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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  May 14, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight. thank you so much for watching. we will be right back here live next saturday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. you can find us online. find me at lawrence b jones three. set your dvr so you never miss another episode. good night, everybody. ♪♪ >> hi everyone. glad you are here. i am brian. welcome to one nation. someone who takes responsibility for their actions, true to their convictions. not afraid to admit when they have screwed up. our current president, president biden, he is not showing any of that. >> why do gas prices keep going up so high? republicans have offered plenty of blame, but not a single solution. >> they are rising because of putin's actions.
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>> under my predecessor, the great maga can come at deficit increased every year. >> could have been handled better. >> i don't know how that happens brian: what a mess. they are to say he has never apologized. we have a tape. an example. [inaudible] okay. he is not exactly apologizing for himself. not really what i was inking. you like the guy or not. whether you voted them or not, it's not how you handle things. especially in times of trouble. inflation is out of control. home prices are skyrocketing. gas prices are at an all-time
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high. moms are having a hard time finding baby formula. who is responsible for this mess, you probably should not ask president biden because he is too busy deflecting blame instead of dissecting the problem. formulating a plan and rallying a nation around that plan. true leaders that show the responsibility in times of trouble. they do not blame. look at president harry truman. he popularized the phrase the buck stops here. because in the oval office, it did. [inaudible] the final decision comes to the president. i used to have a sign on my desk, the buck stops here. >> people respect that even when things go wrong. it is inspiring. what about john f. kennedy. most people remembered how he stared down cruise ships and the soviets in the missile crisis. the cia alleged botched cuban
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invasion to oust castro. when it failed, key owned it. >> now it should be clear that this is no longer enough. our security beat by beat, country by country, without the firing of a single missile or the crossing of a single border. we intend to profit from this lesson. >> right. our president, president nixon resigning after the watergate fallout in 1977. >> i let the american people down and i have to carry that burden with me for the rest of my life. >> ronald reagan who learned in 1987 data staff illegally divert hundred delivered weapons to iran in exchange for hostages. >> i am still accountable for those activities. this happened on my watch. >> great presidents are not perfect but the great ones are
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accountable. that is what real leaders do. they don't look for culprits. they don't look for ultra maga. bill clinton apologized to the victims and survivors of the genocide rwanda for not acting quicker to prevent the carnage. and president bush. he owned up to his administration. fast-forward today. president biden is facing major challenges. he cannot seem to solve the problems like inflation for everyday americans or migrants flooding into our borders, illegal immigrants i should say, all the people really want is to see that he is trying. president biden stop thinking about scoring political points and start thinking about solving problems for all of america. be accountable, to be reliable be humble. after four years that joe biden
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didn't make america great again. he is a real maga king. historian extraordinaire, the author of doom, neal ferguson. you know where we are at today, you know where we are in our past, what do you think of my assessment? >> i agree with everything you said, brian. i say nearly because of a couple of omission. you could have thrown in lyndon b. johnson. he did not run for a second term which he could have done in 1968. i look back at the last president and i kind of wish that there would have been one moment when donald trump said i got this wrong. if you would have been a little bit more humbling in his handling of the covid pandemic, i think he may well have ended up winning in 2020 and we would not be dealing with the mess that you just described. the thing that i really do agree with his it is shameless of joe
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biden, and his administration to deny their responsibility for the epic inflation failed that is hurting every american today. their attempts to blame that on vladimir putin are laughable or to blame it on price gouging corporations which is just economic and facility. this problem began right at the start of the biden presidency with the super fullest over shoot. a former democratic treasury secretary larry summers in february 2021, just weeks after the inauguration said that it would be an inflation mess in here we are. they should own that. jimmy carter, you could have mentioned him, too. jimmy carter owned malaise. the inflation that occurred during his presidency. that is what biden has to do. that is the number one issue for voters right now. brian: they don't want someone perfect. they want someone doing
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everything they can to be perfect. admitting when they are wrong. that is the way we do things. what is unbelievable is on record saying inflation is in transitory. on record saying it would be messy regardless. he is flat out wrong yet we are still living with the legacy. in ukraine he had a chance to say what he thought was a lost cause. we are now in 11-12 weeks nt is beginning to rise up to that. boris johnson said, you know, we did not recognize the threat and the tenacity in which the ukrainians would fight with. he owned up to it. he still got a job, what is wrong with that. >> part of the problem is the president of the united states has the world's hardest job. nobody will get through it in four years without making mistakes. because it is impossible to get a straight a in this job. even the greatest presidents
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have their share of mistakes and you mentioned ronald reagan's mistake, the iran scandal. i think we should dismiss the idea that a president will be flawless. the trouble is that we went into this presidency with promises of transformative presidency. joe biden would be the most extraordinary president since franklin roosevelt. i think i said it to you, brian, they don't have the majorities to deliver transformation. let's be absolutely clear. roosevelt had massive majorities in the house and senate. they made unforced errors from the onset. let's not forget the southern border error or they basically said, and in we are saying terry america. and then the crime problem. following the murder of george floyd not somehow receding. crime in american cities. it remains as high as it was.
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they have been making stages from the very early stages and that made their pledges of being transformative ring very hollow with the public. living with the consequences of these blunders. >> judging by how you reviewed my monologue i probably got a c+ because i did not add so much that you added what is taken place in the last two years because we only have a one hour show. i give myself a bit of a pass. >> a harvard a. >> thank you very much. i don't believe you, but i will accept it. it seems everyone has forgotten about the scotus leaker. we will remind you about it and take a look back at the craziest intel leaks in american history. coming up later in the show, joining one nation for an interview you do not want to miss with a special surprise guest. ♪♪
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who leaked the supreme courts draft opinion on roe v wade. one of the most important stories in recent memory but no one is talking about. who betrayed the bench? here's a quick look back at the history of weeks.
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>> the manhattan project. fdr assigned the world's most brilliant scientists in u.s. military minds to develop the first atomic bomb over fears the german scientist looking over a weapon for hitler. generating more than 1500 leaks. one dozen americans, brits and canadians were executed or locked up for leaking atomic secrets to the soviet union. pentagon papers 1971. daniel ellsberg leaked thousands of pages from a highly classified government study on u.s. policy in vietnam. >> can you imagine the new york times doing a thing like this 10 years ago? >> damning details including lbj 's plan to escalate the war despite claiming the opposite during the election. charges were later dismissed due to improper government conduct. a supreme court ruling allowing
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more articles to be published as the outrage against the war group. one year later, watergate. fbi agent, also known as exposing president nixon's involvement and bugging the dnc headquarters at the watergate hotel in washington to washington post reporters. ordering the political spying and sabotage campaign. it would lead to the end of the nixon era. 1973, roe v wade. a supreme court clerk. hours before it was announced. an offer to resign but was rejected. fast-forward to two of the most traders in recent history. u.s. army private and former nsa contractor. in 2010, manning who now goes by chelsea leaked more than 700,000 classified documents including u.s. military and battlefield reports from iraq, afghanistan and diplomatic cables.
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thirty-five years behind bars, she only served seven before president obama commuted her sentence. snowden. the nsa spying on americans by monitoring phone records and text messages. facing up to 30 years in prison, snowden fled the country and is living in russia. >> the supreme court now as we go front and center with what is happening in america right now. justices meeting for the first time this week about the leak. where does the investigation stand now? joining me now as tom and katie. why isn't there more interested in finding out who leaked? do you have an idea of who it may be? >> well, a lot a speculation about whether this was a liberal clerk who was thirsty for a more left-leaning justice, also some accusations from democrats at this was a conservative on the
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court leaking this because they want roe versus wade overturned. we don't know what it is. we have heard calls from mitch mcconnell saying the leaker should be prosecuted if they have broken any laws. the department of justice has not expressed much interest in looking at to the leaker is and certainly they have not expressed much interest in looking at people descending on the homes of conservative justices. if you look at the way the evidence is piled up, democrats have used this, including the white house, trying to ignore the leak to push it aside to focus on the issue of roe versus wade. it follows the pattern of democrats trying to undermine the court. court packing or going after a supreme court nominees that happen to be reported by a republican. getting their nomination throat out. you have yes senate majority leader chuck schumer standing on the steps just last year during a hearing on a case about
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abortion threatening justice kavanaugh on the very issue. it follows the left-leaning pattern, but we do not know who the leaker is. >> we will wait for a decision at the end of june. a recent poll, it looks like abortion is the number two issue concerning voters most. on tuesday, the primary pennsylvania. doctor oz picked by president trump. you have dave mccormick and kathy barnett. doctor oz. mccormick is a strong candidate. kathy barnett surging like nothing we have ever predicted. how much is on the line for president trump? >> president trump got involved in this race early on. he had to drop out of the race as a result of a custody then doctor oz or david mccormick got in the rings. spending millions of dollars going after each other trying to win endorsements. his wife worked in the organization.
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early 2016 was able to wrap up that endorsement. kathy barnett has been running as an america first candidate yet you are the president coming out this week attacking her saying she cannot win a general election against democrats running the primary as well on tuesday. the polling is razor tight. president trump has had his surrogates out this week. there has been a lot of issues that have come up in terms of what he believes in. we will see what happens. the polling is very, very tight. >> third to first as soon as trump stepped in. james corden had some fun was something i just cannot get my head around. the dumb nicknames instead of trying to solve the problem. here is james corden on late-night tv pointing out what joe biden brought up. >> president biden attacked donald trump's economic record and mocks trump with a new
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nickname. are you ready for this? the great maga king. congratulations, joe, you selected the one nickname that trump will gladly have. >> he loved it. he tweeted about it. what is your thought about this? [laughter] >> first of all, president trump is the king of nick names. you cannot outdo the king of nicknames when it comes to nick naming him. i am sure that they will raise a lot of money off of this. ultra mega which is how joe biden has tried to portray his followers over the last week sound like something like a beer or drink for the summer for everyone on team maga. the drink of the summer for all the maga king's excited to out and have a good time.
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not a great decision by the president, but i think a funny one that they will certainly endorse on the maga side. brian: unintentionally. thank you president biden for that. great to see you. have a great weekend. >> thanks brian. brian: coming up ahead on one nation. cash, cars and luxury items. how the landscape of college sports is changing before our eyes. first, we try to unite america. don't move. ♪♪ to
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11:26 pm ♪♪ divisions in the country meeting a fever pitch. the supreme court draft opinion leaked. outside the justices home. social media squabbles turned ugly. more divided than ever. what if we told you it is not actually true. not as divided as they seem. we have given the opportunity to hear each other out we may just listen. my next guest has seen the proof. the founder and president whose initiative has brought together thousands of people across the political spectrum like no one else in history. david, thanks for being here. we have reason to feel better we are not as divided?
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why? >> i think there is a perception we are incredibly divided. these divisions are possible to bridge, but it is not true. somewhere between 85 and 90% of the country are part of a majority that are tired of the divisions, they are scared and they want to find a way out. we have to explain to people that if we just listen to each other, if we see the humanity in each other, we talked about this before, america are basically good. if we just took the time to talk and listen to each other, that is what we would find out and that is what we are trying to do. >> you're not going with your gut, you are going with stats. this massive oral history project where we have people talking to their grandparents, interviewing their grandparents, interviewing their friends. recording interviews with loved ones. kind of collecting the wisdom of humanity. a few years ago, we are a nonprofit in the human connection business, kind of corny thing to say, but we are.
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we became incredibly concerned about toxic polarization in this country. not arguing which is healthy, but the fact that we are starting to hate each other. talking to your mom a lot about rwanda. that is what happened in nazi germany when hitler called jews this. it is incredibly dangerous. that is where we are heading now. we created a new way that put strangers across the political divide together. never met each other before, one conservative, one a liberal, just to talk about their lives, not to talk about politics. >> take once dulcet >> that's right. >> 60 minutes. people say america is built on stolen land. it is 1690 not 1796.
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we cannot sustain ourselves. should i feel that way. >> well, you know, i think that, i mean will be a that travel around the country interviewing people -- [inaudible] >> they say that people are basically good. social media is extremely dangerous. people are pushed to extremes. we all believe the same things, we want what is best for our children. the one thing we know for sure if this will not end well. it is a dangerous situation. i hope people will remember if we listen more we will be a better country. >> take one small thanks, david. >> thanks, brian. joining me on one nation to talk about his chance of a lifetime. in fact, i think he's coming this way.
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♪♪ >> i thought you said you cannot dance. you can dance. 6-foot 8 inches 370 pounds. you may think you know tyrus, formerly snoop dogg's bodyguard, but he had a ton of jobs. killer dance moves. it's got to be true. you see it. what you don't know about his tumultuous upbringing that brought him right here despite the cards he was dealt he refused to be a victim. rising above the challenges to be the success we know him of today. author of just tyrus, about tyrus. welcome to the show. congratulations. >> thank you. you made the footage. you know that she'll is doing well.
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you really stepped up. thank you, man, i am humbled. brian: i love your book. fighting from day one. fighting and sticking up for your mom from day one. was that tough to write and relive those moments? >> a lot tougher than i thought it would be. talking about writing a book. everyone should write one, even if you do not publish it. you kind of go through a, you kind of get at peace with it. a lot of stuff i ignored and a lot of things i did not put into the book i had to deal with. you start writing and then you go off and you kind of start reliving a lot of the things. >> in the book you say i did this wrong and i was wrong for that and i came back. being a football player, leaving your team are leaving a job or getting fired, whatever it was, you just talk about coming back and persevering real. you say this in your book.
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black people have the mentality you are not black enough and white folks talking about growing up biracial background. white folks have the mentality you don't belong here. all my bumps and scars are because of this. it gave me the ability to accept anyone the way they were because i did not identify as a particular group, never grew roots cap things short, sweet, fun and tribal. >> a lot of times people try to put everything in a box. you will get attacked on both sides, no matter what. in some cases, for me, i was light-skinned. if someone had an issue with me they would bring up the color i dread color my skin. people would do the things regardless of what color they are. you get put in a box by mainstream media. you will get it from both sides. it is not what they are saying to you, it is how you react to it in how you move on from it
11:37 pm
that if ideal. >> you talk about your white grandfather. you talk about your father who you are so glad you did not keep in touch with it a terrible guy that tried to kill you and your mom. you persevere through all of it. another cut from this. you say thank you to your dad. thank you for not being there because if you were i would be just like you. i learned that from other men. it took a village, failures, broken hearts admit real cramps. it took doubt, anger and it took forgiving myself and forgiving you. >> you have to. you have to let that go. you see a lot of it in athletics maybe that is what turns a lot of men to sports. they carry that flame. they will play that game. they look in the stands there they see another player's family together and you see that woke. i knew that look. one day you have euro kids or you get in a situation where you realize, man, i am glad he was not there because i would have
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ended up just like him or had some of his habits are is better off without him. >> i put everything you have done in the prompter. you have been a bouncer, security guard, football player, coach, teacher and now you are here. the big question is, who was the most responsible for tyrus being the most coveted fox news contributor in fox news history? >> who is responsible? >> who is responsible. >> i'd like to think i had some kind of hand and that. [inaudible] [laughter] >> old man. >> i could hear you guys outside. >> you are so jealous whenever one talks to tyrus. >> you tweet something out. >> it was greg. it was red i and then you switched. i traveled.
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>> what happened? >> you tweeted that you liked something. i kind of go, who is this? i go to youtube and i go this is very interesting. i think i just dm deal. >> would you like to come on the show. i immediately thought right. i was working with impact at the time. independent wrestling scene you get a lot of real requests. a lot of guys that say why don't you come down to my attic and beat me up. [laughter] you know. >> he has been calling you. >> that is why he is off twitter now. what was it about him that you knew that there was something special here. >> anybody that can take a conversation or a topic and say something you have not heard before, that is how i got my job. good, if not better.
11:40 pm
shooting an angle that everybody in the room goes —-dash this is a great comparison. the same thing that krauthammer could do. people around the table. everyone kind of starts going like this. that is what happens whenever tyrus talks. everyone in the room goes like this. okay. now i have to look at it a different way. i did not look at it like that before. sometimes i can do it, but, i mean. [laughter] >> when you read his book, did you know the type of upbringing he had? >> i knew parts of it, but there were some things that were absolutely shocking to me i did not know about. it was amazing that he wrote about it. just some really funny things in their. i had three older sisters. what he was talking about, guys dating his mother, i could
11:41 pm
understand that sort of thing. they are a eggs and they are bad eggs. when they are in your house, it is rotten eggs. >> i knew he read the book because whenever you like something i'll get a text. he will literally be like i had that, too. [laughter] good morning. okay. cool. when a spot hits him. he is underplaying himself sometimes. one of the things for me that really helped me was being under the tree of someone like greg. you never know where greg is coming from. what starts out as a complement ends up as something else. [laughter] >> tyrus, i told you i love the book. greg is resentful. >> i am resentful, but at least i'm honest about it. >> number one on amazon. >> fantastic. >> 's book is so much better than yours.
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>> he wrote about everyone else but himself. >> thank you so much for walking on. i know we owe you a lot of money for that. you did it for tyrus. the game changing policy turning college sports upside down v mac behind the scenes of the mio world is despicable. it is dangerous and irresponsible.
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you've got a problem. when you start paying athletes why they are professionals, you get athletes acting like they are professionals. you don't have staffs large enough and equipped enough to handle a young man that is making more money than some of the coaches on staff. >> name, image and likeness. turning to the wild west in college in general. making big bucks and endorsements. the ncaa this week released new guidance to try to stop the insanity as if indeed it is possible. privates boosters and one axiom with deep pockets to loring athletes to colleges by
11:47 pm
promising a big payday. they're supposed to be students. texas running back who signed a deal with lamborghini. to protect him the entire line of texas also has a deal cashing in $50,000 a year from a nonprofit charity based in austin texas. alabama quarterback bryce young has 14. netflix, iheartradio, cash up worth $100 million. a gymnast earning more than $1 million. earning up $6 million a year by promoting local gyms or social media, personal appearances, other marketing tactics. is this a good place for sports to be heading? joining me now at same here global and xm ceo quarterback and former vp of affairs. i will start off with you. my right to be concerned that college sports has changed forever?
11:48 pm
>> well, i think you are right to be concerned. both folks that call -- monetizing their name, image and likeness is a good thing. it's a positive thing. they are flexing some of the economic muscle that is been prohibited by the ncaa for decades. it is changing, i think that it is actually changing for the better even though they are having some excesses that folks can argue about, of course. >> aaron, i have twitter. i saw your rant. you are not happy. >> i'm not. i disagree a little bit. i think we have a problem on our hands and it could turn into a tsunami if we don't figure out how to put some breaks in governance on this thing. i get a little nervous because i know the pac 12 commissioner and greg sankey the fcc commissioner recently went to washington and made their routes for some sort of intervention. the problem here is not the
11:49 pm
what. the increased pay that these players are receiving for the name, image and like this. it is the how and these collectives. there is no governance, there is no check and balance it we know what happens when there is a check and balance and that is the thing we really need to stop and consider here. a bigger piece of the pie. how that pie is being distributed in these guys are ill-equipped in some cases to be able to handle it so there should be some support behind it. >> i'm not just talking to an executive. an outstanding quarterback in your day and your son andrew would've made a ton of money before he even got to the coal. does aaron have some legitimate concerns? >> i think that it is a matter of putting some guardrails in place. >> like what? >> well, first thing to put some windows. the combination of this transfer rule that is relatively new to the ncaa where kids can go in and transfer immediately, that
11:50 pm
has spun out of control as well and has been accelerated by the nal marketplace. putting some reasonable limitations in place which is what the ncaa had planned to do when this new ecosystem was launched back july 1, but they did not. they sort of waved the white flag in indianapolis. things got out of control very quickly. so, i think that it is going back to the drawing board with the ncaa, with the institution and potentially with all makers at the state and federal level coming up with some reasonable restriction. kids need to grow up. with all of these responsibilities, there come some real obligation which report both federal and state, what kind of money is being made. kids have pell grant that may be in jeopardy of their generating too much revenue for themselves. a long list of things that need to be considered. universities need to step up as well make sure they are educated their student athletes so that
11:51 pm
they understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur. think about it. 500 student athletes. 500,000 independent contractors. that is a big change for an 18, 19, 20-year-old. >> 22nd summary, aaron. >> i think that the problem is that there is no oversight. i know how hard it was to be in the nfl and have a couple hundred thousand in my pocket. these players will now become targets. there will be family members and friends are come out of the woodwork. there is some responsibility here of the added pressure of what we are already seeing starting to crack. there is a mental health tsunami racing towards our shores. we know that it is hitting campuses and we are watching the fish flop around at their brief. this added pressure of financial and fiscal responsibility to kids that are not equipped to deal with it have to be addressed. i do not think that nal will be the villain, but they do have a
11:52 pm
chance to be the hero. if we can redirect some of that funding for some much needed mental health resources for these athletes. >> i will have you back if we can find some holes in your schedule. keep college sports great. thanks, guys. >> thanks, brian. >> straight ahead. nothing says romance like proposing at a funeral. what should be involved in news dual and does she think it's okay to do that? you would never do that, right? you would never do that, right? >> never.
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with angi, you can connect with and see ratings and reviews. just search or scroll to see upf on hundreds of projects. and when you book and pay throug you're covered by our happiness it's easy to make your home an a check out today. angi... and done.
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brian: it's time for the "news duel," the hottest stories people are talking about but nobody has the guts to do on television. joining me is emily campagno. are you ready. queue the music. a man decides to propose to a
11:57 pm
woman at her father's funeral. it's a south african pastor. he's being killed on the internet because he chose that moment to ask for that woman's hand in marriage. don't you think that's inappropriate? >> yes, he was the pastor. it was bad enough when i read the headline that man proposes at woman's funeral. but the pastor? never. never ever, ever at a funeral. brian: he said she was a little down and he wanted to lift her spirits. >> no hero. 7 in 10 adults say they are hiding their true personalities. here is my thought. brian: when they go to work they don't act the same. >> i feel what we learn about this is the person can be a
11:58 pm
total psychopath or a total axe murderer. >> i can't believe the scenario you gave me. i believe in your case you are the same person on camera, at work or out of work. >> you are totally right. >> one in 10 people met their spouse while on vacation and tips they end updating a person they met on a plane. >> no, but you know who can? dana perino who met her husband on a plane. it's all about drinking and room service and pretty sun sets. everything is awesome. when you get home you don't need a partner. brian: great hobbies to boost
11:59 pm
your health. does anyone in the world have more hobbies than emily? we found pictures of you video gaming, woodworking, fencing. how can one human being have this many hobbies. >> it's so funny. so many of those were jurnties. if i'm sitting still i'm being tortured. what better time to honor your family. what hobbies do you have? do you work a thousand jobs every day. give me a hobby you do. brian: i work out. emily, thanks so much. let me tell you what i have coming up. i want you to listen to the radio show from 9:00 to noon
12:00 am
every day. josh rogan and dr. oz will be with us including senator cotton, senator kennedy. piers morgan with the british accent. follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. dan bongino starts now. dan bongino is next. [♪♪♪] dan: democrats are rewriting history right before our eyes from inflation to communism. why they don't want our kids to know the truth. governor ron desantis is making sure kids note truth in his state. why joe biden is bent on not fixing the economy. democrats come to biden's defense.


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