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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  May 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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that in your new roll at msnbc nothing about your duties will change at all. while we circle back. thank you for watching. remember., all the great freedom matters gear. fabulous for father's day coming up. good for charity. remember it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: beautiful, beautiful. what a gorgeous set. my goodness. happy friday the 13th. we already know this is your lucky day because you're watching me. a glorious day to be alive. it sure beats being dead. at least that's what i hear
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through my ouija board. but being dead can only mean one thing. you'd have to vote democrat. so let's talk about a cranky person who screams at people. for once i am not talking about this guy. i am talking about patting the pawn. she is a broadway star. she's been around a while. she was in cats when they were still kittens. apparently she thinks her belief doesn't stink but your breath does. broadway crank was caught on camera screaming like an old coot. at a theater gore. following the performance of her hit musical. here's a clip. [howling] >> greg: that goes on for four hours. i don't see the appeal. her diatribe was recorded by people in the audience.
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rule lit. >> put your mask over your nose. if you don't want to follow the rule, get out. >> greg: wow and just like north koreans after kim jong un finishes a speech, the audience clapped. she continued. >> who do you think you are? you do not respect people sitting around you. >> greg: there were people sitting around her, by the way. [laughter] keep in mind she's not wearing a mask while she was yelling which is either hypocrisy or a good thing depending on how you feel about her face. now the audience member yelled back "i pay your salary." let's play that back and forth. >> you pay my salary. chris harper pays my salary. who do you think you are?
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just put your mask over your nose. >> greg: why would she bring chris harper into this? who the hell is he. allegedly she stormed out with a pack of white cheddar crackers which is typically racist. where do you stand on this? do you think she was right to humiliate a customer because her mask slipped. who the hell does she think she is? a delta flight attendant? never forget. or was she being an elitist snob who delights in flaunting the huge power gap between the unmasked and the mast. when i can't make up my mind, i watch "the view." whatever [bleep] comes out of their mouths. i take the opposite stance. they live in a bizarre world where up and down, fire is wet and joy behar is considered a comedian. >> going to the theater. put the mask over your nose. you don't want to infect the people on the stage you are not
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wearing. just do it right. why are you agitating patti lupone? >> i would rather fight with the taliban. >> so many people said i want to go back to what used to be normal. whatever that looks like for you. yes. the simple ask of putting on a mask is too much for some. look at our beautiful audience. everyone has a mask. >> greg: please don't show us your audience. >> wow. >> greg: the voice of an angel, a hells angel being dragged over an acre of broken glass without pants. if there was ever a show where faces should be covered. if they wear a mask, it should be filled with oats. i don't even know what that means. how dare you clap at that? how dare you clap at that
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misogyny! shame on all of you. i quickly learned a big lesson. every celebrity agrees the audience is gross and must wear masks so the talent doesn't have to. gain power and wealth to exempt yourselves from the rules you demand from others. if they had your way, you'd be unlocked on forever, you'd be home from work, where masks forever. the role models of the chinese government handling it. they think they are better than you. they can go to bed. they can have service trail behind the hillarys of the world holding her train, not the one joe biden still plays with under the christmas tree. not the one bill clinton participates in under the christmas tree. they could go. [applause] they can go to pricey restaurants maskless and get waited on by the mask. just last night here is
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patti lupone at the tony awards nominees event. i wasn't invited. without a mask. clearly she wants everyone to die. what a clear marker of status. you can see my mouth but i can see yours. you serve into. me master. the message, you are doing it to protect me from you and your modern-day leprosy. now fetch me a rollout or i will have you fired from your present work. hold on a second. sir. you, yeah, you, young man in the polo shirt in the second row. where is your mask? i told you to put on your mask. put it on! put it on! [applause] great. thank you. now remember to meet me after the show in my hotel. it's the same deal as before.
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don't forget the cool whip or you don't get a tip. anyway. patti lupone's outburst is further proof we move into world but it's not a racial divide or a gender divide. it's been what it's always been. the elites versus the rest of us dirty, grimy commoners. we see whose mask has really slipped, there is. that's why i don't go to musicals. if i want to pay money have a angry lady yell at me i will go to judge jeanine's house. welcome tonight's guests! he is so patriotic he donates his hair to bald eagles. cohost of "fox & friends" weekend, pete hegseth. her smiles always pearly and she's on air too dam early.
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carley shimkus. she is like a slice of wonder bread. thin, white, already baked. fox news contributor kat timpf. finally, children use his shoes as bumper cars. my massive sidekick and the n.w.a. champion. tyrus. pete, looking good today as always. i would put you up at a 8 tonight. usually you are between a 7 and 9. >> pete: this studio is a 10. >> greg: it certainly is. absolutely beautiful. you know what else is beautiful, you. their logic is they are telling their audience you wear these so we can perform. isn't that an artificial divide? you don't need to wear them.
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it's crazy, it's actually pretending it is science or they don't wear them but you do. >> pete: . we know most of the masks are cloth masks which we know don't work. it's the ultimate virtue signal. if they could replace the cloth diaper over their face with a button that says i'm better than you, that would work out well for everybody. and yet it's -- if trump derangement syndrome was one thing, this is covid derangement syndrome. if the vaccines work so well which they worship, then we should all be just fine. but if they had not originated from donald trump. play this game too much but in this case if the vaccines had come -- not come from donald trump and we were all getting covid even though we were vaccinated, they would say they don't work. vaccines don't work and they will be talking about adverse conditions so they always have a double standard which is the only standard the left has, double standards.
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in this case, i feel bad. everywhere i go where i don't have to wear a mask and someone else does. i would say if you'd like to remove your mask, you absolutely can. >> greg: that club we go to. carley, technically the audience member is correct. they do pay her salary. the people in the audience right now, they pay our salary. >> carley: and thank you so much for coming. you deserve a round of applause. we love you. if covid is such a life-threatening danger to this person that she stops a broadway show to yell at somebody in the audience 50 feet away from her who doesn't have their mask just over their nose, then maybe she shouldn't be in public. that's fine. everybody's got their own risk assessment of the world could be too much of a dangerous place for her or they could not be about covid at all or following
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the science and everything to do with claiming the moral high ground. the thing i found so interesting is that media eight that up. every single headline was patti lupone. not patty will pawn. i thought it was patti labelle. that's interesting. >> greg: i guess they all look alike. >> stopping a broadway show to yell at a anti-master. they are saying good job for yelling at smelly walmart shopper, trump follow her. she the right thing. >> greg: i've been wondering, what would you have done? pretending -- >> kat: i would never be there. it was a q&a about a broadway musical. that is the biggest group of losers in the world. >> greg: one step removed. >> kat: already horrible. i don't care if i piss these people off because i don't want to hang around with them anyway.
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sorry, what was your question? >> greg: let's put it another way. what if you had to cover up for fox so you were in the audience against your choice and your mask and a crazy lady at you. >> kat: that i wouldn't mind. it wouldn't make it fun. i would get some attention. i've gone "fox & friends" and be like "i'm a victim." it would be great. >> pete: your book tomorrow. >> kat: i'm not. i'm busy. >> greg: it is about the hour, not about the show. >> kat: if you want to do a pretape, we will do a pretaped. >> greg: when your show is on she is just getting ready to leave the bar. >> kat: i don't like rules in general. behind every rule is the implication i can't make a decision for myself for the worst kind of rules are when you're asking somebody to do something that you clearly won't do for yourself. and then just to berate and
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scream at somebody about it. she said it was an issue if that person being disrespectful but clearly she disrespects that person because all the people on stage, she doesn't care if they breathe on her. >> greg: they are packed next to her. they are probably all dead right now. i don't have any research to back that up. but i'm assuming, let's assume they all died and she is a monster. she is. we're going to take a break. we'll be right back. >> no, no, no! i understand what a performer feels like when they are heckled by somebody and i believe we watched the show last night. [laughter] gutfeld.
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your staff cares about you and they put a pad on it but here's the funny thing, the other side is not have a pad. how do you want to handle this? >> greg: all i said was that when somebody called somebody a racist on tv it's like getting hit with the chair and i did -- i did say it was real. >> kat: you actually said it was not real. >> thank you, i believe the word was phony. i tell you what, gutfeld, i'll give you a pass. i'll give you a pass but next time. he likes to run, right? it will be your ass. she is a horrible person. obviously she needed some attention. i'm going to keep this right here in case you get smart. >> pete: i will stand in if you need me. >> tyrus: it's not for fun. it's not for your thing.
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>> greg: how can they claim there was no vaccination when biden had his preinauguration? biden makes of facts about when he got vaxxed. the white house tweeted "when president biden took office, millions were unemployed and there was no vaccine available." but as even the most casual political observer would note, biden took office january 20, 2021, at least a month after he
8:20 pm
took the covid vaccine. he made a big deal out of it. a month earlier he tweeted "today i received the covid-19 vaccine." january 13, a week before he took office, the same twitter white house twitter account posted this video with the caption "president-elect biden received his second dose of the covid-19 vaccine." it appears they are not even trying to hide the fact that they're lying. joe's attempt is near donald trump totally backfired. he called trump the great maga king. my republican colleagues say they help the working-class and middle-class people. that's why we have inflation. they are dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year. >> greg: it looks like he is about to belt out a sinatra hit. also what he just said doesn't even make sense.
8:21 pm
he slammed two disconnected sentences together and gives trump a positive nickname. it's always a sick burn to call your enemy a king. which then trump naturally embraced, posting this "lord of the rings" style maga meme on his own social media platform. he looks good as a brunette. it's a sad, grim week for old joe. what has joe got to say? >> no, no, no it was a good week, a good week. i came up with nicknames this week all by myself. i didn't have any help for many people. it was me. ultra maga, that was mine. one day later i came up with the maga king. i am doing it. i am playing the name game.
8:22 pm
me my mo maga. i'll do another one. i'll do it tomorrow. >> greg: carley, how dumb is he? >> carley: what's really happening is that biden is trying to copy trump. you can't be doing that. trump was a master class in childish and hilarious and effective insults. little marco, lying ted, cricket hillary, sleepy joe. we still remember. they actually affected their political careers. biden doesn't, you're right. >> greg: low energy job. that killed him. he gave donald trump a complement. i was talking to lara trump. thank you for making me a member of the royal family. >> greg: finally a real royal
8:23 pm
family. not like these crazy people in california. tyrus, that tweet about the vaccination stuff i think the media is finally feeling like the white house is just insulting them. they assume the media is not going to fact-check him they are going okay, we saw him get the vaccine. >> tyrus: it might not be the media. i think its people. everyone who is like, what? was it putin's fault we didn't have the vaccine? all this administration does is point fingers. anyone can do that. even if you don't have fingers, you can go like that. it's not a hard thing to blame. every 3-year-old i've ever come across is phenomenal and blaming somebody else for something they did, even littering neither filled diaper. they will be like, daddy dated. that's what our administration does. they have no solutions. every time they point something
8:24 pm
out and lie about something, they have to double down. the woke progressive thing. if you prove it's a lie, they stretch it and keep it going. like to -- the thing with trump and the banks. every time you look at polling and every time youear american people talk, no one is falling for it. there is no curtain. they have no bravado and they are no good at insults. i've never in my life been like look, gutfeld. let me think. look, king of the little people. >> greg: that sounds good. >> tyrus: even though he is physically underachieving, still the highest in the class. doesn't really work. >> greg: do you have a nickname? >> kat: none that i can share here. >> greg: oh, my god. would you like a nickname? have you thought of any
8:25 pm
nicknames for yourself? >> kat: none that i can share here. >> greg: isn't it interesting that the guy that claimed -- he wanted a return to normalcy, wanted to unify the country has done neither. he's almost created societal upheaval. i feel terrible about your children not having baby formula. >> kat: i feel so terrible i have never met them. >> tyrus: you work too much. >> kat: i do. >> greg: so nice of you to leave them in the forest. they are very outdoorsy. >> greg: they make so many friends. >> kat: the wolves are doing a great job. >> greg: they raise a lot of kids, those wolves. >> kat: biden just keeps talking. for a couple years i was dating this horrible horrible math,
8:26 pm
actual sociopath. horrible monster. i started seeing this other guy who was stupid. everything that he said made me repulsed and disgusted but i kept him around. i was like, he is nice to me. and a lot of people voted for biden just because he wasn't trump. you can only be the rebound guy for so long before you have to offer something else or people will be over it. >> greg: grade point. >> kat: thank you. i am full of them. >> greg: grade point kat, that will be your nickname. gp k. gp k killer. >> kat: there we go. except, last word to you. >> the great mega king? >> pete: that makes him donald
8:27 pm
the great, like alexander the great, alfred the great. >> greg: how do you think they got those names? ivan the terrible. he loved that name. >> pete: he made torture great again. >> greg: exactly. you really think ivan was terrible? or was he just misunderstood? >> tyrus: he disemboweled everybody. >> kat: i'm going to go on the record. >> greg: what if it was just ivan the disagreeable? ivan the slightly miffed. i go with -- we go with ivan the terrible. i guess we beat this into the ground. >> kat's boyfriends and everything. >> greg: "the washington post" accidental polarity is too obvious to be believed as parody. d...
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>> greg: "the washington post" is getting roasted over an op-ed. a columnist takes aim at canceling their own name. not only does democracy die in darkness, so do brain cells. "the washington post" ran an op-ed recently arguing for george washington university to be renamed. let me repeat. "the washington post," "washington post" ran an op-ed recently arguing for george washington university to be renamed. a senior at the university writes "every day hundreds of black students walk onto campus named after and enslave her of man. the university's name, mascot and model must be replaced. a new name would cement the universities dedication to racial justice. "it's actually like 3,000
8:33 pm
black students. the internet pointed out may be the paper have renamed itself before running this op-ed. who is "the washington post" named after? i suppose it could be award-winning actor denzel washington. booker t. washington, civil rights pioneer. or friday boom boom washington. without question the greatest of all sweat hogs. talk about an op-ed for the brain-dead. maybe the school should change its name to something more appropriate. yeah. the gutfeld institute of virology. those are the professors up there on the left. my motto, it's more than a rash. it's an education. because learning can be contagious. that's what my dermatologist told me. i hope you learned a lesson,
8:34 pm
greg. i did. i didn't, tyrus. tyrus, tyrus. isn't this what happened? you're going to ban everything. you've got to ban yourself? >> tyrus: always laugh when this enlightened group wants to, let's just say systemic racism it a real thing. here. it's everywhere. i have to keep my seat a few inches back from everybody else. you can't have us all of the same table. let's say it is. it's kind of like being, someone giving you a big of [bleep]. horrible. it says [bleep] on it and they give you the bag in your leg while matt, this is a bag of [bleep]. it sucks. i'm going to change the name. bag of flowers. still a bag of [bleep] so it doesn't matter what you call it if it's really systemic racism changing the name doesn't matter. you got to change the philosophy and the idea that actually takes ownership. we are doing this wonderful thing, changing the name of slavery to cohabitation.
8:35 pm
you still have a chain on your ankle, right? i don't care how you dress it up, it still sucks. it's the ignorance of the woke. they never get it. changing name means nothing. that was the time. you try to act like they're better than the time. no. no, you wouldn't have. you would've been the first one. i chop the cherry tree and i told the truth and guess what, go pick it up, slave. that's exactly what they would've done. everyone of us will have one. you know. i probably would have been a slave. close to the house. it was the time. a lot of the children would kind of look like neil little bit. change the name all you want to. it means nothing. virtue signaling. >> greg: kat, what do you think of any that i came up with? the gutfeld college of virology.
8:36 pm
i won't accept any bats. >> kat: no. probably not. i don't buy the story. are we sure the student doesn't actually work here? how many times are you doing the story on fox and "fox & friends" weekend tomorrow? >> pete: on a loop. >> kat: they could've at least on an editor's note at the bottom. we noticed we are also called washington. lol. >> greg: exactly. i think you have stumbled headfirst, like you often do, into my theory. they didn't break up this contradiction because they didn't want to argue. because they thought that would be perceived as racist, right? could that have been it?
8:37 pm
>> pete: how about the genius of the student of george washington who was so mad about the name of his school that he submits an op-ed to "the washington post." there is something to be said there too. to tyrus' point, you will rethink about one of the things we're doing to david 200 years from now, they will say you did what? you give puberty blockers to 8-year-olds and you didn't tell parents? be careful when you live in this perfect looking glass backwards. >> greg: that's a great example. >> kat: i do something i'm ashamed of very day. every day. >> greg: systemically? yeah, you are going to be in some history books. >> tyrus: there will be songs written about you. >> greg: there will be statues of you being torn down.
8:38 pm
>> kat: i can only dream. carley, do you think anybody there noticed this, like brought it up? >> carley: first of all, george washington university is really called the george washington university so i think they should remove all the words except "the come" to avoid any conflict. i went to george washington for a summer. it's not racist. it's really expensive. pretty much everyone at the school would agree. if you asked george washington, actually please do remove my name. i don't want to be part of this anymore. >> greg: did he really have wooden teeth? is it an urban legend? it's something fun to talk about. >> tyrus: who would make that up? >> greg: could be one of biden's ancestors. wooden teeth and they called him
8:39 pm
king of the wood. >> tyrus: but i would like that. >> greg: i would like that too. king of the wood. on that note, you retain the belt. he gets the belt back. coming up, is it taxpayers' business? i felt all people saw were my uncontrolled movements. some mental health meds can cause tardive dyskinesia, or td, and it's unlikely to improve without treatment. ingrezza is a prescription medicine to treat adults with td movements in the face and body. it's the only treatment for td that's one pill, once-daily, with or without food. ingrezza 80 mg is proven to reduce td movements in 7 out of 10 people. people taking ingrezza can stay on their current dose of most mental health meds. don't take ingrezza if you're allergic to any of its ingredients. ingrezza may cause serious side effects,
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at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. >> greg: their bites are stationary but the costs inflationary. fox exposes peloton's meddling on the story has politicians backpedaling. according to reporting from our very own hillary vaughn, the house of reps will announce a contract with peloton to have all members of congress a free membership. even immortal vampires need to stay fit. starting next week, 10,000 staffers in roughly 2300 capitol
8:44 pm
police can take advantage of the contract that will cost taxpayers ten grand a month per person. that's roughly $3 trillion. no, it's not. that just sounded better. it's roughly $1.4 million a year. benefits for politicians and their staffers. we should hook their petals up to the d.c. electrical grid. they drop below 20 miles an hour, they get a shock in their foggy bottom. just own cycle behind eric swalwell. it's a fart joke. the peloton deal is part of the houston center for well-being's initiative which raises the question, why can't they lose weight like regular americans do? from inflation and food shortages. covering the deal, congress may drop out of the deal for fear of blowback. must be hard to do a 180 on a stationary bike. i get letting the cops get a
8:45 pm
discount. they've got to be in decent shape and their pay sucks but why can't the most powerful people in the country will make well over six figures pay for their own dam gym. spending money on going nowhere. by the way, people often ask how i stay so fit. i show them this tape. [cheering] >> greg: that's not what i do but i just like showing people that tape. kat, if fox gave you a free peloton membership would you finally start exercising? [laughter] >> kat: i exercise. i do a ten minute workout video five times a week while i watch
8:46 pm
reruns of teen mom 2. that's great. i don't want to pay taxes anymore. people say i am a jerk when i say that. like you don't want to help? all the money goes to people who need it. the money goes to whatever stuff they want to do because they have that power. so i am sick of them stealing from me. >> greg: also, pete, why do politicians get perks? it's not a corporation. it's not like hey, we need to compete with other people with these perks and benefits. do you know what i mean? they are running for office. you don't get perks. perk face. >> pete: because they write the laws and they count on us not paying attention. it's a bipartisan thing. it's not just democrats. it's republicans. what better example of how far behind government already is. peloton was cool made covid. get a peloton because you are stuck at home.
8:47 pm
now we are back outside going to the gym and they are like. now is the time for peloton. they're not buying them bikes. wait until these pesky staffers are like, i've got my membership but i don't have my bike. i can't afford my bike. i need 1500 bucks for my bike. peloton stock is like 15 bucks. >> greg: is crazy. i thought that was going to go on forever but i was wrong. >> pete: covid went away, thankfully. according to some. >> greg: may we can bring it back. >> not according to patti labelle. >> greg: patti lupone! i have a theory, they should be exercising because it removes more time of their day to ruin their lives. >> carley: peloton has the worst luck. they are in the news for the most ridiculous things.
8:48 pm
remember the sexist ad that wasn't sexist. now they -- the "sex and the city" thing. >> greg: the gala. >> carley: gas prices, food prices at an all-time high. you can find baby formula and somebody in congress is like, i have a really good idea. peloton memberships for us. how does that happen right now? greg, you're right. congress shouldn't get the perks. it's not silicon valley. you are working for us which means you suffer. you suffer and you hate your job. >> greg: i think the police should be getting the best workouts. >> tyrus: i agree. as many criminals they have to catch and read catch. >> greg: s. >> tyrus: you have to be in tremendous shape. >> carley: that is true. >> kat: that was really nice
8:49 pm
of you to do that for him. >> tyrus: he was drowning a little bit. he started looking up. let me get him out. reach down for the king of the small people. >> greg: i'm going to take a break. up next, proof that karma exists if your bad deeds persist. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent.
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything. eric early. too extreme, too conservative for california.
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>> a story in five words. >> greg: here is a story in five words. yes, karma is a ditch. tyrus, guy kills his wife and as he is trying to bury her in a ditch, he dies of a heart attack. does karma exist? >> tyrus: what are you talking about? it's the perfect crime. i mean horrible. the only other side of that is as soon as you pass over, she's waiting on the other side. snap. dear. there is worse ways to go. >> greg: kat, do you believe in karma? >> kat: no. but kind of. >> greg: yes.
8:54 pm
>> kat: may be. i don't really believe in anything. but i think may be what if he didn't do it. this would be the perfect way to frame someone else. someone else killed this person and this guy, you shoot him up with a bunch of cocaine and has a heart attack and dies. clearly he died while he was burying her and then you are living life on the outside. >> greg: you killed the woman and then with a gun. and you can tell he's out of shape and then he dies. >> kat: he dies and you are on your merry way. >> greg: that's a colombo episode. carley, don't you believe we have a shortage of karma? a lot of people getting away with stuff. >> carley: okay, like kat? i also sort of believe in karma. that's why you should be nice to everybody. it's also just good to be nice to everybody.
8:55 pm
if the guy didn't do this, he's an idiot. he kills his girlfriend and then starts digging the grave in broad daylight. his neighbor sees, where digging the hole? and then he dies. that's the end of the story? he saved himself a lot of trouble by dying. he was not going to get away with it. >> greg: save the government money. they don't have to house him. he committed his crime. >> pete: you are not allowed to bury in your own backyard. >> greg: that's true. >> pete: i looked it up. >> greg: an annoying relative may be. >> pete: i am still on the peloton segment. >> greg: that his last segment. >> pete: can you get jerry nadler on a peloton? >> greg: if you did. if you did you would not see the
8:56 pm
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greg: we are out of time, i think all of our guests. coming up next, "fox news @ night" shannon bream. i love you, america. i really do. [cheers] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night," i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight. lawmakers pushing back against the joe biden a administration accusing the white house of making sure people coming to the southern border illegally have plenty of formula as parents across america are desperately looking to supply their own children.


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