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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  May 15, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> i can't say enough about our retired fellow colleague who confronted individual to save lives of others, and may he rest many peace. this is what our community's all about. this is buffalo. this is erie county. hate has no place in our county, many our state, in our nation. this was pure evil by one individual, and if i know that that this this community's going to come together stronger hand ever, more united than ever because we are buffalo, and we
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are one. arthel: the city of buffalo, new york, is mourning the ten lives lost in yesterday's shooting at a supermarket. the deadliest mass shooting in the city's history, another 3 people were injured in what the city's police commissioner called a, quote, absolute racist hate crime. hello,ing everyone, this is a brand new hour of "fox news live," i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn. the mass shooting happened around 2:30 yesterday afternoon in a predominantly african-american buffalo neighborhood. eleven of the thirteen victims were black. among those killed, as you just heard, this man, retired buffalo police officer 55-year-old aaron salter, he's being praised as a hero who was working as a security guard at the supermarket, and police say he did open fire at the gunman, but that shooter was wearing body armor. u.s. department of justice now investigating this mass shooting as a, quote, hate crime and an
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act of violent extremism. the 18-year-old suspect in custody and on suicide watch. officials say he's made dark comments to investigators while under arrest. alexis mcadams live at the scene in buffalo, new york. >> reporter: good evening, that's right, a very disturbing situation here in buffalo, new york. the nation's eyes closely watching what unfolds next here. police in this investigation in buffalo, right now there's a vigil as you can hear the music and the community coming together to grieve the loss of innocent lives. the governor, kathy high cull, calling this -- cath kathy -- kathy hochul. the supermarket behind me, investigators believe he chose this location because it's at the center of a black community. >> the evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime. it will be prosecuted as a hate
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crime. this is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind. >> reporter: now, that rampage took place saturday afternoon at this tops grocery on the city's east side. 18-year-old peyton depend ron shot 18 people, killing 10, continuing inside the busy store. of the 13 if people shot, 11 were black. depend drone is charged with -- depend drone is charged with first-degree murder. he used a helmet camera to mass stream the ted deadliest shooting in city history. today governor kathy e hochul calling on federal leaders to reform gun laws. listen. >> i want our place in history to be the place of the last mass shooting in this country. and working together, we will achieve that, bring to bear all
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the resources we have whether it's gun laws in our nation -- >> reporter: tonight we're also learning about innocent lives lost including police officer aaron salter who was working security at that grocery store where he worked for several years. he was trying to stop the shooter, exchanging gunfire with the teen. buffalo police calling him a hero. we can tell you les a heavy police presence at gunman's home in new york. they're talking with his parents and trying to get as much information as possible. they're going to take a close look at his computer, his phone, you name it. he'll be back in court on tuesday. eric in. eric: all right, iowa lex shis -- alexis, thank you. arthel: we are learning more about the suspect who drove 200 miles from his home many central new york to buffalo to carry out the rampage. he reportedly raised red flags with law enforcement last year
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when he threatened to shoot his high school classmates. nate foy is live in our new york city museroom with details. >> reporter: this guy has a history. 18-year-old peyton depend ron was first -- here's the buffalo police commissioner talking about that today. >> it's been put out there that the state police had brought this individual in for a mental health evaluation. he went to the local hospital, he was there for -- the information we have is about a day and a half, evaluated and released at this point. >> reporter: we also have a lot of questions about a manifesto apparently written by him. it claims he was radicalized online and that his racist views are not inspired by people in his life like his parents who police say are devastated but cooperating with the investigation. we know the family lives here in congress lin, new york. again, it's about a
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three-and-a-half hour strive from buffalo. jend drone is accused of taking his parents car and streaming the attack online. >> this is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind, and there is no mistake that that's the correction this is going in. this will be completely geared toward securing a conviction for this individual. >> videos on social media show a racial slur and a message written on barrel of the gun used in the attack. again, 131 of the 13 if -- 11 of the 13 victims are black. we mow he is on suicide watch and under 24-hour surveillance. again, he'll be back many court thursday at 9:30 a.m. back to you. arthel: all right, nate foy, we'll take it back here. thanks. eric: so where does investigation go from here, and how does law enforcement combat such apparent white supremacist terrorism that has claimed lives in buffalo, el paso, charleston and else? former new york city police
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commissioner howard safer served for pour years under mayor giuliani and knows well. we just heard nate report about the red flags that this suspect was apparently -- state police this past june, last june in high school, mental health provided. what about those flags and why this apparently may have not been caught in. >> well, it's because we don't have a system for reporting mental health to the agencies that provide information when the gun background is done. and that's what we really need to do. we need to set up a very strict information passage from mental health providers where they see this kind of activity so that when somebody does a background, they can prevent somebody from getting a gun. this individual bought all his guns legally and went through the background check. so it's outrageous, and that's how you end up with kind of horrific situation. eric: it also seems that he put
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a lot of planning into this. they say for years, and as we heard from from officials, he cased the supermarket on friday. what goes into his mind, can you say from your investigative background, on how this is carried out? how brazen this is and how it somehow escapes the attention of maybe friends and family and certainly law enforcement? >> well, generally individuals like this are loners. they don't share, normally, their information with others. although in this case he posted stuff on social media and, of course, you would think that the social media companies when hay see this kind of activity would report it. but obviously, that didn't happen. but, you know, when somebody becomes obsessed, and we've seen this with many of these mass shootings, they are very meticulous in how they plan these individual things, but they don't broadcast it. eric: that alleged manifesto, 106 plus pages.
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here's the buffalo police commissioner that talking about case. >> this is going to be a very lengthy investigation. there are warrants that have been -- obtained both on the state and federal levels. we'll be looking at extensive digital platte forms, computers, phones, cameras and anything else that comes into play in this investigation. this is a very significant, coordinated, collaborative efforts with the state police, the fbi, the sheriff's department, you know, everybody else involved in this process. eric: commissioner, what do authorities look at? as former commissioner and investigator, what would you be most interested in in finding out about this suspect? >> well, mostly we'd be interested in finding out about his planning, whether there are other individuals involved or whether there are other potential shooters out will that this individual collaborated with. and they will get to the bottom of what he was doing, but my sense is this is a lone individual who radicalized himself through the internet and
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became obsessed with racist shooting. and, you know, there's very little you can do about that, but what we can do something about is when an 18-year-old shows up to buy an assault weapon, we should be looking very, very closely at whether or not that individual has had mental counseling or mental issues in the past. right now all he does is check a box saying no, and i don't think that's adequate. eric: no. wow, that that certainly sounds as such. well, the investigation will continue, he's back in court on thursday. how'd saf if ir -- howard safir, you know a lot about this, commissioner. good to see you, thank you. >> good to see you, eric. eric: much more, of course, on this horrible shooting later on in this hour. we'll talk to john plan, the district attorney who is prosecuting case. we'll get his view on what the suspect could face and where this investigation is going. arthel? arthel: eric, turning to
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politics now with breaking news in a closely watched pennsylvania primary. leading democratic candidate for senate is now in the hospital. lieutenant governor john fetterman says he had a stroke on friday caused by a blood clot. his doctor says that they were able to remove the clot and reverse the stroke. fetterman has served -- or surged to the head of the polls but will be sidelined from the race just two days before the voters heat to the polls. polls show the top three candidates are closely bunched at the top. rich rich edson is live with the very latest. so, rich, did fetterman choose to sit out, or was it doctor's orders? >> reporter: well, if you listen to john fetterman in his statement, he's saying the doctors want to keep him for a few days longer and he's feeling well, but it's a major, major move in this race.
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john fetterman, we were wondering what happened to him. he disappeared from the campaign trail, on friday he said he wasn't feeling well and had canceled events friday, saturday and today, then announces the whole reason he's been missing is because he had this stroke, that he's been in the hospital. and so now we finally know where he's been. >> anybody could deny workers their right to lobby for better working conditions -- >> on the campaign trail -- >> service on friday. i just wasn't feeling very well. so i decided, you know, i need to get checked out -- >> i made you get checked out. because i was right, as always. >> reporter: so his campaign says, quote: the good news, i'm feeling much better. the doctors tell me i didn't suffer any cog myive damage. the doctors have assured you that i'll be able to get back on the trail, but first i need to take a minute, get some rest and recover. fete orman is the progressive
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candidate in this race, one who argues he can attract i blue collar trump voters. congressman conor lamb is running as the most centrist candidate in the democratic field. he, like fetterman, claims he's the candidate who can attract trump voters. he tweeted, quote:i'm your nominee, i'll run a campaign focused on protecting working families. let's do it again. on the republican end, david mccormick, he's campaigning right behind me at a diner in franklin, pennsylvania, about an hour and a half north of pittsburgh. he was asked earlier today about his competitor's surge in the polls and questions surrounding kathy barnette, especially her offensive tweets and comments. mccormick pivoted to his campaign message. >> they see this as a race which is going to determine whether there's a senate conservative, america-first conservative leading in the senate and whether the senate will be led
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by republicans and chuck schumer packs his bags and goes back to new york. >> reporter: some state officials have questioned barnette's military service, whether she served the tenure she claimed. she responded this morning on fox news sunday. >> those forms do prove just that i have never -- i have not embellished on my record, on my time in the military. and i'm very grateful that i have the wonderful opportunity to serve our country. >> reporter: and the former president is backing dr. mehmet oz. oz claims among field of republicans that he is most electable. >> there's a strong focus within the republican primary community to make sure we put candidates forward who will win in november. and so to be click -- as you look at what's happened in our race, a lot of folks are coalescing behind my campaign for that very reason. >> reporter: plenty moving among the democrats and republicans in this race. this is a republican seat.
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senator pat toomey is retiring here. if democrats are going to lose control of the senate, they're going to have to lose one net seat around the country, so her really hoping to pick up pennsylvania here, offsetting a potential loss somewhere else. back to you. arthel: big race there. rich edson live in franklin, pennsylvania, thank you. eric? if. eric: we wish the best to lieutenant governor fetterman as he recovers. meantime, in north carolina early voting has ended, and the candidates are making their big push ahead of the primary on tuesday, 48 hours to go. charles watson live in charlotte with the latest on those races. hey, charles. >> reporter: yeah. hey, good afternoon, eric. freshman congressman madison cawthorn may have an uphill battle in terms of convincing voters in north carolina's 11th district that he's the right choice. he's got a number of challengers who see an opportunity to capitalize on the long list of
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misfortunes. cawthorn has had multiple run-ins with the law, he's piled up ethics complaints prompting senator thom tillis to call for an investigation into claims cawthorn participated in insider trading. the freshman congressman is shrug aring off the controversies tweeting, quote: rinos are tripping over themselves to defeat me. state senator chuck edwards who has the backing of top republicans and may be cawthorn's most formidable opponent says the incumbent positioner why he was elected. even so, voters say they're not sure if either is the answer. >> chuck would do exactly the same thing. his only policy is tord vote against anything biden has. >> reporter: meantime, trump-endorsed front-runner congressman ted budd spent last day of early voting meeting with supporters in an attempt to
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solidify his race. >> we're not out of the woods. again, this is the nascar state, we are not going to let off the gas. but i would also say our eye is on move. >> his biggest challenger coming from -- his biggest challenge, rather, coming from former north carolina governor pat mccrory who is hoping his record of cutting taxes and creating jobs can help him gain some ground. >> we need some new blood in washington right now, not the same old-same old that ted budd has been promoting for the past six years. >> reporter: you know, eric, this may be a tough race for both mccrory and budd. we spoke to a political science expert who says that these candidates align together in terms of policies, so race really may come could be to that trump endorsement. we'll see on tuesday. back to you with, eric. eric: yeah, we'll see. charles, thanks. arthel: well, as parents across
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eric: it was a somber sunday in washington. you saw it earlier today here on "fox news live" as president biden spoke about the mass shooting in buffalo during a service at the national peace officers' memorial in washington d.c. that memorial honors first responders who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. this comes as the white house starts a new week facing a slew of familiar issues. lucas tomlinson on the north lawn of the white house with th. >> reporter: hi, eric. at the top of his remarks honoring police officers killed in the line of duty, president biden remembering the victims of that horrific shooting in buffalo which president biden says is being investigateded as a racially-motivated act of white supremacy. >> we must all work together to address the hate that remains a stain on the soul of america. hearts are heavy once again, but resolve is must never, ever waver. >> reporter: bind spoke
1:23 pm
earlier to new york's governor. inflation near the top of the president's agenda, gas prices hitting another record high at $4.47 a gallon, nearly a 50% spike e over the last year e when gas was a little over $3 a gallon. even more for diesel fuel which companies depend on. it's not just fuel and inflation, but now a baby formula shortage adding to the list of problems for the white house. in our -- her last press conference, jen psaki blamed ab abbott labs for the deaths of two infants. abbott fired back, quote with: no ed that our formulas caused infant illnesses. the president not just blaming republicans, but corporate america for the skyrocketing cost of goods goods. biden saying this in a tweet, quote: let's make sure wealthiest corporations pay their fair share. jeff bezos, founder of amazon and owner of the washington "the washington post" responded, quote: the newly-created disinformation board should
1:24 pm
review this tweet or maybe form a new non sequitur board instead. president biden will make his first trip to east asia as president, visiting south korea and japan. and it looks like, according to u.s. officials, north korea could be greeting him with potential nuclear tests. eric: kim jong un at it again, lucas, thank you. arthel: parents across the u.s. are scrambling to find baby formula for their little ones. at least 20% of formula supplies are out of stock in every state. nine states are reporting more than 50% out of stock. and now doctors are warning parents not to dilute the formula they give their children because it could result in seizures or even death. dr. frieda fisher is here, she's a cert pied pediatric me frolings. dr. frieda, first of all, what's in baby formula, and how important is baby formula to an
1:25 pm
infant's development? >> hi, arthel. so baby formula is a complex, nutrient-dense product that is actually usda approved because it's had years of clinical research to have the correct balance of proteins, vitamins, electrolytes and, of course, you've got the milk. and it's not just the matter of it being a little bit of milk for a baby, formula. it's very specific. you take that in in a balance that's not proper for a baby, it can cause many, many health problems including seizures and death. arthel: wow. to that point, what if some mothers are attempting to add water to the baby formula in order to stretch it and make it last longer? >> if mothers add water, it could cause there to be low sodium which can lead to something in a baby which can lead to brain swelling and seizures. it can also cause other nutrients to be insufficient which can lead to growth retardation and cause
1:26 pm
developmental delay. and so it's quite serious. even if mothers think heir doing it to kind of stretch and get through, something as simple as a few days or weeks can be of enough to have long-lasting problems for babies. the mothers should not stretch formulas by adding water. arthel: so what can mothers do, and is making their own formula a good or a bad idea? >> making their own formula is a bad idea. although i understand during this shortage it's quite tempting. if they make their own formula, then what can happen is they can actually get too many proteins or too little, and if you have too many pro teens and salt -- proteins, that can lead to kidney failure. mothers should, first, contact their pediatrician, contact local food banks, and what they can do is they can get recommendations on where to go. sometimes smaller pharmacies will have some extra formula. but whatever they do, they should not mix it on their own because it can the also add
1:27 pm
bacterial contaminants and, certainly, mothers just want to help hair babies. but by stretching the milk -- arthel: and so is, of course, breast milk is ideal, but is there another substitute for baby formula? >> unless a baby is exclusively breast-feeding, which is what the american academy of pediatrics recommends until six months of age, however, most moores -- mothers aren't able to do it, there's no substitute for formula for a baby who should be exclusively breast-feeding. you should not give them baby food or almond milk, soy milk, you should not give them milk that's not formula and that's, again, what's so challenging. les really no good substitute, but you don't want to follow some of these to homemade social media remedies. consult with your pediatrician and on a case-by-case basis find out. arthel: you already mentioned many mothers cannot breast-feed for various reasons.
1:28 pm
one, as you mentioned, hay can't schedule breaks away from work or able to pump milk, don't have the tools to pump milk9. and then you've got these people on social media that are just saying breast-feed the baby. that's not possible for all women. some women can't breast-feed. talk about that for me in about 40 seconds, please. >> i'm so glad you're bringing this up, arthel. there's so much shame for mothers who are unable to breast-feed. and, yes, according to the cdc, 50% of mothers stopped breast-feeding, but some are unable to, they might have issues with their nipples o or if they're going to the job, it's difficult to get to a private place in order to breast-feed. and also if you're not able to keep up with your hydration, your health once you're stressing at work, it's hard to produce enough milk for the baby. so no mother should be ashamed, but what we do need to do as mothers, as a parents, make sure you're not harming your baby, you're not making your own
1:29 pm
homemade, un-fda-approved milk and you're not buying milk from people online who are selling it on instagram. arthel: such great advice. dr. frieda fisher, thank you very much. take care. >> thank you. eric: the suspect in yesterday's horrible mass shooting in buffalo now facing a murder charge. prosecutors say they will file more charges in this atrocity they say was a racially-motivated terrorist attack. coming up, the erie county district attorney, john j. flynn, there he is, we'll ask him about where this investigation is going when he joins us next. ♪ but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know. with freestyle libre 2, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c.
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in less than a year for under $11k. zuriel: st. jude gave us hope. stephanie: all you've got to do is take care of your child, focus on her healing, give her a life. that for mother means a lot. and-- and thank you to st. jude. >> the evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime that will be prosecuted as a hate crime. this is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind, and there is no mistake that that's the direction this is going in. this will be completely geared
1:34 pm
toward suring a conviction for this individual -- securing a conviction for this individual. eric: buffalo, new york's police commissioner in that predominantly black neighborhood that killed 10 shoppers and wounded 3 others. so far that suspect, 18-year-old peyton depend drorntion is charged with first-degree murder and more charges will be filed soon. a shocking case of white supremacist terrorism fueled by racial hatred of black people. the mayor branded the suspect, quote, a racist madman fueled by rantings on the internet and elsewhere. erie county district attorney john flynn joins us now. mr. d.a., welcome. we grieve with you and your city. >> thank you, eric. eric: of course. the suspect back in court on thursday. what is your investigation drilling down on now? >> well, we're taking it step by step. and like you said, the first step is the felony hearing that we have in new york state that occurs after an arrangement --
1:35 pm
arraignment. that felony hearing is scheduled for thursday. the purpose of felony hearing is to determine if, in fact, the felony has been committed. it's a probable cause hearing. i anticipate that we're not going to have any problems with having probable cause, that the murder in the first degree charge occurred. so i anticipate that one of two things is going to happen. the judge will either hold it for a grand jury investigation, or defendant will just waive it for the grand jury. so we'll have to see what shakes out on thursday. but i anticipate that this is going to go into the grand jury investigation. and, quite frankly, eric, i'm already hitting grand jury with mode right now. eric: and do you expect hate crime charges to be filed in this case? >> that's what we're looking at. we're looking at potentially multiple additional charges to
1:36 pm
be filed. so the murder in the first degree the charge which i have right now already filed, and he's been arraigned on, that's kind of, for lack of a better word, the foundation and the mechanism that i'm going to take now into the grand jury. so i can now add additional charges, i can change that charge, you know, i have the ability to, again, as long as i have the evidence, you know, put in whatever i want to into the grand jury. again, obviously, i need the evidence for it. and then present that to the grand jury for indictment. so, you know with, we are looking at domestic terrorism charges. we are looking at hate crime charges. there's actually a charge many new york state called -- in new york state called domestic terrorism motivated by hate. so that that charge right there encompasses actual terrorism and
1:37 pm
the hate charge together all in one charge. eric: and what do you look at -- what i'm of evidence can you use in sorry to interrupt, but you've got that alleged 106-page manifesto, his writings and this sort of thing. can you use some of that as evidence as well as whatever he's saying to arresting officers now? >> yes. i mean, all the evidence that we have obtained and that we're going to obtain can potentially be used as evidence in regard to those charges. like you said, we have this man pesto, we have -- manifesto, we have other pieces of evidence that every gotten along the way in the past 24 hours. he drove a car to the scene. he obviously lives in a home back in his hometown there in bloom county which is about lee and a half hours away. -- three and a half if hours away. so the investigation in this case is on multiple levels looking at everything and
1:38 pm
anything that he touched, that he did in the last six months if not going back further. and, again, mig that we ascertain that leads and provide us evidence, we can then use that and present to a grand jury. eric: his parents supposedly are cooperating according to the fbi and he had this mental health intervention at the high school with threats. is that part of it too, and do you know why maybe the the wasn't caught sooner, or could it have been caught at all especially if he's so involved in this alleged white supremacist ideology? pleasure. >> yeah. i don't know why at this time. we are obviously looking into that and reaching out to bloom county to find out, you know, what exactly happened here. again, that could go toward his intent. and, obviously, the murder in the first degree can charge that i have already filed has an element of intent to it, the
1:39 pm
intent to cause the death of multiple human beings. which is the charge that i've levied against him right now. so again, yeah, i don't know what happened many broom county. i can -- in broom county. i can tell you that we here in buffalo, he was never on our radar. we never had any advance warnings and/or notice of him. the fbi did not as well. but there's been this allegation, obviously, in broom county that we'll look into. but i don't have any knowledge on that, or i was not privy to that at all some 300 miles away. eric: yeah. it's a three-and-a-half hour drive down south. drove from home, up to buffalo and chose that supermarket because it's a black neighborhood which raises my last question. the issue of white supremacist ooh ideology, of terrorism, of him signing -- citing white
1:40 pm
replacement theory, how concerned are you about those allegations in his mind? >> well, they're very concerning. this, the domestic terrorism charge with hate that i mentioned earlier, you know, that that charge is on the same level as the murder in the first degree charge. that murder in the first degree is the highest murder charge we have many new york state. if so that domestic terrorism charge by hate is at that same level. matter of fact, it's actually -- make the argument the it's a little higher because, if found guilty of that charge, that brings with it an automatic life without parole where the murder in the first degree the maximum is life without parole, but the minimum is 20 to life. so i'm very concerned about it, and that's why we are looking diligent9ly into -- diligently into that potential charge, again, as i said, eric, before along with others. eric: district attorney john flynn, you've got a lot on your hands, a wide-ranging, extensive
1:41 pm
investigation. thank you for your service to the empire state and know that we are with you. thank you. arthel: thanks, eric. a federal judge is expected to rule on the fate of title 42 in the coming days. the trump era federal public health measure is designed to address covid-19 among those seeking asylum at our southern border. bill melugin is live in eagle pass, texas the, with more. bill? >> reporter: arthel, one of the reasons we continue coming here to eagle pass is because thing ativity here is just so constant day in and day out. this that certainly was the case today as well. that take a look at this video we shot here earlier this morning of a single massive group of about 150 illegal immigrants crossing here. this is about the ninth group like in the last week or so according to border patrol. and just since we've been here we've seen this five days in a row now like clockwork. everyone morning around 11 a.m., we see these mass i groups of well over 100 people, mostly
1:42 pm
cubans, venezuelans and colombians. with we sometimes see the smugglers in the water with them before they run back into mexico, but it's the putting a huge strip on border patrol resources. this isn't the only area where these crossings are taking place. border patrol easel paso sector, agents there proreporting yesterday alone they encountered over 1,2003 illegal immigrants in one single day, most of them from haiti, cuba, nicaragua, even some people from turkey. the el paso sector typically not as busy as del rio sector or the rio grande valley sector, but their numbers starting to shoot up as well. people often ask are there alligators in the rio grande. the answer, yes, some. this is a photo that border patrol posted yesterday with sources telling us it was taken right here in eagle pass yesterday with that source telling us this alligator was about 12 feet in length. so, yes, there are some gators in the rio grande, they're just
1:43 pm
rare to see. we have not personally seen one yet. last thing this mug shot here, yet another child sex offender arrested in del rio sector. this is a mexican national with previous conviction for sexual activity with a minor out of the state of utah. he came across in a group of is 11. thankfully, he was caught. he was third sex offender week alone. back out here live, border patrol say just since october they've arrested 944 illegal immigrants who ended up having some sort of criminal history. back to you with. arthel: bill melugin, we'll take it back here. live in eagle pass, texas. thanks, bill. we'll be right back. anced nutrin for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues.
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1:48 pm
meanwhile, finland's president confirms the country will submit a formal request to join nato. and sweden says it will soon follow. trey yingst has the details from the can capitol of ukraine, kyiv. trey? >> reporter: arthel, good afternoon. a major development today as both sweden and finland's governments have announced they will seek nato membership. in hell helsinki both the prime minister and the president of finland made very clear they've outlined a plan to become a member of the military alliance are. the pair called it a historic moment and a new era. russian president vladimir putin warned finnish leadership over weekend that the move would negatively affect their relationship with moscow, and on saturday russia's largest electricity supplier cut power to finland. a senior nato official says russia appears to be faltering in their efforts to take eastern ukraine. it comes as the british defense ministry said russia has lost around a third of its come bass forces since the invasion began.
1:49 pm
g7 continues its efforts to pressure russia through economic and military end means. foreign ministers met in germany to discuss russian plans to disrupt global supply chains for wheat. now it can continue sending weapons to ukraine to push back this invasion that's affecting the entire world. >> translator: ukrainian men and women have shown incredible courage and determination in stopping the russian onslaught in large parts of the country. but for them to continue to have any chance at all in this unequal struggle, we will continue to help. >> reporter: there's a real sense here this war is far from over even tonight in the capital of kyiv. we heard air raid siren ises sound ising warning people to get underground. arthel? arthel: russia just won't stop. thanks, trey yingst. eric: back at home the trial is back on this coming week. actress amber heard will take the stand again when she's cross-examined by johnny depp's hours in their defamation
1:50 pm
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arthel: the $50 million defamation if trial between johnny depp and his ex-wife, amber heard, is set to resume
1:54 pm
tomorrow. the trial took a break last week after a heard shared graphic details of alleged physical and sexual abuse by depp. she is set to take the stand again this week to be cross-examined by depp's legal team. christina coleman live in los angeles with more. >> reporter: arthel, depp and heard have made bold, disturbing allegations against each other so far. prior to the trial's week-long break, depp's ex-wife has standing claim that he sexually assaulted and abused her. >> but i said something snotty to him that provoked him, and when i walked into the hallway, he grab me by the arm and slammed me up against the hallway wall. i kind of struggled with him and tried to push him off of me. >> reporter: amber heard's legal team is working to undermine depp's defamation case by zeroing many on his alcohol and drug use and portraying him as abusive and out of control. they submitted these photos
1:55 pm
showing depp passed out and bags of marijuana and some of his scrubs on the wall. meantime, johnny depp denies heard's allegations. he testified that he was actually the victim in their relationship. his legal team submitted these photos as evidence which includes depp in the hospital. he says his ex-wife put a cigarette out on his face and severely injured him by throwing at bottle of liquor. >> she walked up to me and reached and grabbed the bottle of vodka and then just kind of stood back and then hurled it at me. i looked down and realized that the tip of my finger had been severed. >> reporter: depp is suing heard for $50 million over a 2018 oped ed she wrote in "the
1:56 pm
washington post" alleging she was victim of domestic abuse. even though she didn't mention johnny keep by name in the article, he says it damaged his career. she's countersuing for $100 million claiming he has coordinated a campaign to destroy and defame her in the press. tomorrow starts week five of this trial, it's expected to last about five or six weeks. arthel: christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you very much. erik, that's going to do it for us. we end with a heavy heart as we remember the families of those killed in that massacre in buffalo, new york. eric: that investigation ongoing. suspect back in court on thursday. a horrible story for us to deal with across the country. arthel: we're going to see you next weekend. thank you very much for your time. ♪ ♪ it's dr. scholl's time. our custom fit orthotics use foot mapping technology to give you personalized support,
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