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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 11, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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out of booze good to see american priorities. all right that is all for us tonight don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a moment, tucker is up next. i am waters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" there's nothing in the world worse than finding out that your deepest fears are justified. tonight that is our scenario maybe there really is a zombie in the closet. it lets say that you are a kid and you've convinced yourself that your parents don't really love you. they claim they say it all the time without looking from their iphones. but you can tell that they don't really mean it they don't seem sincere. and then one christmas morning confirmation you discover that they forgotten the bayou
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presence. they were busy and it's up their minds. said they spent all their time and all their money buying gifts for a kid down the street so all the things that you asked for a gift to another 9-year-old you've never met. how does it make you feel? will you would be crushed, but you would also be vindicated. you would know for a dead certain fact that your parents really didn't love you they are really even that interested in you. that's how a lot of americans felt last night watching the house of representatives approved yet another massive aid package for ukraine. like i get nothing against ukraine but we could probably use that money here right about now. after a hundred years of virtually uninterrupted wealth generation the american economy appears to be faltering in ways that are scary to anyone is paying attention. even people who are paying attention can sense that there's something really wrong. most people aren't working but those who are are getting poorer quickly thanks to inflation. all of a sudden things are wildly more expensive. we literally have a shortage of
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baby formula right now, did you think that that would happen in america ever? and yet it is happening and so was the deadliest drug epidemic in our history. hundred and 70,000 of your fellow americans most of them young people, should've had young productive lives. they've died from drug overdoses the past year. this the saddest thing that's happened in our country for a very long time. and yet congress which claims to run the country can't be bothered to acknowledge it, much less do anything. instead the representatives in washington just voted to send yet another $40 billion to ukrainian all the guards who paid off the presidents son. you can add it to the approximately $14 billion they've already spent on ukraine. that brings the total average tonight some more than $50 billion. how much is that? well for perspective it is more than we spend per year on average on the war in afghanistan. a war that began with a direct
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attack on the united states. 54 billion that's about russia the country spends on its entire armed forces over the course of a full year. it is a ludicrous amount of money. and yet congress happily approved it they allocated $7 billion more then joe biden asked for that's how excited they were to do it. so where is this money going? that's the best part. congress has decided to fix all depressing problems that have to be fixed except fixing them in ukraine and not here. so the main course of all of this funding from day one has been to secure ukraine. because you can have a country without borders they have to be secure. nancy pelosi strongly believes that about ukraine so here's what you think some the republican side. the border security is the main goal. then there's the problem of insecurity in ukraine things are getting expensive and you prance over to spend $760 million to spend that. and not just in ukraine,
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congress was still kind of sporty they also added hundred and $50 million for something called the global agriculture and food security program because while were feeding ukraine us without more food than we can use. and of course that will obviously include baby formula too because kids in other countries need to eat. and then there's another huge chunk of cast to combat human trafficking. not human trafficking and texas where it's now you baked it was thanks to the open borders with mexico. to combat it in ukraine. it's sad what's happening there. were ignoring it. they're still more money to make sure that ukrainians have emergency shelter because apparently more than a million americans are homeless tonight. there's 900 million to make sure that ukrainians are able to entitled to access programs. in other words you can afford to fill up your truck but you know if the pay the living expensive when someone claims to be in your country who claims to be ukraine and you will.
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the because paying off your friend is always the real point of these exercises in washington there are billions more dollars from their employers. that would include $72 million for something the bill describes as "research development and evaluation in ukraine." honestly this is weird ukraine is a war zone and they're probably not a great place for scientific research right now, but whatever. were finding some kind of sign experiment in ukraine and more questions from you. and the bill goes on like this, and on, and on. congress is now spent more money on ukraine in six months than the u.s. government spent on all roads and all bridges in the united states over all of austria. the $40 billion were sending to ukraine so they can secure the borders by the way is more than double, more than double what joe biden has asked to fund customs and border security in
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united states. one bill more than double what were spending. and then in the middle of this historic drug emergency the bill spends more than ten times the entire budget of the dea. more than ten times. just in case you're wondering how your leaders feel about you. they're not fair at all now we know for sure. you should know that every single democrat in the house of representatives odor for this bill that would include even barbara leah berkeley. she was the only member of congress to oppose the war against the taliban. but a worn ukraine assuming that she believes to support why? because there's no potential chance that war could help united states. there's a reason. >> this war is not only about ukraine this war is the rest the world. vladimir putin trying to establish the autocratic government throughout the world
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we know that this is taking place through disinformation campaigns. all kinds of misinformation is taking place. >> tucker: so it's not really about ukraine it's about something bigger than ukraine thanks barbara lee for being dumb enough to tell us that and say it out loud. this is a war on disinformation. which at some point in some way is dead certain to be a war on you. no question about. we know for certain that wars against things you can't really identify against people who don't exist wars against concepts, one thing about those wars like the worn terror that they last forever. so it's a little weird to see tim ryan of ohio vote for this. he was supposed to be a working man's democrat. a guy who cares about bread-and-butter issues, tim ryan represents young people
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in akron. take a look at akron sometime. i took a war zone itself. these are the cities that built america crumbling and desperate now from total neglect. but don't you worry tim ryan is totally committed. and so is nancy pelosi. funding ukraine at any cost is more than a foreign policy objective it's kind of religious observer. >> the brutality of vladimir putin is just not what he's doing in ukraine but the impact that it is having on food for the world. so when your home thinking what is this all about, think about when i was hungry you fed me. >> tucker: oh, so wants to send more missiles to ukraine and the more missiles we sent to ukraine and the less hungry people are to be. wait a second, wouldn't want to
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do everything possible to bring an end to the war in ukraine? how dare you quote that book. there was a time when nancy pelosi didn't want to spend billions of dollars sick to secure countries border. it was not long ago it was apri. she was supposed to attend. what changed? watch. >> the wall and my view is expensive, unwise, and when the president said will i promise to wall during my campaign i think he said he was in a pasa billions of dollars of cost of the wall onto the taxpayer. >> tucker: did you catch that border security in the united states is immoral. but he strongly encouragement for border security in ukraine. they are united on this point. they stand as one, also as usual
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a stained propaganda campaign of the media has managed to divide the republican party. now why does this happen every single time? here is why, because how conservative they tell you they are they believe "the new york times." they care deeply what legacy media says. they read "the new york times" every day they don't be criticized. that's how the left controls every single time. if you don't believe it think back the last two years you saw the same dynamic in the early days of the blm riots and the covid lockdowns. nancy pelosi was out there taken the most extreme possible position and a lot of republican leaders agreed with her. former governor she told americans and the first days the riots that they deserve to suffer after george floyd died. in order to heal and needs to be personal and painful for everyone she wrote. in the end it was personal and
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painful watching him die. and i was good because your racism killed george floyd. that was nikki haley's first reaction she read it in "the new york times" and she believe that they all do. so it shouldn't shock you at the first reaction to the russia invasion in a first reaction of so many other republican leaders was the protecting ukraine is way more important than protecting you. than protecting america to mitch mcconnell to his credit has moved from that. he still thinks it. here he was yesterday. >> i think we all agreed the most important thing going on in the world right now is the worn ukraine. i do chance to call the president last week and request that the ukraine package moved by itself and quickly. he said let me think it over he called back about 15 minutes and agreed that we need to do this for ukraine only and quickly.
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i think run of the path to getting that done. >> tucker: you have to hope that there's some sincere billionaire out there who's gonna fund a primary challenge and get every single of those republican senators standing by mitch mcconnell that i think we all agree the most important thing going on the wall right now is the war in ukraine. the most important thing in the world right now is the state of your country, the one you're supposed to run. the people you're supposed to represent whose lives are supposed to care about them when you can't buy food or gas. people being on fenton all. hundred and 7,000 in a year dead, you dead people. we all agree that ukraine is the most important thing. if you agree with that you should not be sitting in the united states senator as a republican. and yet that's their position. of course it's lindsey graham's position just to give you another example. >> if you still sitting after
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all of this than the world's can be a very dark place and china's can to get the wrong signal and will have a mess on our hands in europe for decades to come. so let's take out vladimir putin by helping out ukraine. >> this ends with m putin being removed? >> there is no offering for him. >> tucker: it's weird to see someone take off their life fantasies on tv. we spend the next hour then going back 20 years making predictions that income true that only resulted in the death of american servicemen in the impoverishment of the united states. he's been wrong every single time he still out there. let's just take out vladimir putin. they have 6,000 nuclear weapons. with a be unsecured? do you think we have a mess on our hands when saddam hussein's one of the hands of extremists. what if we just took out putin. don't even think about it they don't care. there are high on own supply.
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not a stupid guy, investing in the military when we spent $40 billion. investing in the destruction of our adversaries and militaries when we declare war on russia? does anyone vote for that adversaries military that's what you do in war. since when are we fighting russia? since find putin stole the election from hillary clinton is good to see that dan crenshaw signed up for this. we have to wonder at what cost? not just apparel but the real peril that this could escalate into something crushing for the west but what immediate cost to the united states as our own ability to defend ourselves. do they ever ask that question? right now, joe biden in the u.s. congress as sent so much military aid that our country of the united states is running out of weapons. according to bloomberg officials
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say that key f is going to a week's worth of deliveries every day. social running short as russian air strikes take their toll. ammunition has become scarce in the areas of ukraine. this is presenting western countries with a stark choice between pouring more supplies into ukraine or husbanding finite capabilities they may need for their own defense. that's the line. they might need for their own defense it's a scary world if you blow it all in ukraine at finite resources like we have. what does that leave you? undefended. this is happening because senior leaders of the republican party instantly about "the new york times" position on ukraine. the instantly about the position. they didn't question what they read and the consequences now we are short on weapons to defend our own country.
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no democrat goes against their own herd ever. the first reaction of any democrat is to read whatever talking points nancy pelosi provides they never read the other side. they always go farther in one direction and the republican party has always led by people. here for example is how congressman they responded when georgia raised an objection what about our country's he said here's he said back. >> $40 billion but there's no baby formula for american mothers and babies an unknown amount of money to the cia and the ukrainian supplemental bill but there is no formula for american babies and mothers. we should be paying attention to our country right now. >> the young lady yields back the gentleman from minnesota. >> thank you madam speaker here's a formula for the
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destruction of democracy repeating flavor prudence and disinformation and appeasing imperialistic assaults on sovereign nations. >> tucker: so you can't buy baby formula in the united states and maybe you think you can do both at once you can find ukraine and get baby formula for american babies. maybe he can fix inflation and also find ukraine. maybe there is an answer to the question but most of it they don't answer. it is to choose the person asking the question of working for vladimir putin. you're against democracy. don't tell us how ukrainians have democracy they ban the opposition party that's democracy. but maybe there's an answer what is it? stop name-calling and answer the question. none of them will. he's crazy about vladimir putin. 57 republicans did vote against last nights bill and god bless them for doing it. but many more voted for it of
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course there was liz cheney. there was also republican leadership. top leadership. shameful. and the worst part is this bill will almost certainly pass in the senate which is way more left wing even in the house on the republican side. it is probably thinking swift vote on it which is as soon as tomorrow. so we reached out to every republican in the senate the final with a plan to do most of them didn't bother to reply and none of them will come on the show except mitch mcconnell the minority leader, ted cruz and mitt romney also did not respond. were hoping to vote the right way. but a handful of senators did respond and we want to let you know where they stand. rand paul has opposed to it but he is against it. he's through. as his office through. he supports additional military
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aid ukraine. he didn't say that but that's the truth. rob portman of ohio so is montana. the senate is leading yes. they think that russian oligarchs somehow will pay the 40 billion. he wants to make russia cover the costs and he wants use to seize assets to cover the cost. right okay. a few senators dodged. they all refused to give us a direct answer. we want to invite any republican senators who plan on voting to this to come on the show and its plain white. please tell us what you talk as much as you want. rock and a sandbag you we want to know why this is an americans interestwise is more important than the pressing crisis all around us so tell us. you're always welcome. were joined by stephen miller are happy to have them. stephen miller think so much for coming on. i can think think of a clearer middle finger to republican
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voters then what happened last night. >> sadly what you're seeing and what i learned from many years in washington is that the tears of american families do not move the hearts of washington politicians and all too many cases. you talked about some of the senior monologue tonight hundred and 70,000 young americans mostly killed by drugs going across our wide open border. those tombstones littered across our landscapes. there is no bill for that. we have gangs pouring across our border terrorizing our schools do you know that this year we only spent $1 billion, $1 billion on the salaries of ice deportation officers to get rid of the rings and the drug dealers and the criminals murdering our children, 1 billion but 40,000,000,001 bill for ukraine.
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there are monitoring to go to sleep tonight will not be able to get formula for the children including moms whose kids have severe allergies and the one formula that they need is not a met store shelf and they face the excruciating choice given their kid a formula that they know though have an allergic reaction to. that is happening right now. no bill for them, the wheels of justice do not turn for them because there is a fetish in washington for the citizens of foreign countries, the affords of countries and adventures that's what moves the heart of washington. not the tears of our own people. >> tucker: it's really, really ominous it's just one of those moments we feel like you see every thing really clearly i appreciate you coming on tonight thank you. so there is a word phenomenon we been reading about in the media recently somehow inanimate objects come to life and her people. the drive themselves through parades and fires at christian
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centers. bullets fly through windows of republican office owners. there is yet another push to change the name of george washington university and were on that too straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: right wing white
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supremacist violence. president says it. it doesn't even exist and never happen. and yet in one of the many paradoxes in this universe you're still not safe them on joe biden voters not because they are a threat but because when joe biden voters congregate for some reason inanimate objects start going bonkers and pose a threat so this ball for example we saw that a vehicle had somehow on its own committed mass murder in wisconsin. a car drove through a city christmas parade killing six people and scores of other. a car just did it. do you have an in your garage? be careful, they can do that. a fire somehow spontaneously erupted in a christian counseling center in madison, wisconsin. it was in a fireball on, probably bad wiring or an act of god. should he exist. a fire broke out sunday at the
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office of an antiabortion clinic. it just broke out as fires do. here's "the washington post" quoting, bullet goes through window of attorney general's office. there's no gunman, no one fired it. just a bullet so we call an errant bullet. a stray bullet. bullets are like that. so be careful out there especially if they're joe biden voters around. inanimate objects can go rogue. so "the washington post" which is really such a deep source of amusement that rich people should not control the media. [laughs] [laughs] in the paper owned by the world's richest man. the post took things even further than that, they published an op-ed that reads that george washington university needs a new name. it such a bad or meticulous university like who cares what they call it's probably just to shut it down or make it into some sort of subsidized housing
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for ms-13, that would be the preferred outcome. why are they offended by the name? because it's named after george washington so it's racist. what does that mean for "the washington post"? [laughs] there named after washington too. joins us now, jimmy. this is a problem for "the washington post." >> this is my favorite thing in the world that the idea that this snuck into "the washington post" apparently jeff bezos with the brick-and-mortar editor set up business too because they should've caught this it's absurd. it such a cell phone but i want to start at the tippy top man. this whole idea of declaring war on dead presidents drives me crazy because george washington by this standard of the day he lived in was an outstanding human being, number two my son is named lincoln. i have one kid tucker we decided to stop reading for the first report card. you know we've should probably
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get a dog this isn't working out. i'm a son named lincoln in even his name is controversial now. so is going by his middle name o.j. [laughs] really stick with me here because this drives me crazy. everyone that tries to point out our past is also highlighting our progress when they do it. 1821 it was whites only at george washington university and sure it was but no nation is work harder to improve it. fast-forward to 2022, the only place that's left that's why it's only his country clubs. does no other place we are excluding black people. but this is the thing tucker. local democrats are cultural all arsonists. they like to find new forms of oppression that little societal fires so that they can extinguish them and then claim value and virtue but the thing is that if it helps the african american community the thing with the black community
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is are being plagued by failing schools an astonishing high rates of violent crimes. no were tonight there's a guy getting crushed by inflation and mug for those overpriced goods thank only someone could stop renaming a statue. that's what drives me crazy man. >> tucker: they only destroy the never build build your own impressive country or schools they can't, they can only break things other people. >> it's so much easier tucker to sell victimhood to the black community that is is to sell them progress. this is new, when barack obama ran for president what was the motto, yes we can. if he showed up now and the age of incentivize victimhood with yes we can they be like yo yes we can check your privilege white guy what he mean yes we can. and that's the part that so stupid. >> tucker: it's unbelievably stupid and get back to me when you build something more exciting. thank you so much good to see you tonight. >> tucker you're the man. >> tucker: canada has poverty
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but justin trudeau has a solution for it. it's pretty grim solution actually. but it probably won't surprise you tell you what it is straight ahead. ♪ ♪ during world war two, most of
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the world turned a blind eye to the holocaust and hitler's atrocities. christians were slow to act and did not speak up until it was too late and 6 million jews were murdered. right now, thousands of ukrainian jewish families are fleeing the russian army for the freedom of israel. imagine fleeing with a baby in one hand and a toddler holding the other with all of your earthly possessions in a sack over your shoulder, leaving your husband behind to defend your country. these courageous families need our help. the time for action is now.
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>> tucker: the west got rich on manufacturing. it is now sustained by a financed economy. which makes a small number of people very rich and it's hard to sustain that scale over time so a lot of people in the west are getting a lot poorer really fast we've noticed that. so how do we respond to this? in canada they may have found a solution for the widespread poverty. you just euthanize poor people. there's a new piece on this in the spectator a woman and ontario was fourth force youth the nation because the housing benefits did not allow her to get better housing which did agonize or crippling allergies. so she was forced to kill herself there's many other examples of this. this feels like a trend that can easily come here.
5:38 pm
the right to die might be all right for the government and corporate interest for health insurance to kill you if you become inconvenient. they've heard a lot about this or long time losing our dignity is undermining fundamental inequalities oppressor at creighton school of medicine he joins us tonight. professor thank you so much for coming. you're the first person we thought of when we saw this piece are we overstaying what's happening here? >> and figure so much for covering the stalker because it doesn't get a lot of coverage. i think i have to wonder why. the violence assuming that we hear covered ad nauseam. everything today is violence which obviously aren't violence. this is violence this is medicalized violence. why is and this being covered? why are we talking about it especially when it's poor people. especially when it's working class people who are structurally pushed into that. >> tucker: sure and there's this very difficult problem which is what you do when an
5:39 pm
economy based on finance starts to go south in average people can't kind of sustain themselves dude do basic income? this seems like an obvious choice for ghouls, neoliberal ghouls will just get poor people to kill themselves. >> how many times have you heard from canada about their health care system, talking down to us about so many things and now it's come home to roost. their policies are seen for what they are. canada has her own problems and we need to learn from this. we need to say look at, what is happening to our porky people, are disabled people their dementia we talked about the early part of a pandemic is penetrable in the next 30 years. would be to do? a beat up at the resources in the carriage of them? i really only see two options robot care or should no chaser. >> tucker: why don't politicians say out loud right now some new things are seeing now we couldn't of imagined ten
5:40 pm
years ago, five years ago now. killing yourself is not liberation it's really sad you shouldn't be forced to do it like why does nobody say that? >> your shows an example of giving people a voice who have no voice. the people who are most dramatically impacted like this the wornd the poor they don't have a voice. so we need to decide and it's so interesting to see the political realignment in which parties can be the voice of the working class, the working man, the poor to be on the side of the people who say i don't want to die, i don't want to die but don't see any option given what's offered to me. this is diabolical. >> tucker: diabolical is the word for it and you provided for this for so long thanks so much professor it's so good to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: on the republican party is very frustrated if you have no options. you want people who actually represent you and share your best interests and someone who
5:41 pm
cares. like masters is running for senate's odyssey a threat to the left that's why they are attacking him in a way that's so unbelievable we thought we'd invite them on tonight to respond. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ the time you spent on the docks, the banks, the boats. the lines you cast and hooks you set. these moments you share with the people you love. the fish you never forget, and the tales that get taller with every retelling. make memories that'll last a lifetime with bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here.
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software...
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vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: it used to be that journalist try to cover the whole country in and look at issues that matter to everyone they won't always victorian guard for billionaires when stenographers but they were to challenge power on their behalf until we have the first amendment. and not many of us left. glenn greenwald is one of the most smartest and articulate is on the very few people covering american politics clearly and it is human live in america anymore he loves donna brazile. we had a long conversation with him about the benefits of seeing the country from the outside. a country that you love from a different vantage. here is an excerpt from tucker carlson today. ♪ ♪
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>> it's much easier to see the united states in a different way to be not a better way but a different way through distance. i was think about it if you're in the middle of a city and on a street corner you see a perspective that's realistic what you see israel, but there's so much they don't see. then you get on a airplane use flight 3,000 feet and you see so much more. each side offers you something by that distance gives you perspective so does living in another country and seeing how the rest the world perceives the united states, but i think the biggest impact is that if you're not immersed and depended upon a particular cultural niche like the political media world of new york and washington. you feel a lot more independent from it and you're not in need of its approval i things probably the principal factor. >> tucker: i think it's probably impossible to watch about art washington from
5:48 pm
washington. i know because i tried it's very hard. how important do you think the relationship, the culture that reporters live in and with each other to the reporting how affected are they? >> i think it's fundamental i don't romanticize the past but it is true that 50, 60, a hundred years ago journalism was a working-class profession. they relied on deals, unions. they hated the elites you went into it to bring him down a peg the kind of expose them to the world. you can go into journalism if you want to get integrated to the culture you wanted it because you want to throw rocks at it. beginning of the 50s-60s-70s. they took over cbs, disney started buying abc and journalist become famous and wealthy much more than before
5:49 pm
instead of living in different places and feeling very distant from the people they were covering suddenly they were their neighbors, the schools went to the same background. in washington it's even worse for living next door to the cia director and across the street from a raytheon board member suddenly you're integrated into the exact culture supposed to be. this integration of journalism into power centers combined with leveraging journalist with all the rewards and the culture this may journalist look of them is no longer as an outsider to the system or an insider. >> tucker: our conversation is available tomorrow morning on fox nation totally worth it. starts at 7:00 a.m. we don't often share breaking news' mother's channels will work to make an exception tonight. meet the press just aired this bob shall report about like masters running from senate
5:50 pm
wants this. >> this break into us while you're in pennsylvania where here in west virginia there's a new video that we just obtain actually out of arizona on a let you listen here at this of the first time they were airing this and anyone is hearing this this was blake masters back in february when he was asked the question about the future of the equal rights amendment, take a listen. >> women are not played less in america than men. it's a left-wing narrative. you can control the occupation you can control the people taken the time out, things are actually pretty even. >> this is what were talking about will retire at the new republican party of today. >> tucker: breaking news blake masters has an unauthorized opinion, he can do math. [laughs] is been covered like that for the last month or so. which tells you what they think of them they know he's a threat and they know who he is. they just reported that blake
5:51 pm
masters wants the outlaw. [laughs] spoiler, he doesn't but we wanted to talk to him directly about it. as we said is running for senate and the primary for arizona. thank you so much for coming on. [laughs] is interesting does the contraception thing, you think that people use contraception to go to prison is that what you said on the campaign trail? >> tucker it's such fake news, but what's clearly happening is okay after the victory in ohio the left knows that i'm on track to win this u.s. senate primary here in arizona and that terrifies them. it terrifies them because they know that on the america first candidate in november as no surprise that they're attacking me the running scared that's why they're guilty me as not to work on punching bag. >> tucker: they do have an amazing talent for detecting sincerity. like the team is jumping up and
5:52 pm
down on the american first guy. the outcome to get a pass from chuck todd or whatever his name is. the guys who mean that they can smell it on you. >> they don't like it yellow me ayswfe ago. there supporter called dylan rosen black, he lost his mind because i criticize the supreme court's reasoning. that case was about contraception but it laid the groundwork for the truly heinous decision in roe v. wade. so i been clear in public about this obviously contraception should be legal. i want to ban birth control but what is the media right? nationwide ban on it's absurd and fake news. a reporter found an essay that i wrote when i was 19 years old in 2006. it's actually a cool essay most of it holds up outside of the curb and saying the iraq war was a disaster but in this essay i explained how the state often used as propaganda to sell its warps. i pointed out that's what the
5:53 pm
did. so is the media right? masters praises. [laughs] it's not true. and actually it's just laughable. they have no shame. >> tucker: i think payback would mean getting to the senate and voting on behalf of the country almost everyone else is there. we will be good to do that, blake masters thanks for joining us good luck. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: joe biden was talking in public which is never a good idea completely lost control of himself during a speech i will bring it to you before we go tonight that it's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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5:59 pm
market essay it's a metaphor it's hard not to think that though. before we go tonight we like to check in on our quote president that would be joe biden talk about short he's angry because his faculty but he food watch. >> president biden: the idea that people would have to wait in line an hour, an hour and a half to get a box of food in their trunk is just unbelievable. >> tucker: oh but he doesn't see the connection it was joe biden it was required to punish russia for stealing the election radios food shortage and if we have food shortages he's really angry. he has no idea how we got them and must be nice to be joe biden you can do summing and then you forget that you're responsible for it. [laughs] oh, yes, will be back tomorrow
6:00 pm
covering the pageantry that is the joe biden demonstration can wait to see it every weeknights sworn enemy of smugness have a good night with the ones you love, good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hannity: welcome to "hannity" the new inflation numbers they are out and the numbers are a complete disaster for our economy even as interest rates rise the economy is still contracting inflation is still hovering at a four decade high, a whopping 8.3% on a very serious note this is an extremely dangerous. in our country. two-thirds of americans living paycheck to paycheck. it's killing the poor, it is killing the middle class, it is hurting people on


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