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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 12, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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prosecutors are deciding not to prosecute. we have a demoralized police force in the city of richmond down 100 police officers. we want to be standing with cops and lowering our crime. >> todd: attorney general from virginia my yaris. >> my what? >> my decision. >> progressive lawmakers marching between joe manchin tanked the party's hope of tanking abortion a national right. >> he started the march through the november election. >> protesters continue to gather in front of the home of justice amy coney barrett. >> she is adopted mother her inability to know what it's like to carry a pregnancy to term. >> this is fundamentally wrong trying to influence and intimidate. >> american farmers cut off critical sources of food.
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>> president biden continues to blame russia inflation continues to sore near a 40 year high. >> this is no laughing matter. every i do life is less affordable under joe biden. >> multi million dollars mansion burning to the ground as a fast moving wildfire rangetion the coast line. >> not looking good. every other house is on fire. >> he scores! it's a power play goal and the rangers lead. ♪ ♪ working for a living ♪ working ♪ working for a living ♪ living and working ♪ i'm taking what they're giving because i'm working for a living. >> brian: rays were 25 minutes away from starting vacation. they went game 6 tomorrow night. looking at frederick maryland everyone there is alive for the most part. >> steve: for the most part.
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>> brian: brian get a lot of history there. local breweries and a lot of wineries. a lot of drinking to be done there and a lot of partying with a wonderful landscape. >> steve: 1 minute after 6:00 a.m. and already talking about quitting time. >> ainsley: tomorrow is friday. it is beautiful. >> steve: frederick 100 miles to the north and west of washington, d.c. it's a beautiful town. >> ainsley: speaking of washington, d.c. the supreme court are meeting today behind closed doors. they are meeting for the first time since that draft opinion was leaked. >> steve: you know what? they will have plenty to talk about. because yesterday that pro-abortion group called ruth sent us they sent a bunch of people into the neighborhoods of the six supreme court justices assumed to be voting against. >> ainsley: there they are. >> steve: absolutely. those people, we believe, are on amy coney barrett's culled sack and they are dressed like those people from the movie hand maiden.
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>> brian: never saw it. >> steve: i didn't see it either. what they were trying to do. >> ainsley: a book recreated hulu recreated the book. >> steve: but to brian's point i haven't seen it either. i know they show up. anyway. of a photographer, reporter from fox digital talked to one of the hand maidens. [laughter] >> brian: the one in red. >> steve: in costume, exactly. talked to one of them. apparently this particular person who was protesting, ms. barrett, does not really know much about her. because she thinks that she doesn't have any biological children. she has five. and was corrected by the recover photographer. listen to this how little they know. >> also possible that the fact that she is an adopted mother is influencing her inability to see what it's like to carry a pregnancy to term. >> well, she has had five kids
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by herself. >> not everybody wants to have five kids or four kids or one kid. >> brian: she must be captain of the debating team. when beat change the narrative. change the story. >> brian: you think supreme court justice huge commitment, lifetime appointment a lot of time and impact. but you didn't think you your kids would be harassed and somewhat, i guess, have their lives hindered who knows if they are even there. because what their mom does for a living. this is not what they bought in for. look at these protests not in the streets of washington. not around the supreme court, but at the homes of the supreme court justices. and finally governor youngkin said okay, we have to back up this perimeter. attorney general why aren't you doing more? why did it take senator cornyn to get special money in the budget to get all these men and women special security? here is the governor of virginia.
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>> this is just fundamentally wrong to have people showing up at the justices' homes and trying to influence and intimidate them. we have taken a two-prong approach in virginia. the state police are at the ready to support local resources and federal resources. we have substantial resources ready to go. and then we have asked attorney general garland to enforce the law and to make sure that these demonstrators are not allowed to try to intimidate justices like they are trying to do. it's clearly in the federal statute that this is wrong. and the attorney general needs to enforce it. >> ainsley: so one of amy coney barrett's neighbors, she just gave her first name to the reporter. her name is julie. she set the barrettes are scared. they want your prayers and our whole neighborhood is supportive of that in this show the hand maid's tale. they the women are barren they take the hand maids into the families. the men have their way with
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these women. the women get pregnant. as soon as they have the baby they give the baby who is barren, to the wife. >> steve: governor youngkin makes a great point. there is a law on the books that makes what they are doing with this group ruth sent us illegal. you cannot parade or picket in front of a judge or justice's home in hopes of intimidating. clearly that's what they're trying to do they are trying to scare them. he says the department of justice should help, he has called -- he called the fairfax police yesterday. and apparently, brian, you mentioned to expand the security perimeter around the houses because three live in the commonwealth of virginia and in fairfax county. the state police say they are ready to respond. the department of justice though, rather than enforces the law, they have asked the u.s. marshals to provide security if the marshall of the supreme court needs it. but, remember, it's the marshal of the supreme court who is supposedly looking into the leak. if he is busy trying to protect
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the lives of the justices, i don't think they are looking for the leaker. >> brian: six minutes after the hour, two. let me remind you win some sears coming up lieutenant governor where to. no action done by the department of justice. yesterday a big show boat on the senate floor. as promised senator chuck schumer came out and gave inflammatory speeches made some remarks. became very clear they just want to run on this issue. and that's winsome sears. so yesterday there was a chance to vote to see if they can codify roe v. wade and give abortion rights from one month to term for anybody in america and that was not okay with every republican. including murkowski and collins and not okay with joe manchin. are a. >> carley: joe manchin democrat did not vote for this. the vote was 49 to 51. chuck schumer says i know it's going to fail but i actually want all these republicans on record. i want you to know that they are against this. >> steve: right.
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and there were a number of female members of the congress, house of representatives, who were watching the vote and they actually walked through the capitol and got to the senate and they were chanting all sorts of things about body, my decision. exactly right. they included rashida. ilhan omar. >> my right. >> my decision. >> they can't hear you. >> steve: here's the thing. it wasn't just codifying roe v. wade, but, instead, this actually -- this bill that was did not get to the 60 vote threshold, this would have actually expand the abortion rights. and it would have had the federal law supersede every state law. so, in other words, as the states, if roe v. wade is overturned, every state gets to decide.
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this bill had it proceeded with the 60 votes would have said, you know what? none of those state laws count. it's all about the federal law. >> ainsley: it would have allowed abortion access nationwide. and murkowski and collins who are pro-choice, they didn't vote for it but they also have their own bill that is not as extreme as this one. >> brian: here is joe manchin and the vice president talking about this, this bill and why manchin didn't buy into it. >> this vote clearly suggests that the senate is not where the majority of americans are on this issue. it also makes clear that a priority for all who care about this issue, a priority should be to elect pro-choice leaders at the local, the state, and the federal level. >> bill we have today to vote on, the women's health he protection act and i respect people who support, make no mistake it is not roe v. wade codification it's expansion. it wipes 500 state laws off the
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books. it expands abortion. and with that, that's not where we are today. we should not be dividing this country further than we are already divided. >> ainsley: he is saying what you are saying. it's not just to codify it's actually to expand it. >> steve: had to do with parental notification and all sorts of other things it would have made it bigger and more sweeping in hopes that the supreme court, you know, obviously they are trying to send a signal. the rnc put out a statement ronna mcdaniel americans overwhelming support common sense pro-life protections and limits on abortion. but, democrats are doubling down on taxpayer funded unlimited abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. see, when we see kamala harris talking about an overwhelming majority of americans. you know, when you ask somebody should a woman have the fundamental right to an abortion? that's the way the polling goes. remember, it was just last week where joe biden had a gaffe where he talked about aborting a
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child. if you had a poll of americans is it okay to abort a child, i don't think a majority of americans are for that. because when you think oh, a baby? end the life of a baby? i don't think so. >> brian: the whole thing is, too. what's going on with the leaker in the supreme court? where is this investigation? what about the next decision and the next decision after that? you are still leaking out things about the fact that the judges have not -- the justices have not changed their mind. what's going on here? now all of a sudden it's going to be like a typical washington story where whatever the supreme court is thinking, whatever is going on behind the scenes that's going to be front and center? >> ainsley: there is no sign that the supreme court is going to change course. >> brian: right. >> ainsley: they are meeting today. they are meeting closed door conference it will be private. i'm sure they will be talking about this leak. can we find the leaker? why haven't they found the leaker yet? >> brian: i don't even know what kind of investigation they are doing. i would say this. there is a story that roberts
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said after the february opinion that was written up after we all read from judge alito 98 pages. maybe there is a compromise on 15 weeks. maybe he is trying to convince the next go way write something up to be a compromise. if that's blown up now. by the way? why do i know that? i should not know that. >> steve: it keeps coming back to the department of justice. why isn't the department of justice looking into this leak? clearly a lot of people feel it was intended to intimidate the judges into changing their mind. at the same time, why was the department of justice enforcing the federal legs that prohibits the parading and picketing in front of their houses? i will tell you why. because the white house says we love protests. as long as they are not violent. but, nonetheless, they are looking the other way. hey, that is against the law, merrick garland. why aren't you enforcing the law? >> ainsley: they want to focus on this issue? they don't want o
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focus on inflation and the border. >> brian: does nancy pelosi, did she like people protesting outside her compound? what if people are upset with merrick garland for whatever reason? does he want people around his house? when are democrats going to realize it doesn't end with what you are seeing. there is going to be a response to what we are allowing. this is going to be out of control. i can't tell you how many people are going to say i'm not going to run. not fair to my family. >> ainsley: i agree with you. intimidation that's wrong. when they're going into their houses and neighborhoods and intimidating the neighbors and the kids and getting the kids involved, they are talking about amy coney barrett's children? how many kids she has. >> steve: hold on, nancy pelosi has a compound? >> brian: sure she does. hold those refrigerators. >> ainsley: one of the wealthiest if not the wealthiest in the house. coming up, we are following.
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>> steve: california. >> ainsley: southern california horrific coastal fire destroying over two dozen homes laguna beach. hear from those evacuated coming up. >> steve: people using a popular virtual exchange coin base. well, you know what? coin base is saying everything might be gone if we go bankrupt. you have got to hear this. it's all about crypto, it's not cryptic. it's in the headlines and it's coming up. ♪ ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need
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overnight. todd piro joins us as authorities declare a state of emergency. i can't imagine. these are multi million dollars homes gone like that, todd. >> todd: real tough scenes flames exploding night after igniting near a water treatment plant in la noon that any gel. winds drive the flames further east. the multi million dollars properties in laguna nuguel and not looking good. our house could be on fire. i don't know. i was not able to get inside. and get -- obviously get any of our belongings but it could be on fire now. >> overnight officials evacuating over 100 houses in the fire's path. people spending the night in a shelter unsure of whether they will still have a home to return
3:20 am
to. >> we couldn't go home we had to come here. that's why we are so anxious to get back to the house. >> authorities say the fire is severe percent contained. >> this is the same area where a fire ignited about three months ago that area experiencing a severe drought. back to you. >> steve: a severe drought and very windy. thank you very much, todd. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. this is a confluence of a couple of things. particularly unusually windy and very dry and that's why last night at 5:00, 20 acres were impacted and within an hour, 200. >> janice: i think the drought situation is the main driver here. the winds have actually calmed down considerably. and we are not talking about extreme fire danger in southern california today. we have seen a lot of those wildfires burning over the
3:21 am
southwest. so you can see this is the coastal fire for laguna hills and zero percent contained. 195 acres right now of course only one day active it started yesterday. the cause is unknown. it is not contained. and we will continue to monitor this. obviously multi million dollars homes. you will have a lot of cameras on scene this will be a big situation. buff the winds right now are quite calm. so that's going to help firefighters and the relative humidity is up in this area. not as dry as it has been right now. that is going to aid firefighters. as far as fire weather alerts today it, remains across portions of the southwest in towards the southern and central plains. this area has been, you know, exceptionally dry and dealing with fire danger for weeks now. you can see all of the active large wildfires, the laguna beach one is there as well as the southwest in towards florida and all the way up towards the mid-atlantic, so, this has been a busy wildfire season already. we will continue to monitor the
3:22 am
situation. in other weather news we also have the threat for severe storms which we're going to talk about in the next couple of minutes. so stay tuned for that fox has all the latest details on the wildfire burning in southern california. back to you steve, ainsley and brian. >> brian: one of the nicest places in america. >> ainsley: you used to live in that area. didn't you lose your apartment to a fire. >> brian: malibu, i had a small apartment in malibu and everything burned to the ground. >> ainsley: oh my gosh. your house has been flooded, you have lost one in a fire. you have been through it, brian. brian brian i know how to work fema. >> steve: they are saying don't use extra water can you drink it but don't water your lawn: sally's husband is from orange
3:23 am
county, a lot of people get rid of the lawn all together and just have rocks, gravel, you know, things growing. cactus. controlled. not weedy. >> ainsley: hand it over to carley who has more headlines. >> carley: a big story affecting everybody across the country. the average price of gas reaching a brand new record high this morning. according to aaa it's up to $4.41 per gallon. one year ago we were paying 3 bucks. and diesel also the highest on record at $5.55 for a gallon. that's up more than $2 more per gallon compared to last year. it comes as the biden administration cancels a big oil and gas lease in alaska and the gulf of mexico. larry kudlow will join us later to discuss these record numbers the fda says it will allow some baby formula products to be released from a closed michigan plant on a, quote: case by case basis to help the national
3:24 am
supply chain shortage. the facility was shut down earlier this year and the formula was recalled due to bacterial infection concerns. the plant says it will still take 10 weeks to get formula developed. the white house official claims it is working 24/7 to address this issue while a house panel says it will hold hearings on the shortage in two weeks. the price of bitcoin here to yum down crypto could lose crypto holdings if the company goes bankrupt. left without recourse to recover their crypto currency or equivalent cash balances. those are your headlines there by guys. >> ainsley: if we invest we could lose everything? >> carley: yes. >> ainsley: wow. >> steve: heard those stories about people who had i would
3:25 am
imagine a big run for the exit. we ask larry kudlow. >> ainsley: this thing is going to be big so i invested in it so i invested in it. >> brian: wonder where is he right now. >> ainsley: cashing out on crypto. >> steve: 6:25. war in ukraine. ukraine's latest counter attack driving russian troops back towards russia. >> brian: that's some of the good news. not all good. kyiv officials shut off a pipeline carrying up to a third of russia's gas into europe. this was voluntarily. >> carley: that effects the life blood of russia's economy. matt finn is live in lviv with the latest for tuesday, matt? >> here in ukraine, forces took back five villages from russia near the area of kharkiv which is the second largest city here. russia is now reportedly
3:26 am
withdrawing troops around the area of kharkiv according to the british ministry. russia has not been able to seize kharkiv in part because its did d. not anticipate the return fight from its people. ukrainian deputy chief of armed forces says he thinks russia is concentrating efforts in eastern and southern ukraine because putin plans to try to retake kyiv and this entire country and to the south and the port city of mariupol. hundreds of ukrainian marines remain trapped in dark tunnels beaten neath the massive steel plant being bombed and stormed by russians. the ukrainian marines are the last line of resistance in mariupol. a port city that russia wants to claim it has control of. and drone footage shows the runs flourishing city of mariupol has been raised to hellish ruins. the mayor tells fox news that russians are still committing atrocities, forcing ukrainian ukrainians to work for food. the mayor claiming russians made ukrainians bury their own dead to hide russian war crimes.
3:27 am
meanwhile ukraine announced it will cut off a gas supply hub donbas regions. it transports up to a third russia's gas into europe. first time pipelines carrying russian gas have been affected by this war and will be shut off. and ukraine is back on the soccer field for the first time since the russian invasion began. beating a german club 2-1 in a charity fundraiser yesterday. the friendly game serves as a chance for ukrainians to get back into gear ahead of the world cup qualifying playoff game against scotland. now the country of finland has become the latest to say it is in favor of joining nato taking into consideration this new russian threat. brian, ainsley, steve. >> steve: we thank you very much. >> ainsley: what did you think about the soccer team? >> brian: good to see them back on the field raising money. whole thing from charity. national team plays a club team that's very rare. couple of things. what matt just said i find interesting they still have
3:28 am
aspirations to take difficult with what? most of their forces are concentrate in the east and south. even though they have gains it is taking everything they have. national conscription six months of training and train the trainers. they don't have people. they took their metro -- people work metro i assume like our port authority and something akin to cops and told these guys go get your physical we might need you. that's not a national mobilization. and other big questions about vladimir putin's health first time only the second time since he has been president -- >> ainsley: has he has it been confirmed that he has cancer. >> brian: he travels with a cancer doctor blotches on his face and wearing a blanket at event it was not cold. did not show up for hockey event maybe because of the war. he was right by there at one of his many summer homes did. not show up. sent a message. you wonder about his health and you also have to wonder, too, what's happened not only in mariupol but in that surrounding
3:29 am
area because in kherson, they say they sent a message to russia. just annex us. we don't want any type -- we don't want to be part of ukraine. just annex us. i don't know who is doing that that will be the beginning of creep of kherson, mykolaiv and just like they start taking these towns. >> ainsley: that's what they are saying we don't want to be part of ukraine. >> brian: whoever is in kherson running that government said we just want to be part of russia. >> ainsley: putin apparently feeling the pressure now because he is getting a lot of criticism because their economy is collapsing. >> brian: minus 14%. >> steve: that's the estimate. it's trouble for him. and he has got plenty of it. all right, meanwhile, there is trouble for you because the price of energy is killing us. still ahead, gas and diesel prices reach new records and food costs soar. president biden wants you to know that president putin is to blame not his policies. >> ainsley: former mcdonald's ceo ed rensi says biden needs to own up to his part of rising
3:30 am
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3:34 am
up a penny. president biden playing the blame game telling farmers soaring prices are all on to blame on putin. >> right now, america is fighting on two fronts at home, its inflation and rising prices abroad it's helping ukrainians defend democracy. american farmers understand putin's war has cut off critical sources of food. >> steve: it yesterday's consumer price index report found food prices jumped even higher in april. look at that all across the board. mainly in double digits. eggs up almost [inaudible] ed renzi bought a lot of eggs when he was the former ceo of mcdonald's mcmuffin and whatnot. he joins us from florida. he continues to blame putin. he blames trump. he blames everybody except himself. you know, there are parts of the coronavirus that did impact
3:35 am
inflation but he owns this, doesn't he? >> absolutely. he pumped $1.9 billion into the economy for covid relief to deal with a $450 billion output problem. talking about putin and agriculture is ridiculous because ukraine is a big bread basket for the world no, question about it. but their late fall plantings were done and in the ground. the war started. they won't be harvesting anything until the spring plantings come. so the shortages we have for the united states have nothing to do with ukraine had and that war. you talk about his executive orders when he first became president, when he shut down the oil and gas industry, exploration, because of the green new deal. people don't have any understanding generally of how important oil and gas production is to farming. you know, diesel fuel, red diesel fuel doesn't have any federal highway tax associated with it. but it's almost up $2 a gallon. you know, the impact on farmers
3:36 am
debilitating, additionally you look at how much of our food production is now owned by foreign entities. one of our largest hog producers in the united states and processors is owned by the chinese. this is all in biden's lap and he can't pass it off to anyone else. >> steve: you know what, ed? joe biden is like a lot of people in washington, d.c. is he a career politician who never ran anything. he never had to make a paycheck. you know, pay people for doing a job and so now he is relying on his advisers who are pushing their agenda despite the fact that the inflation is so high. they would rather talk about abortion than inflation right now. >> well, it's all about deflection at this point. i do a lot of work with small business people since i left mcdonald's. i can tell you these small business people whether it's a hair salon, a car wash or small restaurants independently owned are in a crisis situation. they can't meet payrolls.
3:37 am
their customer base is dropping like a rock. they have had to increase prices like crazy. this covid mandate across the country were just debilitating. and this masking of people is only an indicator of how really unfocused offer government is on the true problems in this country. >> steve: and they were big on supply chain before christmas because people were going i don't know if i'm going to be able to get my kid a certain toy and a lot of people did not. a lot of people at the white house said joe biden saved christmas. the supply problem is still a problem. one of the top stories is this abbott labs spoke to one of the big baby formula factories in michigan because of a bacteria problem. the fda will not allow them to open and now the united states is stuck and you were telling me in the commercial suddenly they are sending baby formula from ireland to the united states. >> abbott has factories in
3:38 am
europe ireland is one of them. they are trying to get the excess back to the united states. europe is having problems equal to the united states in a lot of ways because what russia has done. so this is a very difficult matter. we ought to turn these companies loose and get government out of the way. let them do what they know how to do. the excess government regulations federal government in particular is stifling to small business. >> steve: ed rensi who is joining us it looks like from a marine in sarasota. ed, have great day down there in florida. >> you bet. take care. >> steve: you bet as well. thank you, sir. still ahead on this thursday, new details on the white house's war on parents. a whistleblower revealing to the department of justice that they used counter-terrorism tactics on moms and dads. what's that about? we will talk to lara trump, a mom, coming up next. and a nuptial nightmare.
3:39 am
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3:44 am
auction. the jewel named the rock is nearly 229 carrots. it was christies who refused to name or cite where the buyer lives. finally 90 minutes. oh my goodness, that's how late a california groom was for his wedding. the groomsmen were transported in a hotel elevator the whole time. luckily he was rescued and made it to his big day. the asking compensation he missed time he will never get back. ainsley, over to you. that's terrifying. >> ainsley: it is. thank you so much, carley. g.o.p. lawmakers say they have proof from the doj whistleblowers that the fbi did target protesting parents using counter terror tactics. this all began last september when the national school board's association sent a letter covid protesting to domestic
3:45 am
terrorists. >> i can't imagine any circumstance from which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> fox news contributor lara trump joins us now. good morning to you, lara. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. this is all coming out now. there are two republican congressman jim jordan and mike johnson they say they have proof of this. they say that they found that there was a snitch line for tips about parents at school board meetings and they give different examples which i can go through in a minute what's your response to this? >> this is totally outrageous. we all knew something was going on with this. we heard about this. and people felt like there was an effort out there to silence parents. well now we know that it was true and i think americans are getting increasingly frustrated knowing that our taxpayer money, our government agency it seems like are not doing what they are
3:46 am
intended purpose is which is working for us, the american citizen. it is, you know, going to further a political narrative very clearly for one side. you know, you look at this situation, and it's pretty clear that just days after the school board raised the flag to the fbi they started looking into and investigating parents. one momma apparently was part of a right leaning mom's group. another guy that looked like an insurrectionist, whatever that means uj e. instead of use region sources to do things to protect american citizens. where was this emergency, ainsley, in the summer of 2020 when billions of dollars of damage were caused by rioters? were they looking into those people? no. where is this emergency right now when our supreme court justices are being illegally harassed? there is no interest in pursuing that or what about actual terrorists on our southern
3:47 am
border who just have the ability to walk in? at least we caught a couple of them. we don't know about the rest that are being allowed in our country. the intended purpose was to shut down speech for a very particular group of people for parents that were raising the alarm bell that something wasn't right at their schools. they wanted to intimidate them into silence. and unfortunately for a lot of people, that is exactly what happened i think they forgot whenever you start messing with kids, parents are going to get involved. look what happened in the governor's race in virginia. they know that parents are incredibly powerful. i think we are going to see that as we head towards the midterms in november as well. >> ainsley: you mentioned that dad investigated by the fbi. they called the tip line. he was reported by another parents. he fit the bill of an insurrectionist and railed against the government. they said he has lots of guns and he threatens to use them. but then the person later admitted that they had no specific observation of crimes
3:48 am
or threats. according to these republican lawmakers. they said the thread tag was edu officials, education officials and they opened investigations with this threat in every region of the country, lara. lara, that's all the time we have for now. thank you so much for waking up and joining us this morning. >> you got it thanks, ainsley. >> ainsley: you are welcome. coming up next, the centers for disease control is sounding the alarm five kids have died from strange hepatitis outbreak in the united states. fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier breaks down what you need to know coming up next. most? nucala reduces asthma attacks it's a once-monthly add-on treatment for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occured. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions,
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>> cdc is issuing a new hepatitis alert liver samples from sick kids add den know virus five children have died from the strange outbreak. what you need to know fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. when did this become a problem? >> well, good morning, brian. while the world health organization has been tracking over about 300 reported cases of pediatric hepatitis, which is another word for inflammation of the liver, this has been going on since about november 2021. the cdc has issued an updated alert for those cases here in the united states, reporting
3:53 am
about 109 cases, as you mentioned five of which have died in about 14 or 15 have required liver transplantation. half of those have tested positive for add den know virus. causes a common cold gi symptoms. the question is this what is causing the hepatitis. they ruled out the most common sources which are actual hepatitis viruses the majority have not tested for sars co 2. they are under the age of 5. so they haven't had the covid vaccine. what is causing this? they are not entirely sure right now it will probably be multi-factorial meaning multiple things cause it one concern i have is that our children have been sheltering in place for the last two years. they haven't had the same social interactions. they have been used. to say it's possible their immune systems are down and they are having more severe response to common pathogens. >> had also when we talk about supply chain definitely
3:54 am
effecting the medical community. now we understand there is going to be a short damage of iodine. what's significant about that? what are you using that for? >> this is a big issue, brian. so what we are seeing right now is a shortage of contrast used in ct. otherwise known as cat scans. when you get cat scans you get ininterest that venus die. with the strict lockdowns in shanghai it has shut down one of the leading manufacturing plants for global supply of eye done nateed contrast. throughout the united states we are seeing warns of a supply shortage and this has been going on since late march and we are expected to have strict shortages which will result in rationing for the next 6 to 8 books. this is huge, brian, this will affect our diagnostic stick capabilities my husband goes in and treats strokes and ruptured brain aneurysms and also uses the contrast. this is a big issue when it comes to supply chain and we need to make sure that we are moving some of this
3:55 am
manufacturing to the united states so we are not so dependent on these other countries. >> brian: right. i know you are not a supply chain expert medical in your field. if china can't help us, is there another place for us to go? >> there are smaller manufacturing companies at this point they would have to ramp up their production and we still wouldn't get it for many months to come. actually, the manufacturing plant in shanghai has already began manufacturing again but they were shut down for about two months. so we will see a two month lag. again, hospitals across the country are already dealing with this. they are changing their protocols. they are extending follow-up cat scans whenever possible. we will feel a crunch for the next two weeks. we felt this all throughout covid. we had a hard time getting testing supplies, masks and other things because we relied so much upon international manufacturing. maybe this is a wake-up call that the united states needs to bring some of this manufacturing back home. >> brian: you think so? we have had a two-year wake-up call we keep hitting the snooze
3:56 am
button. dr. nicole saphier, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: still ahead, more headaches for president biden as his white house staff are reportedly concerned hunter's hollywood pal we have been talking about could be a liability. we will tell you why but he does have a lot of money -- in just a moment.
3:57 am
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so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. >> america's farmers understand putin's war has cut off critical sources of food. >> biden continues to play russia for 40 year high. >> middle class are feeling the worse. >> my what? >> my decision. >> brian: yesterday a chance to vote to see if they can codify roe v. wade. that was not okay with joe manchin. >> we start the march toward the november election. >> white house officials reportedly worried about a hollywood lawyer acting as hunter biden's finance year and confidante. the "new york times" reporting allies kevin as a potential liability. >> multi million dollars mansion burning to the ground as a wildfire ravages the california.
4:01 am
>> every other house is on fire. >> catch. he scores. it's a power play goal. as the rangers lead. ♪ little bit ♪ need a little bit ♪ little bit ♪ >> steve: good morning auburn, alabama, right now the sun is coming up as you can see. 63 degrees. you are going for a daytime high of 86. of course the home of auburn university, it is one of the fastest growing towns, it is the fastest growing town it alabama. i know this because one of my son-in-laws went to auburn. welcome aboard to the mezzanine level here studio m. it is a very busy thursday. welcome to "fox & friends." >> ainsley: yes, good morning. thank you for waking up with us. >> brian: we assume you wolk up. at least somebody in your house is up watching tv. please wake the person next to you if you know them. >> ainsley: and get dressed.
4:02 am
>> steve: waited if you know the person you are sleeping next to. >> brian: we just need viewers. that's all. >> steve: those viewers, do we need those viewers waking up confused? who is that person? >> brian: we don't judge we just want you there. >> steve: remember the movie hangover the guy got so tanked up he woke up the next day like up on the roof. >> ainsley: and a tiger. ains. >> brian: can't give away the end of the movie. >> steve: it's been out for 10 years. >> ainsley: that's true. >> brian: are we up to hangover 4? >> steve: i don't know. >> brian: how many porkies were there? >> steve: are you talking about the movie bribe brian doing a morning show you can't really have a hangover. almost impossible. >> steve: you can. >> brian: meanwhile, let me get to action now. gas and diesel all time high. >> ainsley: experts do not expect the pain at the pump to ease any time soon. the consumer price index is coming out this morning. >> steve: peter doocy back at
4:03 am
the white house this morning with the numbers and they are not good. >> pete: the arc of inflation easy to trace. begins with the president swearing. in january 2021. inflation was at 1.4%. then he signs the $1.9 trillion covid relief 2.6%. then he signs the infrastructure package up to 6.8%. then the ukraine invasion happens it's up to 7.9%. last month, rather a month and a half ago march 2022 it gets up to 8.5%. right now holding high. but a little bit lower at 8.3%. that means the sufficient to is costing on average 8.3% more now than it did this time last year. it's led by increases in energy up 30%. fuel oil up 80%. food at home up 10.8%. and used cars up 22.7. and it's about to cost a lot more to ship anything. the cost of diesel today $5.55
4:04 am
per gallon a week ago it was 5.47. a month ago it was 5.02. and then a year ago it was all the way down at 3.13. so the white house is looking for somebody to blame. >> my republican colleagues say these programs help the working class and middle class people they say that's why we have inflation. they are dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. >> pete: what we have there is a new talking point about inflation from the head of the federal government just a few hours after we found out how bad inflation is from the federal government. back to you. >> steve: peter, i have got a question for you. we refer to the president as the great maga king. last week it was ultra maga extremist and stuff like that. before that putin price hike. these are their little slogans,
4:05 am
their little buzz terms. who in that building behind you is coming up with these things? >> they have the president as the face of all of these things which is what they want but it is coming at the time that they are starting to poll test different issues is 1 # problem we don't inflation anymore. that was a maury and april thing. now we are on to maga thing. >> ainsley: i think it's going to backfire there are so many. dealing with now. online. this is america. food. excuse me we were in a pandemic. everyone stopped working that was two years ago those are like
4:06 am
the good old days. wondering how things men's suits up. plane tickets up. hotels. fuel oil. the penn wharton school did a study. they found it's costing all of us $300 per month extra. they say the harris poll said 84% of you, americans, are cutting back on key purchases. key purchases. that's going to further affect the economy president of the united states to come out and say i blame this on trump, i blame this on putin i blame this on the pandemic and pass build back better, it's printing money. getting us here. instead of blaming everything everybody fix the problem. >> brian: be a leader. >> ainsley: right. peter put that graphic up 1.4 at the beginning of his
4:07 am
administration inflation was. >> steve: may he was blaming everything on donald trump. there are the numbers right there. >> ainsley: look at that. >> steve: we're going to play a soundbite from ed renzi who used to run mcdonald's in a moment or two. he said the president owns this. when the numbers are that bleak that is why the administration is using things like ultra maga king and they want to talk about abortion to motivate their base. they don't want to talk about inflation. do you know what else? every time you go and you buy gas. i have seen these things about a dozen times. the little stickers that show joe biden pointing up at the number that say i did that. well, you know what? there is one gas station owner in wisconsin, her name is pat coy -- pam coy. for the longest time they would go out with a razor blade and scrape those off. but after the price went up and up and up, you know what they
4:08 am
have done? they have put the razor blade away. watch this. here she. >> i'm to the point where i told my staff quick taking the stickers down. i agree with the sticker. you know? i'm tired of having my employees waste their time taking them down. people are venting. they are frustrated. regular drivers with the cars. everybody is suffering through it and it's their way to vent and get if off their chest. no one is listening to them. so, for them it's a way to get that out there. but, yeah, you know, this is small town america. we are blue collar workers in this area. and the middle class and the lower class, they are feeling it the worse. this administration, they were starting gain they saw gaining in incomes and things were better for everybody and can you see it going back the other way. this is really hurting everyone. >> ainsley: that's the question, are you better off today? i mean, everything has gone up pricewise. >> steve: how are you better off?
4:09 am
>> ainsley: since this administration has taken office. people are driving around with these stickers in their car and if they don't see one in on there. they will slap it right next to the gas tank. >> steve: she was talking with small town america. i live in a small town outside new york city. i was at the grocery store yesterday buying some stuff. this guy comes over to me hey, steve, i watch your show every morning tell brian and ainsley hello. so hello. he is a union member for a big utility company in our area and he said he does not know one person in his union, and they, you know, these guys. >> ainsley: unions are usually democrats, right? >> steve: these guys talk a lot about politics. i don't know one person in my union in our area who is going to vote for these policies that joe biden is pushing. >> brian: right. >> steve: remember in the governor race last night where governor murphy was so close jack ciattarelli came so close to beating him. there is a possibility that in new jersey come the midterms there could be, you know, it could get -- the super blue
4:10 am
state could get a little redder because of i did that. >> ainsley: remember, brian, you were saying yesterday he shut down these pipelines, he did all of that we don't have but there is no alternative energy for us right now. we don't have enough of it. we can't access it so on day one. it was day one of his presidency, he didn't know what he was doing. >> steve: pulled the plug. >> ainsley: too early. we don't have alternative. that's why gas prices are going up. >> brian: didn't he just rope off 1,000 acres of oil richland in alaska. >> steve: canceled the lease. >> brian: unbelievable not only is that ground not producing. the projection of having that oil is affecting the price of oil and gas. they say what's going to replace it? so far nothing. and in terms of leadership, take ownership and actually try to solve problems. you are three years away from your re-election. six months from your party midterm election.
4:11 am
just take leadership. will ed renzi was on earlier. is he a former ceo of mcdonald's. he says he can't tolerate the deflection. >> the shortages we have for the united states have nothing to do with ukraine and that war. you talk about his executive orders when he first became president, when he shut down the oil and gas industry, exploration, because of the new green new deal. people don't have any understanding generally of how important oil and gas production is to farming. diesel fuel, red diesel fuel doesn't have any federal highway taxes associated with it. but it's almost up $2 a gallon. this is all in biden's lap and he can't pass it off to anyone else. >> steve: ultimately, ainsley, i think during the midterms i'm sure republicans will mount essentially what you have been saying for the last couple of weeks. that is are we better off now than we were before joe biden took office?
4:12 am
and no not when it comes to money. unless you got a major pay raise this year. most people say no. we are all paying more at the pump. all paying for poor our bills. >> brian: we could be short and be rationing diesel this summer. that's trucks. >> ainsley: can't get our supply. >> brian: press secretary laughs when asked by a reporter who is going to can't the problem we -- captainthe problem with baba she laughs? i don't know. really? why is that not a priority. >> don't come up with phrases like maga king and maybe focus on going to an abbott laboratory and meeting with the fda director i know there was a problem in february. we are now in may. there is kids that need this special formula and we can't wait 12 weeks. >> ainsley: you know, remember what it was like when you had little babies at home and these moms are telling us they have to drive an hour to try to drive to find formula.
4:13 am
this is a time you are exhausted waking up every three hours to feed your baby. your baby is probably crying because the formula you are giving them different than they're used to and little tummies are hurting. it is such a stressful time when you have a baby wonderful but first few months are really difficult. imagine trying not only going through all of that and trying to heal from maybe you had a c section, i don't know. but going through all of that and then driving an hour away maybe two hours away and not being able to find formula. >> brian: i would be calling abbott laboratories every day. >> ainsley: i would be so upset. >> steve: thank goodness congress is going to be holding hearings in two weeks. sorry, kids, chew on a french fry. a couple weeks ago when the "new york times" jaw-droppingly admitted that the hunter biden laptop is real. they verified some of the stuff on it there has been in the last 48 hours a story in the "new york times" now about how the inner circle of joe biden, really kind of worried about this fellow by the name of kevin morris. is he documentary filmmaker.
4:14 am
he's a lawyer out in hollywood. he is the guy who bailed out hunter biden, paid $2 million. >> brian: still pays all his bills. >> steve: he paid his tax bill in hopes he won't go to prison or go to jail or get charged. >> ainsley: and his living expenses. >> steve: now is he doing a documentary sympathetic toward hunter and shows. >> ainsley: that's a picture of the lawyer i assume. >> steve: hunter is the victim of leaked that laptop to different places and have embarrassed him. now that the "new york times" has said that suddenly, people from the inner circle are calling the "new york times" this is what else we are worried about. we are worried about that guy. >> ainsley: they are uncomfortable with kevin morris and planning an aggressive public defense of hunter biden. what are they going to say? >> brian: kevin morris wants to break down the laptop. while some of the stuff is his. i don't think all it is. there are some strange things. the last thing the administration wants to do is
4:15 am
get into the laptop and stop debating what is him the naked picture of him smoking crack with hookers that's real. i have a little problem with some of the financial transactions. this whole conversation is something the white house does not want to happen. they do a great job of saying hunter is not an employee of ours so we don't know. all links of the president of the united states. this guy sets up and also he is part of the art deal and set him up in a gallery might have bought paintings of him. sets him one lavish lifestyle in malibu. everybody is saying why out of all the charity cases how many homeless encampments walk by to help the son of a president who hasn't had enough go his way. >> ainsley: there has to be something to that what is going on here. >> brian: makes no sense. >> ainsley: you have a lot of friends brian would anyone pay 2 million.
4:16 am
something is fishy. >> steve: making up to who is that a russian oligarch. >> brian: i know. >> steve: some of the president's allies see mr. morris as potential -- how to go on the offense publicly which he is. they are concerned that it could reflect badly on the administration for the president's son to be receiving financial assistance from a wealthy benefactor a dynamic that could invoke the payments which are now under federal scrutiny that hunter biden accepted from ukrainian oligarch company and other foreign interest. there is one other thing in the story that is very interesting. the inner circle of joe biden want hunter to keep a low profile and if he. [laughter] >> steve: this is the interesting thing. >> ainsley: too late. >> steve: if hunter is charged, they want him to settle. they don't want him to go to trial because a trial expose joe and his dealings. in your own words, if hunter biden is charged this makes it sound like okay, admit you did
4:17 am
wrong. no no trial go. to jail. >> brian: i don't know if you know it he doesn't appear to be that good of a listening. smokes cracks gets hookers pregnant and denies paternity. i will do my own thing, thank you. this guy donated $50,000 to a super pac of joe biden's. he is a contributor to the bidens too in many ways. meanwhile this story a fox news alert. nearly two dozen homes in california orange county burning to the ground fast moving brush fire spreads overnight. >> steve: marrow ramirez from our fox affiliate in l.a. is up live from laguna niguel not too far away. good morning. >> steve, ainsley, brian, that's right. the fire reported at 200 acres. those are the latest numbers. and we are in laguna niguel south of laguna beach. that fire still active and nearly two dozen homes have been damaged. can you see one of them here charred out vehicle as well. and this is the majority of the damage. this is what the homes look like
4:18 am
here along coronado point in laguna niguel. i want to show you, this is me. this one next to it we're dealing with a similar situation firefighters actively working with their crews from multiple agencies across orange county, l.a. county. and throughout southern california. really pumping resources into this wildfire carried by the brush in the area and really strong winds. so i know we have some video here to show you the latest images. i will tell you where we are at. this was reported around 3:00 p.m. yesterday near a water treatment plant between laguna niguel and laguna beach. the fire blew up from a few acres to over a hundred in a matter of an hour with strong winds carrying the flames through nearby brush one house to another hundreds of residents in company community. voluntary evacuations and then mandatory evacuations with law
4:19 am
enforcement driving through this area. letting people know on a loud speaker that they have to leave immediately because these homes could catch fire very quickly. putting them in danger. now, we know the cause is still under investigation. but socal edison reporting circuit activity in the area where the fire started around 3:00 yesterday. again, multiple fire agencies stationed throughout this neighborhood coming back out here live. >> this is what we have been seeing up and down this street. a majority of the damage here. 15 homes we have been able to count. fortunately, no injuries have been reported but a little later this morning. i know these fire crews are going to have to assess the damage and get better count of how many mommy's and how much damage we have seen. so far about two dozen homes in this coastal fire. what's been dubbed the coastal fire. back to you. >> steve: all right, mario, thank you very much. >> ainsley: do they have at least a little bit of time to get some of their belongs out ot
4:20 am
of the house. >> they had maybe an hour to two hours. i know showing the images some of the viewers may be watching with baited breath to see if their home was affected. devastating to see these homes burned to the ground. but, i do know that this is something that they are used to in these areas. so, they should have had an evacuation plan, living in the fire danger zone fortunately no injuries. hopefully they got out with what they needed. steve: thank you for the live report. >> ainsley: when you live in a fire danger zone area, do you buy that property because it's so beautiful? you used to live out there. >> steve: it's orange county, it's beautiful. >> ainsley: new pressure to fully reopen a factory that produces baby formula as parents across the country are running out. are the feds taking too long to green light production? we will ask the former fda associate commissioner coming up
4:21 am
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>> carley: good morning back with your headlines, the u.s. reaching a grim milestone of 1 million covid-19 deaths. today president biden will order flags to be flown at half-staff to commemorate those who lost their lives to the virus. comes as the acting director of the national institute of health confirms u.s. officials concealed early covid data at the request of chinese scientists. acting director lawrence says genome sentencing from wuhan was quote eliminated from public view. supreme court justices are set to meet for the first time today since the draft opinion of roe v. wade was leaked. this comes as pro-choice protests ramp up the latest in front of justice amy coney
4:26 am
barrett's home where activists dressed in hand maid tale costumes criticized the mother of five for not knowing about. explores way to crack down on activity outside of justices' homes. the fec is reportedly opening an investigation into elon musk's failure to disclose his 5% stake in twitter within the allotted 10 days earlier this year. former twitter shareholders are suing saying they missed out on share price increases which went up after musk made the announcement. the news coming as musk is also firing back at the media with this people, musk posting a brain with three levels of enlightenment online the highest thriving on, quote articles that are inaccurate. appearing to poke fun at criticism from liberal media outlets since its bid to take on twitter. those are your headlines. >> ainsley: the white house is
4:27 am
facing backlash after incoming press secretary chuckled when asked who was in charge of fixing the severe baby formula shortage. listen to this. >> this is an urgent issue that the fda, as you all know, and the white house is working 24/7 to address. >> who is running pointed on the formula issue at the white house? >> i -- at the white house -- i don't know. [laughter] i can find out for you and get you a person who is running point but i don't have -- >> ainsley: the fda now says it will allow some baby formula products to be released from the closed michigan plant on a quote case-by-case basis. the plant says it will still take 10 weeks to get the formula on shelves. here now associate commissioner peter pitts good morning, peter. >> good morning. >> ainsley: is it safe to get products from this plant? the plant had to be shut down. tell us what they found. what you guys found, the fda found when they went in. >> the fda got a tip-off from consumer complaints.
4:28 am
four babies ill from bacteria. two died it's a real tragedy. the fda hasn't been able to find bacteria. it was essential to lack. lacked safety protocols. water on the floor. whether or not the product led to these deaths that plant needed to be shut down. the fda spent 24/7 onsite with february. >> ainsley: take that long to get it cleaned up. >> fast to get complicated pieces of machinery back online. even though the complaints aren't completely remediated they still have to update manuals and do things not related to manufacturing. the fab is going to allow abbott to go back online for the three products of baby formula that it manufactures. >> ainsley: you call it consolidated industry. a game of jenga. pull one piece out the collapses. lots of different factories and companies that produce baby formula. one factory is closed down and it effects this many families why is that? >> this factory was shut down because of lax safety had to be shut down full stop there could
4:29 am
be an earthquake, a storm, a terrorist attack. so, what we need to do is recognize that in these various industries that were consolidated whether baby formula or sterile injectables whichson othe drug side of the fda, there needs to be a strategy about what happens if a major manufacturer goes offline and there isn't. the fda went in there in february. what the fda didn't do was say to parents there might be some spot shortages here. be aware of that be prepared. stock up. they waited for parents to go to the market and all of a sudden the shelves are empty. >> ainsley: why did they keep that quiet. >> that was a mistake. well we don't want to cause panic. if they thought about it at all. >> ainsley: the problem is here. how do we fix it. >> what we need to do is to give the fda more resources to do more robust and regular inspections because when you don't inspect the factory on a routine basis, companies get lax. you know, doing things to standard is expensive. there is no alternative. when congress holds these hearings they need to say we need to give fda more money for
4:30 am
robust inspection of food factories, the fda needs to be empowered to plan for drug shortages in these industries that are consolidated on the food side and drug side. >> ainsley: whose fault is this. >> the shortage is abbott's fault plain and simple. it was out of sync, it was not safe. had to shut it down. they made a mistake. >> ainsley: what can congress do. >> name and shame abbott for not running a safe facility. strategic plans for consolidated industries. give them more money for food plant innings and restore faith in the eyes of the american public. >> ainsley: thank you for coming on today. so many people are concerned about this story. >> my pleasure. >> ainsley: pro-life democrats fear their party is being radicalized by abortion activists. a pro-choice democratic congress is going to join us live. >> can't hear you ♪ my decision
4:31 am
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♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪ >> steve: weak back. screen left. progressive democrats marching from the house side of congress to the senate side just before senator joe manchin tanked the hopes of making abortion a national right as the midterm elections approach some pro-life advocates worry there is no longer a place for them in the democratic party.
4:35 am
>> ainsley: next guest is anti-abortion democrat who says his party is going too far in pushing hardworking americans out of their party. >> brian: congressional candidate chris butler joins us now. just to clarify. joe manchin didn't just tank it. 60 vote to tank it. 49-51. so, where do you stand right now with your party? what would have you done not what chuck schumer did? >> well, i think we have to make room in this party for folks who understand that the fundamental right to make the decision of when and where you are going to have a baby is a real freedom we need to protect offering an abortion is not just the way enforcing a culture of condition sent both in our law and culture closing income and health gaps domestic violence is not one of those issues that learned in our society a lot of things do to secure this right. i don't think offering an abortion is the main one.
4:36 am
>> ainsley: chris, you are pro-life, you think the party is too extreme. why are you still a democrat? >> well, the first i experiences i had in politics were democratic experiences, the first democratic precinct captain that i ever knew was my great aunt irene. i learned these values in my community, in the church that i pastor. i pastor a church where i grew up. this is where i learned my values. people like me have spent their literal, blood, sweat and tears building this up party. and i don't think we should just let ourselves be pushed out of the party. we shouldn't just ignore the legacy of fannie lou harem and frederick douglass. largest black congregation. we can't say there is no room for you in the party. >> steve: chris, a moment ago when you were talking about that first answer, you were talking about choice to have a baby. and joe biden last week said abort a child.
4:37 am
so many democrats unwilling to say when does life begin? because we were talking about that bill yesterday terminating a life that's crazy. that's end ago life as a pastor, i get to sit with people in the most personal situations. i can tell you i have never had a woman come into my office and i have sat with young mothers who are facing never had anybody come to me and say i have got a clump of cells you know developing in my tummy. people come and say i'm going to have a baby, pastor. >> steve: because that's what it is. it's a baby. >> ainsley: that's a really good point. what does the democratic party need to do to become a little bit more central so it's not so
4:38 am
extreme? >> we need to have this conversation. it's a way we need to lead this country there are so many issues like this one that really shouldn't be left, right, they should be -- i mean they are right wrong people with delivering viewpoints can be a part of the party, can be a part of the conversation. protecting the life of unborn children and that's very important. we have to have that conversation in this country. the data tell us that everybody is sort of unhappy with how the conversation is going. we need a much better conversation. but we cannot begin to expel people from the party just because we disagree on this orthodox. >> brian: like henry cuellar and joe manchin. frederick douglass is a
4:39 am
republican. >> steve: chris, before you go. you are a democrat running for congress in illinois. if people would like to donate to your campaign, what's your website? >> we can go to elect chris and donate to this campaign. and please do help. there is a governor and a mayor in the district. i'm running to represent the south side of chicago. and they have a vision for making this city and state a haven for abortion. what i hear from people is a vision to make the south side of chicago a place where people want to come to have babies and raise families. >> steve: chris butler from chicago, thank you so much. good luck. >> thank you all so much. >> ainsley: god bless you. >> brian: a lot of work to do. >> steve: potato chips could be the next thing in the short supply as potato chip producers face historic obstacles. fourth generation idaho potato father is going to join us live with the challenges he and his family are facing. >> brian: we got to get wise to that
4:40 am
from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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♪ steve: inflation is coming for your bag of potato chips. newly released data shows the cost of potatoes is up more than 7% from the same time last year and the cost of a bag of chips is up 10%. while grocery costs continue to skyrocket. farmers have struggling to grow up food to meet the demand. that's why our next guest is cooking up a plan to keep his business growing. fresh off the farm we welcome idaho potato farmer and the guy had runs ruth's potato chip company ladd wall len. >> steve: back in the day i was president of future farmers of america. i know even in a good year the margin of profit for a farmer are slim. given inflation and everything else, you must just be breaking even or losing money.
4:45 am
>> oh, man, this year there has been so many tough conditions. so, as a farmer, we are both a conventional and a certified organic farm so i have seen it from a variety of an angles. fertilizer up 150% significant. a lot use hard to come by. compost, manure things we use. cover crop, all these inputs are scarce, not as available. prices have increased and the supply chain has been disrupted. >> steve: yeah. and you know, it's a supply chain. in the beginning it was covid. and that's because so many people weren't working and things weren't getting done. well, people are back to work. and, ladd, and now people are going well, why is the supply chain still screwed up? i'm sure you are scratching your head wondering the same thing. >> oh, yeah. exactly. i mean, the supply chain. we are done with it we are just ready to get past this. from both perspectives from a grower and processor. same thing, oil, cooking oil.
4:46 am
ingredients, supply chain has just been disrupted. prices have increased. we are ready to be done and get on. it's very difficult situation that we are in right now. >> steve: yep. because your company you grow them, you cook them, you season them, you ship them out and you have some of the bags of them right there behind you. do you as a family, you are fourth generation. family of potato farmers. do you have a plan to try to weather this storm? >> yeah. so, you know, i think we don't want to paint a sob story. this is a super difficult situation. idaho in general facing a drought right now. potatoes, the supply is tight. everything that we are facing right now is a very difficult situation but i think farmers and producers in general. they are very resilient. they will adapt to whatever situation they are presented. every year there is mother nature. a handful of variables we are dealing very difficult. this year is no different at the same time we will adapt and do our best. we will still conservative water
4:47 am
and do what we can with the supply chain issue. in the end we will do the best job we can and farmers in general will do a good job. >> steve: like you set you don't want a sob story but there is plenty to cry about. >> yeah. there is. anywhere from the supply chain issues to the drought situation we are in. there is just a lot of challenges this year. but i think, you know, like i had mentioned before, we are just going to adapt, we will do the best that we can to be resilient and make the best of the situation. hopefully we can pray about it and the rest -- the lord will do the rest, right? >> steve: okay. well if folks out there see root's potato chips on the shelves pick up a bag. ladd wahlen, thank you so much and best of luck to your family. >> thank you for having me on. steve at least 20 big houses in california's orange county have burned to the ground as a brush fire spread quickly it happened in the laguna niguel area of
4:48 am
orange county. evacuation orders still in place. firefighters as you can see still trying to gain control of the flames. strong on shore winds made their efforts more difficult last night. things have died downwind wise. at least that's what we have heard from senior meteorologist janice dean. janice, we just heard from the potato farmer. he is impacted by the drought just as they are in orange county. that's one of the contributing factors here. >> janice: absolutely extreme to severe drought. southern california, we have 19. of course this is only a day active and we don't know the cause and we don't have a way of knowing how much is contained but i believe it's nothing at this point. so firefighters are out there. the good news is the winds have died down and we do have some relatively humidity going up and active wildfires across the nation. we have 38 with over
4:49 am
460,000 acres burned so not only a california situation but into the southwest as well. here is a quick look at the map. we do have the potential for severe storms today midwest down towards texas. all right, my friend what's your name. >> marina. >> where are you from. >> washington, d.c. >> janice: are you off school today? >> yeah. >> janice: can you tell them you got on television. is there anyone you want to say hi to at home. >> grandma and grandpa. >> janice: all right grandma and grandpa we say hi from "fox & friends." can you tell them at school show and tell that you were on tv. that's kind of cool. steve, back to you. >> steve: i know grandma and grandpa are going to be telling everybody today i saw my granddaughter. >> janice: good job. >> steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, straight ahead, a small texas town seeing more than 1,000 illegal migrants cross every day. a former border patrol chief sounds the alarm on the serious threat to america's safety straight ahead.
4:50 am
4:51 am
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4:53 am
>> brian: the biden administration's policies at the border continue to fuel historic levels of illegal crossings. don't let anyone kid you. in the el paso sector, sectors are up to 1,000 per day putting the small texas town on pace to surpass 25,000 encounters in
4:54 am
march. our next guest formerly served as border chief in el paso and tucson. victor joins us now. can you put in perspective how bad this situation is judging by what you've dealt with in your career? >> well, absolutely, brian. when you're looking at 1,000 arrests per month, that's a pace of 30,000 arrests in a 30-day period, and so when you look at el paso, the highest ever recorded was in 1986 and there was 329,000 arrests at that time. and that was only 26,000 arrests per month. so it's already exceeding that. and i believe this is really just the upscale, that we're on the upward trajectory that we're looking to exceed close to 1500 to 1800 arrests on a daily basis which is a rather significant. >> brian: who are they? where are they coming from? >> well, they're coming from all over the world on that.
4:55 am
so you're looking at mexican nationals, people from central america, south america. now you're looking from the european union. you're looking from the north africa and so you're looking for all over the world and that's a disturbing aspect about this. when you're looking at the sheer numbers, and the ability or inability that really to provide arrests, you have no idea what's coming or what's actually being missed and that's the bothersome part of this. >> brian: we have a reporter at the rio grande sector, they got four ms-13 gang members yesterday and two convicted sex predators. those are the ones who pop up in the american system let alone where they break -- they break the law a lot of times in other countries. what does it mean, victor, at least a judge ruled to extend title 42 despite biden trying to get rid of it. does that help? >> it does. extending title 42 is really the
4:56 am
last tool left in the toolbox for the border patrol. if you look over the last 18 months or so, things that the border patrol utilizing to stem the slow is being slowly reduced and title 42 becomes the last tool in that toolbox. without that, there's simply no more consequences for the criminal organizations that are dealing with smuggling. this is about to get much worse in the future. >> brian: it's sickening. it's got to be intentional. you can't be this inept. this has to be a goal just to break the border and could care less about what's happening with the border patrol. victor, thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> brian: all right, meanwhile, straight ahead, abortion activists protesting outside of the homes of our supreme court justices. if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer.
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>> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks. and we'll come to you with a replacement you can trust. >> man: looks great. >> tech: that's service on your time. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> continue to gather in front of the home of justice barrett. >> her inability to see what it's like to carry a pregnancy to term. >> this is just fundamentally wrong trying to influence and intimidate. >> formula issue at the white house. >> at the white house, i don't know. >> the white house is facing backlash when asked who was in charge of fixing the severe baby formula shortage. >> needs to be a strategy about what happens if a major manufacturer goes off line. >> multimillion dollar mansions
5:01 am
overlooking california's laguna beach going up in flames. at least 20 homes destroyed. >> not looking good. >> the price of bitcoin down significantly as cryptocurrencies plunge. >> could lose their holding if the company goes bankrupt. >> stick check. scores! it's a power play goal! and the rangers lead. >> ainsley: that's a beautiful shot of kansas city, missouri, it is going to be hot there today. 94 degrees is the high. 68 is the low. the weather will be nice this weekend. well, actually, it's going to rain on friday. saturday it will be in the 80's. >> steve: everything is up to date in kansas city. used to live there and used to work there at channel 9. it's a beautiful town known for
5:02 am
our house for a barbecue. for years, i've had the barbecue delivered but over christmas, one of my best friends got something from joe's kansas city and great big package of their best like burnt ends and brisket and pulled pork and all the sauces. >> ainsley: what's the base? is it mustard base? vinegar based? >> steve: mustardy. yeah. you're thinking of carolina barbecue. >> ainsley: right. >> brian: sounds like something you've done wrong. when you pull something and burn something, seems like something terrible has happened. >> steve: if you don't do certain things right. when you do it to pork, it's excellent. anyway, good morning, kansas city. >> ainsley: good morning to everyone. >> steve: indeed. meanwhile, let's give you the news for this 8:00 hour. officials are scrambling this morning across the country to address the national baby formula shortage that seems to be impacting parents all across the country. >> ainsley: the f.d.a. is saying it will allow some baby formula products to be released from a
5:03 am
closed michigan plant on a case-by-case basis to help address the situation. >> brian: this abbott plant, with our sister network fox business is live outside of the plant in sturgis, michigan. any progress, grady? >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. the progress this morning is that the f.d.a. says that abbott can release certain products made at this facility. as you say, on a case-by-case basis so it's going to depend on how badly the child needs the formula and how hard it is to find. abbott says there's no link to the deaths reported. they could restart production here within two weeks of getting the ok from the f.d.a. but it's going to take another six to eight weeks after that for the product to actually hit shelves. in the meantime, abbott says it's flying in formula from europe and other formula makers in the u.s. are ramping up production.
5:04 am
>> this is an urgent issue that the f.d.a., as you all know, and the white house is working 24/7 to address. >> point on the formula issue at the white house? get the white house involved? >> at the white house, i don't know. i can find out for you and give you a person that's running point. i don't have anyone. >> so far, the white house's involvement hasn't done much to help the shortage. in fact, it's getting worse. eight states plus washington, d.c. have half the formula supply they normally would. nationwide, the out of stock rate is 43%. >> i went straight to costco and they didn't have my formula. i went to target. didn't have my formula. i went to wal-mart and they didn't have my formula and i went to fred meyer and they didn't have my formula. >> more and more lawmakers and parents at this point are putting pressure on the f.d.a. and the biden administration to fix this urgent problem.
5:05 am
guys, back to you. >> steve: i got a question for you. we were talking a couple of days ago about how some parents are so desperate to buy formula on places like ebay they were selling the little cans, little $30 cans for like $130. is that safe? because if you buy it from somebody who just had it in their kitchen, you know, there aren't many safety standards in that. >> right, those are likely third party sellers, steve, and we reached out to ebay about that specific issue. they say they have policies against price gouging and they're working with government officials as well as going after those sellers to take it off line. it might be safe if they are unopened product. but you don't have the same safeguards in place like if you go to c.v.s. or walgreens. but as we reported over the last couple of days, those stores are now placing limits on how much you can buy. the real solution to this will be ramping up production and
5:06 am
restoring the out of stock shelves. >> brian: six to eight weeks before the product is available on everybody's shelves. unbelievable. grady, thanks. tell you the truth, ideal thing for president biden to do. can you imagine if he solves this problem? if it is truly a recall issue that dates back to february, obviously you can't control everything. you can meet with the f.d.a. in an emergency situation. they're used to at this point and say listen, we got to find a way to get this out to the american people. that's where the president should be. he could be in there saying i'm going to remove all the bells and whistles and get in there and find a way to get this out. instead of sitting in a generic farm talking about the maga camp. >> steve: there was a graphic on "special report" with bret baier hosted last night by john roberts and said a year ago, the number of stores across the country with shortages was 5% and now it's about 50%. this is completely on this president's watch. >> ainsley: you can only feed your baby formula. if we ran out of tomatoes, we
5:07 am
can eat other foods, right? with a baby, you can only feed them this formula. >> steve: or breast milk which a lot of mothers are apparently sharing with other mothers. >> ainsley: yes, i know. you've got those wonderful moms that are giving some of their breast milk that maybe they had frozen in the freezer and sharing that. >> brian: the other major issue happening in this country, like five major issues. one of which we're following is the possible overturn of roe v. wade and the supreme court justices could be handing that decision any day now. they meet for the first time. what's been happening over the last 10 days, we've been seeing protests outside supreme court justices' homes specifically the five that reportedly are going to vote to overturn it. and that is happening in some cases in virginia. so let's bring in winsome sears, lieutenant governor there. great to see you. >> good morning to you. good morning, everybody! >> steve: good morning. >> brian: let me ask you, with these protests, how close are you allowing them -- these protesters to get to these
5:08 am
people's homes? we find it very disturbing, us individually, that this is happening to the people and their families when this is a court decision that should not be affected by that. why in virginia are you guys tolerating this? >> we're not tolerating it. in fact, our governor has had state police outside of the homes this whole time from the very first time it started. what we need now is for the merrick garland to go ahead and do his job. you saw that he six the police on parents when they were at the school board simply trying to be heard for the safety of their children. and he won't do his job. then we have a commonwealth attorney here in virginia also a democrat, won't do his job. we have a section of our code 18.2 that says this is a class 3 misdemeanor. if you are protesting on a private property, on private
5:09 am
property, outside private property. they're not doing their jobs! what they have done is decided to decide whether or not the folks that need to prosecute whether they're democrats or republicans, and if they're of their own party, they won't do it. this is mob rule. this is america. we don't do this! >> steve: lieutenant governor, there's a law on the books, a federal law that says what they're doing is against the law! and to your point, where is -- this would be something that the department of justice would charge somebody with. and they're not doing it it. the local cops, i know the governor called the local cops of fairfax county because three justices live there and they were over at amy coney barrett's cul-de-sac yesterday, the protesters were. but ultimately, the local cops can't charge them with a federal thing. you need the department of justice. and they're not looking for the leaker. and they're not charging these
5:10 am
people. why is he sitting on his hands, our attorney general? >> i don't know. >> steve: why do you think? >> you should ask that. >> steve: is it political? >> of course it's political! you should get him on your show. >> steve: he won't come. >> we have a democrat, commonwealth attorney who won't do his job in prosecuting under the virginia code. we have a virginia code that says this can't be done. then we also have, as you already know, section 16.7 of the u.s. code that says specifically supreme court justices are not attempted to be intimidated in the way that it's doing. otherwise, it's punishable with a fine and up to one year in jail. merrick garland has not gotten off his duff and gotten the d.o.j. to prosecute anyone. and it's simply because they're picking winners and losers. but here's where i'm putting the blame. president biden, you need to
5:11 am
tell your attorney general to go and do his job and protect the citizens of the united states of america. ultimately, sir, this falls on you. this is on your watch. and it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. and then who is going to write the script for you, mr. president, so you can read it and say that it was somebody else's fault? that's what we're -- >> brian: yeah, he's great at that. >> ainsley: ian pryor has a great op ed on and he compares how they went after the parents. they called the parents, a.g. called the parents domestic terrorists and got the f.b.i. involved and did all this investigation of school boards and the f.b.i. didn't find anything. but then when it comes to this type of intimidation, they allow it. and here's some of his article. it says that the headline is "biden ignores harassment and intimidation when woke schools aren't involved." and here's a quote, he says "so now that we have seen this disturbing spike in harassment and intimidation, threats of violence against supreme court
5:12 am
justices, churches and pro life organizations, where is merrick garland? will he be issuing a memo directing the f.b.i. to start investigating these organizations instead of investigating parents that simply don't want their public schools teaching their 5-year-old daughters that they can become boys"? what's your reaction? >> it's all the hypocrisy. there are laws for you and me because we're republicans or whoever we are. but democrats, they get a pass. hunter biden gets a pass. anybody else, black, white or -- your child would be in jail right now. but hunter biden gets a pass. this all comes down to mob rule. either we are in america, a land of laws, or we are a woke mob ruling country. and god help us then, because what we know is that ultimately, the mob comes for you. ultimately, the mob, the revolution eats its own. and you are not safe if you stay
5:13 am
silent. i would want the liberal justices to get to the microphone and say to the people who support you, go home! this is not how we do it in america. we have free speech but a man's home is his castle. and that's -- if we know our history, that was one of the faults that we had against the king, that he cornered troops in people's homes. here we are. you can't be safe in your own home? imagine what's happening. your children are seeing this. and they're afraid. your families are afraid for you. they're trying to reach you. are you safe? are you safe? is this america or is this not? >> brian: it reminds me of cancel culture. started on the left when they were looking down at the rest of the culture. and then it all boomeranged and blew up in her face. now they can't stop it. they can't staff a movie because of the political correctness and all these so-called actors and directors who don't fit the
5:14 am
bill. so now, this all could be protests in front of a democrats' home next time. a democrat official the next time. and then what's going to happen? >> that's it. that's what i'm saying. ultimately, the mob comes for you if you don't agree with it. so these democrats politicians, merrick garland, the commonwealth attorney here in virginia, he is selectively enforcing the laws. and by the way, the fairfax board of supervisors had been contacted by our governor to say you need to make sure that these people are being prosecuted. and i think that the reply was well, they're not doing anything. you see what i mean? >> steve: yeah. >> there's selective prosecution. and it's all fun and games, again, until somebody gets hurt. we need to make sure that we have laws in virginia that are being upheld. otherwise, what is the purpose of the law? >> brian: lieutenant governor sears, thanks so much.
5:15 am
>> thank you. thank you for having me. they're coming for you next. do something! don't stay silent! >> steve: all right. >> brian: we won't. >> ainsley: thank you. >> steve: we did the story. let's see who else is doing the story. we have a big story out west. fox news alert. big houses in california's orange county burned to the ground overnight as a fast moving brush wildfire has been spreading. >> ainsley: mario ramirez from our los angeles affiliate joins us from laguna nigel. good morning. >> earlier, we showed you some of the damage. we've moved locations in the same neighborhood, gated community here in laguna nigel and multimillion dollar homes that have burned to the ground. you can see one behind me. all that's left is the frame of this home. and this fire moves very quickly through the neighborhood and i'll have photographer owen martinez walk you through this way to show you another home right next door.
5:16 am
completely gutted. this home was burned to the ground and you have to consider yourself lucky if you're in this neighborhood and you still have your home untouched because i count at least half of the homes here on this block, 15 that are seeing damage like this one here. so we have some images to show you of what this looks like. the scale of what's been dubbed the coastal fire reported around 3:00 p.m. here a water treatment plant between laguna beach and laguna niguel here in orange county. one of the main utility companies was reporting there was some sort of circuit activity in the area at that time the fire started. but the cause is still under investigation right now. meanwhile, these orange county communities are no stranger to these wildfires. the bonfire and the silverado fire burning at the end of 2020. thousands of acres destroying several structures. this fire dubbed the coastal fire at around 200, no containment numbers released just yet.
5:17 am
but we're expecting updated numbers a little later this morning. i know in about three hours, orange county fire authority crews are planning a press conference. meanwhile, the good news here is that the wind has died down and that's really what was spreading this fire so quickly yesterday. when this broke out. so that's the latest here in laguna niguel. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much for the live report. >> ainsley: let's hand it over to carlie with more headlines for you. >> carley: big story here, average price of gas reaching a new record high according to triple a. it's up to $4.41 per gallon. one year ago, we were paying $3. and diesel, also the highest on record at $5.55 for a gallon. that's up more than $2 per gallon compared to last year. it comes as the biden administration cancels a big oil and gas lease in alaska and the gulf of mexico. larry kudlow will join us later to discuss those numbers. and the producer price index
5:18 am
expected to come out in about 30 minutes. the price of bitcoin are down significantly as cryptocurrencies plunge. meanwhile, coin base the crypto exchange platform is warning customers they could lose their holdings with that recourse to recover their cryptocurrency or equivalent cash balances if the company goes bankrupt. the naacp is organizing another rally outside of the white house this morning pushing for student loan debt cancellation. organizers say they want the white house to cancel $50,000 worth of debt per student. that's nearly how much one writer in ohio paid off herself tackling $48,000 in just 14 months. amanda paige spoo fox news digital about her strategy. >> it seemed at the time to me insurmountable, wild, and i was like well, even if i fail, i will have made progress. and you know, i'll just call it
5:19 am
an adventure. >> carley: paige says paying off the debt gave her confidence in her ability to handle anything life could throw at her. those are your headlines. yeah, if the government goes to pay off everybody else's debt, not fair to people like amanda who did it herself. >> steve: we all did it. >> carley: we all did it. >> brian: right. >> steve: maybe not in the future. all right, thank you very much. you got to figure she feels great that it's all paid off. >> brian: i kind of felt like you were yelling at us. i was taken aback but you weren't yelling. >> steve: she was using her broadcaster voice. she was projecting. >> brian: i forgot. i was getting yelled at. i didn't know. still ahead, overdose deaths hit a record high in 2021 and a former d.e.a. agent warns an insecure border will only make dangerous drugs easier to find. he joins us next. >> ainsley: and later, democrats are dropping $15 million in hopes of flipping florida. why republicans say no amount of money will bring a blue wave to the sunshine state. ♪ ♪
5:20 am
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>> ainsley: the shocking reality of the opioid epidemic overdose deaths in the united states hit a record high with 107,000 last year. that translates to roughly one american killed every five minutes. here to react, former d.e.a. special agent derek. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> ainsley: thank you for coming on. this is a serious issue. why the increase? >> well, because the mexican cartels are very greedy. they're taking advantage of the weak security at the border. and, unfortunately, we have a lot of addicted people in america. ainsley, what's happening now has never happened. we have young kids as young as 13 going on social media and buying this poisonous fentanyl and dying in their bedrooms.
5:25 am
as you started with your orange county fire, you know, situation on the last segment, what i thought about is sheriff barnes just reported that in the state of california, there's been a 2200% increase in fentanyl-related deaths in the last five years. in his county, in orange county, not only are people suffering because of the fires, they're dying at the rate of over 1700% increase in the last five years. >> ainsley: wow, is it just fentanyl? what other drugs are you seeing? >> ainsley, what's happening is they're making the fentanyl in labs in mexico. they're getting the chemicals from the chinese transactional criminals and mixing the fentanyl in heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and also making the counterfeit pills so there's kids that are being deceived. look what happened at ohio state university last week. two dead. community in shock. the chancellor is shocked. everyone in the school is shocked. the poor kid is a pre-med student who took an aderall pill
5:26 am
that she thought was aderall and it was fentanyl and they died. there was another one that went to the hospital. so it's shocking. there's mass overdose fentanyl -- i'm sorry, fentanyl poisonings all over america. the d.e.a. administrator has been very vocal and have reported last year the d.e.a. alone seized enough fentanyl to kill everyone in america. this is what's going on. and the money that's made. ainsley, think about this. they can make 7,000 pills an hour in their own, you know, basement labs. $20 a pill. that's 140,000 every hour. over a million dollars a day. so it's a lot of millennial kids now starting to make these pills right in their backyard. so it's not just pills being made in mexico. but it's the fentanyl coming over our weak secured border. we need security at that border to keep them out. >> ainsley: what can parents do to prevent this from happening?
5:27 am
>> for one, parents need to go on line and get educated that this can happen to any kid in america. i work with thousands of families around this country. they have a fentanyl awareness day on august 21st. they have a rally on september 16th. lost boys of the fentanyl in front of the white house in d.c. but the parents have to tell their kids never take any illicit drugs. the pills are not real. they're fake. they're going to kill you. and cocaine, you can't go out on a friday night with your buddies. 40% of the pills that they analyzed in the d.e.a. that they seized over 20 million pills last year had a lethal -- potentially lethal dose of fentanyl, ainsley. >> ainsley: gosh. i've never thought about the aderall thing. i know a lot of college kids take that. they need to be aware if you don't buy it from the drugstore, do not take it. >> exactly. thank you, ainsley. one last thing, as everyone celebrated mother's day last
5:28 am
weekend, there was so many mothers, 295 a day that can't celebrate. thank you. >> ainsley: thank you so much, derek. don't go anywhere. we are standing by for a key inflation report expected to be released any minute. larry kudlow will join us and explain what it means for the united states, for the economy and for your family. for every veteran homeowner who needs money for their family, it's a new day in america. air force, pararescue, five years. home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va loan lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's total value. and take an average of $60,000 cash. 25% more cash than they'd get at a bank. united states marine corps, aviation maintenance, five years. that's why veterans from every branch... united states army, military police, eight years. ...from every specialty... marines, infantry, four years.
5:29 am
...from every length of service... united states army, strategic intelligence officer, twenty-eight years. newday usa to make the most of their va home loan benefit.
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>> carley: now this fox news alert. a key inflation report just released, producer prices up 11% year over year. that is higher than expected. last month alone, wholesale prices were up .5%. so that is the number that we have. steve, over to you. >> steve: all right, we're still waiting to get some of the details. but let's -- thank you very much, carlie. let's bring in former national
5:33 am
economic council director and host of kudlow on fox business, larry kudlow. larry is making notes. this is a terrible number. it's 11% of consumer price index, the c.p.i., and what that means is that's the cost of stuff as it leaves the factory door. so that gets passed on to all of us. the p.p.i. >> yeah, sorry, i may have lost you a little bit on the hookup. the answer is yes. these are essentially business prices received. and in this environment, it will be passed along, you know, either all of it or a large part of it. so it's a key inflation measure. i mean, look, i don't have the details yet. people are going to be texting me as we talk, i hope. but if the top line is 11% increase for the past 12 months, if that's the top line, that's basically what it was last month. i mean, last month was 11.2%.
5:34 am
so this shows you there is no progress on inflation. the inflation problem is deep, it's intense, it's virulent and it's widespread. and, you know, there was some muttering on the c.p.i. report that maybe there was going to be some relief. i didn't think so when you looked under the hood, the c.p.i. report was a very bad report. this makes things even worse. >> steve: yeah. >> one would hope, i mean, the federal reserve is going to have to act more aggressively. so far, they're talking the talk but not really walking the walk. and the biden administration, you know, i mean, they just cancelled a lease in alaska that was supposed to be a big deal with oil and gas and gasoline prices soaring. huh? cancelling the lease. i don't get that. >> steve: no kidding because the people -- when you go to buy gas today, the national average today is the highest ever in american history. it's $4.41 a gallon.
5:35 am
it's up a penny from yesterday. a year ago, it was $3. there's the numbers right there. larry, this is not joe biden's problem. this is trump's problem, it's coronavirus, it's putin, the dog ate my homework. it's not his problem. >> yeah, don't forget ultra-maga. it's ultra-maga's problem, too, let's not leave that out. look it, he -- you know, president biden should really start to own this problem. i mean, the blame game is not going to work. it's not working for him. ordinary working folks, they don't buy into the blame game at all. so i don't know why he continues to do this. i mean, look, you're in an emergency inflation crisis. and to you've got to start taking emergency actions. i mean, for example, just for example, stop spending. domestic spending. put a freeze on it.
5:36 am
another example. stop the overregulation. provide some relief. not just in the energy area but provide some relief in transportation. provide some regulatory relief in terms of unloading the docks on the west coast. provide some regulatory relief on things like the cost of government construction contracts or the cost of shipping inside the u.s. these are things that the administration could do that would relieve pressures on this inflation. but we're kind of stuck with it. i mean, look, this is going to be a multiyear problem and, of course, my great fear is when you have high inflation like this, it will not end well. i mean, the stock market is in a bad slump right now. what's that telling us? i think the stock market is beginning to discount recession. so we got big, tough issues here. >> steve: the stock market, the
5:37 am
dow futures in your corner right now is down about 170, fluctuating between 150 and 200. so there's going to be a selloff at the beginning because wholesale prices are up 11%. larry, i got to ask you about something. this is a big story. i know a lot of people are mystified by cryptocurrencies but the big one in this country, coin base which has 98 million verified users issued a warning that if you owned crypto with them, there's a possibility the money could go away if they go bankrupt. and their c.e.o. yesterday said your funds are safe at coin base as they always have been. but, you know, crypto is what we've heard about, well, some guy lost his password and lost like $8 million. so it's one of those things you can't really see. you can't really hold. and now, all of the crypto averages are going way down today. >> yeah, look it, i can track
5:38 am
bitcoin, i track is down 37% year to date. so that's just one example. i don't have coin base. but look, i mean, it's like any investment, an investment and asset, you have to go in with your eyes open and understand you're buying a highly risky asset and you have upside potential but you've got major down side risk. and i don't know this coin base story backwards and forwards but it sure reads this morning like you've got major downside risk and no different than owning a stock, you know, risky stock. i mean, look it, bitcoin is down 37%. technology stocks are down close to 30%. semiconductors are down 28%. home builders index down 36%. retailing index down 31%. and if you tack on 10% inflation, then you're looking at 40% losses in real terms. so all i'm saying is the
5:39 am
cryptocurrencies like coin base and bitcoin are going through the same slump right now that the stock market is going through. >> steve: sure. that's why i put all my money in porkbellies because people love bacon. all right. larry, thank you very much. >> i -- wait, i'm going to help you here. i-bonds treasury savings bonds called i-bonds and they give you an inflation premium. they're running about 10% with the inflation rate. so i want to help you out here because i am concerned about your wealth and well being. >> steve: who needs charles schwabb when you got larry kudlow? larry on fox business every day at 4:00 eastern during the week. thank you very much. all right, still ahead, democrats are going all in on florida with a $15 million campaign aimed at turning the sunshine state blue. lieutenant governor jeanette nunez says good luck. florida is a republican powerhouse. she'll say that on this tv channel next.
5:40 am
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>> brian: democrats are hoping for a blue wave in florida by launching a $15 million campaign to do that. the d.n.c. also pouring seven figures into spanish speaking ads in florida. and other latino heavy states. a poll reveals more than half of the hispanic voters plan to vote republican for the g.o.p. that will be the first time ever. so do the dems stand a chance here? florida lieutenant governor jeanette nunez joins to take us through it. thanks. you can understand the aspirations of democrats but they've always had it in their camp. i mean, the biden election. biden got 63% of the latino vote to 35% for trump. but it was 66-28 clinton for trump. so the republicans are creeping up. but do you think that they could be pushed back with this type of campaign? >> well, brian, what i would say is that they're not aspirations.
5:45 am
it's delusions. here in the free state of florida under the leadership of governor desantis, we have been fighting for floridians from all walks of life. and what i'll tell you is when you look at biden's abysmal poll numbers basically polling at 26% with an agenda that is contrary to what people, especially hispanics believe in. faith, family and freedom. being able to support our families, being able to make sure that we can own our businesses. being able to make sure that our children are free from indoctrination. being able to make sure that we support our men and women in law enforcement. all of those issues are issues that here in florida, governor desantis and myself have been fighting for. and i think you're not only going to see a red wave. you're going to see a red tsunami. >> brian: i guess if that would happen, there would be panic on the democratic side. you guys, republicans have been very successful in the cuban community. how else does the hispanic community break down in florida? >> well, obviously, the
5:46 am
cuban-american community, my parents came from cuba fleeing communism in 1961. they're strongly and staunchly republican. but what we've seen is colombian americans, venezuelan americans, nicaraguan americans, those that are seeing the true effects of communism and socialism which is part and parcel of the democratic party's agenda. they are seeing the damaging effects and so i think what you're going to see is a broad cross section of hispanic support all throughout this state and in particular, puerto ricans in the i-4 corridor, orlando-tampa area. they are also coming to the realization that democrats, they stand for nothing that is going to empower them and nothing to better their lives. and at the end of the day, when the november election comes along, not only are we going to win, desantis and i, we're going to win resoundingly with the help of so many hispanics throughout the state from all walks of life. >> brian: what about charlie crist, he's that job before? does that intimidate you guys? >> not at all. he was a republican governor and then he became a republican
5:47 am
candidate for u.s. senate. he switched. he became independent. then he became democrat. he's been in favor of the cuban embargo, now he's against it. so he doesn't know where he stands. he flip-flops so much. i think voters know what he stands for which is nothing. >> brian: you have senator marco rubio against demings, she's getting a lot of money. >> again, they can throw $15 million at the state. val demings can raise hundreds of millions of dollars. it's not going to change the fact that they have a terrible agenda that does nothing for voters in the free state of florida. >> brian: right, lastly, it doesn't affect you directly but they are forcing you guys to go back to the drawing board whether it comes to redrawing the congressional map, right? the court said the gerrymandering wasn't fair. >> well, i think the judge neglected to realize that what was done previously, the existing congressional district, is also against the u.s. constitution. it pits voters in one section of
5:48 am
the state, crosses over 200 mile stretches from east to west 200 miles to get another group of african-american voters. i think we'll see what comes of the court decision. certainly there's plenty of time to make sure their maps are fair and packed and not gerrymandered. >> brian: the theme is $15 million is not going to bring you a victory. that's how you feel. democrats are thinking differently. morning. >> thank you. always good to see you. >> brian: i think the way they handled the pandemic is a huge plus. it's one of the greatest comebacks in college history. in a new book, baylor head coach scott drew shares how he took a team to the championship title. he joins us next with a preview. first, i like to check in with bill hemmer and find out what he's talking about. >> bill: i thought you were the maga king. >> brian: not me. i wasn't there. >> bill: good morning to you. great show, brian. we've got issues with the economy. where is the bottom?
5:49 am
maria will sort through it in a moment. who's to blame? apparently everyone and everything except for one. guess who that is. karl rove will analyze. breaking news on the fires in california. they are wicked. did the d.o.j. tag parents' threats? guess who wants to join nato now?
5:50 am
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>> brian: fox news alert now. at least 20 homes in california's orange county burning to the ground as a destructive brushfire continues to spread. this happening in laguna niguel area. >> steve: that's right. evacuation orders are in place for several hundred residents. at this hour, firefighters are still trying to get a hold and control of the flames. strong on-shore winds made their efforts more difficult last night. but the winds have died down. >> ainsley: let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for a fox weather forecast. >> janice: big situation, obviously in southern california and wildfire season has been quite large and ferocious so far this season. let's take a look at it. here is the laguna hills fire. zero containment right now. the good news is that winds are calm and we do have some relative humidity. but man, you know, fires like this can set their own weather patterns. erratic winds, so that's going
5:54 am
to be something we'll have to watch over the next day or so as the firefighters continue to contain that fire. but, of course, when you have multimillion dollar homes that are on fire, they're going to be camera crews on it. here are your fire weather alerts across the southwest in towards the plain states and then the drought is really the driver of all of this. you factor in the warm temperatures, the dry conditions, but the fact that we don't have any rain getting into these areas is the big problem across california in towards the southern plains and there are the active, large wildfires burning across the u.s. over 467,000 acres. real quick, want to go over the threat for potential of severe storms including hail, damaging winds and tornadoes today especially in the afternoon and we'll keep you up to date throughout the day and on fox weather for your latest watches and warnings. all right. carlie, over to you. >> carley: more news here out of california. the federal appeals court judge down in -- downed a florida law
5:55 am
banning the sale of semiautomatic weapons to adults under the age of 21 is as unconstitutional. that court ruling, the ban violates the second amendment and should have never been passed in the first place. a judge saying "today, we reaffirm that our constitution still protects the rights that enabled their sacrifice. the right of ying adults to keep and bear arms." air fare prices are taking off with fares soaring over 18% last month alone. the greatest month over month increase since the 1960s. the hike stemming from sky-high inflation and surge in travel demand. customers are still flying. delta airlines recording the highest booking volume they've seen in 30 years last month. warriors star steph curry and green joining the fans dancing to their anthem. they got blown out in memphis. after the game, the two explained.
5:56 am
listen. >> very solid, it's fun. you got to find some fun in it. >> i appreciated the crowd tonight and the energy they brought to the game. if they want to -- we'll do it together. >> carley: the series heads back to california for game six. a little bit of fun there. >> steve: a little bit. >> brian: all right. that's being a good loser. >> steve: there you go. thanks, carlie. speaking of sports, when coach scott drew accepted the head coaching position at baylor in texas in 2003, the program was in the middle of business scandal. >> brian: yep, he turned the program around leading his team to their first big 12 title. first national championship in school history beating undefeated gonzaga in the final. >> ainsley: now, he's sharing his journey in a new book called "the road to joy." the new author and head men's basketball coach at baylor university scott drew joins us now. good morning to you, coach.
5:57 am
>> thanks for having me. excited to be with you guys. >> ainsley: so glad that you're here. tell bus your book and why you decided to write this. >> first of all, god has really blessed our program and it's his platform so we wanted to honor him. also, our players, staff, administration, school, just what everyone has poured into this program. and steve knows, you know us big 12 people, we got to brag about our conference. so anyway, back-to-back champs in the big 12. >> steve: absolutely. coach, you got joy in the title of your book and joy is kind of the mantra for your team. what does that stand for to you? >> first and foremost, coaches need to keep things simple. it's a theory. keep it simple, stupid. and one thing we've always been a christ centered program. baylor, we've prepared champions for life. it's spiritual, it's character, it's academic and it's athletic excellence. so joy, as long as you have the right priorities in life, jesus, others, yourself. i mean, we got a lot of
5:58 am
graduates out there and no matter what field you're in, no matter what you do, everyone wants to work and be around people that are servant leaders. >> brian: you took over a program that was a mess. one player had shot and killed another player. what made you take the job? and what made you think that baylor would support a winning program sf>> first and foremost, i always pray about everything and i felt led to come here. and baylor is the largest baptist school in the nation. and as so many great things and qualities about it, it's got a great family atmosphere. it's in a great city. chip and joanne gaines have really magnified all the positives about waco. baylor university this year men's football won a championship in the big 12. a lot of positive things going on. i really believed in the school's mission. and preparing champions for life is something that's important to me and my family. >> ainsley: and you wrote, this book is beautiful. i want to read an excerpt from
5:59 am
it. this is how the championship baylor team prepared in the bubble. you write "it was three weeks of regular bible studies and prayer. three weeks of sharing and vulnerability and affirmation and accountability. each week, we've gotten closer as a team. each week, we've gotten better on the court. our players knew what they had been -- what had been taken from them last year when the season was canceled. no one wanted to be in the bubble really. if it meant having a chance to make history, there were no complaints." tell us about that. >> first, you're a better reader than i am. i know you know a lot about bible studies and again, if you're right off the court, you're going to be right on the court. and with us, we've had such a -- we've been blessed to coach such talented players but high character, great young men. and it was like a summer camp. we had our own floor in the hotel. and after each team left, they would leave. and they would come in, like we don't want to leave the bubble! >> brian: wow. >> we loved spending time with
6:00 am
each other. >> steve: sure. we've enjoyed spending time with you, coach scott drew. his new book is called "the road to joy." you can go to the road to joy for more information. >> ainsley: thanks for being bold about your faith. god is really using you. you, too. >> steve: that's it for today. thank for joining us. see you back here on the couch tomorrow. >> brian: join me on the radio. >> bill: where is the bottom? good morning, i'm bill hemmer. dana has the day off today. welcome back to julie. >> i'm julie banderas. the wholesale prices are up 11% from a year ago, hotter than expected. it is a slight drop from march but still untenable for businesses and consumers. >> bill: runaway inflation is provg


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