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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 12, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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heard. and by that time, you are in the community, you are in school and at work, you are having kids, and -- >> you are here, not going pure >> senator, thank you very much. i apologize. we will see exactly how the sorts out. this hearing could be crucial in terms of what happens next. but right now, the search continues. and now "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone. i'm judge jeanine pirro along with geraldo rivera, jesse watters, but doll and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." president biden barely lifting a finger to help a nationwide baby formula shortage. parents are in a full-blown panic over whether they can keep their babies from starving. supply is down 40% nationwide.
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instead of demanding action, all biden could monster was a measly closed press event b of the president putting out a three-point plan to address the crisis vowing to cut the red tape. joe was apparently too busy to talk directly to the american people. and as usual with his presidency, it becomes too little, too late. jen psaki spending like crazy appears to have contradicted herself on when biden learned about the crisis. >> president biden has directed the administration to work urgently to ensure that infant formula is safe and available for families across the country. this is work that has been underway for months. >> when was the first am the president was briefed? >> i'm not to get into internal briefings. there have been steps. >> as american families scramble to keep their babies fed, a g.o.p. congresswoman making a bombshell claim.
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releasing photos she says she got from border patrol that apparently shows pallets of hard to find ready for illegal immigrants to use. >> there were several agents that actually sent me text messages with photos and videos of not just boxes, but pallets of unopened, unused, waiting to be used baby formula and diapers. and we are talking lots of pallets. this was at the donna processing facility as well as the other facility. i have it from several higher-ups that more pallets are expected to arrive in the next three days. >> we did reach out toys to the department of homeland security for comments, but haven't heard back. all right, jesse. i guess now we can add the baby food shortage to the list of other disaster that this administration is dealing with, or maybe not dealing with. add it to the laundry list, you
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have to say to yourself, is this just continuously what we are going to have to deal with without anyone really doing anything about it? >> their shortages everywhere. there is one in the white house. biden is so old school he probably thinks all women breastfeed anyway. i'm surprised he hasn't gone after big formula. >> don't go there. >> there's a few reasons why. there was a baby boom post covid, people started getting dizzy. people are stealing the baby food because you can sell it for high prices on the black market and then you have the recall, the supply chains, and there's a shortage of labor and cow milk. cow milk ingredients there's a shortage of in this country in 2022. does biden see any of this? no. yesterday we played a sound bite sound bite of whoopi goldberg saying none of this is biden's fault. he steps on a loose floorboard that hips and men hits in the face. they can't nail down any of the floorboards.
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everything from baby formula, crime, gas prices, he is surprised by. the man has no vision produced like a quarterback. he gets under the center and he has no idea how to read a defense. he is reacting to everything. you have to get out there and anticipate things that are happening. at this point what he is done with families, he says he cares about children and families. first he calls kids racist and school, then he calls parents domestic terrorists, than they can feed their babies, but we can feed the ukrainian war machine. we can feed the illegal alien babies, but we can't feed our own babies? it's sad. >> does not add to the america lost a theme that is going on since joe biden became president? what they congresswoman says is true, and i've no reason to doubt her, that there is -- i said the on the day on the show, last week and my daughter's baby, ten months old, she said mom, can you go look for baby formula? two places i went to, nothing,
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zero, and now do you know how fired up i am that they've got these on pallets at the border? what about our kids? >> it is not america last, it is a specific number of of america lost. permission to go off? the government doesn't like half of the people they've governed. actually, it might even be higher. it is not just from present republicans. whites, straights, males, suburban moms. this is the party for the oppressed. even if you are a mom with a baby, you are an oppressor. you reproduce which harms the environment. you expand your carbon footprint. you didn't terminate the child. there is no baby -- no baby formula they think is not a bad thing. jesse is right. if we had an engaged president who could see the priorities of the average american clearly instead of running cover for woke policies, whether it is canceling student debt, defunding the police, the medicalization of children, we
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would have beaten this thing or got a head start on this. instead we make fun of him about losing his keys, whatever, losing its place, but he's kind of lost the sense of what america is. he has forgotten that he is president of all of us. and he is the most slow to react president probably in u.s. history. it mirrors his own slow to react mannerisms. and when he is called out, he just starts yelling. it is a manufactured rage -- i do know if he saw that tape yesterday, it is a manufactured rage. it is a man shouting at the clouds. and really having no idea what to do. and i think the american public has every right to be enraged, and not the kind of rage that burns down cities, which is acceptable to some democrats. in this case, your kids go hungry, you're going to see more than parents. >> geraldo, "the wall street journal" yesterday had a very interesting article.
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they said that this recall at the manufacturing plant in michigan has worked in an already existing industry where they've got a shortage of baby food. but what was stunning to me in this article was that the centers for disease control says that there is no connection between anything at that michigan plant that has been closed down since february 17th and the children, the two babies who died and two who were injured. the question that i have is, if the cdc says that there is no contamination, one person set on fox today, i think it was james freeman, he said is this the government created shortage? why don't they go back in and say, start producing? >> it may be a government created shortage, but i think it is wrong and unfair to minimize the fact that similac and aluminum -- and the other baby formulas have been recalled. they have been recalled. that is a fact. why would they were called?
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because kids got sick, two of the kids died of bacterial infections. so there's several things that go on. number one, the fda was slow to react. they got the complaints about abbott labs in october. it wasn't until the end of january that they inspected the abbott plant. whistle-blower ad abbott has accused the manufacturer of failing to keep records, releasing untested baby formula, and how do the records. >> when they tested -- that is the issue. >> it is interesting that abbott, in support of what you said about the cdc, abbott is giving a number out that people can call and i will let the producers tell me whether i should give the number, to get the baby formula from abbott on the assumption that it is safe enough. that you would rather feed the baby. >> are you saying abbott would
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give people formula based on a number? give me the number. fantastic. i do know -- what i want to do is i want to go to you. the other thing i thought was very unusual is that 98% of the formula that we use in this country for babies, and by the way, if you are not familiar with this, if you don't have kids, you can't just give the baby's food. you have to have formula. you can't make it. apparently we sell that formula to other countries. we pull back and say it is america first? is that what joe biden should be doing? >> one thing that the fda should have done and is planning to do according to the talking points that they were regurgitated today is alleviating some of the trade restrictions that the fda has in place on formula. why did they wait? because the shortages were going up, and up, and up. week after week, month after
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month. this is not just an abbott problem. there were supply problems on formula months and months before. last month, april 10th, the week of april 10th, 31% of the most popular formula brands were out of stock. the week of april 24th, it was up to 40%. so jen psaki has the gall to stand up there and say, we have known about that for months. okay, see you knew about it for months and didn't do anything? and frighten these parents and potentially let children starve was to mark that ear america? if you knew about it for months, so the fda is going to relieve some of these regulations barely seems to be the broad problem for biden incorporated. there is a mandate that retailers have to wait 90 days before marketing a new infant formula. why does that exist when there are vast shortages in this
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country? so there were four babies who got sick, two of whom have died, and it took them -- they have an even restart at the plant, it is two weeks from now. why was the fda and the cdc and -- they were dragging their feet about this when the formula shortages were getting horace. >> she says oh, we are tracking it. who cares if you are tracking it? >> i want to add one more thing. the bacterial infections were not traced to that plant, period. biden -- they live in a world that doesn't exist that they want to exist. they don't live in the real world. they are trying to create this left-wing land of of the law. oil and gas don't exist, and where men -- >> got to go. coming up, who he calls the great maga king.
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♪ ♪ >> joe biden doesn't have much going well for him. but he will also have ultra maga pair the president doubling down on his attacks on republicans and donald trump. figured it would be a saving grace in the midterm spirit ruminating on his predecessor and coining his new nickname. >> the ultra maga republicans.
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these maga republicans under my predecessor. the great maga king. the deficit decreased every single year he was president. the first year of my presidency, the first year, i reduce the deficit, literally reduce the deficit by the rate of $50 billion. the first year. >> if you think that's lame? it's because biden came up with that. >> where do you come up with ultra maga? what did he call them? the king of maga. he is having a good time being out trying to contrast, and i think you will see many much more of that, and that i think will be helpful. >> i think they want him to take the blame.
2:18 pm
>> you can't burn someone with king in the dash he has some vicious meaning now. michelob ultra is what i think of when i hear ultra. i don't understand where he gets these nicknames. this is a real reach. do you remember the neanderthal line? that kind of backfired. that kind of backfired. this isn't a fund-raiser for donors. if you are donating to biden at this point, you are an idiot. you are going to bring $30,000 to hear him spout "king maga." he asked to play the blame game. he is now trying it with maga, but it's not all about trump. and many other candidates are going to do the same thing. the senate republicans aren't maga. we know the truth about that.
2:19 pm
i don't think it's going anywhere. >> jen psaki's ids going out there trying to create a contract, but the problem is, comparing the present-day reality to the trump path. you don't have all these horrible things that are happening right now. >> tim ryan, the popular congressman was running now against j.d. vance. he doesn't want joe biden to come to the buckeyes. they are trying to distance themselves. and in terms of using to rank out someone, not to smear someone, or get a catchy slogan to put them down, my wife says when the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser. according to my wife, directed at me. [laughter] so i believe that biden has such
2:20 pm
difficulty communicating that even his nicknames, his smears are an effective. >> i've said this before, but i have to say it again. if the republicans don't get like 50 or 60 -- and gain control of the house on it, then they blew it. i don't the government like this where somebody is really to the bed, to quote amber heard, like the democrats -- sorry. you can't find a worse situation for the democrats that the situation. >> you could not, because every time you say "maga," they don't think about donald trump. if you think about what was accomplished, wages between 17-19, they increased across all education levels. on the people who got the biggest rays didn't even have a high school diploma. poverty had to record lows across the country with the largest reduction coming for hispanics and african-americans.
2:21 pm
i could go on, and on about the policy. now the personality. in terms of personality, all i can think is that joe biden is trying to be as pathetic as possible, garner sympathy, he's going for the pity vote, which does work among song women. and i figure for myself. but that is the only possible explanation for this sector of failure and desperation. >> he's no pete davidson, i will tell you that. when you look at a lot of the problems he's facing, crime, punishment, economy, you need certain perspectives that come with age, like wisdom and experience. this is bizarre, because these are some of the areas that he should be, you know, -- >> look, this is a man who promised to heal the nation. he was going to unify us. he was going to be the adult in the room. he comes in full throttle trying to divide the country come by getting rid of gas and oil. you know, defunding part -- part
2:22 pm
of the defund movement. continuous full throttle. he canceled the lease is for oil and gas saying that nobody is really interested. the only thing the democratic party is good for at this point is why and how were they so quick to get a bill before congress on abortion? what was it, 24 hours? 48 hours? we've got all kinds of problems. this guy keeps talking about the deficit. you know what? nobody cares about the deficit right now peer the deficit they care about is what they are doing at the kitchen table. can i buy food? can i afford to buy gas? what am i going to do? all he does is trash people. that is like someone in high school who nobody even listens to them. and today i heard on the news, for men gang members across the border. and this guy is talking about the maga king and how the
2:23 pm
burled -- how bad abortion is. >> the abortion bill is their baby formula. >> you know it, they've got to learn to feed the babies. and not the others. >> that was my point. speak all right. up next, republicans working to defend the ministry of truth. [♪♪] if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today.
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♪ ♪ >> house democrats blocking republican efforts to end president biden so-called disinformation government support. you've heard of it, the one critics compared in the fictional ministry of truth in 1984. the real board is headed by an
2:28 pm
author best known to republicans for being a super fan, but those g.o.p. lawmakers are bitterly complaining about the war, calling it an absurd, and constitutional overreach. >> the president's ministry of truth is an un-american abuse of power. we arty know what they will do with that. they will manipulate the facts and discredit the truth when it is inconvenient for their narratives. speak of the biggest purveyor of disinformation, the government, telling us -- writers and movers were peaceful protesters. >> the biden administration looks to crackdown on misinformation. critics claim they might want to start the white house. greed on prayer is catching some flock over some old tweets sayie
2:29 pm
2016 present election was stolen from hillary clinton. secretary mayorkas says that the new committee commission, whatever it is, will have no operational authority. it will not spot. >> i don't believe anything he says. the guy says the border is closed. you know, this is so incredible. all they are doing is granting themselves the authority to control free speech. and they decide what to free it is. she is the one who said that he stole the election. if you say joe biden stole the election, you get canceled, you get sued, you get trashed and destroyed. they can do anything they want. i'm just sick of it. i don't want to hear about this. this is un-american, it is unconstitutional, and it is arrogant. for them to think that we are so stupid that we need them to tell
2:30 pm
us what the truth is. you know, they had to go find their own little island and have fun with all of this nonsense. >> it is pretty funny. in keeping with what you were saying earlier, here are the democrats have named the board of the dg be, like the kgb. [laughter] >> as greg likes to say, if you've heard it from jesse, you've heard of before. whoever controls the information has the power. that power has been slipping away from the left in the digital age, especially now that musk buys twitter. they are installing these information overlords into the government. and no one trusts the government. on the government could never admit they are wrong. they think if they admit they are wrong, no one will trust them. that is exactly why we don't trust them. because they never admit that they are wrong. they are only good -- i think the food pyramid, that would've been for helpings of pasta and margarine.
2:31 pm
the laptop, you could go on and on. i don't think they ever interviewed the woman. he never googled her. >> it is so cute. >> could we get some mary poppins? [laughter] >> that is the lady i want checking. >> keep going. >> should the government police social media? >> the thing is, it is not -- the singing thing is a great hook for all of us, because it's money, but that is not -- she is fully unqualified to be an expert on disinformation because of her bias. she is not qualified to do this job, she is qualified to be in the 8:00 p.m. slot at sea and cnn, because she echoes all of their assumptions. but even if she was really good at this job, thoroughly objective, it does not make this
2:32 pm
department any better. especially since the government is behind almost all disinformation. we don't want them -- i make actually concerned about her. we have not seen her since this happened and i wonder, somebody should check. [laughter] >> i'm worried. >> what about the charge? the fear? the fear that many women's groups have that misogyny will rule supreme if there is no one checking out. that women will be victimized, that people of color will be singled out, left social media, having a very antisocial impact. >> so only left-wing liberal women are capable of policing that? that doesn't make any sense at all. these women have had -- you know where they got hired?
2:33 pm
because of their bias. because they know how to backstroke into the liberal lagoon of sewage. because they have spread these lies about whatever the laptop, the 2016 election. they have to have people in these jobs who can serve up the garbage casserole that are coming out of the white house. who better to do it then scary poppins over there. and i stole that from "the new york post," by the way. you need to have a group of people who are fanatical and capable of fanaticism and dilution just like the rest of these left wing nuts running the country. >> so are we as a group in agreement that the social media, that twitter can be whatever twitter wants to be? could i survey the tapes? >> you have to take the good with the bad. something that upsets me is going to make somebody else happy. and it's going to happen all the time. >> you are not where it? >> on don't want anyone to
2:34 pm
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2:39 pm
outside reduces risk for getting hit by cars. getting mugged by a crazy person. i did a monologue on this earlier this week on the other show, there is something that they don't talk about. it is a real obvious thing when you hear it, but our minds can only handle one thought at a time. try to think two things -- it's not possible. you have the shelf space for one thought, and if something bad gets into your head, you can end up thinking about it all day. and it can crowd out things that you should be thinking about and stead. that is why you have to consistently curate whatever information is there. i don't think our brains have evolved to tell the difference between a criticism from a stranger and a criticism from a friend. it feels the same. so somebody online makes fun of you, it sticks with you. as a human being, you're going have to train yourself to either muscle out those thoughts with
2:40 pm
positive thoughts, and it is crowding out your thoughts. the judge is looking at me like i'm -- [laughter] but it's true. you can only get one thing -- -- >> no you can't. maybe men can only think one thing. i'm taking about dinner out of the gate about the fact that i'm sitting with you here. >> think about what you're going to have for dinner and then thinking about me working out at the gym. >> oh, yeah? i tried not to appear this is the difference between men and women. okay. here's the thing. i spend a lot more than nine hours a week on the stupid thing. you know what i would like to do? i would throw it away. the only way i have contact. if i could throw away twitter, instagram, and all the other stuff, i would. i think my life would be easier. i wouldn't be as crazy. [laughter] >> online i can look at funnel
2:41 pm
mistakes and not die from a snake bite. >> that is true. [laughs] >> i know people with venomous snakes. >> you could be looking at people who might mug you. >> i read this book today, it is called "100 things we've lost to the internet." we've lost eye contact, boredom dashboard used to be life. and boredom is good. you go outside. you think about something. there's nothing interfered with your thoughts, and then you come up with a brilliant idea for the most brilliant ideas in the world have come up when people have been bored. boredom is a new concept. we saw boredom with this phone. this is the boredom solution right here. people are not bored anymore. >> i am boring. you can hang out with me, i am boring. >> the way i make the difference between the week and the weekend is with the iphone.
2:42 pm
when i go upstairs to go to bed on friday night, i don't take the phone on purpose. that way i don't get downstairs until midday on saturday, and i've had all that time to flush out whatever and to ponder. >> you are pondering. >> so it's saturday and sunday, no phone until i got upstairs. speak of what is left on your phone is on open present spirit >> you spend two hours answering everything you missed. >> that is probably good. >> i do it every night until i come at 2:00. >> if you let them build up. >> yeah, that's true. >> "the fastest" is up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back, time for "the fastest." first up, comedian sarah silverman shocking the ladies of "the view" after admitting she shares a toothbrush with her boyfriend. >> we started dating and not only are you sharing your bed, you are sharing your toothbrush. >> really?
2:47 pm
>> lets pull everybody at the table. >> they cut the good joke out. >> if you were intimate, you are sharing everything sharing everything anyway. >> geraldo shares a toothbrush. >> sure. i've used a toothbrush accidentally that i cleaned my tile floor within the bathroom. >> greg? >> not really. but at "the view" they don't even use toothbrushes. they just put all of their teeth in the dishwasher. >> that's so mean, but so funny. i've shared my toothbrush with emma, it's no big deal. why do we have next? people say they hide their real personalities from their coworkers. greg? >> yes. >> i would say you are more greg when you are off air.
2:48 pm
you are pretty greg right now. >> when you do a show like this, you pretty much know everything. because see if you are on for an hour a day for 11 years, ten years, there's not much to imagine. but i don't know how this is a story. your life outside of tv or whatever should be secret from your boss, right? it shouldn't even be considered a secret. it should be none of anybody's business. although i do think about the unspeakable deeds that dana perino does. i know she has a secret room and i know that it is soundproof and i know it's got manacles, because that is why she is so sweet, because it -- edis a sick individual. >> she is the one with the venomous snakes? >> there's a lot of corporate jobs you are familiar with. people are really buttoned up. they don't want to say anything to get him fired. >> and i you can't say anything, but i can tell you tried to hide your crazy. >> geraldo has never tried to hide his. >> my generation was different.
2:49 pm
i had one gay person in my whole high school. one is to. >> 10% of the population on average. not one person. so in the 50s people hid sexual orientation, religion was very often not discussed, being jewish or whatever it was. you just didn't share it. >> your judaism is in the closet, right? >> i think the evolution is -- people don't necessarily have to share everything. >> yes, the problem is now a lot of people are sharing too much at work. >> right, over sharing. >> one of them is right here. [laughter] >> i'm the one who said 5 minutes ago i'm crazy. i don't hide anything. i went to catholic school. i have my religion. so now, i just think you need to be yourself. there are certain parameters within which you act.
2:50 pm
>> how about 12? >> when i was ada, it was nothing. >> no, no, but the showing of it. i would take buttons off of suits. >> interesting. take a few buttons off, i got it. >> and replace them. >> okay. >> i know, i know. >> i don't know anything. >> time to cancel your gym membership or there's a much easier to get washboard abs. this guy getting a six pack out. two days, here is all it took. you into this? >> at first glance, i am buying that. >> i love tattoos, but not that one. >> it looks like real meat. >> that looks like a tattoo. by the way, you can get your fake abs airbrushed on through
2:51 pm
attending machine. so that is better. it's not permanent, but... >> i'm going to try that at the beach, geraldo. >> it may work may work. >> how dare you ask mike are washboard. >> i don't like that particular tattoo. i like tattoos, obviously. >> how many tattoos do you have? >> half a dozen or so. >> i think tattoos should represent an experience. again, hate to be generational. >> go ahead, greg. >> that is not the problem. this is not an attractive man. nothing is going to help that guy. >> do you have a tattoo? >> yes. >> where? >> you do not! >> where is it? [laughter] >> you go in, buy that had to come i go in for some loving and
2:52 pm
your hand just disappears into the belly. >> he is helpless. go to the gym. >> get some vitamin d. >> "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> judge jeanine: it's time now for one more thing. greg, you go first. >> greg: another big show tonight when i beat jesse in the demo. i got kat timpf and tyrus, please going to be a barn burners please don't burn bars. big news in log rolling, they have now allowed reptiles to participate. a tortoise is a reptile, right? look at that there. this was the unofficial start of the turtle's and tortoise log
2:57 pm
rolling championship. rock and spin. you notice they are very, very good at this. i call this a shell game. shoot me. >> judge jeanine: that was really good. >> geraldo: aren't shelled animals called something else? >> greg: they might be. they are not crustaceans. >> jesse: scott sanders my producer. scott and i are breaking up. scott is leaving me for lawrence jones. is he going to the weekends. is he going to travel the country with lawrence. is he lining. he has a big promotion. he would are going to bid farewell to our short king our very own scott sanders. we wish you all the best and we are very proud of you. i'm also proud of myself because i had lindsey graham and kellyanne conway on the show tonight questions for lindsey. we expect him to give us honest answers. we have the kid with the best hair cut in america at the end of the show. watch that monday not basketball. >> judge jeanine: you are not going to tell us who that kid is, right? i think it's geraldo. >> jesse: no kidding. >> geraldo: no kidding.
2:58 pm
time for geraldo's geraldo's news with geraldo next monday just several days will be the 34th annual geraldo rivera golf classic. it will be out at old west burry. this year's event as always benefits life's work and the family center for autism out there. sean always shows up glad to say. proud to say. how do you say his name again? michael? >> judge jeanine: kufacus and the family will be the honorees. that means that they made very genius donations. >> greg: i don't know if that's how you say it. [laughter] >> judge jeanine: stop it. >> geraldo: that's erika again. we had a blast like we always do and raise lots of money. >> judge jeanine: they are so mean. now it's my turn. it's time for judge jeanine's
2:59 pm
judgment. washington state locked in a three year court battle. she received more than $30,000 in fines over the years for claimants that trespassed and taunted other pets in the neighborhood. the cat even spent time -- this is true, in kitty jail. turns out the neighbor who was behind the complaints was the managerial of the local animal control center. anna filed a lawsuit against the county and won $125,000. dallas a lot of tuna. now, the question is, if her cat was roaming around the neighborhood is that truly trespassing? >> geraldo: yes. >> jesse: no. >> yes. no. >> judge jeanine: no. because they have got to tell you trespassing. they didn't tell her. most cats are allowed to walk around. so that's the end of that she got $125,000 in vegas. >> jesse: that's a lot of tuna.
3:00 pm
>> dagen: i'm on tucker carlson with bill hemmer doing the final examine. and hemmer town has been on twitter trying to psych me out saying i'm going to win i know i'm -- wait, wait, never mind. maybe i will lose but you never know. >> judge jeanine: i hope you win. that's it for us, "special report" is up next. hey, shannon bream. >> shannon: hey, judge, you may have to make a deciding judgment on those two. that's a tough one san diego vs. bill. we will be watching. >> judge jeanine: yeah. >> shannon: thanks, judge. >> judge jeanine: take care. >> shannon: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. breaking tonight, growing concerns about the nationwide shortage of baby formula. the white house says president biden recognizes more needs to be done. it's as supplies are increasing but hoarding is now becoming a problem. the president met with suppliers today. we have fox team coverage. grady trimble is in sturgess,


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