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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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don't punch anybody in the eye. that's all for us tonight will be seeing over the weekend interview melania trump. a set of will cain we have tucker carlson coming up next was a member i'm jesse watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" happy friday. at press conference back on march he is voluntarily wage and western europe our country will soon face food shortages. it's gonna be real joe biden said. no reporters do to transcribe the words that wrote their stories but you may have missed it. you may not have even heard this
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because not a lot of follow-up pieces about these man-made food shortages that joe biden was predicting and that is weird if you think about it because food shortages are inherently a big deal. you can argue that there even more significant than a slap fight between celebrities at an award show. food shortages they bring down empires and they often have. if you have a short food shortage of a potentially destabilizing problem on your hand. now we do have a food shortage and it's real as joe biden predicted. they released 26 states that half of the retail stores are completely out of baby formula. that includes the states of texas, missouri, and many others. these are major population centers without enough food for newborns. in memphis and nashville, 52% of stores have no baby formula. houston at des moines dimona reported similar shortages. in san antonio with unusual high percentage of small children 57% of all scores in the city have
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no baby formula. those are the numbers, journalists saw with the reality was. she went to a different stores in texas and not a single one of them had any watch. >> aycock talk to a couple moms outside said they're having a really hard time finding formula and this what were seeing right now. the second target we went through an hour in frisco as you can see it's pretty much the exact same thing here grocery stores are pretty much empty no formula to be found i've talked to a couple of moms who tell me that people of spent upwards of a hundred and $50 on formula on amazon some of them can even find the formula that their babies need. her child is constipated and made a specific type of formula they couldn't find it and they don't know what's going on. >> tucker: that is real. she is a video camera and set a target and they don't have baby formula.
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babies need to eat but they can't. is that a big problem? what yes it's a big problem but how big? we have a lot of problems right now. bigger problems in using the wrong pronoun? or trump odors peacefully trespassing in a public building it seems that a problem than that. so you think that the jewel by demonstration would do some good about it and they certainly could if they wanted to they can do anything, these are the people who claim to have the power to control global weather systems the power to bend human biology to their will so nothing is beyond the scope of their powers. and yet at this particular case joe biden is in no hurry to fix the problem in fact he joked about it today watch. >> president biden: if he were better mind readers if we move as quickly probably became apparent to us. >> tucker: if we were better mind readers get it? it's hilarious because actually nobody can read minds. joe biden is being sarcastic like a 14-year-old daughter lay
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off not my fault. joe biden does not read minds with the question is does anyone and the white house read newspapers? or watch television news? supply the baby formula went down to 20% as far as january. that was not hidden knowledge it was public knowledge. it was out there. if you were looking. here's what representative headline said in west virginia back in february, with the baby formula shortage means for parents. there you have it. americans were worried about not having baby formula there was a shortage in february. but the white house wasn't concerned and they knew that for certain because brian is the director has admitted that he knew. we were aware back in february and we've had a team on this for for. okay so joe biden has been on this since february. so why is this still a problem, why is it still impossible to
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buy baby formula and stores in san antonio tonight? they have an answer for that and the answer is greedy mothers. they are the problem. like hiding grain, counterrevolutionary moms are undermining america's baby formula supply. the are quote "hoarding baby formula." watch them explain. >> if you are in a parent who is looking for formula right now is struggling to find what you need even a rough guess how long the shortages are no last what should parents be bracing for here? >> we've artie seen an increase past several weeks but what were seeing as an oma's of hoarding. people hoarding because they're fearful that is one element of it and people hoarding because they're trying to profit off of fearful nests. [laughs] >> tucker: now were down to zimbabwe in economics. greedy people are hoarding it it is your fault america's moms. you and your piggish little
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babies always eating, eating, eating. show some patriotic restraint and stop buying so much food for your kids. you greedy records. that's the white house position on the baby shortage. in fact and it's possible it will not surprise you but the reality is just the opposite of what you've heard. america's moms are not getting baby formula because they're greedy or the fat little babies or eating too much. the joe biden administration is hoarding baby formula. the ministrations program formally known as special supplemental nutrition programs is by far the largest purchaser of baby formula in the united states, that is true no matter what they're telling you from the podium at the white house. here's how it works. states award a contract to baby formula or manufacturer to provide audit to wicked participants. in the people who receive benefits take a voucher to the store and buy the baby formula from that manufacturer. government agencies get a
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kickback from the manufacturer in the form of a rebate sometimes as high as 85% of the wholesale price. anyway the baby formula made effectively pays the government to maintain its monopoly. it's good business for everyone it's been going on for a long time. the problem right now is that the abbott nutrition company has made a foamy stomach baby formula as all of its eggs virtually in abbott's basket. unfortunately abbott just closed in michigan because of contamination. that means that minds of people used wic to buy abbott products are forced to buy competing formulas and the doing it all at once. so a government monopoly overseen by joe biden caused this baby formula crisis. so if the government doing to fix it? we here's with her not doing. none of poking the defense of production act to produce more baby from that of course that's for ukrainians only, shut up american moms. but in the opposite which is the
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unimaginable. they are shipping -- who don't the right to be her in first place. we know this because florida congress said this in a video. >> discussant to be by border patrol agent this morning and said that this is disgusting you will not believe this. they are receiving pallets and more pallets of baby formula at the border this was taken at ursula processing facility or thousands are being housed and processed and then released subsequently into the united states. something about this this is what america last looks like. >> tucker: that is real by the way. it administration does not deny this. congressman also uploaded the pictures on twitter the one the left is from the ursula processing center at the border. pallets packed with baby formula and the second is from an empty
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shelf here in the united states preserved for american citizens. so there's never been a clearer statement of the administration it's very here american mothers your kids are too expensive go have an abortion and get back to work in amazon warehouse. congresswoman of california say that out loud this week. your poor? have an abortion to get back to work. all the democrats said the same. try breastfeeding. it's free and available on demand. it's been a while since she has done that, but that is her position. so here you have an elderly out of touch rich liberal lady lecturing struggling american moms to shut up and suffer in silence which by the way it makes the baby shut up too. now if you can think of a more perfect distillation of modern politics of the left circa 2022 within that pushed mark set us an email and let us know what it
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is because we've never seen anything that perfect. and here's the interesting part. that is not all the message of the bette midler's are sending to millions of illegal aliens were flooding into our country. the message and which just the opposite. come, we welcome you we will subsidize your childbearing whatever it takes. even if we have to take baby formula from american citizens we will help you. that's literally what they're saying. and other points is what they're doing. so how do you get the joe biden administration to pay attention to american citizens to you. joe biden doesn't care, bet midler is mocking you go but breastfeed it is free. how do you get them to awaken to the fact that you exist? that american children are suffering, will turns out there was a way to do that. the baby formula shortage let me look us up like every crisis in this country affect you, but
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increase trans-papal disproportionally because trans-people are the people who suffer the most. that's congresswoman cori bush once told us that nothing is more important than protecting birthing people. >> i said before you today is a single mom, as an earth, and as a congresswoman. i am committed to doing the absolute most to protect black mothers. to protect black babies, to protect black birthing people. >> tucker: list the last line that's in to get joe biden's attention so your kids don't have enough to eat, they can't be bothered to be helped at all they cause this problem. but once joe biden finds out that the trans community is suffering once he sees the faces of that suffering he will do all he can to help. he will a lift those pallets of formula from the border and tribute them to the trans mothers who need them. once he sees these faces and here they are leaders in
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chatman. straight from your calvin klein ad. pregnant men, the pregnant man emoji joe biden. do for the pregnant man emoji. he is the cohost of fox & friends weekend he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on this seems like the kind of issue since the government effectively controlled the baby formula market we didn't even know that. they would jump on it you don't to be a president who is presiding over a country with none of baby from a wise hick knowing this? >> it is so interesting because this past week the start of the week by doing a monologue talking about the fact that the left is waging a war on god. there also waging a war on families and if you look at what they've done everything from crt, inflation, abortion, gender ideology in your child's school. even the crime rate. all of this is making it harder for you to have and raise a family and so this baby formula
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situation may not be intentional, just some incompetence on your part but it just shows you that they just don't care it's not a priority for them. look they knew, you laid it out perfectly. the fda told this company, this abbott firm that makes formula, that they have to shut down which is good if there was a potential contamination we want that. they knew that they produce 40% of our nation's formula which by the way again, not a very healthy arrangement there. they knew that so they better have a plan if they're gonna shut down the plant to either get up and going quickly, resource formula from some of their place but they didn't do that. it just shows that they just don't care about you will come of age about families and no care about moms they told you this past week but they do care about. this of the number one thing which by the way this is both parties. the number one thing was a war in ukraine and look how quickly got $40 billion over the ukraine. $40 billion, but they can't figure out how to get formula to
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moms and i tell you what. tell a mom who can't feed a baby in the middle of the night in ukraine is the number one problem, yet there to be angry and moms across america are angry. tucker they're not hoarding doing networks across the internet trying to breastfeed and provide banks of milk for other moms, to try to help each other it's far from this ugly image that they are portraying of mothers. you can maybe forgive joe biden who probably hasn't dealt with baby formula in 60 years for not understanding how serious and life-saving crisis is deciphered for many people had a baby, a smoke in order to survive till her life-saving heart surgery because she couldn't nurse so this is serious business. this is also a supply-chain issue he is at the center of
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this and you know he loves to tell us that he had those twins, but is much more interested in making a point about lgbtq+ families than he is about locking arms with moms right now and figure out how to solve this problem. >> tucker: may be because families are the last against tyranny. if you've a strong family you can be pushed around. so maybe that isn't so interested in helping us help small families. it's absolutely right. >> that's absolutely right but again it's about their priorities they talked about formula that was going to the border. so i set happening? that is happening because they don't want to have bad press women coming over the border who may need formula because are probably not nursing in the desert to make that dangerous journey and want bad press because then what their policies to end. this policy is important to them and they've done everything they could keep it okay so we don't know what's going on and that's why they do those in middle the
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night, that's why they didn't want it flying over the del rio bridge. i guarantee you right now tucker that they are spending much more time and resources trying to locate that border patrol agent, the whistle-blower who took that picture and gave its representatives i bet that they're more interested in that and they are in the 14 terrorists who cross the desert that we know of right now. that's what they care about. >> tucker: that such great point, great to see you think so much. >> great to see you tucker thank you. >> tucker: one of the moment main reasons we know it's happening at the border the efforts he's been up for months now join just straight ahead. plus a candidate for senate in arkansas is suing the election machine violating the integrity of the election and it looks like the leaders of his party don't like him. so they intentionally misspelled his name on the ballot? could that have happened? we'll find out when we come back. ♪ ♪ ts too.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: for the third day in a row a massive group of illegal aliens from all over the world just crossed into the united states there is video of this happening migrants coming out of the human smugglers vehicle results information to
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us in eagle pass, texas, hey bill. >> even with title 42 steel and place right now the illegal crossings are really just starting to shoot through the roof here in texas and will show you some video to talk about take a look at this, we shot this right here where were standing earlier today this was a single massive group of about a hundred 50 illegal immigrants all crossing at the same time illegally here in the eagle pass brace in the middle of the day right in front of american law enforcement as you mention this was the third day in a row that we seen a big day like this at the exact same time a day just at 11:00 a.m. colombians, venezuelans and cubans and you'll see that there's no fear there waving to our cameras flashing thumbs-up and many of them saying they'll be released into the country out of the joe biden administration on the edge of release policy and this certainly wasn't the only group today take a look at the second piece of video here. it made the effort at big group this group of 52 started
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crossing into the rio grande directly after that. raisin in the middle of the day is also colombian, and cubans. there was only one single border patrol agent here on hand to receive that group once they cross illegally into texas. it was a huge strain on the resources they have the call agents from elsewhere and that leaves gaps elsewhere on the border for the cartels are able to push drugs through. also initially this wild piece a video of the rio grande valley section. you'll see 11 illegal immigrants bail out of the vehicle after it crashes to go running all over the place in an effort to flee on foot this was a human smuggler being chased by texas dtf before he rolled over reporting that 7-11 immigrants ended up leaving us put in the human smuggler but that happens day in and day out down here the border and back out here live ominously what's happening right now in the spot. what you'll see is the texas national guard has now shown up in force here and if started placing razor wire all throughout this area this is a
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spot we've been seeing these massive groups crossing the last several days, they've now shown up in a broken ground and i started to place coils of this razor wire all of the area in an effort to deter these illegal crossings. i can tell you barb wire is not to be an impenetrable wall by any means but it can be successful in terms of funneling illegal immigrants into areas where there are more resources so the guards read her doing that in the last thing i want to point out is what patrol here in del rios segment is that in 17 hour span they arrested two convicted child predators and two separate incidents both were mexican nationals and previously deported. they tried coming across thankfully agents were able to catch them and that tucker is wide so important to have our agents out on the front lines actively patrolling rather than doing paperwork and acting like social workers processing these large groups. will send it back to you. >> tucker: think he was always. so arkansas is one of the most conservative states in the
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country you know that we pulled the people who live there what they think about the various issues, but like a lot of conservative states arkansas is governed by some very liberal republicans. so jake beckett is not one of them he's running for senate and the primary as a republican in the state of arkansas and it looks like not everyone is cool with that. so for his first thing was completely wrong on thousands of ballots. that is a problem for him because other candidates he's also on the ballot. election officials told us today that they fix the problem started in the arkansas primary there suing i thought this was interesting so we asked him to come on explain what's happening. thank you so much for coming on. it's hard not to see maybe you don't want to say this out loud, seems like sabotage by your own party. >> here in arkansas we've a lot of republicans but not very many conservative warriors and that's why m. at my core i'm a warrior.
5:26 pm
when the establishment lines up against me for four, five super packs running nonstop and probably one coming up in the next commercial, but what happened here as early voting started here on monday and we discover that we had outraged voters for multiple arkansas counties reaching out to me with screenshots of the ballot boxes in the voting machines my name was wrong. so he reached out to these counties we expected they'd be surprised. my gosh the ballots are wrong. they have proven they admitted it effort for three weeks early voting started they knew my name was gonna be wrong and said nothing and violation of arkansas state law. so here's what happened. they thought i was part of the alt-right. they thought out some of these establishment rhinos who just gonna take it lying down say okay all shocks will get them next time. no tucker i punched back. i'm a new business is business is being done in a part of the new right we filed lawsuits we took the mccourt today in
5:27 pm
court the judge said this whole situation was deeply troubling in all the sun tucker voila they started fixing these voting machines and these ballads originally told us an ally ron fixable so we already got them on the run tucker here in arkansas. 40 fix them in one county we made sure that they can verify as reagan said trust and verify we skipped the trust were going straight to verify. we can make sure on monday that all 75 arkansas counties have the correct name on the ballot. that's jake beckett, not jack. i'm not going to d.c. to be part of the establishment regime. i'm a conservative warrior, five for the citizens of arkansas. at the end of the day that should not be a issue. if you have the courage to put your name on the ballot to run if you love your country enough to run for office and serve our country, if you're republican, democrat, green party, who cares in a care what officer seating.
5:28 pm
you deserve to have the voters be fully informed, be fully enfranchised and know who they're voting for. so when i win this race and this primary go to the u.s. senate would turn the guns of the arkansas a rhino, fix this once and for all, make sure that arkansas secure elections. >> tucker: and politicians who represent the people of arkansas. they don't represent your average record arkansas republican i'm sorry. i appreciate you coming on tonight, godspeed. >> thank you. >> tucker: thank you, so "the new york times" subscriber numbers keep going up but the paper keeps getting worse effective it's completely unreadable so how to keep so many subscribers would know no more person would ever want to read the paper. we found the answer, stay tuned. ♪ ♪
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and yet there subscriber numbers are going down even though no human being can read "the new york times" i take it really have to be in a coma so is everybody subscribing to "the new york times" in a coma? certainly the biggest mysteries do a leather reporting one of our producers signed up "new york times" monthly subscription more year ago. when the they raise the rates the $17 a month abuse or try to cancel. we talked to a representative's in april and that representative told us that the cancellation was good to go through but then this month we got billed again. to request the cancel to go through and they told us he was no problem then this morning for some reason when times hit us with another charge for 17 bucks. so we called the times to find what's going on and within the minutes customer service reps
5:35 pm
service reps "new york times" confess of the company is committing fraud. that's what happens. listen to her explanation about why our producer was unable to cancel his account. >> looks like the first time you try to cancel it for the first time one of her advocates try to cancel it. this was when you wrote into us on chat would been the 13th. this year. the reason that it was not canceled it was rejected in the system due to an in the progress transaction now looks like again someone try to cancel it and i was on the 11th got the exact same system response of someone still try to process the transaction. >> tucker: so the system will let you cancel your time subscription even if you don't want it our requests were rejected on two separate occasions according to the newspaper the system simply will not allow it at the time. so we demanded a refund and the
5:36 pm
representative told us any guests? the system doesn't allow refunds. listen to this. >> as for the refund of those two transactions you're trying to avoid it does not look like that those were processed at all. so were going to have to do that for you now which are to a problem. why is there another event being processed? it is a make any sense. >> tucker: [laughs] we should admit that this customer representative seem like a sweet person and doesn't really make any sense was sure it doesn't make sense unless you're "the new york times" you're try to rip off your customers the only way that you can stay in business because you're so bad no normal person would ever pay to reach you. and ultimately the customer service reps has made a very clear that's exactly what's happening. >> asked for the refunds of those two transactions were trying to avoid does not look like those were processed at
5:37 pm
all. so were going to have to do that now which shouldn't be a problem right? why is there another event being processed? that is a make any sense. [laughs] >> tucker: the system needs to work this is not okay. that's what she admitted, let class action anyone? so if you ever cancel you "new york times" sub script and it you have because you're not insane. go check your monthly statement is a pretty good chance that "the new york times" is still taking your money so again that is fraud and we hope it's rectified, but now we know how to keep their subscriber numbers. so the u.s. government has defunded horrible it's like torturing killed dogs for no good reason. nothing useful in science from
5:38 pm
the torture and yet dr. fauci spent $400,000 the tropicals and mesh cages were the been the death. so this is horrifying it should never happen how do we prevent dogs for me murdered just so tony fauci can spread more money around. the morgan on this for a long time to sing that lawmakers and that they're making. were grateful for her efforts and happy to welcome her tonight thank you so much. tell us how you can stop this our bill is actually directed people who adopt at shelters. >> it's what dogs and cats should have which are posted at shelters, humane societies, or
5:39 pm
sucrose so that people who are adopting understand what exactly the expectations are and having an animal. >> tucker: with that prevent, do you think the tide of cruelty that you're seeing in these pointless experiments on animals. people are being paid to torture animals to death and there's no evidence that human lives are saved because of it. >> that would be a completely different bill and we did work on a bill that had to do with cosmetics and personal hygiene products sold in california that shall not be tested on animals so that is something that california did do we got signed into law, but the conversation that you're having about animals and testing it's a whole other one that we would love to
5:40 pm
address because it is our taxpayer dollars that go to animal experiments and university across united states. so not only is it universities with our taxpayer dollars it is public and privately funded and a lot of these experiments have been done before and they don't need to continue and they are not animal tests that have higher efficacy rates that should be used. >> tucker: i hope this is a good step for doing that could come out of california because mr. dogs people i know much about it. >> there is a direct correlation that is well documented is that yes. >> tucker: i appreciate it thank so much. >> thank you for having me on. >> tucker: so the city of
5:41 pm
philadelphia has recently said its all-time record for murders in a year crime is out of control and it's one of the reasons were the main reasons why former u.s. attorney decided to run for governor he joins us now. ♪ ♪
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the choice for attorney general is clear. democrat rob bonta has a passion for justice and standing up for our rights. bonta is laser focused on protecting the right to vote and defending obamacare. but what's republican eric early's passion? early wants to bring trump-style investigations on election fraud to california, and early says he'll end obamacare and guard against the growing socialist communist threat. eric early.
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too extreme, too conservative for california.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: not necessarily immoral for adults to be attracted to kids. what are you a hater? he is resigned university in virginia but it's got a new job he has a story for us a kevin. >> wow evening tucker this is one of those stories that if you're not familiar with the background you might want to sit up and pay attention dr. alan walker who identifies as nonbinary and transgender is also previous known as allison walker. will has been hired as you pointed out at johns hopkins and maryland and that hiring us q. week comes months after virginia's old dominion and outs of the 34-year-old will be stepping down as professor there after a firestorm if you will after the argument that should
5:47 pm
be referred to as minor attracted persons asserting that they shouldn't be ostracized further urges which walker says simply just cannot be helped. >> in the title and throughout the book for multiple reasons. it's less stigmatizing than other terms like. a lot of people when they hear the term they automatically assume that means a sex offender and that isn't true and it leads to a lot of misconceptions with attractions towards minors. >> as you can imagine that did not sit well and also in the interview she said that i want to be clear that child is inexcusable as a crime obviously the critics there said that walker was attempting to destigmatize and of course that would make her the last candidate who should be working at a center that aims to per event child sex abuse. here's a tweet that i think sums
5:48 pm
up of many people this is per professor of the university of new south wales spare me the characterization of as oppressed and misunderstood. it's not a sexual orientation or it's a disorder. the urge to abuse children is an urge to harm others should be stigmatized just like the urge to assault or murder. by the way is expected to begin of the 21st of may at the moore center for the prevention of child sexual abuse at johns hopkins. food for thought there tucker. >> tucker: thank you for that story. johns hopkins. how long will this continue do you think? 80 grants or your kids can go to johns hopkins to mark not for long. i you're looking at images that seem like there from some sort of form movie they're not there from kensington. one of our great cities that was shot in may of this year all in
5:49 pm
one day. it's for youtube channel. while philadelphia looks like this. as local news report in a recent showing at a gas station. >> 30-year-old brandon dixon now he was walking out of the gas station approaching a silver suv parked at that gas station actually standing at the pump they pulled to the gas station two men exit an open fire on him. try to run away from the shooters as you see in that video both of whom fully automatic weapons suffered gunshot wounds to both the head and according to police the video also shows the shooters firing on all their customers pumps before they ran back to the vehicles and drove away the grieving mother had a loss for words and simply angered over the devastating loss. >> i just recently moved back here came back to philadelphia and it was the worst mistake i've ever made in my life.
5:50 pm
>> tucker: you gift what you put up with the see how much longer the rest of us will put up with this. he is now running for governor of pennsylvania were happy to have him join us here tonight. thank you so much for coming on. i think based on our previous conversations that it's videos like that they got you to run for governor of pennsylvania. >> will it's great to be back tucker and yes that video shows a murder in mount airy and is traditionally a really nice area of philadelphia. so things have gotten so out of control that now you're having gun battles in broad daylight and even the supposedly nice areas of philadelphia. these are the consequences of the progressive agenda. you see lawlessness, violence, murder. mayhem. i am running for governor and pennsylvania to stop it. i'm the law and order candidate as you noted i'm a former
5:51 pm
united states attorney appointed by president donald trump and i have the experience of a termination to return safety to our streets. >> tucker: philadelphia is the biggest city in your state are the current governor's not noticing what's going on there? >> i think the current governor particularly cares. what we've really seen as not just an increase in crime but the breakdown of civil society. the progressive policies that are championed by people like the current governor have lower neighborhoods to be more dangerous but also dirtier, seedier, more depressing. and i'll expect that our money for governor to give pennsylvania a better future. >> tucker: a more depressing thank you for saying that that's really what it is it is depressing it's not only violent and scary it's sad as. do you think that if your governor and this is your state and you see you like that what
5:52 pm
is he think to himself? >> i don't know what he think's tucker and frankly at this point i don't care. i just want a see him gone. we need change in pennsylvania and were only to get change from a conservative outsider like me in harrisburg to shake things up the opponents on running up against through our career politicians. i'm u.s. marine, prosecutor united states attorney, i'm a conservative outsider and i will go to harrisburg to make the hard decisions that will get our state back on track. is not just pennsylvania we need to elect conservative governors all over the country but it's gonna start and pennsylvania on tuesday, we were very important primary and hope that people will vote on wednesday. >> tucker: thank you i appreciate it. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: so the story started a lot like the death of george floyd you feel bad about what's happening in ukraine and what's happened to george floyd? of course you did, course you did. next thing you wake up and you've no police left.
5:53 pm
or you wake up and were at war with russia. according to the leadership of the democratic party we are literally at war with russia. will show you the tape. ♪ ♪
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>> for months now the conflictis between two countries that are russia and ukraine, has been
5:59 pm
escalating. the involvement has been escalating. the overall majority of americans sympathize with ukrainians. but it is not a war, we are not at war with anybody. but we are not fighting anybody. increasingly it seems we actually are, the united states is at war with russia, and here is the number two democrat in the house, the senator from maryland, just say flat out we are at war with russia. there was never a vote to go to war, it was never military force, but it doesn't matter. we are at war. watch and check this out. >> mr. speaker, it is unfortunate that a time of war that we spent all the time blaming our own president. >> so joe biden got us in a war that you did not want and nobody voted on and now because we are in that worry you are not allowed to criticize joe biden because we are war?
6:00 pm
do you see how that works? and we have more on that. in the meantime, have the best weekend with the ones you love. we will see you on monday as congress holds the purse transfers public hearing first public hearing. we will be there for them. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity." tonight, striking again. a dire baby formula shortage, of course, there is no mystery behind this new crisis. in february the own fda halted production at one of the largest baby formula plants in the country. but


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