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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  May 15, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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every day. josh rogan and dr. oz will be with us including senator cotton, senator kennedy. piers morgan with the british accent. follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter. dan bongino starts now. dan bongino is next. [♪♪♪] dan: democrats are rewriting history right before our eyes from inflation to communism. why they don't want our kids to know the truth. governor ron desantis is making sure kids note truth in his state. why joe biden is bent on not fixing the economy. democrats come to biden's defense.
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the supreme court is expected to hand down another round of ruling monday. democrats are losing their minds on the possible impact on the abortion market. you won't believe what they had to say. with jen psaki's last leak in the white house, we decide give her a report on her job performance and it's note pretty. those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it. i would like to add to that as long as democrats are hell bent on repeating it. all the challenges facing our country we have seen before. we could learn from our mistakes. the examples are all around us of prior failures. democrats are hell bent on isolating you from the truth by rebring writing, condemning and censoring the truth. and calling the truth a spir
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theory. conservatives, even some on the left warned over and over again that we can't spend our way out of an inflation crisis. but we were told, don't worry. but the biden administration has another ridiculous plan. >> i am taking inflation seriously and it's our top domestic policies. i think our policies shep not hurt. the vast majority of the economists think this will be a tough problem to solve but it's not because of spending. power economy has gone from being on the meant to on the move. dan: after spending trillions of dollars and doing nothing to help bring down gas prices, the baby formula crisis, the food shortage crisis and the food
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shortage crisis. biden's plan is to tax the rich and spend more money. when inflation happened, they said no one could have predicted it. >> i really doubt we are going to see an inflationary cycle. >> we know if we look at the recent inflation data as a result of the *'s invasion of ukraine and its impact on the energy market are all things you couldn't have predicted a year ago. dan: no one watched this show. i recall talking about it for months and months. >> how long do you think inflation is going to ghoip. >> i think the odds are we'll have the inflation of a kind we haven't seen in 30 years until either the fed takes some significant move with respect to
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monetary policy or until there is some kind of accident. dan: the date on that clip is 2021. if you listen to the mindless media sycophants on the left, they say it's the republicans fault. >> does anybody believe the republicans cans are going to make it better? democrats in office, the deficit goes down, the economy flourishes. a republican comes in and destroys it all. then they are doing it up. dan: there is nothing new here. we faced these problems before. now with covid the rewriting of history. the biden administration is continuing to push vaccines and masks. before the pandemic people
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didn't question the science behind masks. >> in one of their large studies, it seemed like the major efficacy of a mask is it cause alarm in the other person, so you stay away from each other. he when i was in the sars epidemic, people were wearing masks. when you talk down the street and everybody coming towards you has a mask on, you automatically do social distancing. but did the mask help them and keep the virus out? almost certainly not. if the virus was around their face, the makes wouldn't have made a difference. dan: has the science around masks change? no. but neither did the fear. the woman in that clip made a
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point of how masks keep people away from each other. they couldn't fell us the truth so we are doomed to keep repeating the same is a particulars. it's an endless cycle of failure. the upon way they can accomplish this is by controlling the flow of information. you will hear it on the show. that's power. that's why the left is freaking over elon musk's offer to buy twitter. threatens the monopoly on the control of information. the florida governor ron desantis is forcing schools to teach every november about the death and destruction directly attributable to communism. we have to teach it to our kids now. and the left despises them for it, folks.
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history, that power. it's estimated the total body count from communist governments worldwide could be more than a hundred million people. let that sink in for a minute. the federal government is going to teach our kids the history of socialism, communism, and if they do, the radical left will cease to exist. you are taking communism head none the great state of florida, mandating courses about the destruction this playing on humankind has caused. give us an update on that. >> we probably have more people with first-hand knowledge of comp number of in florida, particularly southern florida, than most parts of the united states. floridians have seen their lives hearts and their relatives' lives hearts in cuba, venezuela and nicaragua.
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it's important and it really matters. but i also look around. there is an ignorance. you will see students wearing che guevarra t-shirts and they speech differentially about mao .we are taking time to honor the many victims much this evil ide- ideology. dan: we have a lot of people on fixed income down here. it appears they are doing everything backwards to get us out of this crisis. if they could just follow the instruction book from the reagan years to get this right, but they just refused. >> the energy policy is
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intentional. they are intentionally reducing our ability to produce oil and gas in the united states. they will beg opec for more oil, they will beg maduro for oil. i guess maduro's oil isn't pollute but ours does. it's -- it's attributable to biden policies. he was warned by larry summers and other democratic economists that if you do this, you will spark inflation. we have people that may be making 7 to 8 percent more year over year, but if inflation costs are over 0% when you look
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at things that really matter. reverse course. start producing more energy here in the united states. he could do that. but what does he do? they are still canceling oil and gas leases. they don't want us to be energy independent west coast, and they don't care if you suffer at the pump. dan: i couldn't agree more it's got to be intentional. governor ron desantis, thank you. appreciate it. dan: the biden administration claimed they weren't funding crack pipes. now there is hard evidence they are. but the administration still lies about it. pete hegseth gives us his take next. >> the policy does not allow for >> the policy does not allow for shipstation saves us so much time it makes it really easy and seamless pick an order print everything you need slap the label on ito the box and it's ready to go our cost for shipping, were cut in half
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pallets of baby formula while americans can't find it in the stores. joe biden is president of the united states. we are sending $40 billion to ukraine and pallets of baby formula to the border and our people are struggling to find it here. pete: the democrat party is the party of illegals. they will facilitate this. they are planning for it, they are invested in it. you can get wherever you want with transportation. we'll make sure you have got identification, we'll make sure you get medal insurance. and we'll send you to a city of your choice. there was planning that went into this. this administration has known about the recall and supply chain issues. 40% of our baby formula comes from china.
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they could have and should have planned for this, but it wasn't a priority. it took one congresswoman whose husband is a first responder and knows the border patrol. the border patrol took a picture of the shelf. he said i have grandkids who can't get formula at the store. it's almost poetic in the reality of what we are doing at the border. dan: the guy is such an epic failure. the crack pipe story. there is a different angle to this. they lied about the administration and funding to purchase crack pipes. he was heard just a couple months ago totally defiring the story. >> dhs put out a statement clarifying that crack pipes aren't part of the smoking kits. >> they were never parts of the
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kit it's inaccurate reporting. dan: this is what real power looks like. after the washington "free beacon" got freaking crack pipes. here is psaki denying it again. >> no federal funding has gone to it. this federal policy does not allow for crack pipes to be included. this is a bit much a conspiracy theory, it's not accurate. pete: those pictures of the crack pipes in the kits. that's a conspiracy theory. the fact checkers fall in line. the fact checkers who should be doing what the "free beacon" is doing, actually going to the places, pulling the photos, looking at the kits. they take the press release and the words of jen psaki and say fake news, this is not true,
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nothing to see here. that's what jen psaki knows she can rely on. good on the "free beacon." of course, they are providing crack pipes. this is drug a sill takes. dan: make sure you pick up pete's new book on the education system. thanks as always for your time. i really appreciate it. coming up on "unfiltered." what did george costanza and joe biden have in common. >> it comes with part of the job. if you have the responsibility and duty to make these types of
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guilty. i'm ashley strohmier. back to dan bongino. >> something to wear, something to eat. >> if every instinct you have is
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wrong then the opposite would have to be right. >> yes, i will do the opposite. dan: the wall treat journal asked this question this week in an article. where every single instinct this man has is wrong. maybe if he did the opposite of his instincts. quote, the man is a disaster. i called him the king of pain. he must be doing this. we had inflation cries sees before. ronald reagan inherited one. look at the numbers. inflation was through the roof. what did ronald reagan do? he cut taxes to create more spry product. what happened? gdp explode. you can see it. go look up the numbers what happened in the reagan years.
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6 and 7% gdp growth during the reagan years. he inherited a inflation crisis worse than what joe biden has now. they did not spend a boatload much money more than they needed to spend. they cut taxes and put them back in the producers' hands. the federal reserve raised interest rates and eventually we got back to growth in were debts and deficits in the reagan years. but we have never seen thinking like this in u.s. history. what is joe biden's instincts? just like george costanza, everything is wrong. he wants to print more money and raise taxes to take more money out of your wallet. they nailed it in the "wall
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street journal." joining me is leslie marshall. thanks for spending some time with us. we have been through this before, leslie. the inflationary crisis in the wray began years. they did the exact opposite. they cut taxes and juiced the supply side of the economy. >> there are a couple of things. if you look, and i have read a history book because you made that comment about liberals. if you look at the first four versus his second floor, it proves trickle down economics did not work. it did not bode well for the united states or president reagan in the second term. the feds are increasing interest rates and people are worried about that from both sides of the aisle. rick scott wants to raise taxes. i don't see joe biden wanting to raise taxes.
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economists on both sides of the aisle said racing taxes contributed to inflation 2%. without it we would still have inflation now because of what's going on in ukraine and what happened with the pandemic and the supply chain. this is a global issue, not just an american issue. dan: you said you read a history book by you may want to re-read it the reagan tax cuts kicked in in the second half of his presidency when growth was 6, 5, and 4%. so you are making my point. not yours. trickle down economics is not a real thing, it's a talking points. if you can quote to me the trickle down economics, the theory, i will stand corrected. but you won't be able to do it. third, rick scott does not want
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high tax. he wants to flatten the tax code so everybody has skin in the game and what lot of republicans reject the thing. you just said three things that are not accurate. >> show me in the economic plan what they want to do for inflation for the american people where raising taxes especially on middle and lower income americans. where are those taxes. dan: i don't want to raise taxes. >> where is the biden administration's plan to raise money. dan: he just gave a speech about raising corporate taxes. they get the money from people. it's big scam. >> he wants to reverse what happened in the last administration. he wants to benefit middle income families. let's look at the supply chain.
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dan: time out. he wants to reverse what, the growth? >> that's not what i said. barack obama had the worst recovery from a respecial in american history. he never reached 3% gdp growth, trump cracked that. and now under biden we are back to negative gdp. >> the trend in this country especially when republicans are in charge that the corporations and the richest americans benefit from tax breaks, not the middle americans and lower income americans. dan: that's not true. why do you keep saying that. >> you are saying the top 15% of the corporations in america didn't have record profits while americans were and still struggle with supply chain issues.
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they did not use that money to help the consumer with the price of goods. dan: the united states government this year set a record for corporate tax intake. do you read this stuff or just come out and say ridiculous things. >> it's ridiculous that the top 15% of the corporations have profited and not passed down the savings to the american consumer? dan: all right. that's just not accurate. thanks a lot for your time, we appreciate it. remember when attorney generalmen merrick garland claimed the doj wasn't targeting parents as terrorists. turns out the doj may have been lying again. shock, folks. donald trump, jr. reacts coming up.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." remember when biden's attorney general denied under oath that the doj targets parents who speak out at school board meeting as terrorists? >> i can't imagine any circumstance where the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining their children nor can i imagine a circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. dan: that was a lie.
12:36 am
two republican congressmen say that's exactly what was happening and they have the evidence to back it up. don, rinse. merrick guard garland is obviously lying. the fbi did probably at his instruction target these parents. why can't they admit to becoming an enforcement arm of the democratic party. >> the fact that they are not focused on actual domestic terrorists. we watched portland and seattle burn for two years and those people were just fine. but if you are a parent who complains about your children being indoctrinated in our school system, you are labeled a domestic terrorist. it's disgusting this is going on in the united states in 2022 or
12:37 am
any other time in history. but it's happening and people have to start make their voices heard. they must not afraid. that's the tactics they are trying to employ. they are trying to scare you to allow this garbage to continue. you will destroy our education system which is bad enough as it is. and you will destroy our children's future if we don't stand up to this nonsense. dan: you are starting to see whistleblowers from the fbi come forward. a lot of decent people have had enough of this crap. your father got slammed for firing james comey. but obviously that wasn't enough. republicans running for office have to commit to taking a look at this at doj or the fbi. we want law enforcement officials who pledge to
12:38 am
enforcing the law. >> 100%. i see that with so many of the people i know in law enforcement. we have to make a distinction between the door kickers, nose doing the actual work. our leadership is broken, whether it's the upper echelons of law enforcement or the fbi or the doj. you see the same thing with the military. when our generals get on stage in congress. if they can't see what's happening after being in a venue for 20 years, they are incapable of leading. they shouldn't be in those positions. we have seen the with woke in the military take over. i don't know if the fbi has committed a crime in decades because they are too worried about nonsense. they are worried if your grandmother took a selfie near
12:39 am
the capitol on january while actual terrorists get free rein and probably help as it relates to the entrapment and the other failed persecution they tried pushing on the american people the last couple months. >> donald trump, jr., we appreciate your time. we are learning more about the spike proteins that could damage organs. doc, thanks for your time. we have had you on before talk about the spike proteins and the vaccines. recent findings. impact on the brain and the circulatory system. can you give us an update on what you are reading in the recent data. >> i'm in salt lake at the informed event.
12:40 am
spike proteins will be part of the presentation. the exposure with the respiratory infection. a paper from lsu, 36 patients who died with covid-19 died in the hospital, spike protein damage in the brain was evidenced. 44 patients also die in the hospital. evidence of the impact virus replicating at a low level even 230 days after the respiratory infection. i have a new book out "counsel to face covid-19." none of these patients who died received early treatment before the hospital. dan: thanks for this story. i will stay on stop of it. pro abortion activists going
12:41 am
right to the doorsteps of real court justices. >> do you think intimidating a judge is
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dan where welcome back to
12:45 am
"unfiltered." the supreme court is expected to issue more ruling monday. but the intimidation bit protesters outside the homes is sickening stuff. it's dangerous and empowered by leftist democrats who don't understand how dangerous it is to a functioning republic. we hit the streets to find out if people were actually okay to this type of behavior. >> what is your reaction to people screaming outside of supreme court justices outside their home. pie feel their anger. i feel like my rights have been violated. >> do you any intimidating a judge is okay? >> uprequires appropriate. sometimes that's the only way you get heard tight comes with part of the job. if you have the responsibility to make these types of decisions, you have got to put up with that. the same thing with celebrities.
12:46 am
paparazzis can be [bleep] sometimes. they are saying abort the court. do you think that's a death threat? >> no, i wouldn't take it that way. i feel like we are just a lot louder this time. >> let's say someone is on trial for murder and they had someone go to the judge house and intimidate them. do you any that would be okay. >> murder is different from abortion. dan: joining me now is former police officer brandon tatum. this is really dangerous stuff. you can hear it in their voices. they seem to equate violence as some kind of mechanism to move their political football. we can't have that in a functioning constitutional republic. this is really dangerous. >> especially when they are doing it to supreme court justices while they are in the middle of making decisions.
12:47 am
the funny thing is, if you are a conservative and you go out and protest and exercise your rights, they want you to go to prison. if you were at the capitol and january 6, they want you to be locked away forever. but people can go out and intame date supreme court justices because they disagree with the thought processes they are using to dee evaluate decisions? we need to hold them accountable. dan: there is an emergency break in our behavior. we believe in god-given rights for everyone. what i'm afraid of is the radical portion of the democrat party, they don't have the same emergency base. they believe in the raw exercise of power using violence as a tool. we can't have a functioning republic where one side sees
12:48 am
this as a mechanism to get what they want if the process doesn't work for them. >> there is a difference between them and us. we believe in god. we have moral standards. these people don't believe in god. theymate hate god. they want the government to be their god. it's disgusting when i hear the conversations going none these situations. if you don't like the way the decisions are being made there are ways we can deal with these issues. we have seen black lives matter burning buildings to the ground. they go out and do all these crimes. i hate the fact as a country we turn a blind eye to it. if you are a social just its warrior, you are just rage is more important than tour outrage. of course, i'm ticked off. but i'm not going to violate the
12:49 am
law. i'm going to go to the polls and vote to get these knuckle heads out of there so we can have a constitutional republic. dan: coming up, the cryptocurrency crash wiped out hundreds of millions of dollars. a major crypto wallet is in danger of going into bankruptcy and could take everyone's money with it. we say farewell to jen psaki we say farewell to jen psaki with a look at her hi. i'm wolfgang puck
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>> we need a regulatory
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framework. we had a real life demonstration of the risk. we need a comprehensive framework so there are no gaps in the regulations. dan: joining me, lia halper. are the feds going to use this crash as justification to jump in and regulate the market? >> absolutely. ultimately nothing is systematically wrong. you have to realize that we just had a two-year bull market. if you look at the last few years. including gold which is down this weekend below $1,000 800. people were putting their
12:55 am
stimulus checks into bitcoin. people can't afford to be investing in all sort of asset class. they need to put that money into living. naturally people are going to sell their assets. bitcoin is doing what it's designed to do. i can still trade money and send you money. dan: layah, thanks for your time. you are always our go-to source for crypto information. yesterday was jen psaki's last day at the white house. so we sent her off. aaron, i couldn't think of anyone better than you to help out with this grading system. early on jen psaki claimed she
12:56 am
would be transparent. but that didn't last long. >> his objective and commit is to bring transparency to insure that transparency remains a priority. >> fox is the only member of the five networks tv pool that has never been on the list in front of the president. i'm curious if that's official administration policy? >> we are having a conversation, aren't we? dan: i am sorry, but she gets a juicy f for transparency as a communications professional. >> it's hard for jen psaki to be transparents when you talk about the biden administration when they won't take responsibility for anything. they blame trump, even though democrats have control of the white house, the house and the
12:57 am
senate. dan: with it comes to damaging questions, she only has one card to play in the beginning. remember the circle back? >> i just wanted to supply for you something the first lady is up to. i am happy to circle back with that. i hate to disappoint conservative twitter but i'm going to circle back. dan: she had to get creative and say circle back. shy hasn't said it in 462 days. she gets an a for dodging questions. she is very good at it. erin, your thoughts. >> i saw one thing i thought jen psaki did exceptionally well. she had a lot of tough questions. the one thing i think she did master any here. she identified the problem which
12:58 am
is letting joe biden talk to the press unfettered. she put the director messaging in a giant bunny costume at the easter roll. when he started to go off script, she moved him over. dan: psaki did well here sticking to the narrative. no matter how bad things got, she had a knack for it. >> our view is the rise in gas prices in the longterm makes a strong case for double down our focus on clean energy options. we take the vetting of any individual who comes to the united states seriously. we are on track to be the largest air lift in u.s. history. i wouldn't say that anything but a success. we have seen inflationary numbers go down month to month. dan: no matter how much
12:59 am
destruction biden does, jen psaki gets an a. sticking to the talking points. >> it's hard for jen to stick to the talking points. every time biden goes out there she has to do some mental gymnastics and say what he really meant. under president trump there was no one saying what he really meant. she did try to stay on the narrative, but joe biden is always moving the goalpost on that for her. it's kind of a wash for her on that one. dan: thanks for your time. before we go, you can catch the dan bongino show every day on foxnation. here is a clip from that show. >> i fear down the line we'll look more like venezuela man the united states of america. stop printing money and start
1:00 am
drilling or we'll see inflation that's here to stay. dan: follow "unfiltered" on facebook and instagram. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you back here next saturday. don't forget to set your dvr. >> good evening. fox alert out of buffalo new york. a tragic mass shooting. to the friendly markets and live stream the attack online. doubt and tactical gear he shot four people in the parking lot before going inside the store and killing a police officer that was working security. he went on to shoot eight others the fbi is investigating this as a racially motivat


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