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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> dagen: i'm on tucker carlson with bill hemmer doing the final examine. and hemmer town has been on twitter trying to psych me out saying i'm going to win i know i'm -- wait, wait, never mind. maybe i will lose but you never know. >> judge jeanine: i hope you win. that's it for us, "special report" is up next. hey, shannon bream. >> shannon: hey, judge, you may have to make a deciding judgment on those two. that's a tough one san diego vs. bill. we will be watching. >> judge jeanine: yeah. >> shannon: thanks, judge. >> judge jeanine: take care. >> shannon: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. breaking tonight, growing concerns about the nationwide shortage of baby formula. the white house says president biden recognizes more needs to be done. it's as supplies are increasing but hoarding is now becoming a problem. the president met with suppliers today. we have fox team coverage. grady trimble is in sturgess,
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michigan where a major manufacturer is shut down um we begin with supply chain crisis s created a for months. prompted the fda to shut down that plant amplified the problem. now there are signs the white house should have seen this coming sooner and the fda possibly could have done more. >> according to politico a former employee at abbott sturgis, michigan plant reported safety concerns to senior fda officials in october. but the fda didn't interview that whistleblower until december. the plant inspection didn't happen until january 31st. then the recall happened february 17th. >> is that timeline acceptable to the white house and if not what is the white house doing to correct that at the fda. >> i'm sure there will be plenty of time to take a look if there are any issues that could have
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been improved here. i don't think any specific analysis of that at this moment in time. what i will note is that there has been work ongoing for this on months. >> the white house revealed some of that work in a new fact sheet told telling the usda allowing buyers to pay with wic benefits wider have a right of products calling on the ftc price gouging and imports from abroad pushing at home to produce more. while the president has unveiled plans to increase competition in other consolidated markets like meat-packing, so far it's not on the agenda for formula. >> it's a good question. i have not been a made aware of that being a concern here but i'm happy to raise it. >> republicans are pushing democratic leaders in congress to move up their timeline. >> house democrats' plan to have a hearing. new mom families moms and dads and babies can't wait two weeks. >> biden administration is considering invoking defense production act but first trying to ensure it would deliver the intended outcome. in the meantime, the white house is not issuing guidance for
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families on what they should do if they run out. >> is there a hotline they can call? should they take the baby to the hospital? what should they do? >> well, i would say those are important public health questions but what i can report on here, what i can convey to all of you what we're doing to dress exactly that concern. >> white house says because of their actions, manufacturers have produced more formula in the past four weeks than the four weeks preceding the plant shut down and that recall. but, after abbott's plant reopens, it's going to take another 8 weeks for that formula to reach store shelves. now, in the meantime parents driving around to different stores searching for it are also paying record high gas prices. shannon? >> shannon: that is a tough combination. jacqui, congressional republicans are alleging there is no short damage of formula at the southern border. they say taxpayer dollars are actually using that to supply migrant processing facilities. what have you learned? >> yeah. so republican congresswoman kat cammack of florida is on the homeland security committee.
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and she says that they are launching a formal inquiry into this after border patrol agents sent her pictures and videos showing pallets of unopened formula and diapers at the donna and ursula processing fittings. she says those agents tell her even more shipments are expected in the coming days. so we plan to ask the white house for their response and more information on this. shannon? >> shannon: we will be standing by for that, jacqui, thank you. take a closer look at what is happening at that troubled abbott laboratory facility in michigan. fox business correspondent grady trimble is in sturgess tonight. >> as parents across the country struggle to find baby formula, still no relief. >> one week i'm thinking to myself am i not going to have formula to feed my child. >> it's so scary sometimes thinking that okay we have maybe two bottles left and we have to go get formula and we might not find it. >> no word on when one of the country's top formula makers abbott could restart production at its sturgis michigan plant
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even if it does it could take two months for products to hit the shelves. the factory shuddered after voluntary recall in february. four kids using abbott's formula got sick. two of them died. the company now says after a thorough review of all available data, there is no evidence to link our formulas to these infant illnesses. this chart shows how the problem got worse after the recall. but even before february, formula shortages were cropping up. now, nationwide the supply of baby formula is 43% below normal. states in red like arizona, nevada tennessee and texas have an out-of-stock rate of more than 50%. >> the government can only play a coordinating role. retailers might be able to share manufacturers might be able to coordinate how they purchase product. and everybody can try to find different ways to raise their capacity. >> only a handful of companies
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make almost all of the country's formula. to make up for the factory shut down, abbott says it's flying in products from europe. other companies say they are ramping up production. >> simply can't turn it up produce more formula. these are very precise manufacturing mechanisms and changes have to be made with fda's okay. you can expedite but you can't rush. rushing causes problems. >> abbott says it's waiting for the go ahead to re-start production here. it needs the fda, it says, to do that. we have asked the fda why it hasn't given the okay for abbott to start making formula again, and they haven't given us a clear answer, shannon. once it does get going again, and the factory is up and running, the company says it can start making formula within two weeks. shannon? >> shannon: all right, grady trimble, thank you very much. stocks were mixed. the dow lost 104. the s&p 500 fell 5. nasdaq finished ahead 7. another shot of bad inflation
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news for the sends wall street on a wild ride and sparks more talks about a recession. fox business correspondent madison alworth is in new york tonight. good evening, madison. >> good evening, shannon. we got another round of inflation data today that could show a bumpy road ahead for our economy. the producer price index rising 11% year over year in the month of april. it's fifth consecutive month of double digital gains. the consumer price indention what suppliers are charging businesses and other customers and generally reflects supply conditions in the economy it. could signal more inflation pressure building. the fear is that more inflation could drive the u.s. into a recession and that is the tough position that the federal reserve sees itself in. trying to thread an economic needle distinguishing red hot inflation while trying to avoid recession and job loss. but federal reserve chair jerome powell receiving a show of support from the u.s. senate today confirming him for a
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second term on an 80-19 vote. inflation the biggest issue for law and policy makers. food and energy are surging year over year. it is eating into americans' paychecks and they feel stuck. >> i'm going to pick up my daughter from college. i'm going to probably use all $115 and then come back, fill up and so i can get to work as well. i have already committed to certain things and that's why this is a big shock. i have no choice but to fill up my gas tank. and pay this money. there is no other choice. >> and it's not just main street. this year wall street is feeling the hurt. major indices down double digits for the year. the tech heavy nasdaq down nearly 30% driven by sell off of blue chip stocks netflix, apple amazon. another big tech name in uncertain territory twitter. the company announcing they will freeze hiring amid a takeover by billionaire elon musk. they're also laying off some executives. one executive confirming via tweet today that she was let go
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because they want to take the team in a different direction. musk twitter deal is expected to close this year but we could still be months away from that. shannon? >> shannon: madison alworth, thank you so much. the biden administration is canceling one of the most high profile gas and sales pending. the government is halting the potential to drill for oil in more than 1 million-acres in alaska's cook inlet along with two lease sales in the gulf of mexico. the move comes as gasoline prices continue to hit record levels. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: joining us now dr. mehmet oz one of the g.o.p. contenders in the senate primary in pennsylvania. coming up in just days. dr. oz, great to have you with us. >> great to be here, shannon. >> shannon: this has gotten to be incredibly tight race. brand new polling got you at the top of the pack at 22%.
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mccormick 22%. barnett 19%. that's essentially within our margin of error. i want to give you a chance to hear from your critics and respond as you are all neck in neck at this point. here are some jabs as why you aren't as qualified as they are. >> the reason mehmet keeps talking about president trump's endorsement because he can't run on his own positions and his own records. what's true is that he has flip flopped on every major issue we are talking about in this campaign. >> when these carpet baggers lose, you will never see them again. and if they should win, you will never see them again. >> shannon: is former president trump's endorsement enough for the voter of pennsylvania or do you offer them more. >> i offer lots more. it helps tremendously. president trump's endorsement open's peoples minds. they call you back. they take meetings which is an important opportunity for an candidate to articulate why they are the best person. strongly pro-life. strongly in favor of the second amendment. ted nugent endorses me.
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attacks of $35 million of negative advertising primarily from outside pennsylvania. but the voters have figured that out. as president trump warned me if you are an outsider the inside establishment come after with you everything they have got. i have been able to stand my own two feet very proudly and live up to the promise of my campaign, which is to identify why washington is getting it wrong. why are they not aligning with our views and knowing that i can go to washington and be a bulldog for our commonwealth everyone that i looking for. i have been doing it on television and in my operating room for many years. >> shannon: let's talk about the issue that has been -- one of those leveled against you is that you flip flopped on the issue of abortion. here are your two primary opponents on that. >> i have seen him on numerous occasions and specifically at the breakfast club saying that my life was nothing more than a a corn with electrical current. i'm wondering if the good doctor has now since changed his position on that. >> did you go back to that breakfast club interview.
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attacks the pro-life for picking fights. he a attacks states for putting in pro-life legislation for disrupting business. this is something that you have to deal with, mehmet. because you have a track record that's completely opposite. >> shannon: that breakfast club interview 2019 you said you were pro-life you wouldn't interfere with everyone else's stuff is the quote because it's hard enough to get into life as it is. what about the clip that you have flip flopped on your position. >> clear on that interview and only one they keep talking about that i was against the law from alabama that would ban abortions and all exceptions. and i am of the belief as a doctor that if the life of the mother is truly at risk that would be an exception that is exceptional. i think kathy barnett don't like that. as a heart surgeon i respect the sanctity of life. i take care of babies when they are first born. i know the specialness of the baby and nine months earlier still life.
3:13 pm
she raised questions in her candidacy that she has refused to answer when i'm answering yours right now supported black lives matter and statue of president obama in place of other structures that are sacred to our country. attacked the founder of our country george washington as well as attacking president trump. >> what he was ironic is big money groups never trump groups have now come into pennsylvania with outside money and they are wrongly supporting kathy barnett and putting her in contention. this is a candidate who lost by 20 points when she ran for congress 18 months ago. so she is not going to do well in the general election which is why entrepreneurship over and over again even today put out a new announcement i'm the won to support because i can win in november. that's what we need as republicans another senator to take the place of the current retiring senator in pennsylvania. if you want that you should vote for dr. oz which i think is why i'm still leading in the polls. >> shannon: they are tight. within the margin offer. she is surging. i will speak with her in a couple of days and ask her those questions bubbling up.
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dr. oz, in the meantime thank you for being here. >> god bless you, take care. >> shannon: "special report" on mccormick tomorrow night. russian troops left in one ukrainian town. first what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. wfxt in boston charlie baker agrees to $56 million settlement in a lawsuit against massachusetts over its treatment and care of veterans at the holy objection soldiers home during the pandemic 84 veterans died during the outbreak at the facility. dozen more were sickened. flooding and power outages. utility officials said this morning they were working to restore power to some 30,000 customers. this is a live look at miami from wfbn one of the big stories there tonight police trying to identify several good samaritans who stopped to help a woman suffering a medical
3:15 pm
episode in the middle of a very busy intersection in boy ton beach. traffic cameras capture the people springing into action to help the woman. her daughter says she likely had a reaction to medication. she is doing great now. that is tonight's outside the beltway from "special report," we'll be right back. ♪ help our friends in need ♪ you can count on me ♪ like 1, 2, 3 ♪ i'll be there ♪ ♪ spent on the docks, the banks, the boats. the lines you cast and hooks you set. these moments you share with the people you love. the fish you never forget, and the tales that get taller with every retelling. make memories that'll last a lifetime with bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here. (vo) every business, big or small, coast to coast, needs internet
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is. >> shannon: pentagon officials confirm north korea fired three short range missiles today. it came just hours after north korea confirmed first official case of coronavirus since the pandemic began. president biden is scheduled to visit japan and south korea later this month. come out in favor of i applying to join nato and sweden could do the same within days the kremlin is warning finland it will be forced to take retaliatory military technical. returning to the town of bucha after the russian occupation left a trail of death and destruction. here is senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot. >> the shock waves from the war in ukraine reached further
3:21 pm
today. finland saying it would break decades of neutrality and afor membership to nato. responsible. >> russia's invasion of ukraine altered the security environment. >> russia would double its shared border with nato countries by another 800 miles. sweden looks like it will join nato ranks. approval from the appliance is expected. russia is threatening unspecified action. >> nato expansion does not make our continent more stable and secure. >> that's not all from moscow. with the u.s. and western military aid pouring into ukraine, former russian president medvedev warned that could push the conflicted into a direct war between russia and nato and with economic sanctions biting president putin is grousing as well. >> these sanctions provoke the global crisis. >> russia testing all a sign all is not well on the battle field. pulling back from the second
3:22 pm
city of car chief grinding slowly on the eastern front as ukrainian fighters in the mariupol steel mill still hold out amid more signs of russian brutality. the u.n. saying more than 1,000 ukrainian civilians killed by russian troops during the occupation of suburbs north of kyiv, including the town of bucha where locals are returning. markets are reopening. buildings are being repaired. the town's mayor sounded determined. >> it is our moral obligation to improve the city after atrocities here he says, with scars of russian horror all around and services and jobs still in short supply, residents aren't so sure. >> of course we all want to restart here but our pretty bad. >> the street that gentleman lives on just about a month ago was littered with bodies. ukrainian, civilian victims of russian killing. that fellow ended on a positive note telling us we will live and
3:23 pm
we will win. many here can only hope. shannon? >> shannon: the determination is inspiring. greg, thank you. up next, a setback in attempt to provide supreme court justices more protection in the wake of the abortion draft leak. first, beyond our borders tonight. a tiny passenger jet veers off the runway during takeoff and catches fire. more than 30 people were injured. videos shared by state media shows the left side of the aircraft on fire as people who appeared to be passengers head away from the scene. cut tar's amir arrives in iran for talks with the iranian president as efforts to save tehran deal with world powers hit a deadlock. bilateral, regional and international issues are on the agenda during that visit. spain says the land borders between its north african enclaves in morocco will open next week. they have been closed for more than two years due to covid-19
3:24 pm
restrictions and tensions between the two countries. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ so, no more night sweats... more nocturnal baking... ...or polar ice cap air-conditioner mode. because the tempur-pedic® breeze° delivers superior cooling... from cover to core. helping you sleep cool, all night long.
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>> shannon: federal prosecutors are starting a grand jury investigation into the possible mishandling of classified documents. that were found at former president trump's florida home that's according to the "new york times" the report says the probe is examining the role of the trump administration in the handling of sensitive materials during the final stages of his presidenciy. presidency. house investigators are issued subpoenas to five republican lawmakers, including minority leader kevin mccarthy as they look into last year's capitol hill. >> good evening, shannon, unprecedented for congress to issue a subpoena to sitting lawmakers for testimony.
3:30 pm
here are the five members who won't cooperate all from the g.o.p. minority leader kevin mccarthy, jim jordan, scott perry, mo brooks and andy biggs. >> this is an illegitimate committee. we don't want to dignify what they are doing. >> mo brooks tweeted that if the committee wanted to hear from him, it should issue a subpoena. so the committee took brooks' offer. >> we feel that members that know information about january 6th, that they have an obligation to come forward. >> if the members don't comply the house could vote to hold them in contempt that could trigger a prosecution by the doj. >> do you think that the house if they don't comply with these subpoenas that the house should vote to hold them in contempt? >> if they don't comply yes, i do. i look forward to doing that. >> that's pretty rare to do that because the house. >> rare then again so are insurrections. >> the committee did not arab subpoena for g.o.p. georgia
3:31 pm
representative marjorie taylor greene. >> they need to dissolve that committee. it's not even real. excuse me i have to go. >> you wouldn't comply with a subpoena? >> house committee chairs say it's rare for anyone to ignore a subpoena. >> january 6th is a big damn deal, okay? to the extent the republicans just want to sort of wish it away and pretend that it didn't happen or change happened, you know, i completely support the speaker in saying we can't do that. >> the 1/6 committee plans a wave of public hearings, some in prime time in june. shannon? >> shannon: we know you will be right there on the front lines covering it, chad. their there continues to be massive controversy about that leaked supreme court draft on roe v. wade and the aggressive response by pro-choice activists. the justice department is finally commented on the demonstrations at the homes of some of the justices and today officials in one suburban washington community refused to establish a security perimeter around those homes. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the latest
3:32 pm
tonight. >> if we don't get it. >> after days of protests around the homes of conservative supreme court justices, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is calling out attorney general merrick garland to enforce the law. >> one would think a doj run by the former chief judge of the d.c. circuit no prodding to protect judicial safety. and judicial independence. other members of their own matter on procedures house majority leader steny hoyer and dick durbin. stay away from homes senate majority leader is on the other side of this issue there is preftsds three or four times a week outside my house. >> unlike protesting politician. jungsz are a special category.
3:33 pm
u.s. code says it is illegal with the intent of influencing any judge to pictures or parader residence occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness, or court officer. virginia governor glenn youngkin is asking fairfax county authorities to extend security perimeters around the homes of three justices who live there. the county said no. the commonwealth's attorney general says the justice department must step up, too. >> it's a clear violation of section 15 o07 and they are trying continue to tim date supreme court justices. >> the justice department has prosecuted cases before for people disrupting oral arguments in their workplace at the court. some experts suggest protesters could also be charged with obstruction of justice for acts aiming to intimidate and influence the supreme court justices. shannon? >> shannon: mike, i'm sure this isn't going to wrap up any time soon. we will continue to follow
3:34 pm
tnchts okay, thanks. >> some very expensive mansions have sustained heavy damage from a wildfire in southern california. national correspondent william la jeunesse has the latest from laguna niguel, hello, william. >> well, shannon, this house was for sale. seven bedrooms $10 million and yet you can see it is a total loss. despite being very fire resistant. you have a tile roof. [broken audio] and yet this fire claimed about 20 homes in this subdivision about halfway between san diego and los angeles. so the fire broke out about 24 hours ago. blue skies, 65 degrees, 53% humidity. the second week in may. and had the support tankers, helicopters, engine crews, virtually every other driveway, it was not enough. as elm bores entered enwindows and attic events and destroyed these homes from the inside out. now, what you are looking at is the back of the house. i want to show you the front of it. this morning and why this fire is not over until the last ember
3:35 pm
is out. >> so this house was destroyed last night. firefighters tried to put it out to stop the embers from catching other homes next door on fire this house appeared to have been saved but as you can see the fire has reignited about 12 hours later. several hundred firefighters here now mopping up and making sure that this fire does not reignite and we have a repeat of what we had yesterday. now, from here, you can see the ocean, right? that's where the fire began. down there, raced up this hill. driven by about 30 miles per hour. the embers shot over this ridge and into the backyards you see over there. now, we have seen a lot of insurance adjustors here today counting their losses. this is a state where many companies have stopped underwriting and they have pulled out. shannon, you have to consider this a warning, right? so today why are told this is probably emblematic of what is
3:36 pm
going to be a very long fire season. in fact, january to april was the dryest four months on record in california. back to you. >> shannon: stunning images, william, thank you very much. president biden marking the death of a million americans in the coronavirus pandemic. the president calling it a tragic milestone. he is urging congress to sustain funding for additional testing, vaccines and treatments. the move comes as the white house hosts a global covid summit. up next probably something you have never seen before the super massive black hole at the center of our galaxy.
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3:41 pm
first rook at the super mask black hole at the center of our galaxy. comes from a collection of telescopes around the world. correspondent alexis mcadams has the picture tonight. good evening, alexis pee you that picture in a second. scientists tell us that this black hole is 4 million times bigger than the seven. take a look on your screen first look we got today of this super massive black hole.
3:42 pm
it's at the center of motorcycle's galaxy. see the darker dish that's actually the edge of the black hole. the susan massive black hole is called sagittarius a of the collapsed star is located about 27,000 light years or 159 quadrillion miles away from earth. so that far away it's practically invisible to optical telescopes this collaboration used 8 different telescopes around the world collecting data from antarctica to hawaii. black holes extremely dense and have such strong gravity that not even light can escape dragging in everything from stars to gas to planets, this black hole taking in less than expected. researchers calling it a gentle giant. >> we see that only a trickle of material is actually making it all the way to the black hole. a person it would consume a single grain of rice every million years. >> it's the second black hole
3:43 pm
ever to be imaged by telescope in 2019. the same group captured this historic but more distant image from a gleash far far away. astronomers believe that every galaxy including our own has a black hole as the at its center working every single day to better technology and telescope to get a closer and clearer image. shannon? >> shannon: i can't get my mind around those numbers. alexis, thank you so much for those records. so my colleague, bret baier recently sat down with former national security adviser robert o'brien and actor sean penn to discuss the war in ukraine. we brought that you weeks ago. the full event is streaming on fox nation. here is part of the interview. >> there are elements of both parties, democrats and republicans, who say, listen, why is this in our national interest? why should we push this envelope? why should we possibly face world war iii with a nuclear
3:44 pm
armed russia? is there are elements of both sides progressives and conservatives who do say that today and what do you say to them? >> well, a lot of in is, you know, what if ukraine loses? and look at how they have lost. the children kill and the women raped and mutilated, and all the brave soldiers, men, women, and children who are fighting for the same dream that we share. and i think the better question is what if russia wins? and so this avoidance of nuclear war, if we maintain it for that reason, god knows there could be nothing more horrifying. and, yet, those weapons exist. they are in the russians hands. they are in our hands. they are in chinese hands. they are in pakistani hands they are in many hands but for the possibility, yes. of nuclear war. that's putting nuclear war off
3:45 pm
to another day if that's going to happen. that's putting it off to another battle. >> sean makes some great points there what i would say is that, look, we have one of the great things that's happened in all of our life times is the end of the cold war and eastern europe poland check republican, bulgaria, romania, the baltic states, the nations we all learned about in school growing up. if putin is successful in ukraine he will run for the baltics next. >> shannon: see that entire year right now on fox nation. up next, hugh hewitt, kim strassel more bad inflation news and the white house covid summit. ♪ und. previous owner: "laughs" ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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(vo) every business, big or small, coast to coast, needs internet that can keep up with its demands. verizon has fast, reliable internet solutions nationwide. so you can power your business to do more. find the perfect solution for your business. inherited a economy during the great depression losing homes and hope. >> one way to deal with the impact of a family than what we are doing and we are going to beat inflation. >> it is really the number one economic issue that face the duration and the nation. >> what actions are you taking to relieve the pain of families we have to ask them what are you doing? what done does it mean? >> let's bring in hugh hewitt,
3:51 pm
kimberley strassel at the "wall street journal" and jeff mason white house correspondent for reuters. welcome to all of you. just today i went up to gallop polling talking about what's the most important issue facing the country. and kim, not surprising today, 35% of the respondent dents had the economy at the top of their list, the administration is scrambling on this no matter what they try it seems at this point. o. >> the democrats spent the last week talking endlessly about abortion. clearly hoping to change focus and get americans' minds on something else. but those polls show that this is a pervasive problem now for them. what's even more worrisome is if you look at the numbers this week, whether a it really suggests is that we have got soaring demand too few workers and now what is called a wage price cycle where companies have to spend more to get workers to stay on or about come on. they then hike their prices then workers demand higher wages and up we go the white house is
3:52 pm
going to struggle to do anything about this and add in mostly what it is doing it is cutting back you energy supplies and adding regulations to make companies pull back. that is the exact opposite what you need to be doing to help yourself politically and economically. >> so to the point of energy supplies play a little back and forth secretary yellen and gets to domestic production. >> did consider the substantial risk that is actually now materialized that overregulation of the fossil energy sector ending keystone blocking on federal lands. con strange supply of energy has actually undermined stability historic inflation and $4.37 a gallon gas? >> i think we owe that to the failure of our domestic industry to ramp up production to. >> i don't think that's what they say. i think they say they can't get approval. >> there is a lot of back and
3:53 pm
forth on. that was there is the white house calling out the oil companies as bad guys as people are profiting off of, you know, difficult circumstances. and saying that they aren't using domestic production. they are saying this isn't something that happens overnight. we can't get approval for some of these projects and there are major investments involved. where do you come down on this. >> i come down to secretary yellen actually made me draw back and wonder when she said the production companies are not willing to produce. this very day the administration canceled oil and gas leases in alaska. last week they withdrew them in the gulf of mexico. of course we can go back to keystone. this is an anti energy administration. and that, of course, has kimberly just said, increases pressure. energy markets are forward-looking and so long as they see ahead of them obstacles from every department regulatory impediments from every official with a pen and a bureaucratic they are not going to produce. i just can't actually believe that janet yellen said its the
3:54 pm
producers' fault when joe biden is throwing every obstacle in the way he can. >> it's not just conservatives that have critiques. not a right leaning publication says this. for much of the last year the biden administration wrongly told the american public that rising prices would be short lived. when it became clear that inflation into the come down on its own, the white house began a blame game one of its favorite talking points pin inflation on greedy corporations for hiking prices too much. that just doesn't add up. that is from the editorial board, jeff. >> they are citing the impact of the war in ukraine and the ongoing impact of the ongoing pandemic, but "the washington post" certainly right the administration last year said inflation would be transitory it did not turn out to be that way. i asked president biden a question about that earlier this week after his speech about inflation. i said, you initially thought this was going to be transitory. that not the case challenge. is your projection now? he didn't want to give a
3:55 pm
projection. that's probably because they just don't know. they want it to come down obviously. it is not only an economic liability for this president. also a political liability going into the november midterms. >> let's talk covid. the white house was part of this global conversation today. here is what the president said about where we are there is still so much to do. this pandemic isn't over. thousands still dying every day. now is the time for us to act. all of us together. we must do more. >> we have called upon the united states congress for $22.5 billion in additional emergency funding to battle covid. >> shannon: okay. let me put up another number asking for funding and saying this is not over yet the people worried about covid and our situation, these numbers have steadily dropped. people worried about getting covid back in april of 2020 were 69%. we're now at 17%.
3:56 pm
so, hugh, how do you convince the average american that we need billions more dollars for something that they seem like they may be coming to terms part of daily life. >> it cannot be done. the american people don't believe it those who want to be vaccinated and boosted are vaccinated and boosted. they are living their ordinary lice. add cliches to the boosters. they are trying to turn the page to the economy of the united states. the american people are over covid and they are not going to go back to covid. i think the administration knows that but they have got to do something with the president that doesn't let him wander around a microphone in hand in an audience making gaffes. >> shannon: kim, it is one of the few topics that in all of the polling he is not upside down. is he on immigration, the border, russia, the economy. but he is starting to make gains on covid. that the american people are gaining confidence in his ability to handle this. >> well, that seems to be mostly a function though of the fact that they are not caring about it as much.
3:57 pm
>> shannon: maybe. >> which is your point. that seems to be the main point of this. now, look, i think one of the problems the administration has here is that to the extent it focuses on covid, it does it in a way that tends to really annoy a lot of americans. and that it's all focused on mask mandates, on airplanes. other things are designed to lock people up, take away their freedoms. when you look at that polling, what it shows here is americans now want to live with covid, and that the administration was smart it would be continuing its efforts but on things that have more to do with therapeutics, for instance, tests and other things that allow americans to manage their day-to-day lives with the pandemic alongside of it rather than a disruption on a day-to-day basis: >> shannon: i want to make sure we get to the supreme court and efforts to get additional protections for them. here is a breakdown of reaction to where we are right now. >> the garland justice department is nowhere in sight. the attorney general was quicker to pounce on concerned parents at school board meetings.
3:58 pm
>> they put barriers up in order to protect the supreme court building. this is what we should do around the justices' homes. i think we can both respect first amendment rights and protect the sanctity of our justices' home. >> president biden you need to tell your attorney general to go and do his job and protect the citizens of the united states of america. ultimately, sir, this falls on you. of. >> shannon: there is a federal law that appears to be pretty clear what happens the fact it's against the law to picket or parade in front of a jurist's home to influence their decision as we await the actual official opinion from the supreme court. the doj it s. taking a lot of the heat for being to step in on a number of other things but not necessarily this. what do you make of what they have said so far? >> i think this just represents the fact this is such a divisive issue and it's focused right now the republican side is focused
3:59 pm
on these protests, the democratic side is focused on what that decision is likely going to be based on the leaked drafted. it's divisive. and there is going to be pressure on both sides. shannon, if i can also take one second to go back to the previous discussion about covid, to kim's point, the administration is doing that which he said they should be doing that's why they are asking for money. the ask may be controversial because it's a big number. but they are asking for billions of dollars so that americans can have vaccines, can have tests and can have chiewrpdz this fall. >> shannon: well, we will leave there on all those topics. panel, thank you very much for your time. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: finally tonight a special report salutes a zoo in gwatney monthly la city. check out cell phone video the moment elephant begins trump. s receiptly. pointing trump where an antelope was drowning. the zoo worker picked up the
4:00 pm
queues and dove into the water to help that frantic water to get. took a few tries but eventually that antelope breaks free and that story has a happy ending tomorrow on "special report." talk with senate candidate david mccormick. thank you for watching supreme court, i'm shannon bream fox news at night. now, "jesse watters primetime" is next. hey, jesse. >> jesse: that's how i feel on "the five" sometime begging for the zoo keep tore save me. >> shannon: can dana swoop in and get you out? >> jesse: she does. thank you. >> jesse: have you ever found yourself in a situation where common sense is just out the window and you are left to ask yourself am i the only one who thinks this is crazy? like when someone sneezes on the buffet or when they are standing in the wrong place at the wrong time? >> doesn't anyones in