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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 12, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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western fashion. here is the big reveal. ♪ ♪ that is what they banned. they love dennis rodman but no tied genes and cut here. [chanting] >> todd: progress of lawmakers marching from the center of the house before joe joe manchin making abortion and a national right. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning, i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus, the bill to codify roe v. wade sparks a war between the democratic party.
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prominent liberals and the media unleashing onto senator a national tragedy and a corrupt republican scumbag for daring to defy his party. party. lucas tomlinson from washington, lucas, good morning. >> good morning, guys protesters gathered in front of the homes of supreme court justices, here is one the home of justice amy coney barrett. >> it is also possible she is not a doctors mother is a clear inability to see what it's like to carry a pregnancy to term. >> five biological children and two adopted children. the protest lasted 30 minutes. the senate majority leader said chuck schumer said this is only the beginning. >> today will be's before. tomorrow a national ban on abortion and beyond that, something more dreadful. we cannot allow that shameful backslide to happen.
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we cannot allow the winds of magna republicans to bully the rest of the country into submission. i urge my colleagues, take a stand! >> todd: senator joe manchin's vote to codify abortion rights this afternoon and the bill needed 60 votes to clear procedural hurdle in the senate. back glenn youngkin said he wants president biden to do more to stop the protesters. >> we have taken a two-pronged approach in virginia here at first, the state police to be ready and attorney general garland to force the law and make sure these demonstrators are not allowed to try to intimidate justices like they are trying to do. it is clearly in the federal statute this is wrong and the attorney general makes them enforce it. >> the justice set to meet the first time since the first draft opinion lake. a final decision expected by the end of june, carley, tied to. >> carley: at lucas tomlinson live for us. president of the heritage
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foundation, thank you so much for joining us this morning. what do you make of the attacks against joe manchin quest market is a place he's becoming very familiar with unfortunately for him. it was not even his vote that sank this bill. they need 60 to pass it. >> that is right. we see a lot of things about the radical meth. they can't do math. they needed 60 votes but they were 11 votes shy. but we have seen unfortunately in the last two weeks the radical left to show their true colors. i have both the privilege and burden of working in washington, d.c., literally around the corner of the supreme court building. it is so distasteful to see the level of rhetoric at the justices home. i think we have to understand as a country, it used to be that this was not a liberal or interpretive thing or an american thing that you honor this disagreement whether senator manchin or conservative justices. the radical left is not claimed by the rules anymore. we have to recognize that on our side. >> todd: dr. they feel like
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this will help them become midterms here are the issues that is going to change the tide the way the tide has been going with republicans basically claiming victory in the house come november. are the democrats misreading the media and twitter echo chamber right or is the world really on their side? >> on a deadline, todd absolutely they are peer they are doing that for two reasons. america is fine to the previous point this is so distasteful they are turning against them but the second thing, two or three poles we have done in the last couple of weeks that americans understand the radicalism of this pro-abortion agenda, which remember in california would actually have someone at the aborted one week after they are out of the womb. this is not something americans want to see. it is murder. the more that our side can talk about that reality but also recognize that overturning roe v. wade is probate become a pro mom, pro-dad, pro-america
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and our side will be a positive. >> carley: are you surprised they have not found out who leaked this? when this started i thought 24 hours tops. we still don't know who did it. >> it is a great disappointment to me with the chief of justice which i have no relation ship has not gotten to the bottom of this. if it were you or me or tied we would have known this. >> do you think he knows? >> i think he's moving slowly, carley and unacceptable. >> todd: basically should be able to do an investigation much quicker. >> this is not rocket science. >> todd: the federal judge extending the order by biden administration for title 42 early. in the end, dr. roberts, will title 40 to be in place or go away? i will make a little bit of a contra vic's until my controversial prediction. just as we see congress against the radical left is abortion, we
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are seeing impressive consensus bipartisan emerging to keep title 42 in place. heritage is helping both sides of the aisle to do that. i think the more we can focus on the impact for all of us, immigrants themselves, the better off we are and the more optimistic it will happen. >> carley: on this border issue, listen how she breaks it down, watch the spirits big with the title 42 to expire will actually be the final nail in the coffin to the total failure by the administration to secure the border. >> put a big sign on our border "come on in." and our tails to abuse them and allow them to get abused in the process and i in the process. americans taken on the chance tax dollars, schools, in terms of what we deal finding dead migrants with fentanyl and individuals, 42 people on the tariffs watch list. >> carley: he sums it up well and the heritage foundation and other conservative organizations
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and former trump administration are urging republicans to unite around a bill on border security. so if and when the tide changes in november, there could be something substantial to bring to the president's desk. what is in that proposal that you support? >> the proposal is historic. we have never had this number of high-quality organization sign onto the same objectives. the highlights of that bill or that proposal, carley, starts with border security. it is one of the most pro-immigration systems you could have which is to say we will honor the rule of law by having the border so that you can have a transparent system for people who want to come here illegal to come here. it begins and ends with border security. it is really important to sum up here that it does not include amnesty. we have some senators, including senators that are right on some issues talk about amnesty here that is a nonstarter of the
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heritage foundation. every single one of those foundations will blow up amnesty. i want to speak clearly about that. this is an issue of border security, 3 million illegal aliens have come into the country since biden inaugurated appeared unacceptable, it is inhumane and un-american. >> todd: definitely giving your position and rock-solid. in the meantime president biden blaming the republicans for 8.4% inflation and record high gas prices, take a listen. >> the republican colleague say these programs, no class people, they say that is why we have inflation. they are dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great maga candidate cometh the deficit increased every single year he was president. >> todd: he went out on a limb on the first topic. i will go out on a limb here. is it safe to say joe biden has no plan to solve inflation basically to life and accuse republicans of doing the very
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thing he is doing? >> todd, my friend, i'm out on the limb with you. that is what is happening. all kidding aside because we should be weeping about this, of course, it's hard to not comment on the ability to not communicate well but this is all biden fold. they were complicating factors, inflation is biden's fault and we continued to spend recklessly and inflation is an abstract concept but it affects all american families. whether at the grocery store or paying electric bill, it is really, really crucial to put pressure on the biden administration to stop spending recklessly peer to stop blaming everyone else for the problem they created. >> carley: if you look at the numbers inflation 1.4% when he took office. now 8.3. how about him calling trump the maga cane? that will wake you up. dr. roberts, thank you for joining us this morning. >> todd: love the labels on the left. in the meantime the house panel here for the coming weeks, a
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baby shortage across the country including mitt romney calling on the fda and the department of agriculture to do something and do it fast. "given the serious implication of the current shortage on infants health, i'm deeply concerned about the apparent lack of mitigation strategy and urge both agencies to move as fast as possible to safely resolve the situation." the current shortage extends from a partially recalled and that company warns it will take ten weeks to get baby formula back on the shelves. that is way too long. once given fda approval, we will open the biggest factory in michigan. here former trump advisory kellyanne conway's reaction to all of this, listen. >> this is no laughing matter. bumbling joe and kamala harris but people are suffering, sean. mothers can't get baby formula in the united states of america. folks are paying more for every
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consumables. everyday life is less affordable and less secure under joe biden. people know that. you know what i hear from people all the time? they don't just say we are america and we are resilient. we will look forward and it will be optimistic. it was better not that long ago and i want that back. >> todd: retailers including cbs and walgreens limiting formula purchase to three containers. >> carley: elon musk at the media, the tesla ceo posting a meme on twitter with a brain three levels of enlightenment. the first level is publishing factual, actual news and the second articles with quick fate and out of context flow with the brain growing brighter and the last publishing articles in accurate, slanderous and include at least one accusation of being a showing the brain exploding with enlightenment. criticizing the media and to be the target of criticism for
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liberal outlets too big to take over twitter. onto a fox news alert now, republican lawmakers say they now have evidence from the doj whistle-blowers that the fbi did come in fact target parents last year with tactics despite attorney general merrick garland and insisting otherwise. >> todd: ashley strohmier live in the studio. >> jim jordan and mike johnson have evidence targeted those parents and protest through school covid policies. you will remember september the national school board association sent a letter to the administration and comparing them to domestic parents. merrick garland testified the doj did not target parents. here is garlin on the 21st of october. >> i can imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used and the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor could i imagine the circumstances where they would
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be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> so the two republican representatives sent a letter addressed to ag garlin when it says "in testimony before the department, components using counterterrorism resources to target parents at school board meetings. we have evidence contrary to your testimony of the federal bureau of investigation has labeled at least dozens of investigation into parents with a tag created by the fbi's counterterrorism division to access and track investigations related to school boards." another part of the letter lays an example of such targeting things, "the fbi field office open an investigation into republican elected officials over allegations from state democratic party officials that republicans incited violence by expressing public pleasure with school district vaccine mandates." this complaint came into the fbi through the national threat operations center snitch line.
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and garlin lied under oath. >> what he said in the committee was direct contradiction of the fact that we now know is a straight up whistle-blower. he said counterterrorism to go after moms and dads would not do that. that it's exactly what they did. >> okay when investigation lawmakers see the fbi's interviewed moms telling a school board "we are coming for you" she was reported because she belonged to right-wing moms group and the fbi eventually determined she was not a threat. back to you guys. >> todd: unbelievable, ashley, thank you very much. despite administration denials from the start, we knew this was happening and now it appears we do have proof. think about this for a minute. our counterterrorism division is designed to prevent the next 9/11 peer that is what it is therefore. but instead it was interfering with parents trying to make sure that their kids can actually add nine plus 11. think about that for a moment. these kids are trying to get an
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education. parents want them to get an education but the counterterrorism division is focused on going after the parents. for the ag as jim jordan pointed out right there to lie under oath is either a crime itself or evidence of someone who literally doesn't know what is happening inside the justice department that he is supposed to be leading. >> carley: listen to one of the fbi investigations. agents apparently interviewed a dad who opposed mask mandates, why? the person reported that dad said he fit the bill of insurrectionist and rails against the government and had a lot of guns. that doesn't mean you are a criminal peer that could describe everyone even watching the show right now. and then come of course, they found out that he didn't pose a threat. but ashley did a good job of bringing us back and todd, how this whole thing started. just to add to that in september the national school board association sent a letter to the biden administration saying these protests are
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getting out of control at school board meetings and parents of domestic terrorists. the attorney general said of them all right if the national school board association is worried about this, we will look into this. then we find out that the biden administration actually was the one behind that letter. they requested that letter be written through the secretary of education. then in october, merrick garland under oath sagging "we are not using antiterrorism tools against parents." according to jim jordan and the whistle-blowers so concerned about it, that is looking like it wasn't true. >> todd: there was reportedly a stitch length. what does that remind you of? nazi germany, right? parents come to midterms and the boots will vote for america and not russia. that means they will go with a side that is not doing this. that appears at this point to be the republicans. to a fox news alert and basically california laguna beach, look at that going up in flames. 20 homes destroyed with a
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coastal brush fire igniting yesterday burning up 200 acres fueled by strong winds. the flames triggering evacuation and state of emergency in orange county. it is zero, 0% contained. chilling new 911 audio capturing the moments the police closed in on a runaway corrections officer and that inmate in indiana after jailbreak from an alabama prison. the corrections officer making the call moments before the pair crashed the getaway car. >> 911... >> the airbags are going off. let's get out and run. >> hello? >> todd: vicky white's faint shrieks could be heard as the car crashes. casey white exits the vehicle and he says his wife shot herself. his wife, need to emphasize that there. she later died at the hospital. casey white is back behind bars
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facing first-degree escape charges. speed to the toxicology results from three americans found dead at a sandals resort in the bahamas that are expected the next several days. officials are hoping it will lead to answers as the investigation continues to mysterious death. local police say they are looking at the food each victim a before found unresponsive in each villa. and they ate different things. but of course remains on the hospital and upgraded to good condition. taken by a small plane tuesday after a pilot became incoherent forcing the passenger to step in and land the aircraft without any prior experience. an air traffic controller had to be the passenger. >> i have a serious situation here my pilot is incoherent and i don't know how to fly the
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airplane. >> what is your position? >> i have no idea. >> carley: had no idea. the pilot suffered medical emergency but all walked away safely. a chance to meet the air traffic controller who guided him through the process pictured here. what a wild story. and everybody was just way to calm her what the situation merited on the phone call we heard, my goodness. >> todd: this is my nightmare, granted, those kind of planes, unfortunately no real person and land. you need to be a pilot to land those. but this is absolutely remarkable. >> carley: it is a movie. tom hanks. >> todd: part 2. >> carley: flinton old the deputies with ages 18-45 and where is it coming from and why aren't more people talking abou? >> because of chinese and mexican drug cartel, leading our country with this deadly synthetic drug fentanyl. we have once again had a sad sad
1:20 am
record in overdose deaths in this country. >> carley: california has the largest pipeline for deadly drugs pouring over the border. we will talk to the republican senate senate candidate vowing to cut the cartels off. >> todd: did you hear about this? a colorado mom said middle schoolers to join a secret lgbqt club and told not to tell her parents. the details of the story are outrageous. you definitely want to have this one. plus, hey, look at this guy? jack brewer and ag jason miyares, one is comedian. you can figure out which one it is. don't go anywhere, "fox & friends first." dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the direct relationship between the chinese pharmaceutical industry and these cartels in mexico and in the past often produce excess supplies and ship them to the cartels. and more recently hoped the cartels set up laboratories with a precursor as well. about the upshot of it is if the chinese and mexican cartel cooperation flooding our country with this deadly synthetic drug fentanyl, we once again set a sad sad record in overdose in
1:26 am
the country. >> todd: for cdc estimates 107,000 americans lost their lives from drug overdoses last year alone. the nationwide epidemic being fueled in part by california's week drug laws and the states post proximity to the southern border. why aren't liberal politicians doing anything about it? republican candidate for senate in california john ellis joins me. great to have you on the program. look, if you knew terrorist had a plan to kill 100,000 people presumably if you are the government, you do something to stop it. why is the biden administration, the new administration, liberal politicians as a whole doing nothing to stop this rolling tragedy? >> this is an absolute crisis. the truth of the matter is this is a nuclear drug, the nuclear bomb of drugs. this is 50 times more powerful than morphine. it is 100 times more powerful than heroin. it is an absolute crisis we are
1:27 am
dealing with. like you said, the government is not doing enough for him and not by a long shot. what i think we need to do is a few things. one, we actually have to hold criminals, drug dealers to account. that is not what we are doing right now in california. what we have right now is a system of site and release. we essentially have law enforcement going out and writing tickets and letting these criminals go on their merry way. when in reality, what we should be doing is making sure we hold them to account so if there are any deaths that result from the use of the fentanyl that they sold, that they are essentially on the hook for manslaughter. that is first and foremost. the second thing we need to do is make sure the border crisis is finally, finally, finally held under account. and we actually address the border crisis we are dealing with right now. when we allow for these problems to metastasize, this is what we are dealing with. unfortunately we have a government asleep at the wheel in california and across the
1:28 am
country. >> todd: i want to focus on california for a moment here. while you were speaking, we put up a map of the various cities in your state for the cartels have operations, they literally are doing business in these major cities throughout california. and there is this wild story, 1s of heroin seized from a car outside of california high school. if governor newsom in california authorities know these cartels are operating in their cities, why aren't they shutting them down? >> you know, they are focusing on all the wrong stuff in the state. they are focusing -- and we saw in education for example, they are focusing to make sure the curriculum has as much equity and inclusion and the courses on diversity when in reality, our state is quite literally on fire. we have all these crises up and down, but it's not convenient for them to talk about this sort of crisis. they would like to paint california some paradise. unfortunately, the california
1:29 am
that i grew up in is nothing like the california that we have right now. we are blessed with tremendous resources up and down the state. and yet, they are getting wasted left and right with crises allowed to fester like this. i think part of it also has to do with the fact that it is uncomfortable for the status quo in california to talk about the fact that this has everything to do with the border crisis. or the fact we have mexican cartels that are promoting this and allowing for this to happen. >> todd: 100%. >> even saying that they have been called a racist. >> todd: i left the state the ten years ago and is not the same state a decade ago. we have seen video of waterfront mansions being destroyed by fast-moving wildfire along california's coast. we see this all the time in your state. how is governor newsom mismanaging fire prep in response? why is he doing it in the name of the environmentalist? >> i will tell you, our state right how now has a $68 million
1:30 am
surplus, surplus and yet in the past two years, they have cut of the fire prevention program in california by $150 million. and not only is this completely tragic for the people that are affected by the fire is, it is also the most fiscally irresponsible thing that you can possibly do because by not investing in prevention, we now have to pour resources last-minute to be able to contain the fires. like his head at the top, it is 0% contained right now. so the truth of the matter is this governor has all the wrong priorities from a budgetary perspective, even when we have a surplus we are not investing in fire prevention. >> todd: makes no sense and it is also horrible for the environment. all that smoke is not good for smog and the ozone. that is a mess. john ellis, thank you so much, sir, for being here and keep us posted on your campaign. we will be watching. >> thank you. >> todd: carley. >> carley: the california law
1:31 am
banning the sale of semiautomatic weapons to adults under the age of 21 as unconstitutional. the court says it violates the second amendment and should have never been passed in the first place. the judge is saying "we reaffirm the constitution still protects the rights that enabled the sacrifice, the right of young adults to keep and bear arms. " an american held hostage is now a free man. >> todd: an emotional reunion made possible by project animal. he is here to share their incredible story. don't go anywhere.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert fox news alert, ukraine's latest counter attack driving russian
1:37 am
troops back to their own border. >> todd: matt finn in lviv with the latest, matt. >> good morning in ukraine russia did not gain ground on wednesday. in fact, ukraine reclaimed about the second largest city here according to the british defense ministry. russian troops are now recruiting from kharkiv and so far russia has not been able to see that city in part because it did not anticipate the return flight from its people. this is happening the ukraine armed forces. the deputy chief said russia is concentrating in eastern ukraine because putin's plans to retake kyiv and the entire country. to the south of mariupol, hundreds remain trapped in a dire standoff against the russians in brutal conditions. in the steel plant being bombarded by russia. the dire standoff between ukrainian russians and russia has gone on for months. that city, i want to claim they
1:38 am
have control of pure drone footage shows the city of mariupol nearly leveled. the mayor there tells fox news russians are committing atrocities forcing remaining ukraine into work for food. they made ukrainians bury their own dead to hide war crimes. in the meanwhile, ukrainians will cut off gas supply hub that is currently controlled by russians in the donbas region that transport up to a third of russian gas into europe. the first time pipeline carrying the gas affected by the war and will be shut off. nl finland's president and prime minister say they are in favor of applying for nato membership. carley, todd. >> carley: all right, matt finn a lot for us in lviv, thank you. listen to this american held hostage for a month by russian forces is finally reunited with his family.
1:39 am
a beautiful moment there. that man a combat veteran bryan stern the cofounder of project dynamo. joining me now, good morning to you both. it is great to see you both together safe and in poland. take us back to the beginning. you were fleeing your home with your wife and your mother-in-law. you were stopped by russian officials but then what happened? >> i was held by the russian forces around 36, 37 days. >> carley: and not only that, you were falsely charged with espionage, like you said you were wrongfully detained for over a month. and i understand that you were possibly going to be sent to moscow where you would be tried and facing a 20 year prison sentence. what was it like in russian custody? what was that like for you?
1:40 am
>> it had its ups and downs and at its lowest it was disgusting. violence and mocked, execution. my wife was facing violence every day was a threat to my family, to my village, to surrounding people. the uncertainty was awful. >> carley: brian, project dynamo pulls off a lot of difficult rescue missions, but you say rescuing was the most difficult thing you've had to do. tell us about it. >> dynamo, we've done all kinds of things that were hard and complex through our existence, but this is our first, this is our first charged american city citizen victim of work ramp accused of espionage in captivity that we have ever done. so when you try to say that it
1:41 am
is a mouth by full by itself that leads to the complexity of the operation. this was a win but a hard-fought win. nothing about this was easy at all. >> carley: to say the least, brian i know you can't get into the exact details, but i know over 60 miles behind the front line in an area controlled by russia forces and surrounded by landmines. they wanted him to stay put. what do you think happens when the russian officials that were holding him found out that he was gone? >> i know exactly what happened here they were angry and surprised. we had two pair parallel efforts to secure a release and the other was unilateral rescue. we did the unilateral option. they called us five hours after we had him between negotiations and they didn't know. >> carley: kirillo did you know project dynamo was coming to your rescue? i can imagine what was coming through your mind through this
1:42 am
month long. my. >> i have spoken to them and had the best of contact with them so i was very uncertain but also i was kind of waiting. >> carley: go ahead, brian. speak with the way things work is we need to have communication. we need to have communication but it is very complicated as you would imagine. so we were in contact with kirillo and his family, but obviously we could not explain to him what was all happening behind the scenes for his own safety and security of the operation. >> carley: kirillo, we played the video of you reuniting with your mother. whatat was that moment like for you? >> very relieving. i was extremely happy to see my family. i ha seen my mother and a very long time. my heart sank to the ground and i was just beyond happy. >> carley: incredible work.
1:43 am
project dynamo, kirillo, so glad. project, right? >> please, we are underfunded and can get all the help we could get. >> carley: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, seem to you. >> todd: a great story, the acting director of the national institute of health confirming the officials with concealed covid data at the request of chinese scientists. genome with wuhan eliminated from public view. when asked by the house probation subcommittee white to comply with those chinese scientists requests, he defended nih saying the data was never actually deleted but just put on a private drive. worried about a hollywood lawyer acting in hunter biden's confidant. the white house sees a potential liability. he gave hunter $2 million to pay off tax debts which are being
1:44 am
probed by federal grand jury. he is also writing a documentary about hunter's light. the white house reportedly think the moves of hunter biden's controversial's overseas business dealings and laptop scandal. again, carley, when are you paying who million dollars of my debt? i thought we were friends. >> carley: never. >> todd: we will talk about it now and we talk about it all the time, it never seems to end. president biden yesterday it not to address the blood shipment to raise money for the dnc. so will democrats ever handle the problems that they are creating? we will hear on that next. >> this small town america. we have blue-collar workers in this area. the middle-class and the lower class, they are feeling if the worst. >> carley: a message for middle america about surging gas prices and the democratic agenda wreaking havoc on everyday americans. we will be covering that next as well. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: here you go, did you hear about this? a mother of a colorado 12-year-old said her child's
1:50 am
school invited her daughter to our club only to find out it was a secret lgbqt awareness club. >> having invited an outside, it was gender sexuality awareness and she essentially asked her little girl who she is attracted to? when she didn't know, they said she was queer and they gave her a flag. stickers. and they said keep it here. >> todd: happening willing middle school, her daughter was also told them it is okay to lie in order to attend those meetings. >> carley: listen to this, she is no longer removing stickers on her palms blaming biden for historically high gas prices. >> i'm to the point where i said, quit taking the stickers down. i agree with the stickers. people are venting. they are frustrated. i get it, so what are we.
1:51 am
this is small town america we have blue-collar workers here. the middle class, the lower class are feeling at the worse. prior to this administration, they were starting to gain. they were all gaining and incomes, it things were better for everybody. you can see it going back the other way. >> carley: she says it is a problem because the british and oil gas company is not letting the gas station to receive quarterly bonus until the stickers are removed. president biden traveling to chicago not to address the cities alarming crime but instead to attend a big democratic fund-raiser. speed went the cheapest ticket for the event running $25,000. the package going for... $365,000. fox radio and fox nation, jimmy failla, great to see you. >> of course. >> todd: can joe biden not see the bad optics of this or is
1:52 am
that another cognitive skill that may be on the decline? >> they are all lacking. i have to be clear i did not go to the dinner, not for $365,000. it is such a bad luck, given what is going on in chicago. like in terms of crime and poverty and everything in between. joe biden is basically showing up for the titanic in terms of the living situations and raising money for himself while people are diving onto boats. so it is bad. he gave his big speech about farm and wheat. the only thing biden should speak about his wheat because only way you are growing the midterms is if you are really hot. >> carley: jimmy, look at the crime numbers, crime is searching a crossed chicago. robberies are up 17% of deliveries up 35%. theft 57%. the democrat police led to this. so who in their right mind is spinning $365,000 on a ticket?
1:53 am
dnc ticket? >> listen, someone using fentanyl our credit cards because you are not carrying that kind of cash around chicago. it is said to, i love chicago and they have these beautiful walking tours and architecture. they still have them and they are called running tours because you are getting chased. it is bad. but he is a guy with the worst political instincts i've ever seen. so i'm not surprised appearance bill and this has been known for a time even before the 2020 election, but there you go. in the meantime pro-choice, protesters camping out at the house speaker nancy pelosi. saying she's done nothing to protect abortion law, watch. >> we are here because the democratic party and the democratic party as a whole have been complicit in this whole thing. >> 35 years and you have framed terror and you had a super majority under obama under which this should have been your top priority! >> todd: don't you love the irony of all this?
1:54 am
mobilize and they do. the democratic irony. >> you should have been more specific. first of all, the joke is on them because the way the market is down. she is not looking out the window but she is on the phone buying stocks right now. i'm torn on this whole thing because obviously dead set on against pros testing outside the justice but at the same time if you're watching the videos, a lot of these people need to exercise so i don't want to be the guy that gets in the way of walking and extra steps on the fitbit. the fact this is coming back to explode on them is much favored. >> carley: listen, democrat abortion is a winning issue for them. while 69% of people say they are concerned about it, we don't know if those are pro-choice or pro-life. the economy man, 87% say that is their top concern in the midterm election. james carville said it best, the economy. >> no two ways about it the democrats i hate to break their
1:55 am
heart you can't get to the abortion clinic if you can't afford a gallon of gas. i know that is a implication for a profound situation but think about it, more people are struggling with the reality of feeding their family than the reality of trying to avoid starting one. >> carley: baby formula, too. this is bad appear >> this is crazy. this is a different era and an i was a kid the parents would give you whisk and tell you to shut up. grandma would be taking -- >> carley: would you do that with your children? >> todd: no. i'm scared. >> carley: thank you, jimmy. >> todd: protesters at the home of supreme court justice emperor jane is doing something about it. >> carley: that is right we will talk to the state agr how cracking down. check your coming up on speed "fox & friends first."
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