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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  May 14, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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every day. josh rogan and dr. oz will be with us including senator cotton, senator kennedy. piers morgan with the british accent. follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. dan bongino starts now. [♪♪♪] dan: democrats are rewriting history right before our eyes. why they don't want our kids to know the truth. florida governor ron desantis willve join us with a message every parent needs. you don't want to fix the economy. why is joe biden bent on doing the exact opposite.
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thee supreme court is expected o hand down another round of ruling monday. meanwhile, democrats are losing their minds on the abortion law. you won't believe what they had to say. with jen psaki's last week in the white house, we decided to give her a job performance that ain't pretty. it will send her on her way. those who don't learn from history areor doomed to repeat . today i would like to add to that. information control, that's power. all the challenges facing this country, we have seen them before. there is nothing new here. we can learn from our mistakes. the examples are all around us of prior failures. democrats are hell bent on isolating you from the truth by rewriting, condemning or censoring the truth or calling the truth a conspiracy theory.
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conservatives warned over and over again we can't spend our way out of an inflation crisis. now the biden administration swoopts in with another ridiculous plan. >> i'm taking inflation very seriously and it's my top domestic priority. i think our policies help not hurt. think about what they say. the vast majority of the that this isink going to be a real tough problem to solve, but it's not because of spending. our economy has gone from being on the mend to on the move. dan: so after spending trillions of dollars and doing nothing to help bring down gas prices, these are cries ease, biden's plan is to tax the rich and
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spend even more money. a year ago his administration said inflation would never happen. then when it did happen they said no one could have predicted it. >> i really doubt we'll see an inflationary cycle. >> we know if we look at the recent inflation data as a result of president putin's invasion of ukraine and the energy market. those are things no one could have predicted a year ago. dan: i remember talking about it for months and months. >> how long do you think inflation is going to go up? >> i think the odds are that we are going to have inflation of a kind we haven't seen in 30 years until either the fed takes some significant move with respect to monetary policy, or until there
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is some kind of accident. dan: do you notice the date on that clip? 2021. it sounds like a year ago. if you listen to the sycophants, they say it's the republicans fault. >> do you think the republicans are going to make it better? the democrat is in office, the deficit goes down, the economy flourishes, then a republican comes in and destroys it all. dan: a there is nothing new her. we faced these problems before. now it applies to covid, too. the biden administration continues to push back mandates and masks. before the pandemic people didn't question the signs behind
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masks. >> in one of their large studies it seemed like the major efficacy of a mask is it causes alarm in the other person. so you stay away from each other. when i was in the sars epidemic all over asia people were wearing masks. it's alarming. when you walk down the street and everybody coming towards you has a mask on, you definitely do social distancing. but did the mask help them or keep the virus out? certainly not. the mask would not have made the difference if the virus was around theirir face. dan: did the science around masks change? nah. but neither did the fear. the woman in that climb put a point on masks keep people afraid of each other.
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but they needed to keep us paralyzed bid fear so they could justify their authoritarianism over us. it's end endless cycle of failure. the only way they can accomplish this is by controlling the flow of information. that is power. that's why the left is freaking out over elon musk's offer to buy twitter. it threatens their monopoly over the control of information. and that's everything. that's why the media and the left is melting down. the florida governor ron desantis is forcing students to be doubt every november about the horrors of socialism and communism. we have to teach it to our kids now. and the left despises them for it.
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history, owning history, that's power. theal total body count from the communist g governments worldwie could be 100 million people. let that sink in for a minute. the federal government isn't going to teach our kids the history of communism, socialism or inflation because if they do, the radical left would cease to exist. joining us is florida governor ron desantis. you are taking communism head on in the great state of florida. give us an update on that. >> well, dan, we probably have more people with first-hand knowledge of communism in florida, particularly southern florida, thanda most parts of te united states. floridians have seen their lives shattered. their relatives' life's shattered i by marxism, solism d
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communism. andea i also look around. there is an ignorance when you see students on college campuses wearing che guevarra t-shirts and they speak referencely about mao zedong *. it's important that our students under that. and we as a state to honor the many, many victims of this evil ideology. dan: the biden administration seems to have everything backwards. we have a lot of people on fixed incomes. this week we learned they canceledfi oil and gas leases. it appears they are doing everything backwards to get us out of this crisis. they just refuse to follow the reagan book. >>us the energy policy is
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intentional. they are intentionally reducing our ability to produce oil and gas in the united states. they will beg opec for more oil, they will beg maduro for oil. i guess maduro's oil isn't the global warming. inflation attributable more than anything of biden's policy of printingvilles of dollars like he has before he got into office. he was warned by larry summers and other democratic economists that if you do this, it will spark inflation. we may have people making 7% more year over year, but if the costs of everything to live is up 20%. and it is. i think it's been failure in
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policy.ha reverse course. start producing more energy in the united states. he could easily do that. but what does he do? they are still canceling oil and gas leases. they don't want us to be energy independent, and they don't care if you suffer at the pump. dan: couldn't agree more. it has to be intentional. governor ron desantis, thanks for your time, we appreciate it. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." the biden administration claimed they weren't funding crack pipes. but now there is hard evidence they are. pete hegseth gives us his smoky hot take to help clear the air. >> this policy does not allow for crack pipes to be included. this is a bit of a spir theory.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." time dan: h welcome back to "unfiltered." pete hegseth joins us for hot takes. illegal immigrants getting pallets of baby formula while
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americans struggle to find it. i'm a christian. i don't want to see anybody suffer. but it am world full of difficult choices. and joe biden is sending pallets of baby formula to the border when our people are struggling to find it themselves. pete: the democrat party is the party illegals. they will facilitate this. they are planning for it. they are investing it in. we'll make sure you get trns pore takes, we'll send you to a sanctuary city. and we'll make sure you have baby formula. the administration has known about the recall and supply chainch issues. 40% of our baby formula comes from china.
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they could have planned for this. but it wasn't a priority. one congresswoman whose husband is a first responder and knowed the border patrol, and the border patrol took a picture of the shelf where they had baby formula. he said i have grandkids who can't get formula at the store. it'sre almost poetic of what we are dealing with at the border. dan: the crack pipe story. there is a different angle to this. they lied about the administration and funding. here is jen psaki. he was totally denying the story. the administration said crack pipes were not part of the kits. >> they were never part of the
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kit, that's inaccurate reporting. dan: this is what real power looks like. this is after the washington "free beacon" got the crack pipes. here is psaki denying it again. >> no federal funding has gone to it. this policy does not allow for crack pipes to be included. this is a bit of a conspiracy theory spread out there, it's not accurate. dan: control of information. pete: those pictures of the crack pipes in the kits is a conspiracy theory. here is what they can count on, dan. the fact checkers fall in line. the fact checkers who should be doing what the "free beacon" is doing which is actually going to the places, pulling the photos, liking at the kits. they take the press release and the words of jen psaki and they say fake news, there is nothingh
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to see here. that's what jen psaki knows she can rely on. of course they are providing crack pipes. this is drug a sill takes. that's all it is. dan: be sure you pick. you pete's new book on our identification system. it's a huge. >>ew i opener. one of the best books i read this year. comingre up on "unfiltered." what did george costanza and joe biden have in common? a democrat will defend joe biden's disastrous plan to fight inflation. we ask the people on the street if it's okay for the justices to be intimidated. you've the responsibility and
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duty to make these types of decisions, you have to put up with that.
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ashley: welcome to fox news live. a gunman wearing military-style clothing opened fire at a supermarket in buffalo, new york
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saturday. it killed 10 people officials are investigating as a racially motivated shooting. the supermarket is in a primarily black neighborhood. 11 of the victims were black, two were white. law enforcement said. the suspect is identified as 1 state-year-old payton gendron. he has been arraigned on felony murder charges. he has pleaded not guilty. >> he instinct i have in life is wrong. >> if every instinct you have is
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wrong, then the opposite would have to be right. >> yes. i d will do the opposite. dan: the "wall street journal" asked this question. is joe biden the new george costanza. the man is a disaster. i resorted to calling joe biden the king of pain. as i said in the monologue. none of this is new. we had an inflation crisis in this country before. ronald reagan inherited one. you can look at the numbers. inflation was through the roof. so what did ronald reagan do? ronald reagan cut taxes to create more supply products. what happened? gdp explode. you can look up the numbers what
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happened in the lay began years. he inherited an inflationary crisis worse than what joe biden has now. you know what they didn't do? they did not spend a boatload of money more than they needed to spend. they cut taxes and put it back in the producers' hands so they could' produce goods to suck up the excess goods in the economy. there were deficits and debts in the reagan years. but we have never seen debts or deficits like this? u.s.s. history. what is joe biden's instinct. just like george costanza, he wants to prints more money and raise taxes. it's a george costanza
9:26 pm
presidency. joining me for the reporter is democratic strategist and fox news contributor, leslie marshall. we have been through this before, the inflationary crisis in the reagan years. they cut taxes and juiced the economy. why t wouldn't he read a shift book and stimulate the economy. >> i have read a history book. you look at reagan years, the second term, it proved that trickle down economics did not work and i'd did not bode well for president reagan. the feds are increasing interest ratesn and a lot of people are worried and angry about that on both sides of the aisle. from w your own party rick scoti think is the one who wants to raise taxes. i don't see job very want to go raise taxes.
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and the spending plan economists on both sides of the aisle says it contributes to inflation at 2%. even without joe biden we would have inflation. now because of what's happening in ukraine and what happened with the pandemic and the supply chain. this is a global issue. not just a u.s. dan: the reagan tax cuts kicked in in the second half his presidency when growth was 6, 4, and 5 percent. ii don't know where you are going. trickle down economics is not a real thing. it's a talking points. you can tweet to me the economic theoryif of trickle down economs after the show. an actual economist who explored trickle down economics. but you won't be able to do it. third, rick scott does not want
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shy taxes, he wants to flatten the tax code so everybody has skin in the game. that's a strike scott only thing. you just said three things that aren't accurate. show me in the biden administration, show me what they want to do for inflation for the american people where raising tax especially on middle and lower income americans. where areri the tax increases? dan: i don't want to raise taxes. >> where is the biden's proposal to raise taxes. >> he just gave a speech about raisingg corporate tax. they get the money from people. > he wants to reverse what happened from the last administration. >> what, growth? >> he wants to benefit the middle income families. when we looked at what's happening. let's look at the supply chain,
9:29 pm
for example. >> time out. he wants to reverse what? the growth? donald trump reversed the negative 3%. obama is the only president to never veatch 3% gdp growth. trump finally cracked that. what do you seen in what trend are you talking about? >> i am talking about the trend in this country especially when republicans are in charge that we saw during last corporation. corp -- the last administration, the corporations benefit. not the lower income americans. weee also saw the richest americans -- you are saying the top 15% of the corporations in america't didn't have record profits while americans struggle
9:30 pm
with supply chain issues? they didn't help the consumers with the cost of goods. dan: the united states government set a record for corporate tax intake. do you guys really read this? >> it's -- it's ridiculous that the top 15% have not passed down the savings to the american consumer. dan: that's just not accurate. thanks for your time. we appreciate it. coming up. remember when attorney general merrick garland claimed the doj wasn't targeting parents as terrorists? it turns out the doj may have been lying again. reacts coming up.
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da dan: remember when biden's attorney general denied under oath that the doj doesn't target parents speak out at meetings as terrorists. >> i can't imagine where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. dan: that was a lie.
9:36 pm
two republican congressmen say that exactly what was happening and they have the evidence to back it up. don, thanks for spending time with us here. merrick garland is obviously lying. we have evidence the fbi did in fact probably at his instruction target these parents. why can't they just come out and say they are become an enforcement arm of the democrat party? it's sad to watch. >> the fact that they are not focused on actual domestic terrorists. we watched portland and seattle and every other major city in america burn for two years. if youou are a parent concerned about your children being indoctrinated in our public school system, you are targeted. it's disgusting that it's taking
9:37 pm
place. bit is happening. and people have to start making their voices heard. they must not be afraid because that's what the tactics they are trying to employ. they are trying to scare you to allow this garbage to continue. you will destroy our education system. youon will destroy it, and you will destroy our children's future if we don't stand up to this nonsense. >> the good news is there is a silver lining. you will see whistleblowers come forward. a lot of decent people who had enough of this. your father got slammed for firing jim comey which was probably one of the best decisions ever made. i know you are campaigning to a lot of people. they have to commit to taking a look at this. we don't want conservatives or liberals. we want law enforcement officials who pledge to
9:38 pm
enforcing the law. >> i see that with so many of the people i know in law enforcement. we have to make the distinction between the door kickers. the guys doing the actual work. they are disgusted with what's going on in leadership. whether it's the fbi or the d sorks j, you see the same thing with our it in when our generals get on stage in front of congress, they could not have seen what was happening in afghanistan happening. they are incapable of actually leading. they should not be in those positions. we have seen the woke wing of military and law enforcement take over, the upper echelon. and you have seen the results. i i don't know that the fbi has prevented a crime in decades. theyey are too busy making suref your grandmother took a selfie somewhere near the capitol or within 1,500 miles of
9:39 pm
washington, d.c. on january 6, theytu are in -- they are in the gulag. dan: it's sad to see. thanks a lot for your time. weru appreciate it. we'll learn more about the dangers of spike proteins found in covid vaccines. here with an update on this is cardiologist dr. peter mccollough. we had you on before talking about the spike proteins in the vaccines. recentes findings are significa. impacts on the brain, the circulatory system. can you gives an update on what you are reading in the recent data? >> i'm out in salt lake at the aware and informed event. i can tell you spike proteins
9:40 pm
will be part of the presentation here. exposure with the respiratory infection and the vaccine. a paper from lsu, 36 patient who died with covid-19 in the hospital, spike protein damage in the brain was effort separately. thehe nih autopsy series, 44 patients also died in the hospital, evidence of the virus replicating after 230 days after the respiratory infection. have a new book called "courage to face covid." none of these patients who died received early treatments before the hospital. dan: coming up, pro abortion activists going right to the doorsteps of supreme court
9:41 pm
justices. why? to intimidate them of course. you won't believe what happened when we hit the treats to find out what people thought those tactics. >> do you this okay?
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dan: welcome back to
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"unfiltered." the supreme court isk expected o issue a round of opinions monday. we don't know when they will hand down the dobbs roe v. wade ruling. it's empowered by leftist democrats who don't understand how dangerous it is to a functioning republic. we hit the streets to find out if people are okay with this type of behavior. >> what is your reaction to people screaming and intimidating supreme court justices outside their houses. >> i feel their anger. as a woman i feel like my rights have been violated. >> do you think intimidating a judge is okay? >> yeah. >> it comes with part of the job. like if you have the responsibility and duty to make these types of decisions, you have to put up with that.
9:46 pm
the same thing with celebrities. popp ratsy can be [bleep] sometimes. >> they y are saying abort the court. do you think that's a death threat? >> i don't think that's a death threat. >> if someone is on trial for murder and they had someone go to the judge's house and intimidate them, do you think that would be okay? >> murder is different than abortion. >> abortion is killing a baby. >> i don't think so. >> brandon, you can hear it in their voices they seem to equate violence with some kind of mechanism to move their political football. we can't have that in a functioning constitutional republic. this is dangerous. >> especially when you are doing it in the middle of a supreme court justice.
9:47 pm
you can't have people intimidating them threatening violence against them. if you are a conservative and you exercise your right, they want you to go to prison. jaary, they want you lockednu away forever. i think it am double standard we needgh to get ahold of and hold these people accountable to. dan: conservatives there is an emergency break-in our behavior. emergency brake in our behavior. they believe in power, the raw exercise of power even using violence as a tool. we can't have a functioning republic where one side seed the intimidation as a mechanism to
9:48 pm
get what they want if the political process doesn't work for them. >> there is a difference between them and us. we believe in god. we have more standards. these people hate god, they want the government to be their god it's's frustrating when i see te contradictions. if you don't like the decisions that are made there are recourses we can go about. we have seen black lives matter burn buildings down to the ground. and murder people. people who were enthusiastic about the movement black lives matter. they committed all these crime and we as a country we turned a blind eye too it. i'm ticked off the government is trying to institute the ministry of truth. but i'm not going to violate them all. i can going to go to the polls
9:49 pm
and vote so we can have a better constitutionalea republic. dan: thanks for your service. thanks for your time. we appreciate it. the cryptocurrency crash wiped out hundreds of millions of dollars. now a cryptocurrency wallet is in danger of going into bankruptcy. and we say farewell to jen psaki with a look at her final report card. ♪ (queen - we will rock you) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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dan: this has been a bad week for cryptocurrency. 100 million in market value lost in just a few days. big government licking its chops to get in there. >> we need a regulatory framework to guard against the
9:54 pm
risks. in the last couple days we had a real life demonstrations of the risks. we need a comprehensive framework so there are more regulations. dan: are the feds going to use this crypto crash as justification to jump in here and ruin the whole market? >> absolutely. the fed will use any excuse to take control. bitcoin is working perfectly fine. we just had a two-year bull market. nothing goes on forever. bitcoin is up 700%. including gold which is actually down. we have to realize that the bull market was have much driven by the feds flooding the system withpe money.
9:55 pm
we are now seeing as -- astronomical levels of inflation. people need to put that money into living. and it's important to consider the geopolitical situation. it's a risk asset. but overall bitcoin is doing what it's designed to do. i can still trade money and i can sendti you money and it's still free from government corruption. dan: thanks for your time. i appreciate your time. yesterday was jen psaki's last day at the biden white house. joining me is former principal deputy erin perrini. early on jen psaki claimed she
9:56 pm
would be transparent. but that didn't last long. check this out. >> his objective and commitment is to bring transparency. we remain committed to transparency. >> to insure transparency remains a commitment. >> fox is the only member of the tv pool that's never been on the list with the president. >> we are having a conversation, aren't we? dan: erin, she gets a big juicy f for transparency. as a communications professional, your thoughts? >> it's hard for jen psaki to be transparent when you talk about the biden administration. they blame donald trump and i agree with you there, a big fat f for jen psaki. no transparency for this
9:57 pm
administration. dan: when it comes to dodging questions. she lad one card to play in the beginning. remember the circle back thing? >> i want to plug for you something the first lady is up to. let me see if i can find it. i will be happy to circle back with my team. dan: she had to get creative and say circle back there. she hasn't said it in 462 days. but she gets an f -- i say a. she gets an a for dodging questions.oo she is good at it. >> i agree are you on this one. let's be honest here. she d didn't have a lot of stuff questions. it was a lot of the soft balls and hard hitting. one thing she did master any.
9:58 pm
she -- she did fasterfully. a-pluso effort on the dodging of the question. dan: sticking to the narrative. she did well stick together narrative. no matter how bad things got, >> our view is the rise in gas price in the longterm makes a stronger case for doubling down our focus on clean energy options. we take the vetting of any individual who comes to the united states. this is on track to be the largest airlift in u.s. mist. if you compare months and months we have seen inflationary numbers go down month to month.
9:59 pm
dan: no matter how much december -- howmuch destruction bide ar. -- biden does. >> she has to do mental gymnastics and go to the press and say what he really meant. under president trump there was no one walking around telling you what he really meant. joe biden is always moving the goalpost so it's kind of a wash on that one for her. dan: thanks for your time. we really appreciate it. before you go, remember you can catch the dan bongino show every day on foxnation. we'll look more like venezuela than the united states m of america.en stop printing money, start drilling or we'll see inflation
10:00 pm
here to stay. dan: . and follow "unfiltered" on facebook and instagram@unfiltered onex fox. don't forget to set your dvr if you can't watch it live. >> good evening. fox alert out of buffalo new york. a tragic mass shooting. to the friendly markets and live stream the attack online. doubt and tactical gear he shot four people in the parking lot before going inside the store and killing a police officer that was working security. he went on to shoot eight others the fbi is investigating this as a racially motivated


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