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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the public apparently, but they didn't deny that they had bought. spokesman told us that quote, ensuring migrants have formula is a long this administration's commitment. so how much money is people going to take? you wonder i? humiliated. we'll be back tomorrow nightht 8:00 p.m. so a that's a sworn enemy of line property smugglers and group. think of the best night with the ones you love. we'll see them. me welcome to "hannity". and tonight the very latesttpl on our economy that is nowet completely imploding thanks to your president joey. we also have an update on jen psaki crack crack pipe lie. remember those crack kits that they had and they swore up and down that they had no crack pipes in them? yeah, we've got the evidence to prove it was a total lie and a shocking reportin about baby formula that the biden administration oh , they're stockpiling it for illegal immigrants in the middle off what is a mass wha nationwide shortage. also, lawrence jones lj will
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be here with an exclusive investigation. he actually got planes landing in the dark of night and followed where they were taken to illegal immigrants and by the way, nearly gotd arrested will tell you that whole story. and remember, you're paying for those flights you. but first tonight , an important update on republican pennsylvania senate candidate kathy barnett. now in the last weeket oututow nowhere, she surged into second place in the pollsce in pennsylvania, a very crowdedr republican senate primary. currently the candidateimim i endorsed and president trump endorsed, dr. mehmet oz is holding on to the number one spot. but it's easy to see why kathyit barnett's is picking up steam and connecting with voters. we've had her on this program in the past, her on my radio show. so she's a very impressive person, an incredible life story.e butwa because she was polling so low, so low just until the last week or so on , fortunately kathy barnett has not gotten any kind of vigorous, rigorous
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vetting that is now proving to be a massive problem in thisra race. here's why.. twenty she was not a serious candidate in her congressional race.. w she lost to a prettyea weak democrat by 19 points. and now we are uncovering many troubling comments and tweets c that would very likely cause her to lose badly in a general election. v this is a very important state.a there are so many questions she has never answered in many tweets that likely render her unelectable in pennsylvania. pe old senate must seat if republicans have any chance of taking over the i senate in the midterms.s this is a tipping point inflection moment fore this country. every one of these races matter. melet me be clear just because i and many others find her unelectable doesn't mean i want kathy barnett cancels . that's what the left does. most of these problematic commentsro and tweets are fairly recent, meaning it wasn't done
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when she was in their 20s or 30s. these are controversial, extremely controversial comments said over and over andm over againnd. so i've got to conclude these are are her heartfelt beliefs, n republican voters in pennsylvania and around the country. you need to knowund the the cold truth. let me put it s veryim simply he i don't see any scenario where kathy barnett can win a general election in pennsylvania. let me get specific why first, in recent years she engaged repeatedly in some pretty disturbing, very controversial rhetoric surrounding and and muslims. and she makes no distinction, for example, between islam and radical islam actually cancel whole religion on twitter, she askedy her followers to pray foror her because quote, she was about to board the plane to california and quote there is a homosexual female on the flight in twenty fifteen. she tweeted quote obama did what he does best. shoving is homosex agenda down
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everyone's throats and paraded a slewow of quote gay peopleom before the pope, whatever that means. she also heavily insinuated obama was a horrible gamema. obama is horrible on all measures. he loves all things that are homosexual and supports all things that are muslim also on twitter, barnett seemingly called for islam to be banned in the united states. that , in other words, wouldhe eliminate the first amendment to our us constitution. sheo also posted this disturbing image politicizing 9/11, showing an apparent terrorist standing over the rubble on ground zero, holding a sign that reads vote democratic . we need your help to killth you. there's certainly a better way perhaps oferss expressing a view that democrats might be weak on national securitye w, don't s think? and meanwhile, she also compared islam to nazismlso, tod her followers that it was her right to discriminate against muslims rig. and during a lengthy video
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posted to her youtube page, she referred to all of islam ofsl islam as depraved and evil. >> take a look for yourself. there are a lot of truismsm. i can talk about in regards to islam. i said a numberr of years studying it and reading the koran, talking to muslims. doesng it get an understanding because it is the mindset ofmi a muslim is very different fromi the mindset of americans and that's the reason why we cannot not fully understand the level, the depth of the depravity, the depth of the evilil because it's just nor a part of the american fabric for the most partic. >> okay, she's entitled to i her opinions. i believe in freedomd of speech but trashing an entire religion. igioi don't think that's going o get anybody elected to any office, any place, anywhere pur and it will undoubtedly hurt her in a statewide election perhapsio this is the reason wht she lost so badly s in twenty twenty and we on the show were very outspoken. we condemn radical islamists. we don't attack good people of
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varying faiths and there are good people in every faith. i was raised catholic but i'm very critical ofry the catholic church because ofti the corruption that took place. i don't knowon where she stands on islam now but so far she has not addressed any of these comments. nobody's even asked her now. however,r,a she apparently chand her opinion about barack obama. take a look at this data clingers remember when barack obama called this better thingn in pennsylvania we cling to or dislikeigion people who aren't like i remember how that made you tor one candidate for senate doesn't care. in fact,atee kathy barnett wanto build a statue of barack obama right next to the one of inraham lincoln on capitol hill in washington, kathy barnett vote republicans out of touch with pennsylvania. i don't know a single conservative not one i don'tgl know a single republican , note one that would ever want to put
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a statue of barack obama next to abrahama lincoln. that doesn't make any sense. why would any republican or conservative support that position? only she can answer for herself now, of course, barnett also a changed her mind about donald trump. she ultimately did get behindd himsh in the 2016 election. but before she did, barnett once even made fun of you. can you imagine why aregi you attacking me? i ended up being right about donald trump and all those guys like glenn back , ben shapiro. honestly, in fairness to them, d they didn't know donald trump the way i did and they all camee around eventually like kathynt did.. look, opinions can change. people evolve. that's okay.ples okay. but there but there are so many questions, so many controversial statements, so many controversial tweets that barnett is either unable or unwilling to answer like why she initially slated, you know, was slated to speak at a q and on conspiracy theory event. why is she backed by the shadyn, swampy i mean i am i done with the club for growth.
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they'reli giving her now millios of dollars and i suspect that's because they want the trump endorsed candidate to lose and i wonder because they now need to answer these questions why they're supporting kathy barnett with all these millions of dollars and all these extreme statements and positions club for growth needs to come on the show and answer those questions. and what about all of the holes in her resume? she said she worked for twoaj major financial firms, but her campaign won't tell us where she claims that shehere once served as an adjunct professor of corporate finance . we can't find any evidence of that . she also claims to be an army vet. but when" the washington examiner reached , her campaignw refused to provide any documentation. i'm not saying it didn't happen . why not answer? and when the free beacon called for comment on this issue, hu well, their campaign manager hung up on them today like yesterday. we also reached out togn her campaign on a variety of issues, but they refused tobuns
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answer any ofwe our questions a when we did so many of my staff got a hold of her yesterday and asked about these she basically said she had no memory of these tweets at all whatsoever. is she claimingg that somebody her twitter account anyway, kathy barnett is running for, kn the u.s. senate and what has to be described as a purple state, win forasy a republican in a general election. the media mob, the democratic t party , they will rip her apart over all of these issues, all of these comments, all of these tweets, if she is unable to clear up these issues right now before a primary, it's my prediction and i don't thinki it's a tough one to make. she will be utterly destroyed in a general election like she was in twenty twenty . president trump weighed in today. kathy barnett will never be able to win the general election against the radical left democrats. she hasas many things in her pan which have not been properly explained or vettedotd or
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with reaction or to other candidates in the pennsylvania c republican senate primary. jeff bartus and carlossans with a simple question for both the akala. we'll start with you. do you agree with my assessment now that we've had a chance just in the last thirty six hours nobody paid attention to kathyd, nobody paid attention to her past. she never got any of these questions. do you agree that her chances are zero of winning a general election in the commonwealth of pennsylvania? shawn, we need this seat and we have to vet our nominees. every nominee should be vetted . sean, you a know i'm a senate confirmed us ambassador toe denmark, greenland and the faroe islands when you're a senate confirmed ambassadoris they know everything about yout and they know that you're vetted. you. i work to deter russiath and china working with nato and the department to resolve it. but i'm asking a very 20%. s
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yeah, you've read her tweets. you've heard comments. it's it's now going viral in your whole state right. righe now in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. do you believe if shehe winsdo this nomination that she could win a general electionl? sean, sean, she won she lost against a weak democrat two years ago in a red wave year using the same identity politics she's using now? no, i do not believe that she can win in a general election against a strong democrat, john fetterman. but i can beat john futterman. i'm a strong republican and i'm ultra maga and pennsylvania wants to electtr a conservative senator to ele represent themwa in washington. joe bartus, let mesh get to you a thank you both for, by the way, forus being with us. mr bartus. let's get your reaction.n. same question. do you think what we're now finding out first of all, how how this did not come out o sooner is inexplicable to me. h that rarely ever happens in politics. i know she wasn't polling very high, but you've known about
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this apparentlyis for a long tie and apparently you tried to warn people nobody listened . >> well, sean, first of all,or thank you for having me tonight and it's hard toid read those tweets. i mean, we tell our kids be careful what you say onlineso or in social media because it lives forever. and here we are, lv the commonwealth of pennsylvania, a great state founded on religious freedom and religious tolerance. and it isha hard o to read thatt the end of the day, karl has been vetted. i've been vetted as a three time statewide candidate stst i in primary general now primary david's been vetted.t it's been vetted all in different ways. but we've all been through the crucible. i've sat for hundredsofof ofat interviews. i know the other candidates i just mentioned have kathye. owes a duty to alle republican primary voters because at the end of the day, if you can't stand up to the scrutiny of the media during a republican primary, what the heck are dri you going1 do when chuck schumer dumps one hundred million dollars on your head during a general election that's going to decide control of the united states senatetend? i've been running from day. one on this message of saving main street. we're goingre g cut through andn this on tuesday.
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but at t the end of the day, i love this party. i love this commonwealth. i've e been working to elect conservatives for two decades. we have a right to better all v of our nominees. ou candidate the other four of us i've mentioned have been vetted. cathy, to. the standard answer these questions or sit and answer these questions. but we cannot get to tuesday without thesenoue questions beig answered. selina said it right. you can't run out the clock in a primary. it's disrespectful. well, she's not answering our phones. we tried to answer she wrote me a note on twitter and said i'll debate on one on one on the day' before election day. >>t that wouldn't be fair. fair to either of you. i've watched you both in the debate. i think i think all the candidates have shown on fox. i won that debate, sean. i won that debate. yeah, i won the during the debate. you know, it never stops. this is too serious an issue. i don't think republicansth can get control ofon the senate if we don't hold on to the seat. this is pat toomey. tsosie way run strong
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in pennsylvania. it's true . yeah. yeah,nn carl. exactly right. the this this seat will decide control of the united states senate in january if we're to hold the biden administration to account, if we're you to get inflation under control, if we're to help our family farmers and our small businesses c, our oil industryo and gas industry here in pennsylvania, we have to win this seat and we need to put up a nominee who can crush john fetterman in the fall. we have great vetted candidate that's ready to go forward as aa party and we need to win this thing and whoever wins, everyone's got shine. i'll just say this . yes. s excuse me. just say this . there's no other candidate in this race that has foreign policy, trade policy and defense policy capabilities. i'm the only one . .an and sean, you've'v never had me on your show before. i am the most qualified candidate in this race, the maga candidate and the one ready on day one .nd i've put america first since 2016. they all talk about it. i'm the one that's done it and i am the candidatete ift pennsylvania's got or they know the facts will elect on may 17 .
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i need your help carlossans .com. i hope you'll follow me on social media. all thank you . well, john, i feel likee>> i ned a little bit of a commercial there just as well. and thank you for having us .ha thanks fornk highlighting this issue. important vote on the seventeene i listen. thanks everybody. i put people usually at the top . you've got to earn that spot and when you get there we put it on and i didn'te inviteda the top candidates on both ofte them and they've both been on the channel quite a bit. all right. make no mistake, this race in pennsylvania could very well probably will decide the balance of power in the us senate. by the way, democrats love the idea of kathy barnett winning now. it could be our only chancee we have to get this right the nexty two years to stop biden's radical climate alarmists religious cult agenda a, a new green deal agenda. look at this wholesale wholesale prices nowce 11%, a nw 40 year high even fake news. cnn reporting that americans
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now are skipping meals, racking up debt. 66 66% of american families living paycheck to paycheck gas prices all week long hitting one new record high after another. y and you know how joe responded it cancels yet another mass of oil and gas lease in alaskask and one in the gulf of mexico. genius that he is i guess he's going to go back and make an iranian deal , a venezuelan deal , beg opec to produce energy when we have our ownme energy. meanwhile, a response to the nationwideane, r baby formua shortage circle back final day. jen psaki suggested that worried parents call . doctor what's the doctor going to do? where does the doctor have baby formula b? >> what a dumb answer. said it waslt a public health question. which agency should that question he up as a very practical immediate question, i think you can'tca find a formula and you need it for your baby to eat. what should they say? we would certainly encourage any parent who has concernsld about their child's health's or
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their doctor call a pediatrician. when was the first time the president was briefed on the shortages? i'm not going to get into internal briefings. rihe's been made aware of it through the process and there's been steps this week it would have beenn all right.he >> o according to jen psaki, the only real problem the country is facing is something called ultra maga conservatives knew wordse and they all repeat s the same thing at once. a look for the american people and the american public.. >> a lot of these policies, the ultra maga wing, the marketing, all the different terminology where the president's using out there does not align with where the vast majority u the public s and elected officials should be doing what the vast majorityy of public wants them to do. >> all very nice of focus group new term that you remember. very anyway, since memory problemsva seem to be prevalent in the biden administration, let's remind gen adm soki and joey and everyone else how ultra mega affected our country because our borders were safe t and they were secure. our taxes, they were much lower
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gas prices. oh , low about half of what they are now. america was energy independent and exporter of energy inflation one point four percent, not the eight pointot three percent we got yesterday and it wasas non existent trump growth through the roof, t economic growth, unemployment at a record low for every demographic african-americans, hispanic americans, om asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment, african-americans,th youth unemployment, europe was at peace and americans were not trapped behind enemy lines in afghanistan. pretty horrible right then. w all right.hi here with more, two formerefs o white house chief of stafff wei have reince priebus and markno meadows. i don't know who to start with . well, you s is your chief of staff first reince priebus. i'm number one . i've number one for you know, all i'm going to get is trouble out of both of you.f i'm not going here. let's talk to you alsos the former rnc chair. you see what'sgo going on in pennsylvania now. kathy barnett had, you know,
11:19 pm
very low polling numbers then she surges. v nobody vetted her . nobody. and by the way, in twenty four hours it wasn't hard to do. and these these. are so incendiary they render her clearly unelectable . what's going to happen here? well, obviously it looks like the frontrunners are either us or david mccormick and certainly both of them can win a general election. there's other people that are running that are great people. you just saidad to t others on the show, but i'm afraid it's like a christine o'donnell waiting to happen w again. if anyone remembers that in 2010, sharron 2011. yeah.t i meanye that was a crazy year. but you know, you look at a what's at stake in this country as you laid its outut. in i mean,g when you're talking i about i mean, it's one thing, you know, inflationsion terrible and it affects everybody when now you're talking about parents, new parents. imagine for your parentsen
11:20 pm
that when you brought your newborn home after you'ren done breastfeeding, if you're not doing that and you're going to formula is a scary thing to think that you'd go into a walgreens or a cvs and you can't find formula.this is w this is where the president is taking this country and you think about that what's at a stake and what's what's affecting voters out there. you ask me is an rnc chair. there is nothing that moves the american voter then when you can't buy a car because it's too expensive, you can't find formula to feed your baby.o your groceries are twice the amount that they were two years ago. youu know, on a lighter note.s but the truth is you can't eveni drinknk your way out of this problem because the price of beer is going because of the cost of ingredients. the costst of aluminum, the cost of cans. i mean, these are the things that present. it's p a terrible thing. but it also presents a golden
11:21 pm
opportunity for the party and conservative to show young people y the people of color, people that let me get necessarily p always your voters what the effect of e joe biden really is. mark, let's get your take on all this . yeah, i think probably the biggest thing that the american people are looking at right now is is the progressive left and moderate joe biden has been turned into a progressiveiv left leaning president and it's affecting them at their you know, at the pumps. it's you know, i have we have some good friends who adopted a child had to go toad eight different stores to find formula and you wouldn't expect. that in the united states of america. you expect e it in russia orin in china or in placess that don't have a free market and yet the explanation coming out of the white house iss to w check with your doctor .
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i mean, listen, this is joe biden who campaigned against president trump, frankly suggesting everything that donald trump was doing was wrong and from the supplyy chains to jobs to energy and what we're finding is is that when you ask people on main street today they werer better off under the four years under donald trump and it's coming homemp very, very clear . you know, the people of pennsylvania, they'll they'll v do their own vetting, youet know you know, cathy's got a compelling personal story and that's what's resonating with people. but never underestimate o the wisdom of voters. to to doe ableff the vetting properly in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, the person i interviewed is unrecognizable to me in these comments and tweets. to be honest, i i'm shocked anyway. thank you both. when we comek back , lawrence jones lj with an exclusive report on the secret migrant
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free supplies last financial storm warning that time alone is code for tonight . more evidence of the biden open borders agenda and preferential treatment for illegal immigrants because our very own lawrence jones has exclusive footage of biden's secret migrant flights from this week right in new york where illegals have flown intocu obscure airports and driven and dropped off in undisclosed locations at all i hours ofs the night or early morningan
11:28 pm
flights as jen calls them. anyway, cross host lauren jones joins us now to explain more lj ,this is a big deal . yes, you almost got arrested. i heard. good job. i would have bailed out, by thev way. i would i didn't come up with the money. listen, i know you've got a loto of money, so i think i was a little you know what ? because ofngl. that comment, i'm going to leave you in jail nrcc. thank god we have no bail laws anyway. if i go, i'll come and work for you.y biden this is what i get . so sad, youstra know, by the administration told w us that these flights were going tond end, that this wasn't going on . we gotrource a tip from a source saying that they were doing these flights yet again requiem for a moment. we need something different. you know, they getngfere on thee busses about three busses. they're about one hundred and fifty plus maiga, the ones that got onto those busses, women, children, grown men. we decided to follow one of those busses and this is one of the turn in new alley these cars you're seeing
11:29 pm
right there, we're waiting for. the migrants. ifi want to go up there and talc to them and see where exactlytl did they comewe from and where were they going. so as i begin to do that , i guesss agitated some ofhi the migrants started flashing our cameramen with lights and everything and trying to conceal their identityce and as you say under the bus there's all this luggage and all this well, eventually they justh stop. they didn't want tot w get out f the car because they knew c my camera was out there. c and so they eventually the migrants, the peopleemi herc illegally called the police on meal and they've gotio a little contentious. you can't make sense off it and they got a police escort on top of it all too. i don't think they said that it was harassment. i explained to the officers that i was just doing my job. but if people want to see allll the footage, it'll be on my show 10:00 p.m. eastern time. i'll start being nicer to me. i'llternrt bail you out again. you know, next time give me a call. i won't a even call your mom and dad. i won't write you. i won't tell anybody.
11:30 pm
i'lll this i may have dropped your name when i was being so great i won't confirm or deny it. here it is another attack against hannity here. the cops willhe be here c tomorw . all right, lj don't forget lj new hit show cross country every saturday night at 10:00 right here on fox. the also tonight , biden's preferential treatment for illegals. it's gotten worseat for because according to florida congresswoman kat cammack, neuffer to inside a migrant m facility, this one in mcallen, texas. look at that pallets and pallets of baby formula fort illegal immigrants and their families even as hard working american families. a we're now suffering a massive nationwide formula shortage. we reached out to the white house and the departmenttre of homeland security for comment yet to hear back here with reaction to congresswomanwo kaminak is with us. wow. i know people, parents, they cannot get the formula
11:31 pm
that they desperately need. now, i'm notd against helping out families, but they're n not enforcing the law. these are not people that respected our borders, our laws and our sovereignty. why wouldn't all the pallets go to american families firstst? ha well, you know, sam, that's the crazy thing. just how insane everything is right now that we're even having this discussion. but it points to what a total dumpster fire the biden administration truly is. look, the biden administration for this formula shortage. you know, back inta november,gem their own fda shut the number b one manufacturer of baby formula down on a tip with no plan to t backfill the forty three percentl that this manufacturer ist a part of the market share. soof again, typical biden administration. no plan, no contingencies, no wayno to backfill. o 43%ur of our nation's supply of baby formula yet just today i'm getting word from border patrol agents that there is a tractor trailer full of pallets of baby formula sitting
11:32 pm
in that storeroom. come on now. this is exactly what america looks like. you'vear got parents panicking, kids getting sick and a humanitarian mission at. the border. the agents are doingth the best job that they can , but man, their hands are tied. and jen psaki says i'll go ask. your doctor how to do it. what is what is the doctor going to produce the, the baby formula? ting is yo >> what's fascinating is you post this on facebooku and then you go to your district in florida and you show empty shells where baby formula is supposed to be and they're all empty so so we don't have but illegal immigrants are a getting a top priority now. we also give preferential treatment. they don't have cova tests because't h they're not going to be here very long. we're told they don't want a vaccine mandates. e free transportation. and my favorite is everymy illegal immigrant is f getting a biden phone bought and paidnd for by the united states taxpayer. that's 100% again america laugh
11:33 pm
. that is what the biden administration is all about. and you know, youtrat said thats headquarters hadn't got. back to you with a comment i heard tonight that they have prohibited rank and file border patrol agents from going into thoseat rooms because they'reic panicked that we have exposedwe this america agenda. this has to stop. we need to put our kids first and this has to end. i have got t to go. november's coming. ourr. good job. thank you for sharing that withw us . and straight ahead tonight ,ig the washington free beacon proves that crack pipes arehthi actually included in joe biden's safe smoking kids. but remember circle back , jen psaki calls it a conspiracy theoryci. they denied it. they lied next . fox station is forever grateful to those who put this great country first. and to show our appreciation, we're continuing to offer all active military and veterans their first year fox news for free where you can stream shows that celebrate our country
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11:38 pm
massive lie because remember back in february when jen psaki claimed that crack pipes werepe not included in thehe distribution of so-called safe s smoking kits that are being funded? you got it by you, the taxpayer? well, of courseha that was a total lie as the washington free beacon went to five so-called harm reductionnt sites in different cities, let's say c new york , boston., and d.c. and richmond, virginia . baltimore and all of whichlu included crack pipes. you can seede right there and take a look on your screen.h crackgh pipe, crack pipes right there. here's how circle back jen psaki responded earlierak today to our own jackie heinrich. she thinks it's a conspiracy theory. she's learned well from hillary and i wouldld note that this is a bit of a conspiracy theory that's been spread out there. it's not accurate. there's important drug treatment programs for people suffering from what we've seen as an epidemic across the country and moneyos s
11:39 pm
not used for crack pipe iter with reaction. >> former speaker ofth the house fox news contributor newt gingrich. i can understand him wanting tow lie about it, but i doubt the washington free beacon took pictures or made it up. >> if they did, it would be the end of the newspaper. >> well, i think you have to a start with ann assumption that if you're on the big government socialist left, you can't tell the truth almostpt nothing they are doing is acceptable to the american people. the fact that they are soft on drugs at a time when over one hundred thousand americans died from overdoses last yearrames, the fact that ty lie every single day about illegal immigrants coming into the country and as you had earlier in the show, they lie about where they're sendingha them, the fact that they lies, about the crime rates, they lied about the impact of releasing murderers and and carjackers back on the streets. all these things are normal. i just went through in
11:40 pm
my newsletter this just coming out takes the abortion bill from the senate which only got forty nine votes in those forty nine senators are nuts. that abortion bill is radically worse than roe vs. wadede radically it provides for things the american people bitterly opposed. it allows abortion at any time ,noos matter how late it refuses people to be counseled on abortion, on abortion and uses taxpayerppor money to y for the abortions. you go down the list of things on every single major item.eo the american people are opposed. so you think any ofdo these are going to go home and say proudly yes, i voted for six or sevenen, things that you hate and think senator warner and georgia is going to go home and say yes, i voted for the most radical abortion bill in history. there's a lie. and i think this particular lie is part of a very long term left wing belief that everybody have accessught to to drugs, that drugs shouldta be totally decriminalized. e
11:41 pm
there are a couple of bills in various states where democrat legislators have proposed that fentanyl in small quantities can be legalized.dne. now this is madness. fentanyl kills and yet there underlying culture forces them to be for the most permissive possible society. their latest focus tested phrase is ultra maga now ultra maga means borders area secure. >> we're energy independent. we're net exporters of energy. we have next to zero inflation . we wee have free and fair trade deals. we believe in peace through strength. we put constitutionalistshr on the bench. i think i'm an ultra maga irredeemable, deplorable, bitter american that clings to my god guns and bible and religion. and then i'm a smelly wal-martey shopper. i'm guilty and guilty as charged. yes,harged yes. you have to figure out a t a
11:42 pm
shirt of some kind that captures sort of all off these different things. look, the fact is the correctco answer for allnc of us who are conservative is simple. they yell ultra y maga we say higher prices, they yell ultraay maga we say there isn't enough baby formula to go around. they say ultra maga we say we're tired of ourfr friends w being killed. i meane i think the world we stand for is so dramatically better than what the democrats are now delivering that they can make up any name they want . they can hire c c every consultt they can find and it's going to work. cuba has a real world. gasoline prices are ans all time . gh >> go ahead. what ? obviously we all think we can see a wave election coming, but i don't like to county my votes chickens before they hatch your thoughts on it . y why do you have to fight everyy single campaign and you have to make sure that you can win?
11:43 pm
it'sit harder in the senate.ou i think the house you're going to get a tidal wave. i think that kevin mccarthy is going to become speaker in the house. i think you're in right to be worried about kathyhy barnety in pennsylvania. one or twowo candidates who are unelectable and all of a sudden we have a much tougher fight in the senate. yeah, i can't believe that this this rise nobody vetted her and i can't see any scenario under which she would be electable and she got clobbered at 2020 eight against a pretty weak democrattt. f mror speaker, as always, thank you for being with us. we appreciate it right. when we come back , the woke indoctrination of our nation's students continues whereti you hear this story now we've got whistleblowers confirmingem member parents, domestic terrorists investigations when they go to school boardol meetings. yeah, whistle blowers confirming board the fbi is in a investigating parents at school board meetings. we got also huge news on the durham probe. that's all straight aheadn .
11:44 pm
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11:46 pm
season premiere wednesday the twenty on fox will go to i will take tomorrow the connection how will an american investment company is funding the communist regime, sg
11:47 pm
11:48 pm
and investing to invest in your best investment green light are more disturbing evidence t tonight on how far left indoctrination is taking over our school systems. e get and now because get this according to one mother in colorado back in may of 2020i one , an instructor at her daughter's middlens a schooh invited her daughter to an t after school program under i false pretenses. that's where students were subjected to far left gender identity lessons, including an activity calledr gender bread, whatever that means where students were pressed to.y answer questions a about their gender and identity . r and we're even told it's okay to lie to your parents about it. here's the mother he speaking out about this insanity. >> take a look. we picked her up from that program after school and we can see on her faceco
11:49 pm
that somethingul is incredibly wrong. it was an art club. it was gsa or gender and sexuality awareness is what they're calling it now she told the kids that if they're not feeling comfortable in their body, then they are transgenderthei. i so essentially told my daughter if she's not 100% comfortable in a female body that she is transgender. and she said that parentshe migl not be safe, that it's okay to lie to them about where they are for this program and for future programing. that wasm school confirmed to that the after school program does in fact exist. but they refused to comment on the specific allegations here. but acrossoss the country, pares are standing up to this far, left lunacy evenev as the biden administration is continue their attack on parents and parental involvement. now we have a new whistleblower revelation from inside the department of justicece t. the fbii is now open multipleti investigations into parents protesting far left education policies and itng gets worse because according to house
11:50 pm
republicans on the judiciary committee, the fbi has labeled these dozens of investigatorses into parents with a threat tag created by the fbibi counterterrorism division. you know, c as they move ahead. but also big development tonight in the durham probe as the judge in the michaelel sussman case reportedly ruled that fusion gps must turn over . twenty two emails to the special counsel right here pe all of this , republican congressman jim jordan with manhattan institute fellow chris rufo is with us jim . right. so you have these whistleblowers come forward. remember merrick garland under oath denied that they werees going to investigate parents at school board meetingsti and you have now examples, very specific examples, dad, that was against the mask mandate, for example. was it fit the profile of anti insurrectionist and they did an investigation into him and there are other examples
11:51 pm
that you've given. sogi did merrick garland lie to the country? so w it looks like he wasn't square with his son and that example you just gavehe about that dad when the fbin interviewed the person who filed the complaint , that person then said, well, there was no crime, there was no threat. i just thought it looked likeom someone who might do something we don't we don't agree with . that's not how it works in america. but the apparatus, the process that administration set up that merrick garland, the attorney general, the united states set upha isid how this all came to light. he did the memo to all us attorneys after he's after the letter was sent to l the white house from the school board association. and 16 daysio after he does the memo, the fbi sends out the email saying to establishhi this threat tag , put it on parents who've been reporteds on this this line merrick garland said you needed to set up that apparatus all work. and ie think the first thing to take away i've never seen the federal government move that fast. they did all that inthar twenty two days. but that apparatus that became the vehicle for over two dozenre parents to havent
11:52 pm
this designation, this label put on them and for them to be investigated, this is as wrong as they get , you know. so let me understand this , chris . if i have it right. so a we're going to invesovidtil p, ro concerned about agepr appropriae education in school, concerned about the lack of of standards reading, writing, math , science, computers that we're not teaching ourur kids and they're now investigating these parents and they're denyingth it publicly. but we have whistleblowers showing, in fact that they're doing p the exact opposite . where's merrick garland??where s you m know who else is involved in this? well, that's exactly right.s and what's happening is verybo clear that biden administrationd wants to suppress your speech on social media through its disinformation board and they want to they want to suppressan political speech at the local school board level by using the fbi to intimidate parents. i i talk to one of the co-founders of moms for liberty today. she told me that it'san absolutely having an impact.
11:53 pm
people these parents who are just getting after we're going to participate at the school board meeting in the grassroots democratic process are now scared to come forward. so in some ways suppression campaign is working. but they also told me that most of the moms are not going to back down. they're not going to g be intimidatedoi by the bidenio administration, which is recklessly weaponizes the fbi against moms and dads all over this country. jim jordan, you actually use the words that the whistleblower information is startling. it has to be how do we get to a point in america where parents are not really wanted, they're not wanted at these meetings any involvement is viewed at with a skeptical eye . now we're even we looking into the possibility that domestic terrorists and all those tryingg to do is be good parents and make sure that their kids get a quality education. i would thinknk the government would wanthey they involvement. yeah,e we should. but this does underscore why
11:54 pm
every single voter out there do not vote for anyone running for office who's not for school choice, republican or democrat. don't vote for them unless they're willing to give moms and dads the power to g select theom school where their son or daughter is going to get the education they think serves their needs. do not be for school choice. be for those candidates who are for that is just so fundamental. but this is the left.t. the left is against the first amendment.e, the left says today if you you don't agree with me, you're not allowed to talk and if you try,g we're going to do everything we can to chill your speech. we're going to call you racist.t we're going to call you names and we're going to try to cancel you online. nina jenk, which will come w after you. that's what the left is todayso and that's what's frightening so many americans. but i think they're going to m n show up in a big wayk in november and put republicans back in charge. to switch jim jordan, let me t switch topics on you and in the dorham case and this prosecution that's going on , michaelpr sussman, the judge ruledas the fusion gps has to hand over twenty two of these emails itan
11:55 pm
seems like and i don't want toss interpret durham or guess what he's doing. it seems likeng, but it he mige he might be getting the whole story, one that we've known for years now. no, i think you're right. every new piece of informationle we get i think is good for. the american people. i mean, we-- just had the big story from the wall street journal that said that the dossier was completelyur made up completely out of thin air put w together. we knew that a t long time ago, sean, and we've been talking about it now for years. butrs i think. every new piece f information durham gets is helpful to exposing just how thisow was a complete charae from the get go. we are going to get this term for it. do we ever get it? we should have had it beforehe the twenty twenty election is being thorough but i think we are going to get it a little bitit sooner rather thn later. all right, congressman. thank you , chris . eau.thank you . all right. we'll take a quick break. we'll come back more hannity straight ahead as we continue when it comes to real estate agents experience matters. the best agents know how to market your home or top dollar
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12:00 am
this evening. as always, we thank you for being with us.. thank you for making this show y possible. we hopeou you set your dvr so yu never, ever, ever miss an a episode of hannity. and don't forget for the latest news information you could ever want, need orr trust is information about me in thee show on "hannity" .com. in the meantime, let not your heart be trouble. the newsd, continues. laura's next . the ingraham angletinu. have a great night. i'm laura ingram . this is ingraham angle fromra washington tonight . thank you for joininghaom spendg while america burns. >> that's the focus of tonight's angleth. y now the fans you're watching are from downtown chicago lasthi night where a massive group ofsi teens took over the streets. g n you can see them climbing on city busses. it's a total chaos and it's making residents terrified toes even goid outside on a nightly basis. the city of lightfoot