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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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demolished to the finish line. the video is going viral. there is a lesson for every child in america: never give up your tenacity and strength will get you through. tomorrow on "special report," dr. -- who is looking for republican nomination for the senate. thank you for watching. jesse watters "prime time." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ speak of washington is proving again they could not care less about your problems, about the people they promise to serve. elected officials today celebrated the passing of a $40 billion aid package to ukraine. biden, pelosi, schumer cheered in sending a war chest, javelins across -- it was monumental. nancy pelosi started invoking
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bible verses to show how ukraine's priorities are the only thing that matters right now, not your prayer ukraine's. >> when you are home thinking "what is this all about?" think about when i was hungry, you fed me, and -- >> jesse: one i was hungry, you fed me, sounds like a slap in the face to millions of americans when our politicians are more focused on feeding weapons across the world down our own babies here at home. they seem to have the answers to everything besides your problems. you almost always guaranteed a response like this. >> did it contribute to inflation? >> i think historians and economists will be debating the early 2020s and what happened for many years and decades.
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>> jesse: so give it a couple of years, history will look fondly on you. then, you have to decide whether you can afford food or gas. we just learned today, in biden's america, you are going to have to cut back your time to shower by 4:00. in los angeles, they are limiting everyone's water used to 7 gallons of day. he will have to shut the tap off when you brush your teeth, can't spend more than 2:00. don't water your garden on a wednesday. outdoor watering is restricted to two days a week, and they are sending the cops to enforce it. >> we are ramping up our blue teams. if someone complains, someone watering the lawn for days or multiple days, we will educate a man to try to get them to understand. speak. speak or member under trump he opened up showerheads?
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dominic >> jesse: remember under trump trump opened up showerheads? >> president trump: showerheads and faucets you can buy neck, the water doesn't come out. you want to wash your hands, the water doesn't come out. you just stand there longer, do take a shower longer? my hair, it has to be perfect. after >> jesse: you watch any other tv channel, everything is great, the economy is strong. you just don't see it. >> the bones of this economy remain strong. >> okay. have you been to the supermarket? eggs are up 22%. that's not a headwind. that's a hurricane if you are a blue-collar worker. >> normally, yes, i -- used to be $7, now 18. if you are going to put it down.
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>> that trip was 190-something, and -- >> i have to budget more and look for the signs for sure. >> biden has been breaking his own gas record in more ways than one. blaming you for not buying a lecture? with parentheses around the corner, people are figuring out how to budget for the family vacation, airfare up 33%, over $100 to fill up your truck. >> does your department have a projection of how high gas prices will go? the energy information agency has been pumping around the little because of what's been going on with the e.u. it is going to take a while, no doubt. >> and out, it is the european's
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fault too. the biden administration has nothing to do with what's going on, but the american people are not buying it. >> president biden needs to -- if he would have opened up the pipeline, didn't bow down to the climate control activist, we wouldn't be in the position we are in today. >> need to go to the grocery store to do that. >> $70 to fill up, and before, used to be $45. >> it's $100 for my tank. >> one guy said he was limiting his travels, just going to work from home, maybe to the grocery store. he does not have the freedom he needs to live. that's not right. gas prices are out of control, but that's your problem, not biden's, he's more worried about
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shortages of batteries for electric cars. a couple months ago, while you were still struggling, biden invoked the national defense production act to get more batteries built. why doesn't he invoke the defense production act on baby formula? over 40% is out of stock nationwide, baby formula. if parents are lucky enough to find it, they are limited to how much they can buy. it's being rationed: baby formula. let that sink in. it's never nearly enough to keep a newborn fed. while -- they can't even figure out how they will feed our babies. >> it's stressful to not know if i'm going to see them next week. >> not on solid human foods yet. >> it's been a nightmare for a few days hunting for baby
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formula. as a parent, you want to provide for your child. >> and mother should not have to worry about this. >> it's a national disgrace. babies are going hungry come of the being destroyed, and we can even take a long hot shower after a hard day's work. >> everybody wearing those ukraine flag pins along the box, americans instead, maybe that will make politicians pay attention to us. sarah huckabee sanders, do you believe there is a baby formula shortage in this country? at the white house, it seems like "i don't care?" >> it's disgraceful and embarrassing. joe biden is frankly not fooling anyone, but blaming everyone.
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he refuses to take responsibility for the epic failure he has been in his administration is causing in literally everything they touch. inflation is a pay cut for every american. it's hurting the middle class the most. all of the people you showed that are struggling, whether or not to fill up the gas tank or buy groceries, having to pick and choose, they are losing their freedom as americans. it's why this is important that we have strong motives stepping up against the federal government. it's one of the reasons i'm running for governor. we have to have a coalition of strong conservative governors pushing back. it's helpful that republicans will take back the house and senate in november and stop the reckless government spending at the federal level. >> i don't want -- i want to arm the ukrainians. we can send them the weapons they need.
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that money and weapons without the door like that, and when it comes to things like crime and the border and inflation and gas prices, it is like it takes months for the biden team to even wake up and have an answer for anything. what can governors do? what can mayors do? right now, it's on them to solve problems for the american people. >> we can't expect anything to come from this administration, you are right. not only will he not accept responsibility, but they have no plan to fix it. that's what's astonishing, as they have no solution. a mother should never be terrified that they can't find baby formula in america. we shouldn't have to decide whether we drive our kids to school, work, or the grocery store because we can't afford gas. in arkansas, we are working on phasing out state income. this will be a huge priority for
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me as governor, making sure are rewarding hard work and productivity, not penalizing like we want the federal level. we can't expect any help from washington and at this administration. i think we will have to look too conservative governors along the country to find solutions to give people the release they need at home. >> not only is he not helping, he is harming. sarah huckabee sanders, leading the charge down there in arkansas, thank you so much. you might have seen one of these stickers plastered on your gas pump recently, biden pointing at the pump as the price continues go up with "i did that" next to it." it seems like a reasonable way to voice your frustration with the energy policies come about from one wisconsin gas station, the sticker shock was too much.
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oil giant bp is not laughing at this situation, and they are taking it out on the stations owner, who is now out $400 after the oil company punish her for not peeling off these stickers from her pumps. bp says they are unauthorized that they go against -- but people are frustrated and are having fun, and they are just as fed up as her customers are, so she's leaving the stickers off. she is a wisconsin gas station owner and joins me now. you are going to keep paying this fine, pay out of your pocket and let them do this because you enjoy it, don't you? >> well, honestly, it's not a fine. it's part of our quarterly. we get inspections. 20. because of these decals, if we don't correct it, we lose bonus
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funds that are available to us. i agree with the stickers, and i'm tired of having to waste our time taking them down, because people are venting, frustrated. so are we. i told my manager and staff "if you have more important things to do, i don't care if we lose the bonus money" i've had customers offer to pass the bonus money and i've told them "no, that's not the point." >> jesse: how many stickers have you taken down? i couldn't dominic >> i couldn't tell you. over 75? they go right back up as fast as you take them down. i get that bp doesn't want that stuff on the pumps, but i'm not going to waste my employee's time taking them down when we are already short-staffed with everything going on.
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>> ensure you have other businesses as well. how frustrated are the drivers that come up and -- is this their way of blowing off steam, having fun as they paid about $100 to fill up the tank? >> the diesel drivers, i feel bad for them, because they are already dealing with the situation of trying to get products to the market. the regular drivers with the cars, everybody is suffering there with. no one is listening to them. for them, it's a way to get that out there. this is small-town america. we are blue-collar workers in this area. the middle class and lower class are feeling at the worse. prior to this administration, they were all gaining, because things were better for everybody. you can see going back the other
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way. this is really hurting everyone with gas prices and the increases in groceries. >> oil prices affect everything. >> they do. i know you are losing bonus money. we will send out some copies of "how i saved the world," maybe somebody bags. [laughter] to take the edge off. we appreciate the hard work you are putting in. tell them not to keep taking the stickers down. thank you. a whistle-blower says biden's attorney general lied under oath about targeting conservative parents -- domestic terrorists. back with that exclusive.
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: do you remember back in october when congress asked ag merrick garland about -- targeting parents and school board meetings as domestic terrorists? he denied it? >> i cannot deny any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children, nor can i imagine a circumstance where a dash of domestic terrorism. >> that was off like that knows now thanks to exclusive information from fbi whistle-blowers, told this congressman that the congressman
4:21 pm
had three times on conservative parents a bunch of times. on one occasion, the fbi interviewed a mom telling a local school board "we are coming for you." this mom was allegedly upset about the school's mask mandate, as she should have been, and thefeds ended up investigating r because she was part of a conservative group, and because she was a legal gun homer. second example, same story, but it dad targeted by the fbi. the fbi snitched because "he fit the profile of an insurrectionist," whatever that means. also, the dad was mentioned to have a lot of guns, so watch out. the last example provided in the letter was an investigation into a republican state official who
4:22 pm
opposed vaccination mandates in schools appeared to be clear, none of these cases ever went anywhere, because the parents did nothing illegal, but still, under the directive of merrick garland, these moms and dads were treated like domestic terrorists for simply being passionate parents. while the fbi was targeting parents, they were ignoring violent gangs who showed up -- last month, but it sounds familiar targeting certain opponents, almost like the attorney general straight out of the obama playbook. iris under lois lerner, unfairly targeted and audited tea party groups that froze them out before the election. congressman jim jordan's ranking judiciary committee penned a
4:23 pm
letter to merrick garland. did he lie on the roof when he answered that question? >> what he said was a direct contradiction. he said he would not use counterterrorism resources -- would not do that, that looks exactly like what they did. if you are a mom, a dad, a gun owner standing up your kids, look out, because here comes the fbi. again, a direct contradiction to what he told us under oath in the committee. remember how quickly this happens. september 29th, they sent this letter to the biden white house. five days later, merrick garland issues this memorandum, and 16 days later, the fbi sends out this email that establishes the threat for the parents. all that happened last fall in 22 days. have you ever seen anyone -- move that fast?
4:24 pm
they were going after people. the obama irs one after conservatives. same dynamic, but this is as -- >> jesse: may become of the school board union could write a letter to biden and tell them to lower the prices. >> do these parents, who were illegally targeted as domestic terrorists, do they have any recourse? >> the resources that they are members of congress, and they better not be those designations as they move forward in their life -- that is the recourse. that's why we've drawn attention to this since we first learned about it. this, along with the governance board, as something that drives americans crazy. there is a mom in the group come on for liberty.
4:25 pm
suddenly, he will be targeted because someone snitched on you will, a government sponsored snitch wine. they will be going after everyone. that's how ridiculous the soul lives. i think that's why the governor of virginia now -- and why i think that the american people -- out of office and this year's midterm election. >> thank you very much. hopefully, the media covers this whistle-blower the same with fated to the ukraine's whistle-blower. thank you so much. next, is kamala harris being frozen out by joe biden after she refused to do an event with them? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: we've known for months that kamala harris has been unhappy with her standing in the biden administration: voting rights, space, immigration, all those assignments are "beneath her." she wants a juicy project to sink her teeth into, and may have found it with abortion. >> vice president harris: how dare they tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her own body? [applause] how dare they try to stop her from determining her own future. how dare they? >> jesse: she gave the commencement speech saturday, and so far this week, she has met with the bulgarian prime minister, talked about the discounted internet. >> vice president harris: in
4:32 pm
the 21st century, access to the internet is essential for success. every person in our nation, no matter how much they earn, should be able to afford access to the internet. >> jesse: if president biden wanted to raise her profile, he would release her. instead, he's putting her on the ice. is this payback for her standing him up for the student loans video? >> it might be. she would not appear in a video with the president on student loan forgiveness, wouldn't go near that. want to protect her left wing flag, but we do know that liz warren is lapping her. she is on ratio you can imagine, as the leading lib voice. this was supposed to be kamala's
4:33 pm
shot. let's bring on the farmer dominic dominic let's bring in monica crowley. what do you think is going on here? >> for a democratic president, what's the point of having a female vice president of she's not going to fight for abortion rights? that's how joe biden and his team have essentially sidelined her on that issue. can't be happy about that. she gave one speech about it, then completely dropped off. she doesn't know what she is doing. she is in over her head, and she has no support whatsoever. sources close to common law, which means, low sources close to kamala, which
4:34 pm
basically just means space clean -- it continues. interesting is because she's in a constant state of nervous breakdown, democrats realizing that she has a huge problem, and yet, democrats can't easily get rid of her. that's one of things that people like, identifying a lame for themselves. even 2024 for the presidency and vice presidency. >> jesse: do you think kamala harris hates liz warren? [laughter] speak i think politics takes the president here, and elizabeth warren is taking up a torch on abortion. she's leading the charge. you and i talked about her couple of weeks ago on this show where we identified the fact to
4:35 pm
face. it's not as much aoc anymore, it is liz warren. i think there is a recognition that joe biden -- there is no way she will be the candidate in '24. he can't make it another two days, let alone another two years! some people thought it would be kamala harris, because she was the most unpopular vice president in recent american history, so a lot of democrats like liz warren are taking a survey of the political landscape on the democratic side, and they see an opening for themselves. >> i would agree with you. aoc, we are going to have to find out where she sides with this. thank you so much. there is a good chance that
4:36 pm
you've heard a lot of people talking about this: bitcoin the past few years. some people think it's a scam, some people think it's the next big thing. bitcoin is tanking right now, but is this a good time to buy? and, what is going on with the rest of the stock market? jordan releford, entrepreneur and crypto experts, but you may know him better as the wolf of wall street, joins us now, jordan -- >> crypto is basically just centralized money. it can also be used buy things, but there's all these other coins, and they are derivatives. there's so much going on right now. [laughter] there is a separate bitcoin, so
4:37 pm
much other stuff right now that's killing the market, but i think bitcoin -- i am a buyer. >> jesse: so you say buy bitcoin. the wolf of wall street says buy bitcoin. up close to 60, now what is it down to? >> about 31,000. >> lost about half of its value, and the wolf says buy bitcoin. >> for the long term. it's too volatile to make money in the short term unless you are a professional trader. >> people are getting rocks, looking at the 401(k)s. should people stay calm, or is this going to get worse?
4:38 pm
>> here are the consequences. it starts with energy policy, which creates a cycle of inflation. really been a poorly managed part of the administration if inflation persists, and the young kids -- i hope we are not going back to 22%, ben may the pressure on the market, might lower the market. >> you heard it here first. jordan releford, always a man with a plan. police officers are retiring in droves with criminals running wild, but my next guest as a warning to some of these thieves.
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>> jesse: america's crime crisis to spiral. kearns in major cities up 45% in new york, 25% in l.a. -- the highest level, 94 94% is the highest increase in crime this year and a major city. police officers retiring in droves. in chicago, 900 police officers resigned, while just 50 joins the force. >> not that good at math, and even i can understand this. >> can't walk in the store anymore and some of these neighborhoods without your head on a swivel this scene and a best buy. trying to stop a gang of thieves taking off with their phones. then, dangerous crime with jewelry. we are seeing scenes like this all over the country.
4:45 pm
a sledgehammer. still 20 worth 20g problems of gucci -- $200,000 worth of jewelry. can do these probably better than anyone -- committed an armed robbery in 2010, nine years in prison. he has used his timing trail to transform himself and is now a mentor and motivational speaker. he has a youtube channel as well. what is the motivation do you think behind these waves of -- snatch hand grabbed? >> in my opinion, it's lack of consequence.
4:46 pm
the promotion of their not being the prosecution, do you you basically will get -- 's people think if they commit a crime today, they will be out tomorrow, and that is basically them saying a lot of guys on the streets think they can get away with something, and that they could walk around legally cover their face up. >> so it's the lack of prosecution into the covid situation. you just look like you are following the science. >> correct. >> when you get caught, it's that going through their mind at all? >> a lot of these kids or young people are not looking at this
4:47 pm
long term. every time i've been locked up, i have to do the time. you don't have that opportunity to reflect on your actions then you are thinking "free-for-all, i can do this however many times until it catches up to me," which these guys are not thinking about. >> do you think on that farm back in your day that you might -- still be back out on the street with of that? >> i think if they had that situation, it might have took a little bit longer for me to figure it out. the contributing factor for my change was having a male mentor, and changed my life as far as giving me advice. a lot of these people committing crimes don't have a father figure or a male mentor in the life >> are the father figures
4:48 pm
more older gang leaders who send their guys -- if you are underage, under 18, probably not going to -- >> i don't think that has anything to do with this. kids doing on their own, they are watching social media, gangster rap videos, thinking it's glamorous. horrified to commit these crimes. we are looking at them as being washed up, they are corny. i've been told that i am a sellout now because not advocating that, and yet i try to get these guys have vice, because i lived that life. >> thank you for doing what you are doing. we need people all across the united states to sermon touring everybody. thank you so much for sharing
4:49 pm
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visit today to get started. >> wednesday, so it's watercooler week. bizarre story of the week. we will have a good social media scroll. looking at your phone, it's important to take some screen time. doctors, cutting out all social media for just one week, they say it will cut your depression, and improve your overall well-being. >> you don't need a doctor to
4:55 pm
tell you this. hires people at. [laughter] >> when i was with my back injury -- they might have been the narcotics. i felt great. [laughter] >> how many work emails did you have? that would stress me out. >> every email was a work email. >> can you imagine what this country would be like if twitter was never created? an entire platform where people post things where -- they don't have the courage to say things out loud, but that's where we are. >> we can't turn back the clock. we can only move forward. we could see donald trump on twitter moving forward. >> he's the one person that posts things that he would say out loud. >> you need spring break. [laughter] >> next up, -- this was a
4:56 pm
reality for a florida guy whose pilot passed out on a flight >> will try to locate you. >> my gosh what a great job. >> jesse: he successfully landed a plane and is never flown a plane and his entire not life. [laughs] >> i want to read what this passenger has said. i've no idea how to fly the airplane and then the air traffic controller said to roger that what is your position? [laughs] are you joking me? and then the best part is when the passenger land he says that
4:57 pm
i landed, how do you turn thing off? i need to go home and see my pregnant wife. i mean this is a movie. >> jesse: do you think that you could've done this? >> i can barely drive a car. [laughs] it's been a good run. >> jesse: thing i heard him say you just have the push the thing down and try to land softly. that's all he told him to do. >> i have to give air traffic controller a shout out, his name is robert morgan he actually is a flight instructor as well. this is my time to help. >> jesse: that came in handy. finally, you've heard the saying stay-at-home mom but what about a stay-at-home husband. a stay-at-home husband. >> just another day in the life of a stay-at-home husband. she's a witch.
4:58 pm
>> jesse: if you're a husband do you use your card? >> when i read this if you have no kids you're just unemployed. he is in law school so it's got this gap. between law school and his job so this is what he is doing people on social media love him because of using all the buzzwords too. >> jesse: i'm staying home today i'm ending the patriarchy. [laughs] [laughs] are got to go vote grocery shopping. all right what it takes about 2e the rest the day. no i'm not a stay-at-home husband. all right can't fly or drive but she can appear on television. thank you very much. while i was out i was watching some television mostly basketball and reruns of friends
4:59 pm
in the office and stuff like that. i got really in ozark. first couple episodes of the first season you got to give it time. it's rich, it's slow, it is a slow burner you're gonna love it. i highly endorse, prime time endorsement of ozark. time for some text messages. asking questions to everyday americans has been greatly revitalizing the bucket square. tonight's question about rising gas prices seeing the responses was honest and refreshing. they also may end up on their show. nothing to hide behind. make soap make affordable gas again. [laughs]
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all right were running out of baby formula but the not running out of booze good to see american priorities. all right that is all for us tonight don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a moment, tucker is up next. i am waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" there's nothing in the world worse than finding out that your deepest fears are justified. tonight that is our scenario maybe there really is a zombie in the closet. it lets say that you are a kid and you've convinced yourself that your parents don't really love you. they claim they say it all the time without looking from their iphones. but you can tell that they don't really mean it they don't seem sincere. and then one christmas morning confirmation you discover that they forgotten the


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