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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  May 15, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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9:00 p.m. on the west coast for fox news at night. got supreme court coverage with opinions coming in the morning. have a great week, what is left see you next fox news monday. t. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ good a sunday morning everyone thanks much for joining us. welcome to sunday morning futures.s, today america's despair, shootings, drugs, crime, inflation. can i, get any worse? apparently a struggle to feed our babies and a shortage of baby formula. to make up, wipe three quarters of the country say the u.s. is on the wrong track with inflation soaring, crime is
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spiking and foreigners researching in to a wide open border even before the floodgates open with title 42 goes away next week. coming up senator bill hagerty on the crisis created that policy. what gets done and the senate and the final stretch to the memorial day recess. and theatrics in washington another dirty trick from the democrats as an animated joe biden tries to turn make america great again into a dirty word. let me tell you about this ultra agenda the ultra mega agenda under my predecessor the great maca king per. >> of present is a good time doing people have asked her to come with ultra mega? what he called president trump? big mag? the king of mega? over the long lines are seen in a television, people lining up all kinds of vehicles. just to get a box of food.
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how quickly we forget people are hurting. and what they did the mega crowd want to do? forget it, forget it. >> congressman and jim and jordan separates the fake and the fraud in zero center what matters to america. who are the real dangers to democracy as a whistleblower reveals evidence the fbi wasn't targeting parents. then ag garland mislead the judiciary committee? plus judgment day is coming for the pushers of the big lie trump russia collusion as jury selection begins for clinton lawyer michael sussman's trialmo broke the case of white open ffive years ago. fate jointly with insights on the special counsel case. plus nunez nails it on the number of fakes on twitter the impacts president trump social
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media company now that elon musk put his twitter deal on hold. plus the hottest race in town comes to head this tuesday oz, mccormick, barnette neck and neck ine pennsylvania. they would mccormick makes his case here live this morning is all right here right now on a sunday morning futures. >> versus morning the the senate will vote that's up on the package for ukraine must make the effort to pass the bill was dropped by senate ramp all the a spending was too severe given the crises erecting across this country including spiraling debt which now tops $30 trillion. >> my oath of office as to the u.s. constitution not to any foreign nation. no matter how i sympathetic the cause, by oath of office as to
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the national security of the united states of america. we cannot save ukraine by dooming the u.s. economy. ointment right now to discuss this on the ukraine and other crises erecting across the country tennessee senate bill hagerty is never the foreign relations appropriations and banking committee. center it's good to see you this morning thanks very much for being here. so, how we vote on the 40 billion-dollar aid package to ukraine this week? >> i will be a no on the package maria. senator paul said we have got crises erecting across the nation my home state. mothers cannot get baby formula and knoxville you got grandmothers and mothers who have sons and grandsons will not come home because of fentanyl overdoses because the illegalal drugs that are flowing across our southern border that president biden will not protect project crime running rampant across america and people need to look at our nation and think we've got to look at our own national security first. senator paulson other nations are watching this too. china is saying is not behave
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like a serious nation. rushing to put more aid into a country who again i certainly do not have anything against thein ukrainians. or pumping more aid into that country were not taking care of our own country for the best thing biden could just stop the war he's waged on american industry that would lower prices overall. that would take the funding away from putin's war machine again to grady would make our economy to better here. biden will not do that biden will not be serious and is take us into very bad direction bird wants another $40 billion of american money into this when you got other nations european nations that have stayed with this but not this level of investment. maria: look at some of your didn't ukraine do you think there's more to feel the way you do? kentucky p senator rand paul lat week he was arctic vote no. >> end of their other senators were thinking very hard about this right now as i have done.
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it's going to be up to each one's unconscious we've already committed a great deal of effort, maria p p people are concerned that monies being well spent.ce we certainly should take efforts to oversee that very carefully. at the same type of got to take care of things here at home first. that's our primary. maria: this administration's been spending like a sailor we know that. that's part of the reason we've got 40 or highs of inflation. we got the inflation timeline because in president biden walked into the white house the cpi the consumer price index was at 1.4% spread that very index today is at 8.3% after the troubling reportre last week. senator, what are you going to do as an elected official to get these numbers down? we know by marchgn of 2021 signd in the 1.9 covid relief money flooding the country with money that so many ramifications paid by july of 2021 democrats were proposing a 5 trillion-dollar package for things it is
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3.9 trillion. a lot of people so there so many gimmicks and there it was exceeding five joined them by november 2020 signed into another spending package on infrastructure $1 trillion they are. of course by the time it russia invaded ukraine we already had inflation rate of 7.9%. no surprise really. is this going to get worse? >> known as taking responsibility for this than bys administration. in fact is waging war on americans calling us every name in the book. looking for scapegoats here in america the previous president were trying to blame this on vladimir putin. as you said this is well underway before putin reaches war on ukraine would not be happening if joe biden did not wage war on american industry in the first place. we've got to get her hands around this throwing more money the promise not the way to do it. it's like pouring gas and they continue to talk about five
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children, 61, 7 trillion-dollar packages expects inflation which is self filling prophecy.ow every step this administration is taken is towards more inflation. >> what happens now? they are in sync in terms of name-calling on the republicans trying to make america an ultra mega a dirty word. assist their new strategy here? >> i think it's got to be the only strategy they have is deflection for the sole and not take responsibility for what they've done for the american public sees right through that. we can't get it and got policies committing crime across the american border that's completely unprotected. biden is one failure after another per the failure of afghanistan is precipitated global concern about america's posture of a service office in bold and that stepped up putin'p activity in ukraine china stepped up south china sea in the east china sea pre-north korea's back out again for d the world is more dangerous place and what is he to blame
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americans. >> is one reason you took a trip to japan. to talk about congressional amount to japan he met many officials but what was the point of that trip much the china policy look like in the senate. all i'm saying is this demonstration rollover for china was word they're going to removo the tariffs which are here when you're on the ground in japan? >> to strengthen posture toward china. with two senior senators from cardin from maryland bipartisan delegation to basically demonstrate to the part of the world china still is our number one concern for their our longest midterm long-term strategy strategic was most critical we've got right now. were not going to let that take our eye off the ball but we need to see a strong america right out of the world need to seize the region needs to see it. where there to show her standing
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shoulder to shoulder the strongest ally there. it's important to convey that message a chance also important to convey that message to north korea. we are also in for economic opportunities to work together. moreon semiconductor to work wih japan, with south korea at the manufacture semi conductors right here in america per that's ugly critical. we also have to stand strong together against china.e the thought of taking away the tariffs like getting nothing for that is just ridiculous. is that happening though question records the china pulse is a something will be working on for the number of? look let's face it. it is been a threat you are able to push through legislation to block here and in japan, right? why does joe biden keep rolling over forhi china? >> of china is a threat at every turn with its militarily, diplomatically if you look at the technology of got great opportunity right now were able to block from the u.s. and japan
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first and third largest markets in the world we need to takeo that opportunity we need to work together to seize it. there's a lot of pressure put on chart of the charts put in place they lasted menstruation very painful putting this tiresomeat place he biden ministrations talk about taking them away as if that's going to have some sort of impact on inflation right here in america but the biggest impact biden could have on american inflation is to stop us born american energy. get us back in the e-business tunnel here in america would help are all thend world. maria: meanwhile democrats are t trying what abortion read senator schumer seems to be fine with it protesters right outside the private homes of supreme court justices but here's a saturday this week of got to get your take on this now. >> if protests are peaceful, yes. there's a purchase three or four times a week outside of my house. that is the american way to peacefully protest is okay. that is my wife sorry. maybe there is a protes outside.
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>> so he is okay with this, senator it doesn't matter as long as they go peaceful he says people outside private homes of justices. >> the focus of this is clear it's intimidation. they leak this draft and to hopefully theirt view is that would allow people to get out and intimidate and change the opinion of these justices they are in the process and a liberation there's u.s. code against this. they are standing by and watching the lobby violated by these protesters it's intimidation i pray does not get any worse. but it is very, very disheartening it's against a lot a part of the democrats strategizing to deflect from the real issues that americans are worried about. the real issues have most of the country understand we are doing the wrong direction. this is yet another reflection by the democrats to try to get theel american public to look te other way. >> had and it will be watching that keep the focus on what matters to the american people for sure. thanks for much for being here this morning senator billil hagerty joining us this morning. all right, and tennessee quick break then hillary clinton
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soldiers exposed.s clinton lawyer michael sussman's trial begins on monday with jury selection. what is special counsel john durham know the clinton machine once held back? devin nunes and kash patel broke open the scandal in 2017. will join us ahead for the first trial part here is newness on this program in 2019, watch. >> house republicans learned about this in the spring of 2017. at least the initial part the dossier had been used. we then improve the clintons did pay for it and the dnc did pay for in the fall of 17. we knew that we had to get this information out to the american public and that is what led to us producing this memo in february 2018 that that media helped cover up for it. age your.
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♪ ♪ >> most important point, to
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continue a counterintelligence investigation against a >> most important point toigceen investigation against a sitting president of the united states when there is no probable cause to continue c it. they started by making seven errors in mission there were alterations of evidence and then added ten more to continue it along the way. i do not think the american peopleia can really appreciate e damage that was done at the fbi during gym, his tenure there. it was a direct pipeline into the d.o.j. essentially the democratic national committee that is troubling. a more bad details are going to come out about that unfortunately who at the fbi was aware of that? we are still determining that. >> welcome back that was then congressman john ratcliff was among the ute truth tellers back in 2018 and 2019. on this program revealing what
12:18 pm
he calls a direct pipeline into the d.o.j. it made up opposition research about then donald trump which was used to spy on and investigate and then president trump unlawfully bred join me of the two that broke open the scale, wide open back in 2017. way before durham got involved. now ahead of the first trial special counsel investigation against mount devon do know is former chairman of the house and told is now the sea of trump technology group and cash patel former deputy assistant to president trump and author of the new children's book the plot against the king. gentlemen strayed to see her this morning, thanks about her being here. thank you and congratulations on the book on the welcome back to that coming up. devon i want to kick things out but the only story about twitter before we get into the russian collision.hi the trumpet media and technology group and this week we saw you want most put his 44 billion deal to acquire twitter on hold.
12:19 pm
one of the reasons you nailed the fake robots on twitter. what is just mean for truth or social? >> we do not spend a lot of time worrying about twitter as i said from the very beginning twitter's a ghost town even setn business about a month ago at the "house of cards". to say don't have 5% botched and fake accounts it's probably closer they may only have 5% that are actually real people and real accounts. [laughter] at true social we focus on more of the american consumer's act? they are at instagram, they are tiktok for trying to build a product up its own counsel about what people can come there and express their opinions. we do nothing to censor people for their political ideas. the market has moved on from twitter people at instagram that's where we have to focus. thus we do every day at true
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social. were only open on the apple appn store in the coming days were going to come up to web browserl everyone will be up to get on don't forget clear only in the united states are far producing these numbers out there for twitter it's a global newswire. i just think like i said it's by 5% real people and said only 5% botched. physics is incredible to me what's taken place here but we had another tweet from elon musk last night why he got a call from the legal department of twitter saying he may have violated his nondisclosure agreement. twitter legal just called me too complain i valued their by the bot check sample size is 100. this actually happened right elon musk. what is incredible to me is the fact the person running the legal department as a former lawyer of the fbi, james baker.
12:21 pm
devon known as make the connection here because tomorrow we've got a trial that's going to be getting all because michael sussman told james baker he was a concerned citizen here's the dirt on trauma. >> i think a lot of the american people this has been lost on them a lot of the bad actors. so baker is clearly a bad actor he's going to play in the sussman tries going to testify on behalf of the prosecution in this case. it's like these guys leave a government agency and they land on their feet and they landed a place like twitter but one things i pointed out on true social altar elon musk with the tweet out i just put up the social was it jim baker was a known russian hoaxers now on twitter see the one now involved in what appears to be an orchestrated effort by the immediate left to block elon
12:22 pm
musk from buying twitter. like we have said president trump as been very clear. our goal is to open the internet give the american people to voice back. for elon at most two by two is a good thing looks like outlawed people going out of their way to stop it from happening but asked a simple question was it jim baker? cash and i have lot of expense of this character wasn't exactly forthright and dealing with congress. maria: will take a short break but unbelievable, james baker ig the number two guy in a legal out twitter a number devin nunez and cash patel with me.
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maria: welcome back. we are back with former welcome back were back with former congressman devin nunez and kash patel who was the lead investigators for the russia
12:26 pm
gate probe. kash, let me turn now to the trial tomorrow about michaelou sussman. give me your expectations and how you believe john durham is conducting this investigation very. >> hate maria, great to be with you as a former national security prosecutor john durham's during the most'v methodical prosecution i've seen in recent history. w and like we do a devin i run the hope the best way to convict a target of an investigation especially of a crime is with their own documentation. if the folding money john durham fold the money and connected the clinton campaign with the lawyers of the future gps and the fbi. what he's also done as is going to put on display are the notesl from the fbi themselves really want to pause here these notes were subpoenaed by chairman noon as they withheld from us during our investigation for john durham found that much of the note say mckay and peter strzok's new.after the russia gate investigation but before it began..
12:27 pm
it was full of lies and corruption that was paid for by the dnc and hillary campaign. that's going to get convicted an the epicenter of this entire hoax. >> what about other t convictio? whoo also are going to hear fro? >> look i think you know the source it is indicted fbi has already been convicted in this conspiracy. there's a shocking news most the ohworld is not following in john durham's pleadings but he has let out a joint venture conspiracy those are not my words as are legal words we use as prosecutors gendarmes misleading. the tech executive has said to a federal judge in open court than man is still a target of ongoing investigation. as are others in clinton world i believe that includes jake sold in the current national security advisor, mark, that with this guy has done devin was jumping from the beginning only the
12:28 pm
truth and the facts. in andy's office with their own notes to go online to a an american public federal court and surveilled a president unlawfully and andy is quoted in the note saying i want this russia gate to endure a year after it started to perpetuate the lie and the criminality of the conduct. ask if we have a shot of the tweet hillary clinton put out on jake sullivan's memo trying to connect donald trump to the outside bank and russia dealings. devin, jump in here. a member week after week having you on this program throughout 2017 on 2019. he would say we are looking for this document they are sitting on it they are slow walking. weti covered every waiver. >> till we find out today that kasha just pointed out these are documents that clearly hid from
12:29 pm
congress. right they are, with what we know today from storm if i was so there would have more criminal referrals the door based on lying and misleading congress. let's just take a step back. why does this matter to the american people? this is for five years after the fact this all started. this is a dark chapter of american history for sure. but it is a slippery slope into 15/16 of the clinton campaign dnc concoct this work on d.o.j., fbi, the obama administration. the media goes him a pass on it and said this is just donald trump. he should never be elected president. let's just go after him. would hide the hillary clinton servers that were destroyed and the e-mail. it's all part of a game. you go forward donald trump is elected. they continue to spy on him for they waste $48 million on a
12:30 pm
phony muellerr investigation. as kash and i and the republicans in congress led this with hardly anyone in the news media -- make your one of the few who gave us time to get thew facts out. where are we today? you had congress who democrats did nothing that media continue to cover c up.wh judges continue to cover this up and what is this resulting? a result of what you see today nye have leaks from the supreme court of the united states pretty a protest at the supreme court justices homes. so, sources dirty political tricks. five years later ends up with a deterioration of that's our time of every institution in this country. what durham has to do here there's a big load on hisns shoulders that he is carrying. these institutions have to be covered up and durham's the only guy in position to get that done. thmaria: cashed you think the jy will hear the facts? i am told they jury it may be
12:31 pm
sentimental to michael sussman because it's in d.c. >> yes but here's the thing i said earlier the doctor distilled by the jury can hear it they want but they're going to see the fbi's own words, michael sussman's own tweets and text messages that stuff does not by premier on a quest for the truth that is whyor i wrote the book the plot against the king i hope your audience check that out. it's a fun story about super mega king donald trump, the nights devin and myself it's a great read for children prevention is vital to truth, just as much. the reasons i'm so glad you wrote a children's book about this, kash congratulations were gentle and thank you very much. we've got more to talk but hope you back soon. devin nunezas casper tell jordan bis the head of what is the fit of several trials on the russia collision lyford coming up i high inflation struggles to feed babies, china and russia are more aggressive than ever for the democrats are investing in january 6 with american citizens
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locked up as we speak. we are talking about that as well as they subpoenas that we are seeing happening right now. congressman jim jordan with new eevidence merrick garland may have misled the judiciary committee about investigation into parents. stay with us. passion for learning through our grow up great initiative. and now, we're providing billions of dollars for affordable home lending programs... as part of 88 billion to support underserved communities... including loans for small businesses in low and moderate income areas. so everyone has a chance to move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. this dad and daughter were driving when they got a crack in their windshield. [smash] >> dad: it's okay. pull over. >> tech: he wouldn't take his car just anywhere... ♪ pop rock music ♪
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♪ >> does that seemed like an act of domestic terrorism that you i or your justice department ought to be investigating? >> happily not. i want to be clear the justice department supports and defendss the first amendment right of parents to complain as they wish. like you, i cannot imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of appearance complaining about their children. nor can i imagine a circumstance to be labeled as domestic terrorism. maria: really? welcome back. this week blockbuster evidence allegedly contradicting that claim by a g merrick garland under sworn testimony after whistleblowers revealed the fbi had in fact toes labeled dozenst investigations into parents with a threat tag created by the fbi counterterrorism division. joining me right now the man who
12:37 pm
led the questioning for the gop judiciary committee ranking member ohio congressman jim jordan. he's also the author of the book do what you said you would do. congressman jim jordan thanks so much for being here this t morning. >> is good to be with youa: mar. >> your reaction we learn from the barr this week. ag garland mislead you there question request that sure looks like he did the very apparatus they put in motion with this memo that sets up the line for reporting than the e-mail that went out from fbi agents to agents all across the country that process was used to go after moms and dads, more than two dozen cases. again he said he would not use the counterterrorism measures of the government to go up to parents. but that looks exactly like what they did. god bless these whistleblowers who came aboard and told us about this information. maria one case they went after a mom who was in the group moms avert liberty actually owned a firearm which you are allowed to endure constitution. the persond her reporter on this eaniche line said those were the
12:38 pm
reasons she reported this person. the fbi investigate. this is scary stuff. one other thing think of the speed and intensity with whichce the fbi did this the justice department did this for the school board association sends e letter in september 29. five days or the attorney general, sent a memorandum to al u.s. attorneys every single one around the country and a 16 days after that the fbi sends out ths e-mail saying established designation a threat tag label. that'll happen in 22 days. d the intensity they went after parents to chill speech i have never seen, help anyone is in the federal government move that quickly on anything. when it comes a chilling speech and going after moms and dads they operated at record speed. >> it seems they are going after ordinary americans as we speak. not just parents. got people locked up right now.
12:39 pm
they came anywhere close to washington you were subpoenaed. want to get your answers to this generous six committee is subpoenaing you, kevin mccarthy three others about your conversation with president trump. how will you respond? >> the counterterrorism measure the government d.o.j. is coming after them. this ridiculous partisan committees and the things they are doing. there is a reason seven out of ten of our fellow citizens think the countries on the wrong track. 70% of the american people think the greatest country in history tthe wrong track is what to thk the biden demonstration democrats. this committee most ridiculous partisan committee have ever seen. first time in american history where the minority history minority leader is not allowed
12:40 pm
to put on a select committee the individuals he or she selected we caught them lying about evidence.ence. i think the american people understand how ridiculous this committee is. >> is liz cheney spearheading this? was she the one leading efforts to haul you in? >> i do not know. i and some whites feel bad for these people who become so p consumed with their hatred for president trump you can almost dissent the bitterness they have. so much so liz cheney was reporting her colleagues. adam schiff took a text message i toured to the white house or chief of, changer, alternate presented in a falsehood to the american people. their recording colleagues they are lying tool people. all because they're driven by this animosity towards president trump who i think was the best
12:41 pm
president we had certainly in our lifetimes and doing what he said he was going to do i don't know she is the one striving or who is driving it. i know we have yet to see the subpoena they've yet to serve up or we get it will take a look at it gotta be concerned about a committee that operates the way this committeees does. and the crazy activity they have engaged in. you just to be real concerned. maria: let me just say we have not heard a word out of liz cheney on inflation. not heard a word on liz cheney on the wide open border. some of these issues around joe biden's behavior has some of your colleagues talking about impeachment. spoke with congressman greg murphy on foxbusiness last week on a mornings with maria. listen to it greg murphy says as itnt relates to impeaching joe biden. >> president biden has had two very, very clear impeachable offenses against the american
12:42 pm
people. number one the debacle in afghanistan he literally said will never leave americans behind and he did. number two is a handling of our southern border. look, this is biden's war on america. maria: are you going to move to impeach joe biden should you get the majority in november? >> well, maria first things first of got to win the majority. we have toca continue to take or message to they american people. talk about theby crazy thing sourcing done by the biden administration. they'll be a decision i think what's happening on the border is as wrong as it gets. do you think the way the exit from afghanistan was the most ridiculous thing we have seen. i do think that will have to be nta decision made by the congreb really think should be considered in that category too. look, this guy is said the border secure umpteen times a week all know it's not the case reese also said he is implementing, executing his
12:43 pm
plan. it is been done intentionally to open her border wide up and let anyone and by the policy they have embraced in the policy they've gotten -- make that change part of the trump administration. so i think mayorkas is someone we should think of impeachment as well but w that will be a conference is certain that if in fact the american people derive think they're going to do which is put us in the majority of this fall's election. thirty-six kevin mccarthy's on the program a few weeks ago parts are not going to make a political purge were going to make sure they were doing things right for the american people. a lot of debate recently because of liz cheney recording conversations with kevin mccarthy. do you, congressman jim jordan support kevin mccarthy as speaker of the house should you gain the majority? >> yes we picked up seats in the last election. i think were going to pick up seats as i said a few minutes ago i think were going to take the majority but my attitude is of the coach to get you to the super bowl gets a coach the game heard kevin is often a great job leading us last congress and we had a focus on the attacks on
12:44 pm
president trump and the ridiculous impeachment we saw from adam schiff of the democrats. i think were going to win after that donald trump's going to run for prez i think is going to be ntan ex-president. >> spacing want to watch for congressman thanks auteur leadership got a lot on youripre plate. we are certainly going to cover, thank you so we'll see you soon for congressman jim jordan joining us this morning in ohio. quick break and then who will censure the gop nomination in pennsylvania? or the hottest primary in the year end it is tight. pennsylvania candidate david mccormick as he gears up to facy off against doctor mehmet oz and kathy barnette. gop wants to know who's going to be neck to take on the democrats in november. we'll be right back.
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i know exactly what poverty feels like. i did not learn about it from a book. i live did i know exactly what i did to get out of it. what we are seeing right now is the radical left. they are domestic terrorist they are the threat to our democracy. to our republic. our nation does not exist when you have one decide who gets tor make up all of the rules and look to the other side and say shut up, sit down, be quiet. just doesn't work that way. maria: pennsylvania candidate kathy barnette with me ahead of tuesday's razor type gop primary contest. the racer means wide open take a look at these numbers the top three candidates within points of one another 18% of pennsylvania voters still undecided. my next guest is hoping to beat out oz and kathy barnette for the nomination drug throughout pennsylvania that senate candidate from the bridgewater ceo david mccormick.
12:49 pm
david good morning to you thanks here.uch for being i say good morning maria. maria: your reaction to the tight race? why's it so tied to what you make of kathy barnette? >> i think what's happening is pennsylvania's our focus on this they are realizing this is probably the most important race of their lifetimes in termsyl of the roads in pennsylvania. and they are angry. there angry about record inflation that is killing working families and hurting elders on fixed income. they are distraught the energy industry is being attacked in pennsylvania that's driving up fuel prices. on the open borders of joe biden are creating a fentanyl crisis right here in pennsylvania they woken as they see in schools and in business. so they are angry and they are worried their country is slipping away. they see this race as so important to blocking the terrible left agenda joe biden, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer leading washington they see this as a race which will determine
12:50 pm
whether it's a senate conservative america first conservative leading in the senate. by the senate will be led by republicans and chuck schumer packs his bags and go back to new york. maria: is a great point joe biden's approval ratings continue in the tank. take a look at his most recent numbers we have the majority of americans unhappy with joe biden only 38% say they support president biden brady also had a full three quarters of a% of people who voted sick people on the wrong track what's that tell you in terms of independence. are you expecting independence to come out and vote republican, november? >> i think will have a big turnout. who is the candidate who shares my conservative values is going to fight for those in
12:51 pm
washington? the second question is who can win this general election the stakes are so high because it determines not only pennsylvania but the direction of the country. and then three, who can show up monday with the experience adult the crisis we are in?e inflation, ukraine, china, the open borders. what i am feeling on the campaign trail it's a lot of momentum as people focus on the issue see me as some of his battle tested, jim has served in combat, went to west point, went to west point, when chirac over some who created jobs right here in pennsylvania that is the conversation voters are having. maria: will take a break on the undecided break i wanted to talk to about the power of endorsement you had pompeo and cruz in your corner pre-president trump is a backing oz and has a winning streak. we will talk about that when we come back. stay with us.
12:52 pm
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i'm dan o'dowd and i approved this message. too conservative tesla's full self- driving technology. the washington post reported on "owners of teslas fighting for control..." "i'm trying..." watch this tesla "slam into a bike lane bollard..." "oh [bleeped f***]" this one "fails to stop for a pedestrian in a crosswalk." "experts see deep flaws." "that was the worst thing i've ever seen in my life." to stop tesla's full self-driving software... vote dan o'dowd for u.s. senate.
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maria: welcome back former bridgewater ceo david mccormick produce altered the democrats are trying tomo take down the macro phrase it. they want to make that a dirty word, ultra- mega. do you consider yourself a candidate who want to make america great again? i knew did not get the presidents endorsement he went mehmet oz. but whatbs are you fighting for? >> i absolutely want to make america great again. somebody asked me the other day if i was america verse by ben america first my whole life in the very first day volunteer to go to west point and serve our great country. so absolutely i will be someone who stands tall and fights for america first policies by think president trump did a great job in bringing that agenda and dealing with the millions of forgotten people across pennsylvania and our country but that agenda is something i will fight for.
12:56 pm
progrowth economic policy, fair trade, energy dominance, secure borders, these are the conditional building blocks of america. eanother joe biden where very quickly deteriorating. that american dream that great america we all love is slipping away. maria: talk about foreign policy center battle tested your bid in the military of gone to iraq. at the endorsement former secretary of state mike pompeo. how severe are the issues and what you want to do about the aggression coming out of china and the communist party? ask i think under the divided administration we have really shown a weak hand it to the world to pray think the retreat from afghanistan was absolutely disgraceful. think the t challenges in the wr have eight ukraine is a direct consequence of afghanistan also the terrible energy policy of joe biden. i am someone who served in the 82nd airborne division under ronald reagan and believe that america plays a unique role in the world. we need to achieve peace through strength. that is thees way to best promoe
12:57 pm
american interests and american values here at home. i am proud to have the endorsement up mike pompeo, ted cruz, mike huckabee, and sarah huckabee and brandon judd from the border patrol because they see me as a strong candidate who will fight for america. thank you. maria: will be watching tuesday, david mccormick that will do it for associate tomorrow at fox news mornings with maria. news mornings with maria. have a great sunday everybody. ♪ (emu squawks) kevin, no! not today. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast.
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>> i can't say enough about our retired fellow colleague who confronted individual to save lives of others, and may he rest many peace. this is what our community's all about. this is buffalo. this is erie county. hate has no place in our county, many our state, in our nation. this was pure evil by one individual, and if i know that that this this community's going to come together stronger hand ever, more united than ever
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