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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 15, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> this was pure evil. it was straight-up racially-motivated hate crime from somebody outside of our community. >> i can assure you as the united states attorney, i will bring whatever resources we need to this community to make sure that justice is done. this should never happen to anyone in any community. eric: shock and grief in buffalo as the city and the nation try to come to grip with yet another mass shooting. the deadly rampage shattering a sat afternoon at the grocery
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store at predominantly african-american neighborhood. the fed investigating as hate crime. authorities say it was carried out by a young self-proclaimed white supremacist who they say planned his deadly assault for years. hello, everyone, this is fox news live on a sunday i'm eric sean. arthel: hello, eric, arthel neville. president biden is going to speak out on capitol hill after calling the attack domestic terrorism. the president is attending a memorial service honoring law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty this year. and as it turns out a retired buffalo police officer was among those senselessly killed in yesterday's mass shooting. 55-year-old erin salter was working as a security guard as tops store and being held as hero after he tried to stop the suspect by shooting him and didn't work because the armed man was wearing a vest.
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first, we are going to go to alexis mcadams, she's live in buffalo, alexis. reporter: oar they will, the community here in buffalo grieving and eyes remain here in western new york as hi try to figure out exactly what took place at the grocery store behind me. investigators telling me it's a racially motivated attack planned for several yours according to sources. the gunman came to the heart of buffalo black community and opened fire, listen. >> many more people could have lost their lives, that was the intent of the shooter, to kill as many black people as possible and that kind of hate there's no place for it in our country, there's no place for it anywhere in the world. reporter: now buffalo police have now identified the gunman as this man on your screen, that's 18-year-old peyton
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gendron and charged with first degree hurt charges, drove 3 hours to carry out deadly mass shooting in buffalo's history. described plans in online manifesto that's now under investigation. the shooting happened around 2:30 saturday afternoon at tops grocery store you see in buffalo. first police say gendron shot 3 people in the parking lot and 10 more people inside of the busy grocery store aisles. officers say he was armed with assault and dressed tactical gear head to toe. police say that 13 people shot, 11 were black. u.s. department of justice investigating the mass shooting as hate crime and act of racially motivated extremism. community members describing the chaos. >> it was just like something out of a war movie, just nonstop shooting, people were running
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screaming. reporter: the suspect is behind bars, will be back in court on thursday but ongoing active investigation here in buffalo, arthel. president biden did condemn the shooting saying we dust do everything we can to end hate fueled domestic terrorism and community leaders and community members are also calling on the same, arthel. arthel: indeed. alexis mcadams reporting from buffalo, thank you. eric. eric: arthel, we are learning a lot more about the 18-year-old shooting suspect. police he drove about 200 miles from his home bi gimton and targeted the neighborhood in predominantly african-american store. nate. nate: gendron was received for counseling and mental health not even a year ago after
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threatening high school classmates. community college but not studying after attack. police say he drove 3 and a half hours from konklin, new york to buffalo and in manifesto says he was radicalized online and reports his participants work for department of transportation and parents are cooperating in the investigation. here is governor kathy hochul. >> there's the ability for people to write and subscribe to such philosophies filled with hate, the white supremacies acts of terror that are being fermented on social media and what one individual did has been shared with the rest of the world. na route, 3 and a half route from where he
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lived in conclin to buffalo. the mayor confirms with us the community that was targeted is 80% black. 11 of the 13 victims are black and you can see in very disturbing social media videos, racial slurs bearing on the barrel of the shooter's gun again, he allegedly threatened his high school classmates and we will be looking into that in the coming days. the 18-year-old mass murdererrer has been arraigned on first degree murder charges without the possibility of parole and court date is thursday morning at 9:30. we will send it back to you. eric: a lot more questions have to be investigated, nate, thank you. arthel: eric, thank you, as the department of justice investigates the deadly buffalo shooting as hate crime, president biden has labeled it as an act of domestic terrorism. the fbi director warned that
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such attacks are the greatest threats facing the u.s. because in part because it's difficult for law enforcement to stop them. joining us charles marino, former department of homeland adviser, analyst and ceo of security solutions. payton threatened school class mate at high school graduation according to reports, june 2021. new york state police referred to payton gendron to mental health counseling. why, why were the signs ignored? >> yeah, you're right, arthel. typically there are red flags in these types of cases especially where the planning has been conducted over a long period of time as is alluded to in this case. you know, it shows the dangers of these radical groups, whether it'd be white supremacy or other individuals in groups that apows this overall hatred and it's based on not only raised by
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sexual preference, ethnicity as well as religion. so, you know, there is an overall hatred here and it's not always limited to just one group but we certainly have to get better at connecting the dots in this country and social media forms need to play an important role in that. arthel: that's interesting because do i want to cover that part of the issue with you. but we are -- you're right, there are multiple types of hatred that's being spewed but right now hatred against black people. is this kind of hatred actively or passively taught by his parents or is this a case of indoctrination? >> typically family and friends will know and we see radicalization take place in host of different areas. we see it online, we see it amongst groups of friends, we
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see it in chat rooms, so, you know, this can go a number of ways. but what we know here is that people recognize the differences taking place, the changes with an individual over time, so why isn't that type of information being reported so to give law enforcement and others the chance to interfine when it really matters early in the detection stages. arthel: i mean, 8 months ago fbi director christopher wray testifying fbi surge of threats of foreign organizations and in the same hearing director, the fbi has more than doubled domestic terror case load, domestic terror case lead. let's listen. >> we continue to see individuals radicalized here at home by jihadists ideologies spoused by terrorist organizations like isis and al-qaeda, what we would call
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home-grown violent extremists. but we are also countering lone domestic violent extremists radicalized by personalized grievances, racial and ethnic bias to antigovernment, antiauthority sentiment, to conspiracy theories. arthel: so back to your point, charles, we are not suggesting that they are solely responsible but can and should social media companies do more to flag, to ban hate-filled antisemitic white supremacy postings, doesn't this contribute to the radicalization director wray just mentioned? >> well, sure does and it certainly contributes to the speed in which somebody can be radicalized, the access to materials, information, hate-filled propaganda that can lead somebody down this road in isolation outside the -- the view of family and friends. so, you know, there's the decency communication's act section 230 that basically was passed by congress and gave the
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social media forms immunity from what they post on their -- on their platforms. so what needs to change is we need to put more accountability on these platforms and hold them liable for what's being posted on there. so congress needs to change the law -- >> arthel: but, charles, like everything else, congress can't agree that there's a rise in domestic terror specifically white supremacy. so if congress can't admit the problem, i mean, can they really help solve it? >> and that's a great question which explains why their approval ratings are so low. but, listen, they need to change their thought process on this because it is happening and my biggest fear is, that we are becoming more, more numb to this type of inkittent over time and accepting that this is a part of our daily lives and we can't allow that to happen. we got to stop it. we've got to give law enforcement the tools that they need and we need to -- we need
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to hold those accountable that need to be held accountable and that includes social media forms. arthel: perhaps in the side but relevant, several people who live in the predominantly black community in buffalo who shopped at the tops super market had the shooter himself been black he would have been killed on the spot, no day in court, should this recurring scene be addressed at the federal law enforcement level? >> yeah, look, you know, with regards to that statement, this was a very dynamic type of situation here, whether race is going the play a role of the attacker on how police responded to this, i don't think so. this was a mass casualty event, law enforcement responded within an exceptionable amount of time and resources. you had the off-duty police
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officer there that did everything in his power before he was killed to stop this attack, so let's -- let's focus on the type of attack that took place, the law enforcement response and the fact that law enforcement brought this to a stop. arthel: and to your point, i would like to point out that in that same senate hearing in september of 2021, fbi director wray also said that, quote, we have seen sharp and deeply disturbing uptick in violence against law enforcement community at the time what he meant was that an officer was murdered every 5 days. so wrapping up here, carlos, we can't go back, where are we heading as a national community and i say community because if we don't -- we are not in this together, god help us? how can we fight this together? >> well, look, we are in national police week where we honor those officers that gave their lives this past year and we need to remember that they
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need to be supported and the anti-police, defunding rhetoric has certainly hurt law enforcement. so that's the first thing that needs to be corrected. we need to restore law and order in our communities, we need to have district attorneys and other local judicial folks, hold these people accountable. right now, arthel, there's no deterrence, that's the problem, that's why people on the streets of chicago or incident like this, there's no longer accountability and deterrence so people are going out committing these violent acts, so we need to restore law and order. arthel: absolutely, i wanted to bring this into the consideration but i don't want to detract at what's at hand, white supremacist, self-proclaimed supremacist and semi who killed a lot of people on saturday afternoon at the grocery store, charles marino, thank you so much, former department adviser. if you have any information on the buffalo shooting or any
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other shootings, suspicions i should say that you might see please call the fbi tip line. it's on the screen. the number is 800-225-5224. that's 1-800 call fbi and you can call online to eric: we are expecting a news conference, please stay tune, buffalo officials and new york officials, buffalo with the latest 15 minutes from now. the news conference ongoing as president biden is now speaking at the national peace officer's memorial in washington, d.c. you see a live picture there of the president at that ceremony. you know, this is an opportunity to honor those first responders who have given the ultimate sacrifice to protect all americans. the president pointing out that last year a record number of law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty. that number 458 according to the
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national memorial. those of those officers who died were died in texas and florida and as we monitor the proceedings, we will take the president when he speaks. lucas tomlinson live in the white house with more on this. hi, lucas. lucas: eric, when president biden took office inflation 1.4 and today 8.3%, he blames gop for the crisis. >> my republican colleagues say these programs help the working class and middle-class people, they say that's why we have inflation. they're dead wrong. under my predecessor, the great maga king, the deficit increased every single year he was president. lucas: today gas hitting record high of 4.47 a gallon. nearly 50% spike over last year when gas was a little over $3 a gallon and even worse for diesel fuel which companies depend onto ship goods across the country on the nation's highways. now baby formula shortage adding
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to list of problems to the white house. in our last news conference as press secretary jen psaki blamed abbott labs for the deaths of two infants. >> the issue is obviously this was a recall in february that is a reminder there was a factory in michigan that had tainted formula that killed two babies. >> abbott labs fired saying psaki is wrong, fda and cdc found no evidence that our formulas caused infatillnesses. the president not just blaming republicans but corporate america as well for the skyrocketing cost of goods. biden saying the tweet, quote, you want to bring down inflation, let's make sure that the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. jeff bezos, founder of amazon, owner of the washington post fired back hours later, quote, the newly created disinformation board should review the tweet or maybe they need to form a new board instead, rising corporate taxes is fine to discuss, taming
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inflation is critical to discuss, mushing them together is misdirection. as you mentioned, eric, president biden is on the steps of the u.s. capitol, he told reporters he's not yet spoken to those families killed in the buffalo shooting. eric. eric: and we honor all law enforcement officers across the country because they do protect us. lucas tomlinson, thank you. arthel: thank you, iraq and lucas, two more days until another round of heated primary elections, we are live in two key battleground states. that's up next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i just want to let you know that president biden look speaking at this occasion here live at the national peace officers memorial service taking place right now in washington honoring law enforcement officers who lost their lives in the line of duty last year. we are going to bring you the president's remarks when he begins. also we are waiting for the press conference that's going to happen in buffalo on that mass shooting happening yesterday when that press conference start, we will bring that to you as well. eric. eric: arthel, 48 hours to go as the campaign for the race for the republican nomination for
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senate in pennsylvania is getting down to the wire. you know, it's a hot race, closely watched contests of the midterms this year. 3 republicans are closely bunched at the top of the latest polls and one of them kathy barnett, she's been gaping ground recently. we have fox team coverage for you of the election. alexandria hoff gets us started in philadelphia with the very latest on that race, hey, alexandria. reporter: hey, eric, yeah, this is a race to the finish especially on the republican side of the senate primary. it seems fitting that candidate kathy barnett will be anticipating at the car show, northeast philadelphia. she has achieved great momentum just in the past couple of weeks. she's now made what was once a neck and neck race between dr. oz and david mccormick now a 3-way tie but with those gains have come criticism. here is what dr. oz had to say. >> kathy barnett has tweeted reprehensible messages,
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islamophobic, homophobic, aggressive messages against president trump. she has to own messages and explain lots more on what's going on in her campaign. frankly every time she gets a question, her answers generate more questions. >> barnett says the 2013 tweet where she seems concerned about sharing flight with a gay woman was one taken out of context. she said this on fox news sunday. >> the overwhelming majority of the tweets that are now being presented are not even full thoughts. they are not even full sentences and yet people take it and they begin to build their own narrative around it. so i can't provide a lot of context because, again, it's almost ten years ago. >> david mcdoor mick says republican voters need to be mindful of who can win in november against likely democratic candidate lieutenant governor john federman.
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>> we have to have somebody that she can hit the ground on day one and know what the heck to do. we are in a crisis. you don't want somebody who is where do we go. reporter: now this primary is also a test to former president trump's influence. in april he lent endorsement to dr. oz, but oz only saw a marginal boost in the polls because of it. eric. eric: john, the lieutenant governor facing connor lamb. we will see what happens, alex in philadelphia, arthel. arthel: on the democratic side lieutenant governor john federman is expected to run away for the party nomination for the state open senate seat. recent polls show him more than 30 points ahead of his closest rival congressman connor lamb. rich edison live in franklin, philadelphia, with the latest on that race, hey, rich. rich: good afternoon, arthel, we are in the western side of the state, hour and a half north of pittsburgh or part of the state
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where connor lamb have representation and that's where they are from and turn out democratic voters to vote for them on tuesday and get that democratic mantle heading into what is expected to be a tough nationwide electoral environment for democrats against republicans this fall. fedde re:man is running as the progressive here, one who argues he can attract blue-collar trump voters and backs increase in minimum wage and legal marijuana. why can't we pass comprehensive gun control and why can't we codify roe v. wade and why can't we find legislations, that's the filibuster and bernie sanders has no shot in pennsylvania and connor lamb, the most centrist candidate, he's the candidate that can attract trump voters.
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if i'm your nominee i will run campaign protecting working family and that's how i won trump 19 plus district, let's do it again. the democrats are largely communicating via twitter here and really don't have any campaign, fedderman did have campaign events scheduled so on friday he pulled out one last minute claiming he wasn't feeling. canceled a number of events yesterday and today. we are expecting some republican presence here later this afternoon. that is when one of the republican candidates mccormick is going to be here campaigning at a diner in franklin. back to you. arthel: beyond you will be there to cover it all, rich edison. eric: rich doing a good job trying to battle the fire siren of that engine. north carolina, early voting and the state just ended and the candidates in highly congressional and senate races, well, they are making the last push ahead of the primary on tuesday, charles watson in charlotte with the very latest on those races, hi, charles.
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charles: hi, eric, governor madison cawthorn seemingly has the tallest task in front of him in terms of convincing voters in north carolina's 11 district that he's the right choice to get him past the republican primary. he's got a number of challengers who see an opportunity to capitalize on the 26-year-old's missteps and it is a long list in the list alone. hawthorne has been cited twice for trying to take a loaded gun in airport security and charged twice driving with revoked license and images of nude and lingerie and calling tom tillis to call in claims. the freshman congressman is shredding and has the backing of top republicans in the state and
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make cawthorn and reminds why he was elected. eric. eric: let's go to washington, d.c. at the national peace officer memorial where president biden is now speaking honoring law enforcement officers across the country who have given the ultimate sacrifice. >> u.s. capitol police all forr. we are also joined by my long-time friends senator patrick lahey and house majority leader stephanie hoyer. before i begin, let me say a word about yesterday's mass shooting in buffalo, new york. a lone gunman armed with weapons of war and hate-filled soul shot and killed 10 innocent people in cold blood at a grocery store on saturday afternoon. jill and i like all of you pray
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for the victims and their families and the devastating community. i been receiving updates that's in close contact with the justice department. we are still gathering the facts but already the justice department stated publicly that it's investigating a matter of hate crime, racially motivated act of white supremacy and extremism and as they do we must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain in the soul of america, the hearts are heavy once again but resolve must never ever waiver. no one understands this more than the people sitting in front of me. moms, dads, children, family members, about how those folks of buffalo feel today when they
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got the call. you get pulled in a black hole in your chest and there's no way out. jill and i know, we know no memorial, no gestures can fill the void in the hearts they have now or that you, you who have lost someone feel as well. being here today and hearing the name of your husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, brings it all back as if you got the phone call ten minutes ago. the american people, we owe you. you know, you sit down in the street, you're normal families, all neighbors and every day you worry and you worry, you get the phone call and now you look at
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an empty chair. although i didn't personally know your husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, i knew them. they were the first ones to run into help when everyone else ran away when we were kids, when we were young men and women, even in grade school, they jump in when someone else was threatened or being bullied regardless of the odds. think about it. as part of their dna. they didn't think about it in terms of serving, protecting and defending. that's what they did, they served even before they put on the shield, they protected and they were there. being a police officer is not just what they did, it's who they were. i was telling the president of this organization i grew up in a
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neighborhood where you became a cop, priest, i didn't qualify for any of them and we expect so much from our law enforcement officers today. this is a different world. eric: president biden honoring those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in front of their friends and families of police officers who lost enforcement peace officers who have been killed in the line of duty, 458. the president in aproclammation saying most by gun this in the wake of the horrible act that we witnessed yesterday in buffalo which he just called racially motivated act of white supremacy as we await the news conference in buffalo after the horrible hate-filled racist attack that took the lives of 10 innocent americans in super market in buffalo. we will bring you the news
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conference of buffalo officials as soon as that start, we are waiting for that any moment now and we will have that live for you here in the fox news channel. arthel. arthel: eric, thank you. we turn to ukraine now as ukraine tries to fight off russia's invasion. it is celebrating a win off the battlefield. ukrainian band orchestra named for a city in western ukraine winning the 2022 euro vision song for their tune stephania. >> the victory is very important so thank you from the bottom of our hearts, glory to ukraine. arthel: meanwhile russian forces continue their campaign against ukrainians in the east as european leaders meet to support countries like finland in their pursuit of nato membership. trey yingst live in kyiv, ukraine with the very latest, trey. trey: arthel, good afternoon, a
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major development today as finland's government announced it will formally seek nato friendship but the president and the prime minister making clear they have a plan to become part of this military alliance. the pair calling it a historic moment and a new era. russian president vladimir putin warned leadership that the mover would negative affect relationship with nos cow and on saturday russia's largest electricity supplier cut electricity to finland. senior nato official says that russia appears to be faltering in efforts to take eastern ukraine as british defense ministry that russia has lost third of combat forces since invasion began. g7 leadership continues efforts to pressure russia through economic and military means on saturday g7 foreign ministers met in germany to discuss russian plans to disrupt global supply chains for wheat vowing to continue sending weapons to ukraine to push back the invasion that's affecting the entire world. >> ukrainian men and women have
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shown incredible courage and the determination in stopping russian onslaught in large parts of the country. but for them to continue to have any chance at all in this unequal struggle, we will continue to help. >> a moment of joy for the country last night as ukraine won the european song contest euro vision, arthel. arthel: that is awesome. trey yingst live in kyiv, ukraine, thanks, trey. eric: vladimir putin's nordic nightmare well, it could become a reality, finland and sweden both pushing to become the newest members of nato. put i has always feared expansion of nato alliance closer to his country's border and now his war in this invasion might be doing exactly that, so how will he respond? national security military analyst and fox news contributor rebecca grant is here. dr. grant, the ukrainian invasion is backfiring big time on putin and the finnish
9:37 am
president in an interview he said putin took the news calmly that finland wants to move to nato. is putin full of bluster and bs now that he's been put back on his heels, what do you think he is going to do? >> yes, of course, he is. this is a big loss for putin and while finland's decision is historic, it's a major u-turn in policy. it's very pragmatic, finland needs to look to its own defenses but finland also knows exactly what ukraine is going through because of the russian invasion back in 1939, they haven't forgot finland beat russia soundly then and finland's president said we don't want to ever go through a war with russia. that's why we are joining. yeah, big loss for putin. eric: by what you are seeing in ukraine, could finland beat russia now? >> oh, they are very similar and remember finland is very well defended and finland along with
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sweden have worked with nato for many, many years. so finland has a big army, a very capable air force, great advanced communications as well. so there's no question that findland is well able to defend itself but i also want to see nato, you know, tuck finland in during this application process so they are part of nato's common air defense and cyber defense while they work out all of the diplomatic parts of changing the north atlantic treaty. >> in terms of ukraine the british intelligence came out with a report that putin has last one-third of his forces that were sent in the invasion. i mean, this really is not what he expected and that they are at a stalemate in donbas and basically he's losing. >> one-third is a massive number and it's the first really solid intelligence estimate we've heard in about a month on how big russia's losses are and what that means is they've now lost
9:39 am
the major battle around kharkiv and they are pulling back around the area, the train station was bombed about a month ago, trying to see if they can continue the fight there but this tells us that u.s. and nato, the heavy weapons that have gone in and ukraine's great fighting spirit and their smart tactics are really holding russia back. so right now ukraine is winning. eric: has the u.s., has the west been too scared of putin, yes, they have nuclear weapons, yes, they have threatened the use of nuclear weapons but look, there are also calls sweden and finland to join but also ukraine, western fears of approving putin is unhelpful, provoking putin unhelpful for this reason u.s. president barack obama refused to deliver lethal weapons to ukraine, essentially a call to allow
9:40 am
russian victory and ukrainian defeat. on the contrary putin must be defeated. the only language he understands is language of overwhelming strength, provoking putin. have we been, you know, basically too fearful of that and is it time for ukraine at the end this war to join nato? >> after the atrocities we have seen from russia and the nuclear threats, i think everything has changed. i would love to see ukraine join nato. i think ukraine has earned nato membership but that will take quite some time. job one right now is to make sure that ukraine does defeat russia and finland's decision shows us how urgent it really is to stop and contain russia. putin has got to lose on the battlefield in order for us to begin to put european security back together and, of course, to rebuild ukraine. so that is the number one task and we can't let any fear of putin at this point stop us from
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giving ukraine full military aid, intelligent support, whatever it takes to make sure zelenskyy wins. eric: and finally, what happens if he loses or when he loses? i mean, reports that he's sick, that he could have cancer. is he going to be taken out, is he going to be retired permanently, would there be a coup? >> oh, we would love to see putin gone but there's no way to predict but the one thing putin is watching most closely is progress on the battlefield in ukraine. the best way to weaken putin and contain russia is with victory in ukraine. eric: victory in ukraine, dr. rebecca grant as always, thank you. arthel: we are wait if the news conference in buffalo with details of yesterday's mass shooting that left the community devastated and ten families without their loved ones today killed in the hate-filled shooting. meanwhile there's tragic news in nation's drug epidemic, as new data shows record number of americans dying of drug
9:42 am
overdoses, dr. marc siegel will join us with those details coming up next
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arthel: u.s. is hitting tragic new record. that is up 15% from a year ago and translates as roughly 1 deadly overdose every 5 minutes. fentanyl poisoning in particular is the leading cause of deaths in adults ages 18 to 45. let's bring in dr. marc siegel now, professional center in langone and dr. marci want to apologize, pardon me, i do have to take the buffalo news conference, if you can standby. let's go to the news conference.
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>> i want to thank the members to have media for joining us. we are going to provide an update on the mass shooting that occurred in buffalo yesterday. i want to thank governor kathy hochul for her support of this community in albany working, flew back to be with this community where she lives. we thank her for that. we want to thank new york attorney general latisha james who was working in new york city and flew to be with the people of buffalo. we will hear from them in a moment. i'm going to have some opening comments and then turn things over to buffalo police commissioner gramalia, commissioner gramalia will introduce other law enforcement
9:48 am
speakers and then i will come back and introduce the attorney general and the governor. there have been many elected officials in the local community who have been active and involved with this horrible situation. we have received calls from elected officials, from business leaders and others from all across the country and internationally as well. i want to recognize that congressman brian figgins is with us. triny ross is with us. new york state senator kennedy who was on a trip with his family flew back to be here in buffalo is with us and south district council member christopher scanlin is with us. as mentioned we have heard from businesses locally and other places that want to be helpful
9:49 am
to the families that have experienced this horrible tragedy. scott bieler and automotive group have pledged $300,000 for grief counseling and other services for the families of the ten members of our community that lost their lives in this mass shooting. i want to thank scott bieler and west earn automotive group for that commitment. cross country mortgage, zefer is a new company that will be opening in the city of buffalo, they have committed $50,000 for the funeral expenses of the ten members of our community that have lost their lives. all information about how those
9:50 am
donations can be processed and how that support can be provided to the families can be accessed through the mayor's office by calling (716)851-4841. this assistance is only for the affected families, the 13 people who have been shot and sadly the families of the ten people who lost their lives. now for a more detailed and updated law enforcement briefing i'm going to ask joseph gramalia, the buffalo police commissioner to provide that briefing and introduce other members of law enforcement. >> thank you, mayor, thank you, governor, thank you, everybody here. so first we would like to extend
9:51 am
condolences to the families who have been affected. the cops community, the buffalo police community and the entire city of buff three community, we all feel this as a whole. this is a lengthy investigation. last night we completed the process of medical examiner's office family notification and we were able to provide all of the notifications so they can begin the grieving process. as we said, this is going to be a very lengthy investigation. there are warrants that have been obtained and warrants that will continue to be obtained both on state and federal levels and we will be looking at extensive digital platforms, computers, phones, cameras and anything else that comes into play in this investigation. the crime scene is still being held and it will be held for as long as we need it. the fbi is bringing in specialized equipment to help process that scene. this is a very significant coordinated collaborative effort with the state police, the fbi,
9:52 am
the sheriff's department, you know, everybody else involved in this process. the evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime, it will be processed as a hate crime. this is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind and there's no mistake that this is the direction it's going in. securing conviction for the individual and detectives, agent, deputies everybody standing before you will work this tirelessly for as long as it needs to go and it's done by a person, again, who does not live in our community, who brought this kind of hate to our very close-knit buffalo community. we will not tolerate against it. we will stand tall against it and show row strong we are and the members of the police department, the sheriff's department, the state police will continue to fight hate on a daily basis. thank you, we will introduce
9:53 am
sheriff john garcia, special agent and steve, we have the atf represented as well, sheriff. >> thank you, commissioner gremalia. i want to say that on behalf of myself, our office and the residents of county, our condolences go to the victims, the families and the entire community. i'm not going to mention this individual by name. he doesn't deserve that. we should never mention his name. as far as we are concerned, he's inmate control 157103. i can confer -- i can state this that he is in our custody. he will remain in our custody until further notice. because of his actions yesterday, taking the assault rifle and putting under his chin he's on suicide watch. so he's on direct observation from our deputies, video surveillance and he is in a unit
9:54 am
which is separated from all other incarcerated individuals. his travels throughout the facility will be by himself along with two deputies and a sergeant and he will be treated as everyone else is treated within the erie county humanly with respect and he will receive the correctional health and the mental health that is needed. i believe the narrative should be the actions taken yesterday by the buffalo police officers, eerie county sheriffs deputies, fbi agent that is the shooting started at approximately 2:30 p.m. and 5 hours later this individual is in custody and arraigned and behind bars. the bravery by the buffalo police officers to engage an individual with a vest, assault
9:55 am
rifle, with handguns, i cannot just say enough about their actions. i can't say enough about our retired fellow colleague, erin salter who confronted the individual to save the lives of others and may he rest in peace erin salter. we will move forward, this individual came from outside the community. this is not the city of good neighbors, moving forward as the mayor said a lot of people have reached out to the mayor's office as they have reached out to the eerie county sheriff's office to see what they could do, how they could donate to the families, how they can pay for the funerals. this is what our community is all about. this is buffalo. this is eerie county. hate has no place in our county, in our state in our nation, this was pure evil by one individual
9:56 am
and i know that this community is going to come together stronger than ever, more united than ever because we are buffalo and we are one. god bless the families and this entire county. thank you. steve from the fbi. >> on behalf of the fbi i would like to offer my condolences once again to the families and the victims who were viciously attacked yesterday. we continue, the fbi continues to vigorously work the investigation from a federal perspective with all of our federal, state and local partners, i would like to give a shout-out to atf who has been an incredible partner since the beginning at the federal level. we are receiving resources both locally and federally and headquarters to assist in the investigation including evidence response unit at headquarters along with our criminal
9:57 am
investigative division, counterterrorism division and our victim services division. we continue to investigate this case as a hate crime, a federal hate crime and as a crime perpetrated by racially-motivated violent extremist. if you have not seen it, the fbi has set up a tip line and if anybody has information that could help with this investigation, we ask that you go to our if you have any information, any video, or anything like that that would assist the investigation. thank you. >> again, i want to thank law enforcement at every level, federal, state, buffalo police, eerie county sheriff's department for their tremendous response. the buffalo police responded in
9:58 am
less than two minutes after this incident began. i want to say a special word of thanks to the buffalo police officers because if not for their swift response and courageous actions more lives probably would have been lost yesterday. that is important to know. this individual came here with the expressed purpose of taking as many black lives. arthel: we are going to continue to monitor this but a little bit of a wrap-up here. this is buffalo, this is eerie county, hate has no place in our community. we are buffalo. we are one, that was from eerie county sheriff john garcia as he commended as the mayor just did, buff three mayor byron brown who is still speaking commended officers for swift response and bravery in the line of duty as they do every day including off
9:59 am
duty or retired police officer erin salter who lost his life when inmate 150-7103 took to tops super market with hatred in his heart and bullets in his gun. eric: the hearts of those around the country heavy this weekend because of this apparent act of white supremacy. that belief authorities say spurring that 18-year-old suspected shooter of the rampage at we just heard targeting black lives purposely to try and kill as many african-americans as he can because of his twisted sick believes according to authorities in the news conference that we just heard. we will, of course, continue our coverage of tragedy during the fox news channel. arthel and i will be at 4:00 p.m. with a lot more. just no words, arthel. arthel: well, the word is
10:00 am
sadness and -- and guess what, y'all, our blood, we bleed, it's red, it doesn't matter the color of our skin. please, we have to come together. hate cannot win. i will keep saying it but we are back at 4:00 p.m. but meanwhile right now the news will continue. mike emanuel i believe is up next and will continue from washington. thank you very much for your time. we will see you again at 4:00. mike: ten killed, three injured after a mass shooting in a buffalo super market. police have arrested the 18-year-old shooter who live-streamed the attack online. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. president biden announcing the justice department is investigating the shooting as a hate crime in a, quote, racially motivated act of white supremacy and violent extremism just moments ago. alexis mcadams live in buffalo with the very latest, hi a, ale. >> the nation closely watching


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