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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 11, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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there that are different but we're still going. >> neil: if any of you need olive garden coupons, i've got them. thanks very much. i want that in perspective. having lived through the 70s, the backdrop wasn't like that then. so with all the problems and all the selling, a little ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i am judge jeanine pirro along with geraldo rivera, jesse watters, martha maccallum, and brian fell me. it is 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." the g.o.p. is heading back hard as president biden tries to blame the ultra maga crowd for his endless economic problems, scranton joe rolling up his sleeves to shovel his nonsense talking points on inflation.
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the president out in farm country today pushing the same, tired talking points. blaming pollutant and those greedy corporations. bite and to take responsibility as we learn the surge in prices is stuck at a 40 year high. g.o.p. lawmakers calling out the president for his inaction. >> joe biden will blame anyone but himself for this. he's blamed chicken farmers, everyone else under the sun. >> president biden is flailing around, swinging blindly, hoping something will land. >> the truth is that the biden administration just keeps kicking its own -- after 14 months, nothing is built. nothingness back, and nothing is better. >> he was supposed to give his ideas on inflation yesterday. what were his ideas? it's everybody else's fault but his spirit >> biden gets blamed
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for record inflation. finding one group willing to defend. guess who? >> a democrat in office, the deficit goes down, the economy flashes, and the republican comes in and destroys it all. and they want the democrats to come in -- >> that's enough. >> i will say, until the pandemic, the economy was soaring. we had record -- >> we had president obama obama >> biden was the guy that said, we needed to give people more money. he takes a step over here, he gets hit, it takes a step over here, he gets hit. and it is not on him. >> where is joe biden on this? parents growing increasingly desperate over a national shortage of baby formula. 40% of america's supplies are out of stock. >> okay, i will start with you. do you think people are sitting at their kitchen table trying to
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pay their bills already paying 5,000 more than they did than last year to maintain these same standard of living got my give a damn about who is to blame as opposed to what joe biden is going to do about it. >> him trying to figure out what they said on "the view." it was over my head, i think. >> really enlightening. apparently if you listed the view -- joe biden was supposed to care more and he was supposed to be more confident. it is clear now he has neither. right now he went to a farm, and i know he's not running for reelection, because do you know where the farm was? it was in illinois. if you are running for reelection, you go to a farm in iowa. this guy is gone, he's not even going anywhere. you've got to go out -- if you're going to a farm, you have to see a farm. you have to see green, you have to see stocks, i couldn't see any of it. here is the other thing. he goes out there and he says the farmers are going to get
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technical assistance from the government. do you think farmers need help from the government? the farmers, they don't need help. they know how to plant crops. what is the government going to tell the farmers to do? and by the way, it's a little too late for that help. if they plant crops based on seasons. they have systems. we knew it two and half months ago that this was the biggest fertilizer exporter, the biggest energy producer, russia, two and half months later, where has this guy been? i don't know where he has been. i know this, all of the sudden he says big business is like getting in the middle and jacking up prices, because they are greedy. they could have been doing this the last 40 years. why did they decide now they are going to get greedy? it doesn't even make any sense. >> i think joe biden thought he was in iowa. i will go to you, martha.
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jesse is right, joe biden came in as the sympathetic guy. that actually got him into office. where is the mercy now that americans need who can't pay their bills? >> i look at what they say, and the truth is, the biggest thing we fight for the economy in the last several years was at the beginning of the trump administration when you had the cutting of regulations and the coveted appreciation, all of the taxes on businesses that are the biggest part of what they pay. as soon as that happens, you are employing more people, cutting through the red tape and regulation was probably the most effective stimulus to the economy we've seen in a long time. that is something that would generate a real growth in this country. when you have inflation and everyone's costs are going up, the best thing you can do is cut
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taxes. give them incentives in order to stimulate their businesses. and that is the most direct way to do it. we hear these efforts come over going to lower a subscription drug prices and that will offset inflation, but that is such a roundabout way to try to get out of it. the most immediate thing you can do is to cut taxes, cut regulation, make a easier for them to make businesses bigger. >> you've got to have some thoughts on this. the blame game doesn't work for people who are trying to survive. >> calling the president incapacitated, playing the blame game. >> you think he's coherent? >> i think that he has in part been very unlucky. there is no doubt that the pandemic and the ukraine war
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have had an impact. there's also no doubt that the president himself with his generosity pouring billions of dollars into the economy has helped fuel the inflation rate. and helped come up with the supply chain, but now when i hear about him talking about lowering taxes to help people out, that is the last thing i think the economy needs is more money. i support a lot of people. i'm blessed that i can. i've never heard them complain more of being on fixed incomes. the rent went from $5,000 whatever, i don't know. but it is very distressing and i think that the difficulty is being disciplined enough to find a way out. you've got to cut off the beast. you've got to stop shoveling public money into the trough.
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>> brian come of the that is the answer. suggesting that joe biden, a.k.a. a president come stanza from seinfeld, do the opposite of what he's done. >> we rolled that clip this morning. >> by the way, do you support jesse? >> you know, everybody -- when you tick overcoming of natural disasters coming up for his coming of challenges, i got it. but when he took over, you can't blame the pandemic. and then he chose to -- than the ukrainian situation, he told us this was happening ahead of time. he has made decisions that made everything a lot worse. that to me is the problem. ultra maga. he's going to madison avenue trying to get a buzzword to blame somebody.
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he goes into his 11-point plan and finds one line, number five, that says i think everybody come of the 50% that don't pay income tax, and he wasted all of that time when green. i was -- i don't know what i was thinking. the archenemies in the wrong state. he is not ultra maga. he's got a typical conservative republican. i resent the fact that he wasted so much time and energy with his staff to try to blame people instead of fixing it. you are 79 years old, stop trying to win back the next election, just do your job. >> apparently he doesn't know how to fix it, that could be had. anyway, coming up, the left is flipping out over elon musk's plan to lift the twitter ban on trump.
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>> liberals calling fellow mark after he reversed the twitter been heard around the world. the permanence of muenchen donald trump. the world's richest man come as you know clement soon to be owner of twitter says the original decision to acquit him was misplaced and even immoral. >> it was not correct to ban donald trump. i think that was a mistake. because it alienated a large part of the country and did not ultimately result in donald trump not having a voice. i would reverse the twitter ban. it is morally wrong and flat-out stupid. >> twitter founder and the guy who was flat out stupid and pulled the plug on trump, jack dorsey, now admitted he was wrong to be in the former president and the first place.
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liberals on social media are throwing a fit. jimmy kimmel's joining the fury dragging elon musk in the mud for potentially overturning the ban. >> speaking of things, elon musk says that if his deal goes there, he will reverse the ban on donald trump. good, we have a part-time d.j. who makes flamethrowers and charges for morality now. he needs -- they will make sure they don't do anything foolish. >> should you roam scared from them? >> i'm not scared of him. he was not that funny last night, not that i watched. >> if you are trump, you can't go back to a party you have been kicked out of. it's not a good look. >> and then you have to wait. if he gets on band, you don't come right back. wait a day, he read a couple of months. >> is the state in, or --
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[laughter] >> that you come with something big. don't give the democrats, don't stick your chin up, wait until after the midterms to come back. he needed a break, obviously. you can get off social media, it is good for your system. you can tell the guy looks great. playing kingmaker down there. >> i do wish he would've been around for a few things. the will smith slot. can you imagine trump on twitter? just a small act getting guilty. he could've been on twitter, which would have been juicy. i know cnn wants them back. i think they should play it cool for now. >> how are you impacted by trump's band? >> put it this way, we would be doing the show one morning and our talking points would change because he would be tweeting
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about the show in the middle of it. we would be right there with the breaking news. he would be playing a role in the breaking news. but every time they mention twitter he's like malcolm on govind with trump's social. truth social. but it should've been asthma side. he said, you should've named it trump. that would've been about a name, he agreed. >> ian hannity already has 1.6 million followers. so it is getting a lot of traction. i'm up to 27,000. i don't or symptom at all. >> i don't it was jot down my jack dorsey's idea to get rid of trumpet is being controlled by silicon valley, the way left, and i think that he knows it is wrong. and he understands it. he wants mosques to save him, and then he wants out. >> i asked this last week and i
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said well, why all of the sudden is dorsey on mosques side? and they are like, it is because the money, janine. i don't think it is either. it is absolutely crazy. >> i don't know what it is. >> to know what it is either. but the truth is, as he such a was that he could bend to the left like that? i think what happened here at -- >> are you saved not -- >> yes, that is what i'm saying. i'm at the left of my mother left, but when i'm not controlled by them, i am myself. >> or is it that is public company and he sees the investors want to jump out and he goes all right, go ahead. >> the investors or the shareholders? >> i think that if trump does not go back to twitter, that he will have overpaid for twitter. >> i cannot imagine that president trump won't go back to
2:20 pm
twitter. he loved twitter. he's going to have to find a way to be closest to his own new product, but there's no way. he's going to say, why would i not allow all those people on twitter to hear what i have to say? as otis want to say, the most fascinating person in this whole story is elon musk. elon musk has changed the conversation so dramatically. he is beholden to no one. >> may be china. >> he doesn't care what anyone thinks and it's fascinating because you see how quickly you turn around. and now, you look at the results, he doesn't give up, okay? he's got rockets crashing off the launch pad and he's like, okay, what can i learn. he will dominate this area like he has turned tesla into a company that everybody said it wouldn't succeed.
2:21 pm
he's the one to watch but i also think president trump looked at him and goes -- richest man in the around. i really like them, or maybe i am a little intimidated by this amazing young person who is tearing things up. >> i've a question for martha. who do you like more, elon musk or tom brady? [laughter] >> between twitter and truth social, it's just like "the new york times." you get a review in some obscure newspaper, it's fine. but you get a review in "the new york times," than it does all of the people that you know. i think that is why he will go back to twitter. >> i will leave you with this. if there was another club adjacent that was bigger, he owns it. he's not going to go to the bigger club, except for if he is running for president and that
2:22 pm
could put them over the top. in a dramatic move, donald trump goes back to twitter. in september of 2024. >> i think his ego will drive him. >> you would agree with them anyway, right? no offense, no offense. >> why would i be offended by that? >> i have no idea. crime wave carnage group in america. people are too terrified to return to the office. ♪ ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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♪ ♪ >> i didn't pick the song, but i enjoyed it. workers are dealing with another obstacle, and it is not covid-19. experts say surge in crime rates
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are making people reluctant to go back to work. gun homicides in 2020 surging to the highest level in 26 years. employers say reducing the presence of homelessness and mentally ill could be a factor in getting the workers to go back to work. look at the commuter trains in seattle. dozens of homeless people have turned into a moving shelter. why would you if you need mass transportation go on a bus like that? judge come i will start with you. in new york city, for an tanner working three days a week. if you are not going to be able to keep commercial real estate going of this continues to happen. you can't say covid-19 is keeping people away? >> what is interesting is that the mayor of new york city eric adam -- he lost his cool. he was really upset yesterday, because there was another individual who was released on
2:28 pm
bail pair the statistics are very interesting. last year they took 4,000 guns off the street. this year so far they took 2600 guns off the street. it is a perfect answer. ed is the people that are committing the crime spirit if somebody would think that through, i am glad the mayor is starting to lose his cool. you got to start losing his cool with the judges, with the counterparts and all but name with the covenant and start calling people out, because these criminals are being released over and over again but we keep seeing the same faces, they are out on bail and they are killing people. it is about time people took crime personally. this hogwash -- remember, we said mayor adams, we welcome back at new yorkers trying to bring business to new york. are you kidding me? what businesses conduct come to new york? the door is smashed in, and their case is smashed up by people who aren't even going to
2:29 pm
be prosecuted. you've got to get your priorities straight. i'm sorry. >> i hear you. see what they are doing in best buy, the employees are teaming up to stop a gang of robbers. do you believe this? >> now, crime is the environment, it's terrible. but let me just say this this is insane. but here's the problem. we are still living in a post covid world. and it is like an armageddon, there's nobody in places, there's nobody at the bus by, there's no one in the subway, there's no one in the office. get everyone back to work. and these people will not have the ability, the freedom to run around the city causing the problems that they do. in the 70s, crime is worse than it is now. if your father or my father say oh, it's too dangerous come i can't go to work.
2:30 pm
>> go up there, get to work. i can't go on the subway because i can't get covid come i can't go on the subway -- just live your life! >> should we toughen up? should we get tough like martha is saying? >> you are one tough cookie, my thought >> well, seriously. didn't your parents -- did your parents ever say, i can't go to work on my it's dangerous. >> absolutely not. we did some research, and by we come i mean johnny. we looked into where the crime is merging here new york city. you guys no, manhattan 36. do anything about this, time station, port authority, grand central station. these are all of the arteries that come in. trains, buses, subways into the city. they walk or or bert to offices. this is the area where the crime is happening. grand larceny up to 70%. robbery, murder, transit crime
2:31 pm
63%. a salt up to 40%. if they could just focus on manhattan south -- >> coming in and going to work. >> we fund a billion dollars that you took away from the police. >> absolutely. >> i just want to mention a name that you will be hearing a lot of. her name is fanny willis, she is a new district attorney in fulton county, georgia, and she has just indicted the rap star, young thug, and a whole bunch of others. indicted to go after them, charging murder, attempted armed robbery. willis. and the cdc statistics. and in this regard, it is so chilling that everyone should hear this.
2:32 pm
and think, oh, my god, have to do something about it. black men ages 50-34 our 20 times more likely to be killed with a gun than white men. 20 times more likely to be cut with a gun than white men the same age, 15 and 34. this is the civil rights issue of our time, as i say over and over again. where is black lives matter? where is the naacp? this is a huge issue. crime spiking, you cannot divorce it from the racial aspect. even though i know it is uncomfortable. >> that is got to be the cops focusing on black men, nothing to do with police officers. >> absolutely. there's nothing to do with -- i really enjoyed that. i would like to thank everyone for participating. [laughter] >> up next, overdose deaths hit a record high due to fentanyl. that story, next.
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>> overdosed us in america hitting a record high. fueled in large part by highly lethal street to fentanyl for the number of americans died surpassing 100,000 the first time last year. drug traffickers preyed on peoples as young as teenagers, mixing fat and all with other drugs, putting in fake bills. the cdc says these fentanyl overdoses were the leading cause of death for americans between 18 and 45. a majority of the chemicals and the deathly drug are produced in china. and come into our country from the southern border. the dea says it is time to crack
2:38 pm
down. >> they are the largest producer of the precursor chemicals that are being used to make sentinel. there's a relationship between these chinese chemical companies and the criminal cartels in mexico. >> i can say with 100% assurance that the criminal drug cartels in mexico will stop at nothing to get fentanyl into the united states. >> judge, go ahead. >> what she is saying -- she could have four years ago. that there is nothing new and what she said. and the problem is that we have a president who is not focused on this and not focused on the number of young people who were dying and everybody is saying -- everybody at this table already understands, and that is that that the precursor to front and all and is coming through the car talk about they are the money laundering, this is an undeclared war by china against the united states beer they are
2:39 pm
killing young people. they are killing us. >> what you think the chances are that the president was on the phone with our president -- do you think our president even mentioned fentanyl and the 2.5 hour conversation. >> he may have, but i've been cover and on the war of drug since richard nixon declared it back on 1971. i will tell you this, forget about -- not forget her out, but don't worry about the things you can't do something about. what you can do is tell your kids, don't use that drug. whatever it says it is, whether it is cocaine, heroin, whatever it says it is, remember, it is probably sentinel. and it is going to kill you. fentanyl. >> you at the west point graduate -- >> every parent says this to your children. don't take anything. don't take any pill that anyone
2:40 pm
gives you because you don't know what is in it, no matter what they tell you. that is one in front of those. the other front is to keep it from getting out of the country. and i will say that president trump at least try it with president xi. he brought this issue up, and they supposedly had some sort of agreement, which obviously phillip white unfortunately, but there was an effort made at that point. the problem is, exactly what janine is saying. this is a another way to infiltrate this country. in the chinese are doing this through drugs, doing it through the economy, doing it through putting people in american corporations and university, they are doing it in hong kong. and this is something that we have the president talk about in a comprehensive way and say look, we need to understand this, we are up against this aggressor and all of these ways. i feel like a lot of times, people don't -- you are like, does this really matter? why are we talking about the
2:41 pm
other stuff that we know matters? >> it is one-and-done. during crack, and he and up -- you make decisions. one and done in things, over-the-counter drugs that are laced with this. i think this is china's opium war on us. >> they should be blaming britain for it, but they are blaming us for it. they think they will take us down from the inside, but it's so simple. it's made in china, given to the cartels. we do help other groups, other governments crackdown on their -- cartels or terrorists. >> the mexican government is key. cooperation is so crucial. if you want to control immigration, you need the mexican government to be on your side. >> the mexican government doesn't exist. >> that is what donald trump
2:42 pm
did. he powered the mexicans. >> one other thing i forgot was covid. intentionally or unintentionally, killed close to a million americans. >> thanks, china. >> probably didn't come up on the call either. >> probably not. >> coming up, a passenger with no fly and experience takes control of an airplane. it got to see this. that is next. ♪ ♪ welcome to the next level. this is the lexus nx with intuitive tech... (beeps) car: watch for traffic ...and our most advanced safety system ever. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back. time for the fastest. first up, this. oh, my goodness, this is your passenger speaking. a man with no flying experience managed to safely land a small plane after an emergency with the pilot. listen closely to this incredible audio. >> have got a serious situation
2:47 pm
here. >> i have no idea how to fly an airplane. >> i have no idea. >> i can't get over how calm he has. >> i can't wait to meet him. >> and he successfully landed the plane, god bless him. >> he said, can you find me? because i don't know where i am. he goes away, by the way, i'm still here, can anyone find out where i am? finally, they get the guy who is a pilot instructor on lunch and they say, come on back. and they say, what kind of plane do you have? and then imagines himself there and somehow lends it. a little unsteady, evidently they had a jetblue flight. they said stay away, we don't know how this is going to end. >> you must be staring at death in the face. >> the thing is, he usually only has -- you may have will one.
2:48 pm
so the pilot got out. but he was able to air traffic -- they are traffic controller was also a flight instructor. what he dad was unbelievable. >> it's not that complicated! [laughter] >> flyers off to palm beach this weekend. >> it's air traffic control. it's complicated stuff. they put it on autopilot. >> this is why we have copilots. >> i have a ruling, you never fly with one pilot. and you never fly with an amateur, although i think this guy is going to be a great pilot. i hope he follows through on lines how to do it. >> they told them to keep it -- thank goodness it was daytime. keeping everything even and they brought a min. >> what kind of a word you get? >> he gets to stay alive, thank
2:49 pm
god. up next, hollywood actor getting into a sticky situation. james gomel teaming up with pita and to superglue in to a counter to protest at starbucks. >> will you stop charging more? when will you stop breaking and huge profits? and letting the environment suffer? >> he was upset that they were supercharging for vegan milk. starbucks currently charges $0.70 extra for a dairy. >> he is a very good actor. if you are going to protest, streak, let yourself on fire, do something dramatic. we've seen some great protests, haven't we? glue yourself to a countertop?
2:50 pm
come on, this shouldn't even be on television. >> superglue. >> really? >> it doesn't work. >> what do they have to do? scrape them off? >> you guys are missing the point. this is his stand, because you are charging $0.15 more for -- >> he is a pita guy. >> why is that bad? >> vegans have beef. >> where's the beef? [laughter] >> is this the reason? by the way, i know that guy. >> superglue is made from hooves of actual animals. so this guy is basically committing a sin. >> nail polish remover gets it off. is that right? >> i don't know. >> you could rip your fingers
2:51 pm
off. >> exactly. all right, here's one more. finally the ipod is gnome after more than 20 years, apple is discontinuing production. obviously there is no need for one anymore because music is all over your phone. if you are like me, you probably have a few ipods. >> i do. the prices going up. if you needed, call me. >> it was revolutionary. i had a sweatband ipad. ipod. and i collected income i thought it was so cool, than i realize everyone is running with their phone. i thought it was already dead. i didn't know this was their -- >> i thought an ipod, the nano. >> i had the shuffle. >> oh, yeah. >> i couldn't afford the big one. >> i just never -- i was like,
2:52 pm
what am i doing with this thing? >> did you run? >> i have a score going on in my brain. [laughter] >> all right. are we done? okay. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ your spirit is stronger than your highs and lows. your creativity can outshine any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults.
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nico sturm for "is titled misses a perfect occasion for -- "which is better: mike and
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isaacs or red hots dominic the origin of the candy's name is unknown, we do not care, but we asked you on instagram if you like mike and mike's, or read hot. it was 40/60 in favor of mike -- >> everything, right? jelly beans. eat what you want all day, national. [laughter] >> jesse, your turn. >> after 20 years of dedicated service, fox news media, our director and friend, her timeless style, they are truly one-of-a-kind. i'm going to miss her. i used to not dress so well.
2:58 pm
i dressed like a scrub when i got here, and i all my glitter to her. [laughter] >> wow. >> 23 years old, not great. [laughter] >> i remember you like that. >> now look at me, much better. >> i did not approve that photo. [laughter] speak of it really you >> thank you. [laughter] >> time for geraldo's geraldo news, our job search. my wonderful producer in afghanistan, who now successfully immigrated to this country, is looking for a job in the cleveland, ohio, area. having successfully received my work authorization, looking to contribute to -- hardworking reliable employees.
2:59 pm
i specialize in translation, the southeastern languages of -- looking for a new start in america. >> that is great. >> that is a beautiful thing. >> what should i do? >> i am going to go. >> this florida woman celebrated her 100th birthday by skydiving. she was a world war ii nurse on the front lines, but -- when she said "what i do it again? she said absolutely not. [laughter] >> we love you. >> hit it! >> which one should i do? >> greg gutfeld and tyrus, how they got together.
3:00 pm
it's in his best-selling book grade we will have that story as they appear together and salute each other, the same way they do on their -- coming up saturday at 8:00. >> it's great. did you see i was in tyrus' book? [laughter] "special report" is next. john roberts, how are you? >> judge, i want to see you -- >> with a harness, of course. [laughter] >> judge, thank you. welcome to washington. breaking tonight, inflation, the latest -- consumer prices in april, 8.3% higher than a year ago. that number is slightly below previous figures, the highest in more than 40 years. prices were up two tenths of a percentage point from march to april. president biden continues to brin


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