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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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to help that frantic water to get. took a few tries but eventually that antelope breaks free and that story has a happy ending tomorrow on "special report." talk with senate candidate david mccormick. thank you for watching supreme court, i'm shannon bream fox news at night. now, "jesse watters primetime" is next. hey, jesse. >> jesse: that's how i feel on "the five" sometime begging for the zoo keep tore save me. >> shannon: can dana swoop in and get you out? >> jesse: she does. thank you. >> jesse: have you ever found yourself in a situation where common sense is just out the window and you are left to ask yourself am i the only one who thinks this is crazy? like when someone sneezes on the buffet or when they are standing in the wrong place at the wrong time? >> doesn't anyones in the this?
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i feel like i am taking a crazy pill. >> jesse: you are not crazy. it's just that the world is not making sense anymore. >> fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. river and seas boiling. >> 40 years of darkness, earthquakes and volcanos. >> human sacrifices dogs and cats living together. mass hysteria. >> jesse: mass hysteria is here. look no further than at our president. >> i never expected the ultra maga republicans who seem to control the republican party now to have been able to control the republican party. >> this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history. in recent american history. >> >> jesse: ultra maga sounds like a condom or a beer did. hunter come up with that one? that's how joe biden views anybody who disagrees with him. joe can't run on the issues because he hasn't gotten any
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results. so he is trying to rip off the trump nickname game. but brandon better go back to the drawing board because most americans don't care about ideology. we don't care about labels. we really don't care that much about picking sides. we just want results. washington has failed. i can't point to one thing that's getting better in this country. stock market, the border, gas prices, women can't even buy baby formula in america right now. but, if you watch msnbc women are about to burn at the stake if roe is overturned. >> if you go back to the original conception of this country, unmarried woman was most likely to be burned as a witch. most people were burned as witches were often unmarried or widows. people untethered to man which is the only thing that grounded even white women in humanity. so if you are an originalist, you essentially want to go back do that original conception of
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women. >> jesse: is anyone realizing how ridiculous these people are? most americans are in the middle on the abortion issue. and it's really different state to state. anybody with common sense knows we're not going to burn women on the stake in america. the media spent more time whether we were going to burn women on whether women were going to feed their babies. but the white house tells you no, no, no. this is a top priority. >> president biden has directed the administration to work urgently to ensure that infant formula is safe and available for families across the country. during the abbott nutrition voluntary recall. this has been -- this is work that has been underway for months. >> jesse: for months? that's a lie. if they were working on this for months, we wouldn't have a shortage. apparently there is no short damage of baby formula for illegal aliens. >> the border patrol agent just took in pallets, pallets of baby formula for all of the illegals
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that are crossing into the united states. >> jesse: why are we feeding illegal babies ahead of american incumbency. why can babies get formula from border agents but we can't get it at walgreen's? does any of this make sense? none of this is rocket science. for instance, we have oil in alaska. gas just broke a record. it's almost, what, 4.50 a gallon? what does joe biden do today? shuts down a massive oil lease in the state of alaska. is anybody in the white house thinking? inflation is at a record high. so, how about we stop spending and stop printing? right? it's the same thing defund the police. we want to treat everybody on the street with respect but we want to give the police the tools to fight crime. everybody agrees with that. judge jeanine said the other day mayor adams in manhattan taken thousands of guns off the street but the crime is going up.
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why? because we are not taking the criminals off the street. it's simple. again, we can have windmills and solar panels but we also need oil and gas. everybody agrees with that. we have no problem with putting solar panels in places like arizona where it's hot and flat. or wind turbines in the great plains where it's windy and wide as long as it works and it's inexpensive. why are people even wearing masks outside? when they are double boosted? right? and why is biden giving crack pipes to crack smokers? where is the common sense on that? more on that later. you don't have to be a genius to have common sense. look at me. i just know the difference between what works and what doesn't because i have eyes and i have ears. so tonight, we're officially declaring ourselves common sense conservatives. anybody can be a common sense conservative.
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social conservative, national security conservative, even an ultra maga conservative. you just have to have common sense. independents and democrats, you have common sense, come along for the ride. all we care about is results. if somebody has a good idea on the left or the right and if it works, let's do it. we just want the american people to be rich, safe, and happy is that so hard? and we want things to work. if you want cheap fuel, common sense. if you want a secure border, that is common sense. if you don't want to hold up a store and get bailed out the same day they're arrested? oh my god, common sense. we don't want anything to do with ideology anymore. free trade might are sworkd well in the cold war, not so much now. open borders? might work for big business, not so much for us. but when joe biden sets records for the most fentanyl deaths, a
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million covid-19 deaths, most border crossings of all time, highest gas prices of all time? record inflation? can you seriously look us in the eye and tell us what you are doing is working of course you can't. can you name one thing the biden administration has done well? can you say one thing in this country that's getting better? so join us common sense conservatives. we're open to new ideas. we don't hate anybody, we just want to fix problems. not create problems and then point the finger. like masters arizona senatorial president and former president of the steele corporation and coo of steele capital. blake, are you a common sense conservative? >> i am. and if you are an anti progressive at this point, you are a common sense conservative, jesse. the left has gone completely insane. just look at what they tried to do yesterday, right? you had every single democrat senator, except for joe manchin
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vote to legalize abortion nationwide up until the moment of birth. jesse, these people want to legalize delivery cable executions. that's what they obsess about. that's what they are spending their time on. meanwhile as you said everything under their control is falling apart. >> jesse: it's a mess, i hate to say it because i'm usually a positive guy. i have a bright outlook on things. i walk around with a smile on my face. you look around and he is just smashing every records in the u.s. books from gas to inflation to crime to the border. now we can't have baby formula for mothers? and he turns around and he says it's the ultra maga and he points thee on. no one is even buying this anymore. like use your brain. is this guy not using his brain. >> well, is he not and i think they like it this way. it's almost intentional destruction of the country. and just yesterday, right? congress, they are voting to send $40 billion to ukraine.
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40 billion bucks. remember, when they said $8 billion to secure our own border with mexico. no, no, jesse. that was too expensive. now we are going to send five times that amount to eastern europe to wage a proxy war that could risk escalating all out out war to nuclear powers. like you said we have our own problems at home, right? there is not enough baby formula on shelves in grocery stores across this country thanks to the incompetence of the biden administration about the only people who do have enough baby formula are illegal aliens and well-stocked facilities along the border. it pains me to say it but at this current trajectory america is on track to be a third world country by the dime my boys are in high school. i won't sand for it. >> jesse: do you think there is a grassroots movement of common sense conservatives? i have seen them show up at these school board hearings. they are not even ideological. they don't want their kids to be told they are white supremacists during mass, right? they want a secure border. they don't want to go shopping
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and wonder if someone is going to smash and grab. do you sense this is a movement in this country? i'm sensing people have had it and they just want to use their brains to fix problems and live a normal life. >> that's absolutely right. that's what we are seeing on the ground every day in arizona. people are just pissed off. and they want stuff to work the left have all the power right now and they have just trashed this country rest than two years done it with astonishing. will every month. skyrocketing inflation. will probably get recession with that inflation, nothing is working democrats know they failed. they know i'm on track to beat mark kelly in november. common sense conservatives, people who want stuff to work. that terrifies the left.
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but their playbook doesn't work anymore. we are going to turn arizona red. people just want a country that works. >> jesse: like when you get a furniture delivery. ikea sends you the instructions just put it together and leave me alone. that he was all we want put it together and leave me alone. all right, blake, thanks so much for joining prime time. >> good evening. >> jesse: coming up, joe biden is angry. and, free crack pipes in biden's america. the fact checkers were wrong. ♪ ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u do it all. one dose of ubrelvy, quickly stops migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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>> jesse: joe biden hassage anger problem he has known it for years. >> ask the right question! >> you are a damn liar man.
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that's not true. >> why the hell would i take a test? c'mon, man. >> what the hell do you do? >> go back and read what i said! >> jesse: being president of the united states you are under a microscope. so we are kind of noticing changes in behavior. we are going to notice mood swings. we see the president more than anybody else on television so when we see the president show flashes of anger, we pay attention. watcher. >> remember those long lines cece on the television people lining up in all kinds of vehicles just to get a box of food in their trunk! how quickly we forget! people were hurting! and what did the maga crowd want to do? forget it. forget it. god, this the united states of america, the idea that people would have to wait in line an
4:18 pm
hour or an hour and a half to get a box of food! in their trunk. just unbelievable. >> jesse: we have no idea what joe biden is talking about. we usually don't. grown is actually angry because is he so frustrated that the country is in such bad shape or his handlers said go out there and show some spirit to the donors so they would pony up more dough. maybe joe just thinks it make it look like he cares he doesn't fix any problems he just screams so people thinks he cares and fall to the emotion. how do we interpret this rage? is it age? has dr. jill been on the road too long? let's bring in kellyanne conway former counselor to president trump and author of "here's the deal." so what is the deal with this rage? is it old age? what is it? >> >> no, look. the democratic party, jesse, prides itself they are about
4:19 pm
youth, energy, optimism, they have a bunch of angry old white octogenarians running their party. it starts with joe biden. it also includes chuck schumer, the leader of the senate for them, nancy pelosi, the leader in the house, everybody looks like they are sucking on 12 lemons no joy on the job and do you know who is angry, joe biden? people who are paying $5 a gallon for gas, supply chain crisis. how about load up a box of baby formula for some of these moms who are literally fearful, jesse, that they can't feed their children. the other thing is let's just go back in time, this is nonsense. he doesn't understand what the covid food box program was put together by the usda in 2020. it actually helped farmers get paid because they had an excess of stood with all the restaurants closed and helps people get food for free. of course everybody stood in line to do it. everybody was nervous during covid. has he been to a food pantry ever or recently a soup kitchen? the need is incredible. >> jesse: it is.
4:20 pm
>> cupboards are bear because of his economy and crisis. anger problem. scary and frightening to see for this reason. presidents, especially democratic presidents in the past have been seen as compassionate and caring about you. joe biden's personal attributes have been in the tank 8 months now. he is not getting that back. everything he promised to do unify, be compassionate. show empathy. he just doesn't have it and it shows. >> jesse: you are right that started with the divisive vaccine comments. he was blasting you if you didn't get vaxxed and his total heartless withdrawal from afghanistan was so sloppy and detached. people thought he didn't have a soul. something significant was said by someone who is considered significant in the beltway. david gergen who is considered this -- the preeminent journalist/pundit in the beltway. he said basically that biden shouldn't run again.
4:21 pm
listen. you are saying that neither trump nor biden should run again even biden the incumbent? >> i believe it would be in the best interest of the country for someone in their 80's to step back. regardless of party. you can't assume that a person who is going to be healthy and mentally all there through their early 80's. you can't assume that. the chances are you are more vulnerable and things are going to go the other way. >> jesse: do you see this as the elder states men in the mainstream media trying to nudge joe out already? >> yes. and david gergen's credit adviser to four different presidents in both party. he is basically saying joe biden is my peer and i don't think he has the mental acute. also the democratic party trying to get to the next generation but not so fast. they had 25 people running against joe biden. they will ended up with joe biden. and kamala is no better. jesse, we have 107,000 overdose deaths last year.
4:22 pm
that's filling up dodgers stadium twice yet you don't have kamala harris even saying i will take on the drug crisis. she would probably laugh at the word overdose. you don't have her saying i will help feed hungry kids she would probably laugh at the word hungry. bourque doing a root canal on skateboard. cory booker sounds like a hallmark card. not impressive. gretchen whitmer. i actually think joe biden does want to run for re-election. be president. his life dream to rather than worry what's in our trunk. let's start worry about what's upstairs in his head. i think it is starting to cause serious national security and homeland security implications. >> jesse: all right. you think if you had the first female vice president you might put her out it there to say something about the lack of baby formula. just a thought. >> she has finally found. >> jesse: here's the deal kellyanne conway, thanks again. back in february, the washington
4:23 pm
free beacon reported that the biden administration was about to spend, you ready? $30 million on something called safe smoking kits. all in the name of racial equity, probably. the kits are basically fun little stocking stuffers for drug addicts. filled with things that, you know, help you get high, little alcohol wipes, copper measure, little rubber tips so you don't burn your tongue and oh and lots of crack pipes, lots and lots of crack pipes. but, when the report dropped, the white house denied it up and down. >> put out a statement clarifying around some of the reports that crack pipes are not part of the safe smoking dhats are funded by the administration? >> um. >>um but can you clarify for us were they never a part of the kit or were they removed in response to the -- >> -- they were never a part of the kit. it was inaccurate reporting and we wanted to put out information to make that clear.
4:24 pm
we don't support federal funding indirect or direct for pipes. >> jesse: of course they had the fact checkers to back them up "u.s.a. today" claimed false claims. overdose prevention definitely not the crack pipe. obviously cnn had to deny the claims, too. but, they were all wrong the washington free beacon reported today that safe smoking kits provided by local nonprofits do include crack pipes. they know because they got their hands on some from boston to new york to baltimore. every singe gel city's testing kit combings with a limit tri crack pipe. did the fact checkers get their hands on any of these kits or just take the word from a lying politician and just print it? yeah. that's exactly what happened. jen psaki was given the chance to set the record straight today, and she called it, of course, a conspiracy theory. >> this policy does not allow for crack pipes to be included.
4:25 pm
i would just note this is a bit of a conspiracy theory that's been spread out there. it's not accurate. the money is not used for crack pipes. >> jesse: a conspiracy theory is something democrats don't want to talk about. i'm sure they will be calling record high gas prices a conspiracy theory, too. >> jesse: next up, lindsey graham on deck. sending a lot of cash to ukraine but we have got a lot of problems back here. ♪
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hi! need new glasses? get 50% off a complete pair at visionworks! how can you see me squinting? i can't! i'm just telling everyone!... hey! for a limited time, get 50% off a complete pair. visionworks. see the difference. ♪ >> jesse: the "primetime" team here is a very perceptive bunch and we have been noticing something that we ask can no longer ignore. every time joe biden gives a speech is he standing in front of a sideline with a slogan on it that's normal enough but the slogans don't really seem to be having their intended effect. instead of it's like someone took a list of all joe's broken
4:31 pm
promises and failures and put them up behind him just to undercut all the points he is trying to make. here's a good example. the biden plan to beat covid-19. hate to break it to you, joe, you didn't beat anything. you told us you were going to crushed virus and then we all got the virus and now a million americans have died. and here's another one. he just used it yesterday, ready? lowering cost, tackling inflations. as biden lowered cost? has he tackled inflation? here's another one. lowering costs for american families. biden is like the guy standing on the titanic holding a sign that says smooth sailing. we can't even talk about biden's best slogan without mentioning, of course, build back better. his biggest campaign promise served as the back drop for countless speeches the plan went absolutely nowhere. it never passed. at all.
4:32 pm
senator john kennedy put it best earlier. >> nothing is built, nothing is back, and nothing is better. >> jesse: biden's signs are clearly in need of improvement so we took it upon ourselves to make a few of our own. right now americans are worried about the cost of groceries, food shortages, price of gas, maybe joe should change his back drop to something like this. eat less, take the bus. solid advice. here's another one that really captures his agenda. releasing criminals, targeting parents. or how about something simple and honest? i got nothing. or i mean he could just use that for anything. here's another one that's pretty universal you know, the thing. so, if he forgets what he is talking about still works. brilliant. the house just passed another 40 billion in aid to ukraine
4:33 pm
which includes weapons, humanitarian and economic aid, the package is heading to the senate where it is expected to be fast-tracked. >> i think we all agree the most important thing going on in the world right now is the war in ukraine. i had a chance to call the president last week and request that the ukraine package move by itself and quickly. >> jesse: look, the people of ukraine need help. i want to help them. americans want to help them. we get it but, we can't help but notice how quickly this all comes together while washington struggles to solve the most important and basic issues here at home. we got a major baby formula crisis on her hands right now. congress won't even hold a hearing on it for a week. meanwhile the illegals are getting the formula. they are going to tell us that congress can walk and chew gum at the same time but all i'm seeing these days is a lot of gum-chewing and not much walking. let's turn to senator lindsey
4:34 pm
graham south carolina. senator, you know how we feel about this. we want to help ukraine. obviously. but it goes out the door so fast like everything gets done like this, like that. billions out the door like this. and meanwhile americans are looking around like hey, congress, what about you was? do you feel that? >> hey, totally. like i totally get it here's the problem with the ukraine. they have run out of money in terms of buying weapons, i think, at the middle of may. so, the ukrainian army is delivering a whoop ass on the russian army they are about to run out of ammunition. they are not asking for any soldiers or us to take over the skies anymore. >> jesse: i know but we are getting our asses whooped here you know that senator come on. we should have gotten that weaponry out to them a year ago when we saw the build-up coming. >> amen. common sense tells you that not going to stop in ukraine.
4:35 pm
common sense tells you he was going to invade. people running the border are also the ones trying to prevent putin from going into ukraine. if i thought pulling the plug on ukraine would make any probable better here i would entertain it but our problems here don't get better by allowing putin to win in ukraine because he won't stop. >> jesse: can't we do both, senator? can't we do fast track for america? everything is fast track for overseas can't we fast track it here? >> you know, listen, i'm with you. why don't we fast track changing our laws at the border? why don't we fast track oil and gas, right? why don't we drill for oil and gas that we own. listen, we don't have the congress republicans. everything you say i agree with listen, you understand the importance of getting putin stopped in ukraine because he is going to keep going. china will take taiwan, but if the ukrainian military can stop them in the ukraine without any american soldiers, that's a great day for freedom. that's great day for america.
4:36 pm
i am with you. i wish we would do more on the energy front. does it make any sense to shut down oil and gas drilling in america and be more dependent on russia and iran? it makes absolutely no sense. but here's what i want to tell your listeners, if we can win in ukraine and i think we can, we can stop putin the world gets better overnight. if he takes ukraine, he doesn't get prosecuted as a war criminal, he will keep going. he wants to rewrite the map of europe and china is just waiting to see what to do with taiwan, all the chips in the world gore our computer high tech industry comes from taiwan, so there is a lot at stake here. i can't argue with you. i'm not trying to argue with you that we should be doing more here at home. we should have rational border policies. we don't. >> jesse: we agree. one thing i want to ask you though. i want to play some sound. this is you talking, are i think january 6th in the capitol, this is a "new york times" reporter as you said joe biden would be the man to heal the country and unite us and bring us all together. let's listen and get your reaction.
4:37 pm
>> actually coming out of this thing stronger. moments like this [inaudible] people calm down. people who are -- i don't want to be associated with that this is a group within a group. what this does it will be a rallying effect for a while for our country. [inaudible] he will be maybe the best person to have. how bad can you get with joe biden? >> jesse: joe biden the best person to have? do you really believe that? >> i was wrong. i have known joe for 30 years. he is a nice guy but he has been a disaster as president. you know, this was literally happening on the day of january the 6th. i was hoping that president biden could bring us together. common sense tells you want the president to be successful. but not only has he failed to bring us together. he has made us less safe.
4:38 pm
he has ruined our economy. all the bad guys are moving around the world. they didn't do this on trump's watch because they were afraid of him. nobody fears joe biden abroad and at home his policies are failing. i would have loved him to be successful. truth of the matter is he has not been. it's now time to pick a new president. that comes in 2024. take back the senate in 2022. help ukrainians beat the russians in ukraine so they don't keep going throughout europe and trying to stop china from taking taiwan and secure our border. we have got a mess on our hands but you know what? i'm optimistic. there is no other place i would rather live than the united states. >> jesse: i'm optimistic, too. i'm not optimistic about speaking to "new york times" reporters. if i was a senator i would never do it. >> that's good advice. probably good advice. very good advice. >> jesse: senator lindsey graham, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jesse: coming up, we found out what susan rice has been up to. it's been pretty nasty. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: every time there is a
4:44 pm
natural disaster these climate fatalists they hop up on soapboxes and tell us the world is going to end. >> we saw this dramatic shift, which, again, suggests introduce climate change could play a role in all of this. >> the last two years the lurk season has been so active they ran out of letters in the alphabet used to name storms. >> as are carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels increase in the atmosphere they are leading to temperature increases and as temperatures rise, we are going to start to see really extreme kinds of weather. some of this would happen without our human caused emissions that are fueling and driving climate change. >> jesse: the message is always clear. this will happen again unless we immediately shut down our coal plants, stop drilling and start eating those impossible burgers. they say we only have a few years left here on earth so, you know, the science. well, i have got some bad news for them. it appears the science as it
4:45 pm
sometimes does is changing. according to a new study from the government, cleaner air creates more hurricanes. [laughter] quote, a 50% decrease in pollution particles and droplets? europe and in the u.s. is linked to a 33% increase in atlantic storm formation in the past couple of decades. you heard that right. beare getting more hurricanes because the air is getting cleaner. so the next time a tropical storm is heading your way i suggest, you know, do a little light polluting just to soften the blow. susan rice, biden's domestic policy adviser, has been laying low this first year in office. what has she been up to? well, we found out a few things. apparently she is being accused of berating and humiliating her staff. an anonymous source told the american prospect that rice
4:46 pm
regularrably he is core united states colleagues creating dehue mill yizing and abusive environment no. one is off limits. sources say there was one instance where rice berated hhs xavier becerra how he handled migrants. rice reportedly wrote a note to a colleague that said don't help them. we picked up on this because no one ever leaks barely major player in this administration. figured out the leaks are coming from the far left. the far left thinks susan rice is too tough on illegal immigrants. and the left thinks susan rice is the new stephen miller. but, why leak this now? well, it actually makes sense. the left loves ron klain. biden's chief of staff. and rice is reportedly on deck
4:47 pm
to take his job when he gets the boot. the left also doesn't like susan rice because she is an obama puppet and they don't want obama pulling the strings in biden's white house because obama, the biden relationship not as cool as everybody thinks. obama is jealous of biden, according to nancy pelosi. we reported that earlier. so if you thought the country was dysfunctional now, just wait until susan rice takes the reins at the white house. clearly the knives are out for her. karl rove, former white house deputy chief of staff and a fox news contributor, he knows how all these things work, karl, behind the scenes. tell us what your take is here. >> jesse, brilliant. you are right on target. can i do a little numerous rolling on the white board? >> jesse: yes. >> the article appeared in american prospect left wing rag
4:48 pm
originally started by three liberal professors, very liberal professors. robert cutner, robert rice you may remember him and paul star. it's very left wing. the article is 1344 words in length. 40 of them recount her reputation as national security adviser under obama mistreating her people. they quote a cup couple people saying nice things. 3% of the total article. 10% says she is mean to her current colleagues and goes out of her way twice they mention you are right secretary of health and human services basara, 10%. 551 words or 41% of the article is devoted to excoriating her views on immigration. she apparently thought if you sent an airplane and returned people to say central america, you better make certain every seat is filled. how dare she do that? she was too sensitive not sensitive enough that the guatemalan healthcare system was being overwhelmed because we returned sick people to them. she was for vaccinating.
4:49 pm
she was against vaccinating people at the border because she thought it might serve as a magnet for them to come over and worst of all, thee called for additional screening of people at the border in order to return more of them across the border. that's what this is. 41%. 10%, 133 words in here are she is the principle opponent apparently in the west wing against getting rid of all the student loan debt. so think about that. over half the words in this article are not devoted to describing her bad behavior, that's 13%. it's to disagree with her policy views. in fact, they spend 10% of the article talking about a guy who was tossed out, i think it was last year, the director of the office of science and technology inside the white house for mistreating his employees. they spent almost as much time talking about him, who is not central to the article as they do susan rice who is supposedly the named party. you got it exactly right. this is annual attempt to say better not put her in the job of
4:50 pm
ron klain because she is gnat that to us. she has been too much of a hard ass when it comes to immigration. >> jesse: i love it i have to ask you one question quickly do you sleep with your white board. >> no. i sleep with my wife. >> jesse: okay. good. just checking because you love that white board. >> look. it's got sharp edges, man. i don't want to roll over that in the night. >> jesse: so do you, karl. >> i don't want the dog to roll over it either. because the dog sometimes jumps in the bed. i don't want him to -- dock holiday is not going to like running into the white board in the middle of the night. >> jesse: pet doc holiday for me thank you very much. the architect, karl rove. meet the boy with the world's greatest hair. that's next. plus, texts. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: you've heard of restless leg syndrome, what uncomfortable hair syndrome. caitlin samples had never heard of it either, until she posted a photo of her son and a stranger messaged her. he was indeed diagnosed with a syndrome so rare that there are only 100 reported cases of it and the entire world. it is characterized by disorderly hair that can't be comped. it typically goes away once the child hits puberty. and it does absolutely adorable. joining me now is the kid himself along with his mom, kaitlyn. caitlin, this hair must've come from the father, we can imagine. >> [laughs] that is what we joke about. >> can you run your fingers through it for us? >> yes. so you actually can technically call mitts, but it is quite fragile, so we just let it be
4:57 pm
free. >> jesse: i'm all right with that. he looks great. when he came out of the womb, did he have hair like this question might wind did this develop? >> when he was born he had jet black hair just like his older brother. we thought okay, he's going to hair like his, but then that fell out and about 6-9 months old his new hair started coming in and at about ten months old is when we started getting comments from strangers. that is about the time i got the dm. >> jesse: what kind of comments do you get when you guys go to the grocery store together? >> oh, my gosh, we get everything from comparisons to boris johnson and donald trump or did that baby stick his finger in a socket. people love it. they are very, very interested and intrigued by it. they really want to touch it. >> jesse: i wish i could touch it. i'm mad that you guys aren't
4:58 pm
on-site. as someone with on-call mobile hair sometimes in the mornings, i can empathize. and i love him, he's adorable. they give so much for sharing this very rare hair on "jesse watters prime time and go. thank you so much, what a cutie. this morning instead of waking up and looking at my phone i went for a walk for 45 minutes in central park. and all of these brilliant ideas came to my head. and it was because i wasn't looking at what dozens and dozens of strangers were saying about god knows what. i don't care anymore what other people are saying. i only care about what i am saying. i think it is important for everybody to put their phones down more in this country. if you don't have to look at it. being bored is fine. being alone with your thoughts is okay. you might actually think of something smart. you know everybody says come i wish i could invent something? it's because you're probably looking at your phone. that is not how great inventions were made.
4:59 pm
they were made by people that were bored and were trying to solve problems. let's do some texts. edna, "i don't know why old joe is so angry, i'm the one he should be anger. i stood in line to play $9 for a lousy can of crisco. i would make you one of my famous prize, but i can't afford crisco for the crust." randy, "way to call out senator graham. about time some but he pushed them to tell truth." lucia from charleston, south carolina, "i see a new political party farming. it should be called the common sense party. the u.s. is ready for it. as more people in the middle." i think you are right about that. george, "why don't members of congress publish their addresses so we can peacefully protest outside their homes?" of course, of course. sally, "you are pronouncing it wrong.
5:00 pm
think bad like bad, nevada." i can't promise i'm going to get it right next to him. i have nevada stuck in my throat. tucker is up next. always a member, i am jesse watters, and this is "my world." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ spewing good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." usually when there is a scandal or a crisis in this country, the people who are responsible for it respond to it by adverting their gaze. just ignore it. on principle that if you don't see something, it can't bother you. what a white buick crisis? that usually works. but if it doesn't work, if people start to complain about what they've done, our leaders move to the next stage and deny it is even happening. racist c


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