to the numbers dropping off the index 12 months ago that were fairly high. they are going to be dropping, the numbers should decline a little next month and the month after as well. in the three months prior to the election, that number is just going to shoot up because the numbers dropped off are very, very small john, does not look very good for biden and this administration. >> john: we talk about overall
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inflation, core inflation, wage growth, negative wage growth. people cannot get their heads around those numbers, they are so broad. energy cost, year to year, up 30.3%. utility gas, 22.7. chicken, 16.4, milk, 14.7, new cars up 14.2%, used cars up 22.7%. airline ticket, up 33.3%. it's a wonder inflation is only 8.3%. >> i'm dizzy with you reading off those numbers, john. the one i look at very carefully are rents. that's about 30% of the index, and the rents have just been steadily rising. rents are renewals, and rents of new renters and the new renters numbers are going way higher, so this is a very, very big indicator of the system there and it's going to last a long time. also, the producers price index, the inflation at the stage
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before the consumer price index, that was up 11.2% i believe last month, which indicates this is going to continue and also when you look at the fed policies even though they have raised rates lately, they have to raise rates a lot more before they tamp down inflation and they are not going to do that, john. it's not going to happen. i'm afraid we'll have to live with inflation for quite some time. >> president biden came out to talk about this ahead of the number today. put forward no new ideas, the only thing he really did was stick with the plans i've already laid out, which some people say have led to where we are now, one of those people being san francisco fed, and then the president sought to demonize the republican plan that's not even the republican plan. he's in a tough spot here. >> he's grabbing for straws,
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john. if he with had done build back better, you think it's inflation now, you would not imagine what it would be if we passed build back better. the infrastructure bill was bad enough. he ought to undo the things he did in the first 15 months in office and that inflation would then come down to where it was before he came in. but that's not in his repertoire he's going to fight it to the very end. >> john: political implications history here, 2010 midterms democrats lost 63 house seats and six senate seats, and 1982, george h. w. bush approval dove, after the economy started slowing down, down at 29%. economy recovered, he never did. >> no, he did not.
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and he promised me at the convention, if you go back to that sam donaldson thing, he said i promise i will not raise taxes, read my lips. and you know, if you tried to read his lips, john, you couldn't see his nose was growing so fast. but you know, there the raising taxes having high inflation, killers for elections and biden has got both of those going for him. i don't see how he survives this midterm election. >> john: it will give us something to talk about between now and november 8th and after that as well. >> sure there. >> john: thanks for spending time with us. >> john: when you take a look at that, gillian, 1992 number, the economy did come back but bush 41 never recovered, it was baked in. we are in may now, are the sentiments already baked in? >> very well might be, john. a blame game, the rhetoric you dug into, and that's important. what's more important to focus on when we talk about this i think is the fact that biden's
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own policies have not really helped the problem to abate over the last few months. in terms of energy prices, you know, releasing all those barrels from the strategic reserve, adding more ethanol, none has made a dent. >> what's crazy, traffic is worse and worse every day. i don't know if people are happy to pay the prices but they are paying them. >> gillian: pro choice activists are planning yet more protests today at the homes of all six conservative supreme court justices. protestors are also picketing outside of nancy pelosi's home, accusing her and democrats in am complicit to allowing roe v. wade from being potentially overturned. and chad is here. >> one of the most divisive issues in politics is heading for the show vote in the senate,
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the senate takes a test vote to begin a bill to codify roe, 60 votes are necessary, may not even break 50 yeas. >> i'm talking to you, joe manchin, to you, susan collins, talking to you lisa, anychoosing not to. >> joe manchin says he will vote no today. bob casey changed his position, he will vote yes. he has been pro life but casey does not like the court ending roe. >> republicans announcing that they are going to introduce legislation to impose a six-week ban nationwide, so had all that
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talk about federalism and all that seems to have gone out the window. >> it's unclear if pro life voices are still welcome in the democratic party. mitch mcconnell doubts the senate would ever have the votes for a nationwide abortion ban. >> it's safe to say there aren't 60 votes there at the federal level, no matter who is in the majority, no matter who is in the white house. i think widespread sentiment of my conference is this issue will be dealt with at the state level. >> both sides are using the vote to demonstrate where they stand on abortion. the outcome is predetermined. today's roll call is one of the biggest show votes in recent memory. gillian. >> gillian: sounds like a whole lot of showboating, might call that capitol hill's area of expertise. chad, thanks so much. >> john: dramatic new video showing the capturing of suspect
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casey white and the former deputy who helped him break out of jail, and new details how they stayed on the run for more than a week. >> gillian: ukraine says the military has captured villages near kharkiv. both inching towards military stalemate, experts threat europe may be in for a years' long war. general jack keane and his take next. >> i think there is a good portion of people who want to do as much as we can to help ukraine, but there's no doubt that once again, we saw the democrats try to stuff in here as much as they could to continue spending more money. veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value.
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>> john: ukraine blocking the transferring of natural gas to europe citing interference by the occupying forces, comes as zelenskyy claims his company pushed invading troops out of four villages in the northeast. retired general jack keane joins us in moments with analysis, but begin with trey yingst on the ground in kyiv. officials are finding more evidence of russian war crimes, is that correct? >> that's exactly right. much of the war has shifted to eastern ukraine, residents in the suburbs of kyiv are still trying to recover and get their lives back together after russian occupation. >> anna picks up debris outside of her home. a few weeks ago she returned here, where the body of her husband was found under the rubble. anna says he was shot in the back of the head. his hands were tied, and his
10:19 am
fingers were shot off, she adds. inside her kitchen where the couple used to prepare dinner together, window frames are stained with blood. up a narrow staircase, anna flips through photos in the bedroom they once vard. i think it was his birthday, looking at images, as she processes his debt. he did not want to leave, what can i say more. this is my fate. every resident of irpin has a story to tell. some escaped and returned to find their lives in pieces. others hunkered down amid the gunfire and incoming artillery. down the street from anna, constantine chops wood outside of his garage. he spent more than a month during the russian occupation living underground. we follow him down a metal ladder and into his cellar as he lights a candle.
10:20 am
he points to the cans of tomatoes and peppers he survived on, speaking slowly, he remembers the weeks he spent isolated from the world. the uncertainty, he says, trailing off, it was a horrible condition for my soul. as ukrainian forces recap tour territory, they are encountering similar scenes of death and destruction. john trey, thank you, gillian. >> gillian: bring in retired four star general jack keane, fox news senior strategic analyst, great to see you, month three now and the u.s. intelligence community believes some of the reason why a stalemate and sort of prolonged fighting is more likely than ever before, putin is unaware of reality. he's not aware of the true extent of military losses so
10:21 am
likely to keep at this no matter how much russian soldiers, no matter he might ultimately lose this war. >> well, i disagree with that a little bit because the head of the russian military and probably the best general they produced in the generation, he's the founder of hybrid warfare so successful in crimea and eastern ukraine, he visited a week ago down at the tactical level, and i think that's why putin's remarks on may 9th were so tempered, no threat of escalation, no commitment to intensifying the war, certainly no threats against united states and nato in terms of assisting ukraine, no veiled threats about nuclear weapons. result of an honest assessment for the first time in terms of what is really happening. >> gillian: oh, interesting. >> and i think what has happened
10:22 am
here is really significant. ukrainians obviously have had great success around kharkiv, pushed the russians back almost to the vicinity now of the russian border. it's likely the russian control of kharkiv will collapse in several days. that will be the second most significant accomplishment that ukraine has had since obviously since the fall of the russians failed to capture the capital city of kyiv. and also what's happening is the russians are pulling back forces in the vicinity of izyum on the access to the donbas to help out with the problems at car kyiv, but our assessment is they will not be successful. ukrainians are going to continue to succeed to force this collapse, which is quite significant. the second thing is donbas offensive is stalled and our
10:23 am
assessment is it will fail. the russians will not succeed to take the entire donbas region. so these are very significant events that are taking place. you talk about a stalemate, if the europeans are talking about stalemate now, that means the effectlessness of them is rising again. any stalemate obviously favors russia. it will freeze in place as well as of a ceasefire what the ukrainians are successfully doing and they have no interest in stopping the success of their operations. >> gillian: maybe putin is getting a dose of reality from his advisors. senator king seemed to pin part of the blame where we are now in this conflict where ukraine is, in this conflict on the u.s. intelligence community.
10:24 am
>> i think the intelligence community did a great job on this issue, senator. >> general, how can you possibly say that when we were told explicitly kyiv would fall in three days and ukraine would fall in two weeks? you're telling me that was accurate intelligence? >> so we were focussed on the russian forces at the time and so when we backed -- >> we were wrong about that, too, we overestimated the russians. >> gillian: everyone likes to dunk on the u.s. intelligence community, general. is this line of attack fair? is it now the intelligence community's job to predict the future or their job to provide realtime so that military commanders and politicians can make decisions? >> yeah, i mean, that's the thrust of it. policy makers on the stand, the decisions reside with them. they get information from the intelligence community based on different levels of reliability, to be sure. was the intelligence community
10:25 am
off here, no doubt, they clearly were, as just about everybody else to include my humble self in that regard. but -- >> gillian: good thing no one is listening. right, no one is watching right now. >> something good came out of that, you know. i think the intelligence community's recommendation to the policy makers to release the classified information about russia's behavior and also russia's request of china for economic and military support was really a powerful precedent-setting thing they did, and really impacted russia's behavior, and also china is not providing any economic or military assistance of any consequence, and both of those things done well, is the senator right about the intelligence community failures early on, yeah, he's absolutely right. >> gillian: thank you for joining us, gifting us with your humble self. appreciate it as always.
10:26 am
>> thanks, gillian. good talking to you. >> john: fox news has learned a new york supreme court judge has conditionally lifted an order of contempt against former president trump. ruling to stand permanently trump must meet several conditions, paying $110,000 fine to the new york state attorney general to may 20th. investigating trump's business practices as part of a civil suit. stunning reversal, a man convicted of killing a state trooper in 1973 set to go through, a woman convicted of murder in the case fled to cuba. why is he getting out now? >> gillian: plus, it is a war of words now between president biden and florida senator rick scott. scott is lashing out, and
10:27 am
chairman of the republican congressional committee is going to give us his hot take coming up next. >> business, everybody will go to him and say you know, joe, thanks, you tried hard, you can't do it, we have to get somebody in to fix this economy and joe biden can't do it.
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>> john: moments ahead, we'll tell you why a man who committed murder is granted parole. one of the country's most notorious cases. first, president biden aims to set up a stark contrast between democrats and republicans. the florida senator responding to criticism on fox and friends earlier today. listen. >> think about joe biden's experience. he's voted for every tax
10:32 am
increase since he's been in the senate, the debt of the country from less than a trillion to 30 trillion and his plan to take it to $45 trillion. he constantly wants to raise taxes and the democrats raise taxes since biden has been in office on poor families. >> some in the republican party are turning on scott, accusing him of putting himself in before the party. tom emmer, good to see you, thanks for spending time. i interviewed rick scott about this on fox news sunday back at the end of march. he did this on his own, put it out there without checking with the leadership, it was immediately dismissed by mitch mcconnell as a nonstarter, mcconnell knew the democrats would turn this into a campaign ad, which apparently they have. >> well, listen. rick scott has a point, john, if you think about it, joe biden wants to talk about anything but his record, right. record inflation like we have
10:33 am
not seen in 40 years, a crime wave across the country because of this ridiculous defund the police nonsense his party advocates for. open border to the south, instability all around the globe because of unknown foreign policy. these things joe biden does not want to talk about, he'll pick a fight with anybody to get him off the topic. >> john: but there are, congressman, some republicans and mitch mcconnell among them and others who looked at scott and said why did you do this? you just gave the president an opportunity to go on national television over the last few days and tell anybody who is listening that the republicans want to raise taxes and they want to sunset things like social security and medicare. rick scott pushed back against that today. listen here. >> there's nothing that the president said that's in there. what i've said is let's get people back to work so they have skin in the game.
10:34 am
>> john: skin in the game was a phrase put out there. what the rescue america plan does, says all americans should pay some income tax to have skin in the game even if a small amount. currently over half americans pay no income tax. and sunsets in five years, if a law is worth keeping congress can pass it again. did you say why is he putting this out here in an election year, you are just giving ammunition to the other side? >> i don't think the legislator putting out proposals is giving any ammunition. when you've literally got a president who has been so incompetent from day one, john. you've got inflation that's over 8% right now. everybody is paying more for gas, to groceries, and everything in between. and no matter what this president or nancy pelosi or chuck schumer or any democrat tries to do to point the finger at someone else, look, the american p ub is much smarter than they are giving them credit for. they know they are responsible for the inflation that's
10:35 am
crushing the middle class in this country and they are going to make a change next fall regardless of what this president or someone else on the other side of the aisle might want to spin against republicans. it's simply not believable, john. >> john: some republicans say they were content to watch joe biden fall all over himself and then put out something to hang our hat on and convince voters who voted democrat in 2020 to the republican side, but now looking at rick scott saying you have taken us off message, you have given them something to attack us with, instead of watching them shoot themselves full of holes. >> i run the campaign for the house republicans and mitch mcconnell is right, a referendum on this, incompetence of this administration next november. but mccarthy and the republicans will be putting out our plant, a value proposition for american
10:36 am
voters to show not only what is wrong with the incompetent leadership of the biden administration, nancy pelosi, et. al. but what you get if you vote for republican congress. and so a value proposition is not a bad thing. >> did rick scott turn some of your thunder in the wrong direction? >> i do not think so at all. everybody has an election certificate, the right to put out proposals, to discuss them, but i want you to stay focussed on the fact this administration would like to talk about anything but their failures, when it comes to inflation, crime, border, that's what the american people are focussed on, john. >> john: i think that's what mitch mcconnell was worried about. congressman tom emmer from the great state of minnesota. >> gillian: stunning new developments out of new jersey supreme court, a man convicted a cop nearly five decades ago granted parole.
10:37 am
served 49 years for killing a trooper. joanne chimer also convicted of murder in the case led to cuba after escaping prison. alexis has details on the court's stunning reversal. >> his attorney tells me he's expected to be released in the next week. he'll then live with his daughter in brooklyn. he was sentenced to life in prison, served nearly 50 years behind bars after investigators say he shot and killed a new jersey state trooper in the 1970s, a picture of him being arrested at the crime scene. now ruling he will be released from prison. no proof that he would commit another crime if he was released. new jersey governor phil murphy is deeply disappointed by this decision. his lawyer says the governor needs to respect the law. listen. >> we have been fighting for this man's release, not because we reward someone who kills a police officer, but because our
10:38 am
law says that when a man has changed and lived peacefully for decades in prison we must release him. >> it started here on the new jersey turnpike in may of 1973. acoli and two other members of the black liberation army were stopped by police and then there was a shootout. acoli's lawyer said he probably did not pull the trigger. 31-year-old new jersey state trooper who you see here was shot and killed that day. the young husband and father lost his life while trying to protect the community. >> every man or woman that puts a uniform on i think has been disrespected by this decision. the>> investigators say black liberation army leader who you see here fired the first shot at police. she was convicted of murder. she escaped from prison. she's hiding out in cuba, according to officials. she is the first woman to ever be on the fbi most wanted list.
10:39 am
acoli says he has not had any contact with her, does not want any, he served his time and she is still on the run. gillian. >> gillian: thanks so much, john. >> john: gillian, murder suspect casey white back behind bars extradited to alabama after being captured in indiana. the former deputy who risked it all to help him break out of jail, she's now dead. details on the arrest warrant and what he has been charged with coming up next. >> gillian: a major story you are unlikely to hear elsewhere. u.s. intelligence officials are ringing the alarm. warning china is prepping the military to launch a complete takeover of taiwan. the state department insists there is no change to the one china policy but experts are flagging a small change made recently to the department's website. listen. >> if russia is able to dismember the democracy in
10:40 am
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pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. >> john: fox news alert, escaped alabama inmate casey white is hit with first-degree escape charges, this according to the arrest warrant. escaped inmate arrived back in alabama overnight following 11 days on the run, alongside former corrections officer vicky white who fatally shot herself following monday's car chase. this shows the moment the pair is captured. steve is in florence, alabama with the latest. what does the video tell us and what was found inside the car? >> the dramatic dash cam video shows moments after the get away war was rammed by the u.s. marshal, flipped over in a ditch. they quickly cuffed casey white, she was in the passenger seat and she shot herself in the head
10:45 am
with a handgun. a single shot. extricated, she was taken to the hospital and she died. casey waived extradition, a quick arraignment and him under heavy guard, back to a state prison about 100 miles away. he is still serving out his 75 year term, it could change to a possibly death penalty when he faces a murder trial next month. still a lot of questions surrounding vicky white. how could an exemplary employee 17 years open the gate and go off with a confessed murderer. the mood here among officials is changing to one of anger and betrayal. here is the sheriff. >> absolutely, i mean, i just -- again, you know, just hard to believe that it was possible for her to do something like this, and what possessed her to do it we'll never know. but absolutely, she turned her back on her co-workers at the detention center, her law enforcement family, and you
10:46 am
know, she put our law enforcement officers across this country at great risk. >> it appears vicky did most of the planning. they used four cars in the 11-day spree, starting out in alabama, moving north to tennessee and then north again to indiana. inside the final car, a cadillac, wigs, $29,000 in cash, four handguns and ar-15. casey showed no remorse. he hoped if caught it would end in a gun fight with police, john. >> suicide by cop. steve, thank you. gillian. >> gillian: nypd officer shot in the arm by a suspect with a lengthy rap sheet. and now why was he on the streets in the first place? >> john: and lawmakers are
10:47 am
pushing to defund the new disinformation board. byron york joins us coming up next. >> this is a good example of big government socialism at work. this is a censorship board. e hi? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it and after a period of time, my memory improved. it was a game-changer for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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10:50 am
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10:51 am
>> john: could lawmakers defund what critics are calling president biden's ministry of truth? why the self-proclaimed mary poppins could be out of a job. byron york, but first, tragic milestone in the war on drugs. c.d.c. says more than 107,000 americans died from drug overdoses in 2021, that's a 15% increase over the previous year, and translates to one overdose death every five minutes in this country. experts say the pandemic, including lockdowns and other restrictions made the drug problem even worse. gillian. >> gillian: republican lawmakers are demanding the new homeland security disinformation board be defunded as more details come to light about its chair woman, nina jankowicz and the disinformation she herself has allegedly put forward over the years. >> president biden's disinformation governance board
10:52 am
must be completely dismantled. let's hope that secretary mayorkas has common sense as says it was a dumb idea. it's un-american and and we need to defund it. >> gillian: byron york, also a fox news contributor, so we have known for weeks jankowicz has not stayed away from wading into the most contentious political hot button issues in the past speaking out on them. we are learning she herself has put forward disinformation directly to the american people on social media. let's take a look at one tweet from 2016, we don't have time to show you all of them trump had not one, but two email servers to deal with russian bank, unbelievable. this was not true.
10:53 am
>> we found out nina jankowicz endorsed a number of allegations in the 2016 campaign. the alpha bank story alleged that the trump campaign and this bank in russia were, their computers were in close communications. story came out before the election was completely deburned, never had anything to it, and -- >> and floated by the hillary clinton campaign, that trump had connections to alpha bank, right? >> yes. she also floated another story, by the way, which ended up in the mueller report, carter page, a low ranking foreign policy aide to donald trump had gone to russia where a person close to putin had offered him millions of dollars to drop u.s. sanctions toward russia and it
10:54 am
didn't happen. it was another one of those reports that got people like nina jankowicz very excited inn 2016 campaign and in 2017, and just did not happen. >> gillian: take a look at this, byron, a few things jankowicz has spoken out about publicly or social media, false trump russia claim, doubted the hunter biden laptop story was true, she called it fake. praised the author of the debunk steele dossier, british foreign agent, and expressed concerns recently that elon musk was going to take over twitter. she's gotten a lot of things wrong, and we don't expect our government officials to look at the future, but to look at the record when they are debunked. >> basic flaw, fundamental flaw of a disinformation governance board. it's something that even a number of people believed at one
10:55 am
time might turn out to be untrue not long afterwards. for example, the lab leak theory, or the origins of covid when it was completely debunked and then saying oh, it is true, looks that way. it can be tomorrow's fact and the idea of getting the government in the business of suppressing "disinformation" really could easily lead to the idea of the government suppressing truth. >> and here a prime example, how can we expect the government to set the record straight when they are not even correcting their own senior officials who are tasked with targeting disinformation. byron, we have to leave it there. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> john: new at 2:00, president biden promised to be the uniter in chief. why is he resorting to name calling over record inflation
10:56 am
and a looming recession? joe concha weighs in on that. senator john kennedy, and more coming up as "america reports" rolls on. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your paymentsby over $600 a month. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
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11:00 am
>> john: the world has been watching the horrors of war in ukraine, another massive army has been quietly building up and practicing its moves. american intelligence officials are sounding the alarm. >> provided xi jinping's determination to force unification with taiwan on beijing's terms. beijing is prepared to use military force if it decides this is necessary. >> gillian: new at 2:00, china's military is surrounding taiwan for what it calls military drills, with chinese military planes invading taiwan's air space on the daily.
11:01 am
>> john: what is china up to? is president biden up to a possible challenge if china decides to go rogue? welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. good to be with you again. >> gillian: thanks for keeping me around for hour two, john. gillian turner in for sandra smith. >> every instinct you have is wrong, the opposite would have to be right. >> john: comes to fighting inflation, take a page out of george castanza's book. >> republicans offer plenty of blame but not a single solution. our prices are rising because of putin's action.
11:02 am
padding profits, the reason for inflation is the supply chains were cut off. >> after passing the buck on the botched afghanistan withdrawal and then the border crisis, now inflation. the president this hour set to talk about what the white house has coined putin's price hike. >> john: safe bet he'll throw a few shots at republicans as well, the president who ran on uniting is not living up to his promises. >> an hour or so south of chicago. hi, garrett. >> good afternoon to you. across the board, food prices are up nearly 11% from a year ago, which is the largest one-year increase in more than 40 years. that is a big concern for the white house, and that is why president biden is set to visit this illinois farm showing up here in the next few minutes or so. he is expected to lay out
11:03 am
several new actions his administration is taking to try and lower food prices and boost production, including increasing the availability of crop insurance for farmers to plant a second crop in the same year, technical assistance for agriculture tools and investing $500 million in domestic fertilizer production, in demand since prices have nearly quadrupled since the start of the pandemic. farmers i have spoken with say none of those actions is likely to have any major impact on food prices or production. and a member of the illinois farm bureau said the biggest thing to help farmers, get energy prices under control. >> the problem is just everything is inflated. diesel fuel is over $5 a gallon, and energy runs the whole show. we use natural gas to make ammonia fertilizer and some in the production of phosphorus and potash, and transportation, fuel
11:04 am
for our tractors, energy is driving everything. >> farmers say there is not a whole lot of good quick fix options to address the food production or prices, but with the midterms coming up and inflation where it is, it's an opportunity for the president to make the case that he is taking action regardless how effective that action may be. >> gillian: thanks so much, john. >> john: bring in joe concha, columnist for "the hill" and fox news contributor. a tweet from august 16, 2020, the president said "here's my promise to you, if i'm elected president i will always choose to unite rather than divide. i'll take responsibility instead of blaming others. i'll never forget that the job isn't about me, it's about you." joe, go. >> john plenty of other tweets
11:05 am
too as a candidate and president. i love how they referenced my favorite "seinfeld" episode of all time. you must rent it or see it. >> john: we'll get to it in a second. >> the buck stops with everyone else and everywhere else administration, and this a president at 33% approval in quinnipiac, and he continues to blame the party is not in power, that's in the minority. it is laughable and the american people are not buying it. poll after poll shows overwhelming majority of americans blame this president for inflation due to the trillions in additional spending we saw last year. joe biden first said it was transitory, and then blaming vladimir putin, and now blaming republicans who again are not in power. and the president blames gas prices -- i'm sorry, blamed for gas prices at an all-time high and still continues to blame everywhere else, and anyone else while failing to recognize that
11:06 am
he's stopped the keystone pipeline five minutes after he took office and trying to convert the country to green energy and the southern border as well, the president blames donald trump for what's happening at the border with millions crossing under his watch. unintentional comedy is priceless, guys. >> gillian: it's not just on inflation they are passing the buck, but confronting the team nearly day one they have chosen to go down this route of blaming others. it was the trump administration fault for the gasoline shortage, and the taliban for afghanistan, and border crisis in the nation, it speaks to a pattern of deflection that i think is unpalatable, not just to
11:07 am
republicans but to honest working americans. >> sure, gillian. and the pattern goes back at least with joe biden well before he took office. he voted for the 2003 iraq war, only to insist afterwards that he was one of the biggest critics of it. he's on record time and again talking about how important it was to take out saddam hussein and take out the weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. and he blames the military experts for the botched withdrawal out of afghanistan. and they went on to say that it was the president who did not take their advice how to handle it. a majority of americans don't believe the president has the mental sharpness to do the most important job in the country and never probably had the right instincts in the first place, and we are headed for a red
11:08 am
tsunami, and the cheesy blame game. >> john: wall street journal op-ed citing your favorite episode. president biden on tuesday tried to get ahead of wednesday's inflation report with the speech rehashing the well worn proposals to reduce prices, boost subsidies and increase regulation. take jerry's advice to george and do the opposite to every policy instinct. >> every instinct i have en every as spent of life, something to wear, something to eat, is often wrong. >> if every instinct is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right. >> yes, i will do the opposite. i used to sit here and do nothing and regret it for the rest of the day. so now i will do the opposite. >> john: it worked out well for george, at least in diner, got a delicious meal and the attentions of a beautiful
11:09 am
blonde. >> that's right, and he tells the blonde, she introduced herself and my name is george, i'm unemployed and live with my parents. did the opposite of his instinct. and then goes for the job interview at yankees stadium,s before they won the world series in 1994, and he says hire that man. so maybe it's the george way or another 1990s movie, and "the bronx tale," every time he bet on something he lost and it was getting mushed after a while. they probably apply here. >> gillian: you've been critical of the president's messaging in the past, the press team's messaging, when everybody is not on the same page in key issues. here it seems everybody are is on board. and even staging big events for
11:10 am
the president where he travels to other states, they title the events putin's price hike. do you give them some point for getting their ducks in a row here? >> if it were accurate and ducks in a row, fine. but putin's price hike, people know how to read graphs and charts and see inflation started in early 2021 to go up. so when you start to blame vladimir putin, which obviously invaded ukraine in february, all the way over here on the chart as inflation continued to go up, not many people are buying it. and they say this is on joe biden, and not on vladimir putin or republicans. unless you come forward with solutions instead of saying those guys are to blame, i don't see how the party in power stays the party in power in the house where they lost what, 63 seats in 2010 you were saying earlier, and eight seats in the house or six seats in the house in 2010, and that's when barack obama was polling a lot higher than joe biden was, or is right now.
11:11 am
so, it's hard to see how this party holds on to the house and the senate and the white house becomes a crap shoot in 2024. i have a feeling more than a few in the democratic party, or 18, 20 candidates like in 2020, great for cable news, but either way, we'll be busy. >> gillian: and biden's sister says he is running, there you go. >> that's true, yes. so, that -- that nails it. what else are they going to say before a midterm, that he's not running? more and more democrats don't want him to run, that's very telling. >> john: and 63 seats they lost, six in the senate. >> used to have that memorized. oh, well. >> gillian: a million news cycles away from that now. >> john: fox news alert, governor glenn youngkin of the
11:12 am
commonwealth of virginia has reached out to the fairfax county board of supervisors saying he is writing to request that the fairfax county police department establish an expanded security perimeter around the homes of the three current justices from the supreme court who reside in fairfax county. based on credible and specific information received about up coming activities planned at the justices and their families, neighbors and law enforcement heroes dedicated to preserving peace and order in the communities, expanded security perimeter be established. see what the board of supervisors does in response to that. the official request of the governor of the commonwealth of virginia adds another layer of security and perimeter around the homes of those justices in the face of those increased protests. >> i live around the corner virtually from one of the justices, not tell you who, but every day while i go to work,
11:13 am
whether i'm going to get my morning coffee on the weekend, whatever it is, i look at that house and i think they are so vulnerable, and it's this country, if they can afford secret service protection for the president's kids and their kids and his cousins and his second cousins once removed, it's about time we provided these very vulnerable high profile public figures with some degree of protection. a lot of them are, you know, over 65 years old as well. they are not really gonna be able to take on predators as easily as some other folks. >> john: and remember what happened to new jersey judge esther salas. >> a crazed gunman came to her husband looking for her, and shot her husband and son, and her son died. she is saying the administration needs to wake up. security situation is a real problem, it needs to be addressed.
11:14 am
>> gillian: even before the protests, and more of them are expected at the homes of the six conservative justices. the white house is standing behind those demonstrations. critics say the protests directly violate federal law. >> john: republican lawmakers pushing back on the mary poppins of disinformation. and what is their plan to combat the ministry of truth? louisiana senator john kennedy will explain coming up next. and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. we called and we got $68,201.
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11:19 am
>> john: jumping back in here, we want to go to kankakee, illinois, where president biden is making comments about vladimir putin and inflation. >> we are seeing with putin's
11:20 am
war in ukraine like the backbone of freedom. you know, i was at a factory not long ago, eight days ago, down in alabama. and they make javelin missiles to help the ukrainians stave off the russians, beat them back in their aggression. and i pointed out that the proof point that america's the arsenal of democracy, that's what they are. we always have been, we have been the arsenal of democracy. i stand here today to thank american farmers who are the bread basket of democracy, really are. every investment banker could leave their job, if every farmer left we would starve to death. all the jobs are important. think about it, right now america's fighting on two fronts, at home, inflation and rising prices. abroad, it's helping ukrainians defend their democracy and
11:21 am
russian atrophies exist and jeff and the american farmers understand putin's war has cut off critical sources of food. ukraine was the world's largest producer of wheat and corn and cooking oil, wheat the largest. ukraine says they have 20 million tons of grain in their silos right now. 20 million tons. and guess what, those tons don't get to market an awful lot of people in africa are going to starve to death because they are the sole, sole supplier of the number of african countries, i won't go through them all. the point is this, because of what the russians are doing and the black sea, putin has warships, battleships preventing access to ukrainian ports to get this grain out, to get this wheat out. brutal war launched on ukrainian soil has prevented ukrainian farmers from planting next
11:22 am
year's crop, and next year's harvest. and they are not doing too darn well in russia either. russia is the second largest producer but we are doing something about it and our farmers are helping on both fronts, reducing the cost of, price of food at home and expanding production and feeding the world in need. you know, i just toured jeff's beautiful family farm, 800 acres of soybeans, corn and wheat. we talked about farmers all across america, what they are experiencing today. in addition to putin's war in ukraine, it's been cold and wet this spring-like cold today. we waited for 90° weather until i showed up here. but look, many farmers in the midwest are put behind the eight ball because of that. but kept them from getting into the field and planting crops. but as jeff just shared, american farmers always find a way. they always feel something extra, a spark of patriotism, it's not hyperbole, a sense of
11:23 am
never giving up, always finding a solution. all our farmers, i want you to know your congresswoman, secretary in my cabinet, we have your back. robin has your back. she's always looking at what's going on in agriculture world. for example, reducing the red tape so it's easier for farmers to conserve inserts and double crop, and two crops in the same year. and wheat will be harvested around july 4th if all goes well, god willing and the creek not rising as my grandfather would say, and then soybeans on the same acreage and double cropping comes with real risk. the growing season for wheat is short and if the weather conditions are not ideal, or not at least good, or other
11:24 am
disruptions, then the timing of everything is thrown off. but it's a risk we need to take. that's why my administration is looking at how to extend crop insurance coverage to give financial security to farmers like jeff who practice double cropping. secondly i want to also, farmers are worried about raising -- rising fertilizer costs, and what is the content of the fertilizer. earlier this year the u.s. department of agriculture announced it would invest $250 million to boost fertilizer production. i turned to tom on the plane out here and said double that, make it 500 million. it's so desperately needed. we can't take chances. it's critical to get this done. now when we leave here today i'm heading up to chicago. you know where tom is going? he's heading to the airport when we get to air force one, he's heading to germany, the g7. all the democracies in europe getting together and the
11:25 am
agricultural teams getting together. north america, europe and asia are all part of it. and to solve some really big problems. they are going to see what action we can take to increase fertilizer supplies globally and identify how we can work together to prevent export restrictions on food and agricultural inputs and bring more global production to market, which will stabilize prices and bring more certainty to the farmers and keep people from dying of hunger. you know, this bill and other ways as well. my administration is working to drive down the cost of farmers and tom mentioned it and prices to consumers. reduce gas prices last month, i was in iowa, a biofuel processing plant, announced an emergency waiver to allow e15 gasoline sold across america during the summer. an extraordinary effort but had to be done for this summer. e15 uses more ethanol on crops grown here in illinois and around the country and can
11:26 am
reduce the gallon of gas at the pump $0.10 per gallon. every little bit matters. robin is a big supporter of this and pushing it in the house as well. only four big companies control more than half the markets for beef, pork and poultry. without meaningful competition our farmers and ranchers have to pay whatever the four big retailers say they will pay for their chickens, their hogs and their cattle. these big companies can use their position as middlemen to overcharge grocery stores and families. just consider this. 50 years ago ranchers got over $0.60 on every dollar spent to produce the beef they raise. today they get $0.39. five years ago hog farmers got 40 to $0.60 for each dollar the family spent raising the hog. today it's about $0.19.
11:27 am
and as a big companies made massive profits, the prices at the grocery stores have gone up and the prices farmers receive has gone down. this reflects the market distorted by the lack of competition. last year i signed one of the first executive orders i signed was that the x competition, to make competition more available and level the playing field and through the american rescue plan we are investing about $1 billion to help smaller meat processor expand their capacity, give farmers, ranchers and consumers more options and better prices. i'm a capitalist. but capitalism without capitalism is exploitation. folks, we can make sure the american agriculture exports will make up for the gap in the ukrainian supplies, in fact, during my first year in office american agriculture exports shattered all previous records.
11:28 am
$177 billion last year alone, i remind people my predecessor did not come close. by travelling in our -- we can't -- we have to keep investing in our farmers to reduce the cost, to reduce prices to consumers. and have the most productive, most efficient farmers here in the united states. we have combined generations of know how with technology to feed us and the world, and keep fighting for family farmers like jeff to do what they do best. i hope congress will join me, and working hard to invest in farmers like jeff and feed america and the world. that's what we have do do. >> john: president biden in kankakee, illinois, home of the new orleans train talking about what he plans to do to help farmers increase the food supply and lower the price at the
11:29 am
grocery stores. republican louisiana senator john kennedy. reaction to what the president was talking about there. >> john, if i could sit down, sit the president down today one-on-one, and i did just listen to his comments, here's what i'd tell him. i'd tell him mr. president, you're a nice man. i would say mr. president, i know you want what's best for america but mr. president, and i say this gently, you've got to stop being a chump. there's no future in it. there's no future in it for you or for the american people. you have to go back to the white house and you have to fire all these wokers that don't really care about america. yes, we have inflation. it was caused in part by the wokers in the white house,
11:30 am
including but not limited to their economists. we can get it under control. here is how we do it. turn to congress and say freeze all spending. you have a budget, live within your budget. the only extra spending we are going to do is to help ukraine. number two, he needs to tell congress confirm jerome powell, and then turn to jerome powell, not directly, he can say it publicly and say chairman do whatever you have to do to squeeze the liquidity without throwing us into a recession. but he's insulting the american people, by blaming it, which predates the war, on putin, greedy businesswomen, price gouging, fertilizer -- it's an insult to the american people. that's what i would tell him. >> john: speaking of firing people, one of the people you
11:31 am
would like to fire is the new head of the new disinformation governance board and everyone associated with it. senator tom cotton has introduced legislation that would disallow funds to establish that board. a similar measure in the house. lauren bobert from colorado, staliy level, mao level, this is the hill to die on. can you prevent it from being funded? >> yes, if it gets that far. biden administration needs to stop being a chump. whoever talked them into establishing a ministry of truth. the government is going to tell us what's true or not, what we can believe and what we can't. what can possibly go wrong. number two, depict miss jankowicz -- you know, i'm sure
11:32 am
that jesus loves her but everybody else on capitol hill thinks she's bizarre. i mean -- >> john: well, that was an unusual tiktok video. >> i mean, she says i believe only in the truth. well, she's already said that i believe the steele dossier, which alleged that president trump hired prostitutes to urinate on each other. she vouched for that. >> john: and something else she believed in, she tweeted on november 1, 2016, put the tweet up on the screen, trump had not one, but two secret email servers to communicate with influential russian bank. unbelievable. that is disinformation. >> let me tell you what miss jankowicz will do if she gets power. she will devour the real truth like it was a light snack. what's true in her opinion is what she believes, and everybody else is a moran because that's one of the martest people on the
11:33 am
planets in her opinion, just ask her. you don't need somebody like that in government, but we don't need a ministry of truth. sometimes it was just a dumb idea, sometimes stupidity is paying for it. >> i want to ask you about the conservative supreme court justices, governor youngkin has asked the board of supervisors to dispatch the county police to p ut a security perimeter around their homes. there is a law that prohibits people from doing what they are doing. there it is up on the screen, i don't want to read through it, but hillary vaughn caught up with ilhan omar and asked whether or not they are breaking the law. >> do you think that these protestors should be prosecuted for breaking federal law? >> what is the federal law? >> 1507.
11:34 am
>> you think it's ok for these pro abortion protestors. >> the people outside -- supreme court judges have heard a case, they themselves have said it is protected by the first amendment for people to protest. >> outside of the house. >> to protest outside of everywhere. >> john: so fact check here, in 1983, united states versus grace scotus weighed in on that, ruled it did not apply to the sidewalk outside the supreme court building, said nothing about the justice's homes, or attempts to influence them. so in that case, the law would appear to stand, senator. >> well, look. we all see what's going on. and opinion, a draft opinion leaked from the supreme court. we don't know if it's going to be the final opinion. neo socialist left has become completely unglued. their response is as disappointing, i guess, as it was predictable, burn the place
11:35 am
down, intimidate the justices, kill the filibuster, pack the court, i have no problem with peaceful protests. i'm all for peaceful protests. emphasize peaceful. but if you're gonna protest in front of a person's home, be respectful, be peaceful, understand the person who lives there has neighbors. don't be ugly, don't be -- i read one of the tweets the other day that said you will never feel safe until you're rotting in the ground. >> john: yes. >> i mean, that's -- that's just not right. it's just not right. >> john: twitter did not even suspend that person calling for more violence, by the way, referring to the wisconsin pro life firebombing. she did delete her account, but twitter did not do anything about it. >> one more point if i could, sandra, i think this is an
11:36 am
important one to make. the home addresses of these justices was published so that people coral i outside there. and it's fine, they are peaceful protestors, you could say, but there are crazies in the world. one showed up on the doorstep of justice esther salas, the person shot her husband and shot and killed her son. what she told us yesterday. >> we no longer have daniel on this earth. we no longer have our son. and why? because i was doing my job. and there is no room in america for this kind of conduct. i am also begging our leaders to understand this is not a partisan issue. >> john: not a partisan issue. she is an obama appointee. public -- publishing the home
11:37 am
addresses can be dangerous. >> yes, and we treated them differently. they are not policy makers, judges call the balls and the strikes and have to make some hard calls but not politicians in robes, they are judges. but this new group that has taken over from my friends on the democratic party don't see it that way. and their attitude is we have a monopoly on the truth, if you don't disagree with us we will destroy you, and that's not the america that most americans want. >> john: senator john kennedy of louisiana. thanks for hanging through the president's remarks. >> you bet. >> the same criminals are continuing to come out in our streets. committing violence. over and over again.
11:38 am
>> gillian: fed up and fired up, new york city mayor eric adams after yet another cop is assaulted on new york city streets. suspect this time is a career criminal, most recently arrested for carrying an illegal gun. instead of sitting in jail he was free on the streets where the mayor says he got hold of another gun and opened fire on a police officer. rafael mangual says it's not just a new york story and should have all americans concerned. first, david lee miller live in new york. hi, david. >> good afternoon. you just heard it, eric adams is outraged, he says a shooting last night in the bronx would never have happened if a convicted felon was behind bars instead of released without bail. police say two officers tried to stop 25-year-old smith following a brief chase, smith shot twice at officers who returned fire.
11:39 am
smith was fatally struck in the head. officer dennis vargas was hit in the arm and treated and released. smith was no stronger to the nypd. this photo was obtained by the new york post. 2016, 5 years probation for robbery. march of 2020, arrested after he jumped a subway turnstile and cops found a handgun. and then pled guilty to possession of a weapon, sentencing postponed twice, due back in court next month. mayor adams demanded an end to resolving door justice. >> who the hell will protect the innocent new yorkers in this city? that's the question we have to ask ourselves. it's time for us to stop spending our energy protecting people who are committing crimes
11:40 am
and violence. >> the mayor went on to say 2600 guns have been taken off the streets of new york city but the crime surge continues because the same offenders are repeatedly being let out of prison. and the words of the mayor, it's time to stop protecting people who commit crimes and who are violent. back to you. >> gillian: david lee miller in new york city, thank you. ra fall mangual, senior fellow at the manhattan institute and contributing editor, and ramick smith, arrested in 2020 at a new york subway station found with a gun after being stopped for fair evasion, and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, and 2016, 5 years probation, and pled guilty in the gun case, and
11:41 am
due in court in june. how is this man on the streets? >> the answer is it should scare all americans. it's a problem common to all american cities, and that is that our criminal justice system operates incredibly inefficiently and often with an eye toward minimizing the burdens p ut on the backs of criminal defendants, and just another case of a repeat offender being allowed to spend more time on the street and with every moment he spends on the street, you know, the risk faced by people living in the communities in which these offenders are going back to mount, and this is going to be the defining challenge of the adams mayorality. happy to see him standing up and pushing back on the misguided policies. but until decision makers in albanian the -- albany and the city council act, it's going to
11:42 am
exist. >> gillian: how is this man on the street, listen. >> the number of shootings that we are responding to every night is dispickable. 2600 guns off the streets and the shooters of the guns are back on the streets just like this person here. same criminals are continuing to come out in our streets. committing violence. over and over again. >> gillian: does the 2600 number surprise you? >> no, no it doesn't. last year the new york city police department confiscated over 4,000 guns, so close to the halfway point of the year in 2022, and we are on pace for that number. what surprises me, though, are statistics released by the lieutenant's benevolence association showing a huge
11:43 am
percentage of gun cases are not resulting in convictions or incarcerations and that's a huge, huge problem. an interesting overlap of politicians who claim to be all about gun control and limiting violence, yet do not seem to have the stomach for actually keeping the likely shooters off the street and misguided movement fare evasion or other offense, we consider them nonviolent. but this case and many across the country, a significant amount of overlap between nonviolent and violent offenders and we need to do a better job of identifying who poses a risk, and when we find those people, incapacitate them to the fullest extent possible. >> john: the world has been focussed on russia invading ukraine, china has been making troubling moves of its own. new warnings from top
11:44 am
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>> gillian: after the olympics ended and the war started in ukraine, its been crickets coming from the chinese government. so, what have officials there
11:49 am
been up to? intelligence officials are now warning it is nothing good. let's bring in jennifer griffin, she joins us from the pentagon this afternoon. hi, jennifer. >> tempest in a teapot, that's how the state department would like to characterize china's angry outburst describing taiwan and the relationship to china. >> this was not a policy rollout. this, believe me or not, this was a technical update to a fact sheet. our policy has not changed. >> the state department insists there is no change in its policy on taiwan after decades of adhering to the one china policy. gone is language like the united states does not support taiwan's independence, the online state department fact sheet also dropped the phrase taiwan is part of china. >> history cannot be changed. now the u.s. is blurring and hallowing out the one china
11:50 am
principle, end up getting burned. >> with china as a backdrop on capitol hill, lloyd austin and general mark milley -- >> potential for international conflict between great powers is increasing, not decreasing. >> but top u.s. intelligence chiefs said it is still their assessment that china prefers to swallow taiwan and not have it have to relie on force. >> i think they would rather do it peacefully over time. >> china would prefer coerced unification that avoids armed conflict and stepping up pressure on the island to isolate it and weaken conference in the democratically elected
11:51 am
leaders. >> new reports suggest the biden administration is pushing back on some taiwan's requests for big ticket weapons, urging them to buy other defense equipment that u.s. officials believe will better deter and defend against mainland china. gillian. >> gillian: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thanks very much. >> john: bring in marc, looks like you have last your ifb. you back? marc, are you with us? looks like marc has lost his ifb. we are going to try to fix marc's ear. in the meantime, you know who else is talking about china, martha, she has the former vice president on the show and what's ahead. >> sitting down with the former vice president, mike pence, we are talking about a number of things with regard to abortion and these protests in front of supreme court justice's homes.
11:52 am
what he says, too, the current president, joe biden about what he has not been willing to say to protect the justices of the supreme court. we also talk about 2022, what does he think about president trump, former president trump's ability to sway the races one way or the other. and what does he think about elon musk's offer to embrace president trump back on the social platform, especially given the fact some of his strongest criticisms that got him booted from the platform were against former vice president mike pence. ask if he is open to that, coming up on "the story" eight minutes from now, john. >> john: interesting that elon musk said he was going to bring trump back. martha, see you in a few minutes. marc, we put a quarter in the machine, seems to be working. let's pick up on where we were with china, director of national intelligence was at the senate armed services committee yesterday in which she suggested
11:53 am
that china is trying to build a military strong enough to take over taiwan and fending off a challenge from the united states. listen to what she said. >> it's our view that they are working hard to effectively put themselves into a position in which their military is capable of taking taiwan over our intervention. >> this is something clearly that's been worried about for a long time, and we have sat back and watched china building its military with u.s. dollars. what should the biden administration be doing about this? >> well, first of all, good for her for saying that out loud and for being clear about the danger. there are two issues here. one is intent and one is capability. we know china has the intent. if you think back to right before the invasion in february, most people did not think vladimir putin would actually do it. but we should have known because he had a 7,000 word manifesto in
11:54 am
july which laid out ukraine, we thought it was too crazy and he would not pull the trigger but he did. well, xi jinping has been just as clear about his intentions toward taiwan. i looked at his speeches in july while putin was delivering the manifesto, realizing china complete reunification is unshakeable commitment of the chinese party. in 2019 refused to renounce force, said china will not allow the taiwan problem to be passed down from one generation to the next and said they would not renounce the use of force in doing that. so, china has been very clear and now they are matching their language with military provocation. sending bombers and fighters repeatedly since last october into the taiwan air defense zone threating taiwan, their intent is there and should have learned from vladimir putin to take dictators seriously.
11:55 am
>> john: another round of military drills in the area near taiwan, somewhere close to it. so, xi has been looking at ukraine, and if vladimir putin had, as the initial intelligence reports were, taken kyiv in three days and all of ukraine in two weeks, he might have a different idea about moving on taiwan. but now that he sees that putin is bogged down in ukraine and is increasingly a man alone in the face of a unified nato and european union, do you think xi is thinking twice about it. >> the first thing he did is call in the generals and tell us the capabilities in taiwan are better than what russia has. everyone is shocked the horrible capability the russian military had at its disposal. but they have their eyes on the prize on what they need to do. what we need to do is take the steps we wish we would have taken in ukraine to deter
11:56 am
russia, we need to take those kinds of steps with taiwan. we are passing $40 billion bill of military aid to ukraine. that is double what we have provided taiwan in the last four years and the trump administration, unprecedented level of military support. we need to look back and say if china invades taiwan, what will we wish we had done, what weapons provided them, what u.s. capabilities would we wish we had deployed in the region. the key to stopping them, to make sure they cannot reach the straits and taiwan, and deploy conventional missiles. trump pulled out of the inf treaty which banned the missiles and now we can deploy them and tell the chinese you will not be able to reach taiwan across the taiwan straits because we have these capabilities in place and taiwan has the capabilities in place. >> john: good to get your thoughts today, thank you. >> thank you.
11:57 am
>> gillian: talk about winging it? a passenger without a clue about how to fly an airplane came to the rescue when a pilot fell unconscious. jonathan joins us from fox news southeast newsroom with the harrowing details. hey, jonathan. >> imagine a passenger on board a single engine plane, you and the pilot and the pilot falls unconscious, and you have to figure out on your own how to work all these controls to safely land the plane. this passenger's first move was to use the on board two-way radio to call air traffic control, listen. >> i've got a serious situation here. my pilot has gone incoherent, no idea how to fly the airplane. >> roger, what's your position? >> i have no idea. i have no idea. >> the aircraft, cessna caravan similar to this, flying from the bahamas to florida when the medical emergency occurred.
11:58 am
the passenger remained calm as air traffic controllers gave him step-by-step instructions how to fly the plane. >> try to hold the wings level and see if you can start descending for me. push forward on the controls and descend at a very slow rate. >> yeah, 550 a minute. >> robert morgan, a controller with experience as a flight instructor, talked the passenger through a safe landing at palm beach international airport. morgan tells wpbf-tv, i knew i had to keep him calm, point him to the runway and tell him how to reduce the power so he could land. >> clearly this was nothing short of a miracle. i've been a flight instructor since 1988, i believe it is, and teaching someone how to land an airplane is by far the most difficult thing involved with flight training. >> wpbf reports once the plane
11:59 am
was on the ground the passenger came out and hugged the controller. as for the pilot, he was taken to a hospital. authorities have yet to release his identity or give us any update on his condition. we certainly hope he's ok. gillian. >> gillian: we certainly do. he sounded so calm, listening to that recording just blew my mind. jonathan, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> gillian: john, take it away, i'm in shock. >> john: i did some flying in my early 20s before i bought a house and could not afford it, and going up with an instructor and doing maneuvers, and he said ok, take us back to the airport, and i said where is it? so, just finding out where you are is one of the most difficult things when you are not an experienced pilot. so, i mean, great job by the guy in the plane and the air traffic controller talking him down out of the skies, unbelievable. >> gillian: personally i freak out when there is even a little
12:00 pm
bit of turbulence, so i cannot imagine, but again, that guy, amazing there and he saved his own life. >> john: imagine if the turbulence was the guy flying the plane is no longer flying the plane. >> gillian: any worst nightmare. >> john: you would be able to do it. >> gillian: no, i would not. >> john: i'm john roberts. >> gillian: see you tomorrow. debt your >> martha: thank you. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox news headquarters in new york. go no further than the president's home state of delaware to take the pulse of this nation. a painful report on surging prices tells folks pretty much what they already knew. meat and milk up 14%. eggs up 22. air fare, used cars up double digits. gas once again hitting an all-time high today. there's the numbers. then there's the voices of americans.


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