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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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capital good. " welcome to tucker carlson tonight . usually when there's's a scandai ors a crisis in this country, the people who are responsible for it respond to itst by averting their gaze. they just ignore itton on the principle that if you don't see something, it can't bother you. what opioid crisis that usuallyi works. but if it doesn't workop and people start to complainle about what they've done, ourge leaders just move to the next stage and deny it's even happenings . ci
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racist curricula in your kids school. come on , there's no such thing. you're a conspiracy nut. better call the doj mandatory covid vaccines don'tin actually work as advertised. please, you're just imagining it. you mustyo be anust anti vaxxer us funded biolabs in ukraine. shut up traitor. that's pure russian disinformation and so on . they doo this with everything because it almost always works . you may be the injured party ine whatever disastery' they've managed to cook up, but by the time the washington post gets done explainingg you're a criminal for noticing it happened, it's very effective.y unfortunately for them it doesn't work within inflation.. inflation is just too obvious to deny every knows when inflation hits , when the prices go up because everybody goes shopping e. soso when you get inflation, you're stuck with it. bv leaders know this obviously. so their first movement we got inflation is to reassure this . there was nothing to worry about because actually inflation is a good thing. we've been longing for inflationng and thank god we
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finally got it. america needs higher, longer lasting inflation, declared bloomberg news. t well, when that didn't work because it was never going toit because apart from big institutional debt holders, no one in the world actually wants inflationtu. when that fails, they tried a new tack. yes, inflation is not ideal, they admitted, but it's like fog in the morning. it's inconvenient but temporaryr . it burns off and won't last long. the word they used to describe this was transitory and they used that word a lotot. >> watch. our economists have conveyed that they feel that the impact of our proposals will be transitory. all of the economists that theyi president has been relyinga on suggests that there is a transitory nature nature to n the inflation problem. economists calll all these things transitory effects. this inflation that we're experiencing is transitory. e it is not going to be heree' long. we've had several months of
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high inflation that most, economists including me believe will be transitory. we don't expect that those that upward pressure will produc substantially higher prices or that the effects will be persistent. we expecthat there will be transitory or temporary. so it wasn't just maxine waters and joe biden and joe biden's flak. none of of them can do math .us obviously you just saw the heada of the federal reserve and the former head of the federal reserve tell young this was t gg to be transitory, transitory. that was the best they couldnd do. behind the reassuring happy talk, they were in factic starting to panic because this was not at all what they had expected or predictedli in public. in fact, in september 17 winnersc. the nobel prizewa in economics, an awardre that suggests the winner understandsth economics, signed a public letter urging joe biden a to spend two trillil dollars more because inflation was no longer a concernge. there was no way we would get inflation and we're quoting
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the bill's. better package wrote these economists will transform the u.s. economy to be more efficient without presenting ann inflationary threat. so trillions in new government spending, we're going toe make this country more efficient. but we would never get inflationieou. it was hard to see even to not t an economist how that could be true. so this spending these trillions were on top of trillions that joe biden had already spentt ability already signed. that's many trillion. and it y turns out when you sped that much you get inflation. the fed has found that first bill rate inflation by at least three points because when you print more dollarswh, each dollr is worth less. you don't need to be anee economist to understanddd that , but these economists want an even more spending and they assured us it would not cause, inflation. but of course it did. it wasurse always going to and y march of this year that was obvious to everyone. so bloomberg news, which is evel this inflation was good now kinda got a more honest they wrote a piece offering tips on how to deal with inflation because now inflationd
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was bad. bloomberg told his readers to eat lentils instead of meat and to kill their dogs because pets are expensive, i as bloomberg put it,t, quote w nobody said this would be fun and they were right about that . it hasn't been fun. in fact, inflation has been a disaster for virtually everyone except the bigy debtholders officially, according to numbers out today, the inflation rate is eight point three percent. but that's a fixed 8 a number. it's based on cpi, which is a rigged measure in every realized and the other ones that you go through when you buy things to live the numbers are much higher. for example, this year the price of breakfast here which many peopleth eat in the morning has gone up by 10f percent. the cost of chicken nuggets is eighteen percent. stick to lentils, powell cannedl fruit and vegetables up more than 10% juice,, snacks, id clothing for your kids up nine percent. the price of baby food if you can find it up 13% fertilizerli prices, fertilizer being the basis of basis of allll agricultural products up 61%er over last year. corn, for example, was it
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five eighty nine a bushel at the beginning of9 this year? it's now at eight fifteen per bushel. that's a thirty eight percent increase higher than the cpi one to visit your family. want to take a vacation.n.want t want to takeo ta a workke triple the average cost of an airline ticket is now up more than 33% for the year. gas prices and you knowis this well for a fifty percent. e the average price of a usedwa van was in may of last year about twenty three thousand. it's now thirty four thousand. 47% increase in a real turkey you might have to buy a used van sant eight point3 three according to the cpi, the price of the used crossover suv is up from twenty two thousand to twenty seven thousand 27% increase. a housese? well, you're in trouble. median home prices up sixteen percent and the higher value zip codes are up a lot's more , not hundreds of percentwa in a lot of places. here's the badnt news for you if you want to buy one , the 30r year mortgage rate is a thirteen year so t this really is worst case
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scenario. interestst rates get high so t people can afford to buy houses at home. values don't go down becauseup all the houses are being snatched up. a big investors which are converting them to rental units. so you will ownes nothing and be happy. these are very distressing trends and everybody feels and that explains why a recent poll from pew found a that inflation is att the very top of americans list of concernsy ukraine which everyone in washington is obsessed with mitch mcconnell told us it's the single most important issue in the world is not even in the top ten concerns of american t citizens. so you look at a poll like that and many more like it and you reach the obvious conclusionss. you have no choice if you live in washington responsible for inflation to pretend that you careand about inflation and you think it's bad, it's pretty easy for joe biden to say this because you can blame food inflation just like you blame donald trump's election on vladimir putin. so that'sat is what h what he's. >> i'm doing everything within my power by executive orders to
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bring down the price and address the putin price on . let me start with the putin price hike. igh gas pri high gas prices and energy prices, 70% of the increase in inflation and inflation was a consequence. ke putin price right because of the impact on gas and energy p prices and doing everything i can to bring down the price to address putin's price. so not only did vladimir putin single handedly hack the dnc and embarrass the democraticil party , which isl the greatest felony one can commit , but he wrecked our economybu. how did he do that from the other side of the worldor when he runs the economyld totallyy detached from ours?that good question. but that's really all they have at this point. and you can see given that why democrats are encouraging war in ukraine, why they want that war to last forever if the war in ukraine ever ended, e who would they blame for the effects of their deranged policies? they have to pick a new person, probably you. but in point of fact, vladimir
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putin, for all of his faults, did not cause, inflation in then united states. the people who run our economy in the u.s. government caused inflation, the united states and they did it the oldf fashioned way by printing a ton ofmo money very quickly and that devalued our currency is t printing a ton of moneyin very quickly. always does. now the way this is measureshe with something called m2, that's the data set that the federal reserve uses to measure money supply are m2 money supply. it's not just going up. te our money supply is going up faster than it ever has in american history. as of today, m2t stands at more than twenty two trillion dollars for reference on february 3rd. 2020 it was at fifteen point three trillion. that is if y h you have a calculator handy a forty three percent jump in our nation's money supply in just over two years. so what's the result? ou the result iss. predictable and obvious. inflation is going up much faster. the united states is in say europe where they didn't spend as much on stimulus. whatever putin did or didn't do, none of this is his fault.
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this predates putin's invasion of ukraineas and you don't need to be a right winger to d acknowledge that even cnn is acknowledgingwing biden called t the putin price hike. i mean, is the pain at the pumpn all because of the warar in ukraine? not really right. they like to talk about the putin price hike, but of course energy prices were soaring even before the warga began. inflation was an issue before we ever started talking aboutut ukraine. so there we heard that whitene house line. it is due to president putin's price hikeid. one thing that ise still out there is whether or not this is working, especiallyy when it comes to a recent cnn poll that showed that less than a third of americans really feel that this party's economicv visions align with their own. so that is something a crushing thing for this administration to deal with as it really p prepares to take t on the midtem elections so everyonee understands what's going on here. sorry, it's not putin's fault. it's the fault of the people currently in charge and that
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makes joe biden very much like . he created the disaster he now claims he will fix what just happened. be here. i'll put it out. biden caused this and not just biden, janet yellen, his wholeco economic teamno and by the way, the legacy economic team.. this has been going on for a long time. it's not just biden, but he has made it much worse. he's done it on purpose s by shutting down domestic energy production, the administrationti has canceld sales of federal oil leases. why are they doing so? why are they making it worse? everything depends uponpr the price of everything you buy was trucked there or brought by ship or plane or rail. you need energy to bring you the products that you buy and if the price of energy goesy up, so does the price. ri his products is really simple. you hike the price of energy which they've done on on purpose your increasing inflation period, don't be an economist understand that much less a nobel prize winning economist. why are they doing this ? for three reasons. first, they have to do it. america's sovereign debt levelsh
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are way, way too high. we basically nationalized the debt which we transferred to taxpayers from the 08 meltdown. so weh have way too much debtue and the only way out of that is to devalue the u.s. dollar. otherwise the u.s. governmenttsg will be able to afford the interest payments on the money that it owes. no one says out loud out but its absolutely true we have to have inflation or else the u.s. government willis. you have to pay the price for their bad policies so the he who mismanaged the american economy needho inflation. thank you , janet yellen. the rest of us could have seen this coming ten years ago, but somehow w you didn't. the second reason is that rising energy prices justify their transition toea the green new deal. nobody in america wouldld ever choose to transition to green energy, which is to say to put trillions of us tax dollars into the pet investment projects of democratic donors. no one would ever doy that voluntarily but their hoping that the price of w fossil fuels will go so high that you have no choice or you
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can't afford to fill n your truck. yes, you're going to need a prius now and we're definitely going to need to c control the thermostat in your home now if the that sounds too sinister to be real, it is real. yes. it isfinistere. it's also real. and here's joe biden's commerce secretary gina raimondo,om who ran the state of rhodeme island of all places. shouldn't that be disqualifying it should someone she's got a cabinet post here. she is still employed amazingly telling you that climate change is existential and therefore more important than your picayune concerns like putting clothes on your kids. >> watch this .h whileth americans are struggling and seeing their paychecks shrink a twenty four percent increase over a fy21 levels for noaa doesn't really help families put food on the table or clothes on the back at a time when inflation is at four year high and you talkk about how this massive allocationll of funds helps to combat inflation or deal with supply chain issuesin i that yor say are so important. yes. so we believe climate change is
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an existential threat. so you know, children t forget about clothes on their back . they're notot going to be able o have a life if we don't deal with climate change. forget about clothes on your b back meaning your children's backs. forget about your children. en climate change is existential. we can use it to justify anything, any power grab, any failure, any disaster that we caused and should have stopped ntfore it got completely out of control and takero the economy, climate change, climate changeco . so pressing the u.s. economy to the brink actually has uses fori the bush administration. they will use your economic suffering as a pretext forsu assuming control over every aspectctas of your life. and that's the third reasonco they're doing this to our economy as samantha power. p there'sow no grounding whatsoeve it even balancing a checkbook. she's lady became famous for f writing a book that informed us that is bad religion. you know that smith discoverede is bad. >> she cares more than you as she put it just the other day. quotet, never let a crisis go to
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waste. she actually said that out loud. now democratsif in congress recognize that this is an opportunity it's an opportunity for them not simply to get more power but to make certain their preexisting obsessions become law and of course alwaysi to lecture you. here's congresswoman katie porter of california explaining that because inflation is so highay t, we need more abortion. watchh the fact that things like inflation can happen and it can become more expensive to feed your kids and to fuel your car is exactly why people need to be able toab be in chare of how many mouths they're going to have to feed. so i think the fact that we're seeing this rampant expenses that we're seeing people having to pay more in the groceryay store, pay more at the pump, pay more for housing is a reason h that people are sayig i need to be able to make my own decisions about when and if to start a family. >> now she said that why on tv
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on the other side of the coin was a host called larry h o'donnellos over at msnbc and se just said i as a member ofea congress saidh, yeah, i mean its to that you can't afford have children in this country. y but the upside is s now you get to end their lives early enough to feed them so really there is kind of a silver lining in that cloud 1% of the economy to the american people, lady from california to have an abortion p. answer? that's her answer. what country is this when you a are even talking about that'sbo insane and so dark you can be certain this is the one thingou you can count on that the left will never propose a solution to problems, even problems that caused that in the end disempowers the democratic party . every solutionwe makes them more powerful. how long before joe biden decides he canw lo that retail prices up? set don't laugh it off. it's coming. will cain is co-host of fox and friends weekend. also a lawyer and a friend wered happy are that on tonight so wil we've gone from this not happening to it is happening.
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it's good to it's happening and putin caused it to is terrible. kill your pets and have abortions. is this winning this ? i don't think so. i and i'm laughing but i'm laughing. tucker through astonishment at how how obviously bear is the evil. that clip from a congresswoman this isn't just some random news host drawing small ratings on competitive networks. this is an electedt. member of congress who says, you know, kids can be expensive so there's a good rationale for murdering them, you know, in and play out rationale out. c you know, they don't get cheaper. i have a fourteenha year old . he has a lot of expenses that are involved in arriving at being a teen. you have college kids, it gets more expensive. i'm curious is ha that rational hold true ? is it only up till eight i months, nine months? is it into two, three, four? when does that congresswoman's rationale end? oni'm curious about when the child is too expensive to stop murdering. what was that isn't happening.
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it is what what she's saying is like shut up and work for amazon. like let go of your desire to reproduce. isn't having children like the main source of joy for most people? i mean,t isn't that like the most important thing in life? i would think so.iv building a family, living in a community, contributing to that communityat, being a part e something greater than yourself, being your god, being a partat of something, not being an individual, a radical by yourself, selfish human being with their nose plugged into their phone all dayho. you asked me how this cycle works and by the way, the democrats are really good at this , tucker .ps the lefteu create a pseudo reality. tell us it's not it'ot true . as you pointed out, unarmed black men are being murdered in the streets in america is rotten. donald trump is a russian asset. convince us of this pseudo reality until reality rudelyea interrupt in the form ofliru inflation. ri fuel prices as you laid out, this reality cannot be denied. yes, you screw up the economy when i complain about you to t say kill your doguc. don't have a family. no, it'sbe i my country.
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maybe i want a family. i want to work for amazon.n right. willllwi cain, thank you so muc great to see you tonight . thanks, tucker . so the administration announced a 30 million dollar reduction program this year aimed at drug users and of course it promotedd harm as it always does p the grant program they suggest ,would fund something called smoking kits. and the white house told us the time they absolutely do not crack pipes, period 80% to put out a statement clarifying around some reports that crack pipes are not s one part of a safemo smoking kis that are funded by the administration. but can you clarify fors, instances where they never the kids or were they removed in response to the reporting and the pushback? they were never part of the kid. it was inaccurate reporting outwe wanted to put information to make that clear . so jen psaki told you the kids just have lupone and the fact checkers at usa today who for the record will literally say reporters there were definitely no crack pipes inside. so shut up, conspiracy monger
10:20 pm
quote what's inside is safe smoking kit to stop opioid overdose. no,ip it's not a crack pipe, but of course they didd no reporting on it because it's not really news organizations usa today, america's newspaper, but t the washington free beacon decides to report the story which reporters are supposedo o do. patricof is a reporter at the free beacon. he did the legwork. he joins us tonight to tell us what he found. patrick, thanks for coming on . you actually did a reporting. what did you find? yeah, so just a first dress what jen psaki said i mean, this is the exact messaging they did when we broke the story back in february.h oh , no, no, no. oh, no. the pipes are not in the kit and happily the media push this narrative. they theys printed the press release. w but what we just thought it was actually to go outac and do the real work to figure outwe what is a smoking kit. so we went to five different cities up and down the eastfere coast and we found of course, yes, a crack pipe is withinng a crack smoking kit. that's k the whole point. you smoke with a pipe. e i mean, we have the worst drug epidemic in american history. one hundred seven thousand dead
10:21 pm
last year. why would you have any clue why the white house would would promote drug addiction? yes. so this program is the, the thirty million dollar hhs program. it gives this moneyog to these harm reduction organizationsiz w and on this grant program wasas listed these smoking cases supposedly it's it'ss worth to users.harm for now i've continued to reach out to hhs. okay, well, clearly these pipes are in the smoking as we went out and got them. there's been documented proof y of this going back four years, i'd say, okay, well, how are you going too insure these pipes?he not in the kids. kit?they have o they have no answer for this . the white house clearly has been making this up as they've gone alongrls because there's bn quite the backlash. yeah, i mean, it's deranged texas really quick. so you did what reporters are supposed to do, which is check the press release to see if it was accurateket and calls aroul why didn't the new york a times do that ?es look, i can't say that , but look, we decided to go out in the street and i tell you,ho tucker , what i found was horrifying and i don't thinkou any reporter would want to see that . but the washington free beacon, of course, took to the streets.
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in boston what was the worst and that was the boston harbor doctor actually the city's health department run by the city's health department and i go therere and there's i mean, t least a dozen drug addicts walking around. it was horrifyingadking. when i get the pipe, they putey me in their system p for freeal and it's easy. walk in , walk out, get the crack pipepi and i walk outside. i thought, man, this is 11 am tucker . i saw a man shoot up in his half ten yards awaypo from a police car . i called the police. isme this open you're aware of? no answer, just degradingan the american population, killing people so dark it's hard to believe it's p happening . and i appreciate deeply appreciate you're going and doing the reporting on this. yeah, thank you . it just real quick, tucker , i just want to say the crack pipe that we got here, this is the crack pipe and here we got the meth five . so it's unbelievable.e. i mean it's so easy to get it's right there. yeah. not fun. t well, thank you . so new video in tonight shows a massive group of illegal aliens entering the united states, but they're not coming
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from contiguous countries. they're coming from as far away as venezuela and cuba. a new report shows the u.s.or government isn't buyingg baby formula for them as they right. you can't't can find it because you're not coming illegally. got more than that in a minute. plus, the cryptochrome market is in some turmoil tonight . we'll talk to an expert who will make us help us makeys sense of what exactly we're s seeing. that's straight ahead. you can only one thing the rest of your life or be i'm pretty sure that's not one thing. barbecue buffet, buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue is rocks and barbecue chicken and grill care instructions. where am my gasping for beef short for beef, mr. henry chicken mill likes dressing up to go out. he has more outfit than his daddy. henry loves to lick. he loves people. he likes hair dryers blowing on his face every friday
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one hundred more info. say like the broader stock market, cryptocurrency havept been moving downward at high speed just today a more than 200 billion dollars in value was raised from the crypto market. overall, bitcoin fell. it was the lowest price in aso year. so why is this happening exactly? and should you be worried if a you hold cryptocurrency?tocu nelly bernell is the host ofrr bitcoin slipperedency? cash. qu. she joins us tonight to answer those questions. natalie, thanks so much for comingyou so muc on . so people are watching this . fe some people feel vindicated. others feel really worried. what do you make of it? s me.ho tech bubble . thank you so muchh for having me. look, we're seeing a sell off a across the board. it feels like no one is safe right now.r and i know that can be really scary for people. but at the same time, we shouldn't really be surprisedd a because there's been so much excess added to the system. ear you mentioned it earlierlier i e newscast. i mean, the federal government has been printing trillions of in the last few years.was they were printing before, but
10:29 pm
it was accelerated as a result of the pandemic and that moneyew had to flow somewhere.he it went into stocks. it went to crypto and bitcoin and it caused inflation. now the governmentt is trying to take inflation seriously. they have to try to reduce the balance sheet. ates t they have to try too raise interest rates to make it more expensive to borrow and record debt levels. and so people are selling assets. they're sellingelli stocks. some of those stocks going down further than bitcoin people are selling, bitcoin and crypto. and i want to make an important distinction here because bitcoinn is not crypto bitcoin, it's digital property, whereasal bitcoin is largely angu unregulated securities market and it's similar in some ways to the .com bubble of the 90s where you saw things shoot c up in value and then crash down never to be heard from again. bu and i urge people caution because we saw some of those stories in the last week, whereas bitcoin is a very young but quickly growing technology network that has the power to disruptetwo and revolutionize or financial system. and it was really designed to decouple money from power which has caused so many of m the problems that exist in society. kly.
10:30 pm
it is growing very, very quickly and i think we might see some more shortrt term pain. but in the long run i thinkin it's going to be a winner. so it does and i think that's a really nice explanation the way you describe bitcoinesc but the idea was that it wouldup be decoupled from fluctuations in thetu equities market but itc seems correlated with the equity markets. you expect that to changeoror over time? ? i do expect that to change , right now bitcoin has largely existed in a qexi environment where h the government is printing money. it has been the beneficiary of that . so it doesas come d come down. but you know what ? in previous drawn downs it's come down even further 80 , 90% range. we are not there yet. could we see it? absolutelyhe. again,ou this is a very young,ec very volatile early technology network that'shnha growing very quickly. a lot of people don't understand it yet. but again, very different from the larger crypto market. bitcoin is a digital propertyy that has the potential to be in the hands of eight billion people across the world and give them access to a moreor inclusive financial system. and i think it's important to remember that because as you mentioned in the show, with all
10:31 pm
this money printing we've created a system of debt that has crushed saversec and it's benefited the people atei the top. it's socialized losses and privatized gains. and now we havend we countryry that's polarized and frustrated because people feel left behind . soso nicely i'm glad you came on thank very much. h good to see you for having me, m bruno. thank you . so bill hemmer and dagen mcdowell join us on a finalth exam. yes, we have a talk show and we're a game show rather and we're proud of that's straight ahead. college wasn't built for me. i didn't care if i had to work a double shift or if my kid had a favorite deadline. the deadline i want to set the deadline. i'm going to take test when i'm ready. i want to take courses on my feet up when i know my stuff. i want a university that cares . soon you're going to graduate
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the most talented home cooks return every a little bit we'll go out with a shot at redemption in which all star will step up to finally be named masterchef. its finale worthy masterchef back to win season premiere wednesday the twenty fifth on fox will take the now for final exam. we're not too proud to do gagame show. in factme sho we're delighted t this isap the game where news geniuses face off against one another to see who's been paying attention at work. these contestants, fox business anchor diegan mcgowan and theo. great bill hemmer from ohio. but now from america's newsroom
10:37 pm
,we are not too proud either way. the okay, this is a pretty tough game. youkn obviously know the rules because you play along at home but justul in case handsbu on buzzers i ask the questions the first person to personzz ges to answer the question critically. you must wait until they finish asking before you answer.yo you can answer one technology by saying your name every correct answer is worth a point . every incorrect answer subtracts a point from five of does that make sense? yeah, i get it. think so. i was a lot.rr i know it's a lot it's it's a complex game but we'll just you'll learn by playing. m son the first is a multipleuntii choice and keep your mind you have to wait until you've all three possible answers before you get here we go. first up, a shopper at a goodwill store in texas wasrg left flabbergasted after something she bought forthat thirty five bucks turned out to be two thousand years old and highly valuable.. what was it?ed was it a bottle of rare wine? b, a roman bust or c, a biblical scroll? we did this story, this story.
10:38 pm
bill hemmer, we know it was the roman bus. yes, the roman bus t. okay, i don't know the answer. so we'll find out. rotate, please. an antiques dealer from austin, texas made the find of a lifetime when a sculpture she purchased at a goodwill store for thirty five dollars turned out to be a twelve yearol old roman bustd. laura young purchased a fiftyed two pound marble bust in twentyn eighteen and after doing a little research she discovered that the bus is t actually a twenty year old depiction of famed roman commander nancy. i said, well, looksn like you both know the answer bill hemmer got there firstbi because we both shop at goodwill. you know, we do. jus it's not just for costume parties. it's pretty cool actually . all right. t preolquestion two, this is not multiple choice. there's a single answermue. so a cranky broadway actress called patti lupone flew into a blind rage while she was performing becausera s she was t
10:39 pm
wearing anything on her face. i remember the audience did something to offend her . what did theatergoer do? cell? i think that the theatergoer took offer their mask in the audience. i think you are rightt. and unfortunately i ad libbed that question in a way that suggested the answer. i can be more specific. she was screaming at him at the top of her lungs for having his mask below his nose. okay, which was roll tape. please put your hand over your nose. why you're in the theater. that's the rule. ifon't you don't oh , by the wa, can i say something? i wentnt to people that are sitting around here.en
10:40 pm
i wentt to this show. it's called company. don't go to it. you have to be vaxxer to go in the theater and they have mass police who walk up and down the aislesil while the actors are performing screaming at you torm putyb your mask over your nose and everybody's wearing a cloth mask your work with peoplehe on stage, you're spewing deadly corona germs on the audience because they're not a mass . i mean, so priority gagan. well, our judges and i'm just going to namego the judge so that i can deflect responsibility as alex macaskill has awarded it to you dig in on the basis of the precision ofci your answer. i hope i can't take responsibility for that . so it's one it's one off. this one's multiple question three a new morning consult poll asks americans a very t important question who is this country's single worstst governor ? with a stunning 54% disapprovald rating, a democrat governor takes the title is it a case brown of oregon, b,b,
10:41 pm
gretchen whitmer of michigan or c, j.b. pritzker of illinois who i think i don't overseers is working bilbo's first i go ahead. i think it's oregon. i i think it's a you. ap that'se my personal vote. but we're going to roll the tape to find out what the public thinks. here we go. today i'm announcing that effective friday, august twenty seven math will be required in all public outdoor sentir. that's an important thing is not possible regardless of vaccination stannow. right. well, you were right. now, tucker , i have a question. do i need to be more specific or do we need to ask alex? no, i think is a word as a word of that to you. and by the way, there's noit favoritism at allis and i don't know what goes on in the control i'm blaming. but now i think you can but youa have a you have a chance for redemption in question for this a two pointer. it's another multiple choice worth two points. so the europeanmuice parliamentt this week for something it
10:42 pm
called the conference on the future " of europe in wht can only be described as very conference began with people filling the aisles and engaging in an act. s it a, what was that act? was it a primal screaming? was it b, socially distant hugs or was it c interpretive dance ,dagen, primal screaming, primal scream? that was my guess. how do you know that ? oh , i guess i have. she's been to europe. knows the frustration. yeah. but let's let's consult the tape for the answer. here we go. g owe were to be together. that could be denuke can you and lulu to the to boost the on taslim if she's now dead. you were afraid watching
10:43 pm
that makes you wantt but that is in fact interpretive dance you. can break down who knows. all right, final question. a multiple choice here it is. workers at a nespresso factory in switzerland got the shock of their lives and they found what in a delivery of coffee beans was a bag of tarantulas. was it b, an elderly man's severed thumb or was it c, f haf a ton of cocaine? i this i don't have right now. go ahead fauci right. yeah. fauci tucker and that's the cocaine. yeahcaha that is correct. is cor now i don't knowre the answer because i'm prohibited from checking out. i'm guessing it's the elderly man severed some but maybe that's just the tarantula. it's not a good though. s yeah. bananab. i know that . all right. roll tape please. after a few hoursen of pretend not to know shoving it into every hole of their body, they decided to call
10:44 pm
the police. turned out it was 80% pure cocaine, making it the only thing in that nespresso factoryg strong enough to keep a human awake. goodman's body. i knew that because kennedy is one of my best friends and you were laughing about amazing vigen. going to say who was rooting for bill hemmer has taken today's trophy. s the prize in fact is not a trophy. it's a baseball hat with the name of the showam. so if you want to get yelled at in whole foods, go ahead. we'reds, on together tomorrow morning. you are all aware that with pride i was with for of advanced great dignity. bill , thank you . very, very good to be with the dagen as hosting america's newsroom tomorrow with the great bill hemmer at 9:00 a.m. that's it for final exam to the next time you can beatil the experts. we'll be right back . hello, i'm mike lindell and as
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when you can watch it and get the latest news business news on sirius xm any time anywhere fox news audio on sirius xm america is listening to fox news asian-americans, the native and pacific the native and pacific islanders t fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california. getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican
10:49 pm
who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california. the good time denaturalizes. hey. so there's this amazing thing happening in china where the chinese government using kova as a pretext to crack down in ways or totalitarian even
10:50 pm
by their standards locking the entire city ofhe shanghai in its homes, ripping children from their parents arms, sending people to concentration camps . horrifying. butt what's evenmo more horrifyg is how our public healthin authorities, the united states have responded with praise. what we. can learn something from the chinese. sog watching t that you begin to yourself what could stop something like that from happening here if the people in oururr co country are for it? weathertech tang has been asking that question. i wass born in shet came to the united states, to new hampshire. she's now running for congress . here's her campaign ad. i was born in china. y working class parentsin suffered under mao cultural revolution and the communist dictatorshipco. i wanted freedom. america was my promised land. a people are losing their rights to make t a living and to make their own life choices. i eurabia i am i fear that as a country my love is becoming
10:51 pm
like the country i left. lily chang williams is a republican candidate forsh congress in the state ofav new hampshire and we are honored to have us join us here. join us now. thanks so much for coming on . so that's that's a wonderful ad you cut. it sounds like your childhood in repressive country really informs how you view americagh right now. what did it teach you? well, i come to america foran freedom and prosperity, labor, my american dream. i'm just worried that theican american dream will d not be there for my children who were born in this country. i have been here for thirty four years. i have the same now. the country, i it's probably the worst situation today and they were beingat and i see this rise of authoritarianism and tyrannye in our country and the canceling people's rights and the peo silence dissenting voices and thenol what we're doing to our school children kind of reminds me
10:52 pm
what i see in china. you know, i don't want another cultural revolution happening in my new country. >> no,ou that's right. you fled the chinesele government. now you see our leaders making excuses for the chinese g government praising the chinese governmentov t. does that make you uncomfortable? not just the uncomfortable. i'm terrified and i have seen that the government are taking almost like a tactics and they even term from their playbook and our country is so divided by the traditional multi-ethnic identity politics and separate people into oppressor versus oppressed. and so he used that technique to do his cultural revolution. i'm warning people we don'te want the cultural revolution happening here to destroy this new country. i lovehi our voters in new hampshire responding to that messagege t. > yes, we have lots of little
10:53 pm
people here. why i come here because i love that motto live free or die. and we alsoo have a lots of people like me who love freedom and appreciate liberty coming here for the free statert project . so i want people tono know what i'm doing here so more people like me will come here. >> yes. and not just people from massachusettsm not really saying, well, you don't need to respond to that ,e but i feel strongly anyway. great to see you. so thank you so much. goodod luck. thank you for having me. so new moms have been struggling to feed their children since as a baby formula shortageir president's flac and say peoplei are hoarding it and that's the problem. at the same time, the administration apparently has been buying baby formula for legal aliens coming to our i country illegally. do they want an insurrection or are they doing a failed m?
10:54 pm
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this is why i can't ask my friends to do this finally and get a girls night out. ready? go get justified. i hate to 074. oh oh. millions of players have discovered the world of bingo down now and enjoy the game. you could only one thing the rest of your life would it be easy? look pretty sure that's all. in fact barbecue buffet buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue is rocks and barbecue in the middle of the trial the world can't stop watching. >> we are seeing a motion picture play out in a courtroom. so inside the lives of the hollywood stars and the shocking twist that led them to
10:59 pm
now as johnny and who is ever heard screaming dismissively on fox nation, you're seeing footage for a bill melisio on the screen when the only reporters have been coveringhe the disaster border. the pictures you're looking at show a group of more than one hundred illegal aliens crossing into this country. eagle pass, texas. now there only two border patrol agents on the scene. clearly they're outmatchedex by the way they're not coming from mexico. they're coming from far away places like venezuela and cuba, which by the way, is an island.. where are they coming? because joe biden left the our screen door open once again here. the bush administration will l youthem food supplies can't buy. would include f baby formula. a florida congresswoman called a says these illegal aliens are getting quote pallets of baby formula from the biden administration as camac put it, quote they are sending pallets ,pallets of baby formula to the border. meanwhile, in our own district here at home, we cannottwhil fid baby formula. we reached out to customs and border protection to findhe out how much baby formula the agency has purchased. they would not tellrc us it's n
11:00 pm
their duty to respond to the public apparently, but they didn't deny that they had bought. spokesman told us that quote, ensuring migrants have formula is a long this administration's commitment. so how much money is people going to take? you wonder i? humiliated. we'll be back tomorrow nightht 8:00 p.m. so a that's a sworn enemy of line property smugglers and group. think of the best night with the ones you love. we'll see them. me welcome to "hannity". and tonight the very latesttpl on our economy that is nowet completely imploding thanks to your president joey. we also have an update on jen psaki crack crack pipe lie. remember those crack kits that they had and they swore up and down that they had no crack pipes in them? yeah, we've got the evidence to prove it was a total lie and a shocking reportin about baby formula that the biden administration oh , they're stockpiling it for illegal immigrants in the middle off what is a mass wha nationwide shortage. also, lawrence jones lj will


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