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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 11, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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as always we thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. we can't do it without you. we hope you set your dvr so you never miss an episode of hannity. for all the latest news information when you want to catch up on what's going on around the world as well. stay tuned let not your heart be troubled. laura's next, the ingraham angle, have a great night. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. thank you for joining us. all right, right off the bat, we got old mcbiden saw a farm. that's the focus of tonight's angle. put your mind at rest people, stop worrying about storing food and energy costs because today joe biden's on the case. he visited a farm. it was part listening tour. >> every day that gets pushed back. >> pushed back. >> yes, appear we usually run
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out of growing season. so we can't control that. we can typically produce about 60% of the double crop, but the other still always risk involved that i'm by myself. couple things i wanted to be able to talk about here. what we had just walked through back there. >> yep? >> laura: yep. part meaningless small talk. >> there you go. please, sit down. one of the things i want to put to rest, everybody looks at me and says, have you ever been on a farm? and i remind them what nobody knows. i come from the state of delaware, single largest industry in delaware and the delmarva of delaware virginia peninsula that goes down is agriculture. >> laura: thank you rand mcnally. and more talk of spending money that we don't have. >> earlier this year the u.s. department of agriculture announced it would invest $250 million to boost verity
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fertilizer production. and i turned to tom and said double that and make it 500 million. it's so desperately needed. >> laura: why stop there? what's desperately needed though is a president who doesn't offer fake empathy when what we need are real solutions. but fake empathy is all he can offer and it's exactly what we got when he went on to chicago. >> i come from a family, and like most of you, the price of gas went up significantly, price of food went up that's what we talked about at the dinner table, kitchen table. i couldn't afford child care. not a joke. i was making $42,000 a year, which was a lot of money, as a u.s. senator. i couldn't afford it. thank god i got a big family. my dad would say family's the beginning, middle and the end. >> laura: then biden tried to
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make you feel better about the disastrous state of our economy and our lower standard of living by comparing life at the height of the pandemic to the days of biden infrastructure. >> we gave them a whole lot of money. we added back 460,000 jobs, critical state and local workers, educators, fire fighters, police officers. remember those long lines you'd see on the television? people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food! how quickly we forget! and what did the maga crowd want to do? forget it. forget it. people would have to wait in line an hour, hour and a half to get a box of food! in their trunk. just unbelievable. >> laura: do his speech writers not see the irony here? a few hours earlier he gave a speech about inflation and rising prices of food and gas up
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more than 43% up now. costs that are due to his policies. but perhaps the white house missed the headline about how inflation is so bad that some women say they're skipping meals now in order to meet their family's food budget. but none of what biden is doing is going to make any difference. his moves to release the 30 billion barrels from our strategic reserves was worse than a flop it's now compromising our national security by fleeting our energy source that was being saved for emergencies. meanwhile, if that's not enough, the white house is planning to further erode our economic position, vis-a-vis china. the goingists inside the biden administration are on the verge of convincing scranton joe to help the ccp by dropping trump's tariff. and apparently for that great deal, america will get nothing. now, remember, china is so sleazy and so dishonest it
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hasn't even lived up to its phase one agreement to buy $200 billion worth of agriculture products from us. it obviously knew with trump out when they agreed to it they could welch on the bargain and there would be no consequences under biden. so how bad would this be? already with trump's tariffs in place china is on pace to enjoy a trade surplus of over $400 billion with the u.s. this year alone. so the way things look, biden is simply going to declare the whole tariff things was a mistake that contributed to higher prices to all consumers. somehow though biden thinks he can molify with comments about china with comments disguised as tough talk. >> he talked about america as a diminishing power and i said mr. president it's never been a good bet to bet against the american people. no one's ever won betting against the american people.
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>> laura: he was talking to president xi there. but the truth is america means to begin the process of decoupling that murderous bunch called china. it's time we pulled back from our essential manufacturing because the true cost of our dependence on this repress i have regime is already being felt in baby formula shortages, drug shortages and now shortages in iv contrast fluid in hospitals. johns hopkins sent a letter to all of its staff that the cause of this shortage is the covid pandemic. but of course the real cause is the shanghai lock down. turns out shanghai is where much of the iv fluid is produced. this is terrifying. it has to change. we can't be held hostage by china or the one worlders here in the us who sold us out for so long. so today's trip to the farm was just another desperate act. an act that was poorly
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choreographed by the white house coms team. they really think this is the all a messaging probable don't they? that americans are stupid. so stupid to believe any of biden's gestures will alter the economic plight they see before them. but the people of this great country are smarter than the elites think and if they could right now yeah they'd send biden and all his enablers back to the farm and permanently out to pasture. and that's the angle. joining me now is arkansas center tom cotton. senator, this tariff deal in the 25, six, seven eight republican senators who will vote to remove the tariffs on china, or voted to remove the tariffs on china, how is that going to help the u.s. economy? >> laura, it's good to be on with you. i think you don't put it well i don't think old mcbiden has ever been to a farm or what's driving the inflation we see at the grocery store or gas pump or
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paying our bills. we had tariffs on china, we had coronavirus, we had the challenges in the last administration and we didn't have inflation. we only got the inflation whenever joe biden took office and democrats voted to spend $2 trillion that our economy no longer needed. even democratic economists like larry summers predicted that's exactly what was happening. and look who else joe biden's blaming for inflation. in addition to covid and chinese tariffs and flight ten challenges, farmers apparently who don't work hard enough because they're not double cropping something they're telling them at the end of their planting sib in many places or big oil or corporate greed or what have you this inflation gets back to joe biden and the democratic party's failed policies. >> laura: china is now going biden to lift the tariffs with their foreign ministry saying the unilaterally tariffs by the u.s. not only harm china but also the u.s. as well as the
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world. well, senator unfortunately it looks like biden and his team, at least you know, the globalists on his team already appear to have bought this logic. >> laura, you gave some very good and alarming examples that we've seen over the last two years of our very dangerous dependence on china. this idea example is just the latest one or the active pharmaceutical ingredients we saw earlier in the pandemic or basic surgical and medical excitement and nah teas nothing of advanced technology. you used a very important word as well. decoupling. we need to decouple our economy in strategic and vital sec tours from the chinese economy. we did not be dependent on the goods that feed us and clothe us and provide us and literally save our lives from a communist chinese regime that wants to replace us as the world's dominate power. its was a mistake to let it
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happen the last 30 years, we have to unwind it as quickly as we can. >> laura: and today senator we learned as all this is bubbling up about the tariffs, removing the tariffs makes it easier for companies to offshore manufacturing and jobs overseas. the same day this is bubbling up we learned the overdose deaths in the united states were the highest on record, overwhelming majority due to fentanyl, 70% or so? listen to the da administrator. >> we are so focused right now on stopping the chemicals coming out of the chinese chemical companies. china's to blame. chinese chemical companies are the largest producer right now of the precursor chemicals that are being used to make fentanyl. there's a relationship between these chinese chemical companies and the criminal cartels in mexico. >> laura: you think? so, senator, china is killing americans with this fentanyl. and we're going to reward them by lifting the tariff. can't make this up. >> there's a direct relationship
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between the chinese pharmaceutical industries and these cartels in mexico. in the past they've often produced excess supplies and shipped them to the cartels. more recent years they helped the cartels accept very set up laboratories and pre curseers as well. but the upshot is because of chinese and mexican drug cartel cooperation flooding our country with this deadly synthetic drug fentanyl we have once again set a sad record of overdose deaths in this country. >> laura: senator, we really appreciate your speaking out on this issue and there are few others like you in the senate. not enough. we need more. thank you >> and tonight, only nine days after that draft opinion reversing roe was leaked by someone or some people at the court, there's been yet another leak. the new york times tonight describing the situation at the court as a series of disclosures that appear to be happening in almost real time. now, they started in an
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editorial on april 26th in the wall street journal expressed concern that chief justice roberts was trying to persuade justice kavanaugh and amy comey barrett to join him in a mississippi law bang most abortions after 15 weeps but to stop short of overruling roe outright. they said alito would be an minority opinion. the political bomb came just days after that with five justices to overturn roe and now another unauthorized disclosure according to politico none of the conservative justices have initially sided with alito have to date switched their vote. now, this is incredibly embarrassing, both for the chief justice and the court as a whole. and it underscores how important it is to find the leaker or leakers, then the name of the leaker or leakers, must be
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publicly announced, and the final opinion of the court, all the opinions of the court, opinion has to be issued as soon as possible. now, i know descending justices want or need more time to write their own opinions but the nation cannot wait. people will be happy, some of them, and others will be very upset. we know that. but before something terrible happens, protesters need to be cleared from outside the justice's houses then the democratic process can move forward in all 50 states where the debate about what to do next can occur. joining us now is terry severino president of the judicial crisis network and former justice thomas supreme court work as was i, of course, carrie how much do these leaks that keep coming? i'm surprised how little this got covered today in the media, really. how much damage is being done to the court, drip, drip, drip. >> yeah, it's like you're getting a play by play of each individual interaction behind the scenes. this is not as you know what it was like when we were there. it used to be this was one
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branch in the city that doesn't leak. so it's a huge breach on the court. i agree, i hope this person's found quickly. the good news is, what it sounds like from this leak is that the justices haven't shifted, i think that's good on a lot of levels. it's not too surprising because this late in the term boy if they're switching now you have to do a lot of reshuffling and rewriting opinions i think that would be very unusual and i'm glad to see they haven't caved to the pressure. >> laura: as a legal matter, what's the strategy here? i'm trying to figure out motive. you always think of motive in a crime scene, is it an ethical crime. what's the motive here. >> a lot of people i assume, it's a liberal clerk who thought -- this is kind of a desperation move, right? a last ditch effort. we see what's going to happen, roe's going to be overturned. by this point in the term if someone was going to change at all, which is rare, it probably would have already happened. so i think they thought this was a last ditch effort. i think it's going to back fire,
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we've already seen it back fire with the broad opposition even among democrats to the crazy people protesting in front of justice alito, the refusal of president biden to say that is beyond the pail. so it's back firing and it strengthens the justices. these are 20 somethings who can't think far ahead. >> laura: do you think it's coordinated and not one person. i have a number of friends who you know probably, it's not just one person they believe and they think it's a coordinated more like what happened with the leak that led to the controversy over justice thomas's confirmation hearing. >> well, you know, it's still so hard for me to wrap my brain around one clerk leaking in such a joy norm us way. leaking the among is bad enough but the leak of an entire opinion, i don't know. if there's multiple people involved in this, that ought to make it even easier for the chief justice to track it down. >> laura: carrie, if you and i or a couple other former clerks
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had all the clerks in one room, it would take us about ten minute. i'm sorry, we could find out who the leaker is. >> it's a small group. >> laura: and we all know everybody else. liberals -- everyone knows each other. how hard is this. >> yeah. >> laura: something about this just doesn't seem right to me beyond just the leak. i mean, come on, time's wasting, let's find out who it is or who they are. here's what jeffrey toobin said today about our former boss, justice clarence thomas. watch. >> thomas has repeatedly said we should not honor precedent if we disagree with the result and so that means he is much more willing to overturn precedents than other justices. he will now have this opportunity because the supreme court today is very much his court. >> laura: i hope so. i hope it is. that's great news if that's the case. your reaction to that?
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pre i don't remembertively obviously. if it's the thomas court we're in the great. >> a couple months ago chief justice thomas they were getting at something, he is the intellectual leader. >> laura: in in the absence of scalia. >> absolutely. and we're seeing, news flash none of the justices follow precedent tliberal justices included but justice thomas said i want to uphold the constitution not what some guy said incorrectly 50 years ago and that's great. >> laura: the new york times said it's like the leaky branch, it is leaky now, but it's become so political. we've been saying the court and outcomes in certain cases have been political for what 50, 60 years? so now the new york times doesn't like political court that's what we've been saying. >> welcome to the party. >> laura: exactly. great to see you in studio and remember if you can't watch us live hit your series record on your dvr, remote, whatever, you don't want to miss us every week
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night at 10:00 p.m. up next newt gingrich is going to tell us how republicans can learn from the disastrous leadership of chuck schumer and nancy pelosi if they gain power in november, and we have breaking news out of the ninth circuit court of appeals in california, very important as it relates to your second amendment rights. a big update coming up. stay there.
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♪♪ >> when you're home thinking, what is this all about, just think about when i was hungry, you fed me, the gospel of matthew. >> laura: well, that was nancy pelosi finding the bible last night ahead of the vote to, well, send another $40 billion to ukraine while american mothers are struggling to get formula for their babies, and hospitals are running out of some medicines. while the democrats are providing a free lesson to the gop on what not to do when you have a majority. when they're not ignoring the pleas of american citizens they're obsessing over the january 6th admitee or wasting time with gestures like today's failed attempt to codify roe vs wade. >> the vote we just took makes crystal clear the contrast between the parties as we approach the midterm elections.
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>> laura: oh, you bet it does. makes crystal clear that the democrats don't care about the true suffering of the american people and that they are abortion and partial birth abortion fanatics. but this should also act as a warning, be a warning to republicans. leaders matter. policy matters. here now is a former architect of the huge gop turnaround in 1994, former speaker of the hours fox news contributor newt gingrich also the author of the new book defeating big government socialism out now. newt it isn't enough to just defeat in november. we've been here before where you win and you fritter away time and nothing gets done before 2024. what about a new governing agenda for gop? >> well, i think it's very important and i think that particularly in the house, kevin mccarthy has taken a real lead in developing a team effort,
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much more sophisticated than we had in '94 and i think they're going to have the equivalent of a contract, they're going to lay out big, bold ideas that are positive, and they're going to be prepared to execute them starting in january when they take over. so i'm very encouraged. i think the senate's not quite as far down the road yet, although rick scott has tried very hard to move them in that direction, and i think they're gradually moving in the right direction. but, look, you, one, have to win the argument about policy. yeah, these guys are incompetent but it's more than incompetence. what they believe is wrong. what they're trying to do is wrong. that's why i wrote the book on defeating big government socialism. we have to win the case that the very base of the democratic party is committed to ideas that don't work in the real world. then, second, we have to be prepared to govern. not in '25. we have to be prepared to govern in january of 2023. and i think that it's very important, when we took over in
7:26 pm
'94, we had a governing andend a. >> laura: blueprint. >> we moved it. it was popular enough by the way that on the average vote on the key issues, 63 democrats voted with us because back home people said to them, you've got to be for welfare reform. you have to be for the tax cut. you've got to be for a balanced budget. and i think if we do it right next year, we can set a pattern, which you see with the republican governors, overall republican governors have done a phenomenal job of creating jobs, solving problems, reforming the schools, doing things that really matter to people. >> laura: and they didn't -- newt. >> senate republicans should do the same. >> laura: newt, to your point, you know, about the radicalism point in the democrat party, it is he a different democrat party than when you were there. very different. they -- chuck schumer. let me say this and i'll let you respond. 49 democrat senators went on the
7:27 pm
record supporting not just roe vs wade being coulded find. no, no, no. abortion up until birth and removing parental consent for abortion. so much for safe, legal and rare. this is, this is disturbing. >> i don't know what's happened. i don't know what's happened, and i don't know how the democrats who are up for reelection this year can possibly go home, if their opponent simply outlines what's in the bill they just voted for. because you're right. it's the most extreme, you know, ben called it the party of death. and i think that's a fair statement. these people voted today for the most radical position on abortion anywhere on the planet. and when you look at the details of what they voted for, it wasn't roe vs wade. it was radically more anti life, radically more hostile, and would basically create an engine of killing babies. and i don't know how these 49
7:28 pm
senators are going to go home and defend it if people have the nerve to take them head on. and don't get involved in some big broad generalization. take item by snipe right, specific. >> what's in that bill. and i think people will be appalled that their senators voted for this kind of radical position to make it easy to kill babies. >> laura: now, kamala harris was out and about today, newt, and she made this comment after the abortion vote. >> this vote clearly suggests that the senate is not where the majority of americans are on this issue. for all who care about this issue, the priority should be to elect pro choice leaders at the local, the state and the federal level. because what we are seeing around this country are extremist republican leaders. >> laura: extremist republicans wanting to protect unborn babies that could be born and delivered outside the womb and survive and
7:29 pm
go on to do things like, i don't know, maybe cure cancer one day. but not according to kamala. >> she would never accept -- and i understand as a sitting vice-president why she wouldn't. but i would be happy to debate her, i think any republican senator or house member would be happy to debate her. what she just said is total nonsense. this is the most radical bill ever voted on in the u.s. senate about abortion. if she wants that to be the position to fight over that's fine. >> laura: great for republicans. >> they'll be at 23%. i mean, it will be amazing. but you see this everywhere. as you pointed out early on, you have this very real problem in terms of baby formula, entirely artificial. it's the u.s. government which is blocking, for example, the use of european baby formulas. so it's creating an artificial shortage. you have the whole problem of people coming across the border in huge numbers. you have the problem of murders,
7:30 pm
rape, carjackings, robbery in the cities. every time you turn around these people are failing. >> laura: they're destroying america day by day. >> i think we have a chance in november to really, truly turn the tide. >> laura: and, newt, your point to educate the next generation why this can't continue and what happens if it does. that has got to sink in to every republican. you can't wait to get the white house to educate america, you have to start doing it now. >> that's right. >> laura: and that means pushing policy. newt gingrich is the best on this. newt thank you >> a fox news alert, big second amendment news out of the ninth circuit court of appeals in california, fox's trace gallagher in our west coast news room has all the details. trace what's up. >> the ninth circuit court was blunt saying california's ban on the sale of semi automatic weapons to adults under 21 is unconstitutional a violation of the second amendment. the court said the law was an almost total ban for semi ought
7:31 pm
adults. judge ryan nelson said america would not economist without the heroism of the young adults who fought and died in our revolutionary army. today we reaffirm that the constitution protects the right of young adults to keep and bear arms. the firearms policy coalition that brought the lawsuit said it's optimistic this ruling will help overturn age based gun bans around the country. we should note not a total victory for gun rights activists. it also tried to block a separate california ban that says adults under 21 who are not in law enforcement or the military much obtain a hunting license before they can purchase a rifle or shotgun. that was put in in 2018 in the wake of several school shootings including marjory douglas stone man school until florida.
7:32 pm
they said it was reason for increasing public safety. the ninth circuit has traditionally been among the most liberal courts and just a few years ago today's ruling would have been very unlikely. but the majority opinion of this 3-judge panel came from two judges nominated by former president trump. the dissenting judge was a bill clinton ton nominee. laura. >> laura: trace that is fascinating thank you so much >> here's a clue for tonight's wit's end segment, remember the answer will be revealed at the end of the show. north korea just banned which western aesthetic. tweet me your guesses at ingraham angle and we'll see if you get it right >> a pop star and diva exposed more than anyone expected and biden does as well. seen and unseen is next, stay there.
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i love it. they're a game changer for me. i feel like i can take on anything. it feels great to be in control of my hearing. better hearing has never been this easy. try lively risk-free for 100 days. visit ♪ >> laura: time for our seen and unseen segment where we explore the big cultural stories of the
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day and for that we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. raymond we start on broadway where a diva seems to have lost some of her star power. >> following a performance of company patty during a q and a session with the audience singles out a patron and sang a new song that could be called don't cry for me dr. fauci. >> put your mouth over your nose, that's why you're in the theory. that's the rule. if you don't want to follow the rule, get the [bleep] out. i'm serious. you're sick. you are. you do not respect the people that are sitting around you. you don't pay my salary. chris harper pays my salary. who do you think you are? >> the question is, who does she think she is. look, patty lapone is one of the greatest performers on broadway she is a power house but you and
7:39 pm
i have both seen her. no, ma'am entertainer however should heckle or attack a member of the audience who paid good money to see you. >> laura: other than don rickles. >> she was screamed at by an actress on stage filled with people not wearing masks incidentally. this is no way to handle your audience who's come to see you because they love what you do. >> laura: how much is a ticket for company? which originally was produced when, raymond? 1971. >> like 1974, yeah. but this is a revival. people are paying $250 a seat to hear patty lapone sing one solo. so at those prices she should be kissing their feet and giving out free masks at the door. at a time laura when people are going to stadiums and churches and restaurants without a mask, i was at a broadway show a few weeks ago. everybody had two drinks when they sat down. you want to know why? so they could take the masks off and sip them throughout the performance and get around the mask mandate.
7:40 pm
>> laura: it's ridiculous. >> so i don't know who she's doing this for but it's a bad look for a star like this. >> laura: it is off key for a performer who's usually beautifully on key. >> theater etiquette which she's usually a stickler for, this exceeds the bounds. another star that could benefit from being unseen is the material girl, madonna has unveiled a series of nft's laura, non-spongeable tokens of herself at least she claims it's herself. the images are so graphic we can't show them here but madonna's explanation is probably all you need. >> the opening of each video is essentially me giving birth, whether i'm sitting on a tank in a public city or i'm in a hospital bed in a very sterile laboratory environment. weirded off by it, so often a robot crawls out of my vagina. >> laura: papa don't preach. >> i almost don't know what to
7:41 pm
say. >> laura: mama don't preach. >> she has toss change that to i might be your yucky star, the yuckiest by far. i have nothing else to say other than she's crossed the border line of relevance and decency. >> laura: girls just want to have fun that was cyndi lauper, girls want to have nfts now i guess. i don't know. maybe we need to create an nft of this i guess. what's next. biden almost took a spill border air force one this morning? no. he did not. >> i don't know if you get many takers on that nft. but laura, his feet may have avoided disaster, but his tongue sure didn't. >> is delaware in the house? anybody from delaware? holler loudly man because i want to see you after this is over. >> i've been to -- i didn't want to make you stand. i'm sorry.
7:42 pm
the whole point of my raising this is, and we're not going to be able to talk much about it today, but conservation. you know, we have no plan, they have no plan to bring down energy prices today. >> i would make the argument that biden speaks more truth in his stumbles than when he actually reads the copy cleanly laura. you were talking about earlier, the president is now pushing to lift those tariffs on china. in an underreported story, cardinal joseph zen of hong kong tireless voice for freedom and religious rights was arrested by the ccp this morning. so the white house called for his relief. biden said nothing, ditto for the pope, really distressing. the vatican which made a deal with china, the government, permitting xi to pick bishops in a statement said they were watching the situation with extreme attention. >> laura: how powerful. >> thankfully -- yeah. thankfully cardinal zen was released on bail tonight but they took his passport and
7:43 pm
charged he's colluded with foreign governments due to his support of democracy advocates in hong kong. by the way a new chief executive in hong kong was elected. he got 99% of the vote. >> laura: he wasn't elected. he was placed into power by xi. >> 99% of the vote backed by beijing and he was the only candidate in the race but that's the way they run an election laura. >> laura: committee. >> yeah, and another reason to keep the tariffs in place. you can't have this sub bornation of human rights and religious rights and the rounding up of a saintly man like card and in zen. >> laura: sorry i'm stepping on you tonight. hong kong freedom is gone, crushed. and pope francis, god bless him, we need strength from, you know, the pontiff. what would jp ii do? just say we're going to watch it evolve as he's tortured behind bars? released but tortured in real
7:44 pm
life. raymond, this is very disturbing. thank you for the patty lapone shut up and sing update >> up next the hottest political race in the country is a republican primary for the senate in pennsylvania. now, last night, we brought on the surging kathy barnette. tonight we welcome another top tier challenger, david mccormack. he's here next. ♪♪
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♪ >> laura: the pennsylvania republican senate primary's right now the hottest political race in america. the ingraham angle is doing its part to make sure the nearly 26% of voters who say they're still undecided less than a week before the election get the chance to see the candidates themselves. last night in our retaking america series we profiled kathy barnette and boy is the gop oppo on her flowing. then there's dr. oz, we have our issues with him but he has an open invitation to come on this show as well. tonight we turn to dave mccormack who always finds himself near the top of the heap in pennsylvania. dave great to see you tonight. why are so many voters, six days out, i know there's already mail in ballots coming in and early voting, but why so many still undecided? >> well, listen, thank you for having me laura.
7:50 pm
i'm traveling across the state meeting every day and pennsylvanians are so focused on this. they're angry. they feel like their country's slipping away and they're zeroed in on the candidates and i think that's a great thing and they're looking for someone who can go fight for them in washington. and they look at me as someone who's battle tested served in the military grew up in pennsylvania created jobs and i feel momentum on the ground when i do these meetings and i think you'll see over the next few days that undecided electorate is going to begin to zero in on who they believe can lead the fight in washington and i believe that will be me. >> laura: the senate has now agreed to lift trump tariffs on china. we have a $400 billion deficit with china on trade this year. that's what it's looking like it's going to be. dave, what about the tariffs? will you vote, would you support lifting the tariffs ons these
7:51 pm
chinese goods when they have reneged on their promise to buy $200 billion worth of our agriculture? >> no, i would not support lifting the tariffs. and i would be a leader of a strategy and a posture with china that would even go beyond what president trump did. and as someone who is -- spent nine years of his life fighting communist ideology negotiated at the highest levels of our government against china and did business around the world no one has the experience i have to go toe to toe with china. and that's why you have a bunch of strong voice ons china like mike pompeo pom like ted cruz who spearheaded my campaign. we need somebody in the senate who has the experience to go toe to toe with china and i have that. >> laura: the criticism of you davis that you're in the pocket of china. i know president trump came hard at you in that rally with oz last week and you say to that? because i know you like trump. so what gives?
7:52 pm
>> yeah. listen, i'm a big supporter of president trump. you know, i've spent my life serving our great country in the military, at the highest levels of government. and even president trump knows that, he asked me to be his deputy defense secretary. so i think my credentials as someone who's strong on china are beyond dispute and i've done business around the world like president trump had done in russia and china and that experience will make me a much stronger senator. and i know better that we need a strategy that goes toe to toe with china, the economic risks and national security risks are significant and we need to have a posture that really brings american leadership to the world and changes our reeling sump china and i can be a leader on that. >> laura: dave why do you think barnett's surging. you and oz were the two big dogs for the longest time and then suddenly this woman no one knows anything about is you had knell the top 3. what's going on? >> well, listen, she's getting her day in the sun but i think what voters are asking
7:53 pm
themselves, and this race is so important laura you know this better than anybody, they're trying to find a candidate that, a, has their values, b, can win the general election. this race could not be more important. and then can go to washington and fight for an america first agenda. and so those are the tests that every candidate has to go to. that's what we're being scrutinized on and kathy i've gotten to know had er on the campaign trail she has a great story but she's been tested. last two years she ran for congress and lost by 20 points. we can't take a risk on this seat. >> laura: wow. >> we have to win this seat and we have to go head to head with john fetterman right the stakes are so high. >> laura: the republicans cannot lose this. you can't take a risk. now dave breaking moments ago biden's interior department just announced they are cancelling planned oil and gas lease sales in the gulf of mexico and alaska's cook inlet. very briefly your response to that. just broke. >> it's more of the war on
7:54 pm
energy. it's been a disaster for our country, disaster for pennsylvania. it's killed us economically, it's sacrificed our national security and it's hurt the environment. and it is beyond dispute that the biden policies have failed. we have to have energy dominance, we can lead the world in energy, great for pennsylvania and our country and as a senator for pennsylvania, this would be my number one agenda item because this is the key to unlocking the potential in pennsylvania which is really remarkable. >> laura: the steel industry in pennsylvania, all those workers, they need someone who's going to fight for them. dave we're going to be watching this very closely. we really appreciate your joining us. thank you >> nowhere our wit's end segment is next, here's a clue, what new aggressive stance has north korea taken against the west. hurry up tweet me your guesses at ingraham angle and we'll see if you get it right next. during world war two, most of down tt without killing your lawn. this stuff works on dandelions, crabgrass, clover. this stuff works for up to three months. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back. this stuff works on big lawns, small lawns,
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. >> laura: what new aggressive stance has north korea taken against the west. your answers, jessie tweeted american movies, someone wrote the mullet hair cut i can't grow because i'm bold and skipper
8:00 pm
said western fashion. here's the big reveal. >> everybody's talking about my tight pants. i got my tight pants on. everybody's looking at my tight pants. i got my tight pants, i got my tight pants on ♪ >> laura: that's what they banned. yeah, they love dennis rodman but no tight jeans. gutfeld next. ♪♪ >> greg: beautiful, beautiful. yes! yeah. all right. happy wednesday, everyone. so here's something interesting that doesn't involve abortion or war. it's a picture of me working out. [laughter]


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