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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  May 13, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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this evening. as always, we thank you for being with us.. thank you for making this show y possible. we hopeou you set your dvr so yu never, ever, ever miss an a episode of hannity. and don't forget for the latest news information you could ever want, need orr trust is information about me in thee show on "hannity" .com. in the meantime, let not your heart be trouble. the newsd, continues. laura's next . the ingraham angletinu. have a great night. i'm laura ingram . this is ingraham angle fromra washington tonight . thank you for joininghaom spendg while america burns. >> that's the focus of tonight's angleth. y now the fans you're watching are from downtown chicago lasthi night where a massive group ofsi teens took over the streets. g n you can see them climbing on city busses. it's a total chaos and it's making residents terrified toes even goid outside on a nightly basis. the city of lightfoot as lori
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lightfoot is devolving further into lawlessness yet somehow this disaster of ann unrepentant radical thinks she deserves to be reelected. so critics obviously complain her tone is as heartless as her policies are useless. she still hasn't addressed the heinous attack on twenty three year old dakotan' earley, who last friday night was ambushed shot three times in the head and back and left for dead in the street in an upscale neighborhood called lincoln park. after multiple surgeries, he's still clinging to life. zero suspects are in custody now. last night the bloodshed continued three young children were shot on the south side. twoo boys ages six and 11 . then about a mile and a half away, a three year old girl this tragically, though, nothing new . least seventy three people have been shot since last friday in chicago, at least 14 on wednesday. twenty one on tuesday, fourteen on monday and twenty four over the weekend. so young thugs, the running
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wild and their fearless. but i worried about the consequences and why should they be lightfoot won't do anything. in fact she's bound to take w their side in any dispute with the police and then on a national level the democrats are similarly disconnected from reality tonight many of you were wondering what happened to the america you love. thereg are pressing problems d bearing down on us yet they'reoi busy doing their abortion hustle, taking expensive jaunts to ukraine and more play acting on the pandemic by a president who campaigned on ending it today we mark a tragic milestone here in the united states. n one million cofidis, co one million empty chairs around the family dinner table. this summit is an opportunity t ur to renew our efforts to keep her foot on the gas when it comes to getting this pandemic under control. yeah, well, i guess bag can you imagine what the press would have done if trumphe had presido
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over one million covid deaths? nowve more americans d have diew with biden in office with the vaccines than in twenty twenty with trump in office without them everything biden touches goes bad. everything our country is e essentially leaderlessco on fivr major issues the border inflation of course, that includes soaring energy and food costs and the chinana threat. the issuehe the administration has either done nothing or when it has done something it's just made things worse. the result is that the americane people have needlessly suffered, continue to sufferopfe their family budget, their personal safety, their wages p along with our overall national security and stability. meanwhile, a bipartisan cabal on capitol hill spending money like there's no tomorrow. t this week our bankrupt nationnk has agreed to send 40 billion dollars to ukraine. it's a number so staggering that even the new york times the wisdom of
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the rushed allocation without serious congressional debateth and that there's the ongoing covid spendingen scam. this is unreal after biden and the democrats failedn in their pledge to shut down the virus, they want to be rewarded with a bigger covid honeypot twenty two point five billion dollars to be exact. the heartbreak continues. all the more reason why we must pass the covid legislation so we can purchase vaccines, provide testing and treatments to prevent the outbreak fromatm various variant other variants that may come along. the only thing we need to test for now is mental competence for the geriatricmp like her running america into the ground testing now republicans should have strenuously argued for zeroing out pandemic spendingblic, but they agreed to ten billion dollars instead. not smart, not smart10te at all, according to dr. marty makary. we nowac have about
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ninety five to 98% immunity that's certainly circulating the united states time to move on people of course democrats. well, we're spending hawks though, aren't they ? when it came to whe enforcing or border under trump, if it meanst fewer illegals in theno united states, they wanted no part of itnd t and they fought o every step of the way, only the five billion dollars foror the war. we simply are we're just not. willing to acquiesce to a government shutdown and pay a five billion dollar ransom note. they're not getting it foret the wall, plain and simple. one eighth the price of the ukraine package and that we're getting no enforcement. of course,. the border illegals pouring across and being flown all across america, crowding our schools, spreading illnesssr and disease, working for underet market pay. congresswoman cat kamik p spokeo to one of her sources at the border and discovered something that will infuriate you. >> he has been a border patrol
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agent for thirty years and heve has never seen anything quite like this . he is a a grandfather and he isd saying that his own children can't get food baby formula for his grandkidss. but he as a border patrol agentk just took in palate's palletset of baby formulas, for all of the illegals that are crossing into the united states. that alone should win the election for the republicans in november. democrats just don't care. no one is convinced by today's stage white house baby formula event either that biden did this . people are only serious about one thing getting you used to living with less lowering americans expectationsess. when even the washington post is hitting biden's wishful thinking on inflation, you know it's bad and it gets worse. the liberal leaning website fox is reporting that biden's bipartisan spend the loser the american rescue plan actually caused a three point jump in inflation.
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what we predicted, of course, so skyrocketing costs areyr hammering american families. the biden brigade has itsoc sights delivering relief not toe them but to ukraine. this is a complete outrage. here's what's actually in the bill for point four billion4 dollars to emergency food assistance assistance in ukraine foooo around the word and nine hundred million dollars goes to assistance forr ukrainian refugees, including english language services i. every single republican should saysing no to this , but the old guard is still in charge. so they're all on board. no questions asked. in fact, mcconnell, god bless them, is leading the charge. he wanted that money fast tracked.d. by golly, rand paul is the only one of a handful of republicans are standing up for sanity here. my oath of office isdf toff the national security of the united states of america. we cannoticna save ukraine by dooming the u.s. economy if this gift ukraine passes our
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total aid, ukraine will almost equal the entire military budget of russia. and it's not as if we have that money lying around. we will haveero to borrow that money from china to send it to ukraine. and while we're on the subject, why nobody the militaryof leadership of the united states been held accountable for american service members killed during biden's withdrawalhanistan or for all the failures of ours in iraq, trillions of dollars spent thousands of liveses lost. to what end? when is the last time america won a real war outright? and the answer, by the way, is world war two write blank checks. >> the pentagon is not going to make america stronger. accountability will make americaco stronger. we need to take care of business at home and that doesn't include canceling oilas and gas leases. that's only going to l drive prices further. pelosi actually went back to the future today, though, threatening price controls, price gouging needs
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to be stopped. this is a major exploitation of the consumer. our bill enables the president to issue an emergency energy emergency declarationon making n unlawful to increase gas and energy prices and an exploitive and excessive way. what would happen if she lost those cards? you wonder the price controls work so well, by the way, in the 1970s, nancy, rememberho those days? >> meanwhile, regular people sufferse president bidennt the because of b this , if he would have opened up the pipeline and that didn't go down to the hyper climate control activists, we wouldn'te be in the position that we're in today. i try to limit my travels both work and who will take those $70 to fill up before i used to be about forty , i said about another before it starts to
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like like really break me break people. thanks joe . we're now having to buy oil from despotic regimes so youc can placate the climate craziest . the rest of you sweating it out this summer you can all go to .ell. democrats addiction to spending and their aversion to freedom is a sickness. it's the product of a socialist mindset that despises the independent spirit of the american entrepreneur and the faithful core off the american tradition. if it's notourt of the covid, e going to use climate change to lock itlo downck and limit y your choices. ifif that doesn't work, they're going to bleed us dry by getting us tangled into a proxy or an actual war withia russia letting china skate, of l course president xi just must wake up every day and pinch himself that biden's in the white house. anyone else him findd it ironic when we help make china richer, china just turns around and helps keep russia afloat r by buying more oilur
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and agriculture from russia?e heck of a job,, joeyheck of. for most of the last two decades, the establishment of both parties and their enablers in the press corps, they've consistent placed their ownre interests ahead of ours. they've gotten richer. their buddies in china have gotten more powerful and america the greatest, , freest, hardest working country on earth has been treated as a piggy bank so that the destructive plan but my friends ,the gravy train is coming to an end every day. the inflation numbers tell i us that the game is up and that their days of printing money and wasting american resources are running out this november. it's out going to be the beginni of a newch era in which t the people finally takeak back their true power and once more begin steering this country in the right directionbegi. d and that's the angle. joining me now, florida congressman byron donalds who serves on the house budget committee and horace cooper co-chair.
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great to see you both in studio. congressman, he voted against$4 this 40 billion dollar spend arama. the american people i think are really scratching their heads on thisir. >> what's going on up there? that's a good question. even i don't know. listen, we did thirty three billion dollars two weeks to go for ukraine funding with military equipment. that was two weeksmili ago.hi we come back to town this week and there's a 40 million dollaro bill that we have literally two to three hours to in that just came out. and id, wish was 40 million, 40 billion, 40 billion. my my apologies. that's how upset i am. so you're looking at this bill. you're still trying to figureyo out what's in it at that point i'm voting no. congressman? hardly anybody read it. maybe the staff but the members: who wrote xfinity your guess is as good as mine. it came outut of nancy pelosi's office in the white house. so lobbyists i imagine defense contractors maybe food distribution company i don't know but the american people hollerith are seeing our countryre are a weaker and our families grow poorer dayay after day yet apparently money
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that does grow on trees. my mother used to say it doesn't grow. apparently it does grow on trees and we're just going to send it nilly with literally zero accountability as to where it goes in ukraine. if it goes there. well, you know, my old boss t armey used to say you can't be this wrong by accident, this bad behavior, this destructive behavior. . 's notot a coincidence people who are not looking out for the american people are making the decisions and it isme time for a day of reckoning. november needs to come and every american d that discussion from those people who are atop the gas station, they're regular americans and those people are going to show up and hold people accountable. congressman, when we have baby formula, which is something just so essential, we're america is the american united states of america and we're scrounging around for baby food. you know, i lived in the sovieta union when i was a student.
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i said i'll never wait in line for food again after waiting in line just a student for a little this is the nice this is what we're doing now. a this is the failure of t joe biden. he's failed black america. he's failed white ilu america. he's failed hispanic america. why? because a he just stumbles from crisis to crisis.s there is no plan. there is no strategy. he he does d not know what to do. this white house is a mess.o. the agencies and the democratsmo rather play politics thancrti actually get down tocs the business of the american people. unfortunately, folks, this is the reality of washington, d.c. right now. >> now rather than fixing this issue that is really striking at the heart of so many people about baby foodan formula, the biden administration is just using the usuall gaslighting. today president biden spoke retailers and manufacturers to calm them tosi do more to help families purchase infant formula. what we are seeing, whichrm isun enormous problem, is hoarding people hoarding because they'reb fearful and we are also have been alsoec calling on retailere
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to impose purchasing limits toim prevent the possibility of hoarding because we know that is an issue. uring the t why didn't we have hoarding during the trump administration? absolutelyru. this is remarkable. every single one of the terra results that we see today, they can't be pandemic relatedic . this isy policy. president biden has made it worsepr. everything he touches he has a reverse midas touch. he destroys thing. it's not gold. it's a word that i can't say on tv. but they keep thinking this is a common problem. this ise k just to communicate. ifif they have a if they have a better backdrop, if they have a better zoom call, ifnd they have another celebrity come in and try to sell. but they don't they don't want to admit i guess they can't congressmen, that this is a policy problem and nancy pelosi has, by the way, hinted g that they're going to spendoi more money on on on ukraine or covid excuse me that she said more more could be on the way. i mean, it's no end in sight
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for the borrowing and printing as far as they're concerned. there's nod pr far there's no pm that can't be solved without massive borrowing. this is the bernieso sanders pln on steroids in america is finally seeing it. it issin a failure for our country. we have to reverse course and i want to get to this new pew poll out today, guys. 88% tod of americans believehe that violent crime is either a very big or moderately big problem. 88% and they say this is just a state problem. this is a fox news concern. we'veew heard that this this is bleeding into suburbann america but devastating urban america. the people who deserve at least the ones who are struggling the most. you know, i amgg sicklit. and td of this administration standing up and trying to say how they're looking out for aree black americans, how they're looking out for the little guy,i how they're looking out forr the dispossessed. the truth of the matter isve they have their core constituencies tie. if you're a defense contractor, if you're a climate crazy, they've got you covered.
12:17 am
but if you're everybody else to bad for you, there is a killing field happening in too many of the cities in america and joe biden just goes out, gets the milk, gets the cookies and takes a nap. concern whatsoever. and there's so much happening that chessa bodeen in san francisco, congressman donalds, you have lori lightfoot who believes she shouldn b be reelected to selle her record. yes, she's been challenged by some other democrats. but she she she when she's asked about i'm not goingi to dignify your question about'm why i should be reelected. look i mean, looking downin at a reporter who asked the question this is how arrogant and out of touches these people are. but they've been this way for a long time. this is really nothing new . n but i think now americans m with less money in their pocket, they're really focusing on it. final word. t look,ha i think the failuresos that have happened all across america, democrats are going to see this in november in spades is coming for lori lightfoot is coming or everybody else don't believe me. the west coast school board
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members out in san francisco t, what happened to them? >>he and they're all moving to florida.ov they are. congressman. all right, guys, great to see you both. congressman and horace. and remember, if you can't watch us live, make sure to set a series record on your dvr. do you still don't know how to m do that ? oh , boy. all right. if you don't want to miss us every weeknight at 10:00, it's really fun. up next , an international investigation chinaam a is buyig up tens of thousands of acresf of farmland in oklahoma. did you know that ? what's going on and what do you hear what they're going to do with it? plus, congress will set up to u send 40 billion dollars, as we said to ukraine with no strings attached. some senators are fighting to stop it. one of those men, senator bill hagerty joins us next. >> only sorting through two centuries of remember the men who helped shape the nation. we became. so the british was the rule. we've got to show what we
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and breathless rush to walmart for alpha team from four sector the number one fastest growing mental health brand in america . yesterday president bidenr played farmer in illinois in a patheticli attempt to show that he cares about the supply chain and farm in crisis. butin there's something troublig happening to farmland. some sixty six hundred miles southwest that deserves attention over the past two years, chinese nationals have begun buying up tens of thousands of acres of farmland in the state of oklahoma in . while they've been doing sos, in a number of states, oklahoma has become our go to state for these purchases. so what's china's end goal
12:24 am
here? well, according to g a statement from the oklahoma bureau of narcotics f to the ingraham angle, eventually these farms typically become commercial marijuana growing operations. they went on to note that they buy agricultural or livestock farms. then they turn them f to marijuana farms and then they sublet those that business to mexican workers. congressman frank lucas represents oklahoma thirdw district where a lot of this is happening. he says his office has received a number of calls, concerns from constituents voicing real worry about foreign ownership of land purchases and how the land is then being used to grow marrot marijuana. a now he went on to tell us that according to the bureau of narcotics, there are eight thousand five hundred medical marijuana grow licenses in oklahoma and of those a shocking 25% of them are run b by criminal organizations from places like china and mexico. now the state saw the biggest drug bust in its history
12:25 am
this past february where chinese nationals were among those t t arrested. here are officers describing the scope office these operatio. >> over 500 structures on 80 acres. this is one of the nine that we served a search warrant on thise morning. this pretty good sized drugty trafficking organization g. it's not the nation that we did today are all connected and it's part ofan this organization that's responsible for movingf tons and tons of marijuana out of oklahoma into other states. and these aren't just marijuana farms. according to senator langford's office, constituents have mentioned these fires often aren't doing anything with the a land at all. quote, they just purchase it and then they just have it. in other words, these chineseed affiliated buyers want to devalue american farmland in any way they can't or just hold in their portfolios. how nice. nicjust how bra how brazen is ? spokesperson told us that constituents have said
12:26 am
chinese parties have knocked on their door to purchase their farmland. in some cases they were offeredt a suitcase of casho to make the deal that day oklahoma banned foreign ownership of farmland. but there's a loophole t that allows foreign investors to create a business and then buy land for that business. a state senatebusi bill introdud back in february aimed att stopping this . but as far as we can see, it hasn't gone anywhere. but given the economic and they national security ramifications here, congress should get involvednsul a bill to limib purchases of agricultural tracts by china was working its way through the house but apparently stalled in committee . this is absurd. it's typical washington failing to do what needs to be done a as it spends moneys that we don't have on stuff we don't need. we're going to bring you updates on this as we get theman .
12:27 am
i hope t the senate can reach an agreement to consider and pass this legislation to the ukrainians need. we need to do it today. it bears directly on america'sme national security and vital interests. america cannotriit wish away gll problems that affect us and our allies simply about burying ourl head in the sand. that's what we do on china morning, noon and night. well, of course, thanks to senator rand paull singlede handedly block that senate from passing the 40 billion dollar ukraine aid bill today setting the scene for a fight next week. senator haggerty, who plans tos vote no on this bill , joins mee now. senator haggerty, great to hav you in studio. so there's a rushh, rush, rush, rush on this why? >> i can't tell you, willaura because w we have pressing problems right here at home that we're not addressing. avlked about it earlierer this segment. you'vee got people in memphis that can't find a formula for their children, peoplevi in knoxville that can't gas their tank up because it's too expensive. in my home state of tennessee, i'm from a flyover state, as they call itin here in washington we have real
12:28 am
problems here and it precipitates from the biden administration the policies that taken basicallyipminini wan america collapsing our southern border, standing by as china wages on our youth, killing more people with netanel than any of the thing from the ages of 18 to forty five in america. that's, the number one killer. china's fingerprint is on this and we're standing by and letting it happen. yet we're rushing to take careof of problems overseas total that we're going to be spending in ukraine. it looks like i mean you kind of have to compare it to what we spent in afghanistan so we don't declare war but we declare war on the americane people's future by spending money that we don't haveab as people are scrounging for baby from the baby formula story. i just this is like one of the worst things with commentaries tst on the ste of america today.>> it certainly it is and i think it just reflects the total out of touch nature of this entire biden administration. as you say, they'd ratherate wag war on americans, criticize americans and ignore our plightc here in america, yet rush to a cause that perhaps joe biden gets better rating points on .
12:29 am
i'm not certain, but it certainly isn't as pressing as what's happening right here in americapr. yeah, congressman massie madegr the comment that it's about it's about a fifty four billion would be suspiciously close when you add it allio up to the annual amount we spent in afghanistan and it's almostor like i guess he's hinting at the defense contractors saying,t look, they're in business, they want to make money. i get it. but that's a big chunk of chunka of money that is not goingt to be allocatedng to a lot of military interests if they don't get that money. well, money certainly hasta a place, a better place in the higher u.s. in my view. hto be dealt with issues right here at home. again, borrowing money that wey don't have to spend again on areas of the world where there may be a crisis. i don't think americacacr has anything against ukraine. we don't want to see them fail,, but we have problems right heren at home. problems we it americans died to save finland and sweden. that's's going to be an interesting question that comes up soon. but the difference with, with with finland and swedenquesco is that are not experts in nato. they're not members of nato.y but a if they join, they might actually add too the capacity of nato. what nato haso done in the pasth
12:30 am
is bring people in that are just liabilitiesri. russ, so when you were when you were watching the reader, we did on the chinese buying up farmland in the united states, g they bought smithfield foods, which is one hundred and eighty thousand fifty thousand acres of land and an15 agricultural product which was eye raising to me at the time was years ago. but now more farmland, some of it from marijuana. it's time for congress tod get involved here. it seems like an invasion from china at every point. laura in washington is willing to look the other way every time when it comes to china. yet t we're ready to jump on board with, with other i think ihat you know, are much more the problem we've got when i go over there and buy some land over in china. i want to make that possible. yeah. let's see if we can get let's see if we abouts one hundred thousand acres in china that will absolutely to. possible>> well, can we ask you to follow up on this on the senate side and see what the heck is going on ? think a i think americans are shocked to hear that we areme the newsri when i saw the report tonight , i saw senator langford office involved this while reach out
12:31 am
to him tomorrow. a fantastic senator . great to see you to be with youe are going to do it and okay, here's a clue for tonight's wits end segment. s the answers revealed at the end of the show? what provocative item did one catholic school accidentally sell for its students for mother's day? tweet me your guesses at ingram maga hats. if you get right. but up next , last night we called the hot it's the hottest race in america and boy, the pennsylvania republican senatera primary has proven to be the caseen in moments we're going to brings you everything you missed included edited videos and old tweets. >> stay there each year americans waste $1 billion by overpaying on car insurance. that's why i went to the zebra .com because well, every company claims to save you money on car insurance. zebra shows you who actually can't compare car insurance for free at the debrah .com today. this was when i noticed how white my sinuses were and how yellow mine were and i
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12:37 am
doctored videos have been shared, an attempt to smear kathy barnett, many suggestingka that she's a big supporter of b islam, which she has been denouncing on twitter for years. she addressed what she called crazy allegations today. i have never supported black lives matter. look at what black lives matter has done to our nation. they have divided. they have still division. but that's what marxism does. she made some otherov controversial comments on the barnett falloutents willo doubt continue. but the more salient questionre is s this with all this fame and with all this celebrity and all the big endorsements, why hasn't dr. oz been able to seal the deal with thewh pennsylvania voters? why is that ? why is it about what is it about him that the voters aren't comfortable with ? pro mccormick pacs have dug up disturbing comments made about everything from gender transitioning for kids tog abortion to police involved
12:38 am
shootings. here he is before he becamee a republican senate candidate buying into a false police shooting narrative shot seven times in the back family of jacob blake speaks out. he was trying to kill his devastating injuries three, four hours sleep. they think he'll be able tohe walk again, pulled a knife on a cop along with other things.eymi joining me now is jack ruo, a former nflr safety turned ceo who actually endorsed kathy barnett. jack, again, we want to get allg the information here. dave mccormick isnd a strong candidate. kathy barnett, i don't knowid be much about but a lot of controversy about her out there as well. t buttr you say that former president trump's endorsement of of was a mistake. >>ay why do you say that ? because i don't think he represents what american ideals and conservative principles are. i think r he is wishy washy.hy,l
12:39 am
i think he'll say whatever he can to be elected. i think his money and fame is i the reason that he gots the endorsement. and i think a lot of those that are in power in the mediaal and in corporate america want to see individuals like this .s i think this is the oldme establishment playbook and i know kathy barnettok. i know her personally to compare these to per i mean, its not even a comparison if you hire someone to run your company, you're hiring someone to oversee your family. it'd be someoneour it kathy bar, not dr. oz. you know, i've heard him on the breakfast club and all of these other things. he panders toan the left. he panders to the ideals that are destructing the poor so the poor in our nation. he panders to mass abortions. . so whenever you say we're going to play, we're going to play some some of that . what do you say to the tweet that are getting all the attention that kathy barnett tweets about whiteboarding planes and othern things she said that have gotten a lot of heat out there
12:40 am
? what about those? of that i think a lot of that is out of context. you know, first off, their doctoring up so many different things and trying to smearr her . about you know, i don't come out talking about dr. oz or anybody else, but when you start smearing a woman, a guy like kathy barnett who serve in ourr in our military, who's been a devout christian all of her life, i have a problem with thatith in the tweets that she made, many of them aret taking completely out of context. startt talking about muslims and people are saying she wants to ban all muslims. w sheas was talking about islamic extremists in the time period. if you go back and look when she put those tweets out and made those statements that timese period that we werew in was a trying time when we were wondering who was comingre over here. and so i think she. is a true conservative. we all know that as a black conservative it takes a lot a to stand up for the maga stand upd for president trump. you are going to get attacked. your families are going to get attacked. so when she steps out for president up like she did in 16 and in 20 , listen, i didn't alwaysal like president trump,
12:41 am
but he, he woke my eyes upan and he brought in a new perspective on election, it a new perspective on our political process and understanding how the deep stateic really works. a and in think this is an example of the deep state now turned against kathy barnett, republicans and conservatives. we needrnett. a black woman like kathy burnett representing us ,e speakingnt for us . she does speak for americak and i think we're making a huge mistake by slandering her and the pipeline is quite something to say.. here's dr. oz today responding to the heat that he's gotten. what's ironic is big money groups never trump groups haveid now come into pennsylvania with outside money and they'reed wrongly supporting kathy barnett and putting her in contention. when you're an outsider c, the insider establishment they come after with everything they've gottablbl and been ableo stand on my own two feet f very proudly and live up toca the promise of my campaign cpac relaxium dr. ozzy, as you know, he's a he's a very well knownmo
12:42 am
person. he has an enormous amount oflebr celebrity and star power and i guess but he's anow outsider. >> she's an outsider.t it's hard to follow that hard to follow whent' you have a womn who started the campaign with three individuals going out campaignaiai and talking to people directly, all of a sudden she's in a statistical tie with someone who's spending fifty sixty million dollars at just doesn't make sense. logic that logic is not there. kathy barnett is resonating with people because off her message, because of her story, a woman who was born out of a and all of these other issues we talk about, she represents everything great about the united states of america.e and i'll tell you what , if they continue this , we are going to lose so many strong black conservatives if youk are the strongest black conservatives in our nation and have supported kathyor barnett and that is forte a reason. these are trump supporters. s soup you defeat disagree with this massive concern
12:43 am
that's being raised d that she cannot win a general election. obviously the republicans can'ts lose this seat.t, thi this is a seat they should win.a your contentiont is that despits all this stuff bubbling around that she can win this senate seat and go to washington and fight for america first principles that working until you write you'llci see historic black women voting forc republican in pennsylvania like you've never b you'll see people like me. i'm a former philadelphia eagle. i'll fr be on the ground campaigning for her . we will have a landslide victory because we willwe go in and get the minority vote like no other republican has ever done in the state ofan pennsylvania. well, jack, we're going to be watching this . this is really a three way race right now. a lot ofwa, a money and it's all pretty much tied up. jack a brewer, thank you for joining us now. what if everything the experts told you about climate changee was wrong, huh? a remarkable finding about hurricanes as the climate alarmists freaking out tonight . >> we're going to explain it
12:44 am
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cover silver fox news asian americans, the nativeirdcages ne
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for a limited time so go online today that our book com look at how climate change is fuelinger more powerful storms. we see that when those climate models are runho in the futureho with those higher greenhouse gas concentrations, we see more extremetrat amounts of cern
12:49 am
types miters powerful winds and massive destruction. path is urging us of course to examine how climate change is fueling these super storms. sto. oh really not so fast. according to research fromm the national oceanic and atmospheric administration ,the dramatic reductions in air pollution in north america and europe during the past 40 years is likelyy responsible for the steep n increase in the number of hurricanes in the atlantic. the research also shows that in asia where pollution has increased, there have been hurricanes. joining me now is fauci malloy ,former trump epa transition member and founder of junk science .com. as charlie hurt, fox news contributor washington times opinion editor steve, whenever science and facts get in the way, the left kind ofle changeft messaging what's going on ? what this is a crazy study isve not very good. science is bad propaganda because what it basically says is that epa regulationscien, wid turbines and solar panels and evs causer acase that seems to be off message for them.
12:50 am
so why why why would this come out? w i don't know.e i think that they think that we're also stupid. we'll just believe anything. i mean, the study makes no sense. did you read how it was actually conducted to do actually yeah. it's well, they just went back in time and did a some correlate you know, cherry picked data, did correlationsnd and came up with this. i don't s even known' what the point of the study ish because it doesn't really matchr with any of their goals. it's noty very good science. it'st not really science at all. it's junk science. you know, science would be to p use the data they had and makere predictions about the future, doingngdre not really that . they just wantaw to draw conclusions. now, you know, the most active hurricane period in the united states was from 1770 toat 1780 to the revolutionary war before cheeseburgers, suvs, copelands and you know, where w were all the hurricane? well, the hurricanes were there ,but now they're so the study really makes no sense. charlie, we had a lot going g on on capitol hill with the epai administrator gina raimondo speaking out aboututad what your
12:51 am
kids should be doing and worried about what we c believe climate change is an existential threat. so you know,ti children will get about clothes on their back . they're not be able to have a life if we don't deal with climate change. my sister and forget about the need to put clothes on its back right now, charlie,>> they continue to kind of pouryw money anywhere and everywhere but into the struggling pockets of americans. yeah, because this is their religion and of course the reason it is their religion is because no matter i what the problem is, the solution is always the same. solution i is to send more money to washington and tor give bureaucrats in washington more power. and that's what that's the purpose of the religion and that's why whether this study is idiotic or not or whether it actually makes sense and that that the cleaner air is causing more hurricanes,go whatever , it doesn't matter. they're going to find a way to
12:52 am
use all of itof to convince people to send more money to washington and give more power to bureaucrats in washington out. steve, as gas prices oil prices are soaring, the biden a administration announced yesterday t that they're going o cancel these oil and gas leases, critical oil and gas leases in alaska and inn the gulf. and at this point, tim kaine, you know, he's actually responding. >> what strikes me if. we're the largest energy producer in the world and we know that at least transitionally our european allies need energy from sources other than russia that is going to saudi arabia and say please produce more energy when we're notot willing to do it ourself. i just don't get it. i think i don't know s that there's a coherent strategy. the democrats saw that we can win and virginia gov. tim kaine is making sense of this .
12:53 am
this was true sabotage of the american economy. oh , sure. i mean, joe biden said that he was doing everything he could to lower gasev prices and he's done the exact that was a lie.ra that was a lot. he's done the exact opposite . not only did he cancel t his leases this week, but he's actually a federal appellatehe arguing that he doesn't have to do any more leasing because of climate change. so and you know, you throww in the rollback ofin the trump reforms of national government policy act and everything else, all the pipeline problems, you know, they're trying to cancel . they want too ca be able to canl pipelines because of climate. oi you know, he's doing everythingy he can to discourage oilthil production. and what do you make of the democrat revolt, charlie, on they're obviously saying what everyone else is saying e i and failings the consumers are absolutely whether yeah. whether whether it's inflation or the fact that gasr prices have jumped skyrocketed yet again. they're back to their highest levelsre, four dollars a gallona that's a cheap gallon gas
12:54 am
today. and they're looking at the fact that the entire war in ukraine was entirely caused by the fact that joe biden decided to destroy america's energy independence, which madend vladimir putin rich enough to invade ukraine. all right, steve and charlie, great to see you both. our wit's end segment next .. remember, here's a clue what provocative item didic one catholic school accidentally sell to its students for mother's stait dayt wow. hurry up and tweet me your guess. is that ingrams angle stator rewing
12:55 am
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
>> laura: all right, what provocative items that one catholic school accidentally cello students on mother's day? >> individually wrapped balloons. birth control pills. and a version of mother's little helper, gummy's. here is thee big reveal... open up. open it. >> my gosh, really?
1:00 am
who bought these? the school?en >> they just sent out an email today. >> laura: your first grader bringing that home? well, that will get your attention. freedom matters gear and going to the supine in connecticut. greg gutfeld next. >> todd: a fox news alert, the numbers are in and the white house is failing. just 18% of americans think america is on the right track according to a new poll. >> carley: as we struggle to pay for gas and find baby formula, president biden's approval underwater with 38%. and they think he's doing a good job. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning, i am carley shimkus. >> todd: i think you are doing a great job. >> carley: i think you are


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