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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 12, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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don't have to just follow political people. i follow the birders, i follow archeology, i follow -- all kinds of things that come in. >> food, follow food. >> foodies, it makes it beautiful. >> and this was beautiful. thank you for watching. here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you so much. fox news alert, president biden finally announcing that he will take action to address the nationwide shortage of baby formula. but it's unclear what exactly he plans to do. the white house is also still struggling to name a point person to fix the problem. will it be too little too late. >> republican lawmakers say they are going to hold a hearing later this month on the alarming situation. we have florida senator rick scott with us, he'll weigh in in a moment. and one mother is desperately trying to feed her 3-month-old son.
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>> john: another fox news alert to kick off "america reports" for this thursday. biden administration cancelling a massive oil and gas lease sale in alaska and the gulf of mexico. scrapping the potential to give drivers desperately needed relief at the pump. hi, i'm john roberts in washington. gillian, good to see you again. >> gillian: great to be with you, i'm gillian turner in for sandra smith. so, america's economic woes are continuing to mount. one red flag economists are pointing to now today, april wholesale prices. up 11% from a year ago. one part of the overall inflation problem. consumer prices up 8.3% from a year ago, a slight drop from march but still hovering near a 40-year high. >> john: filling your tank could drain your wallet. the national average of gas prices a record high, costing 4.41 a gallon. look at where it is compared to a year ago, gillian. >> gillian: tremendous pressure on the biden administration.
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americans are skyrocketing with the cost of everyday goods and retirement savings are dwindling. meanwhile, the white house's feud with senator rick scott over the economy still red hot. >> john: grady on the baby shortage, and katie pavlich, but peter doocy will clear up confusion about today's event. >> peter: and energy prices are padding the numbers. energy, 30% more than a year ago, and fuel oil 80% more than a year ago, and the administration solution does not include drilling everywhere. biden's team canceled a lease of about a million acres in alaska, announcing due to lack of industry interest in leasing the area, the department of the interior will not move forward with the proposed cook inlet ocs oil and gas lease sale 258.
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and calling off some gulf of mexico leases, has the emergency petroleum institute saying unfortunately it's becoming a pattern. the administration talks about the need for more supply and acts to restrict it, as energy prices rise. we urge the administration to end the uncertainty and immediately act on a new five-year program for federal offshore leasing. president biden told donors in chicago about the economy, this we can't let this happen, guys, so we have to, we have to, and it's going to be hard, it's going to be hard because inflation is going to scare the living hell out of everybody. democrats are trying to blame republicans for not having any better ideas to fix inflation, particularly republican senator rick scott, now firing back in this new ad. >> one thing for sure, rick scott's rescue america plan has gotten under joe biden's skin. >> senator rick scott of florida. >> senator rick scott. >> republican plan led by rick
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scott. >> how do you destroy america's economy? look around. joe biden and the woke democrats are doing it. >> people paying more for stuff overall is a problem, especially politically, but the most urgent issue facing the white house is the shortage nationally of baby formula. we are told the president is going to have some calls of baby formula manufacturers, but those are going to be private calls and they are going to give us a readout. they are going to tell us what they talked about afterwards. the calls and the meeting will not be open to the press. john. >> john: i understand it might be the format of the calls the reason it's not open, peter. but you would think in the light of the emergent situation, the white house would want to see the president foursquare in front of the public addressing this. >> peter: and if the format of the calls is an issue, they could use a different format. >> that's true, they could always regroup, been known to do that on occasion. peter, thank you. gillian. >> gillian: fox news alert on the nationwide baby formula
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shortage, a shuttered factory could reopen in weeks, giving families much needed relief. but as every parent knows weeks are an eternity if you are trying to feed your baby. grady is live at the plant in sturgis, michigan this afternoon. hi, grady. >> the fda has to ok for abbott to restart production, that takes two weeks before they are producing again and then another 6 to 8 weeks after that abbott tells us before you would actually see the formula being made here on store shelves. so, it could be a ile. abbott does say there is no evidence linking the recalled baby formula to those four infants who got sick, two of them passed away. while this plant is closed, abbott is flying in formula from plants in europe. other manufacturers are also ramping up production but so far the problem is only getting worse.
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most states are seeing an out of stock rate of 40 to 50%. house republicans introducing legislation to make it easier to import formula from other countries, and many of those lawmakers are dealing with this problem themselves. >> this crisis has been brewing for months. since my 4-month-old has been born, my entire family across four states scouring shelves looking for formula for which he is dependent to survive. >> this chart shows you when this abbott production facility shut down. you can see that the problem and the shortage certainly got worse after that, but it was already a problem before, so while abbott and the federal government acknowledges it's extremely important and urgent to get this factory back open, it's not the silver bullet. there's got to be another solution to getting baby formula back on store shelves. we should hear from the president, at least his
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administration today on what actions they are taking to solve this problem, but as of right now, we don't know what that solution is. gillian. >> gillian: thank you. >> john: bring in town editor katie pavlich and fox news contributor. katie, yesterday americans watched democrats move at lightning speed to hold a show vote on abortion, yet no similar activity in congress to address inflation or this looming baby formula crisis. >> yeah, if anything, john, there's been opposite push from congress to try and push through massive spending bills. they have been stuck on joe biden's build back better agenda, started at 6 trillion that manchin and sinema pumped the brakes on, imagine where we would be with inflation if that
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passed, and now pushing for more spending for covid relief, even though a number of states have not spent that money. so, while we have this baby formula shortage, which the fda could do more to alleviate the burden of, you are seeing congress focussed on this abortion issue and as you noted, a show vote held yesterday that went down in flames and publicly very few public officials talking about the shortage that we are seeing that affects thousands, maybe millions of american families all across the country. >> one thing the show vote does demonstrate, congress can move quickly when it wants to. more bad news for the president today. appears he has lost "the washington post." editorial board writes biden's magical thinking on inflation continues. when it became clear inflation would not come down on its own, the white house began a blame
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game. pin it on greedy corporations for hiking prices too much. that just doesn't add up. to show voters he's on top of the problem, mr. biden needs to do more than blame someone else for high prices. but what he was asked the other day if he shoulders any of the blame, he said no, my policies have helped, not hurt. >> the problem, john, the issue of inflation, the damage is done. so, the issue, if you look at the data and when inflation started to go up, it was after the 1.9 trillion american rescue plan passed in february of last year. that's when inflation took off. show almost immediately two months after the bill was passed, the white house said it's transitory inflation, first said it was not happening, and then transitory, and then tried to say it's a high class problem, of course inflation affects everybody in the country, especially the middle and lower classes. and now then they moved on to corporations being greedy, price
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gouging. at no point have they acknowledged that government spending, and frankly shutting off the economy for so long as a result of covid restrictions is why we are seeing these inflationary pressures and frankly, americans are looking at this before november and saying the damage is done, looking at the government spending and not a single republican voted for the 1.9 trillion bill which pushed inflation to spinning out of control. >> yeah, you know. this is obviously hitting con soupers in the pocket book in so many ways. one of the most obvious is gasoline prices. put it up on the screen. according to aaa, 4.41, up from 4.24 a week ago, and $3 a year ago. the president makes releases of the strategic petroleum reserve, that does not seem to be affecting prices much and now the department of the interior canceled a planned sale of leases at cook inlet in alaska. the department of the interior
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says there was not enough interest, but the chamber of commerce seems to disagree with that. >> first it's important to point out the pain is the point. administration says if higher gas prices are a problem for you, you should buy an electric car, transition to alternative forms of energy and the price americans have to pay to get there. energy is the underpinning of the economy, oil and gas, products are not getting to the grocery store, but through the diesel fuel and gas. and gas prices are $5 a gallon, it has to be passed on to the consumer for every good that is taken to market which adds to the inflation you are seeing in the economy. if energy prices are high at the gas pump, prices on every good americans have to purchase at the store that has to be transported to the market, that's something that's going to go up in price as well, you have
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seen every category of basic items that americans buy on a regular basis skyrocketing in a matter of months. >> katie, great to see you, thanks for kicking us off. appreciate it. >> thanks, john. see you soon. >> john: word of warning about buying an electric car, we are expecting rolling blackouts this summer, you may find yourself in position you come home and the battery is empty and cannot boost it back up again. >> gillian: not only risk not having any electricity in the home but might not be able to in the car to drive somewhere safe to avoid it. a rock and a hard place situation, john. >> john: more on the economy coming up. senator rick scott will join us soon and larry kudlow will be with us today, everybody loves larry. >> gillian: vladimir putin's unprovoked invasion of ukraine is causing european leaders to rethink expanding the nato military alliance once considered airtight. finland is now on the fast track
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to join and sweden is looking to follow closely behind. putin is threatening retaliation against finland. the first reaction from the finnish ambassador to the u.s. he joins us next. >> john: eric adams going after ghost guns. what exactly is a ghost gun and how are they made? we'll show you coming up. >> semi-automatic weapons that you can just get shipped to your home, assembled together no matter what deranged state you are in. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. you ever wonder why people are always on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america.
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>> john: new york city mayor eric adams fighting to get ghost guns off the street but what exactly are they?
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that is coming up. but first -- a big move for finland. that country announcing earlier today its intentions to join nato "without delay." this following russia's invasion of ukraine. kremlin is threatening to take retaliatory steps, finland, shares 800 miles of border, but finland says it was russia who pushed them to the point. sweden is also expected to make a decision on joining nato in the next few days. what impact could it have on putin's war on ukraine. joining us is finland's ambassador to the united states. thank you for spending time with us this afternoon on short notice. we really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> john: finland has enjoyed a fairly good relationship with putin and russia, i was at a summit in 2018, a significant step will forever change that
10:19 am
relationship between finland and russia. clearly this was in response to putin's unbridled invasion of ukraine. but walk us through the decision to get to this point. >> i think one has to remember that finland has been with nato for 30 years, and said the past 20 years that joining nato is one of the options that we have, so i think you rightly said it, it's a step, not a leap. so i think we have been communicating to the russians that this may some day happen, and i think now the day has come. >> gillian: mr. ambassador, john mentioned your country shares 800 miles of border with russia. if you join nato, it is going to essentially double moscow's exposure and their vulnerability in the face of the military alliance. in a sense, this poses a greater threat to russia perhaps than ukraine even joining nato.
10:20 am
are you prepared to face the wrath that putin will now have for your nation? >> well, i think finland joining nato does not pose a threat to anybody. let alone to russia. i think we have said really clearly that our joining the alliance is a preventive move, doing it for the sake of finland. not threatening anybody and i think it's not a threat to russia. i think in our case finland has been consistent in developing its armed forces, our army is one of the best in europe and i think we are fairly self-confident that we can defend our country but of course together to nato we can also contribute europe, not only finland. so we are confident about this move. >> john: mr. ambassador let me put up on the screen the not so veiled threat from the russia foreign ministry, said helsinki must be aware of the responsibility and consequences
10:21 am
of such a move, but here is what the president said about that yesterday when he was in a press conference with the u.k. prime minister boris johnson. >> how they see possible finnish joining, well, if that would be the case that we join, what my response would be that you caused this. look in the mirror. >> john: look at the mirror, you caused this. the clearer message to vladimir putin. what do you expect russia's response could be? >> so far the russian response has been basically what we have expected. it's a media statement, it's been some information campaigning, i think nothing that we have seen so far has gone beyond the frame of our expectations, and we have had discussions with the russians over the years. they have always said there would be a response.
10:22 am
they will most likely have to -- they will feel they have to play some more military assets close to the border and so on. but so far we have not seen any surprises in their reactions. >> gillian: mr. ambassador, your country in recent history, anyone, has maintained relative military neutrality, and a good relationship or a relationship with russia that's stronger than the united states, closer than the united states relationship if you move forward, are you prepared to sacrifice that diplomatic relationship with russia? >> i think it's not our decision alone. i think russia has made a decision to sacrifice a lot of the good relations they had with many western countries when they attacked ukraine unprovoked, illegal, attack that they had. so i think it's basically been a russian decision and our president stated it correctly that i think many of these things would not have happened
10:23 am
without this illegal attack. so i think you have to also ask the russians what did they have in mind. i think in our case we are now assessing where the relationship is going to. obviously we are always going to be neighbors, we are going to have a shared border, and obviously down the road i hope that the day will come when finland and russia will at some point have well-functioning relationship. we keep staying in contact with them and i think we'll have to see how things will play out from here. >> john: may have to wait until putin is out. one more quick question if i could. the former president of russia issued a not so veiled threat saying if finland and sweden would join nato they would have to rethink the security posture in the baltic sea, and no longer a nuclear free zone. lithuania says it's not now.
10:24 am
what do you make of this threat? >> logical if nato increases presence in the area, finland and sweden joins, i think it's a basic thing that he will increase their assets as soon as they can in the region. i don't see a major change here. they have nuclear weapons, they can always place them in different places. so i don't, frankly, i don't see a major, major change in that statement. >> john: all right. well, mr. ambassador, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> john: we'll watch the story closely, gillian. making a desperate plea, new york city mayor eric adams calling on the biden administration to crack down on ghost guns. wants one of the producers with the kits pulled. a surge in gun violence across the country. bryan llenas is live in new york city with more, put the ghost gun surge in perspective 4.
10:25 am
>> 2018, nypd recovered 17 so-called ghost guns off the street. 2021, rose to 275, and this year on track to surpass that and then some. new york city mayor eric adams says 90% of the homemade firearms are bought from polymer80, calling on the atf to revoke their license, and accuses them to selling ghost guns to felons and minors. >> so-called government guns or privately made firearms are legal. anyone can buy a kit online and in minutes, easily build a gun at home. >> i shot both of those guns, i could not discern the difference between the pmf, the homemade gun and the manufactured one. >> the difference -- >> minimal even for a professional like you? >> that's correct. >> number of ghost guns recovered by law enforcement nationwide surged between 2020 and 2021.
10:26 am
up 83% in new york city and 250% in chicago. seizures more than doubled in philadelphia, and also increased in washington, d.c. >> we are concerned with crime gun. the guns that are being fed to the criminal element utilized in violent crimes across the nation, we spend all of our resources to track and stop the criminals. >> untraceable, no serial numbers and can even be 3d printed. >> do you see caliber, serial number, how am i to trace this? >> the biden administration release add new rule requiring serial numbers on gun parts and background checks before selling gun-built kits. that rule goes into effect in august. nypd says gun arrests are a 28-year high. the problem is, the guns are replaced faster than police can take them off the streets and the cheap ghost guns are becoming more popular with criminals. john.
10:27 am
>> john: great look behind the scenes, thank you. >> gillian: mandatory evacuations are in effect as a fast moving wildfire in southern california is spreading into a densely packed neighborhood. already destroying 20 homes, including multi-million dollar mansions. what caused the fire, next. >> john: are president biden's multiple crises making him a political liability? we'll ask tim ryan as he looks to win a senate seat in the midterms. >> i don't want any distraction, don't need anybody to prop me up like j.d. vance did. >> even from the sitting president of the united states of your party. >> i'm sorry? >> even from the sitting president of the united states of your party, who you voted with 100% of the time. >> we'll make that decision as the campaign continues. welcome to your world. your why. what drives you? what do you want to leave behind? that's your why. it's your purpose,
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>> john: fox news alert, january 6th committee issuing subpoenas for five republican members of congress, including the house minority leader. congressional correspondent just raced to the camera after the announcement. chad, who else is on the list? >> good afternoon, john. it's a total of five, including kevin mccarthy, jim jordan, scott perry, the chair of the freedom caucus, andy biggs and mo brooks. what is significant, the house has its own internal ethics process. if you have a member who is not cooperating, you go to the ethics committee. article 1 section 5 of the constitution says the house of representatives can discipline its own members and its own rules. it's so extraordinary. issue the subpoena and the members were not to cooperate with the committee, what do you do? do you vote on the house floor
10:33 am
to hold them in contempt of congress like you would any other citizen, they did that with steve bannon, and then if the house did that, would you actually go to refer them to the justice department for prosecution? they did that with steve bannon, his trial comes up in july. they also did that with mark meadows, the former white house chief of staff. however, he has not gone to trial. the department of justice has not decided to prosecute him despite the 1/6 committee issuing a somebody, he did not cooperate, he was to be in contempt of congress. what it accomplishes is unclear other than putting the pressure on them, but cures the narrative. around june 9th the 1/6 committee will hold hearings and if they hone in on the members who are not cooperative and bring in other witnesses, people we might not have heard about and say this is what mccarthy
10:34 am
knew or brooks did or something like that, this helps to curate the narrative and then the committee could say the sitting members of congress, these republicans were not playing ball with this very important investigation, john. >> john: historian there, how unusual is it for a committee to subpoena a sitting member of congress? >> it's exceptional. it does not typically happen. because you have the provision in article 1, section 5. this something we don't see every day on capitol hill. >> john: chad, thank you. gillian. >> gillian: devastating scenes in southern california this hour after a fast-moving wildfire there ripped through a neighborhood of million dollar, sometimes multi-million dollar mansions. orange county fire authority a short while ago says the fire has already consumed 200 acres and prompted about 900 families to remain under evacuation orders who own homes there. william joins us from the ground in laguna nigel with a look at
10:35 am
the damage. >> this house actually was for sale, seven bedrooms, $10 billion, as you can see now, it's a total loss. in fact, some of the fires are still smoldering here 15 hours later. this was a relatively new house, stucco walls, tile roof, fire friendly landscaping, in fact, it was just early may, so the weather was pretty good, 60°, 53% humidity yesterday and the fire officials had all the resources they need. they had all the helicopters dropping water, tankers dropping retardant, crews in almost every driveway and yet 24 houses we are told were destroyed. now, right now we are at the back of the house. i want to show you what it looked like earlier from the front of the house and why this fire is so difficult to put out. so this house was destroyed last night. firefighters tried to put it out to stop the embers from catching
10:36 am
other homes next door on fire. this house appeared to have been saved but as you can see, the fire has reignited about 12 hours later. so basically i want to take you around back, ok. so, here you are going to get an idea, there is the ocean out here, right. so, we are at the top of a ridge in the laguna smunts. the fire started down here, raced up here, the embers cresting over the top of the hill and over here on the left, several other houses have been destroyed. they are now trying to put some of these spot fires out, if you will, so if with i understand do return we don't have a remake or repeat of yesterday, rather. fire, the cause, gillian, is under investigation. back to you. >> william in laguna niguel, thank you so much. >> john: president biden dealing with numerous crisis, the lowest approval marks of his presidency, some members of
10:37 am
congress avoid being with him while campaigning. ohio congressman tim ryan. thanks for being with us, appreciate you coming on. you are locked in a very close race with j.d. vance who just advanced out of the republican primary. it's good for somebody who is running for a senate seat to get all the political clout they can have, and i just wanted to ask you the question directly. do you want president biden to come out and campaign for you in ohio? >> hey, we'll see, we'll see, but the reality of it is i'm the face of this campaign and there's so much political noise out there i'm a unique candidate, unique kind of democrat, i've taken on the democratic party, i've run against nancy pelosi, i've gotten in fights with bernie sanders and agreed with trump on renegotiating nafta, and china, and unique candidate. i want to be the face of the campaign. i don't want it obscured by the normal, you know, washington,
10:38 am
d.c. food fight, left, right, red, blue, stuff, it's about healing, being americans first and so i'll be the face of this campaign. >> you said we'll see if i invite him out or not or would like him come out. what would make your determination? >> i don't know, it's a busy campaign. i'm not sure, we'll see what happens. the reality is i'm going to talk about the issues that are important to ohio, it's not about the president, it's not about the congress, it's not about the republican and democrat thing but what's best for ohio and see ourselves as americans again instead of democrats and republicans, stop all the stupid fights and start focussing on how we rebuild american middle class and promote ourselves as america and rebuild the american economy. and i want to be the mouth piece of that, want people to know my record and i'm not worried about anybody else. >> a top issue is inflation. president biden is well underwater on that in a recent fox news poll, 67% of people disapproved of his handling of
10:39 am
inflation. and here is what a washington post editorial said about the president today. "biden's magical thinking on inflation continues while the white house looks to culprits to blame for inflation it has struggled to articulate any sort of plan. mr. biden needs to do more than blame someone else for high prices". do you agree, does the president need to do more than blame other people for inflation? >> i do. i think there is some corporate responsibility here, corporations are making a lot of money and need to make sure the consumers are not getting gouged. i've been calling on the administration and anybody else who will listen to bring an immediate tax cut to the congress for us to pass. earned income tax cut, the child tax cut we had in last year advanced this, and then a general tax cut for workers and maybe small businesses to put money in their pockets. no one did anything wrong, pandemic economic collapse, war with an oil producing country
10:40 am
that invaded an agriculture powerhouse in europe with the ukraine, china messing with us at every turn, the american consumers did not do anything wrong. pass a tax cut, put money in people's pockets now and let's ride this thing out together. people are struggling, they have been for 30 or 40 years, it's time for the democrats to call for a tax cut for working people. >> you say the people are struggling, and certainly they are. put up on the screen the degree to which they are struggling these days. gasoline prices, 4.41 a gallon. diesel, 5.55, national average inflation at 8.3%, producer price increase up 11%. real wages against inflation down 2.6%. i mean, when you look at that, congressman, is this president generally speaking an asset for democrats or a liability? >> well, as i said, i'm calling on the administration to encourage congress and to sign hopefully at some point a tax cut. look, it's a complicated world
10:41 am
out there. most people recognize that. you have russia invade ukraine, they are a huge oil and gas producing country, that's going to cause destablization in the market. you have china playing footsy with russia, and 0 covid policy is locking up the comply chain. tax cut in the short-term but we have to bring the jobs back. 30, 40 years, both democrats and republicans have sold out the american workers and said we are going to be worried about our shareholders and making money and all those jobs went to china. now you look at glove manufacturing, look at all these other things across the board, the inflation problem is because we can't get products out of china. we became so dependent on them which was stupid. we have to bring the jobs back, i'm trying to do, infrastructure bill, rebuild the country, bring back the chip manufacturing like the bill intel project in ohio,
10:42 am
create thousands of jobs, average wage of $135,000 a year, that's how you rebuild the american economy. that's got to be our focus. >> clearly, congressman, a lot of the global events have had an impact on prices. but a lot of this was already in the works before putin ever invaded ukraine. in fact, san francisco fed says at least three percent of inflation is because of the money we threw at the covid problem. let me look at democrats in congress. a show vote on abortion they put together in a heartbeat. why is it they can't get together quickly and do something about inflation and for that matter the baby formula shortage that we are experiencing in this country. >> well, i agree with you and i think the house needs to do it as well. we need to bring a tax cut immediately. that's -- that's the only solution in the short-term to provide some relief for consumers is to pass a tax cut. i know it sounds unusual coming
10:43 am
from a democrat promoting tax cuts, i think that's exactly what we need to do, so i agree. i think the senate needs to get off the stick the best way to deal with the inflation piece is make sure we are cutting taxes and if we do have a package of something else, we have to be worried about deficit reduction. we have to make sure that we are, you know, not running and putting everything on the credit card for as far as the eye can see. we have to be responsible here, make investments, we have to outcompete china, they are cleaning our clock in different ways but get on the stick, i think it start with the tax cut. >> john: you remind me of a bygone time in the democratic party between you and joe manchin, a great middle for the democratic party, one that seems to have disappeared. >> it starts by seeing each other as americans, right. what are the american challenges for the american people. you look at the potholes, those are not democrat or republican or making sure the kids have access to healthcare, making sure we don't have fentanyl coming into the country, it's
10:44 am
not democrat or republican, so this campaign is let's look at each other as americans. let's have some gratitude that we were born in this country, it's an honor, let's show some compassion for each other, healing, forgiveness, some grace, so that we can move forward and i think that's the only way we are going to do it. we have to heal, see each others americans and kick china's rear end. >> john: congressman, good to have you on. we'll follow your campaign. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> gillian: fox news alert, the department of justice says attorney general garland has directed u.s. marshals to keep supreme court justices safe. mike is here in our washington newsroom. mike, what do they hope to see? >> gillian, a stronger federal law enforcement response. today the senate republican leader called out merrick garland saying garland should get it. >> one would think a d.o.j. run
10:45 am
by the former chief judge of the d.c. circuit would need no prodding, no prodding to protect judicial safety and independence. >> hoyer said justices and their families need to be protected, a nation of laws not of violence or intimidation. the senate democratic whip has been vocal about the protests against the justices. >> i think it's reprehensible. say away from homes and families of elected officials and members of the court. if we want to bring women and men in the position and accept the responsibility and sometimes the controversy we have to have reasonable lines drawn to respect their families. >> on the other side, the white house and the senate majority leader who are supporting the pro choice activists. >> if protests are peaceful, yes. my house is, there's protests 3, 4 times a week outside my house. that's the american way to
10:46 am
peacefully protest is ok. >> but a difference between protesting a politician and a judge and actual federal statute saying you cannot protest a sitting judge. >> we are not tolerating it, in fact, our governor has had state police outside of the homes this whole time, from the very first time it started. what we need now is for the merrick garland to go ahead and do his job. >> virginia governor youngkin is asking fairfax county authorities to extend perimeter around the homes of three justices who live there. >> gillian: mike, yesterday and the day before the white house reiterated their support for the protestors as long as their actions remain peaceful outside the justices homes. now we hear garland is ordering in the u.s. marshals, seems to be a contradiction built into this policy decision. >> definitely a split, and when you consider dick durbin as the
10:47 am
number two democrat, and then steny hoyer, and they are like look, the justices are off limits, going to their homes is a no-no, and so you've got those folks who are saying, you know, enough is enough, let's not mess with the justices, but then on the other side, the white house and schumer who seem to be saying, you know, hey, let them protest. they want their base to be active going into the midterm election season. >> gillian: interesting stuff and the split seems to extend all the way to inside the administration itself. mike, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> john: gillian, they are the men and women who keep us safe. but is the navy letting our sailors down and risking their lives by forcing them to live under what some critics say are demoralizing conditions aboard the u.s.s. washington. >> gillian: plus this, a new record number of american deaths from drug overdoses. some experts are pointing to the
10:48 am
illegal immigration crisis at the southern border the primary culprit, drugs including fentanyl are pouring over the border. >> for parents, i urge you to have very serious conversations about this, about what's going on, show them a grain of salt, let them know this could kill you.
10:49 am
10:50 am
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10:51 am
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10:52 am
>> gillian: u.s. has reached a new grim milestone for overdose deaths. c.d.c. is reporting over 100,000 americans have died in 2021 marking the highest annual death toll on record. this comes as g.o.p. lawmakers warn more dangerous drugs are making their way into the u.s. along the southern border. john, we are learning more now about this brand-new record, this grim record set today about 108,000 americans perished from drug overdoses in 2021. this is per the c.d.c., and the same author, interestingly, of that report, says so far, according to the data for 2022, overdose deaths are continuing to rise there, already up 15% during this year, over the last
10:53 am
four months, it's a shocking number. >> no question, gillian, and we should point out we are trying to reestablish a connection with a former d.e.a. agent in charge who will be able to talk with much more facility about this than i. but there's no question that this is an epidemic that has been building for years and it continues unabated and likely only worse as more and more people flood across the border following the rescission of title 42 at the end of this month. when you take a look at the number of people who came across in march, 221,000, that eclipse the high water mark from july of last year. april is expected to be greater than that, may higher than that, and then katie bar the door when title 42 comes out. the word has gone out far and wide throughout mexico, northern triangle countries, south america, africa as well, that now is the time to come to the united states and as more and more people flood across the
10:54 am
border, taking up law enforcement's resources in order to deal with them, more and more drugs come across that border. >> gillian: john, i'm hearing we now have the former special agent in charge joining us here. derek, are you with us, can you hear us, can you see us? >> yes, gillian, thank you very much. >> gillian: awesome, thanks so much for being with us. let's pick up where john left off a moment ago. we are hearing from the c.d.c. that fentanyl is, they believe, the primary drug that's driving this overdose crisis, if you will. let's take a look at the numbers. fentanyl seizures to date, 4,956 pounds. last year, 10,586. the year before, 4,558. you can see the pattern here, we are on a dramatic upswing. what gives, why is fentanyl
10:55 am
suddenly the drug of choice for the cartels to drag across the border? >> gillian, first of all the cartels are in the business to maximize profits and make as much money as they can. business is booming now with the migrants smuggling, taking total advantage of the wide open border, as the border security is doing, border patrol is doing border processing of migrants instead of border security and they have a steady flow of chemicals coming from china. and china is also involved with the money laundering services for the cartels. correct one thing. these are not fentanyl overdoses, these are fentanyl poisonings, because the kids taking the drugs have no idea they are taking deadly poison. numbers are escalating, families are devastated, and the mexican cartels are winning. the chinese trans national criminals are winning. corrupt officials in mexico and central america are winning.
10:56 am
>> gillian: derek, sorry about the tech problems with you. we would love to have you back, but against a hard break. we have to leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> john: new at 2:00, the baby formula shortage. one mom scouring stores all day and night hoping to find even one can. plus, ahead, new nba hypocrisy in the next hour. need money for your family, call newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your paymentsby over $600 a month. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so if you're a
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11:01 am
is opening up the checkbook, they are putting transgender people in prison and sanction stoning to death as a form of state execution. >> john: enes kanter freedom has never had any problem pointing out nba hypocrisy, the bombshell the next time the nba lectures you about going woke. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. good to spend time with you again. >> gillian: good to be back for the second hour. the question for the nba, does social justice end at the u.s. border. a fox news alert first. >> john: topping a brand-new hour with basic math, equation the biden administration cannot seem to solve. >> gillian: record highs out today that all add up to a brand-new low for the administration. >> john: first up, 57%, that's the president's disapproval
11:02 am
rating, the word poll yet, dissatisfaction nearly doubling in the year and a half since he took office. >> gillian: another record high, the cost of a gallon of gas. 4.41, that's just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to soaring prices and cripple supply chain issues, making life harder for americans. >> john: and this somber historic high. more americans are dying from overdosing on illegal drugs and any point in the nation's history. more than 107,000 people last year, a spike over a year earlier, at the time its own shocking record high. >> gillian: analysts will tell you tough times are not enough to take a president's popularity or taint their legacy. take a look at president lincoln. instead, it's how they lead the nation forward and get to better days ahead. >> john: one more number to round out the equation, record low 31%, number of americans who say they are somewhat worried about the coronavirus.
11:03 am
lowest number gallup has recorded since last summer. and today at the white house, the records shattered in the worst possible ways, president biden started the day with one speech on his schedule. >> we are at a new stage in fighting this pandemic, facing evolving set of challenges. we have to double down on our efforts to get shots in people's arms. >> john: and those priorities for the president that larry kudlow says explains the rest. who better to help us make sense of all the numbers we threw at you than larry. he's with us live. >> gillian: first a look at the people hit worse by the words and actions out of the white house, american families struggling to fill up the tank, and mothers scrambling to find formula to feed their babies. >> it's a struggle, mental struggle. >> stressful to know if i'm not going to be able to feed my baby. >> it's insane.
11:04 am
>> concerning. >> babies cannot get nutrition. >> john: we'll talk with a mom who is struggling to feed her little one. >> after update from a plant that manufacturers baby formula about the shortage that has so many concerned. grady is live in sturgis, michigan to kick off the new coverage of hour two when is the formula going to get back on the shelves? >> gillian, the problem is we don't know and that's because this plant is still closed and the f.d.a. has not said when it's going to give abbott the go ahead to restart production. once it does get the go ahead, though, abbott says it can restart production within two weeks of that approval. on top of that, we don't know why the f.d.a. has not given abbott the go ahead, after there is no evidence linking the recalled product manufactured here to the babies getting sick.
11:05 am
what we do know, this is a problem that's gets worse. nationwide, the out of stock rate is now at 43%. texas, tennessee, arizona, nevada, hit the hardest. abbott says it's flying in formula from europe to make up for the shut down here. other formula makers say they are ramping up production as well. >> it's not as easy as it sounds. cannot turn it up to 11 and produce more formula. these are precise manufacturing mechanisms. secondly, make sure that if the abbott products can come back on the market, that they are safe and effective. >> so once the factory restarts, it will take, abbott says, 6 to 8 weeks, two months until the formula goes from here to store shelves across the country. obviously this is not a problem that can be -- that can wait two months, and that's why parents, as well as lawmakers in washington, d.c., are calling on president biden and the f.d.a.
11:06 am
to do more, to fix this problem. we are expecting some actions to be taken today by the biden administration. still waiting to hear exactly what those might be, gillian. >> gillian: two months might as well be two years if you are a parent trying to feed your baby. thanks very much. >> john: what's the situation like on the front lines, michelle willard and her baby boy jackson, she's one of millions of parents on the hunt to find baby formula. great to see you both today. tell us in a nutshell what's your situation there in terms of keeping jackson happy and well fed. >> well, it's kind of a nightmare, to be honest with you. i have to constantly go on the target app, the walmart app, safeway, look for the formula for my child, and it's quite nerve wracking, john. one week i'm thinking to myself am i not going to have formula to feed my child and it's quite
11:07 am
costly. our family will spend $1,000 on formula and then with the rising gas prices in california, it's 6, $7 a gallon some times, it's really expensive. >> gillian: jackson looks beautiful. i have a 9-month-old baby girl at home. we were on that for a while, too. i know it's already very expensive to begin with, and then have to go on a hunt to track some down, i can't imagine what they are charging right now. have you heard any guidance from the white house, from the f.d.a., from health and human services about what you can do to try and bridge this gap? we heard from the f.d.a. yesterday they don't want parents mixing formulas, watering down formulas. so that's what you can't do. but are they offering solutions, things you can do? >> i have no solutions at the moment. i called my pediatrician's office yesterday because sometimes the distributors will give you the formula to the
11:08 am
doctors and then you can ask your pediatrician for some, so i got two extra cans. but right now, honestly, i have no guidance, just hoping and praying i can get more nutrimagen, and hopefully some breast milk if possible from a friend, it's nerve wracking. >> john: people are turning to innovative methods to get their babies enough food and some moms who stocked up on breast milk in the freezer are sharing it with some folks. so it's interesting to see that you are a part of that. i went on the enfamil website, they are basically sold out of everything. there is some organic formula available. but tell us, anybody who has a newborn knows how much time you have to spend looking after the baby let alone running around town looking for formula. what's your day like in terms of your search for formula? >> it's exhausting. you know, my son is only three months old, so i don't have the
11:09 am
option of feeding him, you know, baby food yet. so i have to feed him every 2 to 3 hours, 4 to 6 ounces, and then in between that i'm, you know, running to the grocery store or any store that can have the formula and like gillian mentioned, i'm on it because it is more easily digestible for some babies, and this one happens to work on jackson, and so for a lot of moms my heart goes out to them, because it's really hard and you can't just switch formulas, and so they want to get the formula that's best for their child. >> there is kind of secondary off-chute problem here, the problem of getting access to formula, but what's coming up next down the pike, michelle, is babies getting sick because parents are going to resort to
11:10 am
unconventional methods, intending the best but not realizing some of the effects it can have. mixing formulas and watering them down can cause not just simple problems like in digestion for babies, but problems like malnutrition and other illnesses. do you think that the administration, the biden administration should be launching a campaign to make parents aware of this? >> i absolutely think so. i think they need to make sure that they are informing, especially new moms who are not familiar with formula, what to do and then have back-up options on solutions because right now i'm not seeing any solutions, i'm just scrambling to find formula, and then hopefully like john mentioned, relying on possibly my friend's breast milk, that's my only option now. as a mom, i would love a
11:11 am
solution, and to hear from the administration on what outcomes we are gonna see over the next couple of weeks. >> john: so on that point, michelle, the president is going to be talking with retailers in a series of phone calls and zooms a little bit later on this afternoon. a good chance that you are on one of the monitors at the white house right now. what would you say to the president if he happens to be listening? >> i would just like a solution and to know that i'm going to be able to feed my child in a couple weeks and that i don't have to spend thousands of dollars up front stocking up on formula and that i'm going to -- my child will have adequate nutrition in a couple weeks. so, i really, really hope they get the formula issue addressed for all the moms out there, and not everyone can afford formula. it's really expensive, and you know, my heart goes out to all those moms. >> well, michelle, thanks so much for joining us today. we really appreciate it.
11:12 am
congratulations again on the birth of jackson. we hope that he stays as healthy and gorgeous and clearly as good sleeper as he is right now. thanks for bringing him on with you. we really appreciate it. >> john: i know that he was colicy when he was in his real infancy there, probably why you got him on to that certain formula, we hope you can stick with that and not switch to something else. >> thank you so much, john. >> john: probably wondering why i know so much about this. i -- i have 11-year-old twins and wow, the formula situation for them, thankfully that was at a time where there was so much formula, it was falling off the shelves, but to get the right formula for your child is a difficult process, so for anybody who might say oh, just switch to something else, you can't do that. you know that, too, gillian. >> gillian: yeah, and personal anecdote, my husband and i, the last go around when we ordered my daughter's formula, she's on formula, we do enfamil, we
11:13 am
ordered her refill on amazon the same day and we were irritated at the time, we don't have a lot of room in the kitchen, now we are glad we did. we sort of preempted having to scramble, at least right now ourselves. so we are lucky. >> john: had you known, you would have stuffed every space you had. >> gillian: exactly, exactly, rented an apartment to store our formula if we needed to. >> john: should have, could have, would have. see what the president comes up with. >> gillian: hopefully something good, innovative, we will see shortly. we have a lot more including pushback over president biden's blame game now coming from an unlikely source. >> john: larry kudlow has never been shy about criticizing anyone. he is on deck.
11:14 am
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>> gillian: president biden is taking heat for pointing fingers when it comes to the economy. criticism is even coming from usual friends in the media. larry kudlow was itching to weigh in, he'll join us next. first to jacqui heinrich, she joins us from 1600 pennsylvania avenue this afternoon. hey, jacqui. >> jacqui: yeah, the president's tone regarding inflation depends on who he's talking to. union workers last night and said we are going to beat inflation, he defended his policies from criticism that big spending has made it worse, blamed republicans for standing in the way of more spending he says would bring down the cost of living, but behind closed doors, he's worried it's going to affect the upcoming elections. he told democratic donors last night we can't let this happen, guys. so we have to, we have to, it's goings to be hard, it's going to be hard because inflation is going to scare the living hell out of everybody. critics, including republicans and some economists have pointed
11:20 am
to the rescue plan and the stimulus checks that pushed to the economy to the point and president biden is getting defensive about it, arguing it kept food on the table for millions of americans. >> my republican colleagues say these programs to help the working class and middle class people, they say that's why we have inflation. they are dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. >> we are starting to hear president biden use the new ultra maga messaging to malign the g.o.p. and claim a republican controlled congress would be worse for the wallet and the economy. never mind the plan scott has, it was rejected by leadership, but a shift away from blaming putin for absolutely everything all the time, as now some democrats are noticing that's not working either. >> i don't think that's going to work. i mean, we can say that putin has made it worse, but look,
11:21 am
it's too much money chasing too few goods. i think the pandemic is to blame, i think it's much more complex than that. >> another note the president has recently started taking personal credit for reducing the deficit. experts say it's a strange claim because it would have reduced further if he passed no new spending. the main reason it went down, pandemic era temporary spending expired and programs he has in the past cost money and increases to the deficit, some of them. starting to hear the president's search for new messaging ahead of the midterms. >> john: larry kudlow, host of "kudlow on fox business." great to see you. this president has done what few other democratic presidents have done, that is lose "the washington post" and inflation. editorial they wrote, biden's magical thinking on inflation continues while the white house
11:22 am
looks for culprits to blame for inflation, to show voters he is on top of the problem, mr. biden needs to do something more than blame someone else for high prices. when you lost "the washington post" to jeff bezos, what do you have left? >> you might have the daily worker, post is gone. and look, just this week 8.3% c.p.i., today you've got 11% p.p.i. and you are going to get import prices tomorrow or the next day, double digits. so, you are in an inflation emergency and crisis. and unfortunately the president is playing the blame game, and that's why he's chastised by the "washington post" and other, playing the blame game, the distraction game. this thing about ultra maga and
11:23 am
maga king, he will put donald trump on the ballot and then blame hem. trump cut taxes, fostered a boom in minorities, energy boom, no inflation during the trump years. so this idea that trump is to blame is not gonna go any place, just like blaming putin did not go anyplace. what you have to do is change your spending policies, i mean, the other day the speech, he came out with i don't know how much, a trillion more in spending, which he's not gonna get, he's not gonna get build back better, the spending is one of the root causes of the inflation. his energy policies to restrict oil and gas and pipelines, that's another root cause of inflation. he needs to change those policies, or put it another way, john, the progressive experiment is failing, ok. what gingrinch calls big government socialism, put the controls on, regulate
11:24 am
everything, tax everything, spend, is failing. as the progressive experiment has failed in other countries even european countries have backed off it, and biden and his people have fallen for it hook line and sinker, it has not worked, you know, stock markets going down, inflation is going up, economy is slowing, he's got to make serious changes if he wants to get on top of this. >> gillian: larry, you just laid out the problem pretty thoroughly. you used to advise the american president for a living. what would you tell the president if you had his ear? >> and i want to be constructive here, for a lot of reasons. you have to be honest with him. his senior advisors have to go into the oval office and when they have their meetings, they have to tell him, sir, our policies are not working. and we need to change them. now, they've got advisors, i don't expect a call, i would
11:25 am
love a call. >> gillian: can they afford you? i don't know. you cost more these days. >> larry: after inflation, not so much. that was a joke. another life on another network another show, i used to talk to joe biden all the time. be honest. a good presidential advisor has to say to the boss this is not working and it's time for change, and you have a laundry list. and there are democratic advisors. larry summers, jason furman, others. they will tell him it's not working. >> john: they tried to tell him about inflation and they were not listening. >> larry: that is correct. >> john: heading towards what looks like a blood bath in november. look at the results of a new poll, a couple things to put on the screen. it found 58% of americans are having a difficult time
11:26 am
affording gas for their car. 52% of americans are finding it difficult to pay their grocery bill. the greatest increase in difficulty was among independent voters. and take a look at this. how many people think the country is on the right track, 18%. 79% say wrong track, 85% of independents say wrong track. larry, i can't remember numbers like that. >> larry: you are right, john. i agree. i'm not poll driven, i'm policy driven. but you know what, the polls have taken on a degree -- president biden is, after all, a long time professional politician. so if you understand the game of professional politics, when the country is moving away from you and away, and radically, rejecting his transformational
11:27 am
progressism, make a change. bill clinton did it 25 years ago, one example. the thing i find so discouraging about this white house is they keep coming up with the same stuff. i mean, here look. they just closed down, they just ended leases for a very lucrative oil and gas field in alaska, and they just stopped a bunch of leases in the gulf of mexico, and your polls are showing how people are so furious that gasoline prices and also diesel prices, which is ruining the trucking industry, which makes the supply shortages worse. in the middle of all this, closing down oil and gas leases, really? come on, spend less, open up the energy sector, stop the war on fossil fuels, and then let the federal reserve give them some backing so the fed is going to have to raise rates quite a bit and you can get out of this. it's not going to end well. and progressivism has failed. and he needs a senior adult to
11:28 am
go into the oval and say that to him. progressivism has failed and they ought to bring joe manchin in as the chief of staff to run the place. how is that? how is that? >> gillian: that's an interesting proposal. >> larry: i saved that for you. >> john: i like the phrase, noflation. we'll see you at 4:00. >> gillian: the president's blame game is moving beyond vladimir putin to what he is calling ultra maga republicans. there is one top republican he is now zeroing in on and calling out by name. senator rick scott is with us. he's going to join us next as his tax plan comes under fire and his feud with the president takes on a personal dynamic. >> john: and the record drug overdose deaths, we know the percentage of killer fentanyl coming into the.s. over the broken southern border. a number that has even hardened
11:29 am
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digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? >> it's kind of a nightmare to be honest with you. but honestly, i have no guidance, just hoping and praying i can get more nutramigen. it's nerve wracking. >> john: just one of the parents desperate for help during the nationwide baby formula shortage. now calling on the biden administration to take action. bring in florida republican senator rick scott. the president will be talking with retailers in the next few minutes, you were a healthcare executive in your former life. what's your take on what's going on here and what does the president need to do? >> what you do, you get everybody together. i had a similar issue, i could not run out of gas during a hurricane, when we had a problem what we did, we got everybody on the phone or in a meeting, we
11:35 am
said what do you need? is there a regulation you need us to waive, we needed to get gas faster from the ports to the gas stations, so we said great, i'll provide you security, police officers, law enforcement to get you there faster. so what we did, we put all hands on deck, we said what do -- what does each person in the supply chain need and we helped them. he should take each part of the supply chain and say ok, how can we accelerate this? my understanding, there are plants that are shut down. what's the issue, how do we get those back open and get the formula to the stores as quickly as possible. i'm hearing from young mothers, they are spending their whole weekend just driving around trying to find formula, and just hoping to god that you know, there is enough formula until their child does not need formula anymore. it's a real problem across the country, and think about this, john. how could we have a problem like this in the united states of america?
11:36 am
we hear about the soviet union or cuba or places like that or venezuela, but you don't hear about things like that in the united states. >> john: seems to be a perfect storm of a number of different problems, including that abbott recall, and now trying to get the plant up and running but that's going to take some time. let me switch gears if i could and ask about the attacks the president has been levelling against you, and he is still taking a broom stick to you over the rescue america plan you put out earlier this year. here is what the president said in recent days. >> plan, make america great again plan, it's in writing. here is what it does. it raises taxes on 75 million american families, it puts social security, medicare, the republican plan now, the only one out there, and medicaid on the chopping block every five years. >> john: senator, you've become the face of ultra maga. what do you say to the president in response?
11:37 am
>> first off he's confused. he doesn't worry about the facts. i told everybody, go to and look up what i said. here is what i said. i want people back to work. we have a low labor participation rate. and so when do you get back to work, guess what happens. hopefully you don't need food stamps anymore or public housing i lived in growing up, hopefully you don't need government to pay for your healthcare and you have skin in the game. that's what mom said, get skin in the game, get a job, you pay payroll taxes and income taxes and pay sales taxes, you buy a house, property taxes. we have to get this country back to work again. and we have to watch how we spend our money. and think about medicare and social security. i want to make sure people get it. here is what's going on. medicare goes bankrupt in four years. up here, they don't want to talk about it. they just passed a bill that puts medicare in a worst position. how are we going to guarantee
11:38 am
your benefits going forward, and that's what i've asked up here. let's make sure social security survives. but what the biden put out and even "washington post" said it's complete lies. he's confused. he doesn't know where we are. >> john: i think they dinged him on this idea that this is the actual republican plan, we know it's not, it's your plan. if people go to the website, and take a look at the plan, section 5, on economy and growth, the phrase "all americans should pay some income tax to have skin in the game even if a small amount." currently over half of americans pay no income tax, does seem to be a call to raise income taxes on people who don't pay. in section 6, government reform and debt, all federal legislation sunsets in five years. if a law is worth keeping, congress can pass it again. no carve-out for a potential sunset on entitlements. you had to know the way the two
11:39 am
things were phrased was going to be a gift to democrats. >> let's go through it. if you want to have skin in the game, we are in a capitalistic system. you do it by getting to work and that's what i meant. and by the way, we don't fund our military, we don't have a plan we don't vote on every year on the military, we doit every year. does that mean we have a plan to shut down the military, of course not. and congress should tell the american public how they are going to make sure medicare is funded and social security is funded. but here is what goes on up here. i've been up here three and a half years. we don't take a vote on it -- i want to be honest with the american public. i know we can fix medicare and keep your benefits, social security and keep your benefits, i dealt with the issues as governor of florida. i cut taxes and fees 100 times. i'll put tax cuts over anybody
11:40 am
else. i will not raise taxes, but do i want you to get back to work, that's what i ran on for governor let's get to work, and that's what i believe. get people back to work. >> safe to say if republicans were to take control of the senate and mitch mcconnell is in control of what legislation hits the senate floor, that this plan won't go to the floor? >> here is -- this is just my ideas, i've told everybody. my ideas. let's have a fight over ideas. but when we win in november, i believe we will, let's do something. we have to rescue this country. 11% p.p.i., 8.3% c.p.i., g.d.p. is going down, stock market is going down, trillion dollar deficits, this cannot keep going on. we have to change things. and it's going to take dramatic change. it doesn't have to be my ideas, let come up with ideas how we are going to fix the country. in in this country, i grew up in this country. >> john: all of those things
11:41 am
going on and yet the president is talking about you, so again, did you kind of give a gift to democrats here with the way the plan is worded? >> when people look at my plan, i traveled the country, i've done roundtables across florida, people are excited about having a plan to talk about where we are going. we are going to win this fall, we are going to win because of how bad the democrats are. but people also want the idea, what are you going to do? we have to have a plan to go forward. >> john: no question that a lot of people look at the republicans for a plan. good to talk with you, florida, or should i say wisconsin -- no, florida, right. >> gillian: fox news alert, u.s. hits a record number of overdose deaths. learning a draw dropping statistic where the killer drugs are coming from. more than nine out of ten of every ten doses of illegal fentanyl entering the united states comes directly across the
11:42 am
southern border. hi, bill. in eagle pass, texas. >> good afternoon to you, idea how much fentanyl is pouring into the country, state of texas announced since march of last year they have seized more than 340 million lethal doses of the drug, enough to kill every single person in this country and does not account for what c.b.p. catches, significantly more. border patrol remains totally overwhelmed down here. take a look toe video we just shot where we are standing two hours ago here, a single massive group of about 150 illegal immigrants came across the river and presented themselves to border patrol. a much better perspective how many people it was when you can see it from the drone up in the air. a chance to talk to a lot of the migrants, most from cuba, venezuela and colombia. at the time of the crossing, only two border agents having to process 150 people. had to call in more resources and that
11:43 am
border undermanned and that's when the cartels decide to push the drugs across. very frustrated as the massive groups have been showing up here day in and day out in eagle pass. and this video, the same spot a 2-year-old girl abandoned at the river. she was handed to this woman, this is not her mother, smugglers gave this little girl to this woman and instructed her, bring her across the river. she brought her across and the little girl only had a note that had the girl's name, her mom's name and her mom's contact information and how to reach her in dallas, texas. that little girl is now in federal custody and likely will be reunited with her mom at a later date. take a look at this video we shot here in eagle pass yesterday of a haitian family coming across the rio grande, the man is carrying a newborn infant, a tiny little baby he was bringing across the river, and right before we started to roll the cameras, the man was submerged, his hands were sticking out of the water to hold the baby up to protect it.
11:44 am
and wild video here out of the rio grande valley segment, 11 illegal immigrants bail out of a vehicle, in hidalgo country. he rolled over, crashed the car, and everybody takes off. seven did escape, including the smuggler. back out here live talking about the rio grande valley, border agents report in 48 hours, they arrested two convicted child sex predators, and four ms13 gang members. just in two days. >> gillian: thank you. >> john: january 6th committee issuing subpoenas for five house republicans, including our next guest, andy biggs. in addition to you, also subpoenaed kevin mccarthy, scott
11:45 am
perry, jim jordan and mo brooks. highly unusual to issue a subpoena to sitting members of the house. >> i thought the committee was illegitimate, thought it was that way when it started. what was pernicious about this, the general counsel office had the audacity to write us an email, would you like us to accept service of the subpoenas. we have not seen the subpoenas but some in the media have. so, it indicates this is really more about basically headlines than getting at the truth, if you want my opinion on it. >> gillian: you think the subpoenas have been leaked to the press? >> well, yeah, because we found out about it from politico, and another one of those persons i was talking to, he was literally watching tv, and the picture
11:46 am
showed up on the screen, yeah, these were leaked to the media. we have not seen them. our counsel did not, they do not contact the counsel and my counsel is in the press and public because i've been defending other actions by left wingers for the last month and a half. >> i'm not sure they were leaked, as they were released to the press. links to all of the subpoenas, i guess the big question is, will you comply with the subpoena? >> well, i think this is an illegitimate committee and they don't really have the authority to issue subpoenas in my opinion. so we don't want to dignify what they are doing. witch hunt from day one, going after political enemies than to get at the truth. interesting you have a link to them because we were not given a
11:47 am
link to subpoenas, but somehow the media was. that indicates to me how corrupt this committee is. >> john: i'm sorry, congressman, let me come back. you believe the committee is illegitimate. does that mean you will not comply with the subpoena? >> i haven't even seen the subpoena. >> john: you could be in contempt of congress, or -- or referral for criminal prosecution. >> yeah, perhaps so. but like i say, i haven't had the chance to see the subpoena. >> gillian: sir, let's lay it out there, the committee says they believe that they have seen evidence you were involved in planning at the white house participating in meetings and remotely for january 6th, including getting then vice president mike pence to reject electoral votes. also say they believe and have evidence that you were directly involved in planning to bring violent protestors to the
11:48 am
capitol on january 6th. >> i have denied that for a year and a half. did i work to set up my arguments to disqualify electors like the democrats did the four years previous, yes. but this notion that i somehow was involved in planning a rally, not true. planning people coming to the capitol, not true. i have denied that hundreds of times, multiple media outlets. that's simply untrue, and that's what we see going on here is that they don't care, they are going to regurgitate stuff they see on social media. we simply don't even know anything about this illegitimate committee and they want to basically get to this to where it's something different than getting to the bottom of the truth and what happened on january 6th. and so you know, to dignify them
11:49 am
would be a gross mistake. >> john: what gillian talked about also in the release, former white house personnel identified mr. biggs as potentially being involved in an effort to seek a presidential pardon for activities for the president's activities to overturn the 2020 election. >> i'm not going to get into the subpoena, i haven't seen it, have. it indicates these people are more interested in creating a media fire storm against political enemies to distract from the crappy way biden has treated this country, and the things that have gone on. that's what i see happening here. i haven't even seen the subpoenas. you have. other media people that have been asking me about them. they have. we weren't given links to subpoenas. they didn't contact my counsel. the counsel they offered us to receive subpoenas are the ones
11:50 am
who issued the subpoenas. doesn't that indicate and smack of a witch hunt to you? it does to me. >> gillian: sir, you've made clear you think the committee is illegitimate. have you thought about submitting evidence to your constituents and public that exonerate you from the claims the committee has against you? >> you are asking me to prove a negative. i just said i've been out there hundreds of times. i go all over my constituency, my district, i let them ask me questions about anything. i answer questions about anything. what i see happening here is a witch hunt because they don't like my policies, they are going after kevin mccarthy, he's the leader, going after me because i was the former chair of the freedom caucus, scott perry because he is the chair of the freedom caucus, and brooks, and next judiciary chair, they will
11:51 am
go after political enemies and that's the facts. when you ask me specific questions about proving negatives or responding to their subpoenas, i'm glad you have the subpoenas in front of you, i don't. i didn't get them. >> john: congressman, have you had a chance since you have not received the subpoenas -- >> gillian: we can forward you a copy. >> john: have you had an opportunity to talk with your other colleagues who have been subpoenaed? >> i've talked to colleagues, yes. >> john: what's their thinking? >> i'll let them speak for themselves. >> john: good of you to come on such short notice. fourth straight year, horse racing will not have a triple crown winner. rich strike will not run in the preakness ten days from now. the horse needs to rest before the belmont stakes on june 11th, that was the plan before the colt shocked the sports world.
11:52 am
rich strike beat 80 to 1 odds, the biggest long shot to run the run for the roses in more than a century. what a cinderella moment that was, gillian. >> gillian: the nba is not being shy in terms of promoting social justice issues says it believed in. critics say it is now quiet as can be when it comes to doing business with the world's -- some of the world's worst human rights abusers. a few years ago took the all-star game out of charlotte over the so-called option bathroom bill, and now in abu dhabi, being gay is punishable. enes kanter freedom. thanks for joining us. pulled out of charlotte in 2016, now will move forward with the abu dhabi games.
11:53 am
there is an inherent conflict embedded in this decision. >> you know, first of all, thanks for having me and second, i want to know why do they choose that for the preseason games. all about money? i want to ask if russia or north korea offers you enough money would you still consider to go there and play preseason games, to adam silver. where are your principles? it's important to know that. what happens to pulling out of all-star games because of a bathroom bill. and members of the lgbtq community is being killed in u.a.e., is that ok with you? so, people need to understand that is hypocrisy and this is literally shows the nba true color. >> gillian: take a look at this. the nba says we recognize the nba cannot choose the law in every city, state and country we do business, we do not believe
11:54 am
we can successfully host the all-star festivities in charlotte in the climate created by hb2, the so-called bathroom bill you mentioned. they say it discriminated against lgbtq people. so they can choose to pull out of a city because they disagree with the law but overseas, it's excused upon, open season. national government policies be damned. >> you know, moral matters until moral is involved. and this shows nba true color. and they could not care less about the players or staff as long as the league image is profitable. so i think people need to finally understand the hypocrisy and for nba, it is all about how can i make more money, how can i make more business, they don't really care about the values for principles or morals, and they are mad, they are mad because someone, someone finally, one of the players finally exposing
11:55 am
them, but i think we need to keep, you know, hold them accountable because that's exactly hypocrisy. >> gillian: do you think when it comes to you personally you could have a place in the nba at any point in the future, or is that done? >> that's my goal. i'm 29 years old, but they are pushing me to retire at the age of 29 because i speak out, and whenever i speak out it hurts their business, hurts their money and that shows one more time they care more about money and business than, you know, what players are standing for, and that is the one thing that kills me inside. two years ago when the problems are happening in america nba was the first organization that went out and said we care, we also encourage our players to talk about whatever they want to talk about. two years later i talk about the problems happening in china, and every nba game got canceled,
11:56 am
boston celtics games are canceled and they were mad, and i was out of the league like that. but you know, there are bigger things than basketball, you know. there are bigger things than money and business so i just hope, i just wish one player can join me so we can stop this whole thing. >> gillian: do you still want elon musk to buy the nba? >> that will be my dream, you know. that would be my dream, you know. i think, you know, what he's doing for free speech is amazing, and i think, you know, he can bring some justice to nba and finally maybe i can get to play basketball. >> gillian: enes, thanks for taking time to talk to us. appreciate it. good to hear your perspective on this. >> john: 30 franchises, 2.8 billion apiece, maybe he could buy them.
11:57 am
seven noncombat sailors died aboard the u.s.s. george washington in the last year. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon with more on this. jennifer. >> john, today on capitol hill the navy secretary carlos del toro was grilled during budget hearings a day after lloyd austin faced similar questions about a spate of suicides on the washington. seven unexplained deaths, three suicides in april alone. nuclear powered aircraft carrier has been undergoing repairs in newport news shipyard since 2017. it usually takes four years, but dragged on to covid, taking a toll on the mental health of the sailors who describe demoralizing living conditions. >> the gw have been in overhaul since 2017, and that means some sailors will spend their entire career on a ship that never goes to sea and they'll never perform the duties that they trained for
11:58 am
after graduating from boot camp. >> we need to collectively do a better job to provide the necessary resources to the ship itself in the contracts, negotiated with the shipyard itself, to provide a higher quality of life for those sailors in the shipyard. you are introducing upwards of 2500 sailors into an already challenging environment. >> gillian: on april 9th, the navy identified the sailor found deceased as retail service specialist miguel sharp, and another interior communications electrician third class, natasha huffman. and xavier sander, deceased wit. >> for hundreds of those sailors, no access to housing or car and they are stuck on the ship. this is really demoralizing. >> there are choices that have been made or will be made in the
11:59 am
future in terms of how you billet sailors when the repair is ongoing, whether or not we made the right choices is left to be seen. certainly there's a problem there. >> the navy has opened two investigations into the spate of suicides, one on command climate the other on housing. navy secretary will visit the ship on may 17. john. >> john: jennifer griffin from the pentagon, thank you so much. and gillian, before we wrap it up for the afternoon, the dow down almost 2% today, off another 500 some odd points. 587, 589. way down from its all-time high of 36799. dow goes up, the dow goes down, let's hope it comes back up again at some point. >> gillian: and this as the senate has voted to confirm jerome powell for a second term. the nomination has been mired in conflict held up for the last six months or so ever since
12:00 pm
biden nominated him, so it sounds like at least the senate side, the folks are ok with the way the economy is going. >> john: counting on powell to see if he can engineer a soft landing on the economy without crashing the whole thing into the ground. fingers crossed he can do it. >> gillian: better him than us, john. >> john: exactly. john roberts. >> martha: thanks. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum at fox news head quarters in new york. right now on "the story," jen psaki says that president biden is having a good time with his new line of attack against republicans on inflation. this phrase. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. the ultra maga agenda. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every year he was president.


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