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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 13, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: breaking right now, the white house just released data on how $10 billion of your taxpayer dollars was used to address the nationwide crime wave last year. >> carley: more than 2 billion used for law enforcement bonuses, community intervention, crisis responders and mental health services. $1 million for public safety
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workers and $350 million in job training to help formerly incarcerated and at-risk teens enter the workforce. critics say it will not help reverse soft on crime policies perpetuating lawlessness. >> more of the same nonsense we keep hearing from the people who simply don't want accountability for crime f. they are prosecuted, you have judges who aren't sentencing them to the sentences they are supposed to get. the criminals know this. this is a game to them. they are very savvy about what they can get away with. >> carley: all right, interesting bit of news this morning. we're talking about the $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed march of last year, part led to inflationary period we're in right now, it pumped so much money into the system, gave
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people stimulus checks, even people that didn't need them and the white house released information about how some cities used covid money to help fight crime. we read some. i will follow-up with more. $10 billion for crime reduction. $1 billion in bonus for front-line workers, $2 million to ease the burden on police. $350 million for job training and $600 million to clear court backlog and support victims of crime. what this money is and what this is all about is the federal government saying job well done to the cities using this money in the right way. i think this also proves if you are using covid money to fight crime, although very good, it is a good cause, that covid package maybe too much money in it. >> todd: to me, this appears to be like buying furniture,
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paints, cute maunts for a house. there are two simple ways to lower crime, if you use money to do that, okay. hire more cops. flood the zones in every single city having a lot of trouble right now, i believe we have a graphic for that, you can see how crime is up in the cities throughout our country. two, reform the bail laws that are allowing individuals to commit a crime and be on the street in two seconds. you can throw all the money in the world at the problem and some of the programs we reported on, are good, that is fine. but if criminals think they can get away with crime, they will, no matter how many programs the white house brags about this morning. >> carley: last year, especially the summer, the smash and grab
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robberies taking place in cities across the country and everybody thinking this problem cannot get worse and we just saw it did. 11 cities, homicides are up in atlanta 43%, baltimore 26%, milwaukee up $100%, that is unbelievable. you can throw money at the issue and that is a good thing, police departments that were defunded are being refunded, they have should never had money stripped away in the first place. police officers are demoralized and judges are letting criminals back out on the street. it feels like they feel more for the criminal than the victim. >> todd: i am going to an event this weekend and i guarantee this is number one topic they discuss this weekend, the sense criminals run the show now, they
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can do what they want. cops hands are tied. you see the numbers. when the white house does something positive, we have a duty saying this is good they put money into this. >> carley: it is not the way the federal government, it is the the cities use third degree money. >> todd: none of this money will matter. here is a prime example of lawlessness we were talking about, 400 partiers, age 41 to 21 going wild in the windy city. they are not working on algebra, these are young people flooding the streets of downtown chicago. officials say the event was organized on social media encouraging peep toll bring their own booze and drugs. what lies ahead this summer? five after the hour. fox news alert, senator rand paul blocking a senate vote to block ukraine aid.
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>> carley: matt finn is live in lviv. good morning. >> matt: good morning. happen nothing lviv, a 33-year-old military member is being buried. he was living here in lviv protecting an eastern city from the russians. last communication from his mother -- >> carley: we just lost matt. he was talking about that military funeral of the 33 year old. it is such a tragedy and clearly everybody in lviv is rallying behind this individual dochlt we have matt back? can you hear us? >> matt: hi, guys. yes. i want to point out this military member last communication with his mother was in a text telling her he was going on a mission and would be fine. this cemetery is for military burial, it is now filled. people dying in this war are
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being buried in this field that commemorates world war i and world war ii. rand paul is delaying passage of $40 billion bill to send aid to ukraine, paul is demanded inspector general oversee the spending in ukraine before he agrees to sign the bill. he says congress just wants to keep spending. >> my oath of office is to national security of the united states of america. we cannot save ukraine by dooming the u.s. economy f. this gift to ukraine passes, our total aid will almost equal entire military budget of russia and it is not as if we have that money lying around. we will have to borrow from china to send to ukraine. >> matt: the institute for study of war says russia did not gain any ground on thursday here in ukraine, but russia conducted more air and artillery strikes against the u.k.s marines
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trapped in the steel plant in mariupol. the russian troops did not conduct ground defenses, they blocked tunnels so the marines could not escape. a situation we will keep you updated. the first war crimes trial of the russian soldiers will begin tomorrow in kyiv. 21-year-old captured russian member of tank unit accused of shooting a 62-year-old man on his bike. the prosecutor general says it has been investigating 10,000 war crimes with 600 suspects. finland says it will apply for nato membership and sweden could do the same in the coming days. finland prime minister says it is not against russia, rather defensive position for finland. kremlin reacted it will be forced to take retaliatory military steps. back to you guys. >> carley: matt finn live in
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lviv. thank you. at home gas prices hit a record high. americans feel sting of inflation and biden administration just cancelled another oil and gas deal. >> todd: we are talking to a worker from the keystone pipeline next. ubrelvy helps u fight keystone pipeliners have been warning this would happen since biden's first day in office when he laid them off. we are talking to one of them next. its tracks within 2 hou rs. without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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>> carley: gas prices just hitting another high overnight at $4.43 a gallon. biden's war on energy takes another step after he cancelled a huge oil and gas in alaska and gulf of mexico. neil crabtree joins us now. it feels like we've been watch thanksgiving slow train wreck unfold before our eyes. in january of 2021, he cancelled keystone xl pipeline and you called this. you knew gas prices would hit record highs. what is your answer to the president this morning? >> thank you for having me. i believe we're at the point where anything done to hinder development in oil and gas is
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going to have a negative effect on prices no matter how small it seems like canceling leases and this just adds to growing list of things that administration has done since day one like canceling pipelines, canceling leases, making it harder to obtain permits, supporting activist groups and judges that abuse the court system when we try to get permits. making it harder for energy companies to finance projects, just a long list of things they have done to hinder development and you have to ask yourself question of what has the administration done to help and the answer to that question is nothing. >> carley: it does feel like that is the case. we just said the numbers today, gas at $4.43 a gallon, like we said, record high. i think a lot of americans who are struggling right now, main thing they want to know is when will we see gas prices go down?
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do you have insight into that? >> i hate to say it, i believe we're almost at the point the only thing that will cause prices to come down is the recession we're headed for and recession is direct result of biden energy policies f. they turn us loose, it will take some time to get prices back down issue but they just delayed, delayed, delayed, thinking the green energy sector of this country is ready to go and it's not. i think we may be staring at a recession. >> carley:. if we don't want to get there and president biden wakes up and says, things are bad, i will change the policy and i will stop attacking the fossil fuel industry. what are things he could do today to make gas prices go down? >> well, there is countless projects across the country
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right now that are in court fighting this unnecessary permit process that we have in this country. i could name a bunch right now. the mountain valley pipeline in pennsylvania is natural gas pipeline, but there are dozens of pipeline projectss hindered because of government permitting process and they have a lot to do with that. >> carley: and you hear president biden say it is not my fault, it's putin's fault, the ultra maga agenda's fault. when he says that, what goes through your mind? >> i'm so tired of hearing about the putin price hike. let's pretend for one second that this is all putin's fault, well, the president is going to have to own up to the fact putin decided to invade under his watch and he did that because he saw a weak president. this is not putin's price hike,
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it is another biden blunder, if you ask me. >> carley: neal, thank you, appreciate chatting with you. >> thank you. >> carley: you're very welcome. we'll be talking more about this with texas congressman ronny jackson in a couple minutes. >> todd: joe biden approval rating sink withing americans, 18% think america is on the right track. joe concha is here to put us on the right track. he's moving up next. joe concha the right track. he's moving up next. right track. joe concha is here to put us on the right track. he's moving up next.
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>> todd: welcome back. new poll biden's approval rating still under water and 18% of you americans think the country is on the right track under his leadership. >> carley: lucas tomlinson has more. good morning. >> when sworn into office inflation was 1.4%, now 8.3%.
2:22 am
biden blames republicans for the spike. >> president biden: republicans say the programs help middle class people, that is why we have inflation. they are dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. >> a new poll finds 18% of americans say the country is on the right track. the president's approval rating hovering at 18%. inflation is 40-year high and families struggling to find baby formula. >> is this the best strategy for biden to win people over, win over support ahead of the midterm given his inaugural theme being america united. >> press sect. psaki: the president is not afraid to call out extreme position out of line with where the american people stand.
2:23 am
he will not stand aside while people push for extreme position not in the interest or supported by vast majority of the american people. >> today is jen psaki's last day as press secretary, the blame is on the president's policies. >> he's failed black america, he's failed white america and hispanic america. why? he stumbles from crisis to crisis there is no plan or strategy, he does not know what to do. the white house is a mess, agencies a mess, and they rather play politics than get down to the business of the american people. >> economy is single most important. >> carley: let's bring in joe concha to talk about the poll numbers. joe, you would think they were a wake-up call to the administration, they are consistently low. is this the definition of
2:24 am
insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? they haven't changed their strategy. >> joey: it is the definition of insanity. imagine being a pollster and seeing numbers like this. 8 in 10 of people believe we are going in the wrong direction. i would love to go bowl withing those, get cheap beer, onion rings, the way todd likes to spend friday night with the two of 10 who believe we are going in the right direction. what do you think is going well? numbers are horrific. inflation was before -- below 2% when joe biden took office and it is now five times that in the span of 16 months since joe biden took office. gas prices all-time high. crime, especially homicides, police officers being targeted, continues to climb. the u.s. southern border, a crisis that is full-blown
2:25 am
catoft fee /* /* -- catastrophe. this president is incompetent regardless of age, to fix this. one perception is made, it is hard to put humpty dumpty back together. >> todd: you know it is no onion rings on friday night, it is bath time and babies. i used to love the onion rings. >> joey: there are baby sitters. >> todd: i can't afford them. this is not thebabble bee. this is the post. the biden administration wrongly told the american public that rising prices would be short-lived when it became clear inflation would not come down on its own, the white house began a
2:26 am
blame game. perfect sin oppositis, that is from the "washington post." if he's lost the "washington post," are biden and democrats dead to rights? >> joey: another die-hard moment. welcome to the party. we've been talking about this for months now and the "washington post" always late to the game, but here they are. when you lose the "washington post," you have problems, this criticism is from publication that never endorsed a republican presidential candidate in its history. this is significant here. one more quote from the democracy dies in darkness folks. "one of the favorite talking points about biden administration is pin on corporations for hiking prices, that doesn't add up. corporations did not become far more dpreedy -- greedy in the past couple months," and that is
2:27 am
from ron ron klain and jen psaki, the great messenger. that message comes from those folks. you can't blame vladamir putin and covid, this is on this administration and reckless spending over the last 16 months that is why inflation is going where it is going. >> carley: one co-host of "the view" was on "good morning america" and revealed her dream co-host. >> what are your dream co-host? >> it is funny, she has been to visit the show, i would love hillary clinton. >> do you think she would do it? >> i don't know. when she comes to the set, we are grilling her with questions, she's so different in person and has a wealth of knowledge. >> carley: they haven't filled meghan john mccain's seat. if hillary clinton would, they
2:28 am
would have to change the name of the show to "one view," and -- >> joey: did you hear sarah haines, we grill her with questions, come on, it is cotton candy time. she whipped it right in, she is unlikeable, check that off. >> carley: oh, no. >> joey: not authentic, check that off. the voters have spoken, i could see her join "the view" and have a public therapy session like she talks to the doctor everyday and that would be great. sure. she would be great for the megmccain seat. sure, why not, give her a glass of wine and let her go. >> carley: there is no wine on the view or walks in the woods, remember when she was doing that. >> todd: that is joe concha. >> joey: we are bourbon people ourselves. happy friday 13th.
2:29 am
>> carley: it is friday 13th. yikes. see you, joe. palettes of baby formula set aside for migrants who crossed the border illegally and american parents are seeing empty shelves. >> todd: ronny jackson will talk about the biden admin's misplaced priorities. aque psori. the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, most people saw 90% clearer skin at 16 weeks. the majority of people saw 90% clearer skin even at 5 years. tremfya® is the first medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis... and it's 6 doses a year after 2 starter doses. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms
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>> carley: welcome back.
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the biden administration is addressing the baby formula shortage, which his parents panicking across the country. >> todd: house republicans say the president needs to do more and right now. ashley strohmier has the latest. ashley. >> ashley: the crisis may leave parents without baby formula to feed their children. the abbott plant was closed due to recall over contamination concerns. jen psaki was pressed on whether the fda could have done a better job handling that situation. listen. >> it does seem like we could have seen this coming and the fda could have done more, what is the white house doing to correct that at the fda? >> press sect. psaki: i'm sure there will be plenty of time to take a look at issues that could have been improved. i do not have analysis on that. there has been work on this for months. >> ashley: republicans are asking biden to consider using
2:34 am
defense production act to get manufacturers to address the situation. new york congresswoman stefanek says this should have never happened in the first place. >> biden continue to pass the buck. babies have been put to bed hungry while parents are trying to find alternative formulas. this is not a third world company, this should never happen in the united states of america. >> ashley: kimic is sounding the alarm. >> typical biden administration, no way to backfill 43% of nation supply of baby formula. today i'm getting word there is a tractor trailer full of palettes of baby formula sitting in that storeroom. come on now, this is exactly what america last looks like. kat cammack.
2:35 am
>> ashley: in the first week of may, average rate for out of stock baby formula was at 43%, guys. >> todd: ashley, thank you. with that, we will bring in ron jackson of the house foreign affairs and armed services committee and former white house position. congressman, why is the white house putting illegal immigrants ahead of an american mom trying to give her baby all the nourishment that baby needs to survive? >> this is just another example, biden is out there everyday talking about maga this and maga that and ultra maga, perfect example of his agenda maga america last. putting the border ahead of american citizens. i was out there a few weeks ago and saw the shelves stocked full with diapers and formula and you sea representative cammack posted pictures from a few days ago, there is no issue there with formula for people that don't belong in this country.
2:36 am
citizens of this country can't find formula, it is horrible. i don't understand it. i don't understand, it is america last and this is another example and this is a shame. >> carley: this means pooitd administration has baby formula they could release to the american people, but they are choosing not to and that is unacceptable to a lot of american taxpayers who are struggling right now to feed their children. the president did say yesterday he is on top of this issue and he released a plan, a three-point plan, including speeding up manufacturing, cutting some red tape, cracking down on price gouging and increases supply through additional imports. do you think that is good enough? i know some lawmakers are calling for him to impose the defense production acts, is that something that should be looked at? >> absolutely not. just like everything else that biden does, he is a step behind,
2:37 am
thinking after the fact. plan ahead for this. shut the border down and say we can't support people because we don't have resources to take care of them and reroute that formula back to american citizens. how about we do that? this was a biden generated problem via the fda, a regulatory establish sxment nothing the biden administration likes more than regulatory establishment they just set loose on the manufacturer of this. this is what caused the problem. no. he needs to do more and unfortunately, like everything he's done, there is too late to react to this. we will do what we can, should have been reacting weeks ago. >> todd: you are not confident the fda will solve this problem quickly? >> i am not confident. what we've seen going forward with the cdc, the fda, nih and everything we've seen, seen people in play a lot over the last few months with covid. i have no confidence in the biden administration or
2:38 am
regulatory agencies to do what is right for the american people. we've seen them fail time and time again, just another example of failure. >> carley: baby formula is not the only shortage. gas prices are at record high and this week the biden administration cancelled massive oil and gas lease to allow for drilling on over million acres of land in alaska. drilling is what needs to happen to lower gas prices. the reason the biden administration did this, they say there are no oil companies who want to purchase this land. why would that be the case? >> that is not the case. people, oil and gas industry do not want to invest in drilling on gas, biden administration made it clear they will shut them down. you may get a lease to drill, you will not get other permits for the roads, for pipelines for anything else, i was in the permian basin and cost for people are going through the
2:39 am
roof. this is biden administration attempt to deliver final death mroe to oil and gas. they're making it exceedingly hard. this is a time the gas prices $4.40, record high, inflation 8.3%, 40-year high and we have the eu looking at shutting down russian oil and gas coming out of russia, driving the price of gas higher. the answer is to increase american production, biden administration will not get out of the way or take the cuffs off oil and gas companies and let them do their jobs. they are saying one thing, buts behind the scenes they are doing something drastically different to stop the process. >> todd: nobody wants leases is misleading. keep your eye out for the congressman's upcoming book, "holding the line." thank you, we appreciate your time. >> todd: white house insisted your tax dollars were not bing
2:40 am
spent on crack pipes. >> carley: can't believe that is a sentence you just read. >> todd: they are inside the safe smoking kits. >> carley: cheryl casone joins us next. when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online. what's on the horizon? the answers lie beyond the roads we know. we recognize that energy demand is growing, and the world needs lower carbon solutions to keep up. at chevron, we're working to find new ways forward, through investments
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>> todd: we are back with a fox
2:44 am
news alert. mandatory evacuation in colorado springs as multiple wildfires set the city ablaze. that fire prompted a temporary shelter in place order for colorado springs airport. >> carley: in california, new images of burned out mansions after a fire in orange county engulfed 200 acres, no update on containment of the fire and the cause is under investigation. >> todd: janice dean is here with fox weather forecast. you were saying this would happen, it's happened. >> cheryl: horrifying to see the videos and images, this has been a tough fire season. here is information we have right now for the laguna fire. 200 acres, three days active, looks like 15% contained. we'll get more information as the morning progresss. the winds are going to die down,
2:45 am
not only for southern california, but across the southwest, we have high fire danger for parts of colorado. we had that earlier fire still burning for colorado springs and the active fires, 36 with over 480's,000 acres burned for the west and toward mid-atlantic and parts of florida. temperatures warm across south uptoward great lakes and interior northeast, cooler than average temperatures over the northwest. it is cold enough for snow in higher elevations and threat for severe weather. there is the severe storm threat today, really from the planes up toward the upper midwest, could see hail, damaging wind threat and tornados and east coast will see on and off showers, we have coastal low and a front moves in and that will clear the weather by tuesday and then we'll start to warm up in the northeast. i think by next week, temperatures in the 80'ss for new york city. >> carley: are you serious?
2:46 am
>> todd: bikini weather. >> janice: only for todd for social media. >> todd: nobody needs to see that. >> carley: happy friday. so much to worry about, including this. pensions in peril. americans fear about retirement as s&p loses $7 trillion since start of this year. >> todd: you thought me in a bikini was the worst image you would see all day. cheryl casone has more. >> cheryl: work to get that out of my head over the next couple minutes. good morning. several days of rough trading cisions, past few sessions have been ugly amid fed rate hikes and troubling inflation data, left investors fleeing the market. s&p dropped 18% this year and overall loss of $7 trillion in market value. producer price index came in at 11% measure inflation at wholesale level, that number was worse than expected.
2:47 am
consumer prices worse than expected at 8.3%, many americans are approaching retirement saying they may not have the funds they need at this point. younger generation, not to worry, you have time. it is definitely something folks looking to get out this year and quit working are having to reassess. >> carley: update on what is going on at the border? >> cheryl: gop sweep in november, uniting with former trump officials to push republican leaders to start preparing flagship border security bill. letter by 16 groups and dozen former senior trump officials, this is border patrol agencies 18 million worth of meth in a single bust on mexican truck driver entering texas. >> this is bad a situation as we could expect in law enforcment
2:48 am
something all americans need to look at. biden administration doesn't care. >> cheryl: 913 pounds seized. >> todd: no formula, if your baby is into crack, you are in luck, this is horrible. >> cheryl: an investigation by the washington free beacon finding crackpipes are included in safe smoking kits distributed through the harm reduction grant program. baltimore, new york city and richmond kits examined by the paper. >> to first address what jen psaki said, exact messaging they did when we broke the story in february. no, no, no, the pipes are not in the kits and the media pushed this narrative. we went and got them and there is documented proof going back for years. how are you going to ensure pipes are not in the kits? the white house has been making this up as they go along, been quite the backlash.
2:49 am
>> cheryl: david webb reacting last hour to this. >> david: the people that need help, adikts /* addicts you are helping them do drugs more. >> cheryl: department of health and human services has denied pipes are in the kit. see what they say about the issue. >> carley: amazing what you will find and the washington free beacon did just that. check in with brian kilmeade to see what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> brian: next 11 minutes, moms and dads across the country struggling to feed their infantss, seems to be bull 10 the administration just got there is a nationwide formula shortage not just for republican kids, democratic kids, too. shelves are packed at a texas border facility.
2:50 am
kat cammack says this is proof the agend is not that good and charles payne will break down big changes at twitter and netflix ahead of the elon musk takeover when it comes to twitter. general jack keane has good news for the ukrainians and vladamir putin health is in doubt. and billions being held up in congress. geraldo rivera will be here live and will cain will say something insightful. don't touch that remote, don't have your child touch that remote, three hours of nothing, but fun. don't move. gradually get dressed. chronic —- 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start—with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months.
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>> carley: supreme court justice samuel alito giving an update on the roe v. wade opinion after his draft was leaked. according to "the washington post," alito spoke remotely to a
2:55 am
group of law students at george mason university saying, quote: the court right now we had our conference this morning. we are doing our work. we are taking new cases. we're headed towards the end of the term, which is always a phrenetic time as we get our opinions out. the address comes as protests continue to erupt across the country over abortion rights. some targeting the homes of conservative justices. president biden's new disinformation czar nina jankovicz has a suggestion to change twitter. >> verified but there are a lot of people who shouldn't be there who aren't legit in my opinion. i mean, they are real people but they are not trustworthy. anyway verified people can essentially start to edit twitter, the same sort of way that wikipedia is. >> todd: elon musk not a fan calling the plan disconcerts she
2:56 am
demoted plans in her book. lara trump. i'm glad elon gets it. how chilling is it that this disinformation czar thinks it's okay for her to edit your speech? >> i mean all of it is honestly so outrageous. take a step back for a second and just look at the fact that here we are in the united states of america, todd, we are still considering having a position like this. it should shake every single american to your core to know this is happening in your country and this woman, nina jankovicz is the arbiter of truth is the one who will determine whether what you say is allowed or not is absolutely outrageous. don't worry about it, is verified though. i guess we are all in the clear there. it's honestly so scary that we are here in america. look, our first amendment freedoms of speech say that no matter what, you should be able
2:57 am
to say it. so if i want to go on twitter and just put the covfefe to put something out there i should be able to do it. i will go back to the novel 148 where the main character is kas who i'm sure nina jankovicz fancies herself in this situation with getting rid of any information that does not fit the narrative the government currently has at that time goes down the memory hole it feels frightingly close to exactly where we are. if you want to live in a free society, you should be totally free of censorship. otherwise, you are not truly free. so, yes, thank goodness elon musk is there. at least trying to back up freedom in some capacity. the fact that we still have anybody looking out there to be a disinformation czar in this woman that person is salute abse
2:58 am
insanity. >> carley: how does former president trump feel about being called maga king. >> i'm proud to be part of the maga king royal family. i will take that apparently i'm ultra maga as i also heard from joe biden. you can't make this stuff up. it's fantastic. we are very honored. thank you. >> todd: also can't make this up. but it happened. whistleblower doj used counter-terrorism tools against parents in response to school board memo. but, lara, remember when merrick garland said that wasn't happening? watch. >> i can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> todd: lara, which is it, did garland lie under oath or does he have no idea what's happening under his doj? >> yeah.
2:59 am
i mean, it's a great question, todd. i think either way, wow, that does not bode very well for our attorney general of the united states. we all knew something was happening. we all heard about this. it has now been confirmed that, indeed, you know, they were using government resources to target parents and the goal was very clear. it was to shut down speech for parents in america. parents that were very concerned about what their children were learning in school. you are right, todd, the fact that our attorney general does not either didn't know about it or lied to congress about it is absolutely crazy. but something needs to be done about this. i don't know if we need a special counsel to look into this but in america, again, you should have your freedom of speech. as a parent, you should be able to go to any school board meeting and say i want to know what my child is learning in school. i think the democrats are figuring out very quickly they messed with the wrong group. with the parents though they came out big in virginia for
3:00 am
glenn youngkin. they are going to come out big in the midterms come november. >> carley: the doj, they may be investigating parents but they have said very little about the protesters that are targeting the supreme court justices right now. lara, we have to leave there. thank you for joining us this morning as always on a friday. >> thanks, guys, happy friday. >> todd: that's it for us. "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> baby formula shortage has parents across america at a breaking point. >> meanwhile, republicans are sounding the alarm after they found out baby formula is being sent to the southern border. >> this is exactly what america last looks like. >> gas prices all week long hitting one new record high after another. >> there is no plan. there is no strategy. he does not know what to do. >> safe smoking kits found up and down the east coast include crack pipes. >> jen psaki said back


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