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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  May 14, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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evening to arrange the individual immediately. not tomorrow morning, not monday morning, now. therefore as i said, her murder first charge filed against him, we are now investigating terrorism charges, other murder so they can file charges as well. justice is being done right now, and justice will be done. >> i'm with the fbi. we are doing a parallel investigation with our local and state partners. we are aggressively investigating this at the federal level as a hate crime and as an instance of racially
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motivated violent extremism. we'll bring all the resources of the federal government to bear on this case. this is the number one priority of the department of justice, and i can assure the citizens of this community that anything we can do at the federal level with this case will be done and justice will be served for the victims. >> on the hate crime issue as well. i asked our hate crime task force to investigate as well. it's absolutely a hate crime. i have been in touch with officials in washington and the white house on the issue of what we are doing here so aggressively as well. i appreciate the fbi investigation as well. reporter: that's the governor of the state of new york, kathy hochul along with the local
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district attorney from erie county talking about the horrible news out of buffalo. an 18-year-old suspect drove from the binghampton area from the pennsylvania-new york border. drove several hours west and north to the buffalo area and began livestreaming as he got out of the car at a tops supermarket in buffalo. and he live streamed his attack. he shot four people in the parking lot of the store, decked out in tactical gear before going inside the store and killing a -- a retired police officer who was working security. the police officer opened fire on the suspect, but he was outgunned, so to say.
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the suspect had a high capacity rifle and he was wearing body armor with a kevlar helmet. even though the security guard was able to fire back, he was not able to. he's one of three store employees who were shot. in all 10 people were killed. suspect worked his way through the store. police arrived at the front of the store and he was sort of exiting the store. he was in the vest buell area where the automatic doors are. when he was confronted by police officers who met him there.
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he apparently put a gun to his own neck as if threatening to commit suicide. the officers talked him out of it, told him to put the gun down. he took off some of his body armor, he dropped to his knees, and he was taken into custody, but not before he created such horrible mayhem in the buffalo neighborhood where the tops supermarket is. 10 people are dead, and some of this attack was live streamed on one of the social media platforms. which one we have not yet been told. the fbi said they are investigating this as a hate crime with racially motivated violence extremism. there could be federal hate crime charges as well. there is no death penalty in new york. so if this case were to be prosecuted under the federal hate crimes law, it's possible
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the suspect could be executed as a federal inmate under federal hate crime legislation. once again, it all took place -- started around 3:15 or so in buffalo, new york. when this gunman got out of his car and opened fire while livestreaming in the supermarket parking lot. here is what one witness had to say. >> this is ridiculous. something has to change from the bottom to the top. if they are not going to do something, we have to do something. this is ridiculous. after the security guard got shot, he got a gun shooting people still. if more people were armed and knew what they were doing with
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the gun. i just hope something comes from this. jon: it's not the gun, it's the person with the gun. that from one of the witnesses who just left the supermarket when all of the shooting broke out. so again, 10 people have been killed, 13 shot in all. the gunman, 18 years old, drove several hours from another county in new york to inflict all this carnage in the buffalo area. the whys of that we still do not know, and perhaps never will. but perhaps we'll get some information from authorities now that time is passing and the suspect has already been arraigned. lawrence jones is also here live, and is able to join us now
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with some of his thoughts on what we have seen take place in buffalo today. lawrence? lawrence: obviously we are still learning more on what they are going to do now. the feds are saying they are going to get involved and they have to complete their investigation. the main thing now is notifying all the victims' families. it is a large crime scene because it was a supermarket. based on the reports we have been receiving they started outdoors. we don't know if those folks had family in town. we don't know if they were elderly or not. families are posting waiting for their loved ones to be brought from that crime scene. this is a big crime scene they will have to process. the second measure when it comes to authorities is dissecting that manifesto and figure out
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his motivation. we are only seeing he is the suspect and the police haven't indicated anyone else was involved. they want to find out who inspired this man and why did he get to his destination. based on what we are reading right now, they say there is a manifesto. but we don't know if it's exact one. but he hated all people. it's the duty of law enforce to the investigation what's going on. it's the responsibility of the officials to keep calm in the community. people's emotions will be all over the place and rightfully so. but there is a system in this country and we don't have vigilante justice. as you saw from the district attorney he already charged him with the highest crime that he could with capital murder in the
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first degree. jon: i covered the news for a long time. it's so strange to me a guy 18 years old would jump in his car and drive several hours across the state to a supermarket. there is nothing particularly symbolic about this one supermarket unless for some reason the man grew up there in buffalo or has a beef with buffalo. but it's really odd that he chose to do that where he did. lawrence: the community is majority black. and based on what we know so far that was his motivation. we can't justify any of these criminals that are serial killers or people that target innocent people. that just part of it. jon: it's a mystery. lawrence jones, thank you. i'm jon scott in new york.
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to receive 50% off installation and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for 18 months. brian: who leaked the supreme court's opinion on roe v. wade. here is a quick look back at the history of the leak.
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the manhattan project. during world war ii f.d.r. assigned the scientists to develop the bomb. the top secret american-led project generated 1,500 leaks. at least a dozen americans and canadians were locked up for leaking the information to the soviets. the pentagon papers. daniel ellsberg leaked policy papers on vietnam. >> can you imagine the "new york times" doing this 10 years ago. >> it included lbj's plans to escalate the war. charges were dismissed due to
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improper government conduct. water about gate. richard nixon's involvement was exposed. it would lead to the end of the nixon era. larry hamond leaked the decision to the "new york times." bradley manage and former nsa contractor, edward snowden. manning who now goes by chelsea leaked classified documents including battlefield reports from iraq. sentenced to 35 years behind
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bars he only served 7 before president barack obama commute her sentence. it was shown that the nsa was monitoring phone records. the supreme court now as we go front and center. the justices are meeting for the first time this week. where does the investigation stand right now? katie pavlich, why isn't there more interest in finding out who leaked. and do you have an idea who it might be? >> there has been a lot of speculation whether this was a liberal clerk subbing for a left-leaning justice. and there is speculation there it was a conservative on the
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court leaking because they want roe versus wade overturned. we heard from not minority leader mitch mcconnell that's the leaker should be prosecuted. and they haven't expressed much interest in going after people desending on the homes of conservative justices. if you look at the way the evidence piled up, democrats used this including the white house. they tried to ignore the leak like jen psaki said when it first came out to focus on the issue of roe versus wade. whether it's court pack or going after supreme court nominees if they are appointed by a republican to get their nomination thrown out. you had majority leader chuck schumer standing on the court accepts threatening justices
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kavanaugh and gorsuch on that same issue. brian: we'll wait for a decision at the end of june. a recent poll, it looks like abortion is number one issue concerning voters the most. dr. oz picked by president trump, and kathy barnett. 237 and mccormick is a strong candidate. and kathy barnett surging like we never predicted. how much is on the line for president trump. >> president trump got involved in this race early on. he had to drop out of the race because of a custody battle. then the dr. oz and temperature mccormick got in the race.
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kathy barnett has been running as the america first candidate, yet you had the president attacking her saying she can't win a general election against democrats running in primaries. polling is razor tight. president trump has invested a lot in this. he has had his surrogates out. but there are a lot of issues in his background in terms of what he believes in. the polling is very, very tight. brian very james corden the on late night tv pointing out what joe biden brought up. >> president biden attacked's economic record and mocked trump with a new nickname.
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biden called trump the great maga king. congratulations, joe. you selected the one nickname that donald trump will gladly keep. brian: what is your thought about this? >> president trump is the king of nicknames. the maga king he will love. i'm sure they will raise a lot of money out of this. i have been saying ultra maga which is how president biden has been trying to portray his followers sounds like a drink over the summer for all the maga kings. i think it was like the drink of the summer who are excited to get out and have a good time. not a great decision by the
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president, but i think a funny one they will endorse on the maga side. brian: katie pavlich, great to see you. coming up straight ahead. on "one nation," cash, cars and luxury items. how the landscape of college sports is change before our eyes. first we tried to unite america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing the all-new infiniti qx60. take on your wild world in style. ♪
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jon: welcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott. 10 people were killed, three others injured at a super market in buffalo, new york where police say a gunman opened fire this afternoon. i have to warn you this video is graphic. they identified the suspect as an -- an 18-year-old from conklin, new york. governor kathy hochul describes him as a white supremacist. the suspect has been charged
5:26 pm
with first degree murder and pleaded not guilty. more updates on the buffalo shooting as we get them. now back to "one nation" with brian kilmeade. [♪♪♪] brian: divisions in the country reaching a fever pitch when a supreme court opinion leaked. social media squabbles turned ugly making it easy to believe that america is more divide than usual. what if we told you we are not as divided as we seem. and if given the opportunity to hear each other out, we might just agree. my next guest brought thousands of people together across the political spectrum. we have reason to feel better
5:27 pm
that we are not as divide and why? >> there is a perception that we are divide and the divisions are impossible to bridge. there are polls that 80-to 90 percent of the country are not. people are basically good. and if we just took the time to talk to each other and listen to each other that's what we would find out. brian: you are going with stats. what have you done. >> we have people talking to their grandparents and interviewing their grandparents and their friends. we have thousands of people recording interviews with loved one. we are a non-profit in the human connection business. and, you know, we became
5:28 pm
incredibly. the fact that we are starting to hate each other. we are starting to not see each some other as human beings. we are talking about rwanda and nazi germany. it's incredibly dangerous. that's where we are heading now. we created a new story that puts strangers together across the political divide. just to talk about their lives and not politics understood the premise that it's difficult to hate up close. brian: i love the study, nothing like it. people say america is built on stolen land, on the backs of slavery, it's 1619, 1776. if we lose that foundation, we
5:29 pm
can't sustain ourselves. >> we -- when we have facilitators who travel around the country interviewing people, when they come back off the road if you ask them, they say people are basically good. we all believe the same things and want the best for our children. if we don't do something about it, the one thing we know for sure is this won't end well. it's a dangerous situation. if we listen more and shout less, we'll be a stronger and better country. brian: next, the champ himself, tyrus, joins me on "one nation" to talk about his one chance of a lifetime.
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brian: if you could dance, standing at'8", 270 pounds. he had a ton of jobs, professional wrestler. killer dance moves. performer on and off the screen. but what you don't know is his tumultuous upbringing that brought him here. he rose above the challenges to become a success. joining us, the best selling author himself. welcome to the show. congratulations. >> you actually paid for footage. that's wwe footage.
5:35 pm
thank you, man. brian: you were fighting from day one and sticking up for your mom literally. >> it was a lot tougher than i thought it would be. i always talk about writing a book. everyone should write one even if you never public lisht. it's therapy. you relive moments and look back at them and kind of get at peace with it. a lot of things i ignored and a lot of things i didn't put in the book i had to deal with. brian: in the buick said i did this wrong and i came back. whether it was a football player leaving a team or getting fired. you talk about coming back and persevering. you said black people have the
5:36 pm
mentality you aren't black enough and people talking about growing up with a biracial background. and white people have the mentality that you don't belong here. it gave meet ability to accept anyone the way they were base never identified with a particular group. and i kept things short, sweet, fun and tribal. >> people want to put things in a box. for me, i was light kinked. if somebody darker than me had an issue they would bring up the color of my skin. if i was in a white neighborhood and somebody didn't like me they would bring up the darkness of my skin. if you try to make it from one side, you will get from both sides. it's tbhoot they say toy, it's how you move on that defines
5:37 pm
you. brian: you talk about your white grandfather didn't want his black grandchildren living with him. and your father tried to kill you and tried to kill your mom. you said thank you to your dad. thank you for not being there. if i were, thin would be just like you. it took some failures and broken hearts, it took doubt, anger and it took forgiving myself and ultimately forgiving you. >> for some reason you see a lot of it in athletics. but they carry that flame. they will play that game and you will see a moment where they will look in the sand. and you will see a player's family together and they have that look. then one day you have your own kids where you realize, i'm glad he wasn't there. i would have ended up just like
5:38 pm
him or had some of his habits. brian: you were a security guard, a football player, a coach, a teacher, and now you are here. who is the most responsible for tyrus being the most coveted fox news contributor in fox news history. >> who is responsible? i would like to think i had some kind of hand in that. i don't know. brian: greg gutfeld. he's so jealous every time you talk to anyone. greg: he's my co-host, you can't have it. >> it wasn't on red eye, it was greg gutfeld. >> it was red eye and when you switched. i traveled. brian: what happened? >> you tweeted that you liked
5:39 pm
something. then you said, hey, who is this? i go and i go in youtube, and i go, this is very interesting. i dm'd you. he said would you like to go on the show, i thought, yeah, right. at that time i was working with impact at the time, independent wrestling team, you get a lot of weird requests. you get a lot of guys who say hey, why don't you come down to my attic and beat me up. so -- >> that's why he's off twitter now. brian: what was it about him that you knew there was something special here? greg: anybody who can take a conversation or topic and say something you haven't heard before, that's how i got my job here. but he's as good if not better
5:40 pm
shooting an angle that everybody in the room goes, huh. the same thing krauthammer could do. there would be people around the table, and when krauthammer starts talking, you go like this. hmm. that's what it's lieks like when tyrus talks. krauthammer could do it, tyrus can do it. sometimes i can do it. brian: when you read his book, did you know the type of upbringing he had? >> i knew parts of it. but there were some things that were shocking to me that i didn't know about. it was amazing that he wrote about it. and so funny things in there. but i had three older sisters, so he he was talking about guys dating his mother, i' couldn't understand that kind of thing.
5:41 pm
there are good eggs and bad eggs. when they are in your house they are rotten eggs. >> i knew gutfeld read the book. when he likes something, i will get a text. he said i had a craig, too. he's under playing himself sometimes. one of the things that helped me was being under the tree of someone like greg. it never know where greg is coming from. you know better than anyone, what starts out as a compliment end morably. brian: i never get a compliment. greg is resentful. greg: i am resentful, but at least i'm honest about it. i never had a number one at amazon. he did. and mine is so much better than yours. >> he wrote about everybody but
5:42 pm
himself. brian: greg, thanks so much. the game changing policy turning college sports upside down. >> behind the scenes in the nio world is despicable. it's dangerous and i are responsible.
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getting guns off our streets. one democrat's determined to get it done. attorney general rob bonta knows safer streets start with smarter gun control. and bonta says we must ban assault weapons. but eric early, a trump republican who goes too far defending the nra and would loosen laws on ammunition and gun sales. because for him, protecting the second amendment is everything.
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>> you got a problem. when you start paying athletes like they are professionals, you get athletes acting like they are professionals. and you don't have staff large enough and equipped enough to handle a young man that's make more manny than some of the coaches on staff. brian: name, image and likeness. the game-changing policies that's turning college recruiting into the wild wild west. the ncaa released new guidance to try to stop the insanity. it prohibits boosters with deep pockets from flash cash and
5:47 pm
promising big pay days. remember it's supposed to be students. the entire line of texas had to deal with cashing in on $50,000 a year from a non-profit charity based in austin, texas. one player has deals worth over a quarter million dollars. at the university of miami. players can earn up to $6,000 a we are through promoting local gyms, social media and other marketing tactics. joining us, former nfl square back and vp of regulatory affairs. alva, am i right to be concerned that college sports has changed forever? >> i think you are right to be
5:48 pm
concerned. but most people who follow college sports say demonitizing their name and likeness is a good thing. they are flex some of the economic muscle that has been prohibited for decades. it is change. i think it's change for the better even though there have been some excesses folks can argue about. brian: i saw your rant on twitter. usual not happy. >> i disagree with oliver a little bit. i think we have a problem on our hands and it could turn into a tsunami if we don't determine a way to put the brakes on some things. the problem is not the what.
5:49 pm
it's the howe cleangtives. there is no governance and no check and balance. and i think that's the thing we need to stop and consider. isn't it that pairs are making a bigger piece of the pie? it's how that pie is getting distributed. there should be some support behind it. brian: when i talk to you, i'm talking about standing quarterback in your day. so does sairn have some legitimate concerns? >> i think it's a matter of putting some guardrails in place. the first thing ought to be to put some windows pr where the portal is closed. the combination of the transfer rule that is relatively new to the ncaa where kids can go in and transfer immediately. that's spun out of control as
5:50 pm
well. by putting some reasonable limitations in place which is what the ncaa planned to do when this new ecosystem was launched, they sort of waived the white flag in indianapolis and as a result things got out of control very quickly. i think it's going back to the drawing board with the ncaa, the institution and potentially with lawmakers at the state and federal level and coming up with reasonable restrictions. and it gets me to glow up. with all these spoonts here come some real obligations. reporting the tax authorities to our own state, what kind of money is being made. kids have pell grants. so there is a laundry list of things that need to be considered. the universities need to step up as well and make sure they are educating their student athletes so they understand what it's
5:51 pm
like to be an entrepreneur. think about it. 500,000 student athletes. there are 500,000 independent contractors. and that's a big change for an 18, 19, 20-year-old. >> i think the problem is there is no oversight. i know how hard it was to be in the nfl and have a couple million dollars in my pocket. these players will become targets. there will be family members and friends that come out of the woodwork. the added pressure of what we are seeing start something crack flips a mental health tsunami racing towards our shores. we know it's hitting campuses. we are at the phase of watching the fish flop around on the reef and wondering what's happening. the kids aren't equipped to be able to deal with it. if we can redirect some of that
5:52 pm
funding to provide much needed mental health resources for these student athletes. brian: we just touched the surface. i'll have you back if i can find some holes in the your schedule. keep college sports great. spread. nothing says romance like proposing at a funeral. what else emily campagno believes should be. you would never do that? >> never. do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops for instant moisture. biotrue uses naturally inspired ingredients. and no preservatives. try biotrue ♪ ♪
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brian: it's time for the "news duel." joining me is emily campagno. let's begin, queue the music. a man decides to propose to a
5:57 pm
woman at her father's funeral. he's being killed on the internet because he chose that moment ask for the woman's hand in marriage. don't you think that's inappropriate. >> he deserves this slow social death. he was the pastor paper was bad enough when i read the headline, man proposes at woman's father's funeral. but he was a pastor. brian are said he wanted to lift her spirits. >> no hero. 7 in 10 adults say they are hiding their true personality. here is my thought that's so interesting. brian: when they go to work they don't access things. >> and also that they are hiding
5:58 pm
significant secrets. they can be a total ax murderer. brian: i can't believe the scenario you gave me. i believe in your case, you are the same person on camera, off camera. >> you are totally right. brian: one in five people met their future spouse on vacation. a lot of times they end up zieght one they meet on a plane. can you relate to this? >> no, but you know who can? dana who met her husband on a plane. lying on a beach is being your best self. and he go home and get back to the real life, you don't need a partner. brian: and you don't need that guy. >> exactly. brian: does anyone in the world
5:59 pm
have more hobbies than emily. we found pictures of you video gaming, woodworking, fencing, doing yoga. >> that's so funny. brian: i have no hobbies. >> yes, so many of those were for charities. but i feel life is amazing. if i am sitting still, i'm being tortured. what better way to live life and honor your family by trying everything. what hobbies do you have? you work a thousand jobs every day. give me a hobby you do. >> i work out and collect headlines. brian: emily, thanks so much. i'll tell you what i have coming up. i want you to listen to the radio show from 9:00 to noon
6:00 pm
every day. dr. oz will be with us. on "fox and friends," piers morgan with the british accents. follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. dan bongino is next. [♪♪♪] dan: democrats are rewriting history right before our eyes from inflation to communism. why they don't want our kids to know the truth. governor ron desantis is making sure kids note truth in his state. why joe biden is bent on not fixing the economy. democrats come to biden's defense.


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