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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 14, 2022 9:00am-11:00am PDT

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(vo) every business, big or small, coast to coast, needs internet that can keep up with its demands. verizon has fast, reliable internet solutions nationwide. so you can power your business to do more. find the perfect solution for your business. >> more than a thousand pro choice protesters are expected to march down the national mall here in washington d.c. today. we'll come back to that in just a moment. first, let's get to the primaries, contentious primary race ins multiple states going up tuesday in pennsylvania, and three top contenders, the candidates in north carolina making final pitches to voters. welcome to fax nice-- fox news live, i'm jacqui
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heinrich. griff: i'm griff jenkins, good to be back. rich edson is in pennsylvania. and let's go to chester, pennsylvania, hey, alex. >> hey, yes, this has been a plot twist in pennsylvania. big names and big money at no point had a republican candidate to be the front runner, there's dr. oz and kathy barnett made this a three-way tie. >> now i'm surging. that's their word. [applause] >> no one thought it. no one thought it. they were all focused on the two men in the race and no one thought it. >> kathy barnett is at a
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breakfast this morning and operating on a shoe-string budget. the celebrity mehmet oz held a rally and said this about barnett. >> we know little about her pass, they cannot win in november. every time kathy tries to answer a question leads to more questions which is why she's not answering more questions. >> and this is the financial treasure official, mccormick says there's no room on onto job training. >> any of these-- into this role on day one, i know what to do, i've had the experiences that helps me understand the direction, and so, it's really about those experiences and perseverance. >> now from here kathy barnett
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is headed to an event with doug mastriano. and we asked barnett if the fact that she's tied to mastriano and he has trump's endorsement, she says she's excited where this is going. griff: thank you. jacqui: a front runner in the democratic senate primary as members in the keystone state embrace a progressive candidate over a moderate one. the latest from pittsburgh has this primary race enters the final days. >> good afternoon, jackie, it was supposed to be the model for a democrat winning a swing state of pennsylvania just like president biden did, running a moderate, centrist candidate to bring in the middle of the road vote and that is supposed to be congressman lamb here, supposed to win in the western part of
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the state. boy, is he down to the lt. governor fedorman and in a poll, lamb trails 53-14 with nearly a quarter of the electorate undecided. now, he maintains that the more progressive candidate is a major impediment to winning a state like pennsylvania. >> you had to win independent and moderate republicans. and that's not a luxury item, it's something you have to be successful. i'm the only candidate in the state that's done it and i've done it in red areas. >> he maintains his progressive politics can recap tour blue color workers that left the party for former president biden and republicans and he's drawing a major distinction between his philosophy and that of the more centrist members of the party. >> to do transformative good that's stopped by a senator like joe manchin.
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i'm not criticizing him, i'm just saying i would vote differently. >> we haven't heard from fetterman recent. the campaign says he's not feeling well and we don't have any information beyond that, how he's feeling or what's the problem, but this is part of the process that democrats, much like republicans, are trying to work out. whether you tack to one side, go more towards the center try to win a state down the middle like pennsylvania. jacqui: that's, rich. griff. griff: in the tar heel state, ted bud seems to be solidifying the closest competitor. and charles watson is in north carolina with the latest, hey, charles good afternoon, griff. he's trying to hold onto that lead as the eventually republican nominee to run for retiring burr, and we've seen him making campaign stops and
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rubbing elbows on the blue color issues. we got out here in lincolntown and he said that his opponent should be nervous about him because he has the endorsement from president trump and puts america first principles. in the latest fox news approved pole, bud holds a sizable lead and former governor pat mcquarry. the former governor is trying to gain ground with an attack ad, and president biden roundly unpopular with conservatives. madison cawthorne is fighting for reelection and the biggest from chuck edwards who has the
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backing of g.o.p. elders in the state, including senator thom tillis, this follows a series of media blunders and two gun-related incidents at airports that have soured cawthorne's relationship with republicans at home and in washington. and has the full backing of former president trump, but the president decided to back away from cawthorne with a continuing list of controversies that seems to come by. >> charles watson, and in north carolina, charles, thank you very much. it's a republican delegation led by mitch mcconnell met with president volodymyr zelenskyy and other leaders in an unannounced visit to kyiv. zelenskyy calling the trip a strong signal of bipartisan support from ukraine from the united states congress and the
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american people. >> live images from the southern federal border as a federal judge ruled to put title 42 in place, after there's repeal of the policy. this as border officials prepare for an expected my dprant surge if that policy is rolled back at the end of this month. bill melugin with the latest for us from eagle pass, texas. >> jacqui, even with title 42 in place we're seeing all down here in eagle pass. we can take a look at a group of a couple dozen that crossed 10 minutes ago in broad daylight and they're escorted by the texas national guard and they will be picked up by border patrol eventually and we saw two human smugglers in the river behind them chased back to mexico by border patrol agents on a boat. >> this is the thing we've seen
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happen and we'll see how big the groups are. the same spot yesterday. this was a massive single group of about 150 illegal immigrants crossing again, right in front of the national guard and in front of border patrol. this is the third day in a row that we've seen a group of this size come right here into this spot. more than 100. and border patrol announced this morning that they've had eight of these groups. more than 100 people just in the last week alone. this group is mostly colombian, venezuelans or cubans and many are happy to be here, flashing a thumbs up and waving to the cameras. a short time after the big one, a group of 52 we saw crossing in the middle of the river once again mostly colombians, venezuelans and cubans and puts a strain on border patrol resources. there was one single agent here to greet this group and they had to call in reinforcements and that depleted elsewhere on the border and the cartels look to take advantage of that.
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this is a group of smugglers in the river we saw guiding a group of migrants and one of the smugglers taking a life jacket from one of the females. then they go back. we've been seeing smugglers in the water and scouts on the other side of the river and operations are in full swing at eagle pass. just out here life. a couple of days ago, border reported in a seven-hour span in del rio they arrested two convicted child sex predators and both were professional deported mexican nationals and that's why it's important to have the agents on the front line than dealing with paper work for the large groups. jacqui: wow. at eagle pass, a lot of eyes what's going to happen in the coming weeks. thanks, bill. coming up at the half hour, griff will speak to the texas department of public safety spokesperson lieutenant chris
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olivares. stay tuned for that. griff: and prices at the gas pump reaching new highs as inflation shows no signs of slowing down. for more on this, we're joined by the congressman from michigan, and education and committees. lisa mcclean. thank you for taking the time. and president biden who had 1.4 inflation rate when he took office, now more than 8% has blamed the pandemic, has blamed the war in ukraine and now he's also blaming republicans. i want you to take a listen to what president biden had to say, get your reaction, take a listen. >> what's the congressional republican plan? they don't want to solve inflation by lowering your costs, they want to solve it by raising your taxes and lowering your income. i happen to think it's a good thing when american families have a little more money in their pockets at the end of the month, but republicans in congress don't seem to think so.
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griff: congresswoman, he's blaming you. your reaction? >> i've never met a man that's so out of touch. if he's looking for solutions, i would be happy to meet with the president as well as i'm a sure a lot of my republican colleagues, let me share with you, maybe a solution. why don't we open up oil and gas leases here in america as opposed to restricting them? that would, a, help bring the cost of gas down, b, put more money in the hands of the americans as opposed to the people overseas, and families wouldn't have to be paying $4.35 at the pump. in order to do that you have to stop pandering to the progressives, the green new deal people and actually care about the american people and the issues that they're facing at the kitchen table. so, president biden, if you're looking for help, please, you know where to find me, i'm in
9:13 am
cannon, 218. happy to sit down and give you suggestions. let's start with the oil and gas leases. griff: you're talking about the interior department announcing that they will not tap three leases for sales. why do you believe they made that decision? >> i have absolutely no idea. there again, love to meet with the administration, love to help them through this inflation period, so if you are going to blame it on the republicans or putin or trump or, let's not forget, we have democrats in control of the house, the senate, and the presidency, but instead of playing the blame game, happy to meet with you and come up with some solutions. why they're doing that, i think they're pandering to the radical progressives and the green new deal people. and i think if you give-- it doesn't make this out of the way. give some power to the business people in america, they'll
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actually figure out how to be productive and this crazy word called "and", and be more energy efficient and energy conscientious. the government has to get out of the way and look for solutions, instead of the blame game. griff: let me ask you about a practical common issues that americans are feeling. we see this past week that breakfast is getting expensive. eggs up 22%, bacon up 17%, how do you get the simple grocery store costs down? what would be the solution you recommend to the white house for that? >> well, first of all, we have-- one, we have to fix the supply chain issue and again, it's extremely overregulated and i meet with businesses both in my district and around the country, whether it's truck drivers, whether it's restaurant owners whether it's factory workers. they all say the number one
9:15 am
issue is the overreach and overregulation by government. again, if we get out of the way, if government gets out of the way, and stops overregulating businesses that quite frankly we know nothing about, it will open up and it will relief pressure on the supply chain, but we have to get out of the way in order to do that. griff: congresswoman, in just time 30 seconds or so we've got left. change to another topic, that is we're seeing some 380 marches across the country in reaction to the leak roe v. wade decision and seeing protests at justices' homes. now, you've had u.s. code 18-1507 that says that's against the law. what's your reaction to the protests we're seeing and the justice's home? >> if they could take the concept and follow it through, it would be amazing to me.
9:16 am
i mean, it would cats and dogs living together. first and foremost, i believe in free speech, and the protests that are happening on the mall is exactly where they need to happen. but when is the justice department going to stand up and actually follow the law? we're a land of laws, it says clearly that you are not supposed to intimidate a supreme court justice. and they're protesting outside their homes. again, it's rules for thee and not for me. we need to go back to following the rule of law. free speech is what this country was founded upon. so, again, the protests at the mall, that's fantastic. but let's actually keep it to in the constraints of the law. griff: and we have a big one happening down on the mall. we're covering that. congressman lisa mcclain, thank you for your time. >> thank you. griff: jacqui. jacqui: and parents, griff,
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>> parents across the country are scrambling to get their hands on baby formula to feed their children as supply
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plummets and prices skyrocket. nate foy joins us with the latest on this, hi, nate. >> yeah, jacqui, supply has been low since last year and things were worse as abbott laboratory's largest facility because of safety concerns. take a look at the map where every u.s. state is right now. as of last week, more than half the formula is out of stock in eight states and washington d.c. you can see the majority country is in orange where supply is down between 40 and 49%. critics say the biden administration has too slow with the problem and here is jen psaki. >> twofold, onencreasg describe and the other is making it readily available. obviously, production is working with the manufacturers and imports making sure we're making more baby formula available. >> florida congresswoman drew a
9:22 am
lot of attention with a tweet where she showed a picture from a migrant processing facility in texas where you see it right here, they have plenty of supply, but the picture on right shows what many americans are dealing with, empty shelves. customs and border protection respond today fox news saying in part, cvp takes seriously its legal responsibility to ensure the safety and security individuals in our custody, ensuring migrants including children and infants in our custody have our basic needs met ensuring safe, orderly and humane processes at our border. formula manufacturers have said they're working to increase production, but the shortage could take months to improve. we'll send it back to you. >> nate foy for us on this story, thanks, nate. jacqui: for more we're joined by the democratic congressman of california and the members of the house and financial services committee, brad sherman. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time. on formula, the president
9:23 am
announced some steps this week to try to improve things, you know, ramping up imports from abroad and also expanding buying options for people who are paying with wic benefits. but the white house says they've been working on this for months and critics are now saying that they should have done something sooner before parents are going to the stores and having to hit multiple locations to find what they need. should the white house have taken more action sooner? >> we should have been dealing with this and other problems way in advance. you see capitolism calls for just in time delivery and minimum possible inventories, that's how you maximize profits. nobody's paying companies for resiliency and stockpiling. we saw what happened to toilet paper two years ago, that's less of a crisis than this, obviously. and so, you need a system where you're paying for stock piles and you're paying for surplus capacity. right now, i showed my colleagues a draft of a bill that would clarify the
9:24 am
president has the defense production act to order companies wherever there's a plant that could be making baby formula to do so and to sweep away any restrictions on imports from japan, europe, the u.k. and canada, and to suspend the 17% tariffs that we have on imports. we need to maximize imports, maximize production to deal with the short-term. long-term, we need a host of strategic reserves and/or surplus capacity available and capitalism points in the other direction. if you're running a company, you're running it lean. jacqui: i think it highlights the backup options. there's signs that potentially the white house should have seen it sooner, f.d.a. could have done more. the whistleblower at the plant, former employee there reported safety concerns back in october, but the f.d.a. didn't do their interview of this person until december. the-- or excuse me, the plant
9:25 am
inspection wasn't until january 31st and then the recall was february 17th. you go from october, the first sign of something, to now february 17th. and everything shuts down. here we are in may, should the f.d.a. handling of this be examined? >> we should examine everything governor often works more slowly than it should. i'm not aware of any babies that were hurt from that particular plant, but if we have a nationwide crisis in plant because that plant is closed. what happens, you're made aware of hundreds of potential crises every day and only one turns out to be the crisis you should have dealt with. and in retrospect, it's easy to go back and say, that's the warning you should have taken seriously. there were hundreds of other warnings. jacqui: compounding this for parents, driving around in some case toss multiple locations trying to find formula or
9:26 am
specialized formula. they've got an infant with certain needs, medical needs and they're paying record high gas prices while doing it. i want to pull up on the screen, gallon of regular, 4.45, diesel is worse at 5.56. now price gouging of formula on top of huge inflation, on top of gas prices, at record highs. these are tough conditions for democrats headed into the midterms. are you concerned how the economy is going to impact these upcoming races? >> obviously, the economy will have an effect. the recent supreme court draft leak will have an effect. many things will have an effect. the fact is that we produce more oil in this country in the first year of the biden administration than the prior year, the prior of the trump administration and the next year we'll produce more than we've ever had. that doesn't mean we'll have the lowest prices ever in 2023.
9:27 am
it's a worldwide price that you pay at the pump. whether or not there's more or less production in the united states is probably less important than whether the saudis will turn on the tap and our failure to put more pressure on saudi arabia turning on the tap, that's the only place where oil could be produced more next month. jacqui: i won't rehash the points that republicans often bring up about this administration not embracing, you know, sort of energy friendly policies as far as domestic production is concerned. >> we will have more oil production in 2023 in ever in the history of the country. to say that biden is suppressing oil production means you have to ignore the facts and listen to the record. jacqui: we can look at the gas prices and supply issues and judge ourselves if that ends up panning out. congressman brad sherman, we've run out of time. hope to see you soon. >> looking forward to it. jacqui: the u.s. is condemning israel's attack on a funeral
9:28 am
procession for palestinian-american journalist. and the riot police beating the pal bearers holding her casket. a household name around the al-jazeera's coverage of life under israeli's rule. and title 42 in place for now. and joining us more from texas after this. nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop.
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>> a federal judge deciding to keep title 42 in place for now. while he reviews a challenge to biden's ending of the trump era policy set for may 23rd. joining us now to discuss it,
9:33 am
texas department of safety, south regions spokesperson, lieutenant chris olivares. it's close to may 23rd. we'll see what the court decides. are you prepared for the wave of migrants that will be coming your way shut title 42 lift? >> so griff, it's great to be with you, good to be back. governor abbott was able to sign, and we've been having discussions with leadership and enhance border where there's drug and human smuggling. working together with our international partners and having the bi-national border from brownsville to del rio and
9:34 am
that's what we're able to do, and an opportunity to work on that and taking an approach, so, the conversation working with border patrol, gathering intel and right now several thousand gathering in mexico, right now and we're looking at this. and we're looking at the border to prevent any mass migration taking place. griff: lieutenant, a lot of americans may not know this, but when you began operation lonestar, governor abbott vowed to prosecute border crossers trespassing and i understand that you have prosecuted now the first of such criminal trespassing cases. explain. >> right, that's correct, so we started working the entire ranch in july of 2021, and by
9:35 am
governor greg abbott to focus on concerns and we're seeing the surge of illegal immigrants and damaging the property and losing live stock, and -- now because of that, we have national guardsmen working, and since july made over 4,000 criminal arrests and criminal trespass and recently, where because of the declaration, the emergency declaration signed by governor abbott, because of that, those from honduras got one year term for jail, one year in jail for criminal trespass, so it goes to show, what governor abbott first initiated and these are part of the got-aways that we talk about so much. last year nearly 200,000 got away. this fiscal year over 300,000 got away that's got-aways that
9:36 am
we don't know where they're at and their backgrounds, and to assure the public safety. griff: lieutenant, does this prosecution of that honduran man the first of what is expected to be a many send a message to the cartels across the border. >> we're not doing catch and release, that's why we focus on doing the border operation by the criminals across and not only criminals, the majority are for economic reasons and we have a criminal element in the group. that we're going to catch you and jail you for violating state laws and we're doing it on the private ranches and successful because of operation lonestar. griff: lieutenant, while we are concerned about the increase in human numbers coming across, should title 42 lift, what is the situation which has been the less talked about crisis,
9:37 am
but a very serious one, that's the fentanyl crisis that you're seeing on your border? where do we stand with that? >> that's important and that's why i constantly stress the importance we need to focus on get away from the immigration report, humanitarian part and the security for the united states, the fentanyl. those are drugs seized by our personnel, our troopers, our special agents that have been out there in the field and you see the comparison how fentanyl similar to ocaine. and we have them taking the pills and not knowing what they're ingesting and dying. 100,000 deaths because of fentanyl and we're seeing that played out to our nation and we need to focus more on that crisis and those in china who
9:38 am
are having those manufacture the drug. >> and lieutenant, you can't see this, i don't think in your picture, but we're showing you live coverage from our fox teamment drone over eagle pass, a very large group having just processed and it's one image that we showed once a week, that stunned the nation and used to be once a month. now, it's literally daily, if not hourly and you mentioned the number of migrants from different countries sort of positioning, waiting to come across. how concerned are you? and we've talked much about it. when i was down there. i'd like to get back down there soon although i've just returned from ukraine, how concerned are you, that we'll see for the first time in the history of border apprehensions, something that becomes untenable. uncontrollable, something that you can't stop? >> right, and you're right. i just got back from eagle pass, i was there this past week and i was there and we
9:39 am
were seeing numerous groups, 150 throughout the day coming across, cubans, niaragua as well and they play out. and we're seeing record numbers compared to last year, so, it's very concerning to us and also, we've got to provide the support from our federal partners, and so we're always trying to find new ways to evolve and expand border operations. griff: lieutenant chris ol jacqui. jacqui: thousands are gathering for a pro choice women's mark in the wake of the leaked supreme court draft. lucas tomlinson has more.
9:40 am
>> hi, jacqui, several thousand people descended on the national mall, one of 380 events across the country l.a., chicago, new york. mostly women and they're very angry about this lead draft document or potentially overturning roe v. wade. will not have the final decision potentially until the end of june. the first speakers started at noon at 2:00 eastern, and expecting from here on the national mall and down constitution avenue, an undown pennsylvania avenue to the supreme court, of course, the since the draft leak of the document, outside the conservative justices, 6-3 conservative on the supreme court. i saw a sign that said abort alito and of course, this comes days after the senate voted -- failed to vote against a law that would make abortion a constitutional right.
9:41 am
and that measure failed 51-49 senator joe manchin saying it would expand abortions, no restrictions in southern states and many people here want to see abortion become a right for the constitution. and on the national mall, jacqui, back to you and we'll tell you what they're saying. jacqui: big crowd out there, lucas tomlinson on the mall. greg. griff: jacqui, crowds running for their lives as shots rang out through the air out playoff wisconsin on the other side of this break. stay with us.
9:42 am
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>> people were injured in a shooting in milwaukee sending terrified fans into the streets. christina. >> hi, griff. people were running for their lives, 20 people were hurt and 11 people taken into custody and nine guns were recovered. take a look at this stampede of people running for safety. fortunately, no one suffered life threatening injuries. the first shooting happened near the deer district, the entertainment area where thousands of fans watching game six of the nba eastern conference semifinals between
9:47 am
the bucks and celtics. a number of fights reportedly broke out as the game was winding down and that's when shots were fired. three people were hurt, including a 30-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl who were taken to the hospital. a third person was able to drive themselves to get medical treatment. and a 29-year-old man was taken into custody in relation to the shooting. take a listen to this. >> everybody started run and me and my boyfriend walked out and my boyfriend pulled me behind a brick wall and the outcome would have been different and everybody took off running and i kept running. >> and several hours later a few blocks away, there was another shooting injuring 17 people, 10 people were taken into the custody. it's unclear if the two shootings were related. so far no word on motive. this incident comes amid a
9:48 am
surge of homicides and gun violence nationwide. compared to last year, milwaukee is one of 10 cities seeing a dramatic rise in deadly violence. homicides are up 50%, 25 more murders this time than last year in milwaukee and c.d.c. announced in the latest data for the firearm homicide rate for the year 2020, this violence was at its highest level in a quarter of a century. very disturbing numbers as cities across the nation continue to grapple with the surge in violence. griff: christina coleman live for us with the latest from l.a. thank you. jacqui: and a russian state-owned power company says it will cut off power to finland on the heels off the push to join n.a.t.o. right after the break.
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>> senator minority leader mitch mcconnell and three other senators making a surprise trip to kyiv today to meet with president zelenskyy. this as a bipartisan bill to send additional aid to ukraine is still in the senate. and greg has more on the ground in kyiv. >> that's right, jacqui, as the
9:53 am
war rages on, another high profile visit to the united states to the folks in ukraine, mcconnell, and others, and zelenskyy praised online and is hoping for continued bipartisan support for including that latest military aid bill. yet, the war continues on multiple fronts. various sources today are saying that ukraine has essentially pushed back russian forces from the country's second biggest city of kharkiv and describes a major military victory. still russia is pounding away at numerous other positions to the east and south of the country as it tries to grind out battlefield gain. earlier today we spent a bit of time with former ukrainian president poroshenko. and we were at the spot where russian troops were pushed back
9:54 am
four miles. and he was grim about the future. there have been victories, but it's not won yet, this war and it could be a long war ahead. he was remarkably scathing about putin and he met face-to-face with him as he was leading ukraine earlier in the past couple of years. don't trust him, he said. don't negotiate with him. don't let him till us what to do and yes, he's deeply appreciative of the support from the united states. jacqui: thank you so much, greg palkot for us in kyiv. griff: jacqui, for more on ukraine and the importance of that g.o.p. senate trip to kyiv. let me get your reaction, mcconnell, collins, barrasso, corden making the trip to kyiv. is that important? >> it's important for president zelenskyy and the ukrainians
9:55 am
fighting for liberty and democracy to see the support from the senate. that's where the money is coming from for the military equipment that's keeping ukraine in the fight. >> and greg palkot mentioned a strong war there, pushing back russians force from kharkiv, the second largest city and a direct correlation between the support they've been getting so far, but this $40 billion is a quite larger amount of support that can last much longer. do you believe that it is a game-changer to have this much support in the face of such prance small victories? >> yeah, i mean, ukraine is burning through the ammunition that we're giving them so this is really important for them, but i would just caution our viewers, we're looking at a war of attrition here, potentially, because the russians have not indicated that they're going to stop fighting. it's putin's war, there is no
9:56 am
off-ramp for him. i agree with previous president poroshenko, there's no negotiating with vladimir putin. ukraine needs to stay in the fight and we're headed for a continued brutal fight in the donbas, and russia seeks to build that land bridge to maldova. is china watching what is happening here? what lessons might they be drawing? >> i think the parties to the potential conflict in the taiwan straits are watching. they need the small arms like javelins and stingers, which are going to be in short supply and they need them trained. and they're looking at the u.s. like never before. griff: thank you for taking time. another hour coming up after the break. ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar.
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10:01 am
texas. hey, bill. >> reporter: hey, griff, good afternoon to you. yet another busy day already out here. i want to take you live to our fox news drone right now because just about 45 minutes ago, yet another single, massive group crossed illegally right here where we are standing. again, this is the forty day in a -- fourth day in a row now that we have seen a group of this size. border patrol has had to call in resources from all over the area, vans to pick some of these people up, and this is exactly what stretches their resources thin, these massive groups of more than 100. and it's becoming an everyday thing. around 11:00 a.m. local, we'll see a cartel scout on the other side of the river and, boom, like clock work, these groups show up. same thing yesterday, another group with of about 150 illegal immigrants crossing, again, in broad daylight right in front of border patrol. with we've seen most of these migrants have been from cuba,
10:02 am
venezuela and colombia. a lot of them flash us a thumbs up, a lot of them likely will be released to into the u.s., and that certainly wasn't the only group yesterday. take a look at this video as well. this was another group of 52 we saw crossing in the river, again, broad daylight, no fear of being caught. these are the folks who are willing to turn themselves in. again, mostly colombians, venezuelans and cubans, and this is why border patrol resources are so stretched thin. there was only one agent to receive these migrants at this spot yesterday. and the last thing we'd like to show you is a tragic occurrence here in eagle pass. as you look at video from the other night where we are told four migrants drowned in the rio grande here in eagle pass including a 3-year-old boy from nicaragua. the video are mexican authorities searching the water for the bodies of those migrants. we're told they went in the water and simply never resurfaced. all sorts of drownings here in recent weeks including that texas national guard soldier. there have been about two dozen
10:03 am
drownings just in the month of april alone. back out here live, all these images we just showed you are one little, tiny town here in eagle pass, texas, in basically a 2-mile stretch. all this happening as secretary alejandro mayorkas told congress that they have, quote, operational control of the southern border. we'll send it back to you. griff: those images telling a different story. bill melugin, great coverage. thank you. jacqui: griff, five states are gearing up for primary elections this tuesday with candidates going head to head in several highly contentious races. we have live team coverage with charles watson in lincolnton, north carolina, rich edson in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, but we'll start off with alexandria hoff in chester county, pennsylvania. hey, alex. >> reporter: yeah, this race has been turned upside down because for months dr. mehmet oz and david mccormick have been battling it out, but commentator
10:04 am
kathy barnette chasing a sudden surge in support, and now there's a three-way tie according to the polls. we caught up with her just a few minutes ago. >> i've always been focused on pennsylvanians. i'm not seeing -- the ads i have put out, you haven't seen me attack other people. i've been focused, right in and they're mad now that i ran a far superior campaign. little old me, they didn't expect it. >> reporter: we caught up with kathy barnette attending a republican women's breakfast here in chester county this morning. she has been operating on a shoe string budget in comparison to mccormick and oz, and some criticize her for not being fully vetted for the job. oz has president trump's endorsement, it's really been a test of trump's influence as his backing only provided a marginal boost. dr. oz said this about barnette. >> she's a new idea, a new
10:05 am
person. a lot of folks were getting confused by the negative advertising. i've had $35 billion aimed at my head from outsiders. despite that, i'm till in the lead, and i'm quite confident that we're going to prevail next tuesday. >> reporter: also rounding out that top three is businessman and former treasury official david mccormick. he has touted his experience and why he thinks he's the best person for the job. he has said repeatedly that there's no time for on the job training here. and i should point out that the latest fox news poll shows that 18% of republican voters are still undecided at point. so candidates only have four more days to help them make up their minds. jacqui: alex of in pennsylvania, thanks so much. griff: as those three candidates battle it out, on the other side of the aisle a clear front-runner has emerged. rich edson has more on this from pittsburgh, pennsylvania. hey, rich. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon, griff.
10:06 am
and some surprises here too on the democratic side of the primary ticket. you know, the thought was congressman conor lamb, he represents this area here in western pennsylvania, that he could come in, he's a proven winner, more centrist candidate and that he would be the best candidate democrats would want to run in a general election in a swing state like pennsylvania. well, the polling shows that democratic voters tend to think differently. take a look at polling from franklin and marshall. it's a survey from the last latter part of last month. it shows that lamb trails 53-14 by progressive lieutenant governor john federman with nearly a quarter of the electorate still undecided. lamb maintains a more progressive candidate would be a major impediment to winning a state like pennsylvania. >> you have to win independents and even moderate republicans. that's not a luxury item, it's something you actually have to have to be successful. i'm the only candidate in this race that has done it, and i've
10:07 am
done it in red areas. >> reporter: fetterman says he can recapture the blue collar workers that have left the party for former president trump and the republican party, and fetterman is drawing a major distinction between his philosophy and that of the more centrist members of the democratic party. >> squandering, in my opinion, an enormous if opportunity to do some transformative good through legislation that is being stopped by a senator like joe manchin. i'm not criticizing him, i'm simply saying i would vote differently. >> reporter: you know, joe manchin infamously one of the more centrist members in the democratic party. he and kyrsten sinema from arizona. fetterman, you would think a couple of days before election day, be out hitting the campaign trail. that was the schedule, but they pulled him off yesterday from an event saying he wasn't feeling well and also from today. we really have no information specifically what the issue is there. back to you.
10:08 am
griff: rich edson back to you -- thank you. jacqui: north carolina congressman ted budd rocketing ahead of his competitors. charles watson's live from lincolnton, north carolina, with the latest on this. hi, charles. >> reporter: hey, good afternoon. ted budd is trying to hold on to that lead and become the eventual republican nominee to run for retiring senator richard burr's seat, making three campaign stops to rub elbows with voters and discuss kitchen table issues on the final day of early voting. he has taken quite a bit of criticism from his opponent for avoiding those types of conversations on the debate stage, so we asked him if he would commit to debating the democratic nominee. here's what he had to say. >> president trump said i'm endorsing you because you've never waiverred on america first principles. hay know that i'm a fiscal, social conservative, and they know that i know how to win, and
10:09 am
that's making them very nervous. >> reporter: that wasn't the right sound bite, excuse me. whatever bud is doing, it appears on working for him according to the latest fox news-approved poll. budd holds a sizable lead at nearly 32% while pat mccrory trails behind with nearly 21%. the former governor is trying his best to gain ground with an attack ad a tying budd to president biden who, of course, is widely unpopular now among conservatives. >> by now, you know ted budd is weak on putin. so is joe biden. biden is backed by george soros and so is ted budd. >> reporter: meantime, incumbent freshman representative madison cawthorn is fighting for re-election in the crowded field of north carolina's 11th district. his biggest challenge coming from state senator chuck edwards who has the backing of gop
10:10 am
elders mt. state including senator tom thom tillis, and this is where cawthorn finds himself after a series of run-ins with the law and social media blunders that have angeredded republicans here in north carolina and in washington. he could have a problem with voters come election day. jacqui: thanks, charles. griff: tomorrow on fox news live our colleague, mike emmanuel, will interview those two north carolina primary contenders, congressman ted budd and former governor pat mccrory. 1 p.m. eastern tomorrow for that. jacqui: fox news alert now, milwaukee's mayor holding a press conference on the shooting outside the nba playoff game in his city last night that left three people injured. let's listen in. >> what happened here in this neighborhood last night, it will not be tolerated. we will not tolerate these sort of actions in milwaukee. it's, unsafe.
10:11 am
it's inherently unsafe. we've consulted with legal authorities about options that are before us, and there will be restrictions and limitations in place. to put it simply, if you intend to loiter, if you intend to act out, cut up, if you intend to do anything that is unlawful, then my message is simple, don't come here. don't come here. don't come down here. don't mess it up for everybody else. formally, i'm issuing a limited emergency order that imposes a curfew for all individuals under the age of 21 years old in the immediate area for tonight as well as tomorrow night. and that boundary that we're talking about, the entertainment district, will be belle phillips avenue on the west, it'll be broadway on the east, it'll be mckinley on the north and state street on the south. there'll be additional police in place tonight as well. other city departments have also been mobilized to help with our
10:12 am
earths -- efforts to address what's happening, and we've been having planning discussions over the past several hours on the incidents that have happened here. and when we need additional resources, if that were to happen, we're ready to deploy those resources. to those who were injured last night, i am hoping for a prompt and speedy recovery. you came down to enjoy yourselves, to have a good time in our city, and people should be able to do that downtown or anywhere else in milwaukee, and i want that to continue happening. we will take the steps to insure aha downtown and our neighborhoods are safe as well. so toss wizs, the -- businesses, the less kents -- residents who also share my alarm, we're moving forward with every reasonable tool that we have. and with that, assistant cheech walter. jacqui: three people at a bucs game, 17 others were shot. he sounded pretty fired up and trying to get a handle on the situation in his city, griff. griff: and many apartments having a hard time -- parents
10:13 am
having a hard time finding baby formula raising questions about what the administration can coto help. nate foy joins us live with the latest. hey, nate. >> yeah, the supply problem got much worse when the fda shut down abbott laboratories' largest facility in february because of safety concerns that the company disputes. take a look at this map that shows the current state of things. more than half of formula is out of stock in eight states and washington, d.c., so those are in red right there. you see the majority of the country is in orange where supply's down between 40-49%. here's jen psaki talking about the biden administration's plan to move forward. >> our focus primarily is two with fold. one is increasing supply, makins making it readily available. and, obviously, production is working with these manufacturers and also imports, making sure we're making more baby formula available. >> reporter: florida congresswoman kat cammack drawing a lot of attention with tweet with. she says the picture on the left
10:14 am
is from a migrant processing facility in texas whereas picture on the right shows what many americans are dealing with. you see empty shelves. customs and border protection responded, quote: cbp takes seriously its legal responsibility to insure the safety and security of individuals in our custody. insuring migrants, including children and infants in our custody, have their basic needs met insures safe is, orderly and humane processes at our border. as of today, that abbott production facility is still closed. the company tweeted saying jen psaki was wrong yesterday to blame formula on the deaths of two who infants. we'll have more on that coming up at two, griff. griff: nate, thank you. jacqui: for more on the formula shortage, economy and also all these ongoing races that we were just heading into next week, we're going to our political panel now. former obama campaign communications adviser and author of " patriots of two
10:15 am
nations," spencer ridgely. and former trump white house director of communications, mercedes schlapp. thank you both for being with us. appreciate your time. >> great to be here. jacqui: spencer, i want to start with you. there were surprises in pennsylvania on the democratic side. conor lamb trailing way behind, and on the right barnette is an interesting case. her prospects seemed unimaginable not too long ago, so how did we get here, in your view? >> i think it's a continuation of something that's been going on for a long time and, frankly, it's what i go into in my book which really dates back to the beginning of the country, and it's coming to a crisis now. it's ooh like -- it's like a split between the head and the heart, and much of our politics is taking place much more at the level of heart and gut, frankly, than head. and when you see a candidate like barnette and in a way it's kind of ironic because she's doing what trump did back in 2015.
10:16 am
a lot of people dismissed his candidacy and didn't understand how powerful his appeal to people at the sort of heart and gut level. and now trump and a lot of his allies are in the same position of watching barnette do the same thing. jacqui: this is the another test in pennsylvania of trump's kingmaker powers, so to speak. i want to play you some sound from dr. oz on trump's advice to him. >> president trump warned me, when you're an outsider, the insider establishment, they come after you with everything they've got. and i've been able to stand on my own two feet very proudly and live up to the promise of my campaign. jacqui: so, mercedes, is it at all surprising that oz is not sailing to victory unimpeded? >> i'm in lancaster, pennsylvania, spending the whole day here, and really it's fascinating to listen to what the people, grassroots republican activists are saying. clearly, there's been a rise of kathy barnette in the last week
10:17 am
especially with her debate performance. but i've got to tell you, it's been the mccormick/oz battle of the century where they spent so much money trying to -- on negative ads trying to kill each other off which then opens up this alternative candidate to step right 234. and this morning i was with a group of republican women in a more suburban area in pennsylvania, and i kept going around the table asking who's resonating with them. a lot of them, about half of them said kathy. i think this is a race that's undetermined yet. we really don't know who's going to rise. it could be mccormick, it could be oz. obviously, president trump is focused on trying to get oz to the finish line, but to spencer's point, it's a very emotional race for the people here in pennsylvania. and my biggest question is who can win the general election. it isn't about electability. the primary's only going to yet you so far. you've got to win the general.
10:18 am
jacqui: we have to leave it there. hank both for being with us. we've gone on forever, we ran out of time. hope to have you back in soon. griff: well, thousands of protesters are gather oggen -- gathering on the national mall. a live report from our nation's capital, that's next. ♪ because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs. once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements which may be permanent. high cholesterol and weight gain, and high blood sugar,
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10:22 am
jacqui: thousands gathering here in washington, d.c. for a pro-choice march failing a -- following a failed attempt by democrats to codify roe v. wade. lucas tomlinson has more. >> reporter: that's right, thousands descended here, one of 3803 events stretching from l.a. to chicago and new york -- 380. down i-95 in the nation's capital. barbara lee just spoke, representative from california, the only member of congress to vote against the war in afghanistan and the war on terrorism three days after 9/11. we're hearing a lot of anger. when joe manchin's name -- we just heard just moments ago boos throughout the crowd back here. mostly women down here on the national mall. we're seeing signs that say abort alito, my body, my choice,
10:23 am
pro-roe, we won't go back. we're also hearing from other lawmakers and leaders here in d.c. talking about this is a direct result of these people here after that leaked opinion potentially overturning roe v. wade. they think this is just the first step, that this is about women's rights, trans' rights. we're hearing now from religious leaders, hearing now from a catholic leader. and, of course, people protesting not just here on mall and at the supreme court, but at the conservative justices' homes themselves. a 6-3 majority, many people here are very worried that in late june when this position comes down, that roe v. wade will be overturned. of course, the senate earlier this week led by joe manchin helped sink a measure that would make abortion a constitutional right. across america in seven states there are no restrictions, and many people here want to make sure that abortion is a right. we are not seeing any counter-protests, we did see one gentleman who said the founder
10:24 am
of planned parent hollywood was a white supremacist. he said that a number of times before he was escorted out. we've got thousands, maybe 4-5,000 here on if mall -- the mall. a lot of anger, a direct result of that leaked supreme court opinion. jon. jacqui: all right, what appears to be one of the largest crowds we've seen gathered in the city in recent memory. thanks, lucas. griff: republicans are calling for the protection of supreme court justices as pro-choice demonstrators are protesting outside their homes, some even accusing the white house of coordinating with the protesters. more on this we're joined by arizona attorney general mark brnovich. mr. attorney general, thank you for taking time. we've got really competing views of these protests and what's happening here in the nation's capital as well as around the country. i want you to take a listen from majority leader chuck schumer and republican congresswoman elise stefanik. take a listen. >> if protests are peaceful, yes. my house is, there's protests
10:25 am
three, four times a week outside my house. that's the american way, to peacefully protest. it's okay. >> it is against the law in this country to protest a sitting judge. we want to maintain the independence of our courts, and the fact that that is being encouraged by this administration is shameful, it's unconstitutional. griff: and the law that she's referring to, 18 code u.s. 1507, mr. attorney general, your reaction. >> thanks, griff, for having me on, and welcome back safely. it's mice to have you back here -- nice to have you back here. i will just tell you the prosecutor, it breaks my heart to see what's happening where the left is trying to intimidate judges. they're essentially trying to undermine an independent judiciary. this is something that happens in banana republics, and what the left is showing -- they already control most of the mainstream media, academia, they're taking over public schools, and now they want to take over our independent judiciary which is the bulwark
10:26 am
against mob rules and tyranny. because when you have -- when you leave to mob rule and9 what the left is trying to do is politicize and undermine our courts. not just the supreme court, but courts throughout this country. a dangerous game they're playing. griff: let me ask you, if we kid see some sort of prosecution or some attempt to try and get the protesters to not go to the homes even hoe this has become very politically charged, are you worried that is a slippery slope to future protests that perhaps republicans might be doing at the homes of democratic policymakers? >> well, the key is what you just said. there's a difference between a policymaker and a judge. there's a reason why judges all wear black robes. there's a reason why lady justice traditionally has a blindfold, because the justice system is all about being blind and doing justice literally. it's not supposed to be politicized, and the left is trying to politicize it. think about this for a second. attorney general garland had no problem calling parents that
10:27 am
were protesting in school board meetings domestic terrorists. he was threatening to investigate them. and yet literally you have mobs trying to swim candidate the highest court in our land to make a political decision, and the biden administration seems to not only be turning a blind eye, but frankly, encouraging people, encouraging this mob, encouraging this attempt to undermine an independent judiciary. quite frankly, it is dangerous because that is the bulwark to a democratic republican, having ap independent and vibrant judiciary. and the left is trying to undermine that. griff: changing topics because we've only got about 30 seconds left, i want to get your insight on where we stand with the legal challenges to the lifting of title 42 as it relates to concern migrants will be coming after may 23rd who have signed on to that legal effort. what do you anticipate happening? >> yeah. we actually argued that case. we just argued it yesterday in federal court. we have a temporary injunction, so the judge says biden can not -- president biden can't
10:28 am
lift it, and we are asking the court to make that permanent and say that they cannot unilaterally withdraw title 42 and those limitations on asylum-seeking without going through the proper legal process. so we're fighting that. we just filed another lawsuit against the biden administration on his attempts to allow khs to grant asylum -- dhs. every day our lawyers, i'm in court fighting to protect our southern border which, frankly, every state now is a border state. griff: we're getting awfully close to may 23rd. border officials very concerned. tone general mark brnovich, thank you. jacqui: record high gas prices, rampant inflation and product shortages. we'll take a deep dive into the state of our economy next. ♪ ♪
10:29 am
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♪ ♪ griff: as frustrations grow over rising prices and the baby formula shortages, democrats
10:33 am
continue to position on abortion as their central issue. chad pergram takes a closer look at what the congress has been so busy with. >> reporter: priorities, priorities. voters want washington to address gas prices, inflation and the baby formula shortage, but democrats are focused on abortion. >> on this vote the yeas are 49, the nays are 51. the motion is not agreed to. >> we want you to know we fully intend to protect roe v. wade. >> reporter: republicans highlighted the infant formula shortfall. >> it seems like it's easier to get a crack pipe in a government-funded smoking kit than it is to find baby formula. >> reporter: democrats scrambling to retool their agenda. >> but right now the baby's crying, the baby's hungry, we need to address it right now. >> reporter: democrats plan a bill to relax regulation toss accelerate production. >> how do we fix these problems asap, increase supply and avoid price gouging. >> reporter: voters are
10:34 am
concerned about big spending boosting inflation. the senate was poised to okay $40 billion in new aid to ukraine until a single senator stalled the bill. >> no matter how sympathetic the the cause, my oath of office is to the national security of the united states of america. we cannot save ukraine by dooming the u.s. economy. >> reporter: democrats are struggling to convince people they've really addressing kitchen table issues. a controversy erupted about the house spending up to $120,000 a month on prix peloton the memberships for -- free peloton the memberships for hundreds of aides. plus, in the coming days a hearing on ufos. >> well, i think that there are hinges out there that can't be explained. >> reporter: lawmakers may aim to answer the question are we alone at their ufo hearing. the democrats could find themselves very much alone this november if voters don't believe they addressed their problems. on capitol hill, chad pergram,
10:35 am
fox news. griff: ufos, booze and peloton rides. chad pergram always has the latest. thank you. jacqui: for the latest on sky-high inflation and fears of a possible recession, finder of capitalist and fox business contributor jonathan hoenig. jonathan, appreciate your time. >> thank you. jacqui: so how real, jonathan, is the threat of recession right now? >> well, it's looking increasingly real. in fact, goldman sachs and a lot of the other big wall street banks are estimating the threat's as high as 35% or even more. and, you know, there's a lot of warning signs. the obvious ones, the geopolitical ones, for example, the china slowdown with covid, the war in ukraine or even the inflation affecting us here at home. probably the best indicator, however, are the financial markets themselves. this has been the worst start for the s&p since 1939. about $7 trillion has evaporated this year. and it's not just bitcoin which
10:36 am
has been covered extensively, it's name brand, everyday investments like netflix down about 70% just this year. lots of warning signs building on the heinzing that a recession is in the cards. jacqui: do you think the white house needs to start the talking about this differently? a few months ago they were repeating this projection that inflation's transitory. now it seems like they're focusing much more on deflecting blame. but i want to look at some prices year-over-year. gas prices up 43.6%. electricity, is 11%. meat, poultry and push, 13.8%. this is all really tough for democrats, really tough for the white house. realistically, what can the president do to bring prices down? >> and really tough for everyday americans, i think that's what's so insidious. we often think of things like inflation as something that happens on wall street, but it is a main street issue. it's why gerald ford called inflation public enemy number one. it's costing the average family about $4,000 a year.
10:37 am
that's real money. and it's not just what people are paying in terms of prices at the pump, it's that lost productivity, those lost jobs, that lost innovation as inflation writ large just gums up the economy. even jimmy carter deregulated vast parts of the economy. instead of deregulating and cutting spending, he's more regulating and increasing spending. that's not a recipe for fixing inflation, but fueling it. jacqui: you're advising a 180 course correction for the white house. >> inflation is caused by government, it could be remedied by government. and until it is -- and and this hasn't -- even the bond market, supposedly safe u.s. bonds are down anywhere between 6-18% just this year. those are government bonds, supposedly the safest investment in the world. it's affecting the economy and everyday investors, les no place to hide -- there's no place to
10:38 am
hide. jacqui: democrats are getting worried about the economy's impact on the midterms. the president was giving a lengthy defense to the american rest rescue plan -- rescue plan. a big contributor to inflation. he keeps claiming more spending is going to bring could be the cost of living, but this is going nowhere likely because manchin and others aren't going to sign on to it with inflation where it is. so what can he do except for try to pivot to some other messaging that's ultra that-maga stuff? is that going to stick? >> as we said, there's ways to bring down inflation. but unfortunately, going after people for price gouging or fixing prices, which could be next when it comes to the democrats, it's just the opposite of what needs to happen. you know, the one positive thing when it comes to the markets and everyday investors is most investors have been waking up. they're not believing what biden is saying, and we've got a consumer confidence number, americans are as pessimistic now as they've been in 12 years.
10:39 am
that tends to be a short-term buy signal, but fundamentally the economy is sick, and it's because of policies in washington, not speculation on wall street. jacqui: and our most recent fox news poll showed just that, 87% of people extremely or very concerned about inflation and higher prices, so they are not tending to buy. jonathan hoenig, thanks for being with us. >> be well. griff: tensions ramping up between finland and russia. a new interview with the finnish ambassador up next. ♪ ♪ ro (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. hi! one gram of sugar, need new glasses? get 50% off a complete pair at visionworks! how can you see me squinting? i can't! i'm just telling everyone!... hey! for a limited time, get 50% off a complete pair. visionworks. see the difference.
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♪ ♪ jacqui: russia's neighbor to the west could soon join nato, sparking a threat from russia. national security correspondent jennifer griffin sat down with the finnish ambassador to the u.s. >> reporter: finland's ambassador to the u.s. knows vladimir putin better than most. >> actually plying to meet
10:44 am
putin. >> reporter: how many times did you meet putin? >> roughly 12, 13 times. >> reporter: he even met with the russian leader inside a sawn ma. you actually took a sauna with him. >> i've been in also social situations with him, yes. i'm not going to comment on any specific, specific meeting, but, yes, i've seen him often. >> reporter: what's your take on him now compared to when you met him? >> he's more ideological. he has concluded that the relations with the west are gone. there's not much, much to lose anymore. >> reporter: he served as ambassador to moscow in 2016, presenting his papers to putin the day after president trump was elected. then pour years later arriving -- four years later arriving in washington to become finland's ambassador to the u.s. he says the russians should not be surprised that his country now wants to join nato. he says he personally warned
10:45 am
them in january this would happen if russian troops crossed into ukraine. last november 20% of all finns wanted to join nato, now it's 80%. how do you explain that change in public sentiment? >> the major change, of course, was the russian attack. it was unprovoked. i think it shocked the finns in a profound way. >> reporter: do you take that threat seriously? >> most likely they will place more. maria: military resources close to the finn finnish border. >> reporter: finland has a large number of nuclear bunkers. are you preparing those bunkers? >> they have been built and prepared. they're ready. >> reporter: unlike most pending applications to nato, the ambassador says finland would not be a drain financially to the alliance. >> we are spending more than 2%. we have a large army, and we have a modern air portion, i think one of the best many europe. we have huge artillery.
10:46 am
76% of our population has served our country mill airily. it's fundamentally a defensive move. >> reporter: some of the board's most sensitive and classified discussions with american kip lo mats and officials take place in his sauna where frank discussions can be had and les no place to hide -- there's no place to hide listening devices. >> reporter: your opponents sweat and nowhere to hide. the ambassador spent his formative years as a young diplomat in ukraine. >> i just fell in love with the place. >> reporter: the finnish ambassador grew up in the stories of his grandfather, a palmer deployed to the trenches with russia fighting in 1939 at the start of world war ii. the if you knows pushed back the russians in just -- the finns pushed back the russians in four months. >> they're just farmers, ordinary people. >> reporter: he says the russians still tell their children stories about the
10:47 am
brutal finn finnish fighters. >> finland was 4 million, soviet union was almost 200 million. what basically saved us was the fact that we had more motivation like we see now in ukraine. griff: an excellent and insightful interview by our colleague, jennifer griffin. jennifer, thank you. meanwhile, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell and three other republican senators making a surprise trip to kyiv today to meet with president zelenskyy. this as a bipartisan bill that sends $40 billion in additional aid to ukraine is still suck in the senate. greg palkot has latest from the ground in kyiv. hey, greg. >> reporter: hey, griff, that's right. as the war rages on, a surprise u.s. visit to ukraine. mcconnell along with senators barroso, cornyn rain collins -- cornyn and collins meeting with zelenskyy if -- in an
10:48 am
unannounced stop here. zelenskyy is hoping for continued bipartisan support in the u.s. including that latest military aid bill. meanwhile, the war continues on multiple fronts. various sources now saying ukraine has pushed back russian forces in the country's second biggest city of kharkiv. that's being described as a major military victory. still, russia is pounding away at numerous other positions to the east and the south of country as it grinds out that gain. a short whiling ago we spent some time with the former ukrainian president poroshenko at the location where in the first days of the world russian tanks were held back. still, he was grimly realistic about the future. take a listen. >> the we won the battle, but we don't won the war. and the hard is still ahead. we don't have any illusion of that. but we know for sure that ukraine merv give up.
10:49 am
never give up. because if ukraine give up, the putin knocking at the door of any country in the world. >> reporter: griff, he was brutal about putin. remember, he was face to face with him in various meetings when he was at the top. he said don't trust him, don't even negotiate with him. he's saying putin understands his force. being shown right now. back to you. griff: indeed. greg, great interview. greg palkot live in kyiv, thank you. as greg was pointing out, there's no end game for putin. he's not going to stop. and i think if there was anything i could take away from going over, sitting down for 57 minutes with zelenskyy, is that for 80 days he didn't flee, he didn't run, he stayed and fought, rallying not only his country, but also the world. now you see in jen griffin's interview with the finnish ambassador support among friendships to join nato from 20
10:50 am
percent to 80 percent. that is a direct result of volodymyr zelenskyy trying to make sure the rest of the entire free western world knew the dangers and still the dangers to which putin poses and what he wants to ultimately try and accomplish. jacqui: yeah. i was fascinated to watch your work when you were in ukraine, and you did so much great work, i couldn't even begin to detailal of it. -- detail all of it. but the finnishing president had tough words for putin today, pushing back basically in a statement saying that them preventing anyone from wanting to join nato and their, you know, invasion of ukraine has caused finland to make this bid to join with. they're pushing this back on putin which i think is important to hear. griff: and it's so -- it's a great point to raise. thank you for the kind words. what we saw in bucha, the mass graves, the atrocities committed there, i saw firsthand bodies being pulled out of that mass
10:51 am
grave, and now in mariupol that still hangs by a spread, some 20,000 civilians dead, the finnish people are looking at that and saying we don't want that to come to our towns. and that, of course, is a great concern, and that's why you're going to see that to continue. thanks for the kind words. meanwhile, a lunar eclipse is taking over the skies tonight. why it's being called the blood moon, up next. ♪ try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today.
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jacqui: now for a look at some of our headlines. despite a sharp rise in the stock market yesterday, the dow jones industrial average fell for the seventh straight week mark its longest losing streak since july 2001. the losses come as fears of a possible recession grow and gas prices reach new record highs. and look to the skies sunday night into early monday morning as you might see this year's first total lunar eclipse. the earth passes directly between the moon and the sun. the moon will get a red hue giving its name, the blood moon. it's expected to last an hour behalf. and here in washington jen psaki held her final white house briefing yesterday which included a loud outburst from a correspondent who shouted at psaki for not calling on a variety of reporters in the
10:56 am
room. psaki asked him to show respect to future colleagues. griff: you're the white house correspondent, and this is the end of the psaki era, your thoughts. jacqui: it is the end of an era. she always took questions from myself and peter, whoever was in the fox chair, and to the point of the reporter who was making some ruckus in the back yesterday with, not everyone gets called on every day, so we did appreciate that. and she was always sporty many our exchanges -- [laughter] so we thank her for her service. griff: she was a great one. we will miss her, but you will be there, indeed. it's great to be back here in studio with you. that's all for us this hour. "fox news live" continues with eric and arthel. i'm griff jenkins -- jacqui: i'm jacqui heinrich. thanks forll watching. l just lor the hottest stocks? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals.
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eric: president biden is denying his administration policies cause a shortage of baby formula. it is now been sweeping the country. the president says only nine could have predicted this after one of the four major manufacturers of it had to pull and stop production for the critics are saying the administration dropped the ball it could have taken action much sooner by the president pledging the shortage should soon improve dramatically. he says over the next few weeks as mothers on the


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