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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 13, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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midterm races. monday, on "special report," we speak with pennsylvania republican senate candidate kathy barnett. you don't want to miss it. barnett will also be a guest this weekend on "fox news sunday." joining her are oklahoma governor kevin stitt and colorado governor gerald poll las. thanks for watching "special report." i'm in washington and "jesse watters primetime" is next. hey, jesse. >> jesse: hey, mike, thanks so much. ♪ >> republicans buy sneakers to two weigh in on a u.s. senate race back in the 1990s. jordan's comments ended up kind of just being in guest but jordan always stood by it
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listen. >> i was focused on my craft. was that selfish probably but that's where my energy was. >> jesse: fans didn't tune in to sports for politics. jordan's focus was on his game, winning. and entertaining the fans every night by just being the best he could. and he wound up with six rings this way. and fans didn't love him. they always did respect him. you see, jordan understood something that most people today don't. people need a get away from all the politics and division. whether it's with sports comedy, music, or whatever. the majority of us just want a diversification to turn off all the noise. but when large companies start fighting the culture wars and ignoring the mission, which is business, people start looking for alternatives. it's that simple. and good leaders understand that. they know it's not worth sinking into the woke muck just do make
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a handful of people happy. no one is ever happy and no one ever respects people that cave. today, the streaming service netflix took a stand. putting out a memo to its employees, 11,000 of them, saying they aren't going to take tiny little stands over every single piece of content they put out. they are not going to cave to the left who complain about this comedian or this actor. they are just going to go about their business. and if you are not happy with it, well maybe you should find yourself a new job. quote: not everyone will like or agree with everything on our service. while every title is different, we approach them based on the same set of principles we program for a diversity of audiences and tastes. and we let viewers decide what's appropriate for them versus having netflix sensor specific artists or voices. if you find it hard to support our content netflix may not be
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the best place for you. what an amazing idea. letting the viewers decide. thank you. it's about time companies started treating us like adults, this memo was a direct response to some whiny employees who just a few months ago were protesting and trying over the company airing a dave chappelle special all because he made some jokes they didn't like. >> cancel people that are more powerful than me. cancel j.k. raleigh, my god all the harry potter books by herself. [laughter] she sold some books the bible worries about her. [laughter] and canceled her because she said in an interview and this is not exactly what she said but essentially she said gender was a fact and then the trans community got mad as [bleep] they started calling her a turf. i don't even know what that was. but i know that trans make up
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words to win arguments. >> jesse: some of these netflix employees were offended. >> it's okay to laugh but you are sparking hate conversation. >> the problem is that trans people we have very limited rights, all right? >> we have a whole piece of content on netflix called disclosure that is, you know, for trans people by trans people that explains how comedy and content such as dave saddam chappelle'sis harmful. >> ??? if you don't want to work for a company, find a new job. these people were trying to twist the boss' arms into getting heir way and they didn't care if the company ended up having a worse product or less revenue. all they cared about was forcing their lack of sense of humor on the rest of us. but netflix they couldn't care less. they are telling their employees we are not taking sides. you can go out and fight in the culture war if you want, but if it keeps you from doing your
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job, go work somewhere else. if you don't want to watch dave chappelle, watch something else. you don't have to keep me from watching it it's smart corporate business. we put it out there, and then you can watch whatever. remember when major league baseball wanted to make a political statement last year by moving their all-star game out of georgia? all because of a fake news story about a voting bill? well, they ended up moving to colorado where voting laws are actually stricter but that didn't matter. it was just for show. atlanta, georgia lost out millions in revenue and major league baseball lost out on ratings recording second worst rating number of all time. when politics gets into america's favorite past time, it's way past time to turn the channel. hey, look at disney, they stuck their neck out for kindergarten teachers to talk to 6-year-olds about sex and trans sexuals. huge mistake. not only is it inappropriate but it was a horrific business
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decision. and now florida is stripping disney of all the special treatment they get in orlando. netflix isn't making the same mistake. and neither did spotify. remember the mob went after spotify as the most popular podcast guy joe rogan? spotify got a whole lot of heat to fire their biggest revenue driver, but the head of spotify stood his ground and told his employees he wasn't caving, saying this. my strongly condemn what joe rogan has said and condemn his decision to remove past episodes from our platform. i realize some will want more. i want to make one point very clear, i don't believe that silencing joe is the answer. good leaders don't cave. they pause, they reflect, and then they do what's best after careful consideration. but these corporate leaders are stuck with a younger generation that just feels so entitled to getting their way. if one thing goes wrong or if
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one thing makes the slightest person a bit uncomfortable, they launch a corporate jihad. joe rogan actually put it on his podcast this way this week. watch. >> a friend of mine who san employer. she ploys people and she was saying that like some of her employees are saying i need a mental health day today. you are not sick get the [bleep] to work. what are you talking about? do you want to get paid for this mental health day? show the [bleep] up. we are not talking about your parents just died in a car accident. no, you have a high level of anxiety today. you know, this roe v. wade thing. i saw it in the news and i need a mental health day. [bleep] you, show up at work. show up at work and work harder. >> jesse: can you get a mental health day someone dies not if hillary loses the chinese who are trying to take over the world. don't take mental health days because they use the wrong pronoun. this is a competitive world. americans can't afford to go soft. here is elon musk on that.
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>> i think there will be some very strong companies coming out of china, a lot of super talented hard-working people in china that are strong in manufacturing and they will -- they won't be just be running the midnight oil they will be running the 3:00 a.m. oil. they won't even leave the factory type of thing whereas in america people are trying to avoid going to work at all. >> jesse: we're in economic war with the chinese. lazy corporate culture war is going to make us lose this economic war. so we hope more companies follow in netflix's footsteps. as calvin coolidge once said the business of america is business. so let's all go to work. stop complaining, and then go home have a drink, and watch "jesse watters primetime." douglas murray is the author of "war on the west."
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and a fox news contributor. so, how significant do you think this new posture out of netflix is on the rest of woke corporate america? >> i think it's just great, jesse. it is likely adults have returned to the room after years of just ducking out from it. you know, for years now, the youngest wokest employee in firms like netflix have had a run of the place. it's the same across the media. it's the same across a lot of businesses, finance, but the youngest and least informed people in the company get to basically set the weather. if they don't like a joke, they complain about it they say that it's not safe for them to be at a company where another person made a joke once. you know, for years these people have been basically able to basically bully people much older than them and the people much older than them have put up with it for reasons i can't ever
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quite fathom. so perhaps finally that's changing around. perhaps finally netflix looks at its share prices like disney has to look at it and think maybe we shouldn't be taking advice on our company and our product from absolutely deranged kids. so, yeah. i welcome the possible return of the adults. >> jesse: do you think when elon musk says that the chinese are working harder than american workers, do you think he has a point there or do you think is he just, you know, trying to inspire his new twitter employees? >> interest is no doubt about that jesse. there is no doubt about that. you know, the chinese work very hard to get the lifestyle that we america take for granted. and they don't take it for granted. and i'm afraid what elon musk says is totally true. just look at major cities. look at cities like new york at the moment. look at how few people have
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returned to work. look at the people, again, particularly young employees who keep trying to string out the work from home thing because it's so much easier to sit at home and kind your bed and your laptop and the fridge. and they are persuading their bosses all very worried about returning to the office it's dangerous out there. you know, also, if we do have to come in on three days a week could we make it tuesday, wednesday, thursday perhaps so we can have a nice long weekend? it basically inverted the working week so that they go into the office maybe for a couple of days and get a whole five days to sort of recuperate from the stress. this is not competitive. this just isn't competitive with china which is the only economy that could overtake america in this century and as i always like to say the people who moaned and winged about american supremacy are going to have a hell of a time when the chinese communist party takes over. >> jesse: if anybody needs a mental health day it's me because i sit next to geraldo. i'm going to see if h.r. is
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going to give me break on. that was i will let you know how that goes. douglas murray. >> you get a doctor's note for that. >> jesse: get siegel to write me a note. thank you as always. >> a great pleasure. >> jesse: biden has obviously been watching "jesse watters primetime" and we will tell you how we know that. that's next ♪ ♪ since i left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies. and now he's taking trulicity, and it looks like he's gotten into some new healthier habits, too. what changes are you making for your type 2 diabetes? maybe it's time to try trulicity.
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you don't need to tell me things in america are pretty bad. the stock market is tanking. 401(k)s are getting wiped out. people can't afford gas they are filling half the tank. americans getting hit every angle. concern for families.
4:18 pm
how are you going to feed your kids? how are you going to feed your baby especially now? you can't even find baby formula. so what do we do? don't worry, brian deese, biden's director of national economic council has a plan, listen. >> does the white house now have an assessment, even a rough one of how long this shortage could last? >> well, the key here is to produce more formula but also to make more formula available and easier for consumers to buy. >> thanks, brian, yes, we will definitely need to be produce aring for baby formula. thank you for that insight. at least you didn't pull a bette midler who tweeted try breastfeeding free and available on demand. oh my god thank god i didn't say that this woman is not well. the problem is fixing this crisis is just easier said than done. the biden administration just did not act quick enough. and now they are scrambling to fix the crisis like usual. it's been reported that the
4:19 pm
administration is looking to use the defense production act to address the formula shortage. biden must have seen my show wednesday. >> biden is more worried about shortages of batteries for electric cars. just a couple months ago while you guys were still struggling biden invoked the national defense production act to get more batteries built. why doesn't he invoke the defense production act on baby formula? over 40% of baby formula is out of stock nationwide injoking the defense production act would be a step in the right direction but not solved whole problem. biden needs to do a lot. drop trade barriers and allow imports from europe and canada. these are killing us right now. you can put them back up later. and maybe prioritize american babies over illegals. stop ending and hoarding pallets of formula at the border.
4:20 pm
i know "the washington post" thinks this is bull but it is true let's be clear they are the ones to put out a fact check admitting that biden is hoarding and stockpiling pallets and pallets of baby formula and giving it away for free to illegal alien babies. biden opened the border to waive the migrants and letting anybody who wants to come in with everything from fentanyl to babies. and they get a first stab at the formula. so you can get free formula at the border can't pay. i'm giving "the washington post" four pinocchios for that biden addressed in this afternoon. >> if we had within better mind readers i guess we could have. we moved as quickly as the problem became apparent to us. we have to move with caution as well as speed because we got to make sure what we are getting is in fact first rate product.
4:21 pm
>> jesse: that's a lie. this problem started weighed back in october. that's when a former employee at abbott's michigan plant first told the fda about safety concerns there. and for months, the fda did nothing before shutting down the plant eventually in february. that's five whole months soind sound like moving quickly to me. biden just got briefed on this for the first time this week. like everything biden does he is slow to react then he blames somebody else for the problem. stephen miller former senior adviser to the president. could you imagine if there was a baby formula shortage under donald trump? could you even imagine the hysteria in the media? >> it woulds mass hysteria and d.c. numerous. it would be global hysteria. i have a lot of thoughts, a lot of thoughts on this, jesse, because i amount proud dad of two babies at home.
4:22 pm
i got a 1-year-old, i have got a newborn. i can say on behalf of all the america's moms and dads that this crisis alone justifies joe biden's impeachment. this is -- this is truly beyond belief. we live in a country right now think about it joe biden's america where we have pursuant blockers for school children but we don't have baby formulas for babies. we live in a country where every illegal alien in the world who shows up at our border will be guaranteed baby formula on demand but american their own children and the best ideas they have coming out of the democratic party are from bette midler who apparently does not realize that it's not a light switch can you turn on and off to create breast milk. i won't say more than that but this is absolute.
4:23 pm
for children who have milk allergies and other allergies shear terror one formula worked for their kid that they finally found that they will finally let them sleep at night not cry at night, be happy and flourish, they cannot get this formula. and the response from jen psaki was if you are out of formula, just call your doctor. i love my pediatrician but can i safely say if i called my teed tuition do you have a couple weeks of formula i could borrow they would hang up on me and i would probably not be invited back again. everybody needs to go to the government website to find out where the formula is. i get it i have a newborn, too. is he just over one. we tried a bunch of different formulas, he didn't like one. he didn't like the other and and it's not an easy process. now are you actually feeding your own babies or. >> i fed my baby just a couple hours before i came here although i give my wife all the
4:24 pm
credit but we went through you the same thing you are describing. >> jesse: food snob only likes a certain formula. >> it's a process. >> jesse: took a lot of money. >> if i couldn't get the formula that my baby needed i would be in an emotional meltdown as many moms and dads are all over the country. >> jesse: stephen miller emotionally melting down. for the sake of the country so miller doesn't melt down, get the formula out there, joe. we can't afford a miller meltdown. miller, going to mexico and coming here illegally to get formula. that's right. impeach 46 over the formula. thank you very much stephen miller. >> thank you. >> jesse: dad of the year. little league umpires under attack. what's behind this epidemic of
4:25 pm
violence against all these young sports referees. unbelievable video. plus joe biden sticks his entire foot in his mouth on crime again. the more information i found, got me more curious. researching my family on ancestry has given me a purpose. we discovered that our family has been in new mexico for hundreds of years. it showed how much my family was really rooted in campbell county. it was really finding gold. the best part is feeling like i really have roots. don't be afraid to open the door, there's so much information on the other side. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be.
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i've been taking prevagen for about four years. i feel a little bit brighter and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> jesse: where is your tax money going thanks to fauci some went to study gambling pigeons at the hamster fight club did you know you are about to be on the hook for something even more ridiculous? peloton memberships for everybody on capitol hill. everybody house is going to give all staffers access to peloton membership to take all kinds of workout classes whenever they want 120 grand a month pay for it himself. why are we footing the bill for it.
4:31 pm
if aoc wants to vent her frustration, she should just pay for her own little boxing classes. i will say this though. the only person i will happily buy a gym membership for nadler? that was gutfeld talking. that was too mean. did i not say that now, turning to another story, there is a new trend that's taking over youth sports. it's violence against rats, watch. >> can i squeeze your rage into a little ball and release at the appropriate time like the time i hit the referee with a with hissy bottle remember that when daddy hit the referee. >> yeah. >> jesse: simples might have joked about it violence against refs no laughing matter. it's becoming an e.p.a. in youth sports. >> out. [shouting]
4:32 pm
shouting] >> jesse: all across the country angry parents are just losing it attacking little league umps and revs this sudden surge in violence has created exodus in officials. threatening the future of youth sports. according to the "new york times" from 2018 to 2021. an estimated 50,000 high school refs. 20% quit. new hampshire quarter of hockey refs between 2018 and 2022 athletic league in new york city short about 90 officials in brooklyn. refs are bailing on games in record numbers but can you blame them? who wants to be subjected to this type of abuse when you are just trying to make an extra 50 bucks on the weekend in the reason is obvious. it's the parents. the "times" going on to say asked what their top reasons
4:33 pm
would be 60 percent said verbal abuse from parents and fans. these people aren't even professional refs like in the nfl, they are your neighbors and co-workers sacrificing their own time so your kid can play. parents don't even care. games are being delayed and seasons are being canceled because people just can't even control themselves anymore. one referee in mississippi isn't going anywhere. so she had a good reason to quit. last month christie moore was umping a solvable game for 12 and under girls when she as attacked by moom from the opposing team. she got a shiner. unbelievable. moore's attacker was arrested and charged with simple assault. but the incident hasn't scared more off doing what she loves and kiss city moore crut sports empire joins me now. why did she sock you like that. >> i was owe officiating a 12 u
4:34 pm
softball game. she disagreed with a call i made. she started screaming profanities at me and cussing in front of the children. and i told her she was going to have to leave. she told me she wasn't leaving at that point i told the coach if she did not leave, then i was going to forfeit the game. so he told her to leave. and she turned around and looked at me and said when you come off the field, i am going to f you up and called me a name. >> jesse: so you left the field after the game was over and what happened? >> i exited the field. i was about three steps off the field and she was right there. she says now what do you have to say to me? called me a name and she punched me. >> jesse: unbelievable. and did you go down or did you just take it and look at her?
4:35 pm
>> no. i didn't go down. >> jesse: good. did you hit her back? >> i did not hit her back. >> jesse: that was smart. i probably would have hit her back. i shouldn't have said that i wouldn't be umpiring youth sports to begin with. it's all meaningless. >> after she hit me she ran. yeah, she hit me and turned around and ran and one of the parks and recs employees followed her to the parking lot and by this time was on the phone with the police and got a picture of her vehicle when she was leaving and they pulled her over and arrested her shortly thereafter. >> jesse: i'm hearing words from the producers that she was actually mother of the year? is that true? >> she did have on a mother of the year shirt in her mugshot. >> jesse: in her mugshot. do we have the mugshot? all right. we don't have the mugshot.
4:36 pm
but i can just see it in my eyes. what a joke. all right. she was probably liquored up or just an animal. simple assault serve any time? how is this being adjudicated? >> she was arrested that night. she bonded out for $422. she appeared actually in court the 18th so next wednesday to enter her plea of guilty or not guilty. >> jesse: all right. well, i'm glad you are back umping the kids need people in there with integrity. your eye looks fantastic. >> thank you. >> jesse: give them hell. keep doing what you are doing. we don't like ladies like that. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> jesse: catherine coleman is a clinical psychologist and joins us now in studio. okay, doctor, this is a new trend, why is this happening in the last couple of years do you think? >> i think there is really two
4:37 pm
overarching narratives that are happening right now. one is that every kid has to be a winner. and so parents or coaches get upset because their kids aren't winning or their team isn't winning and they feel like they need some kind of vindication and the second is that for the past two years kids and adults really have been taught that when they disagree with something or something isn't going their way, that they can resort to violence. we have seen that with riots and we have seen that with protesting outside of the supreme court justices' houses. it's no surprise. kids are going to model bad behavior. >> jesse: what do you think has changed psychologically in the parental community that they feel the need for every child to win at everything and losing is unacceptable and being uncomfortable number two is unacceptable and not having the self-control to walk up and clock somebody. >> so much investment between
4:38 pm
parents and kids. look at the college admission scandal for example. parents were creating their kids' so they could get into great colleges and it is because it makes the parents look good. the parents are adopting the identity of their kids. and it's wrong. >> jesse: when i was young my parents said go outside and play and get out of here. they didn't get too involved. maybe they showed up to a softball game or two i was lucky. >> some kids are going to lose. >> jesse: i lost a lot of baseball games and that's why i played lacrosse. thank you very much, doctor. >> good to see you. >> jesse: brazen ambush at a gas station and busted on body cam. see this. ♪ bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it.
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♪ >> jesse: we have reported for months about the spiraling epidemic of crime here on "primetime." and today president biden had a chance to offer some solutions to the american people. but, instead, he just doubled
4:44 pm
down on the liberal policies that failed. >> i think bail reform and the negative side of bail reform is vastly overrated. the idea that if you have no ability to make bail because you're poor, it should relate to the severity of the crime and what the problem is relating that you are accused of. >> jesse: joe biden just came out as pro-bail reform. that is a huge self-inflicted political run. what a dumb thing to say. and now violent crime is completely beyond control across the country in philly on monday these cold-blooded shooters walked up to a gas station broad daylight and just ambushed some 30-year-old guy. they don't care. take a look at this lady. robbing dozens of high end sunglasses from the store. this is great. have you ever seen a calmer thief in action? take your time. no one is even trying to stop her. and if they did, she probably
4:45 pm
would just be booked out in 10 minutes. seattle radio host jason rantz joins me now with a story of a horrifying carjacking in washington state. jason, what happened here? >> this all went down in eastern washington. police say they spotted a man with five warrants out for violent felonies. and in the past we say he has driven away when they tried to make contact and arrest him. so this time they say he tried that again. it's really dramatic dash cam video. can you see police pulling up to a car jacking in progress. the victim, the driver frantically tries to stop this from happening and it's not the car that she is concerned about it's her kids. which you can see him pulling out of the car once the police arrive. now, the police are wrestling with the suspect. can you actually see the mom and some good samaritans rushing to rescue the two boys, a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old. now, the suspect obviously
4:46 pm
wasn't willing to go quietly. officers ordered him to get out of the car. he resists. ultimately the cops win. check out this body cam footage. >> get out now. [shouting] >> stop. >> 'ow 'ow 'ow. help me, please. >> put your hand behind your back now! >> i can't. >> give me your other hand. >> i can't. >> now he complains that his heart was bothering him. his heart was fine. police ended up arresting him he is now awaiting charges. according to the police report he wasn't trying to steal the car he was just trying to set counsel and rest because he was running. of course that's absurd. we all saw what we saw. here are the problems, jesse. in washington state democrats passed a law that bans almost every single vehicular pursuit and in this case if cops didn't act when they did obviously could have ended in a much different way.
4:47 pm
>> jesse: i love these tough guys that go try to car jack a woman and they scream ouch, ouch when they get handcuffed. pathetic. all right, jason good report. thanks again. >> thanks for having me. >> jesse: coming up, we are playing a little sink or swim with will cain and kat timpf and i will be reading your texts. that's next. ♪ ♪
4:48 pm
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>> let's take a look at the leaderboard somehow got felled is in the lead look at him how cute. that might change tonight they're here to face off you guys? [laughs] >> jesse: he cries anyway.
4:53 pm
first question the democrat member of congress accuse justice clarence thomas being a hater of civil rights? let me ask this question of brother thomas, why are you such a hater? who said it? cori bush, are you ready? you're going with jeffrey's, lucy with the answer is. >> let me ask this question a brother thomas why you such a hater? hey on civil rights, hate on women's rights, hate on reproductive rights why are you such a hater? >> jesse: 1-1 with the brother thomas. [laughs] all right method will recount what to get to the judges next category hocus-pocus. what tv host said that if roe v. wade was overturned women could be burned like which is at
4:54 pm
the stake. >> kat: i have no idea. i picked the opposite one. >> jesse: let's see who it was. >> if you go back to the original consumption of this country an unmarried woman was most likely to be burned as a witch, most people who burned as witches were often unmarried or widowed. people who are untethered to a man which is the only thing that grounded even white women and humanity. so if you are an original list you essentially want to go back to that perception of women. >> kat: this is awful, no i hate you. [laughs] [laughs] you are not a decent analysis. >> jesse: that made her upset let's see what we can do. all the colors of the wind. which fake indian said this quote? you think the only people who are people are the people who
4:55 pm
look and think like you. was it liz warren, or was a cartoon pocahontas? >> okay i'm ready. >> jesse: let's see it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: so we have the same score i believe it's 2-1, will cain is in the lead. >> kat: so you don't see me as your own person? >> jesse: i know what the score is. there can eat this one so pay attention. you better be. return of the magna king is a category. we are raving about how evil trumpets. which liberty said this.
4:56 pm
i think they're talking about the 50s when they say make america great again. for me when i think of the 50s i just think of racism. i thought america was just behind south africa when it came to racism in the 50s. with this celebrity jane fonda, or o.j. simpson? you guys are both going with jane fonda. this is critical let's see who it was. >> talk about the 50s when they say make america great again. but for me when i think of the 50s i just think of the racism. how america was probably just behind south africa when it came to racism in the 50s. >> kat: i hate you. >> jesse: i laid up for you. >> kat: doesn't even matter. >> jesse: will give you a tissue after the show. you need some little bit heavier all right to give you will cain
4:57 pm
the award. my assistant, now got felled abuse the award and made him get all sorts of narcotics and i think gagged and bound him in his basement. >> kat: that is not true and you know what else? i'm the real winner because i don't get up at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. i don't have to get up at 4:00 in the morning i can go home and drink all the mickey ultras i want. >> jesse: you're right were gonna call it a tie. [laughs] johnny's head is getting too big dump them on tv anymore. well played guys. [laughs] will see very early tomorrow morning i will see you on monday probably exactly am free. i read a book about states and it's very important when you get any sort of meat you have to have the bone on the meat you can have a filet yet to have the bone with the filet.
4:58 pm
you can have a pork chop in the medallion. bone has to be there it's a ribeye it has to be a bone-in ribeye i don't remember the exact reason for it, but i'm telling you because i want you to be as healthy as i am. enjoy the meat is much as i do. enjoy the meat jesse watters prime time. let's get into some text messages. we have linda from west hollywood, california. rather secretly a baby boomer or whoever chooses the music and out of your show is very cool. i love every time. is that simple. peter from malvern pennsylvania we don't like malvern, start with that. i've been a netflix subscriber for many years and will be for many more, however i will no longer be a subscriber to disney, wokeness does not preside in my household. taking a stand. eric from hancock new york, jesse thank you so much for
4:59 pm
doing a segment on those walkers it's about time that they start kicking back. look up at 6:30 this morning and lost the sleepiness at 10:00 p.m. that's what happens when you watch fox and friends. [laughs] i'm just saying that because will is healer. brett midler should be canceled for her transphobic comments not all birthing people have. you know what that is true what i've heard. jeff from i don't know where you're from, america didn't have a baby formula shortage until men started having babies. you know what, i think you're onto something. does nancy pelosi on your stock? you're right about that i think she bought the short though because that stock is in the toilet. people attacking referees they should not be doing that, but they have every right to call them any name in the book okay.t
5:00 pm
don't punch anybody in the eye. that's all for us tonight will be seeing over the weekend interview melania trump. a set of will cain we have tucker carlson coming up next was a member i'm jesse watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" happy friday. at press conference back on march he is voluntarily wage and western europe our country will soon face food shortages. it's gonna be real joe biden said. no reporters do to transcribe the words that wrote their stories but you may have missed it. you may not have even heard


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