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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  May 14, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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situation this morning. i went for a walk if the park. you know how they big pool some dumb puppy jumped in the pool it got stranded. all these good samaritans came around. i watched. >> tyrus: he was there to report it. >> jesse: i'm reporting it. have a great weekend, .. ♪♪
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♪♪ [the star-spangled banner] ♪♪ ♪♪ will: good morning and welcome to "fox and friends" on saturday morning, 6 am.
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your national anthem with your patriotic photos. carley shimkus sitting in this morning. carley:we made it through friday the 13th. strong enough on friday the 13th. something people say, if you woke up, double win. pete: looking at the photos you sent in, ranking my favorite patriotic photos, i love kids at the parade photos, flag pictures as well but number 2 is the rodeo, introduction to the rodeo with flags streaming behind her. will: although i like the dog
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with the glasses, not normally, the blue glasses, you like cats. that is a great dog. will: we enjoy those photos, all originals from our viewers and we love starting the weekend that way. we get started this morning with this story. i wouldn't call it a shocking story but a sad story we are becoming familiar with, the baby formula shortage, the numbers are getting staggering. various states across the country the level of shortage being experienced for example in delaware is well over 50%, 54. 7%, supply shortage, tennessee, texas, and montana and nevada suffering the worst, a contraction in baby formula supply. carley: delaware has suffered
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the worst, and the thing about this, it did not happen overnight. it started in september when one baby got sick after drinking formula the abbott lab in the sturgis, michigan and that day the fda went into that facility and did an extension and didn't find anything wrong in the facility so they left, 3 more babies got sick, they went back in january and that is when they shut the facility down and you can see there is a chart that shows the progression of how this happened over a period of time, to summer 26, the day after christmas, there was a 60% baby formula shortage, the next month 17 were in january and now 20 and all the way up to
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may 1st, now we are at a 43% shortage in baby formula because that abbott facility creates 43% the baby formula in this country. will: it was already heading up before the shortage. it is worth noting 40% of our baby formula comes from china, 40%, so when you consider we have had supply chain issues along the way this is something that could have been anticipated which is why the new york post has biden's baby bungle, they will not acknowledge that because they believe this was completely unforeseen. we've been talking about this for a number of days. biden's baby bungle, we've been talking about this because it affects real people who are scrambling, ordering from across the country, ordering from europe, calling relatives, driving from walmart to target to grocery stores across their county and state trying to find any specific type of baby
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formula that provides for their child. president biden was asked about it yesterday, should there have been a plan, should they have seen anything? here's a portion of what he said. >> you took those steps sooner before parents got to these shelves and couldn't find formula? >> president biden: we moved as quickly as the problem became apparent to us and we have to move with caution and speed because we've got to make sure what we are getting is in fact first-rate product, that is why the fda has to review the process. will: they should have been better mind readers. if they had been better mind readers they would have anticipated things like the swamping of the southern border, collapsing in afghanistan and baby formula.
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congresswoman elyse stefon o'quinn this recall first started sounded the alarm saying when this combined with our other problems, something coming down the horizon health and human services, the biden administration were not paying attention. rachel: what we are looking at is absolute failure of leadership across the board, talking about problems compounding upon themselves, you will hear it throughout the morning there is a supply of baby formula at the southern border to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants many of which are babies at the southern border which we can talk about the morality of where baby formula should be gone, it should be prioritized to americans but you have to have fewer children in your custody by not encouraging illegal immigration problem on top of that inflation, supply chain issues, renders leadership. when everything is going wrong you look to the top. the biden administration couldn't see this coming tucker
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carlson made this point these are the people that want to be in charge of the climate, you want to be put in charge of the climate, you want to control the weather and you can't control if there is enough food for babies. carley: i have to wonderscore what he said. if we had been better mind readers we could have. when there's a leadership failure the last thing that a mother who was struggling to find baby formula and driving two hours to find it when gas prices are at record high is for the president of the united states to get defensive and said don't look at me, should i have had a crystal ball and the reason this happened isn't necessarily the biden administration's fall. i was talking to an former fda official who said that abbott labs should have been shut down. it was a mess which is
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concerning because they make a lot of critical things americans need. she said the facility should have been shut down, the response to the shutdown, one hundred% is the biden administration's fault because they know about it months ago and a senior administration official on thursday, i can assure you this is not new to the white house's radar, why did she laugh about it and say i don't know who's in charge and president biden saying i wish we had a crystal ball. will: we have a website, you can get links to one-8 number numbers you can call and go to a local food bank potentially which may be a solution but not a response to a problem they saw coming. you mentioned the word leadership and it is the right
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word because sometimes it is summed up by those at the top and their willingness to understand the dynamics at play and aggressively get ahead of them and address them. a couple days ago i had a chance to sit down with former first lady milania trump, her first interview since leaving the white house, we talked about a lot of things including her focus on foster children, she made that the centerpiece after the white house but i snuck in a couple questions to include about leadership, baby formula, the state of the country and here's a portion of what milania trump had to say. >> having that time, what do you make of the state of the country right now? >> said to see what is going on if you look deeply into it. a lot of people are struggling, suffering and what is going on
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around the world as well, said to see and i hope it changes fast. pete: as someone who loves children and is dedicated to their betterment how do you feel when you see a shortage of baby formula? family struggling to get basic items like that? >> it is heartbreaking to see that they are struggling and the food is not available for children in the 21st century in the united states of america. pete: why is it happening? >> leadership pete: or lack thereof. united states of america in the 21st century. it comes down to leadership. tomorrow we have the entire interview. carley: it is cool you got to interview her. she doing? pete: doing great, she doesn't want to dive into the politics
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but we got a chance to say what has life been like, do you want to go back to the white house, all those questions she has put a lot of work into crypto currency, benefiting the faster child effort. what will: what a worthy project and natural processes the foster system. once you see what happens with children or siblings were family in that world, that world means a bright light, it needs hope and what a worthy project for her, happy she focused on that. a few additional headlines starting with a foxbusiness look, hundreds of people last night at the bucks celtics game, gunshots bringing outside the arena, police say three people were shot including a 16-year-old girl, one person was arrested.
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all have non-life-threatening injuries, police are investigating what led up to the shooting. another alert, the price of gas once again reaching a new record high, aaa reporting the national average for a regular gallon rising to $4.45, up $0.15 from a week ago, and $1.50 compared to this time last year compared to an inauguration day, the price continuing to skyrocket as inflation rises and resident biden restricts oil and gas production. the record price of $5.66 per gallon. to the usfl the tampa bay take down the michigan panthers 27-20, washington scoring a game-winning touchdown with four minutes, greg reeves forced a fumble on michigan at last drive of the game and the
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new jersey generals and new orleans breakers will face off in a battle of 3-1 teams and the houston gamblers are set to square off tomorrow and later this morning birmingham's qb right will join us as we attempt his victory dance, that when right there known as the sharp dog and those are your headlines. you are psyched about this interview. pete: i was talking about on a weekday version. we are the biggest scooby right fans outside of birmingham. outside of birmingham we are pretty close. will: we look forward to talking to you. carley: a warm welcome. pete: which nato country russia may target next. carley: pushing a disinformation claiming there were no vaccines until biden took office, the white house walked back coming up next.
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carley: ukraine pushing russian troops out of kharkiv. pete: in moscow officials doubling down. one lawmaker threatening poland is next in line after ukraine. matt is in lviv with more. >> reporter: ukraine destroyed a pontoon bridge russia was using to cross in eastern ukraine. ukraine's command released videos of a damaged russian bridge over the river, ukraine says it destroyed 73 tanks and other military equipment in the battle this week, push officials say another sign russia's war has gone awry which the port city of mariupol to the south hundreds of ukrainian marines have been trapped more than a month in tunnels beneath that steel plant. the mayor tells fox news they are severely injured suffered in the dark tunnels slowly
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dying, ukraine's prime ministers said negotiations to get them out of that plant are difficult, the red cross told us they are assisting as much as possible and outside the capital city of kyiv, ukrainian military authorities loaded the bodies of dead russian soldiers onto railcars, they were collected after fighting in the key of and other regions, military operations that the country will return the body to russia in accordance with international law. on friday, lloyd austen spoke to his counterpart, russia's defenseman esther, for the first time since february 18th entered russia to consider a cease-fire. poland's private minister wrote an article calling plan report and's ideology monstrous saying russia is a threat to all of your. russian lawmaker responded that poland is next in the queue for denazification after ukraine.
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will: as we turn our gaze from this we are at one of the most dangerous points as we ramp up $40 billion more in assistance making clear this is a proxy war, new countries joining nato. carley: goodness for ukraine that they have likely 've likely won the battle of kharkiv. >> for the vaccine started under trump or this administration? i thought we knew that and it is clear it was pointed out operation warp speed created the vaccines which create an opportunity and it happened quicker than ever happened before with vaccines. according to this white house that is just not true at least it wasn't. here's a tweet from the white house on thursday, a direct quote, when president biden took office millions were unemployed and there was no vaccine available. in last 15 months the economy created 8.
3:22 am
3 million jobs, unemployment rate stands at 6, the fastest decline in unemployment to start a president's term ever recorded so people pointed out maybe that is disinformation. pete: that might be a job for the mystery of truth, will it be fact checking this propaganda from the white house? no vaccines? seriously? delete this tweet and stop disgracing the office, because vaccines were available to your point before president biden took office, they were available under the trump administration, what you are watching is president biden receiving a vaccine while donald trump was still president. carley: this is taking place on twitter and when he received the first covid dose he tweet under summer 21, today i received the covid 19 vaccine. obviously before he entered
3:23 am
office and on january 13th he received the second dose of the covid 19 shot. as you saw, dan crenshaw wasn't the only person to point out the obvious disinformation the white house spread on twitter so yesterday the white house issued this revision. we previously misstated that vaccines were unavailable in january 2021. we should have said they were not widely available, vaccines became available shortly before the president came into office, he is responsible for fully vaccinating over 200 million people. >> they were available for the bidens of the cuomos. >> he gave 200 million of them to people. pete: none of these show your homework before that count on the vaccine, got it. as usual bill maher on his show last night had a take on what does this really mean and who
3:24 am
is really spreading disinformation. >> those are nina -- jankovicz the power to edit twitter and add context, like what twitter is, that is what twitter is. use something and add context. these are not bright people in our government. >> they are not bright people but they are certain people. never let your ignorance get in the way of your certainty, they are certain they can do anything except inshore baby formula available for the nation's infants. this disinformation borders something that should and i think does give every good american less -- the far
3:25 am
extreme left, empowered, journalists who are in charge of and in support of this, all good americans understand this is terrifying, 1984, orwellian, brave new world. carley: it will counter different information coming from china and mexican drug cartels in russia. we have that in the state department, we don't need more bureaucracy. what bill maher was talking about, did you hear what she said that lead to that comment? i want to read it. she was doing a panel discussion and said there are a lot of people who shouldn't be verified kill who aren't legit in my opinion. they are real people but not trustworthy. here was her suggestion. people can start to edit twitter, the same sort of way wikipedia is. she is saying she should be
3:26 am
allowed to edit your tweets because she is a legitimate person you are not. in a zoom video this week. pete: unbelievably revealing. carley: i started to feel bad for her. i just felt bad it was so pinpointed directly at her. pete: she wrote a couple books on that. carley:'s feeling -- >> a broadway tune while she tap danced on your -- and took away your blue checkmark. carley: i did for a moment but she is -- the thing that gets me is the elitist. will: not just to was allowed to tweet, you are a person but i'm going to take away your blue checkmark. carley: we haven't said that she has been wrong about a lot of stuff, trump and russia and
3:27 am
the steel dossier. will: we've got to be able to put this into words, this the party of a leaders him, let them eat cake, she clearly is saying in the quote you read and i've seen that as well i am better than you and people like me are better than you and i should be in charge of you. pete: the perfect personification of the viewpoint, we have an update on whether she keeps this position or not. carley: i have a feeling they are going to roll this back. republicans are trying to do that. pete: we will stay on the case. still had a federal judge hands border states a win with a temporary block on the plan to end title 42. brandon judd reacts to that coming up.
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matching your job description. visit you know, you hear a lot about celiac, but i never matching thought my dnaiption. would tell me i had a higher risk for it. i mean, i'm a food critic. i literally eat for a living. this can be a game changer. do you know what the future holds? pete: a federal judge in louisiana keeping a temporary block on title 42 in place as the border rule is set to expire in 9 days this is newly leaked documents show officials warn of the, quote, significant safety implications of lifting title 42 last year. here to react, brandon judd. what does it mean if a judge keeps the temporary block on
3:33 am
title 42? . expire? will it be blocked? what do you know? >> condolences to the families of the agents who died yesterday, always sad when we have agents who died trying to protect this nation. pete: he died in the line of duty in a rollover? >> yes, the agency in san diego, don't know that his name has been released to the public yet so i'm not going to release the name but a dangerous job every day. as far as title 42 goes, i'm so thankful that there is some common sense being exercised today. we know border security starts with illegal immigration, cartels understand this, that if we can't control the number of people to cross the borders illegally, they can cross higher value products like fentanyl. cvp knows this, we talked about
3:34 am
this, we have discussed this time and again and we are so frustrated with this administration because they don't care about the safety and security of american citizens, they care about pandering to their far left base, they want to end title 42, one of those tools that has been so successful in trying to control illegal immigration and if we can do that hundreds of thousands more us citizens will die because these cartels will continue to bring their drugs across the border, it -- pete: why do they want to end title 42? >> there far left base continues to push them to end it. they care more about activists, they don't care what is best for citizens, they care about pandering to their activists, doing what the activists want, and see the flood continue, they want more people coming into the united states and that is the problem with activism. we have to look at what is best
3:35 am
for the united states not a sick pacific segment. >> as the border has turned into migrant and illegal facilitation, you know this better than anybody, agents have been on duty providing for families, small children and babies and as a result those needs are cared for by agents on the border after families make this perilous journey. and others of shelves on the border of baby formula for migrants, contrast that with what families are facing across the country. it is a given the we know babies are not at fault for this and should be provided for but that contrast is stark to a lot of americans. >> it is into your the white house's response that they are monitoring the situation, people don't care that they are monitoring the situation, they want action, they want to know united states citizens -- i was
3:36 am
able to verify yesterday that sectors where we care for more miners than anywhere else, our pantries are stocked full of baby formula, there's more baby formula than we know what to do with, that formula, if it wasn't for this crisis, what president biden is doing by inviting people to cross our borders through the catch and release program that formula could go back on the shelves for united states citizens. all he's doing is prioritizing illegal immigrants enter and care about united states citizens. this isn't an either or, he has to take care of everybody. >> there's a plan for illegals, no plan for legal citizens. thanks, appreciate your time, appreciate it. clarence thomas has a stark warning about the future of the high court after the leaked row v wade draft decision. what he says people should expect. jen psaki makes her exit is
3:37 am
white house press secretary. we will discuss the highs and lows of her time in the briefing room next. ♪♪
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you have challenged me, you have pushed me, you've debated me and at times we have disagreed, that is democracy in action, that it is working. without accountability, without debate government is not as strong. pete: jen psaki signing off, greeting the press one last time before her successor takes the reins. good to see you. early this morning, early on a saturday morning, i listen to that clip and find it pretty ironic for her to sit there and say this is the spirit of democracy when it feels so much about the biden administration is pushing is quieting dissent with the disinformation board, tension and condescension when she interacted with peter doocy, lipservice on the way out but not real tolerance while in power. >> we can all think jen psaki for her service to this nation.
3:42 am
a rare form showing of unity when she and peter doocy who famously sparred in the white house briefing room issued each other a very classy farewell. i wish we have more examples of unity to cite from this administration. i think clearly her predecessor had a tougher job than she did, she was treated with kid gloves by the majority of press in the white house briefing room but we have to give her credit she had a pretty difficult job explaining and translating the president that had a lot of difficulty communicating with the public weather was mumbling, forget what he is saying in midsentence are trying to defend policy failures including record high inflation, a border crisis and now the baby formula shortage, she certainly had a difficult
3:43 am
job but i think the rhetoric, actions don't match the rhetoric across the board in this administration that campaigned on unity, that is not something we saw much in the white house briefing room at not something we see from the administration at the polls. >> peter doocy tweet it's 11 era in the briefing room, good luck to jen psaki. didn't realize the height disparity. i don't think i ever met peter in person. either he's really taller jen is not so tall. i need to get to the bottom of that. >> reporter: little bit of both going on. pete: what can we expect from jean-pierre? >> reporter: she has a tough job ahead of her, this administration faces an uphill battle with record high inflation. a lot of americans would like to see this administration stop
3:44 am
placing blame and start taking responsibility. all the administration's policies, inflation, border crisis, baby formula shortage that we knew began in february when the biden administration shut down one of the nation's largest baby formula plants, this protection campaigned on not passing the blame, and taking responsibility, it would do americans a lot of good to see more humility in the white house briefing room instead of trying to pass the blame on others, take some responsibility for their own policies. pete: i wouldn't hold your breath. the persecutory enter briefings, we enjoyed yours this morning, thanks so much. how tall -- 6 foot 6?
3:45 am
6 foot 6? >> he is really tall. you only see her standing next to anybody else. pete: we have no context but doocy is a giant. carley: two jen psakis make one peter doocy. are major manhunt continues for a convicted murderer escaped from a texas prison. lopez ran off after stamping a truck driver in the hand while he and 15 other inmates were being transported, no other prisoners escaped. officers last saw lopez and a cow pasture. he was convicted of capital murder in 2,006 and is now on texas's ten most wanted fugitive list. washington dc is bracing for 17,000 protesters expected to march for abortion rights. authorities are closing roads and putting up barricades, the protest coming as justice clarence thomas says the
3:46 am
supreme court has forever changed because of the row versus wade draft opinion leak. >> of where we are, that trust is gone forever. it changes the institution fundamentally. you begin to look over your shoulder. >> reporter: the protest will begin at 12:thirty p.m. eastern time. lawmakers can now order alcohol for delivery to their office. capitol hill's new caterer adding a drink on demand service for lawmakers that includes beer, wine and spirits as a draft email obtained by foxbusiness, staffers and any district offices free peloton membership using taxpayer dollars each month. they are drinking and going on peloton at taxpayer expense.
3:47 am
let's go to our fox "america's nightly scoreboard" -- our fox weather forecast. >> let's talk a little weather out there. we had a bad stream of weather, so much severe weather, the heat is on at 66 °, 67 in chicago, bands of heat still with us and doesn't look like it will break down any time soon. we are seeing what looks like summer showers across the southeast, you see that clearing off in the morning. it will pop up later today. we have cloud cover on the eastern seaboard, very warm across interior sections. 83 again today in chicago, 70 in new york city as
3:48 am
temperatures climb tomorrow into monday. look across the south, across parts of texas. back to you. carley: how did elon musk become the richest man in the world? we will break down his life and legacy plus rough week? this story will bring a smile to your face? a newly retired canine joins us next after hanging up his collar. >> thank you for your 8 years of service to the police department. you can now take your well-deserved rest. you are clear for retirement. ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪
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>> we thank you for your more than 8 years of distinguished service to the police department and to your handler, o'reilly, thank you for ensuring his safety you can now take your well-deserved rest. you are cleared for retirement. carley: rio is hanging up his collar after 8 years of service. and that viral video sweeping the nation retired canine
3:53 am
officer rio and his handler, corporal kyle riley join us now. it is such a cool moment caught on camera and it has been viewed by millions of people on instagram and twitter. tell us about rio. what set him apart? >> reporter: rio has been serving with the city for 8 and a half years, has done a great job and is excited to retire. carley: he was deployed 836 times, assisted in 832 arrest. if you are a criminal the last thing you want to see is him charging at you. >>'s presence alone detert a lot of crime. carley: what is life going to be like for him now that he is retired? >> a lot of sleep, treats, probably a lot more food, relaxing a little bit.
3:54 am
carley: is at your job to choose the dog? how does that process were? >> typically you go somewhere or you know a private trainer and find a dog that fits the needs of the department and the handler. rio was tested among several dogs. >> it's a lot of work to train these dogs. i know a woman who doesn't for a living, tell us about the process. it is a lot of man hours. >> 8 hours a week with a large group of other k-9 handlers throughout the country and takes a lot of maintenance. carley: i have a feeling a lot of people love their jobs but a canine officer really likes their job, probably not much work for him. will he take to retirement? >> we've been doing a
3:55 am
transition this past weekend he is adjusting, taking on a new role. he will be all right in retirement for sure. carley: like i said at the top this video has been viewed 2 million times on tick-tock. people are loving it. how do you and your fellow police officers feel about the viral attention you are getting? >> it is great. there's thousands if not hundreds of thousands of first responders the deserve the attention we are getting. we are honored and humbled that everybody is showing positive feedback for rio. carley: rio, and july retirement, officer rio and corporal kyle riley, thank you for joining us this morning, still to come, the biden administration's favorite comeback term, ultra himaga but wait until you hear how long it took to come up.
3:56 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ pete: that's st. louis, missouri where it's, you know, sun is not peeking out of the clouds yet but will be soon. famous archway and famous quiz question. confirming i was correct on it what state does st. louis, missouri border? st. louis, missouri obviously but on the border with what state? will: i love trivia. pete: i know you love trivia but? will: on the eastern side of missouri so you have got -- i
4:01 am
got it, it's illinois. pete: correct. rachel: good. i knew it i just. [cheers] pete: well done. will: i had the picture of kentucky in there. illinois. i like math. pete: i do i can see you noodling. carley: i love the term noodling. pete: i was. carley: roomating. pete: good to see you carley this morning. carley: good to be here. well deserved break so they're letting me crash on the couch for four hours. will: bright and shiny. craig: and pink. that's the highlighter like almost perfect. literally. will: trying to find the most appropriate place. carley: right there is okay. [laughter] carley: it's a scary world sometimes.
4:02 am
will: that was noodling. will: let's get serious begin the at the border title 42 replains in place for another nine days despite the biden administration's best efforts to rescind it. pete: as the public policy border continues to ramp up. carley: correspondent bill melissa has the latest from eagle pass, texas. good morning. >> even with title 42 still in place right now. activity here in eagle pass is really starting to shoot through the roof already. take a look at this video 150 illegal immigrants. third day in a row we saw this group crossing. massive drain on border patrol's resources. because they have to call in agents from elsewhere to process these groups. this certainly wasn't the only one. short time later take a look at this piece of video.
4:03 am
another large group of about 452 illegal immigrants. we saw crossing in the river once again in broad daylight. and, again, this is mostly cubans, venezuelans and colombians this time only one single border agent on hand to process them when they got to the u.s. side. all of this happening as title 42 is still in effect. last thing we want to show you, take a look at this rio grande valley sector. human smuggler crashing his car while fleeing from law enforcement. you will see 11 illegal immigrants bailing out of that vehicle and fleeing on foot in all directions after a texas dps pursuit. dps telling us seven of those illegal immigrants ended up escapable including the human smuggler. four were captured. back out here border patrol report in del rio, sector seven hour span, they arrested two convicted child sex predators both from mexico, both previously deported. send it back to you. pete: bill, thank you. just the images alone it looks
4:04 am
like the wild west. one border patrol agent. 50 people. roll over, all those people fall out -- come out only seven are captured. carley: a sheriff wrote something an op-ed that went viral and he said that in his county there is 400 miles of border. and four border patrol agents that are patrolling that area for 400 miles. will: saw that video of that car overturned pete had a fascinating interview with brandon judd the national border patrol council president. he talked about some of the risks, the danger in this job. watch. >> security starts with illegal immigration. cartels understand this cartels know if we do -- if we can't control the number of people that cross our borders illegally, they can then cross higher value products such as fentanyl. cpd knows this and so frustrated with this duration because they don't care about the safety and security of american citizens. all they care about is pandering to their far left base. they want to end title 42.
4:05 am
they want to end one of those tools that has been so successful trying to control illegal immigration. and if we can't do that hundreds thousands of more of our u.s. citizens are going to die because these cartels are going to continue to bring their drugs across the border. pete: he mentions fentanyl. we covered this week the record breaking number of americans that have lost their lives to mostly unintentional i mean, you know, what they thought was recreational drug use or something else laced with fentanyl over 100,000. carley: biden administration says they want to end title 42 because hilariously they are saying that covid-19 is not a health risk enough at this point to make sure that it stays in place. but you could also say that the drugs pouring across our border and the addiction crisis in our country. that's also a public health crisis that would be something that would be a reason to keep
4:06 am
title 42 in place as well. there was a federal judge, i believe, in louisiana, who is now presiding over this title 42 case. he said on friday that he is going to make a ruling on whether or not it will stay in place before may 23rd. that's the date that the biden administration has set for it to be lifted. but it's going to stay in place until that time. we will have to wait and see. will: i can't help but think this title 42 conversation, although it is important because some type of illegal immigration still just papering over the problem. if anybody was managing a business, a job, whatever with this level of dysfunction, with this level of incompetency you would fire them. you would be gone. and it's just you know, it's such a -- title 42 in a way is a dodge to how incompetent this entire thing has been. you know when the biden administration asked about because it's undeniable how bad the border crisis is do you ever
4:07 am
notice the answer jen psaki it will soon be karin jean pierre. not talking about talking about the illegal um immigration system do something or get fired. pete: on top of that they will say we inherited a broken and dysfunctional immigration system. carley: now didn't. you literally did not. pete: entirely laughable. title 42 is not a policy at all. they talked about what they are going to do since really just illegal migrant facilitation help them cross. you would think he would want to see the border he never has as senator or vice president of the united states. kamala harris didn't visit the border as well. someone who did visit the border and twice her husband was president was former first lady melania trump she went twice to see it for herself. we had a chance to sit down with her to talk about her life after the white house and whether she may want to return to the white
4:08 am
house. that's later on why asked her about the border visits issues she faced them then. here is former first lady melania trump. pete: we did a little research you were the only first lady to go to the border. did you it twice. >> yes. pete: how did you put up with the constant criticism the media take vogue, for example five months into joe biden's presidency joe biden is on the cover. kamala harris is on the cover before she is even sworn in. hillary clinton was on the cover when she was first lady. michelle was on the cover three times. yet, with your background and your fashion background and your beauty, never on the cover of vogue. why the double standard? >> they are biased. and they have likes and dislikes. and so obvious. and i think american people and everyone see it. it was their decision and i have
4:09 am
much more important things to do and i did in the white house than being on the cover of vogue. pete: tomorrow, on the program we are going to have the full interview. she has a longer answer about the border than just that we moved onto the question about the double standard that exists on all fronts to include the treatment of the border but also just her personally. and what she has -- you think about the fact that jill biden was on the cover of fashion magazines a couple of months in. carley: that was great answer. i have more important stuff i don't need that she was already a model. pete: it's true. it's still inif you areiating for people watching watch our inherit the media bias is at every turn. will: which is important and obvious at the same time. you know. pete: she knows that too. >> will: everyone knows the manipulation game being played by the media. pete: having been there twice,
4:10 am
she does have more to say about the border and we will bring that to you tomorrow on "fox & friends." will: this is fascinating i have used this word more than once this morning. carley: also hilarious. will: it is hilarious. apparently president biden's new label you may have heard it this week ultra maga, the ultra maga agenda is very extreme. pete: can you do pink and ultra pink. carley: i'm an example of the ultra pink. will: like ultra pink, ultra maga is brighter, more vivid, more obvious maga. here is joe biden. >> he is not going to stand by and not call out what he sees as ultra maga behavior, ultra maga policies. >> let me tell you about this ultra maga agenda. i never expected the ultra maga republicans to have been able to
4:11 am
control the republican party. >> what did the maga crowd want to do. >> ultra maga republicans under my predecessor the great maga king. carley: maga king takes it up several notches. pete: the best. carley: only problem with that people who support donald trump and donald trump himself are absolutely embracing a title. i'm sure that you saw this. if not, we are going to show you right now. trump's response to the ultra maga king label. he posted this on truth social. his new social media platform. it's the lord of the rings inspired people of him as the maga king. i also talked to lara trump yesterday and she said thanks for making me a member of a royal family, man. maga now? appreciate it. here's a thing. people were asking jen psaki about this. why is he using this new line of attack and she was like well, it's just a whim, president biden came up with it on his own. pete: oh, yeah.
4:12 am
carley: came off the top of his head. pete: not according to the "the washington post." consider the source. but if they are telling this, then it probably is true. here is the headline biden sees a new threat, quote: ultra maga republicans. well, where did they get that phrase from? well "the washington post" gives us a little bit more information. biden's attempt to appropriate the maga brand as a political attack was hardly accidental. it arose from a six month research project. carley: wow. pete: find the best ways to target republicans hemed by biden adviser anita dunn and center for american progress action fund a liberal group. the polling and focus group. six months, will. and focus group this and they landed an ultra maga and the great maga king. will: they can't even get their own strategy right. this is how incompetent -- ultra maga is not going to work, guys.
4:13 am
it's not going to work. did you see also, did you see the video this week against the roe v. wade protest of the squad walking through will the halls of congress my body, my decision. of course, that's not the clicheed chant we have heard for decades. my body. carley: my choice. will: apparently they work shopped that one as well. ran that through a focus group and found they like -- they seem to think decision polls better than choice. a brand by the way which they have built since the 70s my body, my choice. they don't know what they are doing from start to finish. carley: being a member of the pro-choice movement, i don't understand the difference. i also saw one group choice was there was some sort of negative and i don't know if they were saying racist. will: they were saying racist. carley: crazy thing choice. will. pete: pro-choice they determined might be racist. went to decision.
4:14 am
pro-abortion, too. part of the internal debate why don't we -- which they always ran away from that title don't call me pro-abortion. call me pro-choice. a. carley: used to be health decision female health and now economic argument. will: they wanted abortion to be rare. they have dropped that. now they dropped rare to your point which we will talk about this morning pro-abortion. pete: amazing. how many months or minutes did donald trump focus group, sleepy joe or low energy jeb or little marco. carley: this is what last night on gutfeld is that really what happened is i really think that the biden administration and these people who focused group this all right a new line of attack. let's pull from the trump playbook and try to come up with a nickname and they failed so miserably at it because you can't attack conservatives the same way that you attack liberals because liberals are so sensitive they will cry at
4:15 am
anything. conservatives just embrace it they get attacked all the time. go make t-shirts and hats. pete: where can i put in my application to be considered ultra maga do they take applications? carley: do you know what? can i say? pete: i do submit my diploma? carley: permission granted you are a member. will: did you take a sword and anoint his soldiers? pete: she waived her magic permanent marker. carley: he is. pete: you are knighting me? [majestic music] pete: to migrate maga king, yes. carley: i don't know about that. carley: there you go. will: turn to a few additional headlines. the man accused 6 opening fire brooklyn subway pled not guilty to the terrorism charges against him. frank james also pled not guilty
4:16 am
ou c of discharging a firearm during a crime of violence. 10 people were shot and 23 others were hurt during the shooting. james remains detained without bail and faces life in prison if convicted. a status hearing is scheduled for july 25th. the nation's baby formula shortage reaching crisis mode and while many say the situation was months in the making, president biden is saying this: >> could you have taken those steps sooner before parents got to these shelves and couldn't find formula. >> if we had been better mind readers i guess we could. we moved as quickly as the patrol car became apparent to us. will: texas, tennessee and arizona among the states hardest hit by the empty shelves. more than half of all formula out of stock in those states. and guarded by a gator. a massive alligator becomes the bouncer to one of florida's biggest mansions. watch. >> another day here in tampa
4:17 am
bay, florida. will to do to do to do. >> what? what? you got to be kidding. will: i don't know why i said it was one of the biggest mansions. it said a man's house and i said biggest mansion. will: you wouldn't know. you can't disprove the mansion. pete: i'm going off the front porch probably not the biggest mansion. will: big old alligator. fearless porch some say big mansion. others say a house. i don't know. i'm just telling you some say. a lot of people are talking about this mansion. [laughter] about 10 minutes before going back to the lake. he has a lake. alligator made its way back to the lake. pete: maybe it has a moat. carley: that was great ad libbing on the fly. pete: what a crock. carley: there is a massive
4:18 am
abortion rally outside the supreme court today. listen to this, the security fencing meant to keep the justices safe doesn't even fully circle the building. our next guest breaks down the lack of security concerns. pete: maybe it wasn't a concern to begin with. i don't know. plus, how did elon musk become the richest man in the world? will and i will walk you through it in a bit. ♪ what's your name ♪ little girl your mission: stand up to moderate to severe ♪ can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints.
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4:22 am
carley: just hours from now major groups set to hold abortion rights rallies fencing in front of the supreme court does not encircle the whole building. why the lack of security concern. here to react retired secret service agent jeff james. jeff, good morning to you. the fence situation sounds concerning. how big of a security risk is that? >> well, i think it's concerning for a couple of reasons. one, is that even if you have some kind of low level barrier there. even bike rack it, sends a message to people saying that your not allowed in this area, it is cordoned off. the other thing it does if
4:23 am
people would choose to climb over that barrier or try to get by it, that gives you the ability to say hey, this person made the choice to enter a cordoned off area, now we have the ability to charge them or escort them out whereas if it's just a wide open area and there is nothing telling people they can't come, in it's going going to invite problems. carley: that's such a great point. i was reading that 17,000 people are expected at this protest today. that's a lot. how does law enforcement prepare for an event like that just to make sure it doesn't get out of hand? >> you have to listen to the intelligence. so, the organizers are going to tell you 17,000 people. they may even just being over zealous inflate that number. which you need to do get law enforcement partners. listen to the chatter they are hearing as well as like the intelligence unit of the supreme court police who is monitoring social media and seeing what they are hearing. that allows you to get a truer number and put your manpower in place looking at that number. carley: protesting in front of the supreme court is one thing.
4:24 am
but a map was posted online where the supreme court justices' houses were pinpointed and there have been protests outside of these justices homes. we have seen the signs that say if abortion isn't safe then neither are you. how does law enforcement determine what threat is nonsense and what threat is real and keep these justices safe during this really hostile time? >> well, if it's me. like we did in the secret service. we take every threat seriously. we run every one to the ground. if i'm not supreme court supplies police and people protecting these justices that's what i do. >> are you surprised that the justice department hasn't done more about this? when you are protesting in front of the justices' homes, you are breaking the law. >> i think they are reacting appropriately now. it's probably something they didn't see coming. it is actually against the law to protest in front of any judge's house because it could be construed as trying to sway their opinion and influence their opinion. it's not like they are an elected official how are allowed
4:25 am
to protest in front of elected officials' homes but not a judge. carley: everybody has a right to protest in this country, you got to keep it public. you got to keep it peaceful. jeff james, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you, carley. carley: still to come, green berets are looking to continue service in their country on capitol hill. right now florida congressman michael waltz is the only green beret in congress but is he looking continue to crease the ranks. this morning, he will join us with a panel of green berets. but, first, elon musk is a household name, of course. but how did he get here? we're going to break that down for you coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:26 am
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i'm steve. i lost 138 pounds in 9 months on golo and taking release. golo saved my life. i was way overweight, and that's what sent me down the path, was i--i wanted to make sure and live for my kid. plain and simple. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit will: elon musk says is he still committed to purchasing twitter after announcing this week that the deal is on hold. pete: but who is elon musk and how did he become the world's richest man? and who is against him? that's an interesting part of this conversation as well.
4:30 am
let's take a look, break it down on the big wall to find out. let's start with who is he? born in south africa. his father was an engineer. his mother, i believe an actress or involved in modeling. they divorced. he eventually moved to canada at the age of 17. and then moved his way down into america for education. will: ended up at wharton. got his american education. at this point as he graduates and enters professional life first big hit paypal along with several others whose names you might have become familiar like peter thiel and others david sax who we will talk about in just a moment. he found paypal massive hit. those guys become known as the paypal mafia. ceo before being replaced in thiele. pete: he started which was supposed to be a digital transfer company which eventually merged with paypal. interestingly, when he was on his honeymoon he was replaced
4:31 am
ceo peter thiel. he wasn't always the head of these companies there has been conflicts. will: interesting founders of paypal all people very concerned about the far left shift of american politics over time. more on that in a moment. musk takes his money and he invests in spacex. spacex is, a private pace exploration business and he landed several contracts with government institutions. of course, like nasa. pete: took the 100 he made out of this and poured it all into this. you mentioned it nasa and the air force, multiple explosions, multiple failures on launches. it wasn't without hiccups and as he tried to develop this also the star link satellite system which we knew in the news recently because they provided coverage over ukraine, 53 satellites. also, is he hoping to go to mars by 2025. his ambition is still there. will: go to man on mars. star link low orbit satellite
4:32 am
providing internet access to folks across the globe which doesn't traditionally. steps in ukraine. russia would cut off the internet? guess what? can you access star link. now we move to perhaps maybe his biggest business hit to date and that's tesla. he invests ins at thela, eventually becomes the ceo of tesla. all this by the way within three or four years of exiting paypal. now we are talking about 2004 is the foundation of tesla. at one point now, tesla, which is your world's largest electric car maker, valued at over $1 trillion. pete: just remember, this is the guy who has always been ambitious. he could have taken his $100 billion from paypal and retired for life. instead he invested in a private space company which no one was doing so and electric cars when no one was as well. put in 6.5 million at the beginning of tesla, 2003-2004. by 2008 he is the ceo. again, it was still a long shot bet that solar powered, battery
4:33 am
powered cars would ever be the future. he helped make it so. will: model 3 tesla the world's most popular electric car. that brings us to twitter. $44 billion purchase of twitter. this week musk says i need to see how many of the accounts on twitter are bots, are spam. is it over 5%? now, is this -- here comes the great question, pete. is this musk going the price is too high, the market is tanking. is this backing out of the deal? or is this forcing accountability and honesty in sunlight on to twitter? pete: could be all of the above. is he also looking under the hood and saying there is a lot of spam bots in here. the company's fundamentals aren't what i thought they were. he announced recently he is going to do a sampling 100 twitter users. twitter says less than 5%. he thinks it might be a lot more than that again, he has also been critiquing the left and whether or not this is actually a free speech platform. so, will, predictively, groups came out of the woodwork to try
4:34 am
to protest and prevent elon musk. we still don't be know if he will buy it but trying to stop him from the outset. will: the government, various governments have received letters from these groups saying whoa, don't elon musk purchase twitter. who? who is writing letters? who is behind the opposition to elon musk? well, first of all, feast your eyes on this. these are all the groups writing letters. now who are these groups, pete? pete: one side of the aisle? i think it might be. let's look at one in particular. open narcotics. you mentioned writing letters. open markets is funded by and we're not saying these groups funded things. they were just behind trying to stop elon musk from taking over twitter. but open markets has received funding from the open society foundation run by george soros. they wrote a letter to the fcc. in that letter the fcc saying this shouldn't happen. fcc said you have no power to do this. there is no reason why a private
4:35 am
individual couldn't buy twitter. will: george soros behind open markets also behind very involved in media matters. media matters is behind all the attacks on anyone. i don't even want to say conservatives anyone not far left media matters is behind the attacks on tucker carlson, bill o'reilly, anyone here at this channel. you name it. pete: brett kavanaugh, donald trump. national abortion leagues. accountable tech? who runs accountable tech? the form are foreign advisory for hillary clinton's 2016. will: sides of the aisle. accountable tech with connections to former clinton campaign go over here to ultraviolet and you will find former dnc representatives more left and democratic operatives behind the effort to stop elon musk taking over twitter. pete: former staffers for move dnc on the digital side and democracy alliance. if you are fighting for a company to allow more free
4:36 am
speech, be prepared for the unified left, as we point out, to come after you and try to prevent that. >> bill: mentioned earlier paypal mafia. peter thiel, elon musk, david sacks made money in silicon valley and seemed to be very opposed to the left ward shift of american culture and politics. i gave you david sacks on the will cain podcast. gave us behind the scenes on who elon musk is and what this will mean for twitter. once i did that interview for what it's worth. elon musk jumped on to twitter and point to have had that interview and said this interview here is accurate. we hope what we just shared with you about elon musk is also accurate and gives you. pete: well done. i don't think it's going to be political pressure that's going to make the decision it will be the financials of whether or not it makes sense and whether he can do what he wants to do. pete: we are less than six months from the midterms and primary season heating up. a live report from pennsylvania where g.o.p. candidates are in a
4:37 am
close race to the finish. will: plus, we are risk it for the biivelt. biscuits. we are going to jam out after the break ♪ you are my candy girl ♪ and you got me wanting you ♪ hope ♪ like what you see abe? yes! 2b's covered with zero overdraft fees when he overdraws his account by fifty bucks or less. and 2c, well, she's not going to let a lost card get her stressed. am i right? that's right. that's because these neighbors all have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. out here, you're more than just a landowner. you're a gardener. a landscaper.
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pete: shot of the morning, i want to thank the graduates of camden and glowser county. that's me and my wife jen. i threw on the old uniform which is actually the new uniform army dress uniform back to the world war ii version and saluting the young kids who make the choice out of high school to join the military you are community we don't take the time to honor those saying i want to go to the military. our group tries to do that across the country. we did one of those events. check out what they do. the website is our community 40 of them that night. really neat. sharp. best of our country. and good on our community salutes for doing it sign the thank you card shared with these folks and hopefully bleach reach a million.
4:42 am
carley: i never realized there is a void there. you never congratulate people for leaving high school, not going to college and going into the military. pete: i graduated from high school who went off and joined the army rangers and we no idea. no one said where did he go? instead of celebrating and saying look at the choice this guy made and that's what they are trying to change. do you know what? it makes other young people say maybe i want to do that too. carley: people going to military need that. pete: a recruiting problem. ken, who runs that group was a recipient of a patriot award last year. carley: pennsylvania senate primary race heating up with only a few days left. can you believe it. pete: g.o.p. frontrunners mehmet oz, david mccormick and kathy barnett remain neck and neck one another. will: fascinating race. alexandria hoff with more.
4:43 am
>> 18% of voters in this race were still undecided that is just on the republican side. pennsylvania does have closed primaries so independents can't participate here. they are vying for their own g.o.p. voters right now. and you know this really is a test of star power back in april. celebrity heart surgeon dr. mehmet oz got a boost in the pools when he is endorsed by former president trump. it wasn't significant enough of a boost to give him an edge over businessman and former treasury official david mccormick. the two were neck in neck for weeks. the plots has been the sudden rise of commentator kathy barnett. she has had a shoe string budget compared to the other two. yet has surged in the polls recently. which of the three has the best shot in november. they make their case here. >> what's happened are these socialist democratic policies under joe biden have been a disaster for our minority communities. the policies america first policies have been great for minority populations. and that's the case i will make
4:44 am
in the general election. >> i have been able to stand on my own two feet very proudly and live up to the promise of my campaign identify why washington is getting it wrong. why are they not aligning with our values and knowing i can go to the washington and be a loud bulwark that's what i'm looking for. >> people here in pennsylvania people are beginning to reject it, beginning to recognize that utopia is not all that it's cracked up to be. people have very real issues and they want those things addressed. >> now, whoever wins the republican primary will likely face off against john fetterman, he is the current lieutenant governor, back to you. will: that is a race to watch. pete: we were discussing it the entire time so many different dynamics. carley: absolutely is. will: amazing. pete: turn to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth who do you like in that pennsylvania
4:45 am
race? carley: all of them. rick: they are all amazing. could you go wrong with any one of them? pete: there you go. rick: nicely done? carley: should you be a politician too with that answer? rick: in another life i felt like a politician, no, thank you. let's talk a little weather, guys. we have a really nice day for a lot of the country. we need it. we have had such bad weather for the last couple of weeks. we still have the heat on. this heat wave breaking all kinds of high record temperatures. we are going to see that again today. 67 right now as you are waking up in chicago. >> we have got scattered thunderstorms especially across the eastern half of the country. still more rain coming in across parts of the northwest, nothing into the southwest, which is really where we need the rain. down here across the southeast and throughout florida clear this morning. we will see some scattered showers later this afternoon. see this cloud cover right across the coastal areas mid-atlantic, socked in with the same system that's been plagued with since last weekend. really warming up across great lakes today take a look at temperatures here.
4:46 am
84 for a high. temperature in chicago for the day. all right, do you know what today is? there is a day for everything, today is national buttermilk biscuit day. chef marshall from bojangles to show us how to make biivelgts. you have your own day. >> yes, we do celebrating buttermilk biscuit day grow up in the south. you roll out fresh made buttermilk biscuit with your mom. there is a lot of love that goes into making the perfect biscuit, there is an art and science to making it happen. we have replicated that in all of our restaurants. certified master biscuit makers coming in 5:00 a.m. to share that same love and celebrate the southern culture and traditions. rick: i just said to me i assume if you go to any restaurant like bojangles biscuit made at some factory somewhere else and brought. in every bojangles biscuits made
4:47 am
from scratch every 20 minutes. rick: you started making something here one key making a good biscuit. fluff your flower. you don't want to overwork your dough. develop the gluten a little bit but not too much. when you are rolling it, be super gentle and just kind of, you know, glide it out. let the rolling pin do the work for you. and then what we are going to do is dyspnea it in the flower. and we're going to start cutting them out. rick: just like my mom. all right. so i think you guys have some biscuits inside. you can mess up biscuits like if you do too much to them, right? >> absolutely, it's very fragile. pete, you biscuits in there the key is you have got to fluff your flower. pete: i do that every morning. rick: fluff your flour. >> those are bo berry biscuits.
4:48 am
rick: blue berries mixed inside the biscuit. top it with thitessing to take it to the next level. buttermilk biscuit just elevated. rick: there are days for everything and a lot of them are really lame this one isn't lame. this one deserves its own day. rick: burt, jelly or honey? carley: gravy with the regular. butter. pete: friday chicken. >> bojangles has the great chicken. >> sweet or savory. hickory smoked bacon, country ham. most popular. rick: thank you so much national biscuit day. carley: biscuits don't judge savory or sweet. still ahead the biggest, baddest most patriotic celebration. we go behind the scenes of a florida memorial day festival honoring our great american
4:49 am
heroes ♪ i love rock and roll ♪ come and take your time and dance with me ♪ i love rock and roll ♪ put another dime in the jukebox baby ♪ i love rock and
4:50 am
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4:52 am
♪ ♪ pete: it is being called the
4:53 am
biggest, baddest, most patriotic celebrations. this memorial day have your fun and honor those who servinged at the hero's honor festival in daytona, florida. sergeant ben peterson is the founder of the festival he joins us alongside sergeant first class brandon borne and renee bennett who will also be performing with their thick string soldiers. thanks for being here. this festival is not just going to be patriotic but it's honoring vietnam vets as well. share with our audience what you are doing two weekends from now. >> well, right now, are pete, we have got about 18,000 veterans coming to this. and what we are seeing is that half of them are 9/11 veterans and the other half are vietnam veterans. and so there is this incredible culmination coming together to honor veterans for the reason of what vietnam veterans have done for this country. they serve valiantly. shamed after they came home. they took the agent orange fight
4:54 am
to washington and the v.a. to pave the way for the needs of future generations like the burn pit that you and i were around, pete in iraq and afghanistan. and they also became the guardians of honor for our welcome homes when protesters started to show up. and so, you know, this event is truly going to honor those vietnam vets for the incredible heroes they are. but it's also an opportunity for 9/11 veterans to just rally together around these guys and show them the love that is so needed. pete: i love that alongside the celebration, toby keith, justin moore, craig morgan ron desantis will be attend as well as well as six string soldiers. tell me about what it is like to perform somewhere like this. >> well, it's amazing. it is absolutely amazing. and it's such an honor to represent these folks and just listen to their stories and share in their camaraderie.
4:55 am
i didn't read comic books growing up. these folks are my heroes. they truly are a huge part in why we live in the greatest country in the world. the men and women that served in our veterans. pete: i love what sergeant said. he said vietnam vets and post 9/11 vets coming together no better veterans than that. >> oh my gosh so grateful to be in part of these people. the community it means so much when veterans get together. we are only as strong as we are and when we have more people it makes that community even better. we are so honored so, greatful to be able to play for all these veterans and their families we know families serve alongside their social. we can't do it without their support and help. see your great faces. pete: i love it sergeant, still time for folk attend where do they go? what's the website? >> absolutely. we are calling on you, anyone
4:56 am
who is listening, if you are a vietnam veteran, this is your time to be honored for all you've done for this country. if you are a 9/11 veteran, it's our opportunity to give back and be a part of an incredible show. country, can you get your tickets and donate it heroes honor pete: got it fox nation is sponsoring as well. thank you all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine. (children giggling)
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5:01 am
weather when they look at the city. it is 71 degrees in orlando, florida but will, because you brought it up i was informed that it's not only -- pete, is it okay that i do it or would you like to steve. will: it's not okay. pete: you knighted me ultra maga i will knight you national day. carley: national biscuit dance like a chicken day. pete: do we have music. will: you do it. carley: i wasn't gonna. i don't think i want to. pete: do it without music. is that polka? carley: chicken dance. it's a wedding classic. pete: miniature golf day. carley: which we will be celebrating later. pete: national archery day. they are not going to let us do
5:02 am
that. will: i wonder why. pete: sharp object. national decency day as well. carley: it should always be national decency day. pete: it wasn't when trump was president. and national underground america day. i have no idea whether a that means. will: national tower over your co-host day? she makes us look very short. i don't like it. i sit there the whole show how can i sit more upright? carley: you are taller than me in real life. but i think you have a divot where you are sitting. will: i'm blaming that on steve. carley: let me sit here and see. i sink down about 3 inches. pete: try this one i i have a divot, too. will: foreign land over here. pete: look how much shorter she got. will: how long until we stand up. so everybody says that, you know, i'm very tall on tv. but really pete look how short i
5:03 am
look. carley: this is me really. so it's, you know,. will: go back to our place. pete: okay. will: it's going to take a minute hold on. carley: also national musical chairs day. pete: off the rails day. pete: we will get to in a little bit. peter doocy is much taller than you thought. will: speaking of height that's going to come up in just a moment. carley: i don't know how tall he was either. will: starting with this. how about the national shortage of baby formula across the country. it is -- it's spiking and it's spiking in particular places. look at these states where it's the worst. delaware. you are looking at a supply crunch of 54, almost 55 percent as you pointed out carley, the president's home state. tennessee the same, texas, montana nevada are your top five states suffering from a shortage of baby formula. carley: this didn't happen overnight. it's been happening for several months late last year it
5:04 am
started. there was a 16.65% shortage of baby formula nationwide and then let's jump to february. it's 25%. march 28%. april we're getting to 31%. all the way leading up to today where it's 43% shortage. pete: this reminds me of the inflation increation and putin putin price hike all about trend line putin is toward the middle or lagging part of it abbott shuts down the lab because of a recall and some potential concerns which apparently have not come to fruition. but, that's in the middle of what they saw coming, elise stefanik who was a congresswoman tweeted out in february still a congresswoman tweeted out in february this is going to be a real problem coming down the line. you add on top of it that we get a big chunk of our baby formula from china when you have got the administration because of their escalation in ukraine saying there are going to be food
5:05 am
shortages. this was not something that you need a magic wand or some sort of a back to the future car to understand what was going to happen. you could see this coming especially if your job is to anticipate trend lines. that's not our job. that is health and human services, that is the white house instead they are saying how could they have seen this? carley: exactly right. president biden was asked that very question has his handling of this situation been appropriate and he said yeah, not my fault. watch this. >> screw taken those steps sooner before parents gotten to these shelves and couldn't find formula. >> if we had been better mind readers i guess we could have. we moved as quickly as the problem became apparent to us. and we have to move with caution as well as speed. because we got make sure what we are getting is, in fact, first rate product. that's why the fda has to go through the process. will: we talked about this earlier in the 6:00 eastern hour of this show.
5:06 am
it's just you know, we keep saying this week by week, what is going well? now you add on a baby formula supply crunch. carley: third world situation. will: problems are con pounding upon themselves. we know there are pallets of baby formula going to the southern border to deal with the number of infants in u.s. custody. of course we should be taking care of any infant in u.s. custody. buff we should be taking care of american infants as well. take illegal immigration crisis. you want to solve that. help help with the baby formula crisis. maybe decrease illegal immigration. they are compounding one another this administration's incompetency. , what $40 billion going to ukraine. i mean, the choices, the choices combined with the incompetence lead to crisis after crisis after crisis. pete: that they claim they didn't see coming and they didn't fix it and then they let it get out of control and blame everyone else. the market is going to figure it
5:07 am
out eventually and attempt to take credit for it we solved it that's not how real leadership in government. carley: so much mixed messaging. you heard the president say if i had a crystal ball i would have known about that. people in the biden administration, aside from everyone saying we have been on this. we have known that this has been going on. we have been trying to help this situation out behind the scenes. which, of course, isn't true. i mean, just this week the president -- he said that he was going to fix this issue. he releases the plan of sorts, and he said he is going to do several things, increase imports of baby formula from other countries, cut red tape so manufacturers can make more. he also launched a website which has abbott's consumer hotline on it and it also says if you are short on baby formula, you should check with your pediatrician. maybe it could help some people. but, it doesn't seem like a substantial website. but these, of all things, the biden administration had foreseen this crisis, and they did have the ability to do that because the fda knew about it. these are all things that should
5:08 am
have happened months ago. pete: not a substantial website. not as if you could put in your zip code and see the stores where they have similac. send to you 1-800 numbers call and wait on hold for someone though doesn't have answer. classic government. will you mentioned this in the show sometimes it comes down to a word like leadership. that was a word that was mentioned by former first lady melania trump. i had the chance to sit down life post presidency. it will air tomorrow. a portion of what she thought about parents struggling to find baby formula. here's what she said. pete: being out of d.c. and having that time, what do you make of the state of the country right now? >> i think it's sad to see what's going on, really look deeply into it. i think a lot of people are struggling and suffering. and what is going on around the world as well. so, it's very sad to see and i hope it changes fast.
5:09 am
pete: it's been in the news as someone who loves children and has dedicated so much to their betterment. how do you feel when you see shortage of baby formula in families just struggling to get basic items like that? >> it's heart breaking to see that they are struggling and the food is not available for children. in # 1st century, in united states of america. pete: why is it happening? >> leadership. pete: leadership or lack thereof? >> yeah. pete: or lack thereof. she had a lot more to say on top related to leadership in america. her time in the white house. may there be a return to the white house? but also her initiatives post presidency on foster care. it is national foster care month. she is incredibly dedicated to that did it through be best. now it's fostering the future. scholarships for foster kids. only 50% of foster kids graduate from high school.
5:10 am
3% graduate from college. taps 400,000. 20,000 age out every sing yell year, she is laser-focused on that. folk also find it fascinating how involved she is to thatted and dedicated to that issue. carley: noble cause. one of the biggest things that happened to our country. leaked draft opinion. it was leaked to the media about whether or not the supreme court justices are going to overturn roe v. wade. justice clarence thomas recently addressed this. he was speaking in texas. and he gave his opinion on exactly what effect this will have on the supreme court. he says that this leaked opinion will fundamentally change the supreme court forever. watch this. >> it was beyond anyone's understanding or at least anyone's imagination that someone would do that look where we're. we are now that trust or that belief is gone forever.
5:11 am
the -- and when you lose that trust, especially in the institution that i'm in, institution fundamentally. you begin to look over your shoulder. will: last line cut from the clip is it's this leak like infidelity, can you explain it but you can't undo it. talking about the eternal loss of trust within the walls of the supreme court. once this leaker is found and let's muted it this way if this leaker is not found, i'm going to go out on a limb and say it's because he was not supposed to be found. this is not going to be a hard job if you don't find out who did this then i'm going to have many, many more questions about those who are supposed to hold power to account in this country. but, when this person is found, the destruction they have wrought is -- it is really hard to quantify. you are looking on the screen looking at the protest. all the people want to say no,
5:12 am
no. turn to the issue at hand. about the actual underlying supreme court case. yeah, that's important. you have no idea the fallout from justices under cutting the trust not just with each other but with the american penal as well. pete: you raise a great point. where is this person? how have they not found them yet. all the resources and small number of people there is no way they aren't zeroed in on one or two or three people. if you don't have that accountability and do it publicly. will: no doubt. pete: you cannot restore trust not just in the institution at large but also in those chambers where nine people have to have the trust and ability to debate these things les that chamber become like the rest of america, which is incapable of even talking to each other. carley: something else justice thomas said the supreme court. i thought this was so interesting. he said it's like a family. he said it's a dysfunctional family at times but they go to lunch together. they support each other. they trust one another it's good to hear that's how the supreme court is because these are people are varying opinions from
5:13 am
the far left to the right and some people in the middle. still a unit. hope in this country. so sad that this leak is changing that and spoiling it in a way that should have never happened. will: we talked about the fallout. you saw the protests there on the street. bill maher talked about the administration, jen psaki's explanation of these protests. >> certainly the press spokesman at the white house is down with this. jen psaki said asked about this these are people demonstrating outside the houses of the supreme court justices. she said: i don't have an official u.s. government position on where people protest. but we do. it's wrong. it's intimidation. it's against the law. it's not terribly violent obviously. but would you want this outside your house? will: we do have an official
5:14 am
u.s. government position on this. we don't protest outside the homes of judges. carley: it's federal law. there is going to be a big protest that's going to take place in washington, d.c. later today. they are expecting 17,000 people. the protests will likely be specific listen surrounding the supreme court but there is concerns there because there is a fence up but it doesn't cover -- it doesn't encircle the entire building. so, we spoke to a former secret service agent, and he said that's a problem because when there is a barrier there and somebody crosses it, you can apprehend them. if there is no barrier there, then it's sort of the gray area where somebody could go into the you building and do something pretty scary. so that's -- we just pray that everybody has a right to protest but keep it peaceful or keep it public. pete: judges are a special class of people. i will channel rachel who you are in for today, carley. this is third world stuff, intimidation of judges.
5:15 am
carley: that's where you break the law. pete: that's exactly what's happening here. you want to protest outside the court? great. i think you are unfortunately might be' on to something and maybe the court doesn't want this person to be found just like where are the people that left the bombs outside the rnc and dnc january 6th? will: exactly. pete: where are they? that should be the biggest investigation. will: can't find the ones that supposedly put some bombs down? put some bombs down? let me tell you something third world stuff, you are tolerating perhaps encouraging this protest outside of a justice's home you are fomenting food shortages when it comes to infants. you are toying with the type of things that brings down civilization. talk about third world revolt and protests. encouraging this type of behavior? you are on the line. you are the ones living on the
5:16 am
line. pete: threats to democracy all the time. carley: can you say maga king all the way. pete: great maga king. carley: ultra. where is messiah sword. look my pen also is very matchy matchy today. shall we continue to headlines. >> are starting with a fox news alert. we are just learning senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and other g.o.p. senators have made unannounced visit to kyiv to meet with president zelenskyy. senator susan collins john barrasso and john cornyn joining mcconnell on this trip. this photo you see right here shared by a member of president zelenskyy's cabinet includes a post encouraging the senate to pass the $40 billion ukrainian aid bill. that bill is being held up by senator rand paul. hundreds of people running for cover near last night's buck's celtic game in milwaukee. gunshots ringing out outside the arena. police say 17 people were
5:17 am
injured ranging from age 15 years old to 47. police also say 10 people were arrested. all of those shots -- all of those people who were shot are expected to survive. police are still investigating what led up to that shooting. and another alert. the price of gas, once again, reaching a new record high. aaa reporting today the national average of a regular gal rising to $4.45. that is up 15 cents from just one week ago. and nearly $1.50 compared to this time last year. pete: one gallon? carley: the continuing to crocket. joe biden restricts production. diesel holding steady at the record price of 5.56 per gallon. a sour sendoff. jen psaki gets heckled on her tearful last day as white house press secretary. watch this.
5:18 am
>> [shouting] >> the white house across the room? >> [inaudible] >> simon, if you could respect your colleagues and other media and reporters in here that would be greatly appreciated. about that carley. to k why does -- is it very scripted she will only call on certain. carley: yeah. it's interesting because we are talking about today after from can a news reporter simon he has been known for sparring with white house press secretary jen psaki. but, to your point. will: why is he so frustrated? carley: i think he was saying why aren't you calling for people on the back of the room? pete: protocol of who is a priority and who isn't. carley: maybe karin jean pierre will fix that. >> maybe.
5:19 am
pete: earlier in the program commented on remarkable height. will as you will is he super tall tore is steve super short. >> 65, 6'6". carley: she looks like she is standing in a hole. will: standing in a divot next to you. pete: reminded me when peter doocy was on the couch guest hosting "fox & friends." look at that i told you. carley: you know what's funny about that? he is also sitting in the divot. my side. lording over me. will: rachel by the way four years ago. carley: rachel's hair has gotten so much longer. will: you look like a child. pete: i am a child. rachel: were you aware of it? you see the monitor.
5:20 am
pete: you can't talk about it all morning. what am i going to do about it. steve: he is the bow bon -- do you know who i'm talking about? carley: basketball player. pete: we talk but because we love you, peter. you are welcome back on the couch any time. will and i are out one weekend. will: just not while we are here. pete: we both have to be out. he can be on with lawrence both very tall. will: it would even it out. will: and rachel. pete: we are way past where we are supposed to be. but we have got more news. combat to congress a panel of green berets are looking to continue to serve their country on capitol hill. congressman michael waltz is the only green beret in congress and he is looking continue to crease the ranks. coming up. big show still ahead ♪
5:21 am
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will: parents across the nation are panicking this morning as the formula shortage worsens, this is in part due to the shut down of the nation's largest manufacturer abbott labs. one of their facilities in the
5:25 am
midwest to help ease the plan having millions shipped from plant in ireland. while you wait for restock pediatricians dr. diane rest joins us now with tips. you have a practice here in new york city. have you patients already worried and experiencing the shortage? >> yes. yesterday we do telemedicine now half tell medicine where do i get formula. calls from mothers who i do prenatals for literally losing it what happens if i don't make breast milk how am i going to feed my baby? we always say be calm and anxiety is not good for the baby. this is something real. this is a real fear that we're going to run out of formula and how are we going to feed our kids i. will: not just anxiety bad for the baby it's a self-perpetuating problem you start worrying and you don't produce as much breast milk as
5:26 am
you would have. you know your child calm down have enough breast milk right now and a lot of our mothers do both. and we have a lot of mothers who just give formula. so i think in new york city the problem isn't as bad as in the rest of the country so we have a lot of poo san diego goes, when you think about the covid pandemic lot of us got toilet paper we weren't relying on local walmart or amazon. the rest of the country they are and the shelves are bear. will: five states led by delaware, tennessee, texas, montana nevada where you are looking at half the supply is gone. if you find yourself this morning waking up in one of those states or anywhere where do you do. >> i have heard from abbott that instacart is actually the best app. to help you find formula. so, i think there is a small fee for instacart but it's actually been very accurate and where you can locate formula nearby. you should also log in to
5:27 am, they are getting resupplied. the problem is it goes as quickly. now they are preventing hoarding. they are limiting the amount of cans that you buy. last night just out of my own interest i went on amazon and it says like formula is available but then you see the ship date is a week or two weeks from now in my office we got two cases of infall mill delivered which we weren't expecting because there is a shortage. i have been calling families to pick it up at our office. i see on social media that mothers who have extra cans of formula posting it please come, free pickup. i think the one thing is that families have to be flexible about the brand. so they get very fixated started on similac or started on enfamil i have to stay with that for the most part the majority of babies can tolerate most general formulas. will: be more flexible. is there anything else? i know you have some advice on
5:28 am
this as well people looking at creative ways to help solve this shortage and problem? >> so if your baby over s. over six months okay to find toddler formula okay on the market. use that temporarily. in about two weeks it will ease up similac's plant will open again. toddler formula six months or older. if you can't find switch to whole milk and supplement with vitamin. formula supplemented with iron. we want to make sure the babies are getting iron. the biggest thing that i have to say do not dilute the formula. so this is very dangerous. they want to stretch so they put more water in. and that can actual lead to seizures. malnutrition. will: don't dilute the formula. more flexible on the brand. perhaps certain ages to the branding of what it is designed for toddler vs. infant but don't
5:29 am
do homemade. >> don't do homemade. will: don't dilute. dr. denhes. >> thank you for having me. will: next we are joined by panel of green berets setting their sights on congress. ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
5:33 am
pete: welcome back. right now florida representative michael waltz is the only green beret in congress. is he looking to increase the ranks. this morning he joins us with a panel of green berets who are running for congress to discuss their call to serve. they include derek anderson who did six tours of duty before running for congress in virginia. jake collins a purple heart recipient served for more than
5:34 am
two decades running in florida. harrigan west point grad two stars. and both are running in north carolina. a hole lot of dudes on our screen right now. i love it, warriors, gene berets, great to see all of you. congressman, let me start with you. crenshaw has enlisted a lot of navy seals. navy seals get a lot of the headlines. it's time for the quiet professionals. tell me why it's important that green berets be sent to congress? hey, thanks so much, pete, number one i need reinforcements up here. but, number two, look, in the wake of afghanistan, and that debacle, ukraine and that's going on. iran in north korea marching toward a bomb. still the threat of global terrorism and china is our greatest adversary, we need members of congress who understand how to hold the pentagon accountable. how to hold the administration
5:35 am
accountable. more importantly the east those, team work, discipline. look, pete, if we are all willing to die for that flag, we will roll up our sleeves and take the tough votes. so 2022 is going to be the year of the gop veteran if you want to support these guys g.o.p. frontline and most importantly we can't let the seals hog the spotlight we need true quiet professionals in there to get the job done. pete: i knew you would get that in there for sure. let me say, this you are exactly right. nothing like watching a vet or someone wear the uniform ask questions of folks in the pentagon. they are not used to those types of questions. let me go around the horn with the question of why. why you are running and what you hope to do this 'washington, d.c. derek anderson, let me start with you. >> thanks again, pete, for having me. you know, the catalyst for me to run for office and specifically in virginia's 7th congressional district. my home district, was watching
5:36 am
the botched withdrawal in afghanistan. i lost five of my guys, two of my green berets in afghanistan. i was pretty disgusted and disheart wered at the biden administration lack of leadership during and as we have seen since. and so that's what catapulted me into this race to run for congress in virginia's seventh district. the green berets our motto one of them besides quiet professionals free the oppressed. it we see what's going on in our country crime spiking through the roof. whether it's record high inflation. whether it's a border that's causing serious national security issues, after 20 years of war in afghanistan, iraq, and in syria, us green berets decided it was time to step up. after all of that time and seeing everything that was going on, you know, we took an oath to serve and defend our constitution and our country. and so that's why you are seeing so many of my brothers that are up on the screen right now that you are sentencing up when our country is in truly a time of need. pete: for sure, jay collins,
5:37 am
same question. you are running in florida. why are you running? >> first off, pete, thanks for having me on. pete: of course. >> that's a simple question as derek mentioned there. we have seen a lot around the world. we have a lot of unique experiences. when you sit back and watch where our country finds ourself right now. the economy is tanking. inflation is through the roof. our border is a sieve, people are leaking through on daily basis. you talk about the withdrawal from afghanistan and the projected weakness on the international stage, i think you see that those of you was who sacrifice some remember, you know, in our hearts those who sacrificed all. we didn't lose those friends and our allies and give up so many of our freedoms over time to watch our nation torn apart from within by failed leadership and failed policies. in the end, it comes down to those who can should and you know, who is it you send? you send me. we are volunteers ready to serve our nation and continue it. i'm running in florida 15 just northeast of tampa bay. this is our home. it's where our children are going grow up and god willing we
5:38 am
are going to grow old. pete: true you fight over there for the freedoms we cherish over here and we see them slip away. running in north carolina. wife are you running? >> hey, pete, you are a combat veteran. we all know as combat veterans a and as special operators what it means to put service before self. not only do we understand what that means, we have demonstrated it. time and time and time again. the problem that we have today is that we have self-interested career politicians in washington who consistently are putting their own self-interest above the interests of the united states of america and the american people. as we look around and we are leading, we see that we're leading ourselves down the road to failed outcomes. we can't do this anymore. enough is enough. this isn't actually something i think any of us truly want to do. it's something that we are called to do because we want to make sure that we're not part of the first generation of americans that leaves the next
5:39 am
generation of americans behind. pete: yeah, you are right. feeling compelled to enter the race. i hear that a lot from vets. that's not what you thought your path might be but here we are. christian casstelly why are you running? >> i echo what pat said. i feel compelled to run. as a ranger i was thought leadership. i was green beret leadership problem solving. and that's what we bring to the table as green berets. the men on this screen have sacrificed greatly. they have risked everything for our country. and they have a set of skills that we can bring to congress and given that opportunity, i think this is where this is where america needs to get more folks with our type of background activated and, you know, i would like to tell michael waltz we have reinforcements on the way. hold down the fort. we are coming to help you out. pete: i believe it i will note, looking at those photos, you all
5:40 am
have sharper haircuts now than when you had as green beret. [laughter] pete: a right of passage. i get it let's get to one topic real quick around the horn and i will end with you, congressman. we will get the candidates to answer first. here is house majority leader steny hoyer. he was talking about the war in ukraine and energy at home. take a listen to this. >> it's unfortunate that a time of war that we spend all the time blaming our own president. we have the problem because russia second, third producer of petroleum products in the world is an irresponsible, dictatorship, run by one man essentially. i know there is a lot of politics here. but we are at war. pete: derek, go around the horn pretty quick. he says we are at war and criticisms of energy are unfounded. how would you approach that as a congressman? >> that's absolutely ridiculous, pete. at the end of the day, gas prices have been soaring. prior to the conflict in
5:41 am
ukraine. and that's the bottom line. that's a fact. and as the democrats in the biden administration have been doing over and over again, they want to walk away from the fact. they want to, you know, push off the issues on to something else. they are a day late and dollar short on almost everything they get their hands on, whether it's afghanistan, whether it's ukraine, inflation what have you. this is just another ploy by the democrats and specifically the biden administration to really push off the issue and divert from each crisis that they get their hands on. pete: jay, that's a provocative phrase saying we are at war. >> pete, that sure is i'm a big fan of words have meaning. i haven't sure i haven't seen congress vote us into war against russia. let's dial back and look at the numbers. when biden came into office gas was, i believe, 2.38 a gallon. right now find average price of 4.45 a gallon across this country. i believe diesel was 5.56 as you
5:42 am
mentioned earlier? what is biden done? done everything he said he was going to do. neil and all the the far left legislation they are trying to push, they stopped keystone, they have stopped the lease sales on federal and oil. they have stopped drilling on federal lands now the permitting is being viewed through the lens of a social cost. doing exactly what he said he was going to do three words, accountability, honor and integrity. the biden administration is not showing any honor. they have no integrity and in the end he is passing accountability on for every decision he makes and all failures that he is truly responsible for. pete: always somebody else. exactly right. pat, same question. you have been in war. what does that do to say that and place the blame somewhere else? >> well, it's definitely frustrating, pete, i will tell you this: when green berets do is they plan. they plan for every contingency and from a national perspective, having energy independence and not being reliant upon our
5:43 am
foreign adversaries for our energy needs is absolutely paramount. and as the other green berets on this panel have said, president biden has done exactly what he promised to do. and we are now shifting and deflecting blame to a conflict and the reality is -- what the u.s. government is doing and the biden administration is doing is simply asking the american people to suck up these costs on their back right now and deflecting the issue from the true cause which is a lack of preparedness with our national energy policy. pete: christian, exit answer? >> yeah. so i think steny hoyer career politician in congress for 30 years. diversionary tactic take the eyes off the real issue like the crisis at the southern border. we have a lot of issues here at home that need priority and focus and once again, this is just another diversionary tactic which proves is he a career
5:44 am
politician skilled at doing that. pete: congressman, listening to all of this, you must feel like a proud pappa almost. >> look, these guys pete have been shot at literally all over the world. their entire adult lives. and yet they are willing to step up again they will be damned i think i can speak for all of them if we are going to have our kids growing up in a world led by socialists here in the united states or chinese communists around the world. this is a fight for our country's future and these guys are willing to come up here and fight and apply their skills where it matters most. and, again, anybody wants to support them, g.o.p. frontline we need your help. we need your supporting fires. pete: hopefully you do v. reinforce. s all of you. thanks for your prior service and i hope you get another bite at it. really do. thank you all so much. >> all right. thank you. pete: great group of guys right
5:45 am
there. all right, primary season is heating up ahead of the midterms. a live report from pennsylvania where g.o.p. candidates are neck in neck. inflation frustration with prices up everywhere including at the pump and at the grocery store. fox business' jacqui deangelis on the numbers on when it might bum-bum-bum-bum♪
5:46 am
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take a look at this. 71 in class dallas. 70 in chicago. the heat we have been dealing with a couple days left of that showers across parts of the east. florida you are clear right now. see those showers fire again later this afternoon especially along the east coast. the mid-atlantic socked in with the same pattern we have been dealing with. a front moves in on monday brings severe weather behind it clear out that storm that's been plaguing us about a week and things will improve a lot all the moisture we are talking about across the east. none of it across the west. pacific northwest getting moisture southwest areas of texas nothing going and we are heading into dry season here. get ready because we had have that drought continuing to
5:50 am
bureau. here is what today looks like today. 59 for high in dallas. triple digits west texas and across the desert southwest. carley send it in to you inside. carley: thank you. americans are waking up to higher gas prices doesn't end at the pump. consumer prices up 8.3% from a year ago. with eggs costing 25% more. fox business correspondent jacqui deangelis is here to crunch the numbers. jackie, good morning to you. >> good morning. carley: people want to know the most when is it going to end? when will we see relief here. >> unfortunately bad news on that front. the relief is not going to be coming any time soon. the reason i see that is because while we did see the inflation number tick down 2% of the percent. consumer prices are high 11%. producers are going to have to pass that cost tonight consumers. they may not been tapping all of
5:51 am
them on just yet that's where the balance have to come in. carley: producers are feeling the pain that means the consumers are feeling the pain with gas prices specifically the prices have been hovering near all time highs but just this week we have seen this pop and now we are hitting a record high every single day why is that happening? >> $4.45 according to aaa that's the national average. you are right we see it continue to climb this week. one of the reasons historically you would see receivablely this is when gas prices rise. people are getting ready for the summer. they are getting ready for memorial day. this is when they start to hit the road once the temperatures get better and more sun to be out. you will continue to see this happen as we go into july 4th. so now 4. 45 here easily i would say as we head into summer driving season we can see that national average, remember some states are paying even more we could see that at $5. carley: $5. carley: that optically is going to be so bad for the biden administration and also it's
5:52 am
going to be so bad for the american people. can you believe that the biden administration killed those three oil and gas leases. one of them was in alaska and it would allow oil companies to drill on a million acres of -- drilling is exactly what we need right now. why would they do that at this time. >> the reason they are doing that essentially there is not that much appetite from the oil companies to really want to drill those lands. carley: why is that? >> the reason because when this administration came in on day one they started punishing the fossil fuel industry and essentially saying we are coming after you. so if you are a big oil company are you going to invest $5 billion in all of these terminals and drilling projects for the future? that's how much it costs and you have to invest 1 to three years beforehand before can you actually start to see some product. so they are sitting back and saying if you are coming after us, why would we do that? carley: the word we always hear talking to people in the industry uncertainty. not going to spend all this money to be caught up in
5:53 am
litigation or have the biden administration change their minds on something. you saw what happened with the keystone xl pipeline full steam ahead until the biden administration came in and he killed it on his first day in office. >> no one likes uncertainty not only the corporations when they're thinking about investing not only the stock market as we sit back and watch the volatility we have had and consumers don't like it either. so when i sit here and say inflation is going to continue but i don't know exactly how long, i just know it's going to be longer than people expected, that's difficult for families around this country and across this country. let me give you one statistic. looking at inflation, the higher food and gas prices which impact us the most, the administration likes to strip those out. i say those are the most important costs, right? it was costing families about 3500 extra dollars a year and there are new estimates out that say as these prices continue to rise, that number is going up to 5200. that's roughly am are allege extra $433 a month carley. that's substantial for people. carley: i was reading this week that two thirds of the american population was paycheck to
5:54 am
paycheck. so, with that statistic saying that people are going to be spending so much more a month, if you are living paycheck to paycheck, it doesn't matter if r paycheck is 5% more. >> it's not keeping up. with the 8.3%. carley: you know, i think it's really important to drill down on why this is happening. not just to score political points but just so that this never happens again. we hear president biden say ultra maga. maga king, vladimir putin. we know that that's not true. is the reason we're in such an inflationary period right now because of the american rescue plan? >> it's policy-driven, absolutely. we spent too much money as a country for a number of reasons. and essentially at that time if you recall, we had our vaccines. the president could have decided to open up this economy and open up the country. instead he wanted to spend more money. gave people another extra year of benefits and lockdown time which is essentially, i think what ended up destroying us. that part of the policy, the
5:55 am
fiscal policy but also, you know, the policy with the oil and gas drilling, for example, all of these things in aggregate put together is what created this inflationary bubble that we are in now. it's quite a mess. costing people a lot of money. as you say people are living paycheck to paycheck. the other thing i'm seeing is they saved all this cash from stimulus checks and weren't going out during the pandemic. then they came back and started spending that money. it was fun to get back into the swing of things. now they are starting to put things on credit cards again. we are seeing credit card balances go up 20% in march according to the federal reserve. so you start to put that money on credit cards and that's when you get in trouble and that is what i worry about. carley: nobody breaks these issues down better than you. that's why you work all the time on fox business. every time you turn the tv on you will see jackie because she is so great at her job. >> thank you for having me. carley: the biden administration favorite come back term you just heard it ultra maga it turns out it was months in the making. dan bongino gives us his unfiltered take coming up next.
5:56 am
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♪ ♪ i want the whole world to kno- ♪ i want you back, and i wouldn't have it any other way ♪♪ pete: peter doocy. will: why is he choked up on that? [laughter] we can't even give him a medal, they're not even on the grip. pete: good point. i didn't catch that. come on, finish it off, rick.
6:01 am
[laughter] carley: playing hockey with it. with. will: welcome to fox and friends on this saturday morning, the fourth and final hour where we'll be having a putting competition. i feel like we do that every quarter -- pete: often. carley: so we were talking in the break, i asked you, do you want to talk about your trophy a little more? pete: i'm about to take it back. carley: i will ask the both of you golf, and you were both lukewarm on the sport. will: last night jesse watters was talking about, yeah, golf, it's something we all do, and i just sat quietly because, i mean, i don't really golf. carley: that's okay. will: one of my only friends that doesn't golf is right there. [laughter] pete: and i was admitting it's only recently when people ask me, especially other men, i just now say, no. i used to say, oh, yeah, not that often, not that well. will: i still once a year kind
6:02 am
of thing. [laughter] it's a hard thing to admit. you're right, like you hang on to that because everybody plays golf. all dudes play golf -- carley: my husband's in your camp. will: he doesn't play? carley: not really. he'd rather throw are a football on the beach or something. pete: i'm with him on that all the way. i also have that problem with hunting, because i didn't grow up hunting. i have hunted, i enjoy hunting, but i could never describe heis. will: slightly different. it would have been as though i played golf when i was younger, i didn't, but i did hunt. i did often when i was younger -- carley: what were you hunting? will: duck mostly. and deer, but duck was the one that i loved. carley: would you turn the deer into jerky? what's that process like?
6:03 am
i've always wondered. do you want to blow out the hou- will: why specifically jerky? carley: because i had a friend who in high school gave me bags of jerky. will: was he hitting on you in. pete: that wouldn't be a thought at all. [laughter] want to be friends? carley: that would be the most unique way of hitting on me ever. will: i think he was, i think he was saying -- pete: in the south, i would presume. you can use this animal. i'm a hunter and a gatherer. [laughter] carley: maybe he was. i don't know. will: he definitely was, and unfortunately for him, it definitely did not work out, clearly. carley: i didn't get the hint. yeah, i'm going to be the noodling on that for a while. will: all right. pennsylvania's primary race heating up. carley: gop front-runner mehmet oz, david mccormick remain
6:04 am
they can and neck. pete: it is a fascinating race. alexandria hoff is live in chester county, pennsylvania, this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this race really got turned on its head, two big names breaking, spending records. and now a wildcard. we're at a breakfast for kathy barnett. she has been surging in the polls. kathy bar "in depth", she was on a -- barnett, she was on a shoe string budget. she really has seen a rise many recent weeks. former president trump says he does not think she can win the general in april. he endorsed dr. mehmet oz. oz was polling member and neck with businessman and former george w. bush treasury official david mccormick. the three are now virtually tied with a large percentage of republican voters still up decided. there's just pour days now to make a case. >> on the socialist democratic policies under joe biden, they've been a disaster for our
6:05 am
minority communities. so the policies, america first policies have been great for minority populations, and that's the case i'll make in the general election. >> i've been able to stand on my own two feet very proudly and live up to the promise of my campaign which is to identify why washington's getting it wrong, why are hay not aligned with our values. and is knowing that i can go to washington and be bold for our commonwealth is what everyone that i talk to is looking for. >> democrats told the americans and specific create people in pennsylvania, they're beginning to realize that utopia's not all that it's cracked up to be. these are very real issues, and hay want those things addressed. >> reporter: now, whoever wins the republican primary will likely face off against john fetterman. he is the current lieutenant governor. i do want to mention morning former president trump lent his endorsement to a candidate for governor, he's a republican. and actually this afternoon kathy barnett is set to be an
6:06 am
event with him, is so a lot of intermingling here in terms of endorsements, but this race is on fire, and we really don't know where it's going to go, guys. will: all right, thank you for that. it is a fascinating race. pete: you've got mccormick and mehmet oz going after each other, the trump endorsement in there as well. and here comes kathy barnett which speaks very well to the base, and people are motivated -- carley: and the reason she's been rising in the polls is really because of the abortion issue because her mother was raped when she was 11 years old. kathy barnett is the product of that, and she is staunchly pro-life. given the climate we're in right now, she really speaks to that issue, and she speaks to a lot of pro-life people. will: it is the fascinating, and it is something we will watch because there's so many layer withs. there are questions with about mehmet oz, his consistency to conservative principles on trans issues -- carley: on pro-life too.
6:07 am
will: which i pressed him on personally one night on prime time. on many issues, the trans issues, gun issues, abortion -- pete: then you have the endorsement on top of it. will: you get the endorsement of trump, so it is fascinating. i have overused that word -- carley: can i just use it one more time? something else that's fascinatorring is this new line of -- fascinating is this new line of attack that president biden has been using this week. things may be bad right now, gas prices are high, there's no baby formula in this country, but if the ultra-maga king were many power, things would be way worse. >> not going to stand by and not call out what he sees as ultra-maga behavior, ultra-maga policies. >> let me tell you about this ultra-maga agenda. i never expected the ultra-maga
6:08 am
republicans to have been able to control the republican party. what does the maga crowd want to do and the ultra-maga republicans under my predecessor, the great maga king. will: so that's what the democrats have been workshopping for apparently six months. they like the sound --@. pete: six months they've been workshopping that? will: they're been workshopping a lot of different terms to appeal to you while there's a baby formula shortage and a host of other crises. so to break it all down, let's bring in the host of unfiltered with dan bongino. dan bongino joins us this morning. it's been too long. >> yeah, it has been -- will: good to see you. >> good to see you too. this goes to prove an operating hypothesis i've had for a long time, that the dumbest human beings around the united states have managed to coalesce around
6:09 am
the same political space. imagine, right, six months. i could have gotten my mba in six months if i just would have sped up the process a little bit. six months you're sitting around a table thinking about this tactic, and you're like, okay, so is trump ran on maga. now, here's the question, are they working 8-hour days? that's a lot of math, okay? is. [laughter] so you're sitting around 8 hours a day, 8 hours a day and finally, i got it! will: ultra. [laughter] >> i got it! ultra-maga! these other dickwads in the room are like, that's it! [laughter] listen, to the donor if class on the democrat side that keep funding your money, keep doing this. keep sending your money to these people. just don't send them actual candidates that may win. will: hey, do you think they had, like, a focus group and a
6:10 am
multiple choice, one of them was super, one of them was ultra, and hay got to check the box and they came back, well, it's ultra. and everybody was like -- [inaudible conversations] >> right. i mean, was this a series of -- did they do a smart analysis? ultra-maga, guys, this is it. how do we mitigate a threat? we go with ultra-maga. listen, here's the golden rule of tactics, right? whenever your political opponent or any opponent is doing what you want them to do, they're probably doing the right thing, right? because you want them to do it. here's the hi hilarious part, again, you could have got a college degree in that time. the minute they came up with, a bunch of maga people on twitter put it into their advertising. that's how dumb these people are. hay ghei us a new -- gave us a
6:11 am
new thing to run on. what a bunch of baffoons. pete: if you play your cards right, dan, carley might -- [laughter] she's able to do that. trump republicans. why do they spend so much time haggling over the words as opposed to, say, fixing inflation or addressing the border or, you know, providing baby formula? it's all about equity versus equality. are we pro-choice, are we pro-decision, are we ultra-maga. that that's where they're debating. >> well, because les a difference here. there's a larger point. good republicans, not the swampy ones, they run on real ideas. we want to cut your taxes, why? because we think you can spend your money better than the government. you finance the schools, and we think school choice matters, right? we believe you should control your health care because who knows your body better than you, correct? that's what we believe. the democrats run on war games
6:12 am
and euphemisms. they don't run on we love illegal immigration, although we know they do, they have an open board. they run on undocumented americans. they're not undocumentedded, it's illegal. then they run are on things like we're pro-choice, they're not pro-choice, they're pro-abortion. and hen you have joe biden now, he runs on rich people should pay their fair share. what he doesn't el you is the top 20% of taxpayers pay over 80% of the taxes now. do you ever notice it's constantly a word game? will: yeah. >> that's why the words matter. we can run on an agenda. they can't run on anything other than b.s., that's all they have. will: manipulating language has been hair primary tool for winning -- their primary tool for winning for quite some time. i'll turn this over to you, but in a way you almost can't blame them because it's a party that has had a disco feel.
6:13 am
the music has just stopped, and i think people are just seeing through it now. carley: the latinx term, james carville even called them out on that. go for it. >> carley, that's an awesome point. -- that's how crazy they are. they are so beholden to people like aoc on twitter and not just her, but others in the squad, they know the polling on latinx, it's devastating. hispanic voters don't want to be treated like a bunch of npc robots, noncontrollable players, you know? they want to be treated as human beings. they double down. it doesn't matter. they are beholden to that because they are soar the pied, chuck schumer, of -- terrified, chuck schumer, of getting primaried. heir going right off the cardiff -- can cliff, and they don't care.
6:14 am
will: they also added they're not doing it for the latino or hispanic community, they're doing it for themselves. it's about projecting their own version to their own small circle. carley: 1 or 2% -- will: they're going to keep doing it because it's a narcissistic tool. >> will, if you were to ask any hispanic voter, by the way, that's an artificial box. you have people from puerto rico, central america, that's just ridiculous, what does that even mean? treat people like individuals, with some dignity, right? but if you want to ask them today what are your priorities right now being discussed in public as latinx or paying $2 2 the concern a gallon for gas, i can also guarantee now 98% of human beings are like i don't even know that latinx is, i don't even care. pete: you're right. and that's why coming november of 2022 they might be in for a
6:15 am
huge wake-up call. they don't seem capable of learning. dan, your show tonight. give us a preview of "unfiltered." >> well, pete is on. we address the crack pipe story which is just hilarious. dr. peter mccullough, the issues with the vaccine on the brain and the circulatory system. there's a really hot debate with leslie marshall and government desan desantis -- desantis on his war on communism. finally we have a governor saying, no, we're going to teach in school the horrors of communism, governor desantis in florida, and he talks about that diss. -- decision. it's a big one. inspired my monologue. we've got to stop doing the same stupid stuff over and and over again, and it involves history and education. he's on to address it, and thanks for doing it, as always, pete. and i address your with book,
6:16 am
i'm going to plug it for you. speaking of education and history, pete's book, i got a sneak peek at it, it's incredible, folks. we don't fix our education system, all the voting isn't going to do a damn thing. teach kids about cub. pete: for sure. and that's what ron desantis is doing, in addition to sticking up to the woke mob. we have one governor to thank for that. dan can, thank you for the plug. >> your book is a game-changer. people read it, they will never look at this again, the education system, again. pete: i appreciate that. the book is "the battle for the american mind." thank you very much, dan. >> you got it, guys. pete: turning now to a few additional headlines, fox news alert are, breaking news, senate minority leader mitch mc mcconnell and other gop senators have made a trip to
6:17 am
kyiv. joining mcconnell, photo shared by a member of president zelenskyy's cabinet, includes posts encouraging the senate to pass the $40 billion spending bill. that bill is being held up by senator rand paul. the nation's baby formula shortage reaching crisis mode, and while many say the situation was months in the making, joe biden is saying this: >> -- before parents got to these shelves and couldn't find formula? >> if we'd been better mind readers, i guess we could have. pete: if only they could read minds on anything. texas, tennessee and arizona among states the hardest hit, including delaware. more than half of all formula out of stock in those the states. and a k-9 officer named rio hanging up his char after years of service with -- collar after
6:18 am
years of service. this video going viral online. rio and his handler, corporal kyle reilly, joined us earlier. >> rio's been serving with our city for eight and a half years. his mere presence alone kind of deters a lot of crime. he's excited to now go to retired life. [laughter] pete: we're not laughing at dog, we're laughing at a really corny joke by our stage manager. will: do the joke. did you ask the dog, how was your career? carley: he actually got up off the couch and said his career was ruff. amazing moment. will: you know it's funny. he's over there -- [laughter] carley: eight years of being a k-9 police dog. pete: it's not clear we mow how the dog really feels about this.
6:19 am
will: put it on lawrence. it's funny, right, lawrence? if. >> a little grin. [laughter] carley: just a little grin. pete: that's who's up on "fox & friends." more show coming up. [laughter] ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer;
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♪ carley: a former reuters data researcher claims he was fired for calling into question the black lives matter movement. in an op-ed on barry weiss' common sense, he said it all started after he corrected blm with statistics showing police shootings actually killed more unarmed white people than black people. reuters ' reaction was swift. quote, my boss chastised me telling me expressing this opinion could limit my ability to take on leadership roams within the company. then -- roles. then i was maligned by my colleagues, then i was fired. here to react, host of lawrence jones cross country, reporter lawrence jones. >> good morning. carley: his story's unbelievable. he's a data scientist, so he's a number cruncher.
6:24 am
he crunched the numbers and said, you know, what blm is saying to people isn't the actual reality. he was fired because of that. >> i think people should probably expect this today, and i think it's important to note he's not a conservative or libertarian east. -- either. he's a progressive. but his job is to look at the data and make assessments from that. and i think in large, you know, i don't think there's much disagreement with black america with his data. i think what people are talking about mostly is different encounters and hose bad apples within different police departments. but because he decided to support his information and challenge black lives matter which is really -- the movement may with supported by black america, but the organization itself doesn't have much black support. i think if they would have just went with that and let the man do his job, we wouldn't be in this predicament. but again, he was ripped -- carley: that's right. and this is another quote9 from
6:25 am
the article that a he wrote with. he said in one story reuters reported on police in kenosha, wisconsin, shooting jacob blake in the back but failed to mention that they did so only after he grabbed a knife and looked like he was going to lung at -- lunge at them. he saw a shift in reuters' reporting on black encounters with police officers, and reuters supposed to be an objective muse source. and he was seeing this fundamental shift in how they started to omit details and sort of false reporting started to seep in, and that changes the american opinion on it. >> and to be clear, jacob blake, the person accused in that story, admitted to it. i don't understand why this has become so controversial. and, again, i think when these media organizations become the propaganda arm of the democratic party and activist group, they're putting reporters who want to be genuine reporters in
6:26 am
a tough spot. i think there's more reporters like him but just don't have the courage to speak up. carley: police departments are getting defunded across the country. we saw that happen in 2020, and there's so much crime as a result. a lot of black people are dying right now, and his whole point is this is happening due to false reporting. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, two weeks ago i did a whole monologue about this and where does black america stand when it comes to the defund the police movement. of course, all the polling shows there's actually more white people that support the movement, but if you look at mainstream media outlets, they would suggest that black folks are the ones supporting this. they know these facts. i mean, i'm not breaking any i'm of news here. heavy just got a narrative that they've got to support. carley: cross country coming up later tonight. tell us about this week's show. very interesting. >> les a big show. we've got -- we've been following these migrant planes consistently coming in the middle of the night. we stopped to follow the bus where they go. the migrants that are here in
6:27 am
the country decided to call the police on me and our camera crew. so, again, at least they acknowledge the law, they just decide not to -- carley: so to be clear, the illegal immigrants were emboldened enough to call the police on you. >> that's right. it got a little -- they said that we were harassing them. carley: and that's not true. >> who this group is, you'll find out on the show. also mama jones is joining us live tonight at 10 p.m. eastern. carley: talking about -- >> she has an interesting story. mama jones is my mother. carley: we love her. >> she got pregnant with me at 16, but all the pro-life, pro-choice stories -- carley: your show is always so good. i'm not just saying this because you're right many front of -- in front of me, this seems like a must-see episode. definitely watch the show. all right. the pyre bombing at a pro-life organization has some asking why
6:28 am
the attack isn't considered terrorism by the doj. senator ron johnson says this is the very definition of domestic violence extremism. he is next. plus, get back to work. we're going to share elon musk's warning as americans hope to keep up with china. vivek ramaswamy reacts. a fast walker. thanks, gary. and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilosec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pep- [narrator] it'sf fa mixed up world. and the way we work looks a little different. but whether you embrace the new normal or just want to get back to the routines that feel right,
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pete: fire bombing at a pro-life organization in wisconsin has some asking why isn't the attack being considered terrorism by the department of justice. and now as a activists descend on the supreme court justices' homes over the leaked roe v. wade draft opinion, the gop is taking a stand. republican senator senator ron johnson calling out the federal government for failing to address these attacks by the far left writing, quote: there are currently mobs outside of the residences of supreme court justices, and once again doj,
6:33 am
fbi and dhs have yet to condemn these activities. senator ron johnson joins us now. senator, thanks for being here. we're talking molotov cocktails, graffiti, arson attacks at a pro-life organization in your state of wisconsin, yet seeming any -- seemingly nothing. >> well, good morning. and, of course, there are parents showing up at school board meetings concerned about incock try nateing our -- indoctrinating our children. here's the pbi's deaf initiation an i'd lodge create-driven criminal act made in furtherance of a domestic ideological goal. i think throwing a molotov cocktail into a pro-life office fits that definition. but apparently the fbi director, merrick garland and the president of the united states do not. heir not even speaking out against it, and i don't know what kind of resources they're putting into investigating the
6:34 am
person ration -- perpetration of that act versus the largest fbi investigation of the people who walked into the capitol with doors open for them. pete: exactly right. you wrote the letter, and it's not as if we don't know who this pro-abortion group is, it's reported to be jane's revenge. so we know who's doing this, we know it's ideologically motivated, yet it is silence are. why would they choose, a, not to say anything and potentially do very little? >> because, unfortunately, we conot have equal justice in this country. you take a look at the kid glove approach to the 2020 summer rioters. our sitting vice president actually encourage canned people to donate to the bailout funds of the minneapolis rioter. you take a look, again, how they are putting -- by the way, i condemn the violence of january 6th, but there are so many people who just showed up peacefully protesting, and
6:35 am
they've been targeted. you have an unequal level of justice in this country. take a look at how they're, how they delayed justice with hunter biden, for example. pete: do we know anything about this particular case? have the suspects, the perpetrators been arrested, identified? what do we mow? i mean, this is -- know? this is an arson fire bombing attack on a specific location. have you gotten any details? >> as far as i know, we just know name of the group, jane's revenge. i don't know to what extent the federal officials are even aiding the madison police department or anything else. that's why i'm asking in my letter, you know what? what are you going to do to investigate and bring these perpetrators to justice? p. pete: president have you ever seen anything like this? i think you correctly draw the contrast between some people who happen to walk into the capitol vis-a-vis these direct threats to people. any sense that anything will be
6:36 am
done to protect the justices? >> i certainly hope so but, again, i'm not a lawyer, but my understanding of the law is it is illegal to swim candidate a judge, and certainly a supreme court justice, to get them to change their ruling. what else would you call a mob outside the supreme court justice's house? that's intimidation, it's illegal are. it should be condemned by the president, by his spokesperson. it should be investigated, it should be stopped by federal law enforcement. and it's not. pete: well, senator, if you get an answer to your letter or any additional information on attack against pro-life groups, leapt us know. we'd love an update. we appreciate you being all over it. senator ron johnson, thank you. >> have a good day. pete: you too. will, over to you. will: thank you, pete. elon musk stirring up pot, slamming americans' work ethic while offering praise for chinese manufacturers. >> i think there the will be some very strong companies
6:37 am
coming out of china. just a lot of super talented, hard working people in china. they'll be burning the 3 a.m. oil. they won't even be able to leave the factory type of thing whereas in america people are trying to avoid work at all. will: here to react, author of the upcoming book "nation of victims," vivek ramaswamy. good morning. what's your reaction? >> yeah, look, i think that there's a lot of truth to what he says about the united states. we do have this epidemic of laziness in the united states, and i think a lot of executives are afraid to speak out about it. but i think it's the truth. part of it's the generational change, part of it's the post-covid government relief change, but i don't think you have that culture in china. however, i do think we have some advantages here in the united states that we can harness. we have, at least generally, a free society where free exchange of ideas is welcome. that that fosters creativity.
6:38 am
and if while a lot of chinese workers may be burning 3 a.m. oil, that doesn't mean they live in a culture that fosters creativity. i think we need to harness the best of those worlds, both a strong work ethic but also our culture of creativity. i think that's going to be the rocket fuel that allow to ares us to be more competitive than china. that's what i'd like to see. will: we also have a culture of risk tolerance that traditionally exists here. real quick before we move on, hey, why do you think the netflix purchase has been put on hold? is this elon looking to back out of the deal? >> you're talking about the twitter purchase, of course, by elon musk. so, look, i would be disappointed if this was elon walking it back. i think there are some skeptics who say the stock market decline, maybe he wants to use to negotiate a better purchase price. elon musk is a long-term thinker, he's not going to be messing around having won the deal that he wanted to win. buying a company like this is
6:39 am
not a small undertaking, and you don't try to renegotiate on the basis of small factor, so i think that's just incorrect speculation. i think he's going to follow through with the purchase. i'll personally be disappointed by this -- will: i would as well. i don't care what the purchase price ends up being with, but i'd be very disappointed in him exiting the deal. netflix has a memo that went out to their employees that said the following: we are offering a diversity of stories even if we find some titles counter to ore own personal values. you may need to work on titles you perceive to be harmful. netflix may not be the place for you. what do you think, vivek? >> look, i think the cultural tide in this country is changing and changing for the better. i have not been a fan of a lot of what netflix has said in its corporate culture in the past, but i will applaud any company that rights the ship in the correct direction as i think they are here. and part of what's driving this
6:40 am
and part of what is going to continue to drive this over the course of this year, will, i predict is the stock market decline, is the recent cash -- crash in growth stocks, the fact that stock price performances of companies across the world, across the sectors are suffering. and in times of necessity, companies have to the go back to first principles. the private sector, especially the growth sectors, have been really suckling at the teat of the u.s. fed if i may say it that way for the last 10 years, and now that the fed has started tightening monetary policy and the stock market's reacted as a consequence, we're going to see discipline. short-term economic pain? no doubt. but i think this could actually be good for u.s. corporate culture over the next 10 years as long as we don't see crony wailouts like -- bailouts like we did in 2008. i know there's a lot there, but there's a deep link on the cultural issues that could see us winning on the other side of it. will: that extends not just to individuals, but e --
6:41 am
corporations as well. your name's been associated with a new start-up called strive, and it's attempting to help, i believe, focus corporations more on shareholder value. tell us about it. >> yes. it's focused on corporations on the shared pursuit of excellence. one of the things that netflix mentioned in its recent memo to its employees. this is a new cultural movement. we're doing it by competing directly with the three largest asset managers in the world, blackrock, vanguard and state street. they have over 20 trillion, but then they go to corporate america and use everyday client money to advocate for political agendas that most americans would actually disyee. we're bringing -- disagree with. we're bringing a different voice to the table telling companies to focus exclusively on excellence for the customer. i predict that's going to change the tide -- can. will: money without strings attached. as you point out, excellence. fascinating. great to talk to you this
6:42 am
morning. >> thank you. good to talk to you. carley: all right. headlines starting with a fox news alert, hundreds of people running for cover at last night's bucs/celtics game in milwaukee. police say 17 people were injured ranging in age from 15 years old to 47. police also say 10 people were arrested. all of those shot -- all of those people shot were expected to, are expected to survive. police are still mtving what led up to that shooting. and another alert, the price of gas once again reaching a new record high. aaa reporting today the national average for a regular gallon of gas rising to $4.45. that's up 15 cents from just one week ago and nearly $1.50 compared to this time last year. the price continuing to skyrocket as inflation rises, and president biden restricts oil and gas production. the price of diesel holding
6:43 am
steady at the record price of $5.56 per gallon. the white house directing a blatant error on their official twitter account. a post saying there was no vaccine available when president biden took office. republican lawmaker dan crenshaw responding with, quote: will the new ministry of truth be fact checking this absurd propaganda from the white house, delete this tweet and stop disgracing the office? well, the white house eventually corrected their mistake claiming they should have said vaccines were not widely available. all right. let's hand it over to rick reichmuth with a look at our weather. rick: carley wait, i have a question for you. did you come here to see fox news or go to the american girl store down the street? >> fox news. rick: whoa! nicely done. i wasn't expecting that. well cone. e take a look at the weather
6:44 am
map. warm temperatures again, another hot day across places like chicago down towards kansas city. memphis, you've been so hot, that heat is still with us. eventually, we'll cool down. it's going to clear out this pesky storm we've been dealing with off the coast of the mid-atlantic that's brought this cloudy weather, windy conditions. that'll be out of here by the time we get through monday, but we've got to get through there before things calm down. today a little bit of severe weather, nothing that's going to be causing real big problems. tomorrow though a new threat of severe weather especially where you see that orange color across parts of the mid mississippi river valley. back to you inside. carley: thanks, rick. pete shares more of his one-on-one interview with former first lady melania trump tomorrow, you do not want to miss that incredible sit-down. but first, another career in mind before he was drafted to play pro football, and he also
6:45 am
mastered the -- he'll tell us why he wanted to be a firefighter hen he joins us live coming up next. ♪ ♪ trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. ♪...and i'm feelin' good. ♪ no once-daily copd medicine... has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia,
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and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at
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will: it is week five of the usfl, and today you can see the new orleans break, take on the new jersey generals at 3 p.m.
6:49 am
eastern, and tomorrow the maulers take on the gamblers 4 eastern, both games on fox. carley: that's right. meanwhile, the birmingham stallions remain undefeated with help from our next guest. he takes on the philadelphia stars tomorrow at noon on nbc. pete: joining us now is birmingham stallions' linebacker and usfl star scooby wright. scooby, thanks for being here. i mean, i would expect nothing less than a tank top. we appreciate that. [laughter] that's phenomenal. there he goes, repping the shar- will: i see it. >> the shark dog tank. representing the brand -- pete: as you should. talk to us about, you were set to be a fire fighter, and then you got a hot at the usfl. talk to us about how you landed on the field. >> yeah. last time playing was in 200 the right before the pandemic, and then right after the pandemic started i was, decided to take
6:50 am
some fire fighting prerequisite classes and then entered the academy in july. i graduated in december and passed with flying colors, and i went to a handful of trainings at my volunteer station in california, back in sonoma. yeah, i was real close, ab to be go be a fire fighter, i was about to get my emt and embarking on that next career. will: what did the they tell you about coming on "fox & friends"? did they tell you you might be encountering your biggest fans outside of birmingham? [laughter] are you aware that pete and i are big scooby wright fans? >> i was not -- will: we do highlights every weekend. pete: i think that's true, by the way. will: how'd you get the nickname scooby? >> so my government name is anthony wright iii, so my grandpa was 5-7, and my dad's
6:51 am
little phil out of all three of us. when he was growing up, they'd call him little phil, so it's too confusing, so when i was a baby, my dad dubbed me as scooby, and it just stuck. high school graduation -- carley: it fits you perfectly. so i understand that you were in the npl, you were also in the xfl, now the usfl. what steps are you -- what sets this apart? >> probably the way it's set up. everything's in birmingham, it's in one city. you don't have to travel, and it's more just about football, so i appreciate it more. pete: get to be on the field, get to see it, you also get to see your celebration. you're wearing the shirt -- [laughter] you have to tell us what is a shark dog, and how did you come up with this -- i think we'll show some video of it. where did it come from? [laughter] >> so i got it a tattooed on me, i have a shark, a half
6:52 am
shark/half dog tattoo. it's the head of a great white, body of my dog. he's a 120-pound mastiff pit. [laughter] that's in california. so, yeah, one cay i was watching shark week, and it kind of morphed into this. i ran with it and just kept building on it. yeah. [laughter] carley: how did you get to the point where you're doing the celebration -- [laughter] i understand this is the dog part. will: the truth is our lower third on the screen was blocking that, and i've seen you do it, and pete's going to get mad at me, back in the '90s the cowboy withs had a guy -- kenny gant -- but you had the tail, i think. it was hard to see. the other hand is your dog tail. >> oh, yeah. so you've got one in front, one behind. let people know it's a tail. carley: naturally. [laughter] pete: what brings out the shark
6:53 am
dog? is it a huge tackle, you know, behind the line of scrimmagesome you had six big tackles in that game. when do you decide to bust it out? >> yeah. probably a third down play, turnover, turnover on downs type deal. right place, right time. has to be more of -- carley: how do your teammates feel about the shark dog? >> i don't know, i think they like it. i think we're all just having fun. this is a great group of guys on our defense, some great playerses, and we're all just, honestly, having fun with one another. that's why i'm having fun. carley: that's awesome. will: yeah. i think that's actually fascinating because we were at a game a few weeks ago, a lot of guys looking to get back into the nfl perhaps, love of the game, having fun, exactly like you're talking about. looks like you're having fun. we're having fun watching you, man. carley: congratulations. will: yeah. >> yeah, no, thank you very much is. after going away from football and being away from it for the past two years, totally different perspective and appreciation for it, so i'm
6:54 am
happy to be out there. pete: you -- is it okay if i try to do the shark dog right now? will can join me? will: you don't want to make it anticloy mack tick. -- anticlimactic. >> exactly, what you just said, right place, right time. [laughter] pete: that right there? this is the plug -- shark dog. just read it. carley: i don't have a prompter. all right. you can watch -- 3 p.m. eastern time and the pittsburgh maulers versus the houston gamblers tomorrow -- pete: we love scoop by. thanks, scooby. carley: more "fox & friends" after this. ♪ [cheers and applause]
6:55 am
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6:59 am
putt putt to end the show. what are the rules? pete: as always, our own vanna white holding the "fox & friends" trophy and our green jacket. rick: let me just be very clear. you guys were making fun of me for my shot. you can't really hold the golf were club normally. pete: okay. will: we want to thank betty's bounce houses -- pete: first one to make it? [inaudible conversations] will: up and running. president president you can't just start early. carley: my shoe -- rick: cheating in no. hole in one, pete. pete: okay, here we go. [inaudible conversations] rick: wide open. oh, will almosted had something interesting but not quitement
7:00 am
and we officially have 20 the seconds left, and there is no winner which means -- pete: watch shot. carley: oh, what is that? rick: will you go. will: i've won every golf competition. betty's bounces once again. rick: we'll sew you tomorrow. ♪ >> these prices, it breaks people's pockets, and we've got to -- >> it's just incredible right now. we have to do double work. we can't afford it. it's really hard, it's hard. >> people have to decide how heir going to distribute their income. more of it's going towards transportation costs and food, but -- and what about rent? do to you spend it on gasoline? >> gasoline has gone way up a


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