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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 15, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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y'all, our blood, we bleed, it's red, it doesn't matter the color of our skin. please, we have to come together. hate cannot win. i will keep saying it but we are back at 4:00 p.m. but meanwhile right now the news will continue. mike emanuel i believe is up next and will continue from washington. thank you very much for your time. we will see you again at 4:00. mike: ten killed, three injured after a mass shooting in a buffalo super market. police have arrested the 18-year-old shooter who live-streamed the attack online. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. president biden announcing the justice department is investigating the shooting as a hate crime in a, quote, racially motivated act of white supremacy and violent extremism just moments ago. alexis mcadams live in buffalo with the very latest, hi a, ale. >> the nation closely watching
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the area in western new york as they try to piece together exactly what happened inside of the supermarket behind me. investigators saying this was a racially motivated attack. the gunman who was a teenager who drove hours to get here detailed plans in online manifesto and also this afternoon, mike, we are learning more about the victims. take a look at the screen, security guard who tried to stop this from happening in the first place opening fire and actually exchanging some shots with this gunman. this is the security guard now identified as erin salter, jr., retired buffalo police officer who was working security at the tops grocery store. police telling us he confronted the gunman, they exchanged fire but he was wearing all the body armor so nothing happened. he then killed the guard and continued the rampage. listen. >> we are such a close-knit community we know or someone and most of the victims, we know all of them that were affected by
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this. not only the ones that were affected, there's a number of them that just missed being that victim. reporter: the shooting happened around 2:30 saturday afternoon at the tops grocery store in buffalo. police say gendron and went aisle by aisle targeting employees. investigators telling us that 13 people were shot and 11 of those people were block. the community in shock. >> today it was hatred toward african-americans, toward black people, tomorrow it could be hatred toward another group of people. it needs to stop here in buffalo, new york. this needs to be the last mass
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shooting and this needs to be the last incident like this that is motivated by hateful ideology. reporter: along with the mayor of buffalo, new york, president biden and kamala harris condemning the attack. the suspect is behind bars arraigned hours after is shooting, mike, and now heavy police presence at his home in another area where he drove completely armed and live stream ready to go, mike. mike: alexis mcadams, we will go back to you for breaking news, thank you so much. the latest on what we know about the suspect, nate foy live from new york city. what have we learned so far h. >> he has history 18-year-old payton gendron and now many including new york governor kathy hochul have questioned about how that was handled.
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we will get to a soundbite from the governor momentarily. first i want to show you the route accused of taking before hate-fueled racist attack, he drove 3 and a half hours from conklin where he was briefly a student in the community college, we don't know why buffalo specifically was targeted but we do know from the mayor today the community is 80% black. there's a lot of questions today about a manifesto apparently written by gendron and claimed he was radicalized online and racist views do not come from the people in his lives like his parents that work for the department of transportation. here is kathy hochul talking about the manifesto. >> this manifesto tells us everything. there's the ability for people to write and subscribe to such philosophies filled with hate, white supremacists, acts of
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terrorism that are being fermented on social media and to know that what one individual did is mentioned around the world. >> you can see racial slur written on the barrel of the gun as well as apparent reference to white supremacist message. we knows 1 of the 13 victims are black. gendron was arraigned on first-degree murder charges. he faces life in prison without the ability of parole. he's on 21-hour surveyance and is under suicide watch. his next court date is thursday morning at 9:30 we will send it back to you. mike: nick foy, for more of the investigation i'm joined by special agent john, welcome. >> good morning, mike. mike: i want to start with a clip from the buffalo police commissioner, let's play it. >> this individual was in the buffalo area at least the day
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before. it seems that he had come here to scope out the area to do work on the area before he carried out his evil sickening act. mike: what are your thoughts as we start to look into this devastating and violent attack? >> well, i'm very happy that he was taken alive because there's a lot of questions that are going to be answered in interrogation of the subject and checking out further information. the fbi mentioned earlier during a press conference that they brought in their evidence response team. part of that is going to be to conb internet and all electronic devices. the questions that need to be answered not only what radicalized him but were there others out there encouraging him to commit crimes who may be guilty of crimes themselves and are there other persons who he was in communicating with that may be plotting the very type of activities. mike: that brings me to the next question. quite often the guys are loners but should anyone, someone in
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his life have known that something was terribly wrong with this guy? >> how many times have we heard, mike, when an event, the next door neighbor says i never would have suspected. that's the problem with these lone-wolf individuals that operate in a vacuum, but, yes, we want to think that people were aware and seeing what's being communicated online, social media, et cetera. when persons look at this, they shouldn't just ignore it. pick up the phone, call the police, if there's no crime, no one is going to be arrested but it's the type of call that could prevent these sort of tragedies. >> in your view, is there some way to stop these kind of tragedies? >> the reality is there are sickness and people like this exist. what we need to do as good people and good citizens be proactive. look for these things and we see
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them, inform the authorities, likewise the cops did a great job yesterday in stopping this carnage before it was even worse than it already was. we need to be aware of our surroundings so we can protect ourselves, mike, unfortunately that's the world we live in. mike: john, we are nearly out of time but does this guy's age, unlikely to be on the radar of state and federal authorities? >> because of his age and unless he committed a crime that was significant, likely no one would have known about him but, yes, the school was aware there was a problem, persons who knew him knew there was a problem. that's the kind of information that needs to be passed along so we can be put on the radar. mike: john, thank you so much for your time, have a wonderful day, sir. >> thank you, mike. mike: all eyes are on kathy barnett as the pennsylvania republican senate primary enters its final days. her rival candidates are taking aim at some of her past
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statements and her past is facing more scrutiny. alexandria hoff has the latest on tight 3-way race from northeast, philadelphia. hey, alex. alex: hey, mike, we are at the car show in the northeast and this is where kathy barnett met with prospective voters. typically philadelphia wouldn't be the place to win republicans but the northeast region is somewhat of a swing region. barnett has been making strides in the campaign and very quickly she's risen in the polls making neck and neck race between dr. oz and david mccormick now a three-way tie at the top. the big question, though, which republican will be able to face off against democratic front-runner and current lieutenant governor john fetterman. >> people ask me are you afraid to run against fetterman and myresponse as long as i'm not running while black.
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he was accused and held black man up with a shotgun. >> barnett right there is referencing a 2013 incident involving fetterman and unarmed man but barnett because of all the gain she has made is facing criticism especially over some past statements she has made that have been deemed antimuslim and homophobic. david mccormick weighs in on that. >> you see scrutiny on her background and that's appropriate because the pennsylvania voters should know the choices and who has the experience to step in to this. alex: the trump factor is still at play here. in april dr. oz earned the former president's endorsement but has not pushed him above the 3-way tie position. >> a lot of enthusiasm, people are resonating to the reality that i'm a strong, powerful voice that reflects pennsylvania's voters. alex: now, mike, the thing here the latest fox news poll shows that 18% of republican voters still undecided so at this point
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it really still may be any person's game. mike. mike: alex hoff in her old stomping grounds of philadelphia. as we enter the last stretch before the primary the democratic candidates are making final pitches to voters. let's go back to rich edison in franklin, pennsylvania for the latest, hi, rich. rich: hey, good afternoon, mike, both the top-tier democratic candidates are making the argument that they can attract trump voters to switch back to the democratic party in many respects. we are here in the western part of the state. this is franklin, pennsylvania, we are about an hour and a half north of pittsburgh here. both the candidates at the top here congressman connor lamb, lieutenant fetterman, lamb is running as a centrist and says political platforms sells well here. he won a congressional district that favored donald trump by 19 percentage points. >> if i'm your nominee this is going to be a campaign where everyone knows that the party
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that supports making social security more generous is the democratic party. the party that will actually bring your drug prices down is the democratic party. the party that will actually tap your out of pocket costs for healthcare is the democratic party. rich: now lieutenant governor fetterman is running as a progressive one he argues he can attract blue-collar trump voters and backs increase minimum wage and legalize marijuana and he tweeted for some more policy, quote, why can't we pass comprehensive gun control reform, why can't we codify roe v. wade, why can't we pass voting rights legislation says the answer is the filibuster in the senate. his opponents question whether swing state like pennsylvania will back a bernie sanders supporter like fetterman and in 2013 something that alex hoff spoke about, when fetterman was mayor he pulled gun on black jogger claiming he heard gunshots. police found in weapons on the
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jogger. he was outside with his 4-year-old, heard shots and made a split-second decision and saw the man in a face mask running towards an elementary school. haven't really heard from either of the candidates in last couple of days. john fetterman had a number of events. we have no further explanation from the campaign on this but canceled a number of events friday, saturday and then today. mike, back to you. mike: interesting, rich edison live in the campaign trail. more on the pennsylvania primaries let's bring in panel, harris, talk radio show, kevin, welcome. >> good to see you. >> thank you, great to be here. mike: the table has been set, pennsylvania primary tuesday, kevin, what's most interesting to you? >> well, certainly the dynamics that alex just spoke about on the ground between the leading 3 republicans is what is certainly interesting to me. you've got some concerns about
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the electability about some of those folks at the top that if they make it to the general election improve democratic sessions 176 days out from the general election. pennsylvania is a key state. it's an open seat senate race that's going to be critical for either party to -- to win that seat certainly. >> well, it's been interesting to watch and really oz and mccormick pretty much ignored kathy barnett until the very end when it was really apparent that she was gaining a lot of ground and now they dragged her into the mud the same way they've been doing it to each other and i've looked at a lot of the things that she has said and the things that they're accusing her of and much of it is really taken out of context. she does have some tweets that she needs to own up to but yet i haven't seen like she says, i
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have not seen the full context when i go to look for the tweets, the tweets have been deleted. so it's hard to know what's going on there and -- and oz was attacked and the commercials they used for him took a couple of seconds from his shows here and there that could have been nothing more than coming up on oz, blah, blah. so it's been interesting to watch the mud slinging. mccormick, they are going after him for being a hedge fund guy and saying positive things about biden. some appointees and positive things about china. it's an interesting race to watch. it's going to be a fun day on tuesday. mike: okay, let's dig into some of the issues that will decide not only the primaries but also midterms in november. kevin, what about inflation, what's the impact in november in those midterms? >> yeah, mike, i think inflation is the number one issue, the state of the economy certainly. that's something that we see in most midterm elections are usually about the economics at
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the time or health care. so these are two key issues and you're seeing the president just this past week talk about, you know, tackling rising prices, being his number one domestic issue. he went to illinois to talk about support for farmers out there to increase supplies to our grocery stores, to our food stores. so obviously i think the economy is going to be the number 1, we saw massive rallies just yesterday and, mike, i know that you and i are based in dc, massive rallies in the national malls. tens of thousands of people turning out in support of roe so that is also going to be an issue, i think, at the margins and could make a difference in some of these key races where you have suburban women that are really frustrated and fed up and upset about what we are seeing out of the supreme court. mike: rj, what about inflation impact and what other key issues do you see heating up into november? >> well, the first thing i think the supreme court leak was well
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orchestrated to take america's attention, particularly the news media attention away from the pathetic economy. i paid 71 bucks to fuel up my vehicle a few days ago and gas prices have gone up since. so i believe that what the republicans really do need to do is keep americans, americans focused on what's really going on in this world. there's nothing -- when it comes to tackling issues, i would not want biden on my football team as a tackle because he's not very good at it and any time the government gives you a figure, double it. double it. mike: interesting. >> because that's the way it always turned out. mike: rj, kevin, thanks so much. have a great day. coming up in this hour, two north carolina senate primary contenders join us live, stay tune for north carolina congressman ted budd and former governor pat mcquary. title 42 to end at the southern
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border in more than a week, what border officials are expecting next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: live images from the southern border as federal judge decide to go keep title 42 in place while he reviews a
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challenge to president biden's ending to trump-era covid policy set for may 23rd. bill melugin in eagle pass, texas. hi, bill. bill: mike, good afternoon to you today. today was the fifth morning in a row we witnessed single massive group of illegal immigrants coming to eagle pass. take a look at the video we shot right here just about 2 hours ago. this was another group of about 150 waiting across the rio grande. again, the fifth day in a row we've seen this. it's like clock work now around 11:00 a.m. local time every single morning, we will see scouts show up on the other side of the river and then these groups will show up and cross in large groups often with smugglers in the river with them. border patrol boat wills show up but nothing they can do and this is putting a huge strain on border patrol resources but this certainly isn't the only area of the border being impacted by this current crisis. take a look at the photos here
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out of border patrol el paso sector. agents reporting yesterday alone they arrested more than 1,200 illegal immigrants, massive numbers for the el paso sector which traditionally doesn't get big numbers as the rio grande valley or del rio sector, reported haitians, cubans, nicaraguans and some people from turkey but this goes to show this is happening all along the southern border not just those typical hot spots. take a look at the photo, are there alligators in the rio grande the answer, yes, there are some of them while it's rare, there are some. this is a photo border patrol posted yesterday with sources telling us it was taken right here in eagle pass yesterday and it was about an alligator, about 12 feet in length, so does go to show there are some alligators here in the rio grande and last thing we would like to show you, take a look at the mug shot, yet another child sex predator arrested. this was here in del rio sector. agents reported they arrested
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mexican national with sexualtivity with minor in utah in 2015. he was mixed with a group of 11 that crossed illegally, the third sex offender caught in the sector just this week alone. border patrol in del rio sector report that just since october arrested 194i legal immigrants with prior criminal history. mike: bill, thanks very much. for more on this, let's bring former acting ice director and fox news contributor tom homan, heritage foundation visiting fellow, clearly a busy guy, tom, welcome. tom: thanks for having me. mike: so there are now moderate democrats who are worried about getting rid of title 42 along with many republicans, what is the impact if that policy is lifted? >> well, first of all, i think democrats are too little too late. these numbers have been exploding since last year and didn't hear a word from them. it's all about midterm elections.
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even if title 42 -- the border is overwhelmed. if title 42 goes away it's going to be chaos across the border. let me say something, the secretary of homeland security says you don't control title 42. we have to prepare for the surge. well, he does control remain in mexico. he was ordered by federal court which i was a part of to reinstate the remain in mexico program. why isn't he doing it? that would give relief when they lift title 42. by design, this is open borders while his plan right now which i read was to send more resources to the southern border to process aliens quicker and release them quicker which going to send -- assign to south of the border, we can get you to america, you will be detained less time and released quicker which is going to bring more people. mike: tom, if you were in charge what's the answer to illegal immigration crisis at the southern border? >> reimplement trump's policies
10:26 am
when i was involved with. we created multitude of policies that drove immigration to 35, 40-year low and for those people say the policies inhumane, let me say, more migrants have died under joe biden's first year than any career in my career which is spans 35. 112,000 fentanyl overdose deaths, cartels are making billions of dollars. president trump's policies saved lives and people want to call inhumane. more people are dying, so where is the outreach from aoc and the rest of them where they went to the border screaming about child dying which is very sad. you don't hear a word from the same people that displayed outrage of the trump administration. mike: bill melugin had images from the el paso sector. there are migrants coming from as far as turkey, what do you think of that?
10:27 am
>> some of these countries sponsor terrorism. since joe biden 70 million got aways, 700,000 people were weren't arrested and we don't know where the hell they are. how many of the 700,000 came to do harm that weren't arrested. this should scare every american that this is no longer immigration crisis, humanitarian crisis, this is a national security crisis and we the people need to demand the secretary of homeland security either resign or do your job but they won if they take back the house and senate, he should be impeached. day one. tom i covered capitol hill for decades, calls for comprehensive immigration, what about that? the immigration system is broken and should be fix but they have to secure the border first. that's imperative because of the national security issue. i've said for months, this is -- this is a serious situation now when we have that many got
10:28 am
aways, 67,000 got aways. these people are crossing the border and we don't know who they are. criminals and terrorists don't want to get arrested. so the 700,000 i was talking about, the 67,000 last month, that is my main concern in the southern border. not just immigration problem anymore. importing criminals and importing those who want to come to the country to do us harm. the first thing they need to do reimplement trump policies where we had record low in illegal immigration, we saved lives and then you talk about fixing the immigration system. mike: former ice director tom homman, thank you very much for your time. >> thanks for having me. mike: multiple primary faceoffs set for tuesday, we will bring you two of the senate candidates from the great state of north carolina coming up! ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: in north carolina candidates for the senate are making final pitches to fill republican burr's seat, critical hold for republicans, possible pickup for democrats. charles watson live in charlotte, north carolina with the latest from the campaigns, hey, charles. charles: yeah, hey, good afternoon, mike. north carolina representative tedd budd has emerged at front runner in 14-way republican battle on friday trump endorsed candidate spent most of the day of last day of early voting trying to solidify his lead talking to voters about immigration, law enforcement and inflation budd has presumably benefited some from the multimillion dollar backing of political action committee club for growth as well as the endorsement of former president trump who has helped the congressman build a lead strong enough to possibly avoid a runoff and that he says is making his opponent nervous. >> president trump said i'm endorsing you because you've never waived on america first
10:34 am
principles and nor have i. they know i'm a physical, social conservative and they know i know how to win and that's making them nervous. charles: biggest challenge comes in the form of north carolina former north carolina governor pat mccrory, the former governor is hope to go make up ground and win voters in cutting taxes and job creation, accomplishments he said budd can't offer to the people of north carolina. >> ted budd has nothing in 6 years of congress, no one knew him. he had no record of accomplishment. charles: mccrory has taken out jabs trying to tie budd to liberals and the same the other way, but when it comes to policy, political science professor say it is two are virtually identical so it could come down to the trump endorsement. >> i think that that's going to be the critical factor, how loyal is this republican primary
10:35 am
electorate, the base voters, how much do they support the former president. charles: yeah, mike, the magic number is 30%. if neither of the candidates is able to reach the threshold, they are headed to a runoff. mike: charles watson live in charlotte, charles, thanks very much. joining me now the candidates in the republican primary, north carolina ted budd, congressman, welcome. >> glad to be here. mike: recent polling suggest you surging ahead of the former governor of the great state of north carolina. how do you see the race at this critical stage in. >> well, we have about 48 hours to go. this is the nascar state and we are not going to let off the gas or in the corners, we are going to run through the checkered flag. look, we are polling ahead but we have to translate polling into actual votes, please turn out, we would love to have your prayers, your support and, of course, your vote and we are all
10:36 am
out there in 100 counties making the case. i think i'm the only candidate that went to all 100 counties. we finished last week. they said some of the other counties had refused if you can believe that to go to the counties. rather than hanging in green rooms we were talking to real voters. honor to do so. mike: what's the impact of the trump endorsement in north carolina? >> you know, that's really been huge. once the districts for congress were settled in north carolina voters started paying attention. they realized that i was the -- the trump endorsed candidate but they asked the paul harvey question, what is the rest of the story. they won't tell him that the national border patrol council endorsed me for supporting the border wall, for being a fiscal conservative and being a small business person and having an agricultural background, for having tough record and being a conservative fighter. some things that my opponents they can't claim. it's been an honor to have trump
10:37 am
endorsement and lieutenant governor mark robinson and long list of 50 state legislators who say they had to drag the former governor across the line to even consider himself a conservative. so they are frustrated with him which is why he didn't get one single endorsement and over 50 endorsed me. mike: a lot of issues on out there potentially for the midterms in november, inflation, the border, the crime crisis many major cities and plenty of others. what do you see connecting most with north carolina voters? >> one is the border and that's why it's so important that the national border patrol council endorsed me. i was with them at the border not too long ago and i saw your footage absolutely few minutes ago, absolutely tragic what's happening down there. the agents told me what happens there 72 hours can happen in north carolina. every single county of the 100 counties in north carolina are border counties because of joe biden's policies. so people are worried about
10:38 am
crime and they are also concerned when they go to the gas pumps, when they go to the grocery store, young families coming up to me. they are not talking about abortion issues like the radical left are, they are talking about how do you find infant formula that joe biden created shortages on and those are real problems and kitchen-table issues that people are concerned about right here in north carolina. those are republicans unaffiliated and as we are going to find out in the general, those are issues that democrats are concerned about as well. and they do not want a joe biden like radical left candidate that chuck schumer has hand-picked for north carolina. mike: if republicans want to win back the majority in the senate and you know they do, they have to hold up north carolina and pick up some others, what about winning statewide in november? >> well, that's what i'm looking for. we have to finish up the next 48 hours. we are not out of the woods yet. this is a nascar state. we are not going to let off the gas but i would also say our eye
10:39 am
is on november and we have the best message. people know that the america first policies when you look what we did under president trump and had a chance to work closely with him, he told me i'm endorsing you because you never waived on the america first policies. that led to those at the lowest earnings, fastest wage earners and led to people of color, hispanics, women being at the lowesten employment rate in recorded history. we know what works. this is not rocket science. we have to get back to the fundamentals that work for all americans. mike: congressman ted budd enjoying the final stretch of primary season, we will see you down the road. >> thank you. mike: we will have congressman bud deform's component pat mccrory on the other side of the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> north carolina republican voters are heading to the polls to choose senate nominee in primary election. i'm joined by another candidate
10:44 am
former governor pat mccrory. >> this is the closest i've been to debating ted budd because he's avoided four major statewide tv debates. he refused to debate any of the senate candidates in north carolina so it was good to at least get to see him talk about some of the issues but he's avoiding having debates and i can't imagine if jesse helms would have avoided republican primary debate, that's something that's not the north carolina way and basically hiding behind what is called the club for growth or jd vance says the club for chinese growth that's trying to buy the u.s. senate seat for ted budd but we are going to win this thing tuesday with the undecided vote and also the independent vote so we are having confident coming in tuesday. mike: okay, what do you see as the hot issues there in the great state of north carolina, is it inflation connecting with a lot of your folks there and
10:45 am
what about the border and some of the other hot issues across the country? >> inflation, no doubt about it. every time you go to the gas pump or grocery store, biden and harris' policies are disastrous for america especially for the middle class. they are bankrupting the middle class and starve the poor and as governor i implemented a major energy policy for north carolina anticipating future problems with energy. i'm a big advocate of energy independence and i have a record of doing that both as major and governor and fighting crime and standing strong for the border. i went to the border almost 15 years ago as mayor of charlotte. i was a member of the homeland security advisory commission. the only mayor in the united states, so i have much more experience in dealing with crime and public safety and fighting for our police officers, ted budd has none of this experience and during the six years in congress we saw him accomplish
10:46 am
nothing except he voted against the border, border wall. he voted against trump's foreign bill and voted against trump's vaccine. he did anything the club for growth told him to do and that's not the type of senator we need in north carolina right now. >> you did not get the endorsement of the former president but you clearly have a long track record with north carolina voters. they know you well. is it possible that endorsements are overrated? >> i think -- i think what it did was give ted budd name id because nobody knew who he was was. during six years in congress he never got a bill passed, he never accomplished anything. so the major thing it did was put the name ted budd on the map but with no accomplishment. the good news is i don't rely on endorsements. i can rely on a track record of success as mayor for 14 years in charlotte and governor of great state where i lowered the income tax, i lowered the corporate tax and turned deficits into surpluses and i did something that congressman budd did not do
10:47 am
i lowered unemployment compensation to try to get people back to work. this was over 8 years ago and we had the fourth highest unemployment rate in the country and i lowered the compensation rate. i had all the liberals raise cane against me and 3 months after i lowered the compensation rate we had the largest drop in unemployment in america. and i'm proud of that. that's what the kind of thinking we need in washington, d.c. now more than ever. someone who has accomplished something in local and state level as opposed electing a congressman and giving him a promotion for doing what? they have failed us in washington. washington has failed the united states of america with the deficits, with the border wall, with foreign policy and we need new blood in washington and not the same old, same old that ted budd has been promoting for the six years. >> thank you, governor, for your time. good luck in the final hours of
10:48 am
the campaign. we will be following it every step of the way. >> thank you very much, appreciate this opportunity. >> thank you, sir. >> we will have the latest from ukraine and the proposed legislation to provide another $40 billion in aid after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: the senate is due to vote to start debate on 40 billion-dollar ukraine aid package tomorrow. my next guest has been meeting with american lawmakers to drum up support for the bill to press them on out urgently ukraine needs the aid. joining me now ukrainian civil society activist daria. >> good afternoon. mike: let's get to that point, why is this money so critical for those who are watching at home, why is it so important? >> it's time to win the war and
10:53 am
this money will help ukraine to get weapons which we need, heavy weapons in order to go in counterattracts and get russians out of the occupied territory. we won the first phase of the war. we won the battle for kyiv but now important to win the second phase of the war and that means to return back those occupied territories at least the moment of february 24, and we have seen atrocities in bucha and the reason that we have seen that is because russian soldiers pulled off, pulled away but we can't imagine what's happening there in occupied territories. mike: you met with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell before he went to kyiv, what did you tell him? >> i told him that it's very urgent. this aid has to pass. it's important that the congress control what actually has been delivered to ukraine and in what speed and we gave them the list
10:54 am
of weapons which is enough to win the war and the bill contains about 15 billion to weapon. out of the different kinds of weapons since last time i've been here, there was very good shape to providing mid-range weapons like howitzers, they are on the battlefield but no decision of fighter jets, modern american fighter jets. no decision on american tanks, self-propelled and other stuff which helps to protect the air from russian missiles which are still hitting. he was very positive. i think he expected that the bill will be bloated before travel to kyiv. i'm very disappointed that it's been blocked now. mike: you were on the program 5 weeks ago, what has changed? >> i think important thing changed, america started to tell
10:55 am
that ukraine can win this war. now we have to answer the question what does winning mean and for us winning means stopping suffering of ukrainian people at all territories of ukraine where russians are there. and you know why we are talking with you, we have about 1 million people who were deported to russia, so russians come to occupied territories, ukrainian people go through the filtration camps. nobody know what's happening in filtration camps. they are checking whether are supporting russian people or not and they can torture and send to siberia. it's time to do that and it would help for the international security and food security. with enough weapons provided as
10:56 am
now we will be able to block. mike: we are nearly out of time what about food concerns? >> we have grain. we can't save the world. we need to unblock sea, we can do it with heavy metal weapons but we need courage especially from american administration to provide us with these kind of weapons and we will win. mike: our best to you, your family and your people. >> thank you very much. mike: that's all for this hour of fox news live, fox news sunday with shannon bream, you do want to miss line-up of guests, kathy barnett, i'm mike emanuel, thanks for watching, have an awesome day. ♪ ♪ ♪ uh, how come we don't call ourselves bikers anymore? i mean, "riders" is cool, but "bikers" really cool.
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