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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 11, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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covering the pageantry that is the joe biden demonstration can wait to see it every weeknights sworn enemy of smugness have a good night with the ones you love, good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hannity: welcome to "hannity" the new inflation numbers they are out and the numbers are a complete disaster for our economy even as interest rates rise the economy is still contracting inflation is still hovering at a four decade high, a whopping 8.3% on a very serious note this is an extremely dangerous. in our country. two-thirds of americans living paycheck to paycheck. it's killing the poor, it is killing the middle class, it is hurting people on fixed incomes.
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while incomes go down the stock market is plunging that means that retirement funds are getting destroyed, the cost of everything that you buy in every store you go to is continuing to spike. make no mistake economic devastation is here with no end in sight sadly. gas prices guess what? we had another record high today. diesel too another record high and they soon may be a diesel fuel shortage. utilities in this country there up a whopping 22%. fuel oil is up a whopping 80%. used cars are anywhere between 22, 40%. the rep over 13% and by the way when you finally buy one the msrp sticker shock is above msrp is gonna be about massive. looking for a plane ticket? that's up 33%. meat is 14%, ex 22%, milk is 14%. according to economists still need to folk over over 5,000,
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$200 more per household this year because of joe biden inflation and over $2,000 by the way every american that drives a car they will pay an extra $2,000 on gas prices alone. already as i said two-thirds of americans of paycheck to paycheck according to cnbc now sadly all of this as we been telling you could be prevented more than a year ago. our economy recovered from covid lockdowns and got read it, red-hot and president joe biden just continue to pump and spend met federal money even as inflation started to rise at a very alarming rate he even pushed for even more spending even as we speak he still wants to pump trillions of more dollars into the economy this is madness, this is insanity and that's not all. president joe biden restricted oil and gas production immediately put all these restrictions on the gas and oil industry. he killed the keystone xl pipeline, by the way we been
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taking in 900,000 barrels of canadian oil a day by now that would lower the price of everything. and by the way it was president joe biden who banned drilling on public lands because of course he is in adherent to the religious climate alarmist cold that now run his entire party. it's certainly not him he sat back and did nothing as gas prices went up, and up except make excuses a year ago today president joe biden they're all telling us that gas prices would come down and that inflation was temporary or that it was transitory. they were all lying or stupid or think about the economy and that magical way as bloomberg was reporting. but get this as the economy is imploding joe biden is rip-roaring mad because they're not giving joe biden the present the credit that he thinks he deserves. oh, we should say thank you for the 5,000 inflation tax, the
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$2,000 extra work in a pale year for gas? take a look. >> president biden: on the brink of the great depression. millions of people lose their jobs and their homes. but even more importantly losing hope. number those long lines you'd see on television, people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food. in their trunk. how can we forget that people were hurting. and what did this maga crowd want to do? forget it. forget it. god at this of the united states of america. the idea that people would have to wait in line an hour, an hour and a half to get a box of food in their trunk is just unbelievable. >> hannity: your presidency is unbelievably awful while he's
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wearing about getting the credit he deserves millions of americans are not worried about how they're going to field their children and i mean literally and pay their rent and pay their mortgages. as we speak a nationwide shortage of baby formula is now causing panic and why be so amongst parents as one "new york times" report reads that baby formula shortage now leaves desperate parents searching for food. some parents are now driving hours at a time in search of supplies, others are watering down formula or rationing it hoping for an end of the shortage. i talked to a friend of mine they're trying to imported from europe but then again it gets banned were not stopping the opioids in the fat novel will stop that baby formula coming in from europe. this is an urgent crisis and the joe biden administration obviously doesn't care they have no clue what to do aboard air force one earlier today president joe biden new press secretary actually laughed when a reporter asked about the ongoing shortage i'm not sure
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what's so funny here i'll let you decide. >> about the formula issue? >> at the white house i don't know [laughs] i can get you a person who is running points. but i don't have a good idea. >> hannity: not sure what so formula but is not baby formula we can soon have a severe shortage nationwide as americans farmers, the people who are the heart and soul of this country that feed all of us with the most sophisticated technology the science involved in farming today yes they are struggling with all these rising energy costs, transportation costs, supply chain issues and by the way you're looking at three times the increase in the price of fertilizer that would be necessary at the joe biden administration says that you should may be composting use manure. okay they need fertilizer look
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at your screen. the four major types of fertilizer are all at record highs. look at these numbers. you like to eat, i go shopping every week. i've sticker shock every week, but look at these. i'll buy as much as a hundred and 15%. by the way the farmer has to make a living if the raise raise their prices on everything so they can keep their farms going. and fear not because today joe we actually visited a farm once again reminded everyone that his home state of delaware has a lot of farms take a look. >> president biden: things that i want to put the rest is have you ever been in a farm? i remind them that nobody knows. i come from the state of delaware i represented delaware for 36 years in the united states senate. before he became vice president single largest industry in delaware delaware peninsula.
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as a $4 billion industry. a $4 billion in whole peninsula. we have more chickens than americans. more broilers. >> hannity: may be it's more progress he wasn't bragging that his state was a slave state as he once said. of course he's never worked as a farmer the past several decades he hasn't held in a job outside of government and may be, maybe that's a big part of the problem here is of how we can help americans farmers as the president of the national black farmers association john boyd jr. john welcome aboard things or being on program. more importantly thank you for you do i don't think we give farmers enough credit because everything we buy in our grocery stores come from farmers and ranchers like yourself and it's not an easy profession i understand the may disagree with me politically that's fine take me any issue you want by one of
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the challenges that farmers are facing because not only do you feed this country you feed the world on top of this country and we need american farmers to have everything they need to do their great job. >> thank you for having me tonight. right now or in a crisis in america as it relates to farmers. are facing an all-time high and diesel fuel here in virginia i'm paying $5.63 a gallon for diesel fuel, were at an high for fertilizer, i'm paying $900 a ton. that's $900 a ton for fertilizer $25,000 fertilizer bill figure looking at right now. now is the time for america to come together and support america's farmers. we just provided relief for ukraine were we to be looking at some losses there of wheat and other commodities we just
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provided ukraine with $40 billion in aid and nothing in that spending package for america's farmers i know there are tronic get some things done but america has to come back together. and work together by the same scene that's divided right now. were divided here in our country on race, bitterness, and hatred. love is always greater than hate. we have to find a way to work together so that we can get something done and that's the american. >> hannity: this is maybe what we part ways politically and this no hate in my voice here this frustration of feeling. i'm frustrated that two-thirds of americans are living paycheck to paycheck and i believe that that's unnecessary i believe that giving up american energy independence with one of the dumbest things of this country's ever done baking are ran,
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venezuela, that doesn't make sense to me. maybe you agree with that i don't. not fixing the supply chain and making sure that we have the fertilizer for hardworking farmers like you is unconscionable to me. you feed the entire country. >> you know farmers of the last on the totem pole as it comes to getting recognition in this country. we may not be a doctor or lawyer today but every day we need an american farmer in this country to help this country we don't get the recognition that we need and at this particular time were not getting the support that we need. as african american farmers and national black farmers association our members are waiting for $5 billion and aid that we didn't get from last year. it's always the waiting game but the example that i was making that were able to swiftly provide ukraine with $50 billion
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i'm not against helping that region of the country and the cost of the war and the effects the war and all that type of stuff, but we have to take care of those at home. >> hannity: i agree with you. i'm in america first guy so you don't have to convince me. can i ask you what do you farm? how many acres do you farm? to me little bit about what you do every day? >> i've been farming for 39 years and i've raised corn, soybean, hundred heads of beef cattle. i like to say i like them to per move swiftly to provide aid to america's farmers. what a set of the top of the show we had a crisis and were in a crisis in america america always finds a way to rise up over all of the obstacles that's in front of us. and that's what you have to do right now for america's farmers. if we don't do that have you been to the grocery store
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lately? i'm asked that question. look at the prices in today's grocery stores. they are going to continue to rise if we don't fix the problem so we have to be able to get our crops in the ground right now and with the president was talking about providing aid in federal cropping i've been farming for 39 years if i've the choice between federal insurance and buying seed and fertilizer, by seeds and fertilizer every time. every time people. now is the time to move swiftly and to act precisely to get america's farmers the aid that they need and deserve to plant their crops on time. we have a 30 day window of opportunity supplant our crops this year. any time off that any farmer can tell you it is so wish and a gamble after that. so we need the aid many of our back black farmers right now don't have farm operating loans
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in place. didn't get their debt relief you're supposed to get in the usda supporting these farmers as delinquents. destroy struggling trying to get the forms ready. we as farmers need infrastructure, corporate 500 companies haven't done enough to help america's farmers completely john deere. they should be cutting interest rates at this time for farmers and all these companies that want to get bigger. tell us how they can help the american farmer here? >> hannity: want to thank you and your fellow farmers for all the great work you do. >> thank you very much. >> hannity: i wish you the best. you feed all of us and you don't get enough credit for it i appreciate you being with us and really shining a light on how bad this is. thank you i appreciate it. now with the administration does little to solve america's many problems today the ladies of the view they did their best to recover from joe biden's many
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failures blaming you know who for our economic woes when all else fails, vladimir putin, donald trump to come on any given day. >> the deficit goes down, the economy flourishes and the republican comes in and destroys it all. and the democrats in and a noose in the former guy because i won't but i will say until the pandemic the economy was soaring we had records. >> we had president barack obama. he started the affordable care act. >> hannity: reaction founder the other larry elder along with fortner senior counsel the president trump kellyanne conway is with us. i really go to abc bay heart my news and information kelly and i think she's got it backwards is a typical day for her. but there is a reality here and that is that this is failing on a spectacular level.
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it is now impacting two-thirds of the country but it's really impacting everybody. i see no even openness to consider getting out of the problems are causing. >> that's right no course correction sean this is very true donald trump versus. 50 year low unemployment forty-year high inflation inflation under joe biden. low poverty rates records. they're doing no good by telling america don't believe what you see believe what we say. and that's on america as a cause and effect going on here they have no incentive i think
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to get out other than to insult. hillary ever redeemable so this is no laughing matter. the omega for the democrats and absent kamala harris. people are suffering sean mothers can't get baby formula in the united states of america. everyone's pay more for everyday consumables everyday life is more affordable and less secure under joe biden nobody here from people all the time? they don't just say or america were resilient will look forward and will get better were optimistic and hopeful. they'll say that it was better not that long ago and i want that back. >> hannity: well said. larry i spent a lot of my early adult years struggling paycheck to paycheck. never thought to be successful at it and i think so be
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somewhere made a mistake and god bless me. [laughs] i really mean that i'm serious. i know what that mind-set when i fill up my gas tank i'm paying twice i pay little over a year ago if this is me off i guess to do my own shopping i know why people tell me at the grocery store wire you hear? obviously like to eat. that this is me off. for other americans this is 66% of the country's living paycheck to paycheck larry this is really bad and it's getting worse. >> and the good news is the scapegoating is not working only 2% of americans believe the economy is quote very good and the overwhelming majority joe biden and joe biden's policies. a memo to ladies on the view however.
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barack obama presided over the worst economic recovery since 1949 the only time we've ever had a recovery since then we had at least one year was a gdp. in the running out of scapegoats. he's blamed supply chains, he blames greedy farmers greedy oil farmers, creamy producers. he's running out of people to blame. the only thing he has a blame so far has been their favor republican that's abraham lincoln. what's next on his he's gonna blame the inflation on racism. they're running out of scapegoats the problem is as a pointed out there's no course correction. they want to spend more and they want to raise taxes on and they want to regulate more. they should be cutting regulations and cutting spending cutting taxes and the economy will turn around but their clueless there line for the stupid. >> hannity: there's none to be an area of big government is
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over or the end of the new deal is over or adherence to the climate alarmist religious is over sadly. thank you so much and larry think he will be come back piers morgan actually interviewed and took on taliban spokesperson in a very contentious interview with got table showing the highlights we get to reactions and much more as we continue straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, or an allergic reaction.
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♪ ♪ >> hannity: is been 270 days since we abandon our fellow americans in afghanistan and surrendered to the taliban that doesn't include thousands of green card holders that doesn't include of course are afghanistan allies many of them who have been murdered and the taliban is now in full control
6:25 pm
returning there right to their hard-line oppressive rule as we predicted sadly, oppressing women and young girls piers morgan grilled a taliban spokesperson on his new show piers morgan uncensored about these major human rights violation take a look at this. >> a good should be entitled to go to school the same way a boy goes to school you yourself said in august last year nothing be scared about. >> there can be schools and education for girls. >> let me turn if i may to the issue of the compulsory instruction for all women in afghanistan where a full burqa if they go outside. >> they are observing her job. >> hannity: piers morgan uncensored as if there's any other peers heirs new episodes
6:26 pm
on watch very closely to this interview with the taliban guy. i predicted exactly everything that would happen. it was the worst debacle withdrawal ever. even anthony set a hundred and 26 he acknowledges americans are trapped behind enemy lines many of my congressional sources tell me that number is much higher and we have thousands of people that if american green cards eligible to be in this great country they were trapped behind enemy lines and are afghanistan allies would never abandon they are now being taken out in the streets and killed or taken a never to be seen again never mind the billions of military equipment. the old taliban is the new taliban, this is exactly what anyone with a brain knew would happen. >> exactly right sean and its complete betrayal of americans that are there and remained there in great danger of a trail
6:27 pm
the interpreters and afghanistan's efforts in afghanistan but most of all a terrible betrayal of the afghanistan women. there was so disingenuous they told me he's bunch of barefaced lies and eventually two daughters to they go to school. and of course right there is the hypocrisy which is riddled through the taliban eat those one rule for them and their children for the four. any girl after age about 12, 13 is not going to school. they may say are entitled to have their education stolen from them after two decades of getting used to having one. and many of this new rule of afghanistan women they can't go out there actually told the stay
6:28 pm
at home but they do go out they can only view their eyes any breach of the rule the male relatives or the male employer may be held responsible they are the enforcements and if they don't enforce it than they themselves face imprisonment. seer taking really step back to the dark medieval ages with this. to the very worst of taliban 1.0. there is no taliban 2.0. just as bad as they were before and the abandonment of these people i think this could be on joe biden's conscious. because it was a catastrophic failure of foreign policy to just up and leave and basically hand the country back to the taliban wolves. >> hannity: i think he did a really good job of that what i don't understand is where our women's rights groups where is the and community because if you're or they were murder you where the human rights activists
6:29 pm
and all this because we don't agree on everything but we agree on this. it's god given rights from god. >> nothing we hear a lot from big corporations like disney when they want virtue signal down in florida about sex education to young kids but not a word from them about the oppression of millions of afghanistan women in afghanistan because of course it was a democrat president that created this fiasco. that shows the political bias for all these corporations none of them dare to speak out about this. supreme court
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♪ ♪ speak up now tonight, there is a three-way battle in the g.o.p. the republican senate seat, that is a must have and hold seat, and the american economy, biden's failures, border, abort, all top of mind issues for voters in pennsylvania. now, this was originally seen as a two-way race between-endorsed
6:37 pm
candidate dr. oz, who i have always endorsed, also wall street hedge fund ceo dave mccormick, but according to a new fox news poll matt, kathy barnett is now seeing a rise with dr. oz in the lead in this race by their good points, trick or other recent polls have had dr. oz in the lead by two to 3 points. let me be very clear. the surgeon candidacy of kathy barnett, i have interviewed kathy, i like kathy. she was very nice when i interviewed her. the problem is, we are now looking at what is a must-hold republican senate seat if the republicans want to ever take the majority in the u.s. senate. she, up to this point in this race, has never been vetted, up to this week, poling didn't warrant eight. this is very important. back in 2020, she was in a congressional race in the fourth congressional district, she lost that race, that general electric
6:38 pm
race, by a whopping 20 points. also today, when the "washington examiner" reached out to her campaign, she declined to respond to a very simple, straightforward questions about her candidacy. these are questions like, where was she an adjunct professor and when she is adjunct professor, and when did she move from virginia to pennsylvania, and that is not all. we did a lot of venting ourselves. but while kathy claims to be -- the 43 president, she treated, a lot of tweets, did you see the last presidential debate. trump was hard. followed that up with, trump is just as liberal as democratic leaders we currently have an office. morality it matters and trump does not rank high in it. she also wrote "trump is good for beers and barbecue, not as a president" and claimed that trump's moral character is
6:39 pm
questionable. by the way, she tweeted this about me, there is me, and says, oh, "glenn beck -- actually, glenn beck, why does unprincipled donald trump." it gets worse. on service to tweets more disturbing. one in 2016, don't forget it, obama is a muslim. and there are lots of these tweets, from 2013, please pray for my paper is babies and me, about -- and there is a homosexual female. one she said she cannot recall the context of the tweet about obama or any controversial quot, and when he asked her about the tweet about boarding to the plane, she said, "i never said that. those are my words." i don't know she is claiming that was hacked, but it's on her official twitter account. with six days left in this campaign, there are serious,
6:40 pm
real open questions about the surging kathy barnett can pin and where she truly stands on issues and whether or not she could win a general election. republicans and conservatives, better get these answers, to these questions, before like i g i've this race the only candidate endorsed mike president trump on china iy far as the republican candidate in chance to win and hold that seat in november
6:41 pm
>> hannity: it's the most incendiary she's never stopped there's many of them incendiary remarks about and. she has not been fitted with dr. oz and as i look at these comments and this information and nobody brought it up prior to this show tonight. i don't see any way any scenario under which she can win a general election 35 year broadcasting opinion i want you to respond. >> i concur with your diagnosis.
6:42 pm
she is a mystery. she won't answer questions about her record, but what i do know to concerns me. she is expressed mixed feelings about george washington or the founding petitioned to build a statue for president obama. >> hannity: she wanted a statue of barack obama? i wrote to many mega conservatives who are happy with barack obama. >> that was one of the solution she offered out there. but the fact of the matter is and this is why president donald trump endorsed me because he said i would win the general election thus the most important goal for us to keep in mind as republicans she says that she's an outsider but she is the worst kind of inside her only lost running as a republican in 2022 a pretty weak democratic she made homophobic comments going with kathy barnett and she is the best chance for democrats to capture the senate seat.
6:43 pm
it'll be a gift to chuck schumer and here's what makes it worst is what really bothers me is the swamp is out there doing anything they can to stop president donald trump's endorsement and a stop president trump. to hurt trump, but they're hurting the country by doing this. this the same group that actually invested in ohio to her president donald trump candidate there. >> hannity: let's call names out here. are they gonna stand behind all of these comments? they now need to be asked if they stand behind all of them because i have a pile this high of them. this is not one comment, a one-off situation. this is not 20 years ago. this is recent stuff that's out there which i would argue and again my entire career never called for canceling her boycotts. i don't believe in demanding people being fired. but my professional political opinion as a broadcaster she cannot win a general election might explain why she lost by 20
6:44 pm
points in a congressional election two years ago. >> thankfully we have a couple days to fix this. i'm leading in the polls as you pointed out i'm a fighter and a focusing the campaign footing all over inflation and the energy that we have with the schools, covid the propping up and down and why washington is getting it wrong. please go to dr. if you want to help our campaign we have a lot of things going down. we will win because were focused on people that matter. we have to address what barnett represents. about interesting questions because neither taken a big risk with her senate seat. >> hannity: i would ask you this and was prefunny i was on her twitter feed why do sean hannity support unprincipled donald trump? now one of donald trump's biggest supporters he doesn't have to were all friends. kathy barnett i'll just assume that she is apologizing for all
6:45 pm
of this. now the question is will this now, i have to imagine that this is now going to become in the next 30, 24, 72 hours a political earthquake in this primary. because now the people of pennsylvania are going to see a luminous amounts of material that they have not seen on kathy barnett. and this is not to be against her the question to me is very simple. is that she obviously doesn't like president donald trump i've a whole stack of negative donald trump tweets. how she claimed to be a maga conservative and trash donald trump all the time? >> two weeks ago when one of our debates she said that she was maga and that president donald trump actually came to her and the other maga people in america it wasn't his idea he adapted their ideas. i was so caught off guard by the commentary but i'll post all these on dr. if you want to see them.
6:46 pm
national televised debate. that is the level of confidence that she has and what she is articulating. but she is a mystery person, we don't really know much about her we have so you understand that there's some stuff that she won't be to share. every day, every hour of every day since she came on the radar screen mob and finding out things are very alarming to me. it will be fodder for the democrats. we will win the republican seat in pennsylvania i am confident i'll be able to do that that's why president donald trump see also supportive and i appreciate his endorsement but we don't want to throw this away. >> hannity: i have been wanting one primaries become as pretentious as yours has become i've looked at ads about you and i've known you i have a vetting process with donald trump and you i think you can to confirm this fairly intensive and you gave all the right answers which is the only reason that i supported you they did the same thing with donald trump with you
6:47 pm
here this is gonna be a very interesting six days in pennsylvania. i have to believe that the people of pennsylvania are you to discover some in that they didn't know in the days to come will give you the last word. ♪ ♪ >> your hundred% right folks do your homework it's important to do that. and they go to dr. and find out why you want to vote for me. >> hannity: and all right were supporting your candidacy thank you for being with us when we come back chicago mayor mare light wake exchange heated words with lauren boebert on twitter over the leak supreme court opinion will explain more and congressman coming up next. ♪ ♪ a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment.
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>> hannity: from colorado congresswoman is now exposing far left chicago mayor and >> caller: are light weight her tweets urging of coal to arms ahead of the supreme court abortion ruling in response congresswoman tweeted insurrectionist. she replied insurrection is your thing not your thing. congresswoman fired back, six killed, 18 will need in your city this weekend. nearly 200 murders this year. go fix your city, hack. your reaction colorado congresswoman. leo knows this congresswoman, 2009 we started on the show all the names of people that nobody ever hears about. all the people in chicago shot come all the people shot and killed. we never cover those stories. i did it for years. nobody ever fixes a thing she hasn't lifted a finger to make chicago safe and secure.
6:53 pm
>> wright, president trump said this peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard. chicago mayor just gave a call to arms. if anyone in america needs an insurrection it's her and a set of coming at me on twitter this failed the mayor should be focused on protecting the good people of chicago. sadly she refuses to do that, let's just look at some of the headlines since this murder mayor took office. from abc seven chicago, 1-month-old shot in the head. "chicago tribune," 361 businesses closed and chicago. "chicago sun-times," chicago's most violent weekend 104 shot, 14 children wounded. from courthouse news chicago projects $733 million budget in 2022. "chicago tribune," 2021 is chicago's deadliest year in a quarter century.
6:54 pm
just this week sean, nbc chicago says boeing is to move their headquarters out of chicago. her city is a war zone and our people are suffering. businesses are fleeing. she needs to get off twitter and make chicago safe again. >> hannity: you bring props like the congresswoman doesn't think you need to up your game a little bit. >> oh, no, i don't need to because i'm proud to be with the congresswoman and i'm the lawyer she provided the evidence. lori lightweight is guilty based on the evidence you just saw presented by the congress woman. when she called for a call for arms, there's plenty of guns in chicago and she hasn't done anything during her tenure. i want to make sure this is very clear. this is a distraction from a disastrous administration at the congresswoman pointed out. you can say what donald trump said on january 6th, peaceful, patriotic goal, you talked about all the riots. the democrats cannot handle any
6:55 pm
of the investigation regarding the riots because those are clients. those of their voters, antifa, black lives latter, they're not to go after their own fate and that's why you see her trying to a misdirection. lori lightweight has a war zone and chicago it seems to take care of it. >> hannity: we have less than 20 seconds i understand that a bunch of rhinos are trying to take you out in the primary on purpose. how is that race going? >> that's right sean we have some rhinos try to take me out their freedom is a great motivator and i need your people to go to lauren for to join my campaign and help me in this fight so i can stay standing strong for americans all across our nation thank you so much sean. >> hannity: he can help you they go you got leo's endorsement. more "hannity" up ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening. as always we thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. we can't do it without you. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. for all the latest news information when you want to catch up on what's going on around the world as well. stay tuned let not your heart be troubled. laura's next, the ingraham angle, have a great night. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. thank you for joining us. all right, right off the bat, we got old mcbiden saw a farm. that's the focus of tonight's angle. put your mind at rest people, stop worrying about storing food and energy costs because today joe biden's on the case. he visited a farm. it was part listening tour. >> every day that gets pushed back. >> pushed back. >> yes, appear we usually r