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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 13, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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expressing themselves or 100% open who they are, we were talking about hollywood, if you express conservative views you may not get a job. these are the things people think about at the end of the day, so there are more reserved version of their best self. >> we can shout from the rooftops what we think and feel and who we are. >> amen. >> grateful for all of for watching us. all right, guys. here is "america reports." >> john: true confessions, emily, love it, thank you. a final briefing from white house press secretary jen psaki. >> gillian: end of an era for the biden administration in the year and a half since the president took office, the first line of response through continuous ongoing crisis. >> john: we'll take a look back and whether she was effective in selling the administration's side of the story to the american people.
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>> gillian: brian kilmeade is joining us on that in just a moment. >> john: begin "america reports" with the baby formula shortage across the country as critics accuse the biden administration of being behind the ball on yet another crisis. hello, john roberts in washington. close contact isolation is over, good to be in the studio with you. >> gillian: together once again after being separated two days, great to see you in person. thanks for having me. gillian turner in for sandra smith. the formula shortage sending parents scrambling from store to store and website to website, in search of formula. the white house has been working on a solution for months but bare shelves across the country today tell a very different story. this is the biden administration calling the feds to crack down on price gouging as part of their response to the problem. the shortage just the latest set back for the president who is facing a pile-on of problems including a supply chain crunch
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and record high inflation. >> john: one g.o.p. lawmaker points to pictures showing baby formula in ample supply at the border meant for migrant children as americans struggle to find formula for their own babies. pictures of the epitome of america last, one says. and marsha blackburn will join us. grady is live in sturgis, michigan, but jacqui heinrich is live at the white house. >> the white house says they have been working on the issue for months, prompted some questions about just how it got to this critical point. yesterday the president picked up the phone to push manufacturers to ramp up production with the f.d.a. still keeping the abbott plant shut down. >> gerber increasing production 50%, others 30%, and in fact, over the last four weeks there's been more production of formula than there was in the weeks
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preceding the recall. >> but abbott says it takes more than two months for formula to reach store shelves after production and parents don't have that long to wait. compounding frustration, some signs the white house might have seen this coming sooner, potentially the f.d.a. could have done more. a former employee at abbott's michigan plant reported safety concerns in october but did not interview the whistleblower until december, plant inspection did not happen until january 31st and the recall on february 17th. >> timeline acceptable for the white house and if not, what is the white house doing to correct that at the f.d.a.? >> i'm sure there will be plenty of time to take a look if there are any issues improved here, i don't have specific analysis at this moment in time. >> members of congress are pushing democratic leadership to move up that hearing which is slated for two weeks from now. as some republicans are sounding off about what they are calling an apparent surplus of formula supply at southern border
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migrant processing facilities. >> they are feeding those children at the border, this is a crisis, humanitarian crisis, public safety crisis, my heart breaks for those children. but my own home district we have empty shelves. my own mothers in my district cannot get baby formula for their children but they are paying for the formula for illegals at the border. >> the white house is not issuing guidance what parents should do in terms of some hotline, telling people to direct the questions to their doctors or public health officials. in the meantime, the white house is trying to make formula more available by expanding the supplies to buy with wic benefits, and ramping up imports from abroad, john. >> john: jacqui heinrich for us as we await the last jen psaki briefing. thank you. >> gillian: abbott factory at the center of this crisis, f.d.a. ordered it shuttered now nearly three months ago. grady joins us from the scene in
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sturgis, michigan. >> we have asked abbott and the f.d.a. repeatedly over the past several days when this plant is gonna reopen, and we have not been able to get even a possible timeline for that reopening. but this shortage certainly exploded when the plant was shut down. it was already becoming a problem, though, if you look at this chart in mid february. so a lot of people are asking, if the f.d.a. knew this was a problem, if the white house knew it was a problem, why didn't they warn parents? >> what they should have done right away, communicate to the american public this could potentially cause shortages, and they didn't. now, obviously you don't want panic buying, but you don't want to leave parents with no options and not a word that a problem was happening. >> so for now, abbott says it's producing more formula at other plants and flying in product from ireland, one of the other
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top baby formula makers tells fox we are running our plants 24/7, enabled us to increase supply to parents and infants by more than 30%, feeding over 200,000 more babies than at the start of the shortage. but the problem is, gillian, so far this increased production from the other companies and flying in product from elsewhere in terms of abbott has not resulted in more products on store shelves, gillian. >> gillian: grady, thanks very much. >> john: bring in tennessee senator marsha blackburn. the president spoke yesterday with walmart and target, as well as gerber and ricit, he did not speak with abbott labs, and they are the ones that are shut down. i thought that was kind of curious. what do you think of what the administration and the president are doing to address this looming crisis? >> john, the way they operate is
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to wait for something to become a crisis. they don't anticipate, they don't work ahead of the game, and whether it is ukraine, afghanistan, taxes, inflation, the border or now this baby formula crisis, they wait until it is falling apart and my heart breaks for these families that are diligently searching. tennessee has been one of the hardest hit states, 54% of the major formulas used for babies are out of stock. so parents are calling around to relatives and friends that live in other states, they are paying to get things shipped in to them so their children have the formula they need. and what we need the president to do is an operation warp speed for baby formula. he should get everybody at the
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white house and solve this today. >> you know, the f.d.a. warning went out there was potentially a problem with their formula, the plant is still closed. this was a slow motion train wreck this administration should have seen coming down the track. how much of where we are now, senator, is a result of restrictive and burdensome regulations that really make it difficult to import formula, even from places like canada or to get new formulations of formula out on the market without having to go through a 90-day waiting period. >> well, and see, you're talking about thinking ahead of the game. when you see something on the horizon, and this is what they don't do, they don't do that planning and they should have been informing parents if there was a problem, they should have been informing pediatricians that there was aproblem.
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rather than waiting to this point. now, when, if they were to get the f.d.a. and abbott and the others in the same room and, say, tell us what are the roadblocks, what red tape should we remove, where should we put a preclearance situation in place to speed up this production. how should we be waiving restrictions on the e.u. and u.k. to import this formula. that would bring some short-term relief and some midterm relief, but this is something they would need to address long-term. look at this supply chain. see where the vulnerabilities are in that supply chain and john, senator menendez and i had a bill coming out yesterday, looking at the mep database so we can deal with these supply
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chains and speed up moving some of these critical items to the marketplace for american consumers. >> senator, yesterday the press secretary, jen psaki, suggested the administration has known about this for a long time and working to address it. listen to what she said. >> work that's been underway for months, that's how we increase the supply. >> john: she said the same thing about the supply chain crisis last fall, they had been working on it for months, knew it was coming down the pike and yet it continued to get worse. same thing happening here. >> it is the same thing happening. and john, the thing is if they knew about it, they didn't say or do anything about it. they chose to just kind of sweep it under the rug and hope that it was going to go away. the american people are tired of this. you go to the grocery store, the shelves are partially full, and yet we are finding out you go to the border and the border patrol
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are sending out the pictures of the amount of baby formula that is there for people that are illegally entering this country. and as i said at the beginning, whether it's ukraine or afghanistan, whether it is inflation, the tax hikes, the open border, the out of control spending, this baby formula issue, the american people have had it with what this administration is not doing to make certain that this country is hitting on all cylinders. and for this to become a crisis situation when they could take the template of an operation warp speed and they could solve this issue, it is unacceptable. >> senator marsha blackburn from the great state of tennessee, hope you have a great weekend. we should point out, cbp says
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they ensure migrants and children have basic needs met in line with the safe, orderly and humane processes at the border. they have to have things feeding the kids coming across the border. >> gillian: f.d.a. is starting to warn parents not to mix formula, not dilute formula at home, not to go online or download the recipes, all those options, very dangerous. >> a lot of parents are running out of options. >> still a fair question, what can we do? we need to feed our kids. what are they giving them if they are not eating solids yet. >> if the f.d.a. is listening, maybe they have some suggestions. >> gillian: two g.o.p. lawmakers have penned a letter to secretary mayorkas, voicing concern about the disinformation board and demanding documents related to the administration's
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planning. so, what is the response so far? we are gonna ask one of those congressmen, mike turner, coming up next. >> john: fate of title 42 take place today. a judge could stop the biden administration from ending the border policy later this month. details on that just ahead. >> they told me they can't take asylum cases due to title 42. until that title is lifted is when they'll be able to grant us asylum again. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean
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>> john: deadline for the biden administration to respond to lawmakers questioning whether the department of homeland security could use the intelligence community resources
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to censor free speech on the internet. has the white house responded? we'll ask ranking member congressman mike turner in just a moment. but first, federal judge could rule as soon as today on whether the biden administration can lift title 42. the policy that makes it easier to deny entrance to migrants crossing the border illegally. sparking bipartisan fears it will cause a massive surge of migrants at the border. but we are learning a border patrol agent has crashed his patrol vehicle in canyon city and is declared dead at the scene. bill is live in eagle pass, texas with what he is seeing down there so far, bill. >> bill: john, good afternoon to you. seeing with even title 42 in place, we are seeing an explosion of activity. take a live look at our fox drone, about 15 yards away from me, a group of at least 50 migrants have just crossed illegally right here where we are standing, they are being walked into the area by the texas national guard.
10:19 am
there is one single border patrol agent right now to process this large group, between 50 and 75. we have spoken to some of them, most from cuba and nicaragua, but seeing this day in and day out in this exact same spot this. is live, we want to show you an even bigger group that happened a few hours ago. take a look at this video we shot, exact same spot earlier this morning. a much bigger group of about 150 in total. a massive single group. this group also cubans, venezuelans, colombians, they put a massive strain on border patrol resources, they have to call in agents from elsewhere to respond to the size of these groups. that draws man power off the border in other areas, and title 42's hate could be decided, a court hearing in louisiana where a federal judge may or may not decide whether to let the biden administration add get rid of title 42 on may 23, but the
10:20 am
numbers are exploding already. take a look at this video last night here in eagle pass. unfortunately, fox news has learned four migrants are presumed to have drown here in eagle pass after they went into the water and never res sfa -- resurfaced, and one is a 3-year-old boy from nicaragua. and the same area a man drown two weeks ago, and two children drown last week, and close to the area where bishop evans drown last month. in april alone, more than two dozen drownings in eagle pass. and this video out of the rio grande valley sector, going after a human smuggler. five illegal immigrants bail out of the vehicle. that smuggler then leads texas d.p.s. through multiple counties, ended in brooks
10:21 am
county, high speed pursuit. texas d.p.s. able to arrest him charging him with smuggling and felony evading. and here life in the del rio sector, arrested two convicted child sex predators, both from mexico, both previously deported, both tried coming back. agents were able to catch them. that's why it's so important having them on the front lines rather than what's happening behind us having to do processing and paperwork with the large groups. back to you. >> john: the daily tragedies continue. >> gillian: republican lawmakers have penned a letter to mayorkas over the disinformation board. expressing concerns about the board acting as a speech censor
10:22 am
under nina jankowicz. mike turner is one of the authors behind the letter to mayorkas, you and another representative have statutory oversight of d.h.s. and the intelligence community. have you heard anything back? >> gillian, we have not, this is of great concern for those of us on the intelligence community and homeland security commission, we have joined together in demanding this information from the administration about the disinformation governance board. why was it created, what are the rules and regulations, what's the charge given to them, to what extent are they attempting to access intelligence community resources, and also how was miss jankowicz chosen. a questionable background, and tied to efforts to climb the hunter biden laptop, validated even by the "new york times" was disinformation during the campaign. that of course tampered down those who would give, you know, real review of the materials
10:23 am
there as they related to biden family financial transaction and behavior on behalf of hunter biden. you have concerns what activism we will see. a great threat to the first amendment speech rights whenever government tries to step in and to determine and really proclaim what is disinformation and what's not. the and democracy where you have the need for discourse and debate, this can really be very troubling. >> gillian: to your point, sir, secretary mayorkas was asked about jankowicz at a senate hearing. he appeared not to really have any idea about the basic fact of her very public background, her very public commentary on social media. take a listen. >> did it know that she had said that mr. hunter biden's laptop is russian disinformation? >> senator, let me repeat myself
10:24 am
and add one other fact. i was not aware of that. we do not discuss the internal hiring process. >> gillian: as the secretary, he doesn't discuss the internal hiring process at the department of homeland security, does that sound right to you, sir? >> what's scary about this, this is clearly a political appointment for political operations in the department of homeland security, which should be free from politics, to refrain and restrict open discourse and free speech. >> gillian: quick question on the political angle. would you on board if a republican president created this board and appointed a disinformation czar? >> absolutely not. this has danger written all over it. no government or agency should be taking this step and we are trying to get to the bottom of it to make certain that it is stopped. >> gillian: let's take a listen
10:25 am
or closer look at nina jankowicz public commentary on social media. she's weighed in and promoted on twitter false information about president trump's relationship with alpha bank, a russian bank, we have a full screen here so the viewers can see the complete list. she doubted the hunter biden laptop story, called it fake news, she praised the author of the debunked steele dossier, christopher steele, british contractor spy, and mentioned expressed concerns of elon musk's twitter takeover. she has not limited her public commentary to homeland security, but taking shots across the bow. does that make her an appropriate candidate for this position? >> she's clearly a left wing political operative, but the concern is not the statements she's made, she'll now have the color of government for those statements. an individual, a private
10:26 am
individual making the statements as opinions are what, you know, free discourse, debate and free speech is all about. but when she is given a position in under the color of government she's going to be declaring what things are disinformation, what things are not, and trying to take actions both with the press and others to tamp down free speech and discourse, that's a restriction of the first amendment, that's of grave concern, it needs to be stopped. >> gillian: congressman, stay in touch with us, let us know when you get a response back from d.h.s. we would be interested to share with our viewers. >> from the administration it came out from the information from the governance board, when president biden took office, comes from the white house, official account, when president biden took office, i think we have a graphic, do we not, when president biden took office millions were unemployed and no vaccine available. president biden received his first shot of the vaccine on december 21, second shot on
10:27 am
january 11th, and remarked on the day of his inauguration that 8 million people had received the vaccine. somebody's nose grew when they wrote that. >> should we roll the tape? >> all we heard was president trump's fault of the shortage, how could there be a shortage if no vaccines were in circulation? >> john: i'm not sure. even the washington post fact checker called for the white house to take that one down. on jen psaki's last day, critics slamming here and the biden administration for misleading desperate parents as they scramble to feed their babies during the formula shortage. brian kilmeade joins us on that coming up. >> gillian: inflation is on the rise, gas reaches record highs and there are a few key things the president can do and needs to do right now to correct course. we have heritage foundation's andy pudzer, he says president biden is price gouging the american people.
10:28 am
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>> i don't think we are going to make it. too much. i'm going to sell this car. >> it's going to kill the country, these diesel prices. >> this is insane, almost $100 to fill the tank. >> john: some people could buy an electric car but can't buy an electric truck to haul goods across the country. americans are fed up. today's national average for a gallon of gasoline rising to 4.43, the fourth straight day with a record high. the next guest calls it a direct consequence of biden's reckless
10:33 am
policies. andy pudzer, good to spend this friday afternoon with you. so, from where you sit, what's continuing the upward p on gasoline and diesel prices? >> it's fairly easy. all you have to do to bring the price down is advocate for increased production of american domestic energy, what we did under president trump. you need to grant permits, we need to grant those pipeline permits so that we can transport oil, even get 800,000 barrels a day from canada down into the united states. we need to make it so banks will lend money to oil producers to independents so they can drill for oil. cut back on the regulatory policies that president biden has in place that stifle domestic energy product. even if you just announce it, the price of oil would come down. oil is not priced just on how much oil there is, it's priced on anticipated demand and
10:34 am
anticipated supply. so if america says we are back in the oil business, look out new world, here we come, we are going to produce, the price of oil would decline. it's not a difficult problem to solve objectively. the problem is it's politically difficult for biden to solve because the squad would come after him with daggers if he did any of this. >> john: something will come after him with something come the november election, that's how it looks right now. biden's answer is releases from the strategic petroleum reserve, another one the other day. you wrote that's the wrong way to go about doing things. you said biden blame game continues as inflation soars. consider this little known fact, when biden released oil from the u.s. strategic reserve he did with our reserves what oil companies do with their oil, sold it in the open market in a price competitive sale. by biden's own standard, he's been price gouging the american
10:35 am
people. so releases from the strategic petroleum reserve only last a very short period of time. you believe what the president needs to do is change the overall environment when it comes to producing energy in this country. >> yeah, you know, look, if you are going to reduce oil from the strategic energy reserve. number one, you are admitting the problem is supply. you release the oil so you increase the supply of oil. the problem is the world knows that's just a temporary solution. so, prices don't adjust very much. he's done this twice, and he never got the result that he was hoping for. you know, i'm glad you read that from the article because a lot of people in the country think that when biden released oil from the strategic petroleum reserve he just did it for free, he didn't charge anything or let it go at cost. that's not what happened. he did exactly what the oil companies did, accuses gouging have done, charge the market rate for the oil, perfectly reasonable. that's what every oil company
10:36 am
does. >> john: and in fact, he made a lot of money doing it. much was put in the strategic oil reserve when it was down $30 a barrel. and department of interior announced it's cancelling offshore leases, cook inlet off the coast of alaska. white house says it's because of a lack of interest from the oil industry to develop the leases. these lease sales were previously canceled, same thing in 2007 and 2008 and 2011, supposedly for the same reason, what's the real deal here? >> look, if you can't get financing you are not going to be interested in drilling. if you can't get permits, you are not interested in drilling. and think about how much would your, the people listening to this who run a business, how much money would you invest in the business if the current administration was telling you they were going to destroy your business, go to carbon neutral,
10:37 am
you know, they want american oil companies to invest all this money in drilling and infrastructure and setting things up while they hold a hammer over their head saying and by the way, as soon as we possibly can, we are going to wipe out your industry. nobody is going to invest. nobody is going to put the money into drilling for oil if they know that they are not going to be able to drill for oil years ahead when you would make most of your profits because you would have your expenses covered. so, this administration has said everything they possibly can to try and blame others for the results of their policies, which is extremely high gas prices, extremely high food prices and now moms can't even find formula to feed their babies. this is a terrible, terrible, terrible administration when it comes to rational economic policy. >> even the washington post called them out for that, claiming the blame game. have a great weekend. >> let's go to the white house, short timer, jen psaki is
10:38 am
holding her very last press briefing because today is her last day at the white house. so, let's jump in and listen. >> you all know a lot of them for those who don't know them, they are incredibly tough, smart, hard working and deeply, deeply good human beings. deeply good public servants, and you know, people always ask me and i'm sure you guys get asked this, too, whether washington is rotten, whether everybody is corrupt here and you know, nothing good happens and we all just argue with each other and i having done this job believe the absolute opposite is true because i have worked with and engaged with all of these incredible people, and the amazing team, many here i get to work with every day and as i said last week, these people are the stars of the team and shining stars in the future. i'll miss them a lot. oh, i promised myself i was going to keep it together, i'm not. i want to thank all of you in
10:39 am
this room. you have challenged me, you have pushed me, you have debated me, and at times we have disagreed, that is democracy in action. that is it working. without accountability or debate government is not as strong. you play a pivotal role. thank you for what you do, making me better, and thank you for the work every day you do to make this country stronger, and i am very grateful to all of you as well. so thank you for your role and to the role of your colleagues here and around the world. ok. with that, go ahead. >> thank you, jen. we wish you well. >> can i do one more thank you, my husband is here and i think anybody who is married with kids knows that without a remarkable spouse you would never be able to do it. i know many of you have kids, i'm looking at ashley and mary, so many, and jay, and he has not only been a supporter and
10:40 am
advocate of mine, but he is an incredible partner and dad and i wouldn't be here without him. go ahead. serious issues, go ahead. >> [indiscriminate talking] >> reason why the administration waited until this week [inaudible] limelight to take some of these actions, resource that people [inaudible] >> we have not waited to take action. what we have done since the day after the recall was announced, we actually took steps working with these producers and working with states to ensure both, one, we were pushing states and encouraging them to expand flexibility as it relates to wic, the biggest ask most people we have talked to and working
10:41 am
with manufactures and gerber increasing production by 50%, and another 30% for another manufacturer, all work underway for the last several months since this recall was enacted. on the website, this is a website we saw the need, of course, over the last 24 hours as people had questions, and they needed more information and wanted to make it readily accessible to people. but we have not seen what we have seen over the last few days. >> reaction [inaudible] >> well, i would say first that
10:42 am
we have all seen those images. they are obviously deeply disturbing. we, this is a day where we should all be marking, including everyone there, the memory of a remarkable journalist who lost her life. we know that there is -- with disturbing footage from the funeral procession today in jerusalem, we regret the intrusion into what should have been a peaceful procession. this sensitive time, we are also in close touch with israeli and palestinian authorities, have been and obviously will continue to be, especially given the images we have seen today. we are not currently involved in any of the investigation, but we are working to bridge cooperation and available to provide assistance as needed. >> is there a reason why the president is meeting with [inaudible] >> understand completely. it's a private meeting, was not meant to be a bilateral meeting
10:43 am
of discussion. they have known each other for some time. >> the issue of the formula shortage -- >> please stop. >> i understand. >> silence. please show -- >> thank you for your service and your husband for your service as well. issue of formula, if anything the crisis reminded everyone -- >> simon, if you could respect your colleagues and other media and reporters, that would be appreciated. >> sir, please. >> this is not [inaudible] >> formula is not a luxury item, it's essential. such a valuable commodity the president thinks we need a back stop, to surge like we do other essential items, perhaps even some kind of stockpile. >> i would say there has been discussion and some members of congress have raised questions
10:44 am
of the defense production act which that would be something which is on the table, we have not made a decision about, but would be -- would help address issues over the long-term. what we are doing here is we are trying to be, to ensure that states and others can plan over the long-term as in the coming months, but it is -- it is certainly, you know, a reminder that not only do we need to continue to work closely with manufacturers, work closely with retailers and providers, but ensure that everybody knows what they can do to get access over the longer term. but i'm not -- there's not a discussion of a stockpile what we need to do, address issues in the supply chain and with speeding up manufacturing. >> you mentioned defense product act, and forgive me if i'm not understanding how this works. how would that actually work? because you say -- seems the issue is not having enough manufacturing capacity. is it really a matter of just looking for other sites that can
10:45 am
produce this? >> that's exactly right, mary. the reason why it would have a longer term impact, the production of baby formula ask so specialized and so specific that you can't just use the defense production act to say to a company that produces something else produce baby formula. it does not work that way exactly. that is something that could be a considering over the longer term, and certainly there are ways the defense production act has been used in other industries, right, as it relates to a chemical needed or a specific tool or part that is needed. so, right now, of course, we are keeping that option under consideration but our focus primarily is on two-fold, one is increasing supply, making, and the other is making it readily available and obviously production is working with these manufacturers and also imports, making sure we are making more baby formula available through imports, and then making it readily available the biggest step we can take is this wic flexibility component, we took
10:46 am
two steps, not just pushing states but also working with abbott to ensure they are providing a rebate for longer term planning. >> and just last week you said the update would have more on easy updates, does the president believe parents should be able to buy formula directly from abroad. >> there have been limitations on this because of course we have a very high level of, you know, f.d.a. approval processes to ensure that we have the best formula that is safe for babies. and of course, whatever formula would be imported would meet those standards. but we think the best steps we can take is work with abbott and abbott has a responsibility, too, to work closely with the f.d.a. and doing the steps necessary to get back and operational online. we have a great deal of manufacturing capacity in the united states, that's less the issue. the issue is this was a recall in february, as a reminder was done because there was a factory in michigan that had tainted
10:47 am
formula that killed two babies, but we have a range of manufacturing capacity here. so this import step would be not forever or necessarily even long-term, it's just to address the current need. >> thank you, jen. and thank you for your work. >> thank you. >> you said yesterday the united states would support sweden and finland's applications to nato. turkey is a current nato member and turkey says they would not look positively on that. what is the u.s. reaction to that and will the u.s. intervene on the nordic country's behalf? >> we are working to clarify turkey's position. we would refer you to the turkish government for more information on their views. i think there's no question, and you've seen this from the public statements of a number of nato leaders that there is broad support from nato member countries and finland and sweden's, you know, desire and stated interest in applying to join nato but we are working to
10:48 am
turkey and point you to their representative. >> any reaction to elon musk saying the deal to buy twitter is on hold while getting information on fake bot accounts. >> yes. i would say this is a transaction, potential transaction we can call it at this point from a private investor and we don't have any comment on private transactions. our views, broadly speaking, on the role of social media platforms and need for reforms certainly still stands, but right now it's reported view of a transaction of a private investor. >> thank you, jen. from i've told is episode 224. >> that is true. >> thank you for doing this. >> has time gone as quickly for you? >> i haven't been here for all the episodes. >> that's true, you've been here for a lot of them. >> back to the murder, curious, does the president himself plan to speak with her family, given especially in part she's an american citizen?
10:49 am
>> we have obviously reached out and engaged through national security officials with her family. i don't have any calls to predict or preview at this point in time but t if that does happen we will make that information available to you. >> does the president have plans to speak with the israeli government with the death and the ongoing investigation? >> we have been engaged with them and offered support and if they need specific support from us we will provide that. i don't have any calls to predibt. >> there could be a ruling on title 42 and whether or not it gets delayed during the may 23 deadline. can you give us a status report going preparations for the end of it should that deadline hold and how they might change if they are delayed by a court? >> well, the preparations have been ongoing, led by the department of homeland security and secretary mayorkas. as we have talked about in the past, he has outlined a plan that he's been preparing since
10:50 am
last fall to ensure we are increasing capacity at the border, that we are taking steps to ensure that we are prepared for the lifting of title 42. those are proceeding. obviously i'm not going to prejudge a court ruling or what the department of justice will do in response. i'm sure more discussion about that if and when they roll today. >> and you may remember last fall there were questions about court cases brought by families that were separated at the border. and at the time the white house said if it saves taxpayer dollars and puts the disastrous history of the previous administration use of 0 tolerance and family separation behind us the president is comfortable with the department of justice settling with the families in litigation. cbs news published the justice department is seeking to dismiss all lawsuits filed by migrant families requesting compensation over the separation during the trump years. curious, how do the justice
10:51 am
department moves to dismiss the cases line up with what was said last fall and the overall commitment to bringing justice to these people and the administration willing to return to the negotiating team to have a settlement, since the president has called the policy criminal. >> it was, and the president believes it was horrific and inhumane, and our statement made last fall stands. these are negotiations and discussions led by the department of justice. i don't have any confirmation of that report. i point you to them for the status of any discussions with the families. >> thanks, jen. and thank you for always taking my questions, happy to attend your last briefing. so, you must have some information on baby formula and manufacturers from the discussions the president has been having, the administration has been saying more formula has been produced in the last four weeks than the four weeks preceding the recall and shutdown. so, what is the best sense of a timeline for parents on how long
10:52 am
this is going to be an issue and when in-stock rates will get better? >> well, a couple of issues at play, jacqui, and an important question but hard to make an assessment from here. we are seeing the supply shortages can be regional and sometimes they can rotate. and sometimes the issue at play here is that bigger retailers have a more streamline process for stocking the shelves than smaller retailers. a lot of people go to stores in their community to go buy baby formula and it may just be that there's a bit of a delay in stocking some of those shelves. it is certainly a good sign and a positive sign that there has been this increased production from other retailers, and our hope is also that because there's going to be more flexibility with wic and the ability of wic recipients to purchase different kinds of formula and enabling many people who are maybe waiting for their states to make that decision, and also that states will have the rebate opportunity, provide
10:53 am
the incentive to further provide flexibility that, will also help and of course, imports. so working to not just address, we have been working to address for months, but working to make this ensure that there is greater supply, consistent supply on the shelves as long as possible. what we know and i know from feeding formula to two kids is typically you have one formula you give your kid and so the challenge here is also for parents when they are reliant on one formula and maybe it is, maybe their child has certain needs because they are sensitive to dairy products or other products, and so the other part of this we are trying to address is providing these resources so people have questions about what kind of formula they can take as an alternative, like the ones that will be imported are not necessarily formulas that people know, but maybe ones that are parallel to the formulas people are taking or giving to their children. so, we are working on every lever to expedite addressing this, and ensure when people go,
10:54 am
and mothers go to the grocery stores in the coming weeks that they will see a shelf stocked. >> i did just go to the website you put out, one of the suggestions for emergency situations would be to call, you know, your pediatrician, see if they have in-store samples or office samples or go to the local food pantry. clearly you've outlined it can be a range for timelines, depending on where you live in the country and where you shop. but save for big box stores, walmart, the giants, krogers, can you give us sort of a ballpark window for just realistically how many weeks or months this, parents are going to be having trouble finding it or in-stock rates would start to improve. >> the reason we suggest calling your pediatrician is because of this question i just touched on. when you are feeding your child formula, typically they don't
10:55 am
recommend changing formula, necessarily, but there are ways to do it and if your child has specific needs or is intolerant of certain ingredients, a pediatrician can help advise on that. but obviously there are a lot of other resources through public health sites as well. the bigger retailers, some the president spoke with yesterday, number one biggest ask was the flexibility on wic, and their feeling was that that would help them take steps, given the increased supply of other manufacturers to help stock the shelves more quickly. >> you are not comfortable giving any sort of ballpark window of time, basically. >> as quickly as possible is our objective, jacqui, but different store to store. >> one more on the baby formula, seems when there is crisis you often call on the f.t.c., and did not bring down gas prices or
10:56 am
supply, how is it different with baby formula and how quickly are they going to be cracking down on people who are affording, and what are the ramifications. >> the f.t.c. is an independent agency. for us to look at price gouging, they have not taken a step on oil companies, others you would be fully aware of it, even as noneconomists and oil experts, oil goes down the price of gas should go down and that's not what we have seen consistently. as it relates to baby formula, what we know is that we are certainly seeing and we have seen hoarding happen, and so we are looking for that to be looked into and we think that's an issue where if there's caps and this is something we have been working to institute, the number of containers that can be purchased, that will help. but also we are taking every step we can to ensure that that is tracked and that can be
10:57 am
addressed if needed. and doing everything we can to address this. >> thanks for your service and thanks for delivering on your commitment to return the daily briefing, all of us in this room are grateful. >> john: all right, former colleague peter alexander wishing jen psaki well on her last day as we heard jacqui heinrich ask the last questions she'll have an opportunity to ask her as the press secretary, and the white house in quite a pickle with the shortage of baby formula, in virtually every state across the nation. we should point out chad pergram just announced that lawmakers are going to be able to order liquor directly to their offices in bulk by virtue of a new caterer that's been assigned there to capitol hill. >> gillian: something to look forward to. >> john: all about priorities. his fair share of exchanges with her, some of them tense at the daily briefing, white house correspondent peter doocy. your thoughts about her last day? >> peter: it is rare to see
10:58 am
emotion like we saw at the beginning, she was choked up thanking her staff and thanking the president for the opportunity to be the press secretary. watching her, if she did 224 briefings, i think i was in there for about half of them, maybe a little bit more, and when there's a topic like this, she's got a really thick briefing book. but what i have noticed over the course of the last year and a half she seems to really enjoy the job the most when she has a chance to be challenged or defend policy that is not something that she can read, where she has a chance to defend the president or spar based on something she had practiced or something that she had heard and worked on, and so she, by all accounts, was very effective at defending the president and explaining this president and we
10:59 am
hope we get a lot more in the era that starts on monday. >> gillian: peter, your lucky day. here at "america reports" we have put together a very special montage of some of your own best work. >> oh, no. >> gillian: play the tape. >> were biden's masked on federal lands last night. >> president biden once said in 1983, he thought -- >> time back machine. did i say it's not a political issue? >> yes, you said some call it a political issue, it is not. >> always happy to have this conversation, even your awesome socks you have on today. >> has the president ever been to the southern border? >> in his life? >> i have to look back in my history book. what would you like him to do with the southern border and what impact would that have on the policies? >> why doesn't he want to go? >> why did you decide to rebrand the rise in gas prices as the #putin price hike?
11:00 am
>> if you want to use that on fox, i welcome that. >> oh, i think it will get a lot of air time. >> gillian: and it did. she was right. >> peter: including her last day, those things live on a long time. and i do think because she was such a good sport when i, me and the rest of the people in the briefing room would challenge her, especially when we would go in with topics that maybe everybody else was not covering, a lot more people who maybe just get their news on twitter or on tiktok or on instagram have a chance to see that something is an issue, that it's being talked about at the briefing, and usually the way she and i would go back and forth, you can learn a lot in a minute with three questions and three answers about a topic maybe you otherwise never would have seen. and so she definitely elevated the position and i think reached a lot of people in the news
11:01 am
environment, sometimes you only have a minute to tell something to somebody. >> john: and you said she would spend time preparing for the briefing what topic you would throw at her that she was not expecting, and then she would actually throw it back at you, and the two of you would start of spar over these issues. >> peter: and john, you know more than maybe anybody else that could possibly, that i could possibly be talking to about this right now. you cannot go in there with a question that is not completely on solid ground. the facts all have to be there, because if she doesn't pick it apart, somebody else will, and then you've got a problem in the front row of the white house with anybody taking the questions seriously in the future. so i made a point, it's not something i knew coming into this job on january 20th necessarily you had to have so much back-up for every question. you can't just ask about a random topic. you have to have a reason why.
11:02 am
there has to be past quotes that you are following up on or current quotes that maybe they have not seen or are choosing not to include in part of the white house talking points. she has a whole book. i usually have two pages. she has to know about everything that somebody might ask, i only have to know the two topics we are covering. usually when i get in, i spend 3, 4 hours to make sure you have the most interesting facts. and i'll keep going that next week, i promise. >> john: we expect nothing less. >> gillian: what do you think will be different at the podium? >> peter: i'm not sure. i have been in a couple briefings with her and jen psaki's advice was not to stick to the book, and to go off book to make your point, defend the president and so i'm sure that
11:03 am
they are going to spend all weekend practicing, not only for monday, but then they have the overseas trip in the middle of next week she's going to have to be fielding all kinds of questions at all kinds of strange hours and so i think there will be a lot of practice, but so far the president trusts her and we'll see how she does next week. >> john: looking forward, peter. take the rest of the weekend off and see you monday. >> peter: if you say so. >> john: jen psaki, president biden's chief messenger making her exit, amid accusations the white house is misleading american people, on the minds of millions of american parents, feeding their babies. welcome back as "america reports" rolls into a second hour. i'm john roberts in washington and great to spend friday with you. >> gillian: interesting
11:04 am
close-out to jen psaki's tenure. the white house has insisted they are working to solve the emerging formula shortage for months, but critics say empty store shelves speak to a different reality. >> waited to take action. the day after the recall announced, took steps working with the producers and steps to ensure we were pushing states and encouraging them to expand flexibility. >> john: timeline is one side of this. for parents, all they want to hear is when the formula will start flowing and when they can rest easy. >> it's kind of a nightmare, to be honest with you. i have to go on the target app, the walmart app, safeway, and look for this formula for my child. my son is only three months old so i don't have the option of feeding him, you know, baby food yet. so i have to feed him about
11:05 am
every 2 to 3 hours, 4 to 6 ounces, and then in between that i'm, you know, running to the grocery store. i would just like a solution and to know that i'm going to be able to feed my child in a couple weeks. >> gillian: that was michelle willard, she spoke to us yesterday, and in a moment today we'll talk to a mom she is down to one single can of formula for her sweet baby. >> john: she has to be really, really upset. and brian kilmeade, a dad himself, on the mixed messages from the white house. >> gillian: if she's on enfamil, i will send her one of ours. grady is outside of the plant in sturgis, michigan. >> i wish i had an answer to the question, we saw that jacqui pressed the press secretary
11:06 am
about her last day, what's the timeline, when are shelves going to be re-stocked or restored with baby formula and the press secretary would not give an exact timeline. that's certainly a problem. we also don't have a timeline from either abbott or the f.d.a. on when this abbott facility in sturgis, michigan will reopen. this is a problem caused in part by this facility shutting down, but the formula shortage was a problem even before the factory shut down, and now across the country the out of stock rate is 43% with some states getting hit worse than others. you see there, nevada, arizona, texas, tennessee in red, their out of stock rate is above 50%. so a lot of people are asking the white house and the f.d.a., if they knew this was a problem months ago, why didn't they warn parents? >> what they should have done right away communicate to the american public it could
11:07 am
potentially cause shortages and it didn't. obviously you don't want panic buying but don't want to leave parents with no options and no the aware a problem was happening. >> so for now, abbott is trying to produce more formula at other plants, and flying in product from ireland. and other producers are stepping up, 30% more than the plant shut down, gerber, 50% more than before the plant shut down. if you go to a grocery store or pharmacy across the country, in a lot of cases, parents are finding empty shelves, gillian. so, wow, waiting to find out when the factory will come back online. once it does, another 6 to 8 weeks, so two mostly sunny from when the factory gets going again until the formula ends up on shelves. it could last for months.
11:08 am
>> gillian: thanks very much, john. >> john: pennsylvania now bring in stephanie harkin, one of the millions of parents struggling to find formula, with her 5-year-old son hudson with her. tell us about your situation, what type of formula hudson is drinking and the problems you are having trying to find it. >> hudson was born in november and even since november, you know, i started to see kind of a pullback on what we saw on the shelves. he's on a special formula, nutramigen because of severe eczema, so it's based on a milk allergy, so it's a special formula that probably over the last four weeks i have seen, you know, significant decrease in what we are seeing on the shelves, and he needs it. you know, he's an itchy baby, and the eczema does flare up
11:09 am
when he has a milk allergy. and a lot of support locally with friends trying to finds formula, pennsylvania in particular, east york, south york, west york, we could not find any in the last 3 or 4 days and orders online were going through and then they are being canceled because that warehouse stock is not there either. so it's concerning, you know. thankfully i told one of your producers earlier we have one can, and i was waiting for another shipment, that shipment came today but until it arrived at my doorstep i was not certain we would be able to get it either. so it's scary that you, you know, are concerned about being able to feed your child. >> gillian: and that is very expensive anyway. my daughter was on it for a little while a few months ago, like $50 a canister, it's
11:10 am
already stressful just to order it and have it arrive on amazon prime two days later. >> it is, and yesterday as i'm panicking in the middle of the night, we only have enough to feed him for three days, i put a facebook post out, not panicking, but you know, asking for friends and family to help and we have had, i mean, you know, at least 15 people reach out whether they can find it on instacart and have it delivered and then shipped to us, we have family in alabama that, you know, secured a good chunk of cans and they are shipping them to us. but it's just scary that we have to go to that point that we can't buy it locally, and you know, we don't want to panic buy either, but he's only five months old, formula seven more months. >> not like you have nothing else to do right now. >> i know, there are definitely
11:11 am
other things to be concerned about, and not anything i ever thought i would have to worry about. >> john: stephanie, while we are talking to you. >> go to the grocery store and pick up a can, right now you can't. >> john: while we are talking to you, i want to put up on the screen a map of the united states that shows the depth of the shortage here. and clearly when you have a child, particularly one who has, you know, problems with various kinds of formula as hudson does with the eczema and all that, talk to us about the sense of anxiety that you are in a constant state of now, not thinking about things you need to think about typically with a baby but just trying to feed him. >> i know. i know. and i feel like the last like 3 or 4 days i sit on my phone every hour, you know, looking at walmart and target and amazon and bye-bye baby and everywhere you can buy formula, walgreens, cvs, all out of stock and as a
11:12 am
person i'm a little high anxiety anyway, you know. my husband always said like make sure you are stocked up and i never thought it would become an issue, so i didn't listen to him, and i should have but yeah, it's -- it's just a different time and something that, you know, i'm thankful for the people that have been able to help us so far, but it's definitely not a concern i ever thought i would have to worry about. >> gillian: and good news, by the way, stephanie, he's so cute. i actually can't take it. thank you for bringing him on the air. i just love his face, so awesome. >> he's a chunk. >> john: he does look like he's well fed. >> he needs the formula. >> john: interesting what you said about not listening to your husband. yesterday we talked to a mom whose husband said no, don't worry about it, we had don't need to do anything. he should have listened to her. the exactly.
11:13 am
stephanie, great to talk to you. let us know how your search goes. >> gillian: he's getting sleepy. you are doing great, stephanie. thank you. bring in brian kilmeade, co-host of "fox and friends," host of "one nation," and a dad. brian, talk to us about how you see this problem unfolding, what are folks telling you about what they are living through. i know you talk to people all day long on your radio show. >> it's unbelievable what's going on and the most telling thing elise picked up the phone, called the white house and said listen, there's a problem with baby formula, a new mom and among leadership on the republican side. we have to handle the baby side situation. the minute there's a recall and you think and something i didn't know, i don't know too many other people that knew, four major companies produce all the baby formula in the united states, and when there's a legitimate problem the f.d.a. has to get involved, i understand it. what you say is listen, as a
11:14 am
country we can't have all four products down at the same time. the other definition of expedited has to be put into play. and we are just coming out of a situation where we are used to being responsible at a warp speed, while doing something about people's health. now you are talking about baby's health and parents, so we know how to act quickly when we have to and the federal government gets involved. that should have been the case. and i ask you both, who's working for this white house? where is the commerce secretary? it shouldn't be the president that says hey, what's with the baby formula. i understand he's busy, but somebody has to say this is an issue. what about our supply chain issue, what about the wonder kid, the mayor from south bend on the supply chain. could he have factored in on his things to do list, something about baby formula and children surviving their childhood? i thought that should come up. >> john: i do actually have a letter from tom villesack to the head of abbott laboratories, largest producer of baby formula
11:15 am
in the country, saying going forward abbott must take every measure possible to ensure safe production of infant formula as well as a reliable supply, even in the face of disruption. i would think maybe the federal government might want to work with abbott and get the plant open as quickly as possible. and some question as to how long the administration has been focussed on this. listen to what jen psaki said yesterday. >> this is work that's been underway for months, how we increase the supply. >> john: do we really believe, brian, that is work underway for months, because it's been getting progressively worse and you wonder if the white house is working on it and it's getting worse. maybe they should stop working on it. >> brian: that's interesting. interesting take. and this is what jen psaki does. she's a very good spokesperson, maybe the most value player in the administration but it's not honest. you cannot say they have been working on it for months, and the worst work ethic in the history of governmental affairs.
11:16 am
number two, like there are no crack pipes involved with the drug kit handing out for addicts. there were pipes there, they talked to people, she said no, there isn't. sadly i know what a crack pipe looks like, it's there. you could say it's not there, you can say they have been working on it a while, it's pretty bad when it comes to the fact you have other networks asking the questions that moms are asking. and that is a yes or no. what are you going to do about it, and now they say we are going to have france or spain mail us their formula to probably fill the gap. maybe the administration was slow to learn that there are republican babies who need formula and democratic babies who need formula, as well as some independents. when they realized it was not a partisan issue, they were slow to react. now they realize it's a mom issue, ticking off moms and parents. a remarkable way of doing that over the last year and a half. >> john: hungry babies cross party lines.
11:17 am
>> gillian: no one wants that. >> brian: and i don't like following two babies, i was told not to do that. >> john: we were trying to find a dog, too. kids and animals. >> gillian: so, something i've been thinking about, brian, i have a 9-month-old and she's formula fed, so the issue is, you know, hits close to home for me. is there two problems here. the shortage and that needs the supply needs to get rectified, ok. but then there's also this messaging crisis that's facing the administration. they need to get information out to parents fast about what safe alternatives there are to feed their babies. the f.d.a. is putting out all this stuff that you can't do. it's not safe, you can't dilute or mix the formula, you can't order formulas from overseas, they could get contaminated and ruin during shipping, ok. we got it. what can we do? if i'm a mom tomorrow who has to feed my baby and i'm on my last can of formula and my baby is
11:18 am
not eating food yet, what do we do? and crazy disinformation on social media, people have been tweeting at me all day these insane things. >> john: where is nina jankowicz when you need her. >> brian: must be a musical she's studying to perform. i have not heard anything proactive to do yet, but also warnings again, when the inflation goes up, you better stop gouging the american public. now all of a sudden we hear you better stop hoarding. excuse me, a mom might have two kids, i don't think we should immediately blame the mom for hoarding or the family for hoarding. we heard not to do that. two of my three kids had the sensitive stomachs and they could only have a certain amount of formula and that was a big of a challenge without a supply chain problem, without an issue going on in factories.
11:19 am
so i have not heard something that would actually suffice to fill this gap. but i know time is money and time is survival, and i think the best thing we can do is hope canada or mexico help us out or we could sends some moms that really are impatient to the southern border, they have stockpiled some formula for there for the future of the illegal immigrants. >> we have trade restrictions that doesn't allow the immediate or widespread impact from canada. >> john: or bette mid ler tweeted out try breastfeeding, it's free and -- >> gillian: you derailed the segment. everybody breastfeed, it's great, what could go wrong? >> brian: i never read a bette midler tweet and thought i'm better educated. >> john: we will be if we watch
11:20 am
"one nation" this weekend. what do you have coming up? >> tyruss and gutfeld together, the blow up of college sports, people getting paid a zillion dollars, and the father of andrew luck. >> john: jen psaki presided communications in a collapse that rivalled the collapse of the 2008 detroit lions. >> i could admire her skill and preparation and i think it's not -- it's one of the hardest jobs you can do. i think she did a really good job. >> john: wow. >> gillian: that was very gracious. >> she's talented. and i think she'll do a great job on msnbc as we pretend she
11:21 am
doesn't have a job already. >> john: find some more work to do. fox news alert, what florida's attorney general is calling a shocking discovery. her office says it has found proof the biden administration is well aware that its policies encourage the flood of migrants at the southern border. >> gillian: the information she says her office has uncovered. it's a story you'll see here first on "america reports." and get up to $60,000 or more. we called and got $96,602. that's more than ever. we called and we got $62,810. home values are soaring. now is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. we called and we got $68,201. we called and we got $58,800. use it to improve your home or save for retirement. i called and got $60,300.
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports betting plan they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme,
11:26 am
too conservative for california. ♪♪♪ >> gillian: the head of the biden administration's new disinformation board, that's her right there, nina jankowicz said in a recent zoom chat that verified twitter users should be allowed to edit other people's
11:27 am
tweets. kelly o'grady has the details from the l.a. newsroom. >> we have a lot of controversy concerning twitter. the nina jankowicz sharing her perspective how to prevent miss information from spreading. take a listen. >> there are a lot of people who shouldn't be verified who are not, you know, legit. verified people can -- essentially start to edit twitter, the same sort of way wikipedia is, to add context to certain tweets. >> elon musk giving his $0.02 responding with just one word, disconcerting. jankowicz shared more on the idea, example of if former president trump were on the platform and tweeted about election fraud, users to provide comments on the fake news. people are pushing back, how it could empower users to edit away opinions they don't agree with and develop a big brother grassroots online police force
11:28 am
of sorts. and irony given jankowicz' tweets of the hunter biden laptop scandal not true, and musk tweeting the deal is on hold for twitter. >> gillian: thanks so much. john. >> john: gillian, fox news alert you'll see first right here, migrant crisis plagues the biden administration, florida's attorney general says not only do the president's policies add to the crisis but she says the administration knows that and her office has uncovered the proof. joining me now is ashley moody. so, attorney general, tell us what proof you have. >> good afternoon, thank you for having me. from the moment the president took office and secretary mayorkas signed up to be a lead law enforcement official, we have seen step-by-step break down of our immigration system. started releasing criminals here
11:29 am
illegally back into the community, they canceled operations that went after sexual offenders, they started processing thousands, tens of thousands into our interior and building programs to bring others into our country. and all the while mayorkas was saying they were effectively handling the border, there was nothing to see there, he testified under oath to congress and i showed last week that that was a lie when he said that the policies were not affecting this historic illegal immigration into our country. and now we have uncovered through florida's litigation that not only does biden understand that the trans national criminal organizations are facilitating, organizing and profiting millions from the illegal immigration into our country, they also understand what the cancellation of title 42 and this is in c.p.b.'s words, significant safety
11:30 am
implications. all from documents we were able to obtain from this government. it is an unconscionable cover-up of one of the largest, most disastrous, immigration breakdowns in my lifetime. >> john: your office shared with fox one of the documents you got through the freedom of information act, customs and border protection of the southwest border, looks like the early part of 2021, cited as primary push-pull factors, perceptions of favorable u.s. immigration policies, and warning of tithes 42 under a section called worst case scenarios, and the pause in the removal pathways remain in mexico impacts u.s. border protection -- border patrol, and remove encounters, and wofrs
11:31 am
case scenarios talked about title 42, 1 of the biggest challenges the potential loss of the ability to rely on the c.d.c. order, title 42, what we are looking at coming up here attorney general on may 23 unless the court in louisiana acts today. >> we have lawyers right now in court arguing for safety purposes, we need this order to remain in place. the and it is not -- it shouldn't be surprising to anyone as we saw the misrepresentation after misrepresentation by secretary mayorkas to congress that they now, in order to continue this fraud on the american public bring in a disinformation czar who calls herself mary poppins. you have a break down of security on the border and now you have to bring in someone with a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down on the american public. it's -- it's astounding to me in their own words they know that the money the drug traffickers and the car sells are pulling in
11:32 am
from this massive illegal immigration operation is fueling violence. we know this. and you know, we know the administration will turn to any sort of person or organization to help our supply here in the u.s., they are not desperate, they went to communist venezuela to try and get gas, wlo knows. maybe they'll go to the trafficking organizations who have figured out the supply routes to get baby formula. >> john: we should find out soon whether or not title 42 is going to be rescinded or if it will continue to stand. again, that court in louisiana looking at this, if not, katie bar the door, even d.h.s. is saying on the 23rd. attorney general ashley moody, great state of florida, thanks for joining us. >> gillian: new fallout over the nba decision to schedule games in a country where being gay or transgender can be punishable by death. our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition
11:33 am
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11:38 am
>> john: while americans are keeping a nervous eye on their cash, congress is facing questions over giving staffers free peloton memberships. the details live on capitol hill, what's this all about? >> news of these free peloton memberships for house staff and capitol police is even making some house lawmakers' heads spin. >> i don't have one of those, you know, i go, do walks or do exercise, i don't think, i'm not for giving free peloton memberships. >> you know, it's unnecessary. that's the first i've heard of it. yeah, i've got the same kind of shocked look that maybe you do. >> we have learned the new benefit kicks in starting may 18. the idea, though, has been in the works for months. house of representatives center for well-being told house about
11:39 am
it in march. peloton said we can confirm they are extending to wellness and capital police. 10,000 staffers, and police, $10,000 deal with peloton up front and then extra ten bucks for every person that uses it. so if everyone that was eligible takes advantage of the free perk, it could cost as much as $1.4 million a year, and john, of course, taxpayer money, as struggling to pay it because of inflation. >> we should point out they get access to the app in the program but don't get a free bike or treadmill. >> no, not a free bike or treadmill. >> john: that would take the cost up substantially. but, congress does like to throw money around. hillary, thank you.
11:40 am
gillian. >> gillian: enes kanter freedom sounding off yesterday about the nba decision to play preseason games in abu dhabi, where being gay or transgender is punsishable by death. >> i want to ask if russia or north korea offers you enough money, would you consider to play preseason games to adam silver, where is your principle, that is hypocrisy and this shows the nba true color. >> the abu dhabi games came a few years after the league pulled the all-star game from charlotte, north carolina over the so-called bathroom bill in the state. dan bishop sponsored the bill when he was in the state senate. sir, so the nba does not want to have games in north carolina because there's a single piece of legislation they say is discriminatory against the lgbtq community yet they are holding these games now in a country
11:41 am
where being lgbtq is illegal. >> yeah, gillian, you know, i would say about that law, we correctly anticipated that letting men in the boys -- into girls bathrooms would endanger the vulnerable, like that little 14-year-old girl who was raped and sodomized in her school bathroom. to your point, what was their point? that they -- they retaliated against north carolina in that way, but now they are gonna stage games in an ethnostate in the middle with the death penalty for gays, and embrace of communist china without the uyghurs in concentration camps, it's worse than hypocrisy. it's fakery. it's a form of deceit. i don't think they have the values that they represent at all. >> gillian: i guess my question is what does the nba stand to gain by hosting these games in abu dhabi?
11:42 am
what is motivating that decision? >> that's the great question, gillian. it's money. they are always and everywhere in pursuit of money. and i think it's actually a consistency. when they take the virtue signalling positions in the united states to the point of retaliating against elected officials or elected legislators, they are pursuing money then, too. just like disney and some others. but that seems to be the single thing you can look for, follow the money, you'll understand the nba very well. >> the nba prides itself, they say, you know, being at the forefront of gay and transgender rights. do you think that's the appropriate place for them to be? >> well, how can that be, i mean, it's -- on its face that is salacious, or they could not do what they are doing. they go places far worse, way worse in terms of what is accepted, and then they profess to have these beliefs. i don't think they have them.
11:43 am
i think they are manipulating fans in order to try to produce more money. but really, they have no interest in their fan base, and certainly don't have any interest in the safety of little girls in loudoun county or north carolina. >> john: vladimir putin's bloody campaign in ukraine still on display for all the world to witness. but now the first of putin's forces will go on trial. we are live in kyiv with the latest on that. >> gillian: well introduce you to a former u.s. army ranger using his skills to help ukrainians fight back against putin's war in russia. that's coming up next. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital.
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>> john: as vladimir putin continues his deadly assault, ukraine is holding its first war crimes trial for a russian soldier accused of killing an unarmed civilian. trey yingst is live in kyiv with the latest on this. trey. >> john, good afternoon. today a russian soldier became the first person to face war crimes charges in this conflict. the 21-year-old served as a tank commander during the initial russian invasion. he's accused of gunning down a 62-year-old unarmed civilian in
11:49 am
the sumy region four days after the war began. it happened near the victim's home and ak-74 was used in the killing. the russian soldier is facing life in prison after he was captured. his attorney had this to say about the case. >> he surrendered on his own, all other issues are related to material and criminal proceedings. all this will be subsequent court hearings. he will give the answers to the questions when he testifies or not. >> ukraine's prosecutor general is investigating more than 10,000 alleged war crimes that took place since the war began, many in irpin and bucha. the case is set to resume on wednesday and remember, this is a case taking place in a ukrainian district court. the 21-year-old russian is accused of violating ukrainian laws related to war crimes and he will be tried as such. he has not yet entered a plea.
11:50 am
john. >> gillian: the latest round of sanctions are hitting very close to home for vladimir putin, among them putin's olympic gymnast girlfriend. british officials slapped sanctions on her along with the russian leader's ex-wife and several of his cousins. >> john: the united states yet to do that. our next guest is doing his part to help ukrainians win the war and doing so by giving a crash course in fighting. >> gillian: dan blakeley joins us live from the training center in lviv, ukraine. talk to us about how your efforts came to be. >> first of all, thank you for having me and covering this really important story. so this this self-defense training for the people of lviv was established at the beginning of the war the first week after the initial invasion into
11:51 am
ukraine. there was a thought of the people of ukraine, especially here in lviv will need to pick up arms as civilians should they receive the call or russian troops come to their doorstep. and so they knew there was a need to be able to train for basic combat tactics, you know, first responder medicine, and just honestly marksmanship. and so there is a group of veterans who have been here and have been conducting training regularly, training civilians, largely from the area in will -- lviv, all walks of life trying to get the basic tactics and field medicine to support the war effort. >> john: we showed some pictures of your team there, all are anonymous with the exception of yourself to protect their identity. i want to go to the ukrainians that you have been working with and more broadly, the ukrainians in the armed forces there, because the world has been
11:52 am
stunned and impressed the way that the ukrainians who are vastly outmanned and outgunned have fought back so bravely against russia and pushed them out of the kyiv area, have kept them out of the western part of the country, pushing back against them in places like kharkiv and mykolaiv anderson to some degree. to what do you attribute that. >> honestly, it's their resolve. their willingness to fight for their country, their willingness to push back any sort of aggression, to make sure that they are a nation of their own, that they maintain their borders, that they can, you know, lean on each other and have this national pride that is their country, not russias country, not part of russia's country. it is ukraine, and you know, everybody here, every volunteer that i've worked with believes that. everybody who you see walking throughout the streets here in
11:53 am
lviv are in full support of the troops at the front and to answer the call at any moment should they have to move to the front as well. >> gillian: dan, here in washington we are subject to endless, endless speculation and arguments between lawmakers and capitol hill, experts at think tanks about whether the ukrainian people can ultimately win this war against vladimir putin. what is your assessment, based on working with people now firsthand? >> they are going to win this war because they have no other choice. there is no plan b for them. they are going to win this war. if that means every military-aged male gets activated and moved to the front, many who have gone through the training program have, so be it. they are ready to answer the call and move to the front and take the skills we provided to them to ultimately fight back the russian aggression. >> john: all right, sergeant dan blakeley, the folks in ukraine
11:54 am
appreciate so much what you and your colleagues are doing to try to help them out here. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> john: all right. >> gillian: to fox news alert now, we have new video coming into the newsroom. this scene is not from a dangerous place like mogadishu or honduras, it's out of philly. a death squad firing long guns murdered a man in the middle of the day. >> john: this really is extraordinary video coming to us from the philadelphia police department. the victim was in the middle of gassing up his car when the killers gunned him down. he's the father of a 5-year-old daughter. philadelphia has been plagued by increasing violence with this year on track to shatter last year's record number of homicides. look at that, in the middle of the day. firing weapons like that in a gas station killing this person. unbelievable. americans nationwide are dealing with soaring prices at the supermarket but the price starts
11:55 am
at the farm. alexis mcadams is live in a dairy farm a couple hours north of new york city with the situation that they are dealing with there. alexis, what are you finding out? >> john, good afternoon. farmers across the country say they have been hit hard by inflation, and that includes the farmers here at this family-owned dairy in upstate new york. farmers have never had to dish out cash for the essentials. >> right now high milk prices but when i sit down with the milk check and write the bills out, it's all gone. it's our costs, our costs. i would rather have the milk price be in half and make the same margin at the end of the year. >> and milk prices are high. from fertilizer to fuel, labor prices and supply chain issues causing major delays on the farms, there are big price hikes out here. right now the usda says the price for fertilizer has at least doubled, leaving farmers with a big bill and minimal, if
11:56 am
any, revenue. americans are paying hundreds more at the grocery store each month. eggs, chicken and milk have seen the largest surge, but if you've gone to the grocery store lately you know you are paying more for everything. as prices soar, president joe biden visited a farm in illinois on wednesday to announce some relief there. what his plan includes, increasing the number of counties that can plant a second crop on the same land in a year so they can help save resources, also plans to increase technology for farmers, and also to double the funding for fertilizer production. the question, will it be enough? >> i think the most important thing is that people are talking about it and they are recognizing that there is an issue on the farms. there is never one silver bullet to fix these issues and the fact that people are talking about it is really important. >> the farmers, john, say they are happy the president was talking about it, happy to see him out at the farm at illinois but they want to see action and they would like to see it sooner
11:57 am
rather than later. planting season, very busy, is now underway and inflation is at the top of every american's mind as we head into the midterm election, john. >> john: and one of the root causes of this is the price of oil, gasoline and diesel fuel, because when you are out on the farm there, you are so dependent on that and everything that you use on the farm, including feed for your cattle is somehow tied to that. >> that's right, yeah. diesel is a big challenge out here, it's just gone up across the board. he's never seen prices so high out here and it's causing major challenges and ending up impacting all the americans, john. >> john: all right, alexis on the farm there for us this afternoon. thank you. gillian. >> gillian: surveillance video captured the moment good samaritans in florida jumped in to help after a driver had a severe medical issue and today there is a very happy reunion we can tell you about. phil keating joins us from miami with the scoop. >> very much appreciation in the past hour between the woman and
11:58 am
the five total strangers who helped her out, stopping her run away car from smashing into other cars in the middle of an intersection. this happened in palm beach county a week ago, you can see lori's car slow rolling towards the other lanes of traffic, fortunately a red light, otherwise there would be a head-on collision. she had a fainting episode, she blames on the high blood pressure pills along with fasting for an upcoming medical procedure. they used their muscle power alone to stop the run away car, the act of goodness we love to see and hope would happen all the time. one of the drivers trying to break the window with the fist, that did not work, so somebody else grabbed a dumb bell out of the car and that did work, giving them access to lori, who says the last thing she remembers was just feeling sick. today a reunion for raybore who
11:59 am
got to meet and thank in person the five good samaritans who helped her and prevented cars from getting damaged. >> got the dumb bell, you were amazing, just to know a group of people are all different nationalities and religion, nobody thought of anything like that, they all just came together to help little old lady me. i appreciate it so, so much. >> great and happy ending. unexpectedly for those five total strangers, they all got flowers, a plaque, a medal, as well as a $2,000 credit check from royal caribbean cruise lines, and a free one-week cruise on royal caribbean. all for just doing the right thing. >> well done all around.
12:00 pm
i don't know how many people are that stoked to go on cruises right now, they are coming back, but you know, that's a good thing. >> john: they are back. nice that the good samaritans got a gift there. you can see how much effort it took to stop the car going through the intersection. great to spend time with you. >> gillian: thank you for having me. >> john: good to see you as well. i'm john roberts. >> gillian: i'm gillian turner. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john an gillian. breaking right now on "the story," this quote. "it is not going to solve itself in a day or a week." that from the white house on this baby formula shortage that is worrying parents across the country. the "wall street journal" said it could be months when they analyze the supply chain issues involved here. then you have the florida congresswoman who has sparked controversy with these


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