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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 12, 2022 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> greg: out of time. thanks to rob smith, tyrus, kat timpf, and i love you, america! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream and washington. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, the baby formula shortage has parents across america at a breaking point tonight. lawmakers demanding the president to take action in one florida congresswoman claiming it is hard to find baby formula to immigrants at the border. the parents of the u.s.
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desperately to find supplies for their babies. and remember the biden administration insist that taxpayer money was not used to by drug paraphernalia for the grant program. welcome a new report shows there is proof that crack pipes are being included in the so-called safe smoking kids in several major u.s. cities. we have an update how the white house is responding tonight. plus "fox news @ night" takes a close look at some of the campaign promises. president biden's opponents say he's been breaking. fox contributor joe concha will join us live. the first look tonight at the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. courtesy of a collection of telescopes from around the world. we began tonight with the latest crisis causing headaches for the biden administration. white house correspondent kevin corke tracking the latest developments regarding baby formula shortage, good evening kevin. >> good evening, shannon.
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parents across the nation are struggling just to find baby formula. for moms with hungry babies tonight, the sad truth is relief may not be coming anytime soon. that is in part white house officials say because of hoarding. not just supply shortages. but tonight there are actually growing questions about exactly what the so-called hoarding is happening and who is doing it. >> to the families looking for a baby formula, do you have a message for families? >> yes. >> president biden today short on details about his phone calls with desperate parents seeking baby formula and shorter about his plans to solve the problem. nationwide, the supply of baby formula is at about 43% below normal. even worse, the moms in places like arizona and nevada, tennessee and texas, the out of stock grade for popular brands is about 50%. a shockingly short supply leaving many moms running low on
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patience. >> right now i'm not seeing any solutions and scrambling to find formula. >> leaving formula makers gerber working around the clock to boost output. but the shelves across the country remain empty. tonight there are new allegations that the biden administration itself is stockpiling formula at the detention centers along the southern border. an effort to ensure that migrants have what they need. florida republican congresswoman kat kemp sharing these photos of what she says are pellets of formula in a migrant center in mcallen, texas. >> when american mothers are purchasing formula for illegals at the border, but they can't even get formula for their own children, that is a problem. >> tonight we also hear from the head of the national border patrol council someone by the name of brandon judd. he actually confirms to "fox news @ night" tonight that yes, their resources along the border are, in fact, stocked with infant formula.
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he also added this "if the biden administration was not prioritizing aliens over u.s. citizens, the formula could be on shelves." he did stress tonight there is a sincere need to take care of those cpd cost me to test the american people to suffer because of the lack of formula. in this particular case, apparently leaving on the border, shannon. >> shannon: it is tough because moms and babies all over the place that desperately need this material. we have to hope the production can ramp up for everybody. but in the meantime, more bad numbers for the president showing how hard it is for americans increasingly to pay for everyday items like gas, groceries. what are you finding? >> brittle, i'm a brutal survey results for the president, shannon. frankly, he underscores how bad everything is and the stark reality is fears about the future that also let me share some numbers, 21% of americans
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agreed to this particular survey say they find paying for groceries very difficult. 21% may not sound like a giant number but it is especially considering in 2017 just 7% of americans say they found it very difficult. by the way 18% say they found it easy to pay for groceries. how about a whopping 32% say they find it very difficult to pay for gas peer that is compared to just 13% who say they find it very easy it if you are like me and most americans, paying for gas has gotten really insane compared to just a couple of years ago. even worse for the white house, shannon, mr. biden's overall approval rating 38% while nearly 6 out of 10 americans say they disapprove of the job he is doing, shannon. >> shannon: room for improvement with those numbers. room to grow for the white house. kevin, thank you very much and we talk about the favorite topics coming up. >> pizza!
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>> carley: i will see you in just a few. >> shannon: an update on a story we have been tracking "fox news @ night" investigating whether or not taxpayer dollars are being used to give out crack pipes. that is the allegation. the biden administration said multimillion dollar harm reduction program is not funneling tax dollars to drug paraphernalia. that is being called out tonight. the washington reporting "yes, safe smoking kits include free crack pipes. we know because we got them." ashley strohmier is digging into that story for us, good evening, ashley. >> good evening, shannon the biden white house smoking kids and drug would not contain crack pipes but "the washington free beacon" said that is not true because they got them in five major cities. they reportedly got the kids in boston or d.c. baltimore and richmond. here is jen psaki in february with outrage that taxpayers would potentially find $30 million for harm reduction
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program that included the paraphernalia. listen to this. >> that is inaccurate reporting and we want to put out information to make that clear. we don't support federal funding and direct -- >> however here is photos of the pipes in the city's allegedly retained by "the washington free beacon." on thursday, they called it a conspiracy theory. >> this policy does not allow for crack pipes to be included. i would just note this is a bit of a conspiracy theory being spread out there and it's not accurate. there is an important drug treatment programs for people who have been suffering from what we have seen an epidemic across the country and money is not used for crack pipes. >> meanwhile a nationwide shortage of baby formula. one republican president is saying it is easy to get their hands on crack pipe within the it is formula. >> i think we need to take a moment and think about the fact joe biden's america, it seems like it's easier to get a crack
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pipe in a government-funded smoking kit then it is to find baby formula. >> right now more than 20 million americans suffer from substance abuse order with debts hitting its highest level in 2021. also 2021, 110,000 americans died from drug overdose, shannon. >> shannon: difficult numbers, ashley, thank you very much. so the justice department is finally commenting on recent protests at the homes of some of the supreme court justices with officials and one suburban washington community refusing to establish a security perimeter around those homes. chief washington correspondent mike emanuel has the latest on that tonight. >> after days of protest around the homes of conservative supreme court justices, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell is calling out attorney general merrick garland to enforce the law. >> one without a doj by the
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former chief judge whitney no product, no product to protect judicial safety and judicial independence. >> two democrats have split with the white house and other members of their own party on protest. health majority in a horror year and durbin. >> it is reprehensible stay away from family and homes and official members of the court. >> the senate majority leader is on the other side of this issue. >> if no tests are peaceful, yes, my house there are protest three or four times a week else on my house. >> the judges are a special category. title 18, section 15 oh seven of u.s. code as it is illegal withe intent of influencing any judge to picket or parade in or near a building or resident occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness or core officer.
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virginia governor glenn youngkin is asking fairfax county to extend parameters around the homes of three justices who live there. the county said no. the commonwealth attorney general says the justice department must step up too. >> it is a clear violation of section 1507 and they are trying to intimidate supreme court justices. >> the justice department has prosecuted cases for people disrupting oral arguments in their workplace of the court. some experts suggest protesters could also be charged with obstruction of justice for intimidate the supreme court justice, shannon. >> shannon: mike emanuel, thank you so much. let's talk about that and some of the things joe biden the canada promised versus most of the things joe biden, the president has delivered with a peer of, the media opinion: miss joe concha, great to see you, joe. >> high matt, shannon, happy friday.
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>> shannon: on the east coast, it definitely is, thank you for reminding me, great news. i want to ask you what mike was talking about there and the media and the way they are covering the protests and stuff. when we see people use language in seminary or for inflammatory it seems to be treated differently whether the left or the right and kind of this argument that impassioned and a lot of passion about abortion and people are fired up. they may act accordingly and as long as it is peaceful, can we agree that we have to draw a line somewhere about where this goes? >> we do. and the u.s. code as mike talked about says that this is a legal appeared in front of the homes of supreme court justices. when you think about amy coney barrett, for example, shannon, she has several children, seven, right? or justice gorsuch or justice brett kavanaugh they have families at home. all the neighbors in the neighborhood have nothing to do
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with this. yet, here we have moms showing up to homes of justices and protesting when it is against the law. i don't know really what else to say on this except that they should happen in front of the supreme court where protests i'm aware everybody, republicans, democrats would say, that's okay but at the homes of these folks, it is intimidation and the democrats know it. some are even now saying they shouldn't happen, yet democratic leaders like our president and the whole speaker of the press secretary all the way down are saying no, it's okay, no, it's not actually. this reflects poorly on the democratic party. >> shannon: senator senator durbin, you can argue if it is more but if we didn't have that law so clearly worded that says we can't do that stuff, nobody seems to be intent on enforcing anything
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like that. but the law -- you say the president made a lot of promises in a can of that he's not as the president -- don't all candidates do that question >> oh, sure. well, you know, i would say donald trump, you know, you can agree or disagree with the way he treats. but most promises trump made he kept, right question work as far as the border. as far as trade. as far as regulations come as far as joe biden is concerned, he promised that he would unify the country and that he would take responsibility if anything goes wrong. that he is the president and the top of the food chain, therefore, he would take accountability. what we are seeing shannon over and over again when it comes to inflation, he doesn't blame, say his spending or his party's spending. he says, okay, actually it's vladimir putin's fault or donald trump's fault were on the border, same thing. it is donald trump's fault. war on crime, he says it is
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covid's fault or it is republicans fold. his press secretary literally said that republicans want to defund the defund the police nl, obviously, we know that is not true. i could go on and on, but this is the path of the president as far as taking responsibility instead of saying, okay, we created these problems, therefore we will fix it. no, it is blames the other party. we are seeing it with inflation, the economy, and the american people poll after poll don't buy it. >> shannon: quickly before we are out of time, do you have a media winner this week? >> i think it is elon musk again, quite frankly, shannon. he is showing now that he means business here the old regime at twitter knows it. you are seeing resignations there now. in the end elon musk to change the social media giant. the folks there know it. free speech is a good thing. he wants more of it so elon musk
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won person of the year with "time" magazine. he wins my winner of the week here on this great show, "fox news @ night," shannon. >> shannon: okay, we are honored to have your award here on the show. do you think president trump with the door cracked to him to come back to twitter, yes or no, do you think he resist or at some point he is back on twitter? >> i think he will dabble, shannon. i think you will get back on twitter time to time but in the end who social is his country and he will stick to that primarily. >> shannon: all right, joe concha great to see you, always enjoy your friday. >> i will, thank you and thursday on the west coast, thank you. >> shannon: you can have it on the show right here. first up into fights crime, crisis round up was it a crime or something else? the officials in the bahamas working to determine what killed three american tourist in a sandals resort. autopsies begin this week. unclear how long that will take to complete purity toxicology report was sent to philadelphia
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prior to the death many guests complained of a strong odor on the property. a violent rampage in new mexico gas station caught on camera. watch as the 43-year-old suspect throws objects at the clerk. she runs off. he turns his attention to merchandise on the counter smashing and tossing the items peer of the store manager said more than $20,000 of damage was done. the suspect is facing multiple charges. and this is the moment a car traveling 70 miles an hour smashed into the greater columbus convention center in ohio last week. the speeding tesla ran a red light before the crash. the driver said he was losing control of his brakes before he went airborne. the driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition and cited for failure to control. miami police made a arrest of a man popping nearly 50 balloons off at the side of a yacht into the biscayne bay went viral.
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illegal dumping unit made in the rest antiman who was on the yacht not tell the workers to dispose of the blends in this way. the officers issued ten citations totaling $25,000. and we have got an update to a story we brought you last night new york city police officer dennis vargas to walk out of the hospital wednesday night after being wounded in a tuesday shoot-out in the bronx. it turns out the suspect remake smith shot dead by his partner could have been in bed with a felony gun charge but instead under the watch of court order mental health program. so let's talk about the case. a crime crisis and national police week. retired las vegas police and he, great to see you. >> shannon, great to be here, thank you. >> shannon: of the talk about this case on this issue. that legal aid society in new york said this about the case. smith was a father and son and tragic and timely killing is devastating. if anything his case underscores early invention, access to
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services and community-based support. struggling with a number of things in his system to and the system failed him. how do you respond? speak with the system did fail. the system failed for not having him in prison where he belongs. and to blame all the other sociological influences, more of the same nonsense we keep hearing from the people who simply don't want accountability for crime. and this is why we are seeing more and more violent crime in new york because there just are no consequences. in i'm sorry, but i keep on waiting for the mayor to stop talking about it and start doing something about it. >> shannon: well emma let me play what he said about guns and maybe what is going on in new york. he said this wednesday. >> there is no fear of people carrying guns. i've never seen anything like this in my life.
9:19 pm
in all of my years of policing and all my years of good vacancy. if you would speak with senior law enforcement officers across the country, they would tell you we have never experienced the level of total disregard and fearlessness of carrying a gun and using a gun. >> shannon: randy, what causes that and how do we change it? >> he is 100% correct, but this was the influence of the previous mayor de blasio who is soft on crime policies included low bail, no bail. same thing with the previous governor, andrew cuomo and with bill de blasio put all of this in place. you have the toughest, some of the toughest laws on the books about carrying a gun in new york, but it doesn't mean anything if they are not prosecuted. even if they are prosecuted, you have judges who aren't
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sentencing them to the sentences they are supposed to get the appearance of the criminals know this. this is a game to them. they are very savvy about what they can get away with. they are absolutely unencumbered by any consequences for the crimes that they do. so, of course, they will continue to do it. >> shannon: "the new york post" had a piece out today about the suspect who was supposed to be on parole through march 2027 and the rest in conjunction with monday robbery that took place in an elevator. he was accused of this. he just got out after spending 16 years in jail. recently pro high-risk sex offender in connection to the brutal knifepoint of a woman and "most violent criminals are continually being released despite a danger to the community over a second chance. this is a police force they are quoting. we are doing service to the
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community and complicit in their next crime. a quick final comment from you. >> absolutely correct. this is just another example of no consequences for their actions. instead of taking the public safety in the way that it should be, the city of new york is just dropping the ball over and over and over again. >> shannon: well, listen i know you are in town to celebrate police week purity we sell the bikes and the memorials going on today. bless you and everyone of those officers as well, we really appreciate your service, thank you. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> shannon: the investigation with capital rights an unprecedented move but a januara subpoena for four or five sitting lawmakers including kevin mccarthy, ohio's jim jordan, scott. of pennsylvania alabama brooks and in arizona. the weights of public hearings,
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coming in june. all right what could go wrong here? a giant tree, that is what was supposed to happen but plus the lightning beautiful summer storm display. the best viral videos are up next. ♪ ♪ open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was. find new style. find new roads. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines,
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: first up into nights viral videos, what could go wrong here? a maple tree proving too much for this crane truck that was actually cutting it up and trying to remove it. the truck tipped over and crashed into the owner's house as she looked on in the war. but still a video to match the whole thing. is this supposed to happen? we are pretty sure it wasn't but luckily, no one was hurt. a massive snowstorm into texas
9:28 pm
and the powering storm a how boop stretched far in the sky and engulfed houses in its way. it look like out of a movie but this is real. the residents to scramble to close up the windows before it. they posted a picture of a beautiful rainbow after the storm had passed. check out this scary scene. a don't drop beard off of ohio interstate. a massive fireball crashed into a d.o.t. vehicle that was on the shoulder. the worker had stopped to pick up trash but was still inside the parked vehicle when the dump truck smashed into it. both drivers was taken to the hospital and we are told the don't truck driver has life-threatening injuries caught on tape. check out this mesmerizing lightning dazzling the sky earlier this week with both flashing quick succession with huge dark clouds. the person who shot this video said she's never seen such constant, fast lightning. kind of beautiful, too.
9:29 pm
this elephant was trumpeting for help and even pointing his trunk to a drowning elephant who fell into the pool at the zoo. the elephant kept up the ruckus until a worker jumped into the water to help. it took a lot of pushing and trumpeting keeping a close watch until finally able to lift the little antelope high enough to get out. now, the elephant stuck around to make sure the worker got out okay as well. bravo. you can hear the folks at the zoo clapping. it ended well. if you have a video to share, hit us up shannon bream, "fox news @ night." we are getting our first look tonight at the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. it comes from a collection of telescopes all over the planet.
9:30 pm
correspondent alexis is taking a closer look, good evening. >> good evening and we will show you get that in the second. the scientists tell us tonight this black hole is 4 million times bigger than the sun. take a look on your screen. this is what we got today of this supermassive black hole. the milky way galaxy and you can see that glowing ring with a darker dish. that is the edge of the black hole peer of the supermassive black hole is called sagittarius a and located about 27,000 light-years or 159 quadrillion miles away from earth. so that far away, it is practically invisible to the optical telescope. this collaboration used eight telescopes spread across the world from antarctica to hawaii. they are extremely dense and strong gravity that not even light can escape dragging everything the stores from gas to plants but this black hole
9:31 pm
less than expected. the researchers calling it a gentle giant. >> when we see a trickle of materials making it to the black hole. and it will consume a single grain of rice every million years. >> it is the second black hole ever to be imaged by telescopes. back in 2019 from at the same capture this historic image from the galaxy far, far away. and astronomers believe that every galaxy, including their own has a black hole at the center and working as they always are every single day to better the technology and telescope to get a closer and clearer image of these black holes, shannon. >> shannon: alexis, this is fascinating. thank you so much. ♪ ♪ it is time to bring kevin back for a midnight snack kevin committed his good to have a good piece of pizza. >> yes. >> shannon: but there is a disagreement what toppings make it good appearance because this is something we can all agree
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on. maybe not the order per se but i think you will like what i have to share with you. most people come i would say you love pizza. most people do and maybe you are just wondering what is the most popular topping? well, no survey as you know but the folks at restaurant thought they would give it a shot. so here we go the most popular pizza toppings, pepperoni, chek, sausage, chek, mushrooms, chek, bacon, onions? >> shannon: no. >> i'm with you. chicken, black olives, spinach, okay. tomato and basil, beef, you know meat lovers, canadian bacon, pesto, and not to be left out, don't forget a little ham and pineapple. >> shannon: pineapple. >> pineapple and canadian bacon, isn't that right? >> shannon: yeah, so what do you like? >> i am a sausage guy. i like sausage, pepperoni, meat lovers but i like sausage.
9:33 pm
how about you? >> shannon: we have pizza from one of my favorite pizzas in town. town. i like the buffalo chicken. the sauce and everything, it is really good. so nontraditional pizza but we have a bunch of people and dominic on our team we have some pineapple and ham fans but the pizza got here tonight it was gone. i would say half of our team likes pineapple and ham. >> i never grew up like that because a traditional household and you have your pepperoni, sausage. a lot of mushrooms. do you remember mama celeste? >> yeah but it had to be on sale. three for the price of one. >> before the whole delivery craze. we were doing frozen pizza so i am a pizza guy. >> shannon: what did you get? i got the buffalo chicken. >> spinach and artichoke chicken, is that what it is? i would eat it now but i don't want to have chunks between my teeth. >> shannon: by the way this pizza was courtesy of rich strike. i put my money on the course at
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the kentucky derby. so courtesy of rich strike trying to spread the love. >> number for you he's not running in the race. >> shannon: i know, i don't know what he could off as a long shot but once is more than enough. >> i'm so happy for you. >> shannon: thanks for the pizza. courtesy of rich strike. i'm not going to make you talk now. coming up a wildfire near los angeles attorney multimillion dollar homes to ash. plus a live report on the ground and ukraine coming up next.
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ready to turn your dreams into plans and your actions into achievements? explore over 75 programs and four-week classes at national university. your future starts today at >> shannon: a raging wildfire burning through a fluid south carolina immunity producing multimillion dollar mansions to robles in just a matter of hours. correspondent jeff paul reporting from los angeles, good evening, jeff. >> good evening, shannon. the wildfires in california move
9:40 pm
through a coastal community in orange county so fast just minutes to get out. we are learning from authorities the fire is only 15% contained with 230 acres with multimillion dollar homes and damaging several others. >> it is tragic. and you feel for the residence. to lose a home, i can imagine and we don't have a season these days. >> they are calling at the coastal fire with forced hundreds to evacuate. it started near a water treatment facility. position between lagoon and legato, laguna beach. it is under investigation but residents say at one point the sky turned orange and filled near the canyon in the ocean. >> the heat started getting on us. and it got worse. the fire sparked and you could see it got really, really close really, really quick. >> we were not shocked. i've never been through anything like this and we really had
9:41 pm
30 minutes notice. >> everybody had to evacuate quickly yesterday. got out and coming back and watching on the news was... it was hard to. >> be beyond california and unstoppable fire in new mexico growing day by day. and also getting word of a new wildfire that started in colorado springs near the city's airport. shannon. >> shannon: jeff paul, thank you very much. ashley judd with a new television interview that her mother ailments death on may 30th was the result of self-inflicted gunshot wound in tennessee. family of the grammy winning country music singer and other daughter wynonna dedicating the efforts to encourage people if you are distressed, if you need, seek help. pentagon officials confirmed three fires, three short range ballistics and a series of demonstrations this year hours after north korea confirmed its
9:42 pm
first official case of coronavirus since the pandemic began. president biden is scheduled to visit japan and south korea later this month. the war in ukraine has convinced finland leaders to apply without delay. sweden to follow suit. russia threatening both countries with tele-tory steps if they follow through. let's get the latest on the ground tonight with correspondent matt finn live from lviv. hello, matt. >> hi, shannon at the institute for the study of war said russia did not gain ground in eastern ukraine on thursday. and the latest on those ukraine marines trap beneath the mass of steel plants, russia had more error artillery strikes against the ukrainians in the steel plant on thursday. russian troops did not conduct ground defenses on the steel plant. however, they did block the tunnel so there marines could not escape. it is a dire, horrific situation
9:43 pm
for the marines and families. the first war trial of a russian soldier since the start of the conflict is scheduled to begin tomorrow in lviv. a21-year-old capture member of the tank unit accused of shooting a 62-year-old man on his bike. ukraine's prosecutor general said it's been investigating more than 10,000 alleged war crimes committed by russians with over 600 suspects identified. an finland's president and prime minister endorsed joining nato in a statement thursday. sweden could do the same in the coming days. it would be historic realignment in europe after russians invasion of ukraine signifies this new modern threat. finland chairs 800-mile border with russia and for a long time had no military alignment. the kremlin reacted by warning, it will be forced to take to tele-tory military measures, shannon. >> shannon: matt, thank you very much. coming up, who is hating on duncan? one company claims the doughnut
9:44 pm
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: time for "night court" with beyond me and
9:49 pm
dunkin' donuts facing a lawsuit over the sandwich slogan. great taste from a plant-based. the problem is philadelphia-based company got a federal trademark for its slogan where great taste is plant-based. 2015. now suing new york phrase and other campaign similarities interfere with the trademark. let's bring in legal eagle attorney and rich raw. great to have you but that's. >> great to see you, shannon. >> shannon: let's put up exhibit a, the warning side-by-side. the people say you got starburst coming from behind the products and the great taste, plant-based where great taste is plant-based. this is stealing their business and dunkin' donuts needs to knock this off. >> here is problem great taste is plant-based as generic terms, serial, edom, modem is not trade
9:50 pm
marred up the and it's not trade marketable. the fact that great taste is plant based doesn't get where they need to be. it is just not trade markable at the other part of the argument is that they are making it look similar but the font and the colors. maybe they are getting closer, but it is a generic term. plant-based, great taste, i just don't see it. >> shannon: okay, exhibit b, dunkin' donuts we have no comment from them. reuters reporting on this said they said duncan mp on blade tent slogan and lack of response gave us an impression they felt they are above the law and kelly, you know it will make its way through the court just because not dumping press statements does not mean there are above the law, does it? >> plaintiffs are basically making that argument and contending in the lawsuit that the fact dunkin' donuts
9:51 pm
infringed on the copyrights and they piled the copyrights. we have to remember the plaintiff has the burden of proof. so they have to prove that first off a copyright. the plaintiff's claim that there slogan trademark is copyrighted and that it is confusing to great taste, plant-based, confusing to wear is great taste is plant based. based on that the consumers will be confused on the fact of the trademark and harm financially. ultimately, shannon, it will be up to the court to make determination on the courts and the evidence and nobody should be above the law. >> shannon: no, they shouldn't and i have to admit i did not know there were plant-based sandwich options or breakfast offerings. i have a brother-in-law who is a big dunkin' donuts fan, low, he would know all these things. let's go to exhibit c, talking about this to say argues that not only is the slogan an invitation of the trademark but
9:52 pm
that beyond meat used placement and imagery that is nearly identical to their own branding including overlap and stacked text and send rate background imagery in a manner that was beyond coincidence. we don't think they are quite there but they say this is beyond coincidence and there's no question about it. >> there is a lot of question but we are talking about to my colleagues point, you have to show confusion. we are talking about philadelphia-based company versus a national chain of dunkin' donuts. the question is, is there confusion? will someone go to dunkin' donuts thinking they are buying for vegadelphia brand and by you because they thought it was a different brand? it is a traffic, it is a toughie. plant-based, great taste or not terms that are trade markable or operate a bowl. so the question is, is it confusion if i say the best serial or plant-based serial or
9:53 pm
i have generic emails? it has got to be something that has its own meaning like xerox, coca-cola, kleenex, frisbee. so, it is a tough sell. >> shannon: so, kelly, how would this plaintiff with these obstacles and these hurdles that rich lays out for us? >> first, plaintiff contends a complaint that their food was at fast food restaurant. there can be confusion. someone can go to dunkin' donuts and think this plant-based suit is, in fact, their food as well. so the consumer goes to dunkin' donuts and get the product as well. and also the fact that we have to look at this language and the slogan, great taste, plant-based. and they are taking those words from there slogan and they are going to be harmed. but ultimately the court will make a determination on whether or not imminent. >> shannon: we will check and let folks know but thank you for
9:54 pm
your advocacy tonight, kelly and rich, thank you both. if he gets on the jury, duncan will win. thanks, guys. good news before we say good night, the newest addition to the barbie collection, mattel, the first with during aids. wider range of skin tones, that children see in a world around them. they also added bodies with discolored scan from a one in a wheelchair, a doll with a prosthetic leg and important for the children to see themselves reflected in the products, toys and be able to play with dolls or like them. i love this idea. >> that is a great idea. by the way i love dunkin' donuts. >> shannon: to america runs on dunkin' donuts. good night, that is where a young boy burned by gasoline at a bridgeport, connecticut, home got a visit to the yankee stadium this weekend and got to meet the players, and he canngan h out with the
9:55 pm
players, throwing a baseball. we just want to say for him and for all who go through trauma like that, the fact the yankees would do that says so much about the organization. by the way, the good guys won the game. >> shannon: he is such a cutie and he had a great time. >> indeed. >> shannon: kevin, thank you. >> see you tomorrow. >> shannon: good night from washington. i am shannon bream. to help reduce.. i made my choice to.e.. the fire from fire to helple reduce the likelihood ofrg some serious allergic reactionsa may occur to fire , may increase the risk of infections ,know your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, no symptomsswi or if you had a vaccine or plan to emerge from fire with rimfire and your doctor about trem fire today, the day youa get your clearchoice dental"c
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capital good. " welcome to tucker carlson tonight . usually when there's's a scandai ors a crisis in this country, the people who are responsible for it respond to itst by averting their gaze. they just ignore itton on the principle that if you don't see something, it can't bother you. what opioid crisis that usuallyi works. but if it doesn't workop and people start to complainle about what they've done, ourge leaders just move to the next stage and deny it's even happenings . ci


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