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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 13, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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who bought these? the school?en >> they just sent out an email today. >> laura: your first grader bringing that home? well, that will get your attention. freedom matters gear and going to the supine in connecticut. greg gutfeld next. >> todd: a fox news alert, the numbers are in and the white house is failing. just 18% of americans think america is on the right track according to a new poll. >> carley: as we struggle to pay for gas and find baby formula, president biden's approval underwater with 38%. and they think he's doing a good job. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning, i am carley shimkus. >> todd: i think you are doing a great job. >> carley: i think you are doing a great job. >> todd: also intrepid work by
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the washington white house, on the great maga king. >> just for emphasis one time, the poll found 18% of america is on the right track. the president's approval rating hovering 38%. the majority of the country disapproves of the job he's doing with inflation and a 40 year high with family struggling to find baby formula. the president put the blame on republicans. >> my republican colleagues see these programs with the working class and middle class people, they say that is why we have inflation. they are dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. >> our colleague, jackie hunter followed up at the white house. >> i was just wondering if this is the best strategy for biden to win support at of midterms
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especially the inaugural theme? speak with the president is not afraid to call out what he sees with his extreme position that is out of line. with where the american people stand purity will not stand back and stand aside while people are pushing for extreme positions that are not in the interest or supported by the back of my fast majority of the american people. >> today's jen psaki last day of press secretary, the republicans put the blame squarely on the president's policies. >> he has failed black america, he's failed white america, he's failed his panic america. why? he stumbles from crisis to crisis. there is no plan. there is no strategy. he does not know what to do. this white house is a mess in the agency's mess. the democrats try to play politics. we should get down to the business of the american people. >> the polls found the economy of the single most important issue facing the economy right now. guys. >> todd: lucas, thank you very much.
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biden's agenda reince priebus said the white house is failing policies driving them to the g.o.p. >> this is where the president has taken this country. and you think about what is at stake and what is affecting voters. the rnc chair, there is nothing that moves the american voter then when you can't buy a car because it is too expensive. you can't find formula to feed your baby. your groceries are twice the amount that they were two years ago. >> and the biden administration and the baby formula shortage, which has parents panicking across the country. >> carley: more than 100 house republicans say the president needs to do much more and right now ashley strohmier joins us with the latest. ashley, good morning. >> good morning, guys here at the biden white house with the massive crisis that may leave parents without baby formula to be the children. it comes not so great update from retailers that carry the formula. their shelves seen across the
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country. the avid plans of the largest formula maker in the u.s. was closed due to a recall over contamination concerns that now parents are begging the fda to reopen the plan as the shortages making it increasingly harder for parents to feed their babies. jen psaki was pressed on whether the fda could have done a better job handling the situation. >> it does seem like we should have seen that coming that may be the fda could have done more on the baby formula shortage. what is the white house doing with the fda? >> i'm sure there will be plenty of time to take a look and if there are any issues to be approved i don't have specific analysis to make of that in this point of time. there has been work ongoing for months. >> now democrats and republicans asking biden with the production act to get many to address the situation. the republican representative says they should never america. >> biden has continued to pass
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the buck. babies have been put to bed hungry while parents are desperately trying to find alternative formulas. this is not a third world country. they should never happen in the united states of america. we are unified to demand actions to divert this crisis. >> meanwhile sounding the alarm after baby formula sent to the southern border. tweeting a picture of full shelves of formula and food at a processing center next to a photo on empty shelves in the u.s. where formula should be. >> again, typical biden administration. no plan, no contingencies, no way to backfill 43% of our nation supply of baby formula. yet, just today i'm getting word from border patrol agents there is a tractor-trailer full of pallets of baby formula sitting in that store room, come on, now. this is exactly what america looks like. >> according to data simply, the scientific collection of baby out of stock baby formula across
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the country was 43%. back to you guys. >> carley: unbelievable, ashley, thank you so much. speaking of the border, the officials urging the g.o.p. to unite behind a bill that will end the crisis next year. as the future of title 42 is up in the air, border agents in texas have intercepted a mexican truck hearing math worth $18 million. joining me now tom homan fox news acting as director. robert in a key director of the texas public policy foundation in bristol county, massachusetts, sheriff hodgson. good morning to you all. tom come i will start with you. and to get your reaction on baby formula going to the border might think if you are a parent and you see your taxpayer dollars going to somebody else's baby formula when you can't find any for your own child, you are furious this morning.
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>> i think the report said it right. it is an american first policy. american parents are looking for the baby formula we can't find it, but we will give it free to those who break our logs to my claws and enter the country illegally. the secretary has worked with the department, the move, dr. sanderson's to take care of migrants. and especially those -- who have served this country honorably. when medical personnel to deal with those who cross the border illegally, which is a crime. again rewarding those who break our laws spirits of this administration, it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. >> carley: sheriff hodgson the public health crisis, the addiction crisis, the drug crisis on the country as another health issue. we set out the top that border patrol just apprehended a truck with over $18 million worth of
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math and it's pure drug overdoses are now at a record i appeared how is it impacting your community? >> thank you, carley, thanks for having me on. look, this is as bad of a situation we can expect with law enforcement. moms and dads are working to their kids bedrooms to wake up to go to work or school and they are not waking up because they are dying of fentanyl. we see people die every day in this country, 200 and some a day are dying. and what is happening is just continues to pour into the countries and really poor into the citizens of the community in a way law enforcement is getting overwhelmed. and it is really something that i think all americans need to look at. it is an example of how the biden administration actually doesn't care. people are continuing to die and they refuse to deal with securing the border. >> carley: robert we wanted to have you on because you are a solutions guy and the foundation has fought long and hard about
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the best legislation that can be implemented to secure the border. what is it? >> well, good morning, carley, thank you for having me. we joined a coalition letter to lawmakers pointing out the first priority in the 119th congress has to be enclosing these loopholes in federal immigration laws. the biden administration is exploding to cause the biden border crisis. we need to turn off the magnet an end the policies that have allowed the biden administration to release 1.6 million illegal immigrants into this country. so the letter points out all of these new poles need to be closed. and that these first priorities for lawmakers whether a majority has to be solving the biden border crisis by passing legislation to close the loopholes. >> carley: it absolutely is a crisis. tom, it can get worse because title 42 could be revoked in less than two weeks. if that happens, does this country look like?
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>> the border is already overwhelmed, right? 50% of 70% of the border on the line. that is why 67 died in galloway's last month. look, they arrested 42 suspected terrorists off the fbi screening database. out of 700,000 that got away since joe biden became president, how many are national security threats that got in this country without being arrested, photographed or fingerprinted? but i want to mention one thing about this document that we signed. first of all, this organization america's voice, first of all, she doesn't speak for america. america believes in secure borders. the reason we sign on this letter and i hope all the best letters because secure borders saves life. 112,000 people don't die of fentanyl. so we don't have 700 migrant deaths on u.s. soil under the first year of joe biden which is
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a record appeared so we don't have 31% of women being raped christmas party. we need to secure the border because secure borders saves lives. you can't have national security without border security. so i want to make that point, no one is signing this because they are racist, anti-american or anti-immigrant. this is about securing the border to make this place safer. >> carley: that is a good point. to drill down it's been 48 hours and the agents in rio grande valley sector arrested two child sex offenders and four ms-13 gang members. we see stuff like this all the time. as a law-enforcement officer, you hear statistics like that. what goes through your head? >> what goes through my head is our problems that we are already seeing, which is no different than what you just described is ten times worse. because again, these people are pouring into our neighborhoods. no one is talking about that. it is just a border crisis. at the border most people think
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that way but the truth is we have our boots on the ground. we know exactly what's happening. we are seeing more and more in the communities. in fact, bedford, massachusetts, a couple of years back a guy was deported twice. he waited for his daughter and wouldn't see him on father's day. a single child and he shot and killed her because she would not see him on father's day. now, we have a 2-year-old h was child and there are plenty more across the nation that nobody is talking about. so, tom made a great point, it is these issues around crime pouring into the neighborhoods are literally pouring into the neighborhoods. massachusetts at the highest illegal aliens between 2010-2016 and we are isles from the border. now they they have these distributions centers and nine years down the road, basically go out into the community to create more problems for us. we can't table it. it is overwhelming. >> carley: roberts, who we are
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running out of time but i want to get to this. 63% of americans want title 42 to remain in place. democrats are losing support among the hispanic community that is here illegally because they don't like open border policies either. so it seems like the biden administration is shooting themselves in the foot with their spirits because they are. what they are doing is incredibly unpopular the lead counsel for an amicus brief supporting the injunction stopping the cancellation of the title 42 policy. it is a public health issue as well that this administration failed to factor in terms of the public health consequences for opening the floodgates even further in canceling these policies. it is absolutely unpopular because it is bad for americans and causing texans and the united states to be overrun. >> carley: tom homan, rob henneke, sheriff hodgson, unfortunately this is a problem not going anywhere but we appreciate you speaking out on
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that. >> thanks, carley. >> thank you for having me. >> todd: a remarkable rescue off of the coast of puerto rico and this fox news alert. the u.s. coast guard saving 31 people off of a tax sizing vote full of illegal immigrants. officials launching a mass rescue after a situation spotted within a helicopter. eight in the hospital and haitian nationals but 11 others to die. the coast guard is still searching for survivors. 14 minutes after the hour, he fox news alert, rand paul blocking a senate vote to advance $40 billion in ukraine aid. >> matt finn is live on the ground in lviv. matt, good morning to you. >> good morning to you guys. senator paul is delaying the passage of that package that was sent $40 billion here to ukraine. he says he wants an inspector general to be required to oversee the spending here before he would vote in favor of it. this tail stalemate to next
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monday and chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell offer the option of an amendment vote if the bill was passed, but refused the offer and to at this and adopt his amendment before voting on the package. paul says, this is a second spending bill for ukraine in two months and congress just wants to keep spending. the institute for the study of forces russia once again did not gain any ground in ukraine on thursday. but russia conducted more air and artillery strikes against the ukrainians and the steel plant of mariupol where hundreds of ukrainian marines are suffering. they did not conduct ground defenses but they did block the tunnel so that the marines could not escape. and the first war crimes trial of a russian soldier since the start of a conflict is scheduled to begin today in lviv. 21-year-old russian soldier is a member of a tank unit accused of shooting 62-year-old man in his fight. ukraine prosecute all general prosecuting 10,000 alleged war
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crimes committed by russians with 600 suspects identified. in finland, it will apply for nato membership without delay in sweden could do the same in the coming days. it would be a historic realignment in europe after russian invasion of ukraine signifies a new modern threats appear the kremlin reacting by wanting it will be forced to take the tele-tory military steps. we want to briefly show you we will be monitoring ukrainian burial today have a military member. this set of materials full and there is no more room for military members so people who have died in this war are being buried in this commemorative field, which was designated for world war i and world war ii. back to you guys. >> carley: traffic reality there. >> todd: thank you. senator bill hagerty said congress dance with ukraine and explains lawmakers are opposed to this $40 billion bill, listen. >> we are borrowing money that we don't have to spend on areas of the world where there is a crisis and they don't have
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anything against ukraine. but we have problems right here at home that reflects the total out of touch nature of this entire biden administration. they would rather wait war on americans and criticize americans and ignore her plight in america yet rushed to a because joe biden gets better rating points on, i'm not certain. it is not as pressing as what is happening in america. >> todd: a fox news poll found 44% of america approves of his handling of the invasion. >> carley: 400 party years age 14-21 oh wild in the windy city. the video showing young people on top of a bus and flooding the former ceo of chicago public schools calling in a tweet, absolute chaos, juvenile jumping on, tell mike on top buses, cars, tours and businesses. the event was on social media encouraging people to bring their own alcohol in their own
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drugs to the event sparking concern for what lies ahead this summer. >> todd: i would say so. the federal judge with 2016 hillary campaign to turn over two dozen emails here are those exchanges between the firm and campaign lawyer michael sussman. he is facing charges for allegedly lying to the fbi head of the 2016 election about ties between donald trump and russia. his emails will be turned over to special counsel john durham. and white house press secretary jen psaki's last day in the white house. yesterday she reflected on her time revealing the parts of the job and even talk to peter doocy. >> i think we have a very good professional relationship. and i understand that he's coming there to ask questions every day that are important to report. >> her departure marking and into her history of spirited debate with 225 briefings. we don't have them all but we
1:19 am
have some of the greatest moments. watch. >> our team is saying that you guys are starting to give smartphone or's two border crossers? >> on an alternative suggestion how they should be tracked? >> unfortunately i will not talk about the immigration. i might update you with a little more information. >> my question was about she. >> you asked me about a question about crime yesterday. i will give you a little extra information. i followed up for you, peter. >> thank you for that. >> i look forward to see it on fox later today. >> it is on fox right now. >> i bet it is. >> todd: reporting a new job at msnbc, karine jean-pierre will take her place. >> carley: i remember those moments between jen psaki and peter doocy as we all do. i had kind of polaris relationship. >> todd: i wonder what will happen with the next
1:20 am
fermentation of the press office? >> carley: a saint karine karine jean-pierre, i know she was new bit asking about the bay formula crisis and she laughed d said i don't know. >> todd: maybe we don't laugh but we know because that is a big deal. >> carley: but there will be more really good questions from peter doocy and more doctors from the white house. >> todd: we will run a montage when goes back to msnbc. execs on their way out is the company announces a hiring freeze and spending cuts as it breaks for elon musk takeover. we have details on that. >> carley: plus david webb and congressman ronny jackson and lara trump will join us on friday edition of "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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>> todd: breaking right now on the west coast mandatory evacuations in the colorado springs as multiple wildfire set the city ablaze. report of 1,000 people already evacuated. the fire also prompting a show to replace order for the
1:26 am
colorado springs airport. >> carley: new images of burned out mansion after a fire in orange county, california, rapidly at involve 200 acres over the past two days. no official updates on containment of the fire. the cost remains unclear and reported deadlock goes from katie t the news. has more. >> the coastal fire very much a threat and still burning mostly deep inside the rubble of what is left of the multimillion dollar homes. >> always a concern is the embers, especially in the homes. they can be hidden and take several days or hours for those to appear as far as potentially being another fire. >> the fire targeting and smoldering hot spots. and 20 homes destroyed like this one. now, uninhabitable. 11 other homes damaged and most of the homes and the fire still smoldering and with containment
1:27 am
at just 15%. the mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for 900 what residence. >> the worst-case scenario to allow people back in their homes and having to re-evacuate. we asked for patients. >> through the day some homeowners return only to see there is nothing left. >> and you really can't understand the impact it has on you until you come and see it. >> other say they will never forget the terrifying moments they had just escaped the fire storm. >> all of a sudden it came in the road and shot right up. it was so fast. we have to get in our car. it is not going to stop, the flames are furious. >> a small jump in california's minimum wage is set for an this year. governor the mont governor newsom said the new wage will be $15.05 per hour and the current is $15 an hour for 25 or more workers and $14 per hour with companies 25 or fewer
1:28 am
employees. the entries required by state law in 2016 which says if inflation increase more than 7% between 2021 and 2022, the wage will increase as well. it did appear that change will affect 3 million minimum wage workers. >> carley: justice alito speaking out with an update on the status of the supreme court following rove v wade with draft opinion leak. "the washington post," a law stools at george mason university saying "the court right now, we had our conference this morning. we are doing our work and taking new cases. we are headed to the end of the term which is always a new time. as we get our opinions out." protests continue to a rep across the country over abortion rights. some targeting the homes of conservative justices, including his. >> todd: it is a woke language police making their voices heard. house members the pro-choice caucus of come out and say the
1:29 am
word "choices harmful." >> carley: stop it. >> todd: tweeting an image from the organization and tells the dos and don'ts in abortion messaging with the first word under harmful category, see it with me, carly, choice. >> carley: why? >> todd: some point to the irony of the tweet and one user says choice is now considered harmful language "by the pro-choice." >> carley: i don't get it but i wouldn't get it because i'm not crazy. >> todd: exactly. i think you summarized it. >> carley: i'm allowed to say it. >> todd: or not say it. because again you have the choice unlike the pro-choice. >> carley: shall we press forward? >> todd: no, i was having fun with it. >> carley: less than a year ago merrick garland insisted parents were not being targeted by the doj. you may remember this. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the
1:30 am
patriot act would be used on the circumstances of parents complaining about their children. >> todd: we have three parents here to respond to the whistle-blowing bombshell that is challenging merrick garland. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: welcome back. listen to this. a lawsuit filed by missouri linton university settled on wednesday as the school agrees to pay $1.65 million. the students claimed that linton would breach the contract when it switched to online learning during covid-19. it felt the online education was subpar when compared to in person learning. ask thousand university students will receive $185 reimbursement. how about that? >> todd: how about that.
1:36 am
remember merrick garland said this about investigating parents? >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine the circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> todd: imagine it merrick garland whistle-blower claims the doj did come in fact my target parents who spoke out at school board meetings and used counterterrorism tools to do it. here to react who nearly parents and cofounder of the president, and mom's for america's senior director and amanda wright, a mom in arizona who tracked a dossier by school board member. thanks to all three, nicole what was your reaction when our suspicions on this were actually confirmed? >> we were not surprised because this is exactly what america's parents said would happen with attorney general garland.
1:37 am
october 2021. for months the biden administration, gas is up and what was taking place in american schools. now we know the fbi was, indeed, leveraging the e.u. officials and terrorizing their parents. our political participation was chilled and that was the intent all along. >> todd: keisha, how the heck is this happening in america, land of the free? >> you know i'm not quite sure and when the white house and the department of justice and national school board association and when they collude against american parents, where do you go from there? there is nowhere else to complain to when the white house, this goes to the highest levels of american government. it is particularly disgusting that the president and the white house would collude on such an evil thing against parents. we are just simply standing up for our children and we want to
1:38 am
better education for our children we have the right to be heard by the people that we have elected to the office. >> todd: amanda 20 years ago, terrorists were the folks who flew planes into buildings. now, you are a month so i guess you are a terrorist according to our government. does that about sums it up? >> goodness, how do we get here? it is incredible that someone who has a history of volunteering and helping out in the school system all of a sudden labeled as a domestic terrorist. >> todd: there is this, ladies elementary schools being caught bragging about ignoring parents request to refer to their children by their given names and pronouns, you know the names and pronouns the parents gave them. here is what one teacher said, in my classroom i will refer to your child whatever name and pronouns they told me they feel most comfortable with. i just told them maybe that's not helpful. i just told them, no!
1:39 am
and they eventually found another topic to squawk about. this is unbelievable. i find this absolutely remarkable. nicole, doesn't that guy who said that works for the taxpayer parent? >> he does. he has a taxpayer-funded employee. it is not his classroom and they are not his children. they are our classrooms and they are our children and we will not take these things lying down. sadly, this is taking place across america. there are districts from coast to coast transitioning children behind parents back, hiding that information from parents. we get tips every single day from california to maine are districts are doing this because they think they know better how to raise our children than we do. we will not allow that to happen. >> todd: quisha, what happened the boundaries? >> you know, that is a really good question. i don't know what is in their minds and told him they have the right to go behind parents back and do whatever they thought was good for our children, my child
1:40 am
and all children across america. i don't know who told them that was okay, but day after day and time over and again we see these teachers quitting. we see mom standing up. we see parents rising up. we will continue to do that until the message is loud and clear that you do not parent our children simply because they are in your care for a short period of time. >> todd: amanda, take this home. why are these teachers come again not all teachers come a very few select teachers but why do these individuals feel so emboldened to take on parents like this? >> i think the answer is simple. i think they are activists. they are out for a cause. this is a cultural war against their children. and as you point out, this is not all teachers. we have amazing teachers but a small number of teachers have chosen this as they are because we are the actually bully other teachers. that is why you see teachers
1:41 am
leaving the community because they were bullied by these activist. >> todd: with the regard to the quote i just read, we reached out to the schools for a statement and did not hear back. i will be sure to call you up individually as if we get that statement from them throughout the course of the weekend. methinks we won't get that statement, nicole, quisha, amanda, thank you for keeping up the good fight and trying us this morning. we appreciated. >> thank you, todd appearance no one save smoking kids bound up the east coast including crack pipes. those harm reduction "kids" want to buy your taxpayer dollars. >> carley: you have that right, david webb with his reaction with deadly addiction ravaging our cities.
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♪ ♪ >> carley: listen to this, netflix issue a new culture taking a hard-line stance against woke employees hear the internal memo saying "depending on your role, you may need to work on titles you perceived to be harmful." if you find it hard to support contents, netflix may not be the best place for you. netflix going on that it will not censor voices adding they let viewers decide what is appropriate for them to stream.
1:47 am
the memo coming after workers protested last year over netflix dave chappelle special which employees claimed was transphobic. that is a different change of pace. >> todd: ab it comes down to the money. >> carley: a company wanting to make money? that is a novel idea. biden attack on desantis maga republicansand calling oute positions. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. the ultra maga agenda. under my predecessor, the great maga king. >> the president has obviously had a good time doing that. where did you come up with ultra maga? where did he come up with that, what did he call it president trump? the king of maga? >> the president is not afraid to call that what he is seeing a extreme position. >> todd: joining us now, david webb fox news contributor and host of reality check with david webb on fox nation. that montage that we just
1:48 am
played, isn't that a perfect sign biden is really getting desperate as we approach midterms? >> it is also a perfect sign he is limited in his head and that is why he can't get a line out without stumbling over it. by the way, just in contrast, i was with the president last week mar-a-lago for the premier and he went up and talked about things. he never mentioned biden once. biden is not living in his head. he is living in biden's head. this is joe biden trying to get the bays, low turnouts in the primaries for the democrats. more problems coming ahead so they start naming things, right, ultra maga remembered the poor bowls, irredeemable neanderthals in texas survived covid. i mean, this is what he's doing doing a skilled political lawyer for his entire career in washington. remember crime bill, he is using and will put y'all in chains. hey, folks, joe biden, you got
1:49 am
it. by the way i like mega maga. >> carley: mega maga. the one i wonder if he should try mega maga. >> carley: although, if you call anybody thinking of anything, that is great. >> i love the trump response that he put out "lord of the rings"? i love the fact that he did this appear to have fun with it. this is what we love. >> carley: you know what, what is happening is the president is trying to put trump, like you said, trying to put trump on the ballot and everything happening right now is maga's fault. but midterm elections will be a referendum on biden, not trump not from. >> he's trying to make it about that because he is losing badly. it isn't going to work because it's not working now. when you try to find your baby formula and you are driving your car that you just filled up for 80 or $90, your suv or whatever, you have to go to five stores.
1:50 am
you are not the maga king. that is how we got here. no, it is biden's inflation. they are not taking it off of the gas pumps, folks. it is sad. >> carley: there is no gas. to pull up the car. >> todd: mean tweets versus "i can't feed my baby." think about that. i think the choice is clear. meantime the biden administration insisting save smoking kids do not include crack pipes and this is jen psaki in february. >> just put out a statement clarifying a report that crack pipes are not part of the states kits by the administration. but with a never a part of the kits or removed in response to supporting pushback? >> it was never a part of the kits. it was inaccurate reporting and
1:51 am
we want to put that out. >> todd: never a part of the kits unequivocally, listen to this. >> so first address what jen psaki said, when they broke this story in february, oh, no, no, the pipes are not into kits. and so, there has been document proof going back for year, okay, how will you ensure these pipes are not in the kits and the white house clearly making this up as they have gone along because quite the backlash. >> todd: the washington beacon going out and getting one of these and the crack pipe included a peer that is a report explained that. what is worse, david, the taxpayer dollars being used to buy crack pipes or the fact that biden white house lied about it or didn't know about it. >> worse and i will say from a human perspective that they lie is nothing new and by the way, i checked hunter's delivery address to see if he ordered a
1:52 am
kit. think about it. the people that need help, the people that are harming their lives, harming other people and committing crimes to support their habit instead of helping them, you are helping them do drugs more and more often. i mean, there is a level of people in this administration that is willing to do anything and lie about it. instead of helping those people think how much they can use that hope and parts of around america whether over endorsing and/or dying or going to rob some cities because they need to support their habit. >> carley: david, we got the numbers of overdose deaths from last year, a record high of over 100,000. you couple that with all of the drugs pouring into the southern border. and then you hear the taxpayer-funded face smoking kits did not just have lip balm but actually a tool for people to increase that habit here and just don't know how morally, you
1:53 am
know, you've square that circle? >> you can't. this is a bunch of amoral elitists, biden and instead of giving crack kits to addicts in need, go to china with chemical warfare against us and the largest producer chinese communist party knows who's doing this, producing fentanyl to kill tens of millions of americans. one of the recent busts enough to kill 200 million americans and this is their priority? go back to the cartels or foreign terrorist organizations. trump said designate them as such and take them out. the chinese communist and the cartels are killing americans and biden's open border is which they walk. >> todd: rule of law might try to say, doesn't matter and to stick story articulates that puritan prosecutors to slash
1:54 am
sentences for lawyer peer. remember those guys? fire firebombed black lives matter and facing two years in prison. how much of a front to the rule of law is that that to lawyers who should know the law or should know better only get two year sentence? >> that goes to something important your knowledge of the crime. premeditated attacks and they have other materials the police officers about them. these are two people offices of the court. you are right the bar, bar, by the way should consider whether they should even then lawyers. they couldn't do that but now, the judge could change the sentence. he doesn't have to accept the recommendation up to five years. they should go away for a long time. it is not that they are the first time criminals. they were planning all along to be criminals. that i think that joe's should use against them. >> carley: another example of soft on crime that a lot of
1:55 am
people and very powerful positions take. other criminals look at it and say, you know what i think i will commit that crime because they are getting lenient sentences and no skin off my nose if i get the same. >> todd: david, great to see you. thank you. >> carley: thanks, david waking up early for us. >> you look beautiful. >> carley: thank you. >> todd, your tires off. >> carley: david, you will like that some democrats want hillary clinton to run for president in 2024, but maybe there is something else in store for her. >> let's talk about an open seat on the cohost panel. who are your dream cohost's mark >> it is funny but i would love for hillary clinton to sit in. >> todd: joe concha gives us his view on that plus also live, ronny jackson. don't go anywhere.
1:56 am
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>> todd: breaking right now, the white house just released data on how $10 billion of your taxpayer dollars was used to address the nationwide crime wave last year. >> carley: more than 2 billion used for law enforcement bonuses, community intervention, crisis responders and mental health services. $1 million for public safety workers an


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