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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 11, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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your identity now is easy to help protect yourself. e identityal theft protection starts here at liveblog .com get a the universe is trying to tell you something all the not that one that's the one at university of phoenix earned your master's degree in less than a year for under eleven for the phoenix i you. >> good evening and welcomet" tucker carlson . so there is nothing in the world worse than finding outin that your deepest dee fears are justified. that's the nightmare scenario. learning there really isyb a zombie in the closet. a let's say you're a kid and you've convinced yourself your parents don't really love you. they claim they do.oo they say all the time, usually t without looking up from their iphones. but you can tell they don't really mean ithe. they don't seem sincere.n and then one christmas morning confirmation you discover
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they've forgotten to buy you presents any presents. they were busy. it just took their mind. instead they spent all b their time and all their money buyingng gifts for a kid down the street. so all the things that you asked for, they gave to another nine year old you have never met. they make you feel well you'd be crushed but you would also be vindicated. parents you would know for a dead certain fact that your parents really didn't love youou. they're not even veryth interested in you. that's how a lot ofot americansr felt last night watching the house of representatives approve yet another massive aid package for ukraine. nothing against ukraine, but we could probably use that money here right about now after one hundred years of virtually uninterrupted wealth generation, the american economyne appears to be falterig in ways that are scary too anyone who's paying attention. even s people who aren't paying attention can sense there's something really wrong. e lots of people are not working. those who are working are getting poor quickly thanks to inflation. all of a sudden everything is wildly more expensive.
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have you noticed we literally have a shortage of baby formula right now. am so do you think that would happen in america ever and yet it is happening and so is the deadliest drug epidemic in our history about e one hundred and seven thousand of your fellow americans, most of them young peoplee who should have had long productive lives are instead dead. drug lordsd from over the past year. this is the saddest thing that has happened in our country in a very long time. and yet congress which claims to run the country can'tow be bothered even to acknowledge it, much less dolele you think about it. instead, your representatives in washington justat voted to send yet another 40 billion dollars to the ukrainian oligarchs who paid off the president's son . that's what happened and it's just the latest fact that congress has cut them. you can add it to the approximately fourteensp dollars billion they've alreadyn spent on ukraine that brings the total as of tonight to more than fifty four billion dollars. how much is that ? well, for perspective it is more than we spent per year on average on the war in afghanistanan, a war
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that began with a direct attacks on the united states. fifty four billion. that's about as much as russia. the country spends its entire armed forces over the course ofa a full year. it isr. a ludicrous amount and yet congress happily approved in fact the allocated seven billion dollars more than joe biden asked for. that's how excited they were to do it. so where is this money going? oh , that's the best part congress has decided to fix all of the pressing problems that need to be fixed except fix them in ukraine, not here.n so the main course of all of this funding from day one has been to secure ukraine's borders because you know, youto can't have a country without borders. they have to be secure. nancycu pelosi strongly believes that about ukraine. and so to her friendser on the republican side. pu sobl ukrainian border security s the main goal then there's a problem of quote food insecurity. not here in ukraine. food's getting expensive in ukraine. so we're going to spend p sevena hundred and sixty million dollars to fix that just
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in this check and not just in ukraine. congress was feeling kind ofkr sporty. also added one hundred fifty million dollars or something called the global agriculture and food security program because while we're feeding ukraine want to feed the rest of the world, we've gotha more food than we can use.ud and of course that will obviously include baby formula too because kids in other countries need to eats i. then there's another huge chunk of cash to quote combat human trafficking. no, not combat human trafficking in texas where is now ubiquitousou b thanks to the open borders with mexico. but to combat human trafficking in ukraine because it's sad what's happening there but not here. that's not sad. we're ignoring it. there's still more money to make sure ukrainians have emergency shelter because apparently more than a million americans aren't homeless tonight . there's nine hundred million to make sure ukrainians have access to quote entitlement programs or entitlement programs. they'll need them when as many in other words, you can't afford to fill your truck, but s you now get to pay the living expenses of anyone who shows up in your country claiming to
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be from ukraine and you will. and thene because paying off your friends is always the real point of these exercises in washingtonng there are billions more dollars for lloyd austin's former employers in the weapons business i that would include seventy two million dollars or somethingncnc the bill describes as quote research development test and evaluation in ukraine. hmm. now don't say biolab because that's not allowed. but honestly, this is weird. ukraine is a war zone and therefore probably not a great place for scientific research right now. but whatever we're funding some kind of science experiments in ukraine no more questions from you. and the bill goesil on likes, this and on and on . as congressman thomas massie has pointed out, congress has now spent more money on ukraine in six months than the u.s. government spent on all roads and all bridges in the united states over all of last year. the forty million dollars for sending to ukraine so they secure their borders, by the way, is more than double more than double what joe biden has asked to fund customsnd and border security in the
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united states. one bill more than double what we're spending this year on our borders and thening. in e middle of this historic drug emergency and it is the bill spends more than ten times the entire budget of the dea more than ten times justou in case you're wondering how your leadersrs feel about you, they're not fans at all. and now we know for sure you should know that every singleoc democrat in the house of representatives voted for this bill that would include even barbara lee of berkeley. if you remember her name it maybe because in two thousand one , barbara lee of berkeley was the only member tr of congrs to oppose the war against the taliban. butkr a war in ukraine is a war that barbara lee can support. why?th becauseer there's no potential chance that war could help the united states. >> here's her reasoning. this war not only about ukraine, this war is about the rest of the world and putin trying to establish autocratic
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governments throughout throughout the world and we know that this ispl taking place through disinformation campaigns, through all kinds of misinformation that's taking place. >> oh , so it's not reallybo about ukraine. it's about something bigger than ukraineme. thanks, barbara lee, for being dumb enough to tell us that to say it out loud, this is a war on disinformation which at some point in some way is dead certain to be a war on you. no question about it because you're fonts of disinformation, meaning you disagree. but we know for certain that wars against things you can't really identify against people who don't exist, words against concepts. one thing we know about those wars like the war on terror is they last forever. so it's a little weird to see tim ryan of ohio vote for this . tim ryan was supposed to be ao working man's democrat, a guy who cares about bread and butter issues.
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tim ryan represents youngstown and akron. take a look at akron sometime. it's a w like a war zone itself. these are the cities that builtc america crumbed and desperatele now from total neglect. but don't you worry. tim ryan is totally committed to rebuilding kyiv and so is nancy pelosi for pelosi funding ukraine at any cost is more than a foreign policy objective. it's a kind of religious observance and the brutality of putin is not just what he's doing in ukraine but the impact that his that it is having on food for the world. so when you're home thinking what is this all about? just think about when i wasd hungry you fed me in the gospel of matthew. oh , wants to send more missiles to ukraine and the more missiles we send to ukraine, the less hungrye people are going to be .
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wait a second. wouldn't want to do everything possible to bring an end to the war in ukraine? your religious little twit how dare you quote that book? by the way, there was a time when nancy pelosi didn't want to spend billions of to secure our country's borders. she said it was wastefulri and morally wrong was. it wasn't that long ago, but it was april of 2017. see if you notice the difference. she's for spending billions on borders now. she was opposed was to it then what changed what the wall is in my view immoral, expensive, unwise. id and when the president says well i promised a wall duringin my campaign, i don't think he said he was going to pass dollars of cost border sall onto the taxpayer. oh , did you catch that border security? the united states is immoral, but is strongly for border security and ukraine and abortion, by the way, it's a sacrament as usual. democrats as ludicrous as my o senate are united onn this point. they stand as one but also
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as usual a strange propaganda campaign in the american media has managed to divide the republican party .n now why does this happen every single time? here's why. becauseehe republican officeholders, no matter how conservative they tell you they arey, believe the new york times. they care deeply what legacyrk media say. they read the new york times every day. too don't want be criticized by the new york times and that's how the left controls them every single timero. hi if you don't believe it, think back . the last two years you saw the same dynamic in the early days of both the blm riots and the covid lockdown's nancy pelosi was out there first taking the most extreme possible position and the a lot of republican leaders agreed with her. dodo you remember that two years ago this month, nikki haley, former governor of south carolina running for president, she's conservative. she told americans in the firsto days of the riots that they deserve to suffere after george floyd died, quote, in order to heall it needs to be personal and painful for everyone. she wrote in the end, it
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ever was personal and painful. a lot of people died and that was good because your racism killed george floyd. that was nikki haley's first reaction. she read it the new york times d and she believes that they all do. io so it shouldn't shock you that nikki haley's first reaction to the russia invasion and mitch mcconnell's first reaction to and the first reaction of so many otherer republican leaders was to protecting ukraine is way more important than protecting t you and protecting america. and mitch mcconnell hasn't,o mio his credit, h moved from that . he still thinks it here he was yesterday. i think we all agree the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in ukraine. i hades a chance to call the president last week and request that the ukraine package move by itself and quickly he said let meca think it over .ll you call back in about 15 minutes and agreed that we need to do this ukraine only
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and quickly. i think we're on the path to getting that done. h gotav to hope that there are some sincere billionaire out p there who's going to fund a primary challenge against every single sin one of those republican state senators. stand by .tc mitch mcconnell, as he saidh t and we'll call it again, i think we allta agree the most important thing going on in the world r right now is the war in ukraine. no, the most important une. thig going on in the world right now is the state of your country, the one you're supposed to run ,the people you're supposed to represent, whose lives are supposed to care about the ones you can't buy food or gas, o people od'ing on fentanyl, hundreds and 7000 in a year, d dead young people, americans. but that's nothing compared to ukraine. . we all agree ukraine is the most important thing really if you agree with that w, you should not be sitting in the united states senate as a republican and yet that's their position. of course it's lindsey graham's position pos. just to give you yet another example that if putin stillal
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standing after alll this , thev the world is going to be a veryr dark place. china is going to get the wrong signal and we'll have a mess h on our hands for decades to come. so let's take out putin by helping ukraine. all right. so you're saying that that's how this ends, that putin is removed. is there any way you know, for him there is no offer, no offering. let's take out putin. we're weird to see a guy live out his strange little fantasy life on tv, live. graham won't come on the show. he's afraid we could t spend the next hour playing clips of lindsey graham going back 20 years making predictions true resultedriea only in the death ofca american servicemen. the impoverishment of the united states. he's gotten wrong everye single time he's still out there. let's just take out putin. really what would happen then? the country is 6000 nuclear b weapons. would they be unsecured? you thoughted we? had a mess on our hands with saddam's arsenals fell into the hands of lunatics and extremists. what would happen to those 6000 nuclear weapons if we just take out putin? t they don't evenev think about i. they don't care.
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they're high on the own supply. ben crenshaw of texas, for example, not a stupid guy just announced that we're quote investing in the destruction ofn our adversaries military when we spend 40 billion on ukraine investing in the destruction of our adversaries military. since when do we declare war on russia? did anybody vote for that ?rs our adversaries military. that's what you doo in war. since when are we fighting russia? stolesince putin the election from hillary clinton, glad to seelint the dan crenshaw's signed up for this new campaign. but you gots to wonder at what cost, not just the peril, the real peril that this could escalate into somethingin crushing for the west, but what immediate cost to the united states and our own ability to defend ourselves, those people who love the military, do they ever ask that question? right now joe biden in the.s us congress have sent so much military aid to ukraine that our country, the united states is running out ofat weaponss
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according to bloomberg quote, pentagon officials say that kyiv is blowingsa through a week's worth of deliveries of anti-tank munitions every day. also running short of usable aircraft as russian airstrikes and combat forces take their tollkeam. ammunition has become scarce in mariupol and other areas in ukraine. this is presenting western countries with a stark choice pouring more supplies into ukraine or husbanding finite capabilities they may need for their own defensese . that's's the line they may need for their own defense. it's a scary world and if you blow it all in ukraine with finite resources which we have sorry, where does that leave you undefended now this is happening because senior leaders ofen the republican party instantly thought the new york times position on ukraine as the instantly bought the new york times position on the blm rise as the instantly bought the position of the new yorkk times on the covid lockdown's they didn't question what they read and the consequence is now we are short on weapons to defend our own country.
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now no democrat ever goes against his own herd ever. the first reaction of everycr democrat is always read whatever talking pointser nancy pelosi provides. r they never listen to the other s side. they always go farther in onen direction and the republican partyty is always led by people who join them. here, for example, is how congressman jamie raskin of maryland responded when marjory taylor greene ofnd georgia raisd an objection with no what aboutr our country? she saide here's what he said . by formulaion dollars but there's no f baby formula fr american mothers and babies. an unknown amount of money toup the cia in the ukraine supplemental bill . but there'sere no formula for american babies and mothers. we should be paying attention to our country right now. i yield back . >> thank you , gentlemen. i yield back the gentleman gentlewoman from minnesota, reserved gentleman fromin maryland is recognized. thank you , madam speaker. yhere's a formula for
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the destruction of democracy repeating putin's propaganda and disinformation and appeasing imperialist assaults on sovereign nations so you can't buy baby formulaby in the united states f and maybe you think you can do both at once. you can fund ukraine and get baby formula for american babies. maybe you can fixca inflation and also fund ukraine, speak slowly and tell how that works. maybe there's an answer to i the question, but they don'tt t answer. they just accuse the person asking the question of working v for putin. look, if you're against democracy, they don't tell us how ukraine is a democracy. e . ey banned the opposition that's a democracy. but maybe there's an answer.ha what is stop name calling and answer the question. but jamie raskin won't do w that . none of them will. he's crazy about putin now. fifty seven republicans did vote against last night'san bill and god bless them for
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doing it. but many more voted for. of course, there was liz cheney and adam kinzinger, their friend elise stefanik, but there was also republican leadership, top leadership mccarthy and scalisi shameful. and the worst part is this bill will almost certainly pass in the senate, which is way more left wing even than the house r. on the republican side, chuck schumer is promising a swift vote on it that means as soon as tomorrow. so we reached out to everyth republican in a the senate to find out what they plan to do.em most of w didn't bother to replp none of them will come on the show. that would include mitch mcconnell, the minority leader ,ted cruz, mike lee, chuckro grassley. mitt romney also did not respond. we're hoping they'll vote the right way. but a handful of senators dididp respond and want to let you know where they stand. voting no will be mike braun, roger marshall, marsha blackburn, bill hagerty and josh hawley. rand paul has alsoo indicated op he supposedly wouldn't say so, but of course he's against it. lindsey graham need to say is yes, he's thrilled as his office put it. senator graham has made it
10:19 pm
clear he supports additional military aid to ukraine because it makes him feel so good inside. but that's the truth. rob portman of ohio is leaving. thank heaven he's also yes, soan is steve daines ofa. montana. the senator is leading. yes. his office said they also told t us the thingsha russian oligarcs somehow will pay the 40 billion quote he wants to make russias cover the costs he wants to use the seized assets of oligarchs to cover the costs. right. okay, a few senators dodd's pat toomey, tim scott, cindy smith all refused to give us a direct answer. we want too invite anyla republican senator who planswh on voting for this to comeitel on the show and explain why. please telllmuch us we'll let yu talk as much as you want.nd a sg we're not going to sandbag. we want to know why this is in america's interest, why this is more important than the pressing crisesssin all aroy us that the rest of us know this and apparently you don't. so tell us you're always welcome until they accept. we are joined by stephenle miller, the former senior adviser for president trump. f and we're happyor to have stephen miller. thanks so much for coming in . i can't think of a clearer
10:20 pm
middle finger to republican voters than what happened last night. well, sadly, what you're seeing and what i've learned firsthandy for many years and washington is that the tearsrs of american families do not move the hearts of washington politicians and all too many cases. you talked about some of this in your monologue tonight . hundred t and seven thousand young americans mostly killed by drugs pouring across our open border. os those tombstones litterede across the landscape. there's no bill for them. we have gangs pouring across our border terrorizing our schools. ms 13 , do you know that this year we only spent $1 billion, s one billion onpe the salaries or ice deportation officers, one billion toie get rid of the gangs, the drug dealers ourthe criminals murdering children? one billion but forty fortyer
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in one bill for ukraine. theree are moms who are going to go to sleep tonight who willre not be able ton get formula for their children, including moms whose kids have severe allergies. and the one formula they need is notot in thata store shelfxc and they face the excruciating choice of giving their kid formula. t they know they will have an allergic reaction to that's happening right n now. no bill for them.n the wheels of justice do not turn for a them because there is a fetish in washington for the citizens of foreign countries, the affairs of foreign countries, the adventures of foreign countries re. that's what moves the heart of washington, not the tears of p our own people. this is late stage empire stuff and it's really, really ominous . know,we it's one of those moments where i feel like you see everything really clearly. appri appreciate your coming on tonight. stephen moore. thank you . thank you . .so there's a weird phenomenon we've been reading about in thee media recently. je somehow inanimate objects come to life and hurt people just happened to drive themselves through parades. fires somehow eruptel in christian centers.
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bullets fly through windows. , we'recan officeholders on that story. plus, there's yet another push to change the name of george washington university and we're on that too straightn . what everybody's been asking myself what the hell is going on in 2020? we'll see those voters elected to be the county prosecutor if you want to really see what america look like, they'll look farther than george . go on unreleasable violent criminals out on this los angeles into a war zone my neighborhood is turning into. the people are so about what's going on when he says i'm not going to prosecute them to legalizing it. we have gang members committing murders.
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hey, right wing coup inspired r
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white supremacistig violence ise the greatest threat this country faces. you knew that the president says so all the timenc. violence by crazed purple i haired left to liberals, by contrast, doesn't even exist. yet it never happens. and yet one of the many paradox' in this universe you're still not safe among biden voters not because they're a threat but because when biden voters congregateoe bfor for some reasn inanimate objects are going bonkers and pose a threat. s so this fall, for example, we learned that a car , a vehicle had somehow on its own committed mass murder in waukesha, wisconsin. cnn told quote, a car drove through a city christmas parade killing six people cch and injug scores of others. iou a car just did it. do you have it in your garage? be careful they can do that . then it's the other day we learn from the hill and politico that a fire somehow spontaneouslyli erupted in a christian counseling center in madison, wisconsin. it was i, probablymb bad wiring or just an act o of god should he exist quotefi
10:28 pm
a fire broke outre sunday at the office of the anti abortion. it justt broke out as fires dohe and then there's this here's the washington post latest news bulletin and we're quoting bullet goesre through window virginia attorney general's offices. there's no gunmance, no one fird it just a bullet what we callal an errant bullet , a stray bullet . bullets arere like that . shouldun be careful out there, especially if they're biden voters around inanimate objectsm can go rogue. so the washington post, whichhi really is such a deep source of amusement for us , published ann op ed the other day about how rich people should not control the media. we know in the paper ownedy by the world's richestth self-awareness was in short supply the washington post. but then this week the post t took things even further than that . they published an op ed t that reads, quote,er george washington university needs a new namesi. now honestly, george washington must be such a badad and ridiculous university. who cares what they call it? probably better to shut it down
10:29 pm
or make it into some kind of subsidized housing for ms 13 and their baby momma, that would be the preferreded outcome. but why are they offended by the name? because it's named after george washington and that means it's racist. well, what does that mean for the washington post, which washington do they fail as the host of fox across america, which should be fairly joins us says jimi, this is a problem for the post. yo,"t this is my favorite thing in the world. the idea that this snuck into the washington post bocker apparently jeff bezos put the brick and mortar eds out of business too because'v they should have caught this . it's absurd and it's such a cellphone. but i wantto to start atip the tippy top man. opthis whole idea of declaring war on dead presidents drives me personally crazy becauseof george washington by the standards of the day he lived in no a one with an outstanding human being. but number two, this is m personal. my son is named lincoln. i have one kid, tucker . we decided to stop reading after the first report card.
10:30 pm
we were like, you knowknow what? we should probably get a dog. oh , this isn't working out.a but i have a son named lincoln. and even his name is controversial now. so he's going by his middle g name o.j. but no thing really stick with me here because this drives me crazy. everybody that tries too points out ourt past, okay is also highlighting our progress when they do it. what did this op ed say? oh in eighteen twenty one it was whites only at george washington university. sure it was and we don't love that but no nation has worked harder to improve fast forward toorward 2020 two. the only place left that's whites only is sheldon whitehouse. this country club there's no other place where they're excluding black people but this is the thing. tucker woke democrat are cultural arsonists. they like to find new forms of oppression, set little societal firesit so they can extinguishn them and then claim valor and virtue. buthing the trick is none of it helps the black community. so when you think about
10:31 pm
the black community right now, tucker , they're being plagued by failing schools and astonishingly high rates of violent crime. nowhere tonight is a guy who'sht getting crushed by inflation getting mugged for those overpriced goods going if only by somebody could stop by and rename a statue or you know what i mean, rename a schoolpy and that's the part that drives me crazy, man. well, you're right there. they only destroy they never build builds your own impressive country, your ownui impressive school. but they can't they can onlye wreck things that other people made. well, that's great. that's what is it's so much easier, tucker , to sell victimhood the black community. right. than it is to sell them progress really quick. this is new . when barack obama ran for president, what was the motto? yes, we can if he showed up now in the age of incentivizedti victimhood with yes we can , they'd be like, yo, yes, we can check your privilege half white guy. what do you mean yes, we can . and that's the part that's so stupidid what's unbelievablyst stupid and you know, get back to me when you build somethingo worth having. that's m why i always think when they when they give me. thanks so much. great to see you. talkr y to the man. >> so canada has poverty too now
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one absolutely free or get my classic premium mypillow and get another one absolutely free. so call a number on your screen or go to mypillow .com and use your promo code to get my buy one , get one free offers and get deep discounts on all my fellow products. the west got rich manufacturing on the basis of the manufacturing economy,uf making things the west has nowit sustained by a finance i economy which makes a small number ofof people very rich and it's hard to sustain that scale o over time. so a lotple of people in the wet are getting a lotin poorer realn fast. you may have noticed it. sot. how do we respond to this ? well, in canada they may have found a solution to what to do with more widespread poverty. eo you justpl euthanize poor peopl. there's remarkable new piece on this in the spectator spectator from the quote a woman in terry was forced into euthanasia because her housing benefits did not allow her to get better housingh ,which didn't aggravate her crippling allergies. so she was forcedon to kill herself. there are many other examples of this . this feels like a trendis
10:38 pm
that could f very easily come here the right to die, maybe a right for the government and corporate interests, the health insurers to kill youa if you become inconvenient. charles kamisese thought a lot about this over a long time. he's the author of losing our dignity have sexualize medicine is undermining fundamental human qualities. also professor at creighton schoolli of medicine who joins us tonight. professor, thanks so much for. coming in . i know that you saw that you were the first person we thought of when we saws this piece. are we overstating what'srsng happening here? and first of all, thank you so b much for covering it, tucker , because there's a lot ofto coverage and i think i have to wonder why. i mean, the violence is something we here covered ad nauseum. everything today is violence, even things obviously aren't violent. yes, this iss violence. this is medicalise violence. why isn't this being covered? why aren't we talking about itt especially when it's pooror people, especially when it's working class people who are structurally ruct pushed into that ? i think that's a question worth asking. well, sure. and there's this very difficulth problem which what which isic
10:39 pm
what do you do when an economy based on finance starts to go south and average people, you know, can't kind to sustain themselves? do you do guarantee basic income or whatever this seemsbv like anio obvious choice for ghoul's neoliberal ghoul's like we'll just force for people to give themselves. bo how manyut times have we heard from canada about their health care system or social care system talking down to us about so many things and now the it's' come home tos roost. canada's policies are seen forda what they are and we need hbl i mean, canada has their own problems. we need toemea learn from this s we need to say, right, lookha what's happening to our poor people topp p disabled people. the dementia population,lk tucker , which weed talked about the early part of the pandemic is set a to double in the next 0 years. it's going too triplene in the next 30 years. what are we going to do? are we going to put the resources into care for them iff we don't? i really only see two options so-called robot care or straight up no chaser euthanasia. yeah. so why don't politicians justay say out loud now so many thingsr
10:40 pm
we're seeing now we couldn't have imagined ten years ago or five years ago even now they're commonplace. that's right. killing yourself is not liberation. it'srst' really sad you shouldnt be forced to do it. like why does nobody say that ? well, your show is an example of giving peopleno a voicece who have no voice. the people who are p most w dramatically impacted by this, the working class and the poor don't have a voice. and so we need to decide and it's so interesting to seehe the political realignment underway. which party is going to be the voice of the working class, f the working of the poor towh be on the side of people who say i don't want to die, i don't want to die, but i don't see any option given what's been offered me that's just diabolical. it is diabolical is the word for it even writing about this for so long and thank younk for doing that , professor. great to see you. thank you . so the republican party very have noing if you options to vote republicans, would you vote for pelosi's party ? don't thinkio so. but you want people who actually represent you,
10:41 pm
who share your viewss and at bottom who care kind of care like masters is running for senate in arizona. he's obviously a threat tody the leftss. that's why they're attacking n a way that's so unbelievable. to we thought he was invited. we invite him on tonight to respond. we'll be right back . we'll be right back . ckosit's time to lose the weigh. forget tribal-1 description, t real results that what i love eight pound twenty thousand one hundred and twenty eight pounds. one hundred and thirty eight pounds and nine crazy right ? it's time to put dieting behind you. ar healthco and vitality back once you start this planm and you do what you're supposed to do you are going to feel amazing. you're going to have a new life change your life now at golos .com. hello, i'm former governor mike huckabee and as time passes, the more i realize i don't need much to be happy. i need my help, my family and a
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effective speed happy sinuses good breathing again my poor must do it now you just keep level give up on fox now or hulu when you can't watch get the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm any time anywhere fox news on your own america is listening for breaking news politics and beltway coverage like no and beltway coverage like no other t fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised.
10:45 pm
sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
10:46 pm
waterways for future generations to enjoy visit take me fishing tag this to me that journalists tried to cover the whole country. atd issueste that matter to everybody. d they weren't always a pretorian guard for billionaires. they weren't alwayshen sonographers of the people in power. this was a challenge power ch. our behalf so we have a first amendment. not many of us left glenn greenwald is definitely one of them, one of the smartest and the most articulatertic. he's one of the very few people covering american politics clearlyics. and he doesn't even live in america anymore. he lives now in brazil. we just had a long conversation with him about the benefits ofit seeing the country from f the outside, a country that you love from a different vantage. c here's an excerpt from a random episode of tucker carlson today at much easier to see
10:47 pm
the united states in a n different way, not in a better way but a different way a through a distance. i always think about you know, t if you're in the middle of a city and you're c on a street corner, you see a perspective. it's realistic. what you see is real. but there's so much that you're missingon. but then you get on an airplane and you five thirty thousand feet over an and you see so much more and each side offers you some things. t but obviously that distance gives you a perspective. so does living s in anotherst country and seeing how the rest of the world perceives the united states. but i thinkte the biggest impact is that if you're not immersed and dependent upon a particular cultural nichepa like the political media world of new york and washington, you feel much more independent from it and you're not in need of its approval. and i think that probably more than anything is the principal factor and how i couldn't i couldn't agree more and. i think it's probably impossible to write honestly
10:48 pm
about washington from washingtonab because i tried vey hard until you leave you really can't. how important is do you think the relationship, the culture that reporters live in , they haveonshipsre with each other to h their reporting on how effective? i think it's fundamental. first of all, i don't want to p romanticize the pastas, but it s nonetheless true that fifty sixty eighty one hundred years ago journalism was a working class professionism. they relied on guilds and unions. they hated the elites. it was a profession that you went into to bring you down a peg to kind of expose them to the world. you didn't c go into journalism because you wanted to integrate into a culture. you went into journalismraan because you wanted to throw rocks at it, of course. and beginning in the fifties, sixties and seventies, the corporatization of journalism happen . , disney westinghouse took over cbs. disney started buying abc and journalists became famous
10:49 pm
and wealthy much more so than before. and instead of nowvi livingpl in different places and feeling very distant from the people they were covering suddenlye they were their neighbors. their kids went to the same school. they were part of s the same socioeconomic background. obviously in washington it's w even worse if you're living next door to the ciahe director and across the street from a raytheon board member. suddenly you're integrated into the exact culture that you're supposed to be adversarial over this integration of journalism into power centers combined with lavishing journalists with all the rewards of elite culture has made journalists to view themselves no longer as an outsider to the system but as an insidersy. our conference is going to glenn greenwald is available tomorrow morning on fox nation totallyng oth. it starts at 7:00 a.m. so we don't finish our breaking news from other channels, but we're going to make an exception tonight and msnbc's meet the press t just airedbo this bombshell report about blake masters who is running
10:50 pm
for senateng from arizona. watch this . this is sort of breaking toia us right now, chuck, while you're in pennsylvania, we're here in west virginia. there's t a new video that we just obtained actually out of arizona. i want to let you listen here. this is the first time we are airing this . anybody is hearing this . this wasas blake masters back ia february when he was asked a question about the future of the equal rights amendment. take a listen. women are not paid less in america than men and such as the left wing. there is a gender pay gap when you control for the occupations you control for people taking time out, you know, children, things are actually pretty good men as you the most dangerous jobs. this is what we're talkingbl about. what we're talking about denukee republican party of today breaking news at an unauthorized opinion. you can do math . masters has been covered like that for the last l month or so, which tells you what they thinkn of him. they know he's a threatd who. he definitely is.
10:51 pm
the arizona mirror, for example, just reported that blake masters want to outlaw contraception, ban. swiller he doesn't want to talk to blake masters about it directly anyway. he is ceo of capital as we said, running for senate in theo primary in arizona. he joins us tonight like masteries. thanks so much for coming on . so you it's interesting just getting to the contraception thing. so you think that people usecen, contraception and should go to prison? is that what you said on the campaign trail? tucker , it's such fake news, such fake news. but what's clearly happening is okay, after jd vance's victory in ohio, the left knows that i'm on track to win this u.s. senate primary here in arizona and that terrifies them. right. and terrifies them bec theha bea they know i'm the america firstf candidate and the candidate to beat mark kelly in november. and so it's no surprise that they're attacking me. . ey're running scared that's why they're blitzing me. it's not going to work. i'm punching back . you've missed. so they have an amazing talent for detecting sincerity like
10:52 pm
they're always people jumping o up and down. i'm the american first guy in america, first guy likeets they kind all get ato passdd frm chuck todd or whatever his name is. but like the guys who mean it, like they can smell that on you . they don't like it.n'te yeah. let mee just tell you this story so a few days ago write this reporter called dylan rosenblad. he lost his mind because i criticized the supreme court's reasoning in a case called griswold. now that case was about contraception , but it laid the groundwork for the truly heinous decision in roe v. wade . and so, tucker , i've been clear and public about this obviously contraceptionis o should be legal. i don't wantth to ban birth control. but what is the media? masters calls for a nationwide ban on . it's absurd it' . fake news, tucker .a another one , a reporter found an essay that i wrote when i was 19 in 2006. it's c actually a pretty cool essay. mostp ide it holds up. i was ahead of the curve i in saying that the iraq war wasa a disaster. but in this essay i explain how the state often uses propaganda to sell its worth .
10:53 pm
and i pointed out that that's what the did. so what is the media right. masters praises. well, tucker , that's costing it's not true and actually it's libel and it's just libel and they know they know no shame. uc i mean, i think payback would mean getting toti the senate and voting on behalf of the country. pretty much everyone elseco isun there and we we hope you get to do that . blake masters, thanks for joining us tonight. good luckus g. thank you , tucker . so joe biden was talkingwh in public against is never a good idea and completelyng lost control himself during a speech that we bring it to t tonight ,e go you could only one thing the rest of your life would have been easy, but pretty sure that's not one thing. barbecue buffet buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue is. what broxson barbecue chicken and the grill.
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10:59 pm
follow that . not to be glib and say it's a metaphor for the fortunes of the state. it's hard not to think that . well,ni before we go tonight , e like to check in on our president. that would be joeoe biden. he was talking about food shortages and he got very angry. he's angry becauseac his faculties are failing him. but he blamed food. watch. god, this is the united states of america. the idea that people would have to wait in line an hour, hour and a half to get a box of food in their trunk. >> it's just unbelievable. oh ,ut but somehow he doesn't si the connection. that was joe biden warned us because he was required topu punish russia forni stealing the elections from hillary clinton. we're going to have food shortages and then that we have food shortagesavhe. he's really angry. g he hasot no idea how we got the. must be nice to be joe biden you can do something and thenle you forget that you're responsible for it.
11:00 pm
oh ,, yes, we'll be back tomorrow covering the pageantry that is the a bidenen administration. we can't wait to see 8:00 p.m. every weeknight and show the sworn enemy of line smugness and group think have a great night with the ones you love. you know. and welcome to hannity and reagan tonight . the new inflation numbers,, they are out and there numbers a arere complete disaster for our economy even as interest rates e rise, the economy is stillcoct contracting. inflation isflat still hoveringe a four decade high, a whopping eight point three percent. on a very serious note, this is an extremely dangerous period in our country. two thirdssou of american livesf americans living paycheck to paycheck. it isheckpayc killing the poor. it is killing the middle class. it is hurtingeo


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