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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 13, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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right now, they are coming back, but you know, that's a good thing. >> john: they are back. nice that the good samaritans got a gift there. you can see how much effort it took to stop the car going through the intersection. great to spend time with you. >> gillian: thank you for having me. >> john: good to see you as well. i'm john roberts. >> gillian: i'm gillian turner. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thanks very much, john an gillian. breaking right now on "the story," this quote. "it is not going to solve itself in a day or a week." that from the white house on this baby formula shortage that is worrying parents across the country. the "wall street journal" said it could be months when they analyze the supply chain issues involved here. then you have the florida congresswoman who has sparked controversy with these photos
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that she was sent and she claims that migrants are better supplied at our border than babies here. she writes this first photo is from this morning at the ursula processing center at the u.s. border. the mid shelf is full of formula. she says it's packed with baby formula. the second photo she goes on to say is what it looks like here at home. formula scarce. this she writes is what america last looks like. fox news has seen similar pictures. we don't know when the deliveries of the formulas on the left-hand side of the screen were made. we're continuing to dig into that. congress woman cammack is here in just a moment. but the issue was pressed on gen khaki, her final press conference as white house press secretary earlier. hi, jacqui. >> hi, martha. good afternoon to you. running the risk of sounding
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redundant, i asked jen psaki the same question three different ways pressing the white house to give parents a sense of how long they're going to have to plan around these shortages, when the in-stock rates are going to improve. the president just had conversations with manufacturers yesterday. you'd think they would have some timeline of information. jen psaki refused to give me even an estimate. >> it's hard for us to make an assessment from here. what we're seeing is that the supply shortages can be regional and sometimes they can rotate. >> so you're not comfortable giving a ballpark window of time? >> as quickly as possible is our objective, jacqui. it's didn't store to store. >> yesterday jen psaki got questions she continue answer or where parents should go if they can't find any formula. the white house launched a website at it provides phone numbers for manufacturers and also phone numbers to find local food banks
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and charities that might have formula. also breast milk banks. general guidance to parents to not water down or make homemade formula and call your doctor's office to see if they have any in-office samples to use. members of congress are pushing democratic leadership to move up this hearing that they have slated for two weeks from now. some republicans have sounded off on what they're calling an apparent surplus of formula supplies at southern border migrant processing facilities. jen psaki said the flores settlement requires food for migrants. when babies come across, it's morally right to give it to them. martha? >> thank you very much, jacqui heinrich. congress woman cammack joins us
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now. we just saw the pictures that you sent us. "the washington post" gave your picture, your tweet, four pinocchios. they said it's not true. what do you say to them? >> well, i think the fact checkers need to be fact checked. we all know that "the washington post" became an army of left-wing activists a long time ago. so they can keep on with their story trying to push the crazy agenda. but we know the facts are that the biden administration and the fda shut down our nation's largest manufacturer of baby formula with no plan in place to backfill the 43% of the market share that they make up. again, the white house says they've been working on this for months with no plan. just yesterday was the first time that biden met with manufacturers? convenient that they left out that they didn't meet with abbott, the leading manufacturers that biden shut down. they can't get phone calls
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returned from the e-mails or anything. abbott i was cleared. there was no connection with the tragic deaths of two infants and the findings in their manufacturing facility. the white house won't give any updates about manufacturing coming back online. it takes weeks. it's a slap in the face to every parent in america right now. i speak on behalf of all young mothers when i say this is unacceptable. doesn't matter if you're republican or democrat, this is unacceptable. nobody is debating the morality of feeding children. we can all agree this is critical. but are we first or are we america last? that's the question. >> martha: it's interesting. i believe when jen psaki was asked about the two infants that tragically died, she connected it to that factory. from what we're seeing, they haven't -- they have not shown a direct correlation in that bacteria to those infants which
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obviously are very tragic. we can't make any determination about whether or not that -- it leads to that factory. this is what is being said about that right now. here's brandon judd, the national border patrol council president with respect to the policy at the border. it is clear that under flores, it's the responsibility of the government to feed and to take care of people who they're holding at the border. i think everyone understands that. he puts it in a good way. i can personally tell you. the border patrol's pantries are stocked full of baby formulas while agents are having a hard time finding formula for their own families. the baby formula could be on the shelves in stores instead of there. congress woman, you're not suggesting that these babies shouldn't have formula this are being held in these facilities. i don't want to put words in
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your mouth. >> of course not. i agree with brandon judd. there's a responsibility now that the children are here and we're the most generous nation on this planet. we would never turn our backs on these kids. let's be clear. biden has invited these people and these children. these children are pawns in this political agenda that the left is driving. i have been at the border three times to be specific. i have held these children as they have been threatened to be tossed out of a raft by a coyote at 3:00 a.m. there's video evidence of that. i have held a young 9-year-old little girl whose vocal cords had given out from screaming so loud because she was gang raped by cartel members. i have seen the horrors. has the border czar been there to see this? no. has the trafficker in chief, biden, been there to see this? no. it's infuriating. our border patrol agents are doing everything they can to take care of these kids.
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it's heart breaking and it's all biden's doing. he needs to step up and own this crisis and get our baby formula manufacturers back online. our american children are hurting as a result of his inaction. >> martha: it says a lot that you say abbott was not included in the conversations that were had. they do about 80% of a specific market of baby formula in the country. might be 40. i'll double the check that. it's a large part of the market to be sure that that company provides. and i also want to point out that may 25 is when the house is going to take up a discussion about what to do habit this. it's may 13 today. so we don't know what the wait is and why it takes so long. it's only going to get worse. thanks, congress woman. good to have you here today. >> have a good weekend. >> martha: one of the questions that we had about this is what the danger is here exactly with formula. and not having to right formula. so we brought in fox news
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medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. i heard people say the baby formula didn't really exist before i think the 1950s or around there. people think that they can sort of come up with substitutes. i was told by a doctor that it's a very scientific formula that is sort of recreate breast milk and it's tricky and you can't really recreate it on your own. >> that's right, martha. thanks for continuing to keep this in the media's attention, this is a dire need that is going on right now. you have about one in five children that receive formula within the first couple days of life. by about three months of age, that number is anywhere from 30 to 40% of children are no longer relying on breast milk and they require a formula supplementation. you can't just bo into your pantry and make formula.
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they're not mini adults. they don't have the same nutritional needs as adults do. when you talk about children three months and younger, they rely on solely breast milk or these very carefully made formulas. they have the right nutritional balance, a certain amount of fats that are necessary for brain development. you can't just give them milk or other things that if you're out of formula that you can give to the children. that's what people will be doing. they're going to be rationing and diluting with water. this is all dangerous. >> martha: it's my understanding that straight cow's milk because some people might be tempted to do that, you cannot do that. it's very rough on the gi tract of an infact. do you agree with that? >> martha, first of all, you shouldn't be doing anything outside of consulting with
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pediatricians. there's a high risk of infection of pasturized milk. cow's milk doesn't have all the nutritional elements. if you're giving the infants just milk, they won't get what they need and will fail to thrive and could be devastating for them short term and long-term. >> martha: we hope that the fda and the white house and this abbott manufacturing facility get together and figure it out to ramp it up and provide some relief for this situation. thanks very much, dr. saphier. >> thank you. >> martha: pennsylvania gop senate race frontrunner dr. oz is here. many people are concerned about their money, their savings dwindling. joe concha breaks down why that is bad news for the current president and the owner of a grocery store whose family business survived the great depression. he says his customers are struggling to pay $6 for a
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gallon of milk. he will tell us his story what he sees when we come back.
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>> martha: by a double digit margin in the top issue americans see as a very big problem in the country right now, you can see 70% say that inflation is the thing that is a very big problem right now. that is from pugh. it's consistent with many of the polls that we have seen over the course of the last several weeks. take a look at this. a 28% jump since president biden gave his inaugural address in americans that say that the country is now on the wrong track. that poll comes from monmouth university. their polling. joe concha is a media and
12:17 pm
politics columnist for the hill and a fox news contributor. great to have you with us, joe. obviously that's a tough number if you're sitting in the white house, trying to do well and you're trying to get people in your party re-elected and you have 28% on the wrong track, you're going to try to change your track, right? >> martha, it's a devastating number. to your point, change track. make the pivot. do what bill clinton did in 1994 when he pivoted back to the center. he said the era of big government is over. passed welfare reform. you saw the numbers there as far as top concerns, federal deficit and budgeting in general. the clinton administration passed a balanced budget amendment. it's unthinkable now but they did with the republican congress and newt gingrich. if you remember the 1996 election, bill clinton won easily going away in fact. so the white house has to pay
12:18 pm
attention to the numbers. investors business daily, 29% approval on his handling of the economy. we're talking joe biden. that's like nixon's last day kind of territory when you talk about approval in the 20s. when the president blames vladimir putin and the russian invasion of ukraine for the inflation and then the nbc news poll, 6% of voters believe putin is to blame while most americans blame joe biden. ask jimmy carter what happened with the inflation. he's the last democratic one-tern president, martha. >> martha: joe, you make a gray point. we have seen pivots in the past. there's been a lot of people including mark penn who has said you need to pivot. then i see two pieces out of "the washington post" back-to-back. one says the president is engaging in magical thinking when it comes to the reasons for
12:19 pm
inflation. that he basically needs to look in the mirror and face the reasons, the enormous amount of stimulus that got bumped into the country. and these another piece by katherine, a economics writer. she says an inflation conspiracy theory is infecting the democrat party. she goes after what she's coining as greedflation. she's saying the idea of blaming all of these companies for racing their prices when all of the priceses of everything has gone up and they're trying to keep their heads above water in a lot of cases, some are doing well. but she says it's the wrong way to go about it. what do you say about that, joe? >> magical thinking. it's precisely right. this comes from "the washington post." this will get the white house communications team, the white house chief of staff, the president, which will get their attention. remember "the washington post,"
12:20 pm
this is a paper never in its history endorsed a republican presidential candidate. when they turn on you and write things like this, believe me, that is a huge warning sign. in the end when you look at the big issues coming in to the mid-terms, inflation, crime, the border, i think education is a big wild card as well where this party, the democratic party looks like the anti-parent party instead of the pro teacher's party, this administration is so far under water you'll need a submarine to find them if things don't change is coming in november, martha. >> martha: the one thing i would point out as we finish here, joe, the other poll that shows abortion almost neck and neck with the economy in terms of importance for the issue. so clearly the attention this issue is getting right now is making people pay close -- take a closer look at it and guarantee that democrats will look at that and continue to
12:21 pm
lean in on that and hope that it's a wedge issue that can give them a little bit of support in the mid-terms. we'll see where it goes. thanks, joe. good to see you. >> happy friday the 13th. take care. >> martha: my next guest knows about what's going on on a very tangible level. look at that wonderful store. his store is in louisiana. his grandparents built it almost 100 years ago. it made it through the great depression. now vince says folks are stretching every dollar in his community as he struggles to keep his costs down so he doesn't have to raise prices. vince, great to have you here. congratulations on your long-running family business. >> thanks. >> martha: tell me about your struggles and what your customers are facing. >> i've been here all my life. i've never seen it like this before. supplies that we can't get. you know, i can't order stuff.
12:22 pm
you order $1,200 of supplies, you get $300. milk, chips, liquor, everything we use every day. baby food. we shouldn't be a shortage on that? i hear a lot is going to the border. you know, if we don't take care of the american farmer and the american truck driver, those two, just those two, we're not the united states of america. we have to help those people. people don't realize that we -- i love to give. i help a lot of people. jesus has been good in my family. my grandpa came here after the war. this store was built during the lord. this is a great place to live. people is wonderful to us. but i fear a struggle now. i feel it today with diesel. i have a diesel truck. it will cost you over $140 to
12:23 pm
fill up. i'm hearing that in the store. people are putting stuff back. i have to save this for gas. it's getting tough. i've been here all my life. i ain't never seen it like this before. >> martha: vince, what is your message for the president about, you know, if you could have a couple of minutes with him, what would you tell him? >> oh, let's bring the republicans back to the board. work together as a family. be here for the united states people and not the politicians. we need help. the people need help. bring our country back together. keep the jobs here. look at the automobile industry. we depend on other countries for the chips. if i had my way, we would build everything here in the united states. we would be strong. we're weak now. we would sit down with all of us. put up a good solution to make this country better. we need help. >> martha: you're a wiseman, vince. congratulations on your business.
12:24 pm
we hope that the state is wrong. you have a beautiful louisiana accent. i want to tell you how nice it was to talk to you today. thanks for joining us. hang in there. >> thanks for having me. thank you. it's an honor. god bless you. >> martha: an honor for us as well. thank you. so we are now days away from the senate primary in pennsylvania. boy, is this race getting intense, folks. this one is neck and neck. you've got the trump endorsed candidate, dr. oz. you have a former bush administration official and veteran, dave mccormack and kathy barnett. former president race jumping in with both feet, piling on barnett to keep his supporters in oz's corner and the doctor is in next. >> dr. oz is a man who truly believes in making america great again or the maga movement. he believes it 100% and is in
12:25 pm
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12:29 pm
here's the latest fox poll. shows dr. oz in a three-way battle withday mccormick and kathy barnett for the gop nomination with almost 20% of voters saying they're still undecided. as you can see, because i can do that math, this could go any which way. dr. oz will join us live in just a moment. but first to rich edson reporting live from pittsburgh with the whole picture here for us. hi, rich. >> good afternoon, martha. it could go anyway here. it wasn't too long ago that it was two names atop that list. you have a surging kathy barnett. that has drawn the attention and criticism from the other candidates and from former president donald trump. >> now they notice us. now they're nervous. they're nervous because we're winning. and i love it. so i'm so very grateful to you, all of you, because it's because of you that i'm surging and the surge is real.
12:30 pm
>> with that attention comes opposition research and a look at previous tweets and statements including many that are islamophobic and homophobic. a statement that includes make no mistake about it, homosexuality is a targeted group with foul mouths, extortionists and robbers. barnett has refused to address these comments. the other candidates are reminding voters about them. one of those candidates, dr. mehmet oz. he secured president trump's endorsement. >> president trump said they come after you with everything they got. i have stood on my own two feet proudly and live up to the promise of my campaign. >> then there's former treasury official david mccormick. he has the backing of senator ted cruz and mike pompeo.
12:31 pm
>> if future of the country is at stake. you need somebody with your values, pennsylvania values. somebody that under duty, honor and country instead of put america first. >> meanwhile the largest paper in the state, the philadelphia inquirer has come out with its endorsement in this race. absolutely nobody. philadelphia inquirer is saying that with abortion rights at stake and right-leaning candidates that can agree on the 2020 election, the inquirier has chosen not to endorse the republicans in the senate primary or the one for governor. martha? >> martha: rich, thank you very much. joining me now, dr. mehmet oz. dr. oz, good to have you with us today. it's very interesting to watch this race because you've got a lot of dynamics here. president trump is supporting you. he came out to address this surge from kathy barnett. here's what he said.
12:32 pm
he said she has many things in her past which have not been properly vetted. if she's able to do so, she will have a wonderful future in the republican party and i will be behind her all the way. dr. oz is the only one that can easily defeat the crazed lunatic democrat in pennsylvania. a vote for anyone else is a vote against victory in the fall. so he threw her a little bit of a positive reinforcement there. you think he's hedging his bets a little bit? >> not at all. we did a teletown hall last night and he was very clear. he said she cannot win in november. every time kathy tries to answer a question, it leads to more questions, which is why she's not answering any questions. imagine if you're a democratic polster or partisan and you are watching a woman that said openly homophobic statements and islamophobic statements from her past, we can't even verify very
12:33 pm
important parts of her history. it's difficult to vet her in a way that voters will find acceptable. thankfully president trump said i'm the america first candidate. he said i will never let you down. you have to be smart enough to understand the issues and what democrats are trying to do. you have to be tough to deal with the criticism of the opponent and the press like the philadelphia inquirer. the badge of honor that they don't endorse you. so you have a promise to not let people down. people have to know you'll do the right thing for them if it's a difficult decision. >> martha: so when you look at the polls and see how close the three of you are and the number of double digit folks undecided at this point, here's one of the theories how this could go. and it goes like this. barnett is largely splitting the maga vote with oz.
12:34 pm
mccormick has no reason to stop her mojo. let her eat into that rural trump-loving base as much as possible. this is from david cantonese, a political writer that subtracts from oz and allows mccormick to sneak through and eek out a vehicle on the calculus of toomey republicans and a did individualed trump fact chun. what do you think about that theory, dr. oz? >> i don't buy it. kathy murdock is very popular in the philadelphia area. that's where she's from. she's been -- she's a new idea, a new people. folks are getting confused by the negative advertising. i've had $35 million aimed at my head from outsiders. despite that i'm still in the lead and we'll prevail. i'm pro life, pro second amendment. i understand how much energy is to the commonwealth and make sure our country is energy
12:35 pm
dominant. people know what i stand for. i've been in people's homes every day for 13 years. people know what they're getting. in an environment when you get scared of a lot of things you don't understand. going back to somebody that has fought for you and has scars because they fought for you, that's who you vote for on may 17. >> martha: i have about 30 seconds for an answer for this if you can. but you say that washington is getting it wrong. so right now they're talking about spending $40 billion to ukraine aid. do you support that? you think that is a good idea giving what's going on in the country? >> i'm not going to throw $40 million at any problem unless i know what it's used for. that's what washington is doing. they think they can cure everything with money. i would support them in a clever and effective way. >> martha: okay. we'll see. dr. oz, thanks very much. we'll be watching the race every twist and turn in it come next
12:36 pm
tuesday night. thank you. so 3/4s of americans say inflation pose as hardship. why is congress spending taxpayer money to provide free peleton memberships -- heard me right -- to staffers. jason chaffetz take on this irony when he joins me next. if you're a veteran, own your home, and need cash, call newday usa. i'm tatiana, here to say you can get an average of $60,000 with the newday 100 cash out loan. that's at least 25% more cash than you get at a bank. it lowers your payments by an average of $600 a month, too. with today's soaring home values, the time to turn your equity into cash is right now.
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12:41 pm
telephone -- by the way, on the wic program, when i spoke to wal-mart and i spoke to the major distributors for an hour or so yesterday or the day before, i can't remember, they wanted to have this flexibility because they didn't want to be violating the law. secondly the top issue of a retailer is raised with me. the fda just issued a statement about importation of formula from abroad. the fda has been looking at the -- will be working with manufacturers to facilitate and incorporation of formulas from abroad that in fact in places like europe where we can get more product on u.s. shelves. that will be underway in weeks and getting more formula on shelves. the fda is ensuring we're going to imimportant and still maintain the high safety standards. the third thing that is -- there's more to see about each of these. the third major thing we're
12:42 pm
doing is pay -- any parent who has a serious question about where they -- a particular formula that they need because they're different formulas. some are precise. if they don't get the right formula, the impact on the child is negative. we have set a system whereby you can contact hhs and go to just launched this website to help parents find resources, obtain formulas and including contact with companies and food banks and health providers that in fact may have access to the particular formula that they need. this is a process and we're working on it very hard. nothing more urgent we're working on than that right now. i think we'll be making significant progress very shortly. all the way in the back. >> mr. president, republicans
12:43 pm
have said that your administration should have anticipated this baby formula shortage. are you satisfied with your administration's response so far? some of the steps that you and your administration are taking now including loosening the import requirements next week, could you have taken those steps sooner before the parents couldn't find formula? >> if we had been mind readers, yes. but we moved as quickly as the problem came. we have to move with caution as well as speed. we have to make sure that what we're getting is in fact first rate product. that's why the fda has to go through the process. >> mr. president, i'm so sorry to take you so far. i'm going to ask you a question about africa. you sent your deputy secretary of state to africa. she visited angola -- >> martha: moving off the main topic that we've been talking
12:44 pm
about here of baby formula. the fixes that could be put in place for it. the president was asked a question just a moment ago why didn't you come up with these ideas to alleviate this problem sooner when the fda new about it several months ago. the president said i guess if we had been better mind readers, we might have put these things in place sooner. with that i'm going to bring in congressman jason chaffetz and now a fox news contributor. good to have you with us today. he laid out a number of things that parents could do. one is an hhs website that they can go to if they have concerns about the particular formula and whether or not they're getting the right one. the other one had to do with labelling to make it easier for production to fet this stuff out on the shelves. the third one is they're going to import more formula from other countries. what to you think? >> i hope it works.
12:45 pm
you have a young baby, you need that stuff now. it's not like you stock up for this for months on end. and there is no substitute here. it does beg the question, how did this white house get so far behind the ball? why is it loosened up to import this stuff way before? you should see this months in advance. my guess is these retailers and these purveyors already understood what a shock to the system was happening. for the president to say he has to be a mind reader, that is about the lamest excuse and that ain't going to fly with a mom looking for baby formula for her little infant. >> martha: there's sort of a strange irony in some of the stories that have come out with regard to congress. you're looking at this situation. a lot of people rightly so think government doesn't function well.
12:46 pm
the supply chain issues are not met and we don't expect people to be mind readers. when we have a huge plant going off line because of a potential bacteria issue, there should be enough people employed by the government that this would fall under their job description and expect they're taking care of this and going to the white house with their hair on fire. what are they doing? they're making sure that theres peleton memberships available to the members of congress and their staffers. they're not giving them bikes or treadmills but about $120,000 taxpayer money a month, this isn't going to sit well, this story, i don't think, former congressman chaffetz. >> no, look, they already have access to subsidized healthcare products. that is you can go into the house gym. there's one for members. there's also one for staff. you can also go outside and go get some exercise. if there's snow, go in the snow.
12:47 pm
come on. it's not as if they're doing a super good job that they suddenly get peleton memberships. it's a huge expects and should be on the backs of taxpayers. they got a 25% increase in the member allowance. staff got an increase in their own pay. staff got an increase in the top end, the highest level of people can make. come on this. is all on nancy pelosi. these things do not happen except for the speaker of the house. >> martha: it's unbelievable. i think people will keep this in mind when they pay -- i spoke to this terrific nan in louisiana who has a multigenerational grocery store. people are paying $6 for a gallon of milk. but there's $120,000 going to peleton membership. you're right. the mall is a great place to run outside when you're in d.c. and it's free. you can go from the lincoln memorial to the capitol, five miles if you do the whole thing.
12:48 pm
it's absolutely unbelievable that this is a priority and it's embarrassing that this story got out at this point. i want to change gears here for a moment. speaking of spending money. there's obviously a tremendous amount of support in this country for ukraine. obviously there's a lot of anger about the aggressive nature and the brutality coming from russia. but this latest bill that the president has asked for is $40 billion. rand paul wouldn't go along with it yesterday. he wants there to be an oversight mechanism to see where the money is going. do you think that that makes sense and are you in favor of this $40 bill? >> 100% supportive of what senator paul is doing. tell us how it's been used. there's so much waste, fraud and abuse within the department of defense. it's an absolute stunning numbers. so don't tell me that they're at
12:49 pm
the last dime here and can't possibly get it. nobody really can explain to the american people or congress what the $40 billion really gets you. if 100% of that is going to ukraine in lethal aid support, probably a good case for it. don't tell me -- $40 billion sounds like a good nice round number. show us the backup data. that's what congress is notorious for. pushing big numbers. using that as fungible numbers to help in other areas. >> martha: the problem is accountability. the fact that he got pushed back for asking for accountability on this. one of the many reasons that ukraine is not in nato is because over the years they've had corruption. that means that when you send money, it gets funneled in to the wrong places. this is a fair question. it doesn't take away from the validity of the fight and i think americans are united on that. we have to know where this money
12:50 pm
is going and we have to keep track. congressman chaffetz, thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: elon musk says -- you have to follow this closely. he says he's committed to his takeover of twitter after kind of ominously tweeting this morning that the deal was temporarily on hold. he was responding to that report that twitter -- to a report that twitter estimates fewer than 5% of their accounts are fake and he justifiably wants to know if that number is accurate. so he said this on twitter. the twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam fake accounts represent less than 5% of users. let's bring in media buzz host howie kirtz. great to have you with us today. this is entertaining to watch for sure and has a lot of free speech implications as well, a lot of folks are cheering on
12:51 pm
elon musk in this. what do you see with this? >> he knows how to negotiate and twitter has a history of overinflating numbers of users. so if he can approve it's higher, the fake accounts, he can get a lower price. he's not trying to back out. he's under a lot of pressure. he may be the world's richest man but he's putting up a lot of his own tesla stock which has been sliding. i tell you one thing, he takes a trumpian approach to twitter. he loves the drama. tomorrow there will be six more tweets on this. >> martha: it's interesting to watch president trump and elon musk on this. here's what musk said about president trump. even though i think a less divisive candidate would be better in 2024, i still think
12:52 pm
trump should be restored to twitter. president trump said this on truth social. there's no way elon musk will buy twitter at a ridiculous price especially realizing it's a company based on bots or fake accounts. if it can be done, what would you have much if you have billions of dollars. what is your take on that, howie? >> there's such a ridiculous media freak-out over bringing trump back even though he's not going to come back. there's this effort to paint elon musk as a trump loving right wing nut job. he's distancing himself. i may want trump on twitter. he took a swipe at joe biden to be fair and balanced. the campaign of censorship is
12:53 pm
breathtaking. it's relentless. so elon musk is feeling that. he wants to punch back. he's goat at punching back. he doesn't believe in these permanent bans amount suspension is one thing. but now trump is leading the republican party. probably running for president again. how do you justify keeping him off the platform. musk says no, he should come back. >> martha: thanks, howie. so a small victory for special counsel john durham. a clinton connected firm is forced to hand over the e-mails in a new investigation into the origins of the trump russia probe, this is getting interesting, folks. stick around this. we'll be with it when we come right back.
12:54 pm
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12:58 pm
probe in to trump and russia. now durham is getting access on e-mails for the 2016 election. this could be very material to this investigation. david spunt reporting live on this for us from the justice department. hi, david. >> hi, martha. this happens days before a high profile trial begins next week. in john durham's questions to started this donald trump russia narrative, these e-mails may be helpful for this trial next week of the former clinton campaign attorney michael sussmann they won't be that helpful, a judge ruled them inadmissible in court. a junior won't know about the contents of the e-mails, but durham may use them for a later case. michael sussmann charged with one count of making a false statement to the fbi.
12:59 pm
he went to the fbi and said listen, i have some information that links donald trump campaign to russia. sussmann claimed he had information that a computer server in trump to youner manhattan was communicating with a russian bank. the information was false. according to the government, sussmann said james baker that he wanted to bring the information on behalf of not any client but a concerned citizen. durham claims that sussmann was working for clinton and billed her campaign for that meeting. sussmann said even if he did lie, did it change the overall investigation. >> i don't think mr. susman has a great defense that he didn't mislead the fbi. the question is whether it is material to the investigators. that's a very low standard for the government to meet. the question is did he lie and was it material. the trial will take two weeks. it begins monday.
1:00 pm
martha. >> martha: here's something else that is fascinating. the untold story podcast that will drop today. i had a great sit-down discussion with award win journalist tina brown. she's the author of "inside windsor" the truth and turmoil." lots of juicy stuff in there good thing to do this weekend, listen to a podcast. have a great weekend. >> neil: all right. will title 42 stay or go? a court fight today. the answer could determine what happens at the border maybe for months. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." focusing right now on a battle with title 42 and its legality. many wants the administration to dump it


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