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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  May 15, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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young kids at this early age. this is going to happen all over the country. this is the progressive strategy from day one, take our kids away from the parents. >> and we will watch that in the midterms. that does it for us. we'll see you next weekend. "the fox report" with jon scott starts right now. ♪ -- what i'm looking for ♪♪ jon: as the mission reels from the mass shooting in buffalo, we have word of another shooting with multiple victims at a church this time in southern california. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "fox report." let's get right to chris even a that coleman live in los angeles with the latest on that church shooting. christina, what do we know? >> reporter: hi, jon. the ap is reporting that one person has died and four people were critically injured in this shooting. we have not independently confirmed that information yet, but that is what we are hearing. and, again, very tragic. it's less than 24 hours from
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that horrific shooting in buffalo, new york, and now we have church shooting here in california. it's unclear exactly how many victims there are. we're waiting for official numbers or the extent of the injuries of these victims. we're told one person has been detained, one suspect is in custody and that a weapon that may have been involved has been recovered. there is a heavy law enforcement presence at the scene. a source out of orange county tells me that this happened at the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods. you can see the picture of that church of there. my colleague, bill melugin, you know, sent a relative out there to help get this video. you can see that picture there, you have the fire trucks, the officers. obviously, this is going to be an extensive investigation. now again, this happened in laguna woods. that that city is home to a large retirement community.
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you have a lot of older people who live in this area. the orange county very's office -- sheriff's office put out a statement, a very brief tweet on this. it says, quote: that the sheriff's department and deputies are responding to reports of a shooting at a church on the 24000 block of el or row road in laguna woods and that multiple victims have been shot. more details to follow. so they put that that tweet out there this afternoon around 2:00. and then shortly after that, that's when they gave a little more detail about a suspect saying we have detained one person and have recovered a weapon. they also said that they are going to be releasing more details, they said they are working to get more information out as quickly as possible. they're asking for patience as this event unfolds. so again, a tragedy nonetheless. it's sunday, you have people at church. this, obviously, is a place of prayer, a place that people go
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for peace. and to have a suspect there at the church and for this tragedy to happen,st just unthinkable. -- it's the just unthinkable. and again, less than 24 hours from that shooting out at buffalo, new york. and before that, friday evening, you had that shooting out of milwaukee after the bucs game where at least 21 people had been shot. so just a devastating weekend as far as gun violence is concerned and, again, we are waiting for more details on this church shooting out of california. again, the p -- ap is reporting one person has died, four are critically injured. and, again, we are waiting to independently confirm that but, again, hearing there are multiple victims. we are learning to -- waiting to learn the extent of their injuries. jon: and the prison are telling you the threat -- police are telling you that the threat appears to be over? >> that's right. a suspect is in custody and one weapon has been recovered. what so many are waiting for is
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what could possibly be the motive for this, to go into a church where people are vulnerable, they're praying, they're with their loved ones. and to open fire -- again, we're awaiting more details on what exactly happened, but the sheriff's office has confirmed there was a shooting at this church in this community, a very community full of older residents, a very large retirement community. and for this to happen there, just devastating, such a tragedy. but as more details come out, we will be sure to bring them to you. jon? jon: just an awful, awful event and a location -- not the first church shooting in this nation's history, unfortunately. mountain springs, texas, comes to mind -- fountain springs. christina coleman, thank you. meanwhile, hate crimes investigation underway in buffalo, new york, a after yesterday's deadly mass shooting, worst in that city's history. we're also following breaking news out of pennsylvania. leading democrat senate candidate john fetterman, who is currently the state's lieutenant governor, revealed he has
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suffered a stroke. much more on this in just a few minutes. first though to the latest on yesterday's deadly mass shooting in buffalo. ten people were killed, three others hurt in what that city's police commissioner calls a, quote, absolute racist hate crime. the 18-year-old suspect appeared in court last night. he's charged with first-degree murder. he's denied bail and is on suicide watch now. the department of justice is investigating the mass shooting as a, quote, hate crime and an act of racially motivated violent 'em -- extremistism. former atf special agent many charge bernard depore will join to us in just a few minutes. nate foy is live in our newsroom with more on what we are learning about the suspected shooter. first, though, to alexis mcadams live in buffalo. >> reporter: good evening. a horrible day here in would have low, new york -- buffalo, new york. the entire nation keeping a close eye on this investigation as it's still active and ongoing. you can see that crime scene
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tape behind me. all unfolded over the weekend. tonight the governor of new york, kathy hochul, calling this teenage gunman a white supremacist. sources are telling us he was in town for at least 24 hours before this rampage trying to scope out the neighborhood, and they believe he chose this grocery store behind me because it's an important part of the black community. listen. >> the evidence that we have uncovered so far makes no mistake that this is an absolute racist hate crime. it will be prosecuted as a hate crime. this is someone who has hate in their heart, soul and mind. >> reporter: that rampage taking place saturday afternoon at this tops grocery on the city's east side here in buffalo, new york. investigators say 18-year-old peyton jend ron shot 13 people, killing 10. first opening fire in the parking lot there, then continuing that shooting inside of the busy store. witnesses telling me they heard dozens of gun shots. investigators say of the 13 people shot, 11 were black.
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gendron is now charged with first-cree can murder here. -- first-degree can murder here. officers say he was dressed in tactical gear from head to toe and used a helmet camera to live stream the deadliest mass shooting in buffalo's history following a plan he detailed in a 200-page document he posted online. hochul calling on leaders to reform gun laws. listen. >> i want our place in history to be place of the last mass shooting in this country. and working together, we will achieve that bringing to bear all the resources we have when it's modern gun laws in our nation -- >> reporter: tonight we're also learning about the innocent lives lost here in buffalo including retired buffalo police officer aaron salter who was working security at grocery store. he was shot and killed while trying to stop the shooter, and investigators say he actually with exchanged gunfire with this teen, but he was wearing all
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that body armor, so it did not stop him. buffalo police calling salter a hero. the gunman is now on suicide watch, he's being closely watched at a facility here in buffalo, but he'll be back in court on thursday, jon. jon: alexis mcadams reporting live from buffalo, new york. alexis, thank you. so we're learning more about 18-year-old suspect accused of driving about 200 miles if from his home in central new york to buffalo to carry out that rampage yesterday. he reportedly raised red flags among law enforcement last year when he threatened to shoot some high school class classmates. nate foy live in our new york city newsroom with details on that. >> reporter: jon, that initial threat happened 11 months ago. peyton jend ron was given counseling after that but now many, including new york governor kathy hochul, are wondering if more should have been done. listen to this. >> i'm going to be investigating that very question, george. i want to know what people knew and when they knew it.
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>> he was evaluated and then he was released. as far as when we say on the radar, there was nothing picked up on the state police intelligence, nothing that was picked up on the fbi intelligence. nobody if called in, nobody called any complaints. >> reporter: you heard alexis mention it, there's also a lot of questions about a manifesto apparently written by jend ron that claims he was radicalized online and that his racist views are not inspired by people in his life like his parents. the parents reportedly work for the new york department of transportation. police say the parents are devastated by cooperating with the investigation. we know the family lives in conklin, new york. it's about a three-and-a-half hour drive from buffalo. you see the route right here. we don't know why buffalo was specifically targeted, but the community where the grocery store is located is 80% black. >> -- was committed by a sick, demented individual who was fueled a daily diet of hate. >> reporter: this is the new
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mug shot released today of jend ron. videos show a racial slur and message written on the barrel of the gun used in the attack and, again, we know 11 of the 13 victims are black. today jend ron is under a 24-hour suicide watch. he faces life many prison without the possibility of parole and, again, will be back in court thursday morning at 9:30. we will be sure to follow it. back to you, jon. jon: yeah, please do. nate foy, live in our new york city newsroom, thank you. for more on the shooting, let's bring in former special agent in charge for the atf and faculty associate at arizona state university's school of criminology and criminal justice. these shootings seem to go in clusters, and now we have yet another one in california. the geneva presbyterian church in laguna woods. is -- would you guess we're going to see some kind of weird connection to what happened in
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buffalo yesterday? >> unfortunately, we are seeing a statistical trend in the united states of more mass casualty events like this. not only in clusters, but in trends and over the long haul. and for a variety of apparent motives. one of the things that investigators have to be very careful is -- of is the motive initially is irrelevant. the one thing all of these shootings have in common going all the way back to columbine in 1998 is sociopath think. they lack empathy or conscience, and they are exercising out of a self-aggrandizement, an ego-based narcissism, and they're not human beings when they're there killing other humans. that's where the tragedy lies. as a nation, the mental and behavioral health aspect of the should be our concentration. jon: i read a book once upon a i'm called the sociopath next door. it anticipated roughly 1 in 100 people in this country have sociopath thick tendencies.
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does that seem like a realistic number to you? >> there's a number of studies on mass casualty events, active shooters. some people can be socialized from their exposure into sociopaths. they can be exposed into a level of hate that removes their human conscience or empathy. and traditional or contemporary training teaches people that although the person looks like a human being, they don't look like a monster, they are, in fact, a machine, and if they have to be treated with the9 fact that if you beg for your life, you're talking to a robot. and this is there true in every one of these events from las vegas to the church shootings to all of them. we get caught off guard with our initial encounters if they're not shooting that they're human. but, in fact, they are just an automaton, and this is the risk. jon: but a church. i mean, i went to church this morning and, you know, my pastor was grieving what happened in buffalo yesterday. why does someone then take out
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his frustrations, i guess, on a church? the presbyterian church, again, in laguna woods, california. >> places of worship are of a specific vulnerability, and that is when we go to a place of worship, often times we're sitting there physically, but we're detached emotional arely and spiritually, and it takes that much longer to collect ourselves to act on our survival. in terms of why would somebody target a church, the motives and the intent are the fact that as human beings we're unique that we have choice. there is no bottom to human evil just as there's no ceiling to human goodness. and if you're on the deplorable side, if you're on the sociopathic side, a place of worship is the ultimate target. jon: because, what, you expect that people aren't going to be armed there, respect going to be, you know, shoot -- aren't going to be shooting back at you if you decide to pull a gun in the middle of the service? >> unfortunately, it's probably for a simple evil satisfaction.
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jon: so you want to bring hatred and evil and suffering and mourning to a place that's designed to be, you know, supposed to be the house of god. >> when you look at these historically -- and, unfortunately, there's more and more to study because there's more and more of these events -- that appears to be the case when it comes to places of worships. and it's something that for crisis intervention teams and a combination or a partnership with law enforcement and behavioral health officials, this needs to be the source of many considerations when one looks at somebody who's telegraphing their punches when they're online and the statements they're making, they've actually made overt threats, when people are concerned and call in, it has to be taken absolutely seriously because if they're verbalizing those things, there's always a
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chance. jon: again, it just, it seems like we've had such a spate of these. there was the black nationalist who shot up a subway here in new york city, there was the event in buffalo yesterday, now laguna woods, california. will they continue to repeat until we get some kind of a handle on this? is are they inspiring one another? >> jon, the concerning thing here is that if you look at all the a active shooters, let's even go back ten years, they have -- they share a very strong commonality. regardless of what their professed hate is or angst or enemy in common, and that is this self-absorbed aggrandizement, need for attention. and that's really what the motive is. it makes it easier when somebody hates his ap panic-americans and drives to el paso, texas, wall a mart. when somebody hates christians or muslims or jewish people or
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african-americans, it gives them some context. us as americans, as neighbors, as friends, as victims' families, it's something that we're expecting to hear, some context as to why. because the ultimate, most digestible answer is the fact that there is abject human evil. jon: yeah. >> it's demonstrated in these cases. because if you lack empathy and conscience, there's no value of human life at all. and unfortunately, to answer your question, yes, it will continue. jon: i hope as you continue your teaching career will in arizona you can inspire a bunch of young people who can prevent maybe more of these from happening down the road. bernard zapor, former special agent in charge for the atf, faculty associate at arizona state university's school of criminology and criminal justice. bernard, thank you. and we'll be right back.
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jon: fox news alert, and in california the orange county sheriff's office says one person was killed, four are in critical condition, and a fifth victim received only minor injuries after a shooting in a california church. we go back now live to christina coleman in los angeles with the
3:21 pm
latest. >> reporter: hi, jon. yes, orange county sheriff's office just announced that a it will update the public with more information on this shooting. they will hold a press conference this evening near the scene. there is some video of that area, heavy police presence as investigation comets. people trying to -- continues. people trying to figure out what happened. there's so many questions here about the suspect. a person was taken into custody, and a gun -- a weapon -- was recovered. so you do have somebody that police are presumably questioning. so people have a lot of questions themselves as to what possibly happened here. was this person aha they took into custody, were they a member of this church? were they known to this community? have have people seen him before? was he known to police? how did this happen? there are so many questions that need answers. now, the orange county sheriff's office also confirmed that one person was pronounced kid at the
3:22 pm
scene -- can dead at the scene, four victims were critically wounded and one person suffered minor injuries. all the victims are adults and are enroute to the hospital. finish so -- so few details on this. but again, a very tragic situation during a weekend that has been horrendous as far as gun violence is concerned. we are less than 24 hours from that shooting at the grocery store there out of buffalo, new york, and the night before that you had lee separate shootings -- three separate shootings after a basketball game in milwaukee. and so so many victims here hard going to be impacted not just physically, but emotionally by the trauma. the witnesses who had to see people around them in any of these situations being gunned down. just terrible to think about. and the lasting impact that they're going to have to deal with as people come to terms with the awful violence that we've seen here weekend.
3:23 pm
but again, few details on this church shooting here in california. we're waiting for more details. the orange county sheriff's office says that they will be giving the public an update, so we're to going to have to find out what more they have to say about this shooting. jon? jon: it would have been afternoon when the shots started ringing out. were sunday services underway? was a concert is or some other kind of event? do we know yet, christina? >> reporter: you know, i'm unclear exactly what was being held. but, yes, you know, this happened this afternoon. the sheriff's office, they also indicated that there were reports about this around 1:26 local time. so that did happen this afternoon. they could have had afternoon services, they could have had gatherings there, maybe bible study. not sure exactly what they do as far as worship is concerned in this particular church. but we do know that multiple people were there because there are multiple victims.
3:24 pm
and this is going to also raise some questions about security at churches. that's often a big conversation. sadly, after we have these shootings in these places of worship, you know, you're going to have a -- already you have pastors and church leaders talking to their congregations about, you know, the shooting that happened there out of new york, you know? it's the day after that. and so now they're going to have to talk about how they move forward after you have a tragedy like this. you know, there are people who are always concerned about copycatters, and we've had weekends where there has been a shooting, a mass shooting and then, you know, less than 24 hours another shooting after that. so again, i expect security is going to be the a big topic moving forward again after after this tragic incident. jon: we'll learn more about what's takeen place there, but we certainly grieve for and pray for the victims there.
3:25 pm
christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you. ted williams joins us now, a fox news contributor, a former d.c. homicide detective. ted, so many people are just shaking their heads right now. here we go again. it was buffalo yesterday with 10 people dead, now there is at least 1 person dead and 4 others critically wounded in california. is there anything that ties these events together? >> well, jon, that's the $64,000 question right now. we don't know the answer as to whether there's a new york stock exchange nexus -- nexus between what happened in buffalo, new york, yesterday when 10 people were shot at aha tops store and what has happened here in laguna woods, california. but we do know one thing, that this is -- these individuals are victims of gunshot, gun wounds, violence. what i'm concerned about -- and i was concerned about it
3:26 pm
yesterday because i was on the air dealing with the buffalo, new york, situation -- and that is copycats. and we always have to be conscious of that. jon, you and i have been around when there was a shooting at a church in texas. you and i were around when there was a shooting at the texas church. the sad commentary is what has taken place recently, jon, is that most of these churches have amped up their security. there's normally security within the church, but we don't know about the laguna woods shooting right now, was this a targeted personal shooting or was this somebody who came off the street and shot one person dead and wounded others in that church. jon: yeah. it, you know, i suppose a church, you know, could be just
3:27 pm
like, you know, some of these things happen in all kinds of workplaces, doctors' offices or something. a domestic dispute and a guy follows his, you know, ex-wife or ex-girlfriend to her job and shoots the place up. it could be something like that, but it's just so reprehensible that somebody strolls into the house of god and is opens fire. you know, we will learn more about the suspect and what the motivations here, but it is just so abhorrent, ted. i'll give you a final thought. >> it is. and, you know, jon, you and i were around in pittsburgh -- jon: right. >> -- for the shooting at the tree of life church there. there are a lot of sick individuals in this to -- in this world. we are learning that. unfortunately, we don't know yet what happened out there. hopefully, the authorities will be able to fill us in and give us more information about what happened in laguna woods,
3:28 pm
california, there. jon: ted williams, another sad is event that you and i will long remember. appreciate your insights. thank you, ted. >> my pleasure. jon: and we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ here we go... remember, mom's a kayak denier, so please don't bring it up. bring what up, kayak? excuse me? during world war two, most of do the research, todd. listen to me, kayak searches hundreds of travel sites to find you great deals on flights, cars and hotels.
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jon: back now9 with the latest on a shooting at a church in southern california. the orange county sheriff's department says one person is dead, four are critically injured and one received minor injuries. they responded this afternoon to a church in the city of laguna woods about 50 miles south of los angeles. the sheriff says one with person is under arrest, a weapon has been recovered. we are waiting for an update from officials. stay with fox news channel for continuing coverage on develop doing story. developing story. turning to politics now with breaking news in the closely-watched pennsylvania primaries. the leading democratic candidate for the senate is now in the hospital. lieutenant governor john
3:33 pm
fetterman says he had a stroke on friday caused by a blood clot. doctors were able to remove the clot and reverse the stroke. fetterman had surged ahead in the polls but now will be sidelined from the race with just two days until the primary. meantime, the republican senate primary is coming down to the wire. polls show the top three candidate cans are closely bunched at the top. rich edson live in franklin, pennsylvania, with the latest. let's talk about fetterman for a second, rich. did he -- what's his situation? >> reporter: good evening, jon with. the situation right now is he's off the campaign trail. lieutenant governor john fetterman says his doctors want him in the hospital for a little bit longer. it's unclear when he's going to leave and when he may resume going on the campaign trail and doing events. remember, the primary's many just a couple of days from now. he is the progressive candidate on the democratic side. he is running ahead in the polls. his campaign started canceling
3:34 pm
events on friday, then continued doing so saturday, and today they would only say that he wasn't feeling well x. then just a few hours ago fetterman and his wife delivered this unexpected message if his hospital bed: >> hey, everybody. as you can see, we've hit a little bump on the campaign trail. >> yeah. it was on friday i just wasn't feeling very well, so i decided, you know what? i need to get checked out -- >> i made you get checked out. >> yes. >> because i was right, as always. >> reporter: so he had a stroke, he says he's feeling better now, and he writes, quote, doctors have assured me i'll be able to get back on the trail, but i first need to get some rest and recover. but our campaign isn't slowing down one bit, and we're still on track to win this primary on tuesday and flip the senate seat in november. fetterman claims he can secure trump voters. so does republican david mccormick. the hedge fund ceo was just
3:35 pm
campaigning here at a diner in franklin, this is western pennsylvania. he sat down with us for an interview and says it is the unlikely that any democrat defending president biden will win this race. >> john fetterman, whoever nominee is -- let's assume it's him -- is going to have to either defend those policies or say why he thinks those policies are wrong. and what his policy positions are. i don't think there's much evidence to believe that that's going to the appeal to republicans. >> reporter: mccormick and dr. mehmet oz once led this race. kathy barnette has joined them in recent days. soon after her rise in the polls, tweets if statements of her emerged that were homophobic and islamophobic. >> i can't provide a lot of context because, again, it's almost 10 years ago. that's how far they have of to go back to try to find anything on me. >> reporter: dr. oz has president trump's endorsement. both have targeted barnette over the past few days as she has
3:36 pm
risen substantially in the polls. >> kathy bar net has tweeted some reprehensible messages, islamophobic, homophobic, a lot of aggressive messages when it came to president trump. she has to explain lots more about what's going on with her campaign. frankly, every time she gets a question, her answers generate more questions. >> reporter: so this is for a republican-held seat. senator pat toomey holds the seat right now. heath retiring, to it's an open -- so it's an open seat. republicans and democrats 50-50 in the senate but because of vice president kamala harris, democrats control the senate. republicans need one senate seat here to control the senate next year. to do that, they have to hold on to states and seats like this which, for now, are republican. jon, back to you. jon: rich edson in franklin, pennsylvania, thank you. so with primary day tuesday in knock, candidates are -- north carolina, candidates are spending the weekend getting their messages out to voters e
3:37 pm
including congressman madison cawthorn who is facing a number of challengers. charles watson is live in charlotte, north carolina, with the latest on that a race and other closely-watched races in the tar heel state. charles. >> reporter: good evening, jon. we'll start with the senate race. congressman ted budd is the front-runner in the 14-way republican primary battle for retiring senator richard burr's seat. and despite having what many would consider a comfortable lead, budd has given no indication that he's taking things easy. he's a made several campaign stops throughout the weekend to get face time with supporters in an attempt to solidify his lead. the trump-a packed -- trump-backed candidate says he has no plans of letting up. >> we're not out of woods yet. again, this is the nascar state, we are not going to let off the gas. but i would also say our eye is on november. >> reporter: and former north carolina governor pat mccrory
3:38 pm
has emerged as budd's biggest challenge, relying heavily on his record of cutting taxes and job creation as a way to gain favor with voters. victory could be elevated with former representative mark walker still hanging around despite pleas from top republicans including president trump to leave the race. we caught up with walker moments ago, he tells us he has a real chance to beat out the crowded field. >> i didn't have a plan b when i stepped away if ministry. i was not the favorite, i didn't have the money, didn't even know people in rag legal, much less -- rah league, but we put 100% behind it. >> meantime, incumbent freshman congressman madison cawthorn is looking at an uphill battle convincing voters he's the right choice. he's got numerous challengers who see an opportunity to capitalize on the 26-year-old's long list of misfortunes
3:39 pm
including multiple run-ins with the law that have angeredded republican leaders. the freshman congressman tweeted, quote with: rinos are tripping over themselves to defeat me. state senator chuck edwards who has the backing top republicans in the state and maybe cawthorn's most formidable opponent says the incumbent forgot why he was elected. either way, some voters are not sure either is the answer. >> chuck would do exactly the same thick. he has -- his only policy is to vote against anything biden has. >> reporter: and you know, jon, republican leaders here in north carolina and washington are really hoping that chuck edwards has what it takes to knock cawthorn out of the race after months of controversy. a lot of these leaders are hoping that cawthorn is off hair hands come the fall. back to you, jon. jon: some interesting political times. charles watson live in north
3:40 pm
carolina. charles, thanks. well, the biden administration pledging to combat those economic problems and provide relief to struggling americans. let's bring in james freeman, he's assistant editor at "the wall street journal," also a fox news contributor. want to start with some new polling on what americans think of the president's job on the economy. according to an nbc muse poll, 33% of -- nbc news poll, 33 percent of americans approve, nearly double that, 62%, say they disapprove. elections generally in this country are won on economic issues. this president has a long way to go if he wants to win re-election, if he wants his supporters to try to pick up seats in the midterms. >> that's right. and the midterms tend to be a referenda the on the incumbent president. the economic problem is inflation right now, and the
3:41 pm
president has a bad record on inflation. he was warnedded by even people in his own party not to go ahead with the $2 trillion spending blowout in march of 2021. he ignored that advice. last summer when inflation was rising over 5% he said it's temporary. when it went above 6, then in early december he said it had peaked. here we are inflation running above 8%. people are feeling it, it's hurting, and i think he will -- and his party -- will be held accountable this fall. jon: of course, a lot of people, a lot of observers say that joe biden won the nomination because democrats were scared bernie sanders was going to get the nomination, and they looked for any alternative besides bernie sanders. well, bernie was on tv today talking about why the president is having such problems, and he blamed two democrat senators. listen. >> well, it should not be a head-scratcher, you've got two members of the senate, senator manchin and senator sinema, who
3:42 pm
have sabotaged with the president -- >> that's a strong word, sabotaged. >> you've got 48 members of the senate who wanted to go forward with an agenda that helped working families, that was prepared to take on the wealthy and the powerful, you have got a president who wanted to do that. you have two people that prevented us from doing it. jon: how would you answer bernie sanders who says two people are preventing the president from making progressesome -- progress? >> thank goodness for those two people that stopped this problem of washington spending, of discouraging supply and of juicing demand from being even worse. you think about the damage done by the march $2 trillion spending blow outlast year, the build back better plan was largely a bernie sanders plan. voters i think even in democratic primaries thought they had rejected that. for some reason this became the agenda of the biden
3:43 pm
administration, and thank goodness there's still a few independent-minded democrats left who weren't willing to go along. we'd have a much bigger problem to solve if they hadn't been so courageous in stopping the president's agenda. jon: are you a little surprised that bernie doesn't mention the republicans at all who have voted against the president's plan here? >> well, and republicans have been unified. i think he realizes that that it is those independent-minded democrats who have stopped this plan from getting across the goal line are. but we always have to remember bernie sanders is a socialist. he doesn't like the thriving u.s. economic model that we've all been blessed with. when he talks about the regimes he admires around world, they tend to be ones that have really horrible, miserable economies -- [laughter] jon: yeah. >> so you have to take his comments always in context. i mean,st hard to get him to say a discouraging word about cuba,
3:44 pm
venezuela. these are not economic models for the united states. jon: bernie sanders, i recall doing some research on him, he's basically never signed a paycheck, never employed anybody else. he's kind of worked in public, you know, for the public since he was about 30 years old. so perhaps government is the only source of funding that he knows. go ahead, james. >> well, and i think the democrats are have a shot to maintain their majorities this fall, it's by explicitly rejecting his agenda which, unfortunately, fell too much sway to the party in recent years. jon: james freeman, good to have you on. >> good to be here. jon: we'll be right back. eter shows instantly if you're below, within or above your range. it cheers you on and provides guidance. connected to your health and your phone. visit today. (vo) every business, big or small, coast to coast, needs internet
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jon: in california the orange county sheriff's office says one person is dead, four many critical condition, and a fifth victim received only minor injuries in a shooting inside a california church. back now to chris even that coleman. she's live in los angeles with the latest information. christina. >> reporter: hi, jon. yes, just a tragedy. orange county sheriff's office will update the public with more information this evening. they announced that they will hold a press conference near church. deputies say a suspect was detained at the scene, and a weapon that may have been involved has been recovered. it will be a part of the investigation into the shooting. there's few details on this incident at the time including what possibly led up to it, but the orange county sheriff's office did tweet this, if we can pull that tweet up. they say: dispatch received a call of a shooting inside yes peeve v.a. presbyterian church at 1:26 p.m. four victims have been
3:50 pm
critically wounded, one with minor injuries. all victims are adults and are enroute to the hospital. one victim is deceased at the scene. california governor gavin newsom also tweeted in part: no one should have to peer going to their place of worship -- peer going to their place of worship. our thoughts are with the victims, community and all those impacted by this tragic event. church is located in laguna woods, a city in orange county about 50 miles south of los angeles and home to a large retirement community. there's a heavy law enforcement presence there at the church at this time. the areas around it have been closed off as investigators work to try and pin down a motive and collect evidence in this case. the big question here, of course, is why would -- what would prompt somebody to go to this place of worship, a place where people go to gather and pray and and be with their loved ones, who would go there and open fire?
3:51 pm
who is this suspect? is he moan to the police? if -- known to the police? was he a member of this church. there's so many up answered questions. but again, law enforcement, the orange county sheriff's office announced they are going to to be having a press conference on this, so we'll learn more details. just a quick recap, one person has died, pronounced dead at scene, four people critically injured and one person suffered minor injuries. all the victims are adults. one suspect in custody and a weapon has been recovered. jon? jon thanks, christina. well, after shootings like this we all spend a lot of time talking about how to prevent the next one, but is that even realistic? let's bring in a former special agent9 in charge for the atf and faculty at arizona state university. i think of, you know, what must go through the minds of these people, like the guy yesterday who's accused of shooting up that supermarket.
3:52 pm
he's 18 years old. his whole life was in front of him, and now his life, essentially, is over because of what he decided to do. do they not think about this before they open fire? are they so wrapped up in themselves, as you say, so psychopathic that nothing else matters to them? >> you have to have a conscience to feel that way, and so, no, there's not. it's a blind obsession. it lacks empathy, thus, it makes them so incredibly dangerous. jon: i wonder, you know, it seems like these things have gotten so much worse since video games became so realistic and so violent. have you done research or, you know, learned that video games tend to just desensitize people to the actual results of pulling the trigger? >> i think in terms of causation what the information shows us is
3:53 pm
that as we become more disenfranchised as individuals and groups, people leave a faith, for example, family unit's become smaller or more disconnected, we live at further distances, we're communicating through a medium that was never really intended as a human being which is online or through texting or these kind of things. we get separated as humans to have that connection that builds, i would say, an inner moral i. but all of that aside, there's things that we know we have areas where we copping regate in groups, large -- congregate in groups, large retail locations, large churches, there's things we can do in anticipation for this anomalous event which still is rare in the u.s. even though it's increasing, and there's things we can proactively coo to protect ourselves -- do to protect ourselves and protect our groups from the vulnerability of somebody like today, walking into a place of worship or walking into a shopping center and doing what he did. >> yeah.
3:54 pm
the gunman yesterday, police say, posted his rampage live. i mean, he was live seeming as he's shooting and filming on twitch which is one of those web sites or apps that's popular in the video game community. does he actually think that people were going to stand up and applaud what he's doing? why, why go to the trouble? if why, why put that out there in -- there? >> it has been argued that this is the fuel and obsession with one's self. at the end of it, what you want more than anything. so, you know, again, in terms of prevention it's like let's assume that we have the possibility of of someone trying to do this. so we put policies and process many place that if we have customers, if we have staff, that they're trained in the basic run, hide, fight, that people are not getting lost to the normal physiological
3:55 pm
response of hostile gunfire, which is to freeze solid. so we can overcome some of those hinges. and many a place like a church or a place of worship, we may actually go to the step of having armed security that's trained specifically end count -- in countering an active shooter. there have been church shootings that have been stoppedded in this country by trained personnel. they've had parishioners, retired military or current or retired law enforcement that have trained, they've volunteered their services when they have large congregations or sunday school, and they have stopped these shootings from -- shooters from killing people just by having that resource. i would argue that this is essential in our nation, that we make the norm. jon: bernard zapor, we appreciate the information. thank you. he touched on something in that interview that relates to this next story. a new hard a saturday university
3:56 pm
study examines the long-term effects of remote learning during the pandemic, a practice that had a costly impact on a lot of students. some paid a higher price than others. the study finds at high poverty schools that were remote for most of the previous school year students lost half a year's worth of learning growth. one of the report's authors, thomas cain, joins us now, faculty director of harvard university's center for education policy research. thanks very much. these are sobering saw statistics and so sad, you know? at such an impressioning bl time in these children's lives, they are really stufferring -- suffering because of what the pandemic brought. why is it that especially the poorer communities get hit the hard? >> thanks, jon, for having me. so we have to remember that many students didn't have parents at
3:57 pm
home to supervise their remote instruction. they may not have had wi-fi at home. and, you know, as a result, when schools went remote, it was the students mt. high poverty students -- in the high poverty schools that lost the most ground. in a sense, we learned something really important about, you know, a critical piece of our social infrastructure. we shut schools down, and achievement gaps widened dramatically in those areas, in the areas where schools remained in person students lost ground, but the gaps didn't widen. jon: so if you could wave a magic wand and sort of redo everything that was done during the pandemic, would you limit the kind of distance learning that so many school districts turned to?
3:58 pm
>> well, if i could wave a magic wand, ill get people focused -- i would get people focused on the next 30 months rather hand looking backward because i somehow we have to close these gaps. and, you know, many school crickets are sitting on a -- districts are sitting on a lot of federal aid that they received during the pandemic, and parents, school board members need to be asking their local district, okay, what is the plan? how are we going to help our kids catch up? show me on paper how the kinds of interventions that we're planning actually have a hope of closing the gaps. like, one of the things that i find most troubling is that we have, there have been very few interventions that have ever been shown to have an impact equivalent to a half a year of
3:59 pm
achievement growth. and as a result, school districts are going to need to be planning over the next couple of years -- jon: how to catch up. >> -- a range of interventions to help kids catch up. jon: yeah. dr. thomas cain, it's an important study. thank you for bringing us the highlights. harvard university. thank you, doctor. >> thank you. jon: we're back now with the latest on that shooting at a church in southern california. the orange county sheriff's department says one person has been killed, four are critically injured, one received only minor injuries. deputies responded this afternoon to a church in the city of lagoon that woods about -- laguna if woods about 50 miles south of los angeles. the sheriff says one person has been detained, a weapon has been recovered. we are awaiting an update from officials. stay with fox news channel for continuing coverage on this developing story. you're looking live at a chopper shot now above the geneva
4:00 pm
presbyterian church in laguna woods where that shooting took place. we'll get you more information as it comes in to our fox newsroom. and that's how fox reports on this sunday, the 15th of may, 2022. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us this evening. we will see you next in americay gowdy" is up next. ♪ trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," we begin with a fox news alert out of california one person has been killed, 5 others hurt after a shooting at a church in laguna woods, california. orange county sheriff office said they have one person in custody. cristina coleman is joining us from los angeles with the


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