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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 12, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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with us, thank you for making the show possible. we hope you set your dvr so you never, ever, ever miss an episode of "hannity" to pick out for all the latest news and information you could ever want or need or trust, its we have information about me at, let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. floor is next, "the ingraham angle." have a great night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington, thank you for joining us. spending while america burns, that's the focus of tonight's angle. the scenes you're watching are from downtown chicago last night where a massive group of teens took over the streets. you can see them climbing on city buses, total chaos. it's making residents terrified to even go out side on a basis, the city of lightfoot as an
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lori lightfoot is devolving further into lawlessness, yet somehow this disaster of an unrepentant radical thinks she deserves to be reelected. critics complain, her tone is as heartless as her policies are useless. she still hasn't addressed the heinous attack on 23-year-old dakota early who left friday night was ambushed, shot three times in the head and back and left for dead in the streets in an upscale neighborhood called lincoln park. after multiple surgeries he still clinging to life. zero suspects are in custody. last night the bloodshed continued, three young children were shot on the south side. to go boys ages six and 11 standing about a mile and a half away, a 3-year-old girl, this is tragically nothing new. at least 73 people have been shot since last friday in chicago, 14 on wednesday, 21 on tuesday, 14 on monday, and 24 over the weekend.
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the young thugs are running wild and they are fearless, they're not worried about the consequences and why should they be? lightfoot will do anything, she's about to take their side and in a dispute with the police. on a national level, the democrats are similarly disconnected from reality. many of you are wondering what happened to the america you love? there are pressing problems bearing down on us yet they are busy doing their abortion hustle, taking expensive jaunts to ukraine, and more playacting on the pandemic by a president who campaigned on ending it. >> today we mark a tragic milestone in the united states. 1 million covid deaths. 1 million empty chairs around the family dinner table. this summer is an opportunity to renew our efforts to keep our foot on the gas when it comes to getting this pandemic under control. >> laura: more like gas bag. can you imagine what the press would have done if trump would
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have presided over 1 million covid deaths? now more americans have died with biden in office with the vaccine then in 2020 with trump in without them. everything biden touches goes bad, everything. our country is essentially leaderless on five major issues. the border, inflation -- that includes sorting energy and food costs, and the china threat to. on each issue the administration is either done nothing or when it has done something that has made worse. the result is the american people have suffered, continue to suffer. or family budget, their personal safety, their wages along with our overall national security and stability. a partisan cabal on capitol hill are spending money like there's no tomorrow, this week our bankrupt nation has agreed to send $40 billion to ukraine. it's a number so staggering even "the new york times" questioned the wisdom of the russian
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allocation without serious congressional debate. then there is the ongoing covid spending scam, this is unreal. after biden the democrats failed in their pledge to shut down the virus, they want to be rewarded with a bigger covid honeypot, $22.5 billion to be exact. >> the heartbreak continues, all the more reason why we must pass the covid legislation so we can purchase vaccine, provide testing and treatment to prevent this outbreak from other variants that may come along. >> laura: the only thing we need to test for now his mental competence for geriatrics like her running america to the ground. republicans should have strenuously argued for zeroing out pandemic spending but they agreed to $10 billion instead -- not smart, not smart at all. according to dr. marty makary, we now have about 95 to 98%
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immunity circulating in the united states, time to move on. of course democrats were spending hawks when it came to enforcing our border under trump. if it means fewer illegals in the united states, they wanted no part of it and they fought it every step of the way. >> $5 billion for the wall, we simply are not. >> we aren't willing to acquiesce to a government shutdown and play a $5 million ransom note. >> they are to get tickets for the wall, plain and simple. >> laura: one eighth the price of the ukraine package. now we are getting no enforcement at the border, illegals pouring across and being flown all across america, crowding our schools, spreading illness and disease, working for under market pay. congressman kat spoke to one of our sources of the border discover some of that will infuriate you. >> he has been a border patrol agent for 30 years and he has
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never seen anything quite like this. he is a grandfather and he's saying his own children can't get food, baby formula for his grandkids but he is a border patrol agent just took in pallets, pallets of baby formula for all of the illegals that are crossing into the united states. >> laura: that alone should win the election for the republicans in november, democrats just don't care. no one is convinced by today's staged white house baby formula event either. these people are serious about one thing, getting you use to living with less. lowering america's expectations. when even "the washington post" is hitting biden's wishful thinking on inflation, you know it's bad and it gets worse. the liberal leaning website vox is reporting the american rescue plan actually caused a
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three-point jump in inflation, what we predicted periods skyrocketing costs are hammering american families, biden's aid is not to them but to ukraine. piers was actually in the bill, $4.4 billion to emergency food assistance in ukraine and around the world and $900 million goes to assistance for ukrainian refugees including english language services. every single republican should say no to this. but the old guard is still in charge so they are all on board. no questions asked. mcconnell is leading the charge, he wants that money fast track to. rand paul is one of a handful of republicans standing up for sanity. >> my oath of office into the national security of the united states of america. we cannot save ukraine by dooming the u.s. economy.
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our total aid to ukraine almost equal the entire military budget of russia and it's not as if we have that money lying around, we will have to borrow the money to from china to spend it to ukraine. >> laura: why is nobody in the military leadership of the mad states been held accountable for the 13 american service members killed during biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal or for all the failures of ours in iraq? trillions of dollars spent, thousands of lives lost and to what end? one is the last time i america won a real war outright? the answer by the way is world war ii. writing blank checks is not going to make america stronger. accountability will make america stronger. we need to take care of business at home and it doesn't include canceling oil and gas leases, that's only going to drive up prices further. pelosi went back to the future today threatening price controls. >> price gouging needs to be
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stopped, this is a major exploitation of the consumer. our bill enables the president to issue emergency declaration making it unlawful to increase gas and home energy prices in an expletive and excessive weight. >> laura: what would happen if she lost those cards? price controls worked so well in the 1970s, remember those days? meanwhile, regular people suffer. >> president biden is the cause of this. if we would've opened up pipeline and didn't bow down to the hyper climate control activists, we wouldn't be in the position we are in today. >> high try to limit my travels. >> my vehicle takes about $70 to fill up. >> i say about another month and a half before it starts to
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really break me. >> laura: break people, thanks, joe. we are now having to buy oil from despotic regimes so you can placate the climate crisis, the rest of you sweating it out this summer, you can go to hell. democrats addiction to spending and their aversion to freedom is a sickness. it's the product of a socialist mind-set that despises the independent spirit of the american entrepreneur and the faithful court of the american tradition. if it's not covid, they are going to use climate change to lock you down and limit your choices. if that doesn't work they're going to bleed us dry by getting us into an actual war with russia letting china skate, of course. president xi must wake up every day and pinch himself that biden is in the white house. anyone else find it ironic when we help make china richer, they turn around help keep russia afloat by buying more oil and
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agriculture. heck of a job. the establishment of both parties and their enablers in the press corps consistently place their own interest ahead of ours. they got richer, their buddies in china have gotten more powerful and america the greatest, freest, artist working country on earth has been treated as a piggy bank. my friends, the gravy train is coming to an end. every day, the inflation numbers tell us the game is up and that their days of printing money and wasting american resources are running out. this november is going to be the beginning of a new era in which the people finally take back their true power and once more begin steering this country in the right direction. jonah me now florida congressman byron donald and horace cooper,
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you voted against this $40 billion spend all rama -- the american people are scratching their heads on this. what's going on up there? >> that's a good question because even i don't know. we did $33,000,000,000.02 weeks ago for ukraine funding with military equipment, that was two weeks ago. we come back to town this week and there is a $40 million bill that we have two go to mecca three hours to read, it came out of nowhere. >> laura: i wish it was 40 million, 40 billion. >> my apologies, so upset i am. you try to figure out what's in it. >> laura: who read it? >> may be the staff did. >> laura: who wrote it? >> your guess is as good as mine, it came out of nancy pelosi's office in the white house. >> laura: lobbyists, i imagine defense contractors, may be to distribute and companies come i don't know. but the american people are seeing our country grow weaker and our families were poor or day after day yet apparently money does grow on trees and we
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are going to send it willy-nilly with zero accountability as to where it goes in ukraine if it goes there at all. >> my old boss armey used to say you can't be this wrong by accident. this bad behavior, this destructive behavior is not a coincidence. people who are not looking up for the american people are making the decisions and it is time for a day of reckoning. november needs to, and every american -- that discussion from those people who are at the gas station, the regular americans, most people are going to show up and hold people accountable. >> laura: when we have baby formula, something so essential. this is the ad states of america, scrounging around for baby food. i lived in the soviet union when i was a student, i said i will
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never wait in line for food again. this is what we are doing now. >> this is the failure of joe biden, he's felt like america, failed white america, he spelled hispanic america because he stumbles from crisis to crisis. there is no plan, no strategy, he does not know what to do. the agencies are a mess and the democrats would rather play politics than get out of the business of the american people. unfortunately, this is the reality of washington, d.c., right now. >> laura: rather than fixing this issue that's striking at the heart of so many people, the biden administration is doing the usual gaslighting. >> today president biden spoke with retailers and manufacturers to call it do more to help families purchase infant formula, what we are seeing as an enormous problem is hoarding, people hoarding because they are fearful and we are also calling on retailers to impose
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purchasing limits to prevent the possibility of hoarding because we know that is an issue. >> laura: why didn't we have hoarding during the trump administration? >> this is remarkable, every single one of the terrible results that we see today can't be pandemic related to. this is policy. president biden has made it worse, everything he touches he has a reverse midas touch, he destroys things. >> laura: we keep thinking this is a communications problem, if they have a better backdrop, a better zoom call, another celebrity come in and try to sell it. they don't want to admit that this is a policy problem. nancy pelosi has hinted that they are going to spend more money on the ukraine, she said more could be on the way.
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no end insight for the borrowing and printing. >> as far as they are concerned, there's no problem that can't be solved without massive borrowing. the bernie sanders plan on steroids in america is finally seeing it. it is a failure for our country, we have to reverse course. >> laura: i want to get to this new poll out today, 88% of americans believe that island crime is either a very big or a moderately big problem, 88% and they say this is just a state problem, this is a fox news concern, we have heard that -- this is bleeding into suburban america but devastating urban america, the people who deserve at least, the ones who are struggling the most. >> i am sick and tired of this administration standing up and trying to say how they are looking out for black americans, how they are looking out for the little guy, how they are looking out for the dispossessed. the truth of the matter is they have their core constituencies. if you are a defense contractor, if you are a climate crazy, they've got you covered. if you are everybody else, too
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bad for you. there is a killing field happening into many of the cities in america and joe biden just goes out, gets the milk, gets the cookies and takes the map, no concern whatsoever. >> laura: so much happening in san francisco and you have lori lightfoot who believes she should be reelected for her stellar record. she's been challenged by other democrats but when asked by this she says i'm not good to dignify your question about why it should be reelected to pick a looking down at the reporter who asked the question. this is how arrogant and out of touch these people are fickle to have been this way for a long time, this is nothing new but i think they'll americans with less money in their pocket they are focusing on it. >> i think the failures that have happened all across america, democrats are going to see this in november in spades. it's coming from lori lightfoot and coming for everybody else. don't believe me, ask the school
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board members out of san francisco what happened to them. >> laura: they're all moving to florida, to your states. great to see you both. if you can't watch us live make sure you set a series record on the dvr. you don't want to miss us every weeknight at ten, it's really fun to go up next, "the ingraham angle" investigation. china is buying up tens of thousands of acres of farmland in oklahoma, did you know that? what's going on? wait until you hear what they are going to do with it. plus congress will set up and to send $40 billion to ukraine with no strings attached. some senators are fighting to stop it. one of those men, senator bill haggerty joins us next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: yesterday president biden played farmer in illinois in a pathetic attempt to show that he cares about supply chain and farming crisis but there's something troubling happening to farmland, some 600 miles southwest that deserves attention. over the past few years chinese nationals have begun buying up tens of thousands of acres of farmland in the state of oklahoma. they had been doing so on a number of states, oklahoma has become their go to state for these purchases. what's china's end goal here?
7:24 pm
according to a statement from the oklahoma bureau of art to make, eventually these farms become commercial marijuana growing operations. they want on to note they buy agricultural or livestock farms, the nature and limited marijuana farms, and they sublet that business to mexican workers. congressman frank lucas represents oklahoma's third district where a lot of this is happening. he says his office has received a number of calls and concerns from constituents voicing real worry about land purchases and how the land is being used to grow marijuana. he went on to tell us according to the bureau of narcotics, there are 8,500 grow licenses in oklahoma, of those a shocking 25% of them are run by criminal organizations from places like china and mexico. the state saw the biggest drug bust in its history this past
7:25 pm
february were chinese nationals were among those arrested to. officers describing the scope of these operations. >> over 500 structures on 80 acres, this is one of the mine that we served a search warrant on this morning, this is a pretty good-sized drug trafficking organization. the nine that we did today are all connected and that's part of this organization responsible for moving tons and tons of marijuana out of oklahoma and other states. >> laura: these aren't just marijuana farms, constituents have mentioned these buyers, often aren't doing anything with the land at all, they just purchase it and they just have it. in other words these chinese affiliated buyers want to devalue american farmland in any way they can or hold it in their portfolio, how nice. just how brazen is this? langford's spokesperson told us
7:26 pm
constituents of the chinese parties have knocked on their door to purchase their farmland. in some cases they were offered a suitcase of cash to make the deal that day. oklahoma bans foreign ownership of farmland but there's a loophole that allows foreign investors to create a business and that buy land for that business. a state senate bill introduced in february and at stopping this but as far as we can see it hasn't gone anywhere. given the economic of the national security ramifications here, congress should get involved. a bill to limit purchases of agricultural by china was working its way to the house but stalled in committee, this is absurd and typical washington, failing to do what needs to be done as it spends money that we don't have on stuff we don't need. we are going to bring you updates on this as we get them. >> i hope the senate can reach an agreement to consider and
7:27 pm
pass this legislation today. ukrainians needed, we need to do it today. it bears directly on america's national security and vital interests, america cannot wish away global problems that affect us and our allies simply by burying our head in the sand. >> laura: that's what we do on china -- thanks to senator rand paul who single-handedly blocked the senate for passing the $40 billion ukraine aid bill today that in the scene for a fight next week. senator bill haggerty plans to vote no on this bill joins me now, great to have you in studio. there is a rush on this, why? >> i can't tell you why, we have pressing problems at home we are not addressing. we talked about earlier in the segment, we have people in memphis you can't find formula for their children, people in knoxville can't gas their tank up. i'm from a flyover state is the college in washington, we have real problems here and it
7:28 pm
precipitates for the biden administration, the policies they have taken, collapsing our southern border, standing by as china wages were on our killing more people with sentinel, china's fingerprint is on this and we are standing by a medic it happen yet we are rushing to take care of problems overseas. >> this total we are going to be spending in ukraine, you have to compared to what we saw in afghanistan. we don't declare war but we declare war on the american people's future by spending money we don't have as people are scrounging for baby formula. this is one of the worst commentaries on the state of america today. >> it is and it reflects the out of touch nature of this entire administration, they would rather wage war on america and criticize americans and ignore our plight yet rush to a cause that wraps joe biden gets ratings on but it's not as
7:29 pm
depressing as what's happening in america. >> congressman massey made the comment it's about 54 billion would be suspiciously close when you add it all up to the annual amount we spend in afghanistan, it's almost like the defense contractors -- they are in business, they want to make money -- i get it. that's a big chunk of money that is not going to be allocated to a lot of military interests if they don't get that money. >> it certainly has a better place and a higher use to be dealt with issues at home, borrowing money we don't have end to spending it on areas of the world where there may be a crisis, i don't think america has anything against ukraine, we don't want to see them fail that we have problems at home. >> laura: should americans died a safe finland and sweden? >> that's an interesting question that comes up soon. the difference is they aren't members of nato but if they join they might actually add to the capacity of nato, what nato has done in the past is bring on
7:30 pm
people who are liabilities for us. >> laura: when you were watching the reader we did on the chinese buying up farmland of the united states, they bought smithfield foods which is 150,000 acres of land in agricultural product which was i raising to me at the time, years ago. now more farmland, some of it for marijuana, isn't it time for congress to get involved here? >> it seems like an invasion from china at every point and washington is willing to look the other way every time when it comes to china, yet we are ready to jump on board with other problems that i think are much more -- >> laura: can you and i go over there and by maxim land in china? let's see if we can buy 100,000 acres in china. >> that will absolutely be impossible to do. >> laura: can we ask you to follow-up on this on the senate side? i think america is shocked. >> that was news, i saw senator langford's office involved in this and we will reach out to him tomorrow.
7:31 pm
here is a clue to nights wits' end next segment, the answers reveal that the end of the show, what provocative item did one catholic school accidentally sell for mother's day? tweak your guesses and see if you get it right. last night we called the hottest race in america and the pennsylvania republican senate primary has proven to be the case. in moments we are going to be everything you missed including edited videos and old tweets, stay there.
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♪ did you know you can address one of the root causes of aging by targeting all the cells in your body? try tru niagen- researched by the world's top scientific institutions and backed by over 200 scientific studies and 30 patents. tru niagen is proven to increase nad, to support heart and muscle health, and energy production that starts in your cells. address one of the root causes of aging with tru niagen. search tru niagen to learn more. ♪ ♪ >> just five days out from the red-hot pennsylvania senate g.o.p. primary and has that race got dirty in its final days. we continue not to have a horse in this but because of all the high stakes for all of these races ahead of november, we wanted to make sure you're getting all the facts.
7:37 pm
a number of doctored videos have been shared in attempt to smear kathy barnett, many suggesting she is a big supporter of blm which she has been denouncing on twitter for years, she addressed what she called the crazy allegations today. >> i have never supported black lives matter, look at what black lives matter has done to our nation, they have stoped division. that's what marxism does. >> she made some controversial comments and the fallout will no doubt continue. the more salient question is this -- with all his fame and all his celebrity and all the big endorsements, why hasn't dr. osborne able to seal the deal with the pennsylvania voters, why is that? what is it about him that voters aren't comfortable with. disturbing comments he's made about everything from gender transitioning for kids to abortion, the police involved shootings.
7:38 pm
here he is before he became a republican senate candidate buying into a false police shooting narrative. >> shot seven times in the back. the family of jacob blake speaks out to. >> he was trying to kill my son. >> devastating injuries. >> do they think you'll be able to walk again? >> pulled a knife on a cop along with other things, journeyman i was jack brewer a former nfl safety turned to ceo who has endorsed kathy barnett. again, we want to get all the information here, i think mccormick is a strong candidate, kathy barnett i don't know as much about a lot of controversy about her as well. you say former president trump's endorsement was a mistake, why do you say that? >> out of the queue represents what american ideals and conservative principles are, he's wishy-washy, he will say
7:39 pm
whatever he can to be elected, i think is money and fame is the reason he got the endorsement, i think a lot of those that are in power in the media and corporate america want to see individuals like this. this is the establishment playbook, i know kathy barnett, i know her personally and to compare these two it's not even a comparison. if you're hiring someone to run your company or hiring someone to oversee your family, it would be someone like kathy barnett, not dr. oz. i've heard him on the breakfast club and all of these other things, he panders to the local left, he panders to the ideals that are destroying the poorest of the poor in our nation. he panders to mass abortions. >> laura: we are going to play some of that -- what do you say to the tweets that are getting all the attention, the kathy barnett tweets about boarding planes and other things that have gotten a lot of heat out of
7:40 pm
there, what about those? >> i think a lot of that context. they are doctoring up some of the different things and trying to smear her. i don't come out talking about dr. oz or anybody else but when you start smearing a woman of god like kathy barnett who served in our military, who has been a devout christian all her life, i have a problem with that. many of them are taken completely out of context, start talking about muslims and people are saying she wants to ban muslims, she was talking about islamic extremists in the time period if you go back and look when she puts those tweets out to mix those statements come a time period we are in was a trying time when we were all wondering if it was coming over here. i think she is a true conservative, we know that come as a black conservative, it takes a lot to stand up for the movement, stand up for president trump, you are going to get attacked from your family is going to get attacked, when she steps out for president trump like he didn't 16 and in 20 -- i didn't always like president trump but he woke
7:41 pm
my eyes up and he brought in a new perspective on elections, and perspective on the political process and understanding how the deep state really works. this is an example of the deep estate turning against kathy barnett. republicans and conservatives, we need a black woman like kathy burnett rep resenting us, speaking for us, she does speak for america. i think we are making a huge mistake by slandering her. >> laura: the pile on is something to see, here is dr. oz responding to this heat that he has got. >> money groups have now come into pennsylvania with outside money and they are wrongly supporting kathy barnett and putting her in contention, when you're an outsider, the establishment coming after it with everything they've got to come i've been able to stand on my own 2 feet very proudly and live up to the promise of my campaign. >> laura: your reaction, he's
7:42 pm
a very well-known person, he has enormous amount of celebrity and star power. because he is an outsider, she is an outsider, it's hard to follow that. >> it's hard to follow what you have a woman who started a campaign with three individuals going out campaigning and talking to people directly -- all of a sudden she is in a statistical tie with someone who has spent 50-$60 million, it doesn't make sense -- logic is not there, kathy barnett is resonating with people because of our message and because of her story. a woman who was born out of rape -- all the other issues we are talking about, she represented with and great about the united states of america. if they continue this, we are meant to lose so many strong, black conservatives. the strongest black conservatives in our nation have supported kathy barnett and that is for a reason. these are trump supporter's. >> laura: you disagree with
7:43 pm
this massive concern that has been raised that she cannot win a general election. obviously republicans can't lose this seat, this is a seat they should win. your contention is despite all of this stuff bubbling around that she can win this senate seat and go to washington and fight for america first principles. >> you will see historic black women voting for republicans in pennsylvania like you've never seen, you will see people like me i'm a former philadelphia eagles. i will be on the ground campaigning for her. we will have a landslide victory because we will get the minority vote like no other republican has ever done in the state of pennsylvania. >> laura: we are going to be watching this, this is a three way race right now, a lot of money spent and it's all tied up. jack brewer, thank you for joining us. what if everything experts told you about climate change was wrong? a remarkable finding about hurricanes has the climate alarmists freaking out tonight, we're going to planet in
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♪ ♪ >> look at how climate change is fueling more powerful storms. >> we see when those climate models are one of the future, higher greenhouse gas concentrations, we see more extreme events. >> powerful winds and massive
7:49 pm
destruction, urging us to examine how climate change is fueling these super storms. >> laura: oh, really? not so fast. according to research from the national oceanic atmospheric administration, dramatic reductions in air pollution over the past 40 years is likely responsible for the steep increase in the number of hurricanes in the atlantic -- the research also shows that in asia where pollution has increased, there have been hurricanes. joining me now, former trump epa transition member as well as charlie hurt, whenever science and facts get in the way, the left change their messaging about what's going on? >> this is a crazy study, it's not very good science, what it basically says is epa regulations, wind turbines, solar panels because hurricanes, it seems to be off message for
7:50 pm
them. >> laura: why would this come out? >> they think that we are stupid, we will believe anything. the study makes no sense. >> laura: did you read how it was conducted? >> they went back in time and did some correlation, cherry picked data and came up with this -- i don't know what the point of the study is because it doesn't really match with any of their goals. is not very good science, it's not science at all, it's junk science. science would be to use the data they had to make predictions about the future but they aren't doing that, they just want to draw conclusions now. the most active hurricane period in the united states was during the revolutionary war before cheeseburgers, suvs, coal plants, where world hurricanes? the hurricanes were there but now they are not. the study makes no sense. >> laura: we had a lot going on on capitol hill with the epa administered gene or a mondo speaking out about what your kids should be doing and
7:51 pm
worrying about. >> we believe climate change is an existential threat to. children are going to be able to have a life. >> my constituents can forget about the need to put close and the kids backs right now. >> laura: they continue to pour money anywhere and everywhere but into the struggling pockets of americans. >> yeah, this is their religion. the reason it is their religion is because no matter what the problem is, the solution is always the same, the solution is to send more money to washington and to give bureaucrats in washington more power. that's the purpose of their religion, that is why whether this study is idiotic or not or whether it actually makes sense and the cleaner air is causing more hurricanes -- whatever it is, it doesn't matter, they're going to find a way to use all of it to convince people to send
7:52 pm
more money to washington and give more power to bureaucrats in washington. >> laura: as gas prices, oil prices are soaring, the biden administration announced yesterday they are going to cancel his oil and gas leases, critical oil and gas leases in alaska and in the gulf. at this point, tim kane is responding. >> this strikes me if we are the largest energy producer in the world and we know that it leads transitional he our european allies need energy from sources other than russia, that us going to saudi arabia and sang please produce more energy when we aren't willing to do it ourselves, i just don't get it. i don't know that there is a coherent strategy. >> laura: he saw that glenn young can win in that virginia and suddenly tim kane is making sense.
7:53 pm
this was to sabotage the american economy. >> joe biden said he was doing everything he could to lower gas prices. >> laura: that was a life. >> he is the exact opposite. not only did he cancel the leases this week but he's in federal appellate court arguing that he doesn't have to do anymore leasing because because of climate change. throw in the rollback of the reforms, or pipeline problems, they want to be able to cancel pipelines because of climate, he's doing everything he can to discourage oil production. >> laura: what do you of the democrat revolt? they are seeing what everyone else is seeing and feeling, the consumers are reeling. >> whether it's inflation or the fact that gas prices have skyrocketed yet again, they are back to their highest levels, $4 a gallon, that is a cheap gallon of gas today and they are
7:54 pm
looking at the fact that the entire war in ukraine was entirely caused by the fact that joe biden decided to destroy america's energy independence which made vladimir putin which enough to invade ukraine. >> laura: great to see you both. what a provocative item to the one catholic school accidentally sell to its students for mother's day? hurry up and tweak your guesses at the ingraham angle, stay there.
7:55 pm
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>> laura: what provocative item did one catholic school sell to its students for mother's day? individually wrapped ultrathin balloons. in today's version of mother's little helper. here's the big reveal. >> open it. >> i see it already.
8:00 pm
who bought them? >> they sent them an email. >> laura: can you imagine your first greater bringing that home? that will get your attention. all proceeds for the month of may are going to the shoreline soup kitchen. greg gutfeld next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: pretty insane, happy thursday everyone. it's almost the weekend had not can't wait. emergency room here i come. a few days ago we played


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