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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 13, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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greg: we are out of time, i think all of our guests. coming up next, "fox news @ night" shannon bream. i love you, america. i really do. [cheers] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> hello, and welcome to "fox news @ night," i am shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight. lawmakers pushing back against the joe biden a administration accusing the white house of making sure people coming to the southern border illegally have plenty of formula as parents across america are desperately looking to supply their own children.
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and tonight actress tran-nines that some should just try breast-feeding. and vaccine misinformation posted on twitter even though president joe biden was one of those that got the shots by inauguration day in the navy open to investigation with multiple unexploited debts in washington multiple unexplained deaths in washington. but first, the dangerous baby formula shortage across the country as some border agents reportedly say that the plies ss are plentiful at the border. kevin has the latest.
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reporter: good evening, shannon. that's right, the white house says they have been waiting to take action, even as baby formula was impossible to find across the country on store shelves. the administration is not giving any clear signs when desperate mothers might be able to find relief, the president did attempt to reassure the struggling families. >> this is a process that we are working on very hard. there is nothing more urgent than that right now, and i think that we will make some significant progress very shortly. >> working on it, should be making significant progress, we will have to track that. and part of the process, of course, the white house says, is working with formula manufacturers to cut restrictions on low income families and another option is the defense production act that would allow the government to compel private companies to
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produce a particular product. and remember those pallets of baby formula that we showed you last night. you know, the ones in texas. well, today, white house press secretary jen psaki defended it saying they are following a 1997 law that says that migrants, legal or otherwise must be provided with age-appropriate food? you know, what is the difference from the last a administration. it is the law, but we believe when children and babies are crossing the border with a family member, providing them formula is morally right. >> so says jen psaki, but some are pushing back. including the hhs secretary that says dhs spent roughly
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$230 million on snacks, diapers and formulas during the border crisis, going on to add that that is a lot of food and formula, that millions could use right now at this time. >> yes, a lot of folks in need. so the white house is in cleanup mode after claiming there was no vaccines for covid-19, but the president-elect lied on television and you can see the television video here, so what is the white house saying tonight? >> well, they would say a bit of a cleanup on aisle five after twitter users eviscerated a tweet from the official twitter handle, which made the false claim that when president joe biden took office, there was no vaccine for covid-19 available. well, tonight a correction that
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the claims that the tweet should have said those vaccines were not widely available. as you know, twitter went crazy, the tweet was almost an obviously ridiculously errant, among those taking shots "the washington post," who is manning the white house twitter account saying that he was one of those you can see right there and a lot of people are obviously worked up about this, although they did not flag it. and i should add this quickly for the record that some 16.5 million americans had been vaccinated by the time he took office. >> yes, a two prong story there. the white house has tried to clean it up tonight, there is
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such a debate about misinformation and people being able to maybe edit aides this works a new conversation and if you come back, we will talk about some healthy options to the midnight snack. >> it's a good debate to have. and we will be right back, we will talk to you in just a bit. >> thank you, kevin. >> new questions about whether the joe biden a administration and congresses priorities match up with what the american people say is most important to them. chad has the story from capitol hill tonight. good evening, chad. >> priorities, priorities. democrats want washington to address the baby formula shortage, but democrats are focused upon abortion. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> we want you to know that we
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fully intend to protect roe versus wade. >> republicans highlighted it. >> it seems like it's easier to get a crack pipe than it is to find baby formula. >> democrats rambling to reprove their agenda. >> the baby is crying, the baby is hungry. we need to address it. >> planning to relax regulations to accelerate formula production. how do we fix these problems and how do we increase the supply and how do we avoid price gouging. >> voters are concerned about boosting inflation, the senate was poised until a single senator stalled the bill. >> no matter how sympathetic the cause to the national security of the united states of america, we cannot say the ukraine will be saved by dooming the u.s. economy.
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>> thousands of aides are receiving free memberships by peloton, and the coming days, a hearing on ufos. >> well, i think that there are things out there that cannot be explained. >> some may answer the question at their hearing, but the democrats may find themselves very much alone this november. voters don't believe that they have addressed their problems. thirty-one chad program, thank you so much. shannon: thank you so much, chad. joining us now, we have both our guests here to talk about the president answering the question about whether the administration could have done something on the baby formula situation. >> i guess we could've been better mind readers and then it
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became apparent to us. we have to move with caution as well as speed. we have to make sure what we are getting is first rate product, and that is why the fda is involved. >> i know the people are scared and frightened, but there is the balance of the government has to have of keeping babies save and somehow finding a way to get this formula. >> well, clearly the administration is failing to read that needle. if you are a parent concerned about getting formula, you did not take any comfort given by the administration from the president or the outgoing press secretary. it is not a clear indication as to when the product is going to be back on the shelves, children are literally at risk of dying from not having the formula that
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they need to live. this administration does not seem to be acting quick enough with the operation warp speed urgency that the american people, especially parents, can see that the government is working. >> a couple of them are rationing all kinds of things, are they playing catch up? >> well, i think we need more accountability when it comes to the fda, what you are seeing out of this administration is a government approach. >> increasing the supply, for instance, from ireland, my heart
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breaks for moms and dads that are struggling to find that. and the president is also making it easier for those that are on snap benefits to get this formula into their babies. >> let's talk about the issue of the supreme court. shannon: there has been a continued information, for the purposes of picketing outside of the homes of justices so okay, there is a reference
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there to the word that jen psaki used, which is passion. >> this is a dereliction of duty and it is clear that they are obstructing justice to these protests. it is illegal, they should be fined. and every day that goes by that they do not that, it puts people in harms way. they need to do what they are supposed to do. saying this is a double standard when it comes to those who are on the pro-abortion side. and so when it comes to people who are conservative and care about things like schools, they are labeled domestic terrorists. >> that is a really easy thing
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for them, and now we have a federal law that really is black and white and what it said in this specific situation with judges when it comes to siding the decision. why shouldn't the doj step up and be more forceful? >> i think they should. it would increase the service for the justices and their families and i think that as you referenced with andrew's statement and remarks, i don't think there is a comparison to what we saw on january 6, the pro-trump individuals at the capital to what we are seeing, protesting the justices samuel alito and brett kavanaugh.
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>> what we have seen that as you said, we all know who live and work, there is a protest on the corner every day around here, and we want to keep that going in this country. we hope you have a great weekend. >> you as well. thank you. >> the industry facing major supply shortages. some say it could dwarf the problem experienced in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. we have more from new york. >> that's right, a temporary covid-19 lockdown in shanghai has caused a shortage.
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according to ge health care, the facility is back up to 20% production and is hoping for 50% capacity by next week and hospitals are running so low on that that there is a potential for an 80% decrease, which would burden most medical facilities. >> a hospital that sees disruptions in this vital supply will face struggles regarding their ability to provide seamlessly uninterrupted services to all of their patients. >> regular production, unfortunately, is not expected to be full capacity until late june. a few other medical devices include latex gloves and gowns, ventilators and surgical masks and respirators. >> we have to diversify with
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china and the other southeastern asian countries. we have to do more to make the shortages are what we saw with personal protective gear on a wider scale. experts say the because it is not just persistent lockdowns but supply chain disruptions. and now that number looks to be closer to 1000 per day, so it is a pretty big difference. shannon: yes, it is. thank you very much for updating us. and we will take a closer look at the looming health care crisis as well as a record number of drug overdose deaths. doctor marc siegel is with us. let's start with ashley's reporting. what do you make of the shortages? >> that was a very comprehensive report and i can tell you that it's playing out in my own
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office. and it is directly connected to that with gowns and gloves, syringes and all shortages. but the most concerning is ge health care which was shut down, which makes this a contrast and it means that major medical centers have to prioritize who gets a cardiac procedure or a cat scan first. so they have reopened it, but it is only back up to 25% of production, it is a dire problem. very important, this is just the tip of the iceberg stuff. more medical supplies are jeopardized including other treatments 2 that is a serious issue. and also covid-19. taking a look at the numbers, here in the u.s., are you
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concerned, in january 22% said yes and that is a pretty steep drop and they are warning that there is a new wave coming in and we are not prepared for it. do you think people feel like there is some kind of level of that these agencies now? >> yes, because they flip-flop and they go to big and were gathering without masks and they have super spreader events and the next thing you know they are saying warning, warning. and the reality is with the case numbers in the northeast that are actually increasing dramatically, hospitalizations creeping up, so places like michigan, places like new york, having a problem with upswings of cases. so the cdc says to reinstitute masks in close quarters for
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indoor gatherings and they are trying to do it without mandates, which i like a lot better. i don't like this idea where now you hunker down, it is unrealistic and it is not how patients work. and we have a lot more tools than we used to have before. and we have the antiviral as well to be met quickly asking you about the record numbers, more than 107,000 americans dead in 2021 from drug overdoses. >> this is related to the other two stories, a big problem with depression, substance abuse and suddenly having substance abuse problems and then it is fentanyl, it comes into the
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united states and it looks like fake pills that look like adderall or another painkiller that you are getting. people are buying it over the internet. which is way more powerful and leads you to stop breathing. the antidote we have to that is an enormous problem. >> thank you for shedding light on it. it is always good to see you. >> thank you for having me. we won the new manhunt for an escaped inmate underway. this 46-year-old convicted murderer is accused of stabbing a corrections officer while being transported and escaped into a rural area. and in broad daylight, a man was
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pumping gas, you can see him dressed in all all black, cleaning in a red monster with a license plate, dropping a 20,000-dollar award if you know anything that can lead to an arrest. and a bus driver attacked the woman boarded she through liquid and the face and the couple knocked to the ground. also in the bronx a group of people broke into a furniture store on sunday, causing an estimated thousand dollars in damage, electronics, furniture and a surveillance camera with a hammer. and multiple videos posted to social media show large groups running through the streets in
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the windy city downtown, no arrests were made and no injuries reported. in coming up next. guess who showed up instead. we have the viral video coming up next
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shannon: a roland. interrupting this on a live broadcast by local channels, sending the players flying as the dust devil cut all the way down the field and the games continued. >> just another day here in central florida.
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>> that is my home state right there. [laughter] blocking the exit with his massive body, they heard what they thought was a delivery. in this mysterious critter, the researcher crew got lots of cool footage of the mysteries of the deep. how beautiful. >> an embarrassing mixup.
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you can see there is an adult presence inside. it got confused with a grown-up valentines gift. they said that they regret any discomfort that it may have caused. now checking out these bad boys rocking out on a motorcycle. complete with hot pink biker goggles. and then checking out this little girl right here. three months old, born with a hyperextension that made it difficult for her to stand and walk. the custom-made braces were a success. very cute.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> it is time for another snack. mcdonald's and everything. we have done it all. >> we all get late-night cravings and some reach for the goodies in the snack torah. and there are some's healthy snack choices that you can gobble up according to some individuals, greek yogurt with berries and granola.
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and pistachios, i actually had some last night. a hard-boiled egg, pumpkin seeds very good for you, hominis and vegetables as well dipping a little celery in this, we talked about peanut butter and jelly and also dark chocolate. and apple slices and cinnamon to you and i work crazy hours. >> what do you eat, what is your snack of choice? >> you know, i do not eat when i get home. if it's that are going to sleep, i would rather go to sleep. but what about you? >> i have to admit that i'm pretty bad about it.
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i love popcorn, it is the best. i will bring it into work and i tried to share. that and serial and on occasion i have been known to have a little bit of cap'n crunch. >> okay, kevin. we thank you for giving us some options. >> important good news that we will share with you tonight as well. >> okay, you bet. >> a live report. we are digging into this case and jennifer griffin is on it grright after these messages.
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shannon: a russian potential roadblock against finland and sweden joining nato. we have more from lviv a saturday morning is daunting in ukraine. >> hello, shannon. russia suffered a big loss when ukraine destroyed a pontoon bridge that russia was using to cross in the eastern portion of the country, releasing photos and videos of what you said is a damage rush bridge, also 72 tanks in a two day battle this week. british officials say it's another sign that the russian war has gone awry. and in the southern port city of mariupol, many have been trapped underneath the tunnels of the massive steel plant. some are suffering and dark and
9:39 pm
damp tunnels. the ukrainian prime minister said that ongoing negotiations to get them out of there are very difficult. an outside of the capital city, bodies were loaded of dead russian soldiers and they were collected. he said his country will return the bodies in accordance with international law. and lloyd austin, the defense secretary, spoke to his counterpart for the first time since february 18, urging russia consider a cease-fire. 2 thank you very much, matt. >> secretary of state lloyd austin admits that there is a problem as new questions are being asked about the deaths of these individuals aboard a single navy ship in the last year. good evening, jennifer.
9:40 pm
>> shannon shannon, that's right, a day after the defense secretary face similar questions aboard the uss george washington. in the nuclear powered aircraft carrier has been undergoing repairs since 2017, an overhaul that usually takes four years that has dragged on through to covid-19, taking a toll on the mental health of the sailors described demoralizing living conditions. >> it has been an overhaul since 2017, that means that some sailors will spend their entire career on the ship that never goes to see and they will never perform the duties that they train for after graduating from boot camp. >> we need to provide a better
9:41 pm
job to the ship itself with the contracts negotiated to provide a higher quality of life for those sailors in the shipyard upwards of 2500 sailors with an already challenging environment. >> the sailor found deceased was mikael sharp. another sailor was found deceased as the interior communications electrician third class tosha huffman was found dead. and the master of arms was found deceased with a gunshot wound to matt for hundreds of the sailors, they have no access to housing, vehicles or other accesses and they are on a ship which is very demoralizing. >> whether or not we made the
9:42 pm
right choices is left to be seen and there is certainly a problem there. >> the navy has open to investigations and the other one focusing on housing. the navy secretary will visit on may 17. >> coming up in one of the most famous costumes ever, the classic movie the wizard of oz. we have that coming up next and we will be right back after this and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me.
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>> with the debate still raging and the growing pro-choice protests, they claim that they are advertising that has been banned. lauren green has the story tonight and we thank you, lauren. >> good evening, shannon. ending the supreme court ruling as things reach a fever pitch, it is taking a broad look at abortion and also targeting the church as part of the problem and the solution.
9:48 pm
>> she has to know when she takes the test that they are not going to treat her like the pharisees treated her. >> 2 it is produced and directed by the filmmaker tracy robinson was pro-choice. >> essentially i was pro-choice as an evangelical christian and there's a lot of people in that camp. >> it's people like her that she is trying to reach. pro-choice versus pro-life and also exposing the divisiveness within the church. four in 10 women were attending churches when they chose to end their pregnancy. these two are both on record supporting roe versus wade. on her blog she says making
9:49 pm
abortion illegal does not lower abortion rates but it makes them more dangerous. for your daughters and your sisters, your best friends, your neighbors and your church friends as well. >> she is reaching what the majority of the u.s. believes is 63% in which they want roe versus wade focused over 27%. they say that the problem is most people get their information not from the church but from mimicking its abuse. >> they want to give her that choice. it is a very degrading and unloving choice in the body of christ. >> robinson said that christians have real battles in the pews that are not in the public square. shannon: thank you so much, lauren green. >> it is time now for a popular
9:50 pm
piece of americana. this gingham dress worn by judy garland in a long open box at catholic university here in washington, the subject of a lawsuit by a priest that used to be a drama professor at the school. and we have our washington dc trial attorney with us as well. >> thank you for having me, shannon. >> we are going to start with the first exhibit. saying that this was a gift to her uncle, that they are going to auction it to raise money for their program and saying that this actress was obviously a close confidant of judy garland and the gift of the dress was to
9:51 pm
thank him for his counseling. they said this does not belong to the school but to the deceased professor. >> in these cases, possession, possession, possession. whoever has it, whether it is a dress or a briefcase, whoever holds the possession is an individual that owns it. so until the school put it up for auction, this lady just kind of came out of nowhere and we need to remember that it has been 50 years. so there is just no way that she can make a case, a priest that cannot even accept that they have somehow held onto this personally. >> they say that the intention is that this is something he is such a big part of. the catholic university
9:52 pm
spokesperson says this conducted in 1987 listed nothing of value in personal possessions despite other benefits of the catholic university over the year. how do you respond? >> well, the issue of possession, they didn't even know it existed it was found by another professor sitting on top of the file cabinet and so i think that that is a misplaced alliance in this case. what we do know, and there was a wonderful article that laid out the facts and the facts are this that they gave a gift to the reverend who was shown holding the dress, and he kept it in his
9:53 pm
possession, and it was not until it was discovered that his niece realized that the stress had been found after all these years. so the fact that employer happened to have it on his premises does not mean that the employer, the catholic university owns it. so if they had some right of ownership from when it was gifted to the reverend, you would think that they would have taken a stock of this valuable asset, that they would have protected it, that they would have known it was there, catalogued it, inventoried it, recognizing that it was a gift to the university, none of that happened. and so now at this time it's something that the employee had. >> okay, gentlemen. there is a call that says why do
9:54 pm
you have to go forward with it now. and of course, the university says that making a claim is impacting them, we will continue to follow the case. we thank you for weighing in tonight with your expertise. >> thank you, shannon. you have a couple of guys arguing about address. >> some good news before we say good night. honoring law enforcement officers making the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. marking the 34th annual vigil, each name engraved on the national officer memorial right here in washington dc. we thank them for the sacrifice and we want to honor their families as well as their loved ones, those that are left in the
9:55 pm
grief after the enormous sacrifices. we talked about how we appreciate these individuals and do this by choice every day. >> that's right, to serve and to protect. we cannot thank them enough. >> have a great weekend, kevin. we will see you on monday. and good night from washington. i am shannon bream. they're likely to be easy. >> i'm pretty sure that's not one thing barbecue buffet is the complete opposite of what barbecue buffet rocks and barbecue chicken outside and the little everyone on mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas, part time musician but longtime customer of relaxium sleep. and i'm here with my good friend and country music legend larry gatlin. now, larry, a few months ago you asked me huck, does that relaxium really work?
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players come the world ofu bingo. bless them all now and enjoy the final about that game cox handles the driving pocket your pastoria store your things until you're ready then we deliver here you home across town or a across the country sie your personal moving and storage team. "t >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy friday. at a press conference back on march twenty fourth of this year, joe biden announced that thanks to the regime change war he's decided to voluntarily wage in eastern europe, our country, the united states will soon face food shortages. food shortages are quote going to be real, biden said. now the reporters in the room dutifully transcribe the words and wrote their stories w.


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