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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 13, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> bill: you think it was the technology? >> dagen: no, i take responsibility for the buzzer. poor ball handling. >> bill: when we have a rematch we'll switch sides. >> dagen: i want a rematch soon. >> bill: good playing to you, partner. have a good weekend. here is harris, have a good weekend. see you monday. >> harris: the nation moving an important step closer to finding out who started the f.b.i.'s trump/russia investigation? it has been called the russia hoax, a quintessential wild goose chase turning up no evidence that former president donald trump was colluding with russia. special counsel john durham after some time now has just scored a victory. days ahead of the first trial in his investigation. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". that trial is set to begin on monday and the victory i just
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mentioned is this. a federal judge ordered a key player in the so-called russia hoax to turn over internal emails to john durham. fusion gps was the opposition research firm hired by hillary clinton's campaign to dig up dirt on then candidate donald trump before the 2016 election. clinton campaign lawyer michael sussman will testify next week. he is charged with lying to the f.b.i. senator lindsey graham with his take. >> we know that a lawyer for the clinton campaign went to the f.b.i. to tell a lie to them about a connection between trump and a bank in russia and we now know that the carter/page warrant was illegally obtained because the steele dossier was a bunch of crap. >> harris: congressman jim jordan ranking member is standing by. david spunt is live at the department of justice.
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>> good morning. john durham began his investigation into the origins of the russia probe in may of 2019. he has charged three people and monday's trial involving michael sussman will be the first trial in this john durham probe. it is one to watch. we'll be covering it. michael sussman, the former clinton campaign attorney charged with making a false statement to the f.b.i. sussman two months before the 2016 election went to the f.b.i. and said he had information that linked the trump campaign to russia. sussman claimed he had some information that a computer server in trump tower was communicating with a russian bank. that information was false. according to the government sussman told the f.b.i. general counsel james baker he wanted to bring the information not on behalf of a client but as a concerned citizen. durham claims sussman was working for clinton when he brought the information forward and billed her campaign.
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the judge ruled that opposition research firm fusion must turn over emails. this is an important carve yet. he ruled durham cannot show those to the jury as he waited too long to access them. durham may still use them for potential future cases against other people. the two big questions in the trial on monday. there is a lot of complications with this trial but to explain it easily the questions are did michael sussman lie and did his lie change the overall investigation done by the f.b.i.? trial starts monday. lasts two weeks. >> harris: as you said, some of the answers are coming forth and we'll see what we get to see as a wider public and media. david spunt, thank you very much. "wall street journal" op-ed with this. the durham prosecution show how the opposition research firm operates.
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not by producing real research, but by shopping seemy claims to law enforcement and browbeating journalists to cover the investigation that fusion inspires. ohio republican congressman jim jordan is in focus and a member of the house oversight committee. thank you for being in "focus." first of all, ahead of the trial, which starts on monday, what are some of the headlines to you? >> i think the big takeaway is four years ago there was a bunch of us who thought it was made up. now we know for sure it was all made up. on monday we start to get some of the details that we didn't know about that we haven't learned about yet. that is where this is going. we'll see what comes out monday. this idea to me has always been key how did the f.b.i. not know what sussman brought them. when he brought this material that he wasn't working for the clinton campaign. he sends an email to jim baker,
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chief counsel of the f.b.i. and next day gives him information. how did jim baker not know he was working for the clinton campaign? i find the interesting part of this. we'll see if it comes out in the trial. we begin to get the details monday. now we know for sure this was -- the dossier was made up and the whole trump communication with the alpha bank was made up as well. >> harris: quickly. i want to get your take how it factors in for voters because that's what has been talked about. if some of the truth had been out earlier ahead of 2016, how would that have changed things? donald trump became president but what was cooking that hillary clinton thought she could take advantage of? >> the whole narrative. the "wall street journal" editorial is exactly right. they make stuff up, they go to the f.b.i. or they will go to the press or both and if the press writes about it, then they can take it to the f.b.i., the press is writing about this and get them to investigate or
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vice versa. they can say the f.b.i. is looking at this. it is why sussman took the information to the f.b.i. so they could communicate to the press the f.b.i. has taken possession of this information and investigating and the press writes about it and they build the narrative. thank goodness the american people saw through it and elected donald trump in 2016. >> harris: circular information and manipulation is what you are talking about. >> the clinton campaign hires perkins couey where sussman works and he hires fusion gps who hires simson and talks to the russians and they create this out of thin air and they peddle it to the american people and worse yet, adam schiff and the democrats spent three years, $30 million, 19 lawyers, 40 f.b.i. agents with the mueller investigation going after the president trying to stymie president trump and his agenda doing work for the american people and that's the wheel harm here. it has to be exposed so it
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doesn't happen again. >> harris: another probe on capitol hill. house democrats are threatening five republicans with legal action if they fail to comply with a subpoena by the january 6 committee. the house could vote to hold them in contempt and refer them for prosecution. >> i think it's an illegitimate committee that doesn't have the authority to issue subpoenas in my opinion. so we don't want to dignify what they are doing. this has been a witch hunt from day one. an attempt to go after political enemies instead of trying to get at the truth. >> you say you believe the committee is illegitimate. does it mean that you will not comply with the subpoena? >> i haven't seen it. i can't tell you whether i'll comply or not. >> harris: congressman jim jordan. will you comply with that subpoena from the january 6 commission? >> i haven't seen it, either. they haven't given me the
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subpoena, amazing because the press has had information and knowledge of this for what, 24 hours almost now. i still have yet to see the subpoena. it hasn't been given to me. i did write a letter to the committee in january when they asked us to come voluntarily and i said look, there were all kinds of concerns i have with the committee. the biggest one the committee has apologized for it and said the fancy words, we got caught lying. they took email i forwarded to the white house chief of staff and changed it, altered it and presented it to the american people so they took evidence, altered evidence and lied to the country about an email i had forwarded to the white house. that tells you what kind of concerns we have with the committee. we'll look at the subpoena when we get it and go from there. >> harris: that's you and biggs. there are only five of you. when do you expect the letter to come quickly and i want to get to something? >> the letter has been posted on their website but we have yet to receive the subpoena.
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seems to me they were more xwernd coordinating with the liberal press rather than doing things the way you are supposed to do them. we have yet to see it. >> harris: axios headline reads january 6 committee has retaliation and gives both parties decisions to make. if mccarthy and colleagues refuse it would stymie the committee and pave the way for democrats to do the same in the future. if they do testify, democrats themselves will be pressured to comply with almost certain future republican subpoenas including on unsavory topics like hunter biden. congressman. >> well look, the democrats have broken every kind of precedent you can imagine. what they've done to former white house chief of staff mark meadows, with that subpoena and that contempt vote. what they are doing at the department of justice to moms and dads, the formation of a
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disinformation governance board. they are doing things we never saw the weaponization of government. now the weaponization of this committee where for the first time. never forget this. first time in the history of the house of representatives since we've been a country where the minority leader was not allowed to place on the committee individuals he or she selected. proxy voting. closing off the capitol to the american people. on and on we go. things we have never seen. this is just one more step in the crazy things they're doing, all the while you have moms who can't get formula, 41 year high inflation and on and on we go. think about that. moms can't get formula and everything they need for their sons and daughters and family costs more and we'll target you if you show up at a school board meeting advocating for your child. that's what this add min istation has done? democrats are breaking every norm we have operating under
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the constitution with our government. >> harris: appreciate you being in focus. thank you very much. elon musk's deal to buy twitter is on hold. he put the deal on pause himself. we'll tell you why. and it's getting uglier. finger pointing. you just heard congressman jordan talking about it all over the hill. the baby formula shortage that is hitting every part of america. >> i was telling my husband, i said honey, we have to go and find this formula. this is a crisis. >> my baby needs formula. to understand why it's taking so long. >> what's going on? >> harris: parents panicking. republicans are accusing the white house of not doing enough to solve this latest crisis. we know the president met with retailers and manufacturers.
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>> dagen: elon musk deal to take over twitter is on hold. musk said he wants to know more information about the number of fake accounts and bots on the platform. kelly o'grady now with the details. kelly. >> well, many have focused -- have questioned if the deal would indeed go through to this point. now the outlook is turning for murky. he sent shock waves with the news the twitter deal is on hold tweeting twitter deal on hold pending details the calllation that spam accounts represent 5% of users, the company confirmed less than 5%
8:18 am
was and musk indicated his push to rid the platform of the bots all together. it has investors spook. twitter stock is down 8% on the news. 13 belowy lon's office. he is still committed to the dealer investors are pulling their money to prevent learning more. his comments didn't help earlier this week. >> there are still some outstanding questions that need to be resolved. and it is not a done deal. i don't own twitter yet. what if i don't own twitter? >> outstanding questions are part of it. musk hasn't been able to poke under the hood and needs to insure the product he is buying can live up to the lofty target he has and any fears investors may have. with the price plummeting it is
8:19 am
clear musk hold the power. if the deal falls through elon could use it to get a lower price. he is still committed to the acquisition appeared he needs to be careful how the tweets affect the share price. he is being sued by tesla investors and he is under investigation by the sec. now today it could cause more problems. it is fascinating. >> harris: it is fascinating. he would readily tell you free speech is not always free. that's his point. we'll move on. thank you. we're hearing from parents across america today panicking, outraged over the white house's apparent lack of urgency in doing something about the baby formula shortage. not actually making formula. they are trying to solve the problem you see right there. the supplies are so scarce in
8:20 am
all 50 states. this is layered on by the supply chain crisis, policies in this government that have not dealt with inflation. i mean, all of it is a layering and painful for parents now. they are frightened. eight states plus washington, d.c. are out of stock at the rate of more than 50%. in january, that rate across the united states was just 18%. so look, they knew this was coming. but now it's up to 43% across the country. pockets of it well above 50. new york congresswoman stefanik who has a 9-month-old boy spoke. >> they should have had a plan for this shortage months ago. instead bare shelves biden has continued to pass the buck. >> this is not a third world country and should never happen in the united states of america.
8:21 am
>> harris: we showed you the news conference happening live this hour yesterday. within minutes the white house told us the president will meet with retailers and manufacturers. and now here is the white house's response to blame americans look at this. >> we're seeing an enormous problem is hoarding. people hoarding because they are fearful. more infant formula has been produced in the last four weeks and every step to increase that. the message to parents is we hear you. >> harris: raymond arroyo fox news contributor. i want to get your thoughts to the parents being blamed. >> when your baby is hungry you do whatever you need to do. if you call that hoarding fine but people are desperate. i have friends completely out of formula and now bartering with one another and sharing formula. it is absurd in a country like the united states particularly when we're sending $40 billion off to ukraine and we can't spare maybe a few million to
8:22 am
help our parents here feed their children? that is the president's first responsibility, take take care of the most vulnerable and he is not doing it. as you said earlier it is a two-part problem. one, they didn't address the supply chain issues. and two and more importantly, they had warning from that whistleblower back in october that there was a problem at the largest baby formula plant in america in michigan. october they were notified. it took the fda too months to even interview the whistleblower and another two months in february to close the plant. so they had five months to deal with the problem and they dragged their feet. and now babies and parents across america are suffering. it is unconscionable. >> harris: just to put a fine point on it, the indelicacy of saying that parents are causing this by hoarding. you can't even horde it. in most states you can't even find it. i will need resets on that from
8:23 am
the exiting jen psaki. i believe today is her last day on the job. can we pop up the chart? i want to show raymond was calling it out there. we put it together so people could see the timeline you were talking about. back in november of 2021, a few months ago as you said the fda had this on their radar and were in the process of a recall. just look at the line. it is not like it falls after. it grows in one direction. may of 2022 is right now and this is where the pain is. the company abbott says they should be able to start producing in a couple of weeks. raymond, we know and we've been told it's mid-summer before we'll see stocks on the shelves. >> this is a crisis, harris. this is a major crisis that -- and politically let's put the politics aside for a second and i'll get to that in a moment. when only 25% of babies are breast fed imagine the wide swath of crisis this shortage
8:24 am
has created. i love these people saying just breast feed babies. there are some cases where you can't do that. a mother can't do that on the child is waeng off and the mother needs to go back to work. this is something that hits every american no matter your party and the democrats are brewing their own formula for a wipe-out in november between gas prices, fighting parents on curriculums, trying to keep children out of school for so long, shooting in the streets, and now you are starving their babies. this is not a right or left issue. it is a human issue. both parties better come together and find solutions fast. >> harris: as we show the video of this you mention the reasons why people need formula. a lot of what's out there is specialized proteins that children can't have and that sort of thing. not only is it scarce but when they do find it, it is really
8:25 am
expensive. president biden keeps repeating the claim that republicans want to raise taxes on millions of americans. that apparently is prompting the "washington post" to reup it's three pinocchio fact check on the president of the united states. biden is referring to senator rick scott's tax plan in florida, which is not endorsed by the republican senate. and he told me himself when i interviewed him a couple of days ago it is just his opinion. part of his 11-point plan, not the platform of the party. meanwhile, federal reserve chair with a gloomy outlook on the reality of the inflation crisis. >> a soft landing is really just getting back to 2% inflation while keeping the labor market strong. there are huge events, geopolitical events going on around the world that will play an important role in the economy in the next year or so. the question whether we can execute a soft landing or not may depend on factors that we don't control. >> harris: i wish he would talk like a normal person. we won't hit a soft landing? we're already on the ground and
8:26 am
falling, dude. boom. and it hurts. former obama treasury advisor says democratic candidates are going to take the heat. >> inflation is here to stay. the president has been blaming everything except himself on the democrats for the inflation. the number one issue and a tough one for the democrats. >> harris: raymond. >> that's putting it mildly, harris. when i look at all these stories i'm thinking d.c. is to lying what wisconsin is to cheese, okay? these people can't stop lying to themselves and about everybody around them. joe biden calling out rick scott for merely floating the idea is like a flat tax idea that everybody should pay a little something. biden is saying republicans are trying to raise taxes. joe biden has created the biggest hidden tax hitting every american across the board from the poorest to the most wealthy. it is called inflation and these numbers are off the charts at a 40-year high.
8:27 am
so when we talk about taxes, we should start there. and then his other proposals, raise the top tax rate for individuals, biden wants to tax capital gains as ordinary income over a million dollars. harris, this would blow holes in the economy that we have yet to see. so when the "washington post" gives him three pinocchios they better get in partnership with jap et owe. this is an economic hole we won't dig out of any time fast. >> harris: i wonder if the supply chain crisis thing can keep up with the need for pinocchio wood. >> we'll monitor that. >> harris: the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline now unleaded regular unleaded hitting another record. that's four days in a row. it is just going up. it is now $4.43 a gallon. americans struggling to pay for the gas on monday and other
8:28 am
necessities going up, too. in a draft email obtained by fox business starting may 18th all 12,000 capitol staffers and police can use the peloton app for free. that free access passes for that many people estimate to cost $480,000 per month. they can use the free app on us. >> harris, this is again the missing the game here. you are there to serve the people, not to serve yourself. so while we're doling out money we don't have, printing money and borrowing money we don't have, driving us into this inflationary ditch they are on the other hand grabbing everything they can for themselves and their staffers. the day of reckoning is coming. as i watch the president the other day on the phone and he did a zoom call with those baby
8:29 am
formula manufacturers just to bring it full circle he didn't meet with them. he had a phone call with them. the phone call was as effective as his call with putin. there is still a war going on and our babies are still hungry. make something happen. being the consoler in chief and saying you care only goes so far. it is time for action and what the american people are demanding and their babies, if you listen closely, are trying out for. >> harris: you know what would be effective since he wants to go around and help his fellow democrats in the mid-terms? he could go to the abbott plant, show up and knock on the door hey, just want to know how it's going here. let parents know that he is in it. okay. we'll move on. raymond arroyo, always great to have you in "focus." president biden meeting with law enforcement and local leaders to the white house trying to get out in front of what is happening with crime in america. and that we know is a top
8:30 am
concern for mid-term election voters. plus democratic candidates looking to distance themselves from biden ahead of november 8th. >> do you want president biden to come out and campaign for you in ohio? >> we'll see. we'll see. the reality of it is i'm the face of this campaign. >> harris: that felt like a no thank you. primary season kicking into high gear and we'll see if the actual president makes it on to the trail with those poll numbers hanging over his head. we'll see if the democrats really want him. power panel debate. we never have complete control. not really. we can't control inflation, we can't control government debt, we can't control a declining dollar... i could go on. but buying gold and silver from rosland capital... is a way to help take control. rosland capital - a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs,
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the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. >> harris: surging crime. danger for citizens in certain cities on the minds of voters and mainl or issue for the mid-term elections. today president biden is meeting with city leaders and law enforcement and talk about the federal government's efforts to fight the crime crisis. the administration gave
8:36 am
millions of dollars to cities as part of its 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. and the president is expected to ask those local officials to put more of that money toward public safety. i would always advocate ask them what they've done with it so far. start there. crime continues to surge across america. we show you these numbers. and they are never going in the other direction. overall crime in los angeles is up by 11%. in chicago 35%, new york city violent crime in particular is up 41%. homicides are on the rise in some cities like milwaukee where people are facing a stunning 100% increase in homicides. republicans have been pressing the attorney general merrick garland to do something, take action. >> i think the justice department is losing. i think you are losing on crime. >> there is no one solution
8:37 am
fits all that the federal government can suggest to state and local law enforcement. it is a resource allocation issue for each police department. >> is that what we are supposed to tell the mothers of the kids being killed. you don't understand it is a resource allocation issue? >> harris: big city police departments facing staffing shortages and the case for smaller cities now. this is a two-way thing. big cities first and everybody follows. independence, missouri one officer said 38 vacancies on the force he can remember in 20 years on the job. new haven, connecticut, a captain there says they are at the lowest staffing level they've ever had. joe gamaldi former nypd officer and vice president of the fraternal order of police. tell me the situation for the numbers of police officers now, the vacancies? >> i've never seen it this bad in my 17 years as a police
8:38 am
officer. recent study came out that said retirements are up 45%. resignations are up 20%. recruitment is completely in the tank. we saw an 83% reduction in chicago applications, 90% reduction in applications in new jersey and i mean do you really blame anyone? law enforcement has been denigrated and demon oo*idsed for the better part of a decade. violence against law enforcement is through the roof. i'm in washington, d.c. right now for our police wreath ceremony. 563 officers will be added to the monument. 563 families ripped apart by tragedy. last year was the most deadly year for law enforcement intentional homicides in 20 years. it's not slowing down. in 2022 we've had 132 police officers shot in the country, a 40% increase over last year. do you blame anyone for saying i don't want to be a police officer after all this?
8:39 am
here is the rub. we have academics and politicians trying to convince people that there is no war on cops right now. excuse me, i ride those streets every night and if you want to you can take a seat next to me and do a ride along and show you how dangerous it? . >> harris: i might take you up on that actually. let's do it. you and i haven't been together in a while and it is time to revisit. top house republicans are trying to do what you are talking about, joe, trying to put together a plan to push law enforcement friendly legislation. the final list of priorities shared with fox news digital. insuring resourcing and funding for law enforcement. addressing and tackling recruitment issues. taking action to stop violence officers and penalizing progressive prosecutors. that's a segment of the conversation you don't hear police officers talk about because they're too busy fighting crime.
8:40 am
certainly they also see the swinging door by some of these liberal district attorneys. >> absolutely. we certainly appreciate additional funding. it will help us solve the problem. but police officers are only one component of the criminal justice system. we need to make sure these -- i joke to even call them district attorneys. i don't know what they are. they are jokes. larry crassner, most by and gascon. inept judges giving p.r. bonds left and right. we will catch the violent criminals but they let them out the back door before we're done with the paperwork? it won't do a lot of good. i don't understand what we are doing here. i don't have any better way to put it than to tell you our criminal justice system is fundamentally broken in this country. and it has been broken by woke politicians and their horrific
8:41 am
policies. the blood is on their hands. >> harris: joe gamaldi. i'll see you on the passenger side of that squad and we can ride together. >> we're going to do it. >> dagen: treasury secretary janet yellen doubling down on her claim about abortion and the economy and of course the liberal media having her back in this. plus questions about president biden's mid-term strategy. >> president's comments last night he went off maga again. hillary clinton expressed regrets not too long ago for referring to trump voters as deplorable. is this the best strategy for biden to win support in the mid-terms? >> harris: the president vowed to be a unifyer and chief for all the american people. will his attacks on the ultra-maga crowd help or hurt
8:42 am
democrats come november?
8:43 am
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>> i believe that overturning roe would prevent large numbers of women from managing their reproductive lives particularly many low income and financially vulnerable individuals. the inability to access abortion would have a profound impact on their personal and economic lives. >> harris: she is not going to back down. that's treasury secretary janet yellen refusing to back away from her claim that ending roe v. wade will hurt the u.s. economy. the daily caller hitting the media echo chamber with the headline the media's new line, abortion is good for the economy. here is why that's wrong. axios, fortune, bloomberg and cbs news for pushing her claims and california congresswoman katie porter lending her support. >> i think they actually reinforce each other.
8:48 am
so the fact that things like inflation can happen and can become more expensive to feed your kids and to fuel your car is exactly why people need to be able to be in charge of how many mouths they will have to feed. so i think the fact that we're seeing this jump in expenses is a reason that people are saying i need to be able to make my own decisions about when and if to start a family. >> harris: you can't even make that up. instead of democrats coming up with a way to fix inflation she just said this conversation about abortion fits in with inflation and how you deal with it. "the washington examiner" op-ed hit back at democrats saying, quote, democratic rhetoric about abortion is already grimace they try to hide the gruesome nature of the issue. when they try to tie it to the economy, an issue they're floundering on, the dark rhetoric sounds like eugenics.
8:49 am
power panel now. jason chaffetz former utah republican congressman. maxwell, former political director for jamie harrison for senate in south carolina. great to see you. bree, i will start with you and secretary yellen's doubling down at this point. >> you know, i do not agree with her stance that abortion is right for the economy. i think that's a terrible take and i do not think it's the direction the democrat party should be going in. i think it is a woman and doctor's right to choose as well. i believe one thing we have to remember. we have to stop looking at people as being just simple pieces of labor to get the economy back to where we need to be and simple pieces of labor just because we don't want women to have abortions. i don't agree with what she said but it is a woman's right to choose. >> i'm pro-life but i
8:50 am
appreciate what bree is saying. to take the dark, cold, callous position that secretary yellen is taking is just -- it shows how crass they can possibly be and why secretary of the treasury yellen does not have a grip on what's actually going to be the economic driver of our economy. >> harris: bre, when you look at this and for months we were told by the current president that inflation was transitory and we have such a layering on of economic issues. we don't have to talk about the border or anything else right now. we will at some point but today let's focus in on people's pocket books. i don't know if you were a mom. when my two were young they needed a special formula. i would have been one of these moms and why i say can we have a #operation warp feed my baby and have a mission like that? there is desperation this weekend and you know there is
8:51 am
among parents. >> i am also a parent and my son when he was a baby could not have breast milk as well so i understand with a lot of families are going through in this country right now because he had to have formula as well. my son is now 15. so it's a situation of people are hurting at the pocket books and families are hurting because we have a crisis with trying to find formula. something simply to feed babies. if this is what america is coming to, i'm terribly afraid and scared to see the direction we're going in now that we have issues with feeding babies. >> harris: we should be hearing from the president personally. i suggest he go to the abbott plant because he has the bully pulpit. >> he hasn't been down to the border or abbott labs. where is the urgency from the president to get up and go and say we are going to solve this and do it now and galvanize all
8:52 am
the resources. the challenge with joe biden is not a man with a plan. he doesn't have a plan on the formula and he certainly doesn't have a plan on how to tackle inflation. >> harris: again, all he has to do is make pulpit and beat the heck out of it until he can get everybody's attention to do more than what they're doing now. if they can open in two weeks with the fda watching maybe they can produce faster. are we doing everything? president biden promised america he would be great unifying the country. lately a lot of name calling from the commander-in-chief. >> president biden: any whole soul is in this. bringing america to go, uniting our people, uniting our nation. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. i'm running to unite the country,. the maga crowd is the most extreme political organization that's existed in american
8:53 am
history. i'm an american president and i represent all of you whether you voted for me or against me and i will make sure that you are represented. >> harris: oh my goodness, jason. i don't think he realizes it. every time he says ultra-maga that's money in the bank for republicans. he is out of ideas and just going to maga his way through november. >> bill: demonizing the voters not a good strategy. i have never seen anybody be successful for that. >> harris: not hillary clinton. >> it demonstrates this is a person who doesn't have a plan. his agenda is not there. jen psaki tried to go to the microphone and say there is that, this and the other and it never does fly. it won't persuade people to come to your side of the aisle. >> harris: in fact, bre, some republicans are embracing. lawmakers are embracing the maga tag. former president trump getting in on the fun with the meme
8:54 am
blowing up the internet after biden called him the great maga king. he will take it. bre. >> listen, i don't think the message of calling him the great maga king is unifying the country but galvanizing a base. as you stated the republican party and even donald trump himself are loving that term and they are accepting that term. if you think about it, this is a term that has been used since reagan and bushes. trump would be the great maga king. it is not a unifying message. it is galvanizing that base to make sure they support donald trump. >> harris: before we leave. why does joe biden need to galvanize the base? he has the bully pulpit and the white house and two chambers on the here. >> it is a clear messaging point the republican party has used and joe biden is yuntion it and getting people riled up and ready for 2024.
8:55 am
>> harris: your thoughts quickly jason. >> it's why candidates across the country don't want joe biden to come to their congressional district. they don't have issues that are going to win the true centrist that sway elections one direction or the other. >> harris: thank you both very much. i love your child is 15 now. mom of a teenager. you rock. "outnumbered" now. thousands of e turning their equity into an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 loan. it lets you borrow all of your home's value so you can get at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. rates are still near record lows, but are starting to climb. call newday right now.
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