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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  May 15, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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to rectify them and feels like they are making the worst possible decision in an effort to ensure joe biden is the worst president in the last 100 years. steve: strong close. we will see you here next in america with trey gowdy" is up next. ♪ trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," we begin with a fox news alert out of california one person has been killed, 5 others hurt after a shooting at a church in laguna woods, california. orange county sheriff office said they have one person in custody. cristina coleman is joining us from los angeles with the
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latest. reporter: been less than 24 hours from the shooting at a grocery store in buffalo new york, now a church shooting here in california. looking live there. some of the people gathered there. near the intersection of the church. there will be a heavy law enforcement presencessa they investigate. orange county sheriff will update public this evening. there are still cars around the church, combing through the area to see what they can collect for the investigation. figuring out what lead up to the tragedy. a suspect of detained the scene and a weapon which may have been involved was recovered. there are few details on
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this. the orange county sheriff office did confirm, put out a tweet. it says dispatch received a call of a shooting inside geneva presbyterian church, 1:26 p.m., 4 victims have been critically wounded, one with minor injuries, all victims are adults, en route to the hospital, one victim deceased. governor newsom commented on this put out a tweet saying in part: reporter: we're whales for more detail -- we're waiting for more detailing on this. who was this person they detained were they a member of the church or known to the community, did they know someone who attended the church. were they known to law
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enforcement. a recap here. one person has died, pronounced dead at the scene, 4 people critically injured, one person suffered minor injuries, all of the victims are adults, this is a place of worship. to feel safe and secure, we have this shooting, we'll see what investigators find out. trey: cristina thank you. >> now buffalo, new york, 10 people were killed, others injured at a super market because of the color of their skin, 18-year-old white supremacist fired more than 50 rounds at black shoppers and workers while streaming the assault live on-line, fbi is investigating this as a hate crime, 11 of the 13 shooting
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victims were black, including a retired buffalo police officer, just working security on the store. the suspect posted a manifesto on-line leading up the to hours of the shooting. leaving no doubt he targeted people of color, bringing to forefront, painful memories of a white man in south carolina, armed with a gun and hate, who killed 9 black christians because they were black. the warning signs were everywhere, previous threats, mental health evaluations, yet he was able to purchase a firearm in new york, cops and prosecutors have to provide legal answers but your questions are of why, why people that were shopping and working are now dead. who could hurt another
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person, simply because of the color of their skin? those are spiritual questions, and remain long after the prosecution has ended. our next guest will be called upon to answer some of those questions. president of buffalo city council, bishop thank you for joining us, people grieve with you,. what do you say to family and friends whose loved ones were killed simply because of the color of their skin. >> this is a very difficult situation, what is important right now at-this-point, to allow those families the time to grieve. we need to allow the people to grieve and the country to
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grieve with them. that is important, you can't heal without the grief. that is where we are at right now here. trey: bishop, i pulled up some of your remarks from earlier, you use this phrase, grieving in a healthy way. it is hard when there is anger, how do you grieve in a healthy way? >> we've seen at times across the country when people grieve. some people take things and destroy their own communities, this is not a time for destroying communities and hatred. but how do we take this moment in history, in time, and make a better not only western new york and buffalo, but a better united states of america. that is what healthy
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grieving does. it takes that hurt. and turns it to a positive change. let's be clear, there is never been a huge change without their being some hurt. at the end of the day that is what healthy grieving looks like. trey: all right bishop, a tough question, a spiritual question, for those wondering how god could allow this people shot while they are just shopping and working. what is the answer to how that can be allowed by a loving god? >> it is a good question. evil is a part of our world. i don't think that this is something that god wanted. i don't think this is something that god willed. i think this was the evil actions of a person, i won't put it on god. i want to make sure it stays to that person, god can get the glory in all things, and all things work together for them who love the lord, i
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believe we can be a better people, out of country out of this. trey: well, i think most of the country is full of really good people, i am sure they would like to help, how can people help your community? help the family and friends and loved ones of those who tragically lost their lives or injured yesterday? >> first, you know, as a man of faith, pray for us, stand with us. one thing to say you know pain, but if you do not denounce racism. if you do not denounce bigotry or denounce white supremacy, you are not helping, there may be people who send money but don't feel there is racism. i say this, this is from me, keep your money. at the end of the day, if you don't believe there is racism, then you know your help is not wanted. but those who want to help
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call city hall monday. trey: thank you bishop. >> thank you. trey: god bless you, thank you. >> god bless you. trey: does your right to protestor petition government include the right to show up at the home of a judge or justice? that is next on "sunday night in america."
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," america has a rich history with protests, our nation was formed as a protest. and first amendment certainly contemplated people would want to express their beliefs, there is an important word in first amendment that does not get
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a lot of attention, the world peace abily. the right of the people to peaceably. the same amendment which allows you and others to make a living on television, it requires peace, if you are not peaceful, it's a crime, you are welcome to protest, and you don't have to be polite or fair or accurate. but you do have to be peaceful. our next guest, esther salas is a federal judge. the proud parent of an outstanding young man, less than two years ago they were home enjoying each other as loving families do, the doorbell rang, our son daniel wounded up the stair -- bound up the stairs to answer it. of it a disgruntled lawyer,
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armed with a gun, and her home address, he shot her son to death and seriously injured her husband, this judge and family were targeted because she was a judge. becoming a judge is the pinnacle of a legal career. now there are people showing up at homes of supreme court justices, to what end? for what purpose? how does showing up at someone's home advance your argument? do you really think you will change minds or the way that judges look at cases and issues, by posing a threat? it is against the law to show up as a judge's house trying to intimidate or influence a decision. you are welcome to disagree with judges or take issue with their rulings, if you think a judge is wrong, you can appeal, defeat that judge at ballot box or reactor point am processor
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impeachment. you are not welcome to show up at a judge's house. to that end, why are home addresses of the federal judges publicly available? as threats and security incidents against judges are on the rise. something is going on in this country, it is not good. heckling people at restaurants, acosting them as a leave a rally or political event, storming the capitol, trespassing on other people's property, to what end. protest does not have to be fair or accurate. your protest does not have to be polite, it is ironic, you use bad behavior. protests have to be peaceful. and when they are not, you give license to those on both sides of the spectrum to do the same. protesters should be peaceful and law abiding. whether it is in pursuit of
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criminal justice reform, counting of the electoral college or decisions about what rights lie in the penumbra of other rights. the laws is about the only thing holding this country together right now, you are free to disagree with the law, argue against it seek to change tomorrow you are not free to disregard it, when you disregard the law, you weaken the law. and once it is weakened it is weakened forever. and your most assuredly not welcome to show up at a judge's house to complain about a decision. joining us now u.s. sister court judge esther salas, many of your viewers may be familiar with what happened to your family, i want to give you a chance to tell us about your son and this legislation in his honor. >> good evening mr. gowdy,
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thank you again. daniel would have graduated yesterday. he would have graduated from classic university of america. -- catholic university of america. he did not. this thursday, 22 months ago, a disgruntled lawyer, came to my house and took the only chilly ever had. and will never be able to have we lost 4 -- we had four miscarriages mark and i, daniel of the our gift from got, we no longer have our son in his physical form. but we have what i like to believe is his spirit around us reminding us of what can can be lost. you said it best, the judges and justices addresses are still open because congress failed to act and pass the daniel privacy act,
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failed to pass this bipartisan, legislation. because of that, justices and judges are still very vulnerable and the rule of law is teetering in this country. trey: you know judge, you are at the pinnacle of legal profession, i know how to think my way through things. i can't the argument of making your address public. what is the argument on the other side that your home address should be publicly available? >> we're seeing two arguments, one, congressman -- senator menendez attempted to pass bill by consent. the argument was, i want it
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too, if i can't have it no one else can either, and then the argument judges don't deserve preferential treatment. judges are not saying our rulings are not transparent, we're saying when we do our jobs, we're asking we not be at the front line of a firing squad. and the fact of the matter is that judges deal with personal cases on a daily basis, litigants get invested and angry when they don't win, we've seen that in the rise of attacks, congressman gowdy, i have to say, we talk about daniel's life. but there have been so many judges that have lost their lives. judge vance, woods, rawl . and judge.
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>> her husband and mother killed in their home by a litigant who was lies in wait. we need to pass the legislation. we need to do something to protect our federal judges. and needs to be done now, oath that senators took that congresswomen and men take, it is the same oath that i took when i got on the bench in 2006. i took an oath to do what is right in this country, to do what is best for the american people. and i intend and continue to abide by my oath. how about they abide by theirs. trey: the argument, because 10 people need something we're not giving it to 5, unless we give it to 10.
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house members of different from federal judges, i'm going to keep with much it one of these days we'll talk about how it passed. until then god bless you and thank you for joining us. >> god bless you, have a good evening. trey: the biden administration canceled a major oil and gas lease sale in alaska, and the gulf. senate energy and much in n n we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan.
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trey: gas prices are hitting new record highs every day, this is devastating for families it cost more to fill of your vehicle, price of goods goes up. and filling up your car has been up nearly 50% in last year, and double since president biden took office, the pandemic, war in ukraine, russian sanctions contributed. but there something else going on, this administration continues to be antagonistic toward energy
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producers. not everyone is having a tough year, oil and gas companies are seeing big profits, how did we get here? how do we get to out of here? joining me now senate energy natural resource committee member louisiana senator bill cassidy. these attacks are on those who least afford to pay it. >> i agree. i wish biden administration cared more about the family struggling to pay bills. you have to be about the family first, they put the family behind them. we should be towing more to lower fuel costs. trey: you are a smart guy, a medical doctor, help me
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understand, why have gas prices gone up so much and so quickly? what is the answer to that family wondering, why am i paying double? >> hey, trey, it started first week that president took office. he canceled keystone excel pipeline, and continued in a variety of ways through last week, you noted they canceled leases produce oil and gas in gulf of mexico and in alaska, they sent a signal to market and producers, that we're at war with you, like putin is going after ukraine, they're going after oil and gas, and they are surprised, we're not producing enough oil and gas, they could do things to send a signal, yes we'll start, they will not do, that they have a war on oil and gas, and family at kitchen table is paying the price. trey: all right senator, i have seen reports -- first i'm asking if it's true.
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there are reports that oil and gas companies are reaping higher profits. in my mind, if my cost goes up their cost should be too and profit would not. but according to reporting that is not the case. is that true? why is that true? >> there is a little bit of lag between when profit and cost catch up. less than a year okay oil companies on one day had to pay people to take oil they were producing, they were losing money, they lacked investment and et cetera. now there is a little bit of a lag, it will even out. but this is the administration passing the buck. if you will, they could look in mirror say this solution lies with us. how do we get more permitting to lower costs for average family, but instead we'll blame the oil companies for something that the administration helped to create, they could change it
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make it better, they choose not to and look for excuses. steve: you touched on it. last time we were together, i asked you to give president advice on energy policy. he must not have been watched. but maybe he is watching tonight, i'll ask you, given him one he should be doing to get these energy prices down. >> trey, we need an operation warp speed for energy, just like in previous administration a vaccine was developed in 10 months. similarly if we align those regulatory agencies bring them this a room, solve it now. we could align the regulations and begin to produce the oil and gas like that there is a major producer that told me, if they had the permits, within one year, there would be oil and gas coming off of the coast of louisiana to refineries to lower price at
10:33 pm
the pump and fuel cost for home, heating and air-conditioning within a year. you could say that is a year, that sends a signal and prices begin to go down right away. the administration will not do this. they are wedded to their ideology, mr. president, think about the american people first, lower price at the pump with operation warp speed. trey: so says dr. senator bill cassidy from great state of louisiana thank you for joining us. >> thank you, sir. trey: coming up, finland said it will apply for nato membership in coming days. congress sending more military and humanitarian raid to ukraine. update next on "sunday night in america."
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too conservative for california. trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," finland declared its intent to join nato. the finnish leader reportedly told vladimir putin, russian demands to keep countries from joining nato alliance have altered security environment of finland. russia in turn announced it
10:39 pm
would shut off electricity to finland as tensions rise, jennifer griffin smoke with -- spoke with finland's ambassador to this. >> finland ambassador to u.s., knows vladimir putin better than most. >> how much times did you meet putin. >> roughly 12 or 13 times. reporter: you took a santa sauna with him. >> i have been in social situations with him, yes. i'm not commenting on specific meetings, but i have seen him a lot. reporter: what is your take on him now? compared to when you met him? >> he is more ideological, he concluded that relations with the west are gone, there is not much to lose any more. reporter: he said russians should not be surprised his country now wants to join
10:40 pm
nato, and he personally warned them in january in would happen in russian troops crossed into ukraine, last november 20% of all fins wanted to join nato, now 80%. >> how do you explain that. >> change was the russian attack. it was unprovoked, i think it shocked the fins. if a profound way. reporter: do you take the threat seriously. >> most likely they will place more military resources close to the finnish border. >> nuclear weapons? i don't so that as a major issue here. reporter: finland has a large number of nuclear bunkers. >> they have been built and prepared, they stay ready. reporter: ambassador said finland will not be a drain financially to the alliance. >> we're paying more than 2%. we have a lot of army, and modern air force, i think one of the best, family a
10:41 pm
defensive -- fundamentally a defensive move. reporter: the discusses with other diplomats, take place his sauna where discussions can be had there is no place to hide listen deck vices. listening devices. >> the finnish ambassador grew up with stories of his grandfather, a finnish father deployed to trenches on border with russia, fighting russian invasion of finland in 1939. the fins pushed back the russians in 4 months, russianing tell their children stories about the brutal finnish fighters. >> more motivation. like we have seen in ukraine. trey: fox news national security correspondent jennifer griffin is joining us now. i think the border between finland and russia is about
10:42 pm
800 miles long. if my history is right, russia has invaded finland in the past. so why is nato right now. >> you talk about the 800 mile border, if finland joins, with sweden in coming months, you will double the amount of nato-border that russia will face. that 800 miles that will now be double what russia -- before the invasion of ukraine. putin is getting opposite of what he intended. he has two neighbors nordic countries to will join nato. what making finland interesting, is that finland has the largive artillery of any army in europe other than russia, finland is a very developed military, they have a strong air force, they will not need nato to send troops to set
10:43 pm
up bases inside of finland. this country will not be a drain on nato resources, you -- the fact that 20% of the fins did not want to -- or wanted to join nato before the invasion of ukraine now it is up to 80%, it shows how much fear there is that putin is not stopping at ukraine. and this is to send a strong signal, he needs to stop the expansion. trey: i thought your interview with the ambassador was fascinating, what kept going through back of my mind, how is russia going to react? reporter: finnish president called vladimir putin on saturday. and they put a read out afterwards, he said that putin's response was calm. it was not kind of threats we heard in past even from russian spokesmen in the past who said they might
10:44 pm
put nuclear weapons, right now russia is stretched militarily, they are losing in ukraine, they had to pull a lot of forces back from the finnish border already. and it was notable in the phone call, vladimir putin did not mention a military sponsor a technical response as we heard in the past, but an economic response. we've seen russia, electric company cut off electricity to finland that is due to sanctions, that have been put in place, finland is a part of of the eu. finland is very energy independent, that electricity cut off, is not a big deal for finland. i think russia has little leverage over finland. trey: it will be fascinating to watch, jennifer griffin, the best in the business
10:45 pm
thank you. >> thank you, trey. trey: this week, white house passed -- the house rather, passed additional 40 billion dollar aid package, the majority of americas' to help ukraine and punish russia, but not everyone is in agreement if the u.s. should send more aid and support in defense of a sovereign democratic country at war with a genocidal dec dictator, more than 50% of the house voted know. joining us now, texas congressman dan crenshaw. you are a thoughtful guy, you make an effort to understand the other side of the argument. what is other side for not helping ukraine in its war with russia. >> thank you, trey, there are good article arguments and bad.
10:46 pm
wild focus on the good arguments. they it is too much money, 40 billion that gives you sticker shock, it gave high sticker shock. if republicans were in charge, would have said let's use unspend covid money. or let's do 10 billion now, and reassess in a month. that is what republicans would have done. if we were able to press the perfect button, did you see a button you could press that was called perfect. you get yes or no. and i pressed yes. with those considerations in mind. the other thing. who else does it give sticker shock to. vladimir putin, his military has been degraded, their moral is low, supply chains in critical condition, now he is just -- realizing his
10:47 pm
opponent, the ukrainians are will have basically unlimited amount of resources to continue to fight war, this is san investment is an investment in severe degradation of the russian military, they will not be able to invade other countries after this, that will allow to us focus on or biggest adversary, china. you have to think strategically when you vote on these things, it is a big price tag, but in the end, a good investment without a single american troop deployed. trey: you are right congressman, you get yes, no and present. you voted yes, what was in the package, that made you say. i have questions but i'm deciding with yes.
10:48 pm
>> it was clear cut. a quarter of the money was for our military. to back fill our resources that we extended. the other three quarters for ukrainian military, that is a mix of weapons and humanitarian aid, there is good oversight measures in it i understand the counter argument, this is a huge sticker shock. but bad arguments people are saying we can't put baby formula on our shelves, we're sends money to ukrainians, the formula is a manufacturing issue. not a money issue. let's focus on the problem, and let's accept the fact that this is a big deal. a big deal when russia is created greatest land war in europe since world war ii,
10:49 pm
it destabilizes the globe, it is not america first when you let russia and china do whatever they want in the world and establish their version of a global order, that puts america last. we cannot prosper in a global order lead by russia and china. trey: dan crenshaw thank you for joining us on a sunday night. and your expertise. have a great night. >> thank you, trey. trey: up next, today is peace officer's memorial day, next guest has lived through what that means. next on "sunday night in america." hi! need new glasses?
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trey: back to fox news alert out of california, live at scene after one person has been killed and five others hurt after a shooting at a church in laguna woods, an hour south of los angeles. orange county sheriff office has one person in custody. they have recovered a weapon at the scene, authorities are expected to give an update this evening, we'll be monitoring. trey: call comes in a suspicious person looking, police get calls about suspicious persons.
10:55 pm
we stay home, and stay put. others check on what we find suspicious or unnerves, police officer greg aaliyah went to check, he was shot and killed, leaving a wife and six-month-old son. this is not another story about a police officer killed by someone who never should have been out of jail, that story has been told, but this story took a turn at the sentences hearing the police officer widow offered words of forgiveness to the killer, dedicated her life in helping others, suffer and connection, they connection officers with the communities they serve to be fewer shootings and few are grieving spouses, today is day we honor police officers who died in the line of duty, one way to do that is honor the people they left behind and loved. cassidy thank you for joining us, would you let
10:56 pm
people know what greg of the like. and how your son is doing. >> trey, it is an honor to be on with you today. i met greg when i -- one night out with friends, i don't know if there is such a thing of love at first sight, that was it, he had a magnetism to him, i would touch his hand and feel electric. greg had so many amazing qualities but his kindness was his super power, it made him an amazing husband and when we congressed sal, a great dated, and a great police officer -- when we welcomed sal, a great dad, sal has his dad's creative soul and shining at 7 years old now. that is my greatest pride. trey: police officers get a lot of attention when they are killed in line of duty or do something wrong, is
10:57 pm
there really demanding job even on so-called good days, when you do make it home alive. it is a tough job. >> absolutely. greg once said for every negative story you hear in the news there are thousands of positive stories happening. i am so thankful through our work we see these amazing stories in action, through greg's grocery program, they provide boxes of food to police, when they come across people in crisis they can help with our partners, we've grown the program statewide. through the work, i hear amazing stories of what police officers are doing every day. like out of buford, south carolina, officer patron was called to scene of a
10:58 pm
trespassing, she came across a dad and his three young kids, everything they had was in their car, because she had the box of greg's groceries, she was able to help, she gave him a box of food, they were able to get their family help and off the street, that is one story. we hear countless stories every day about important impact that officers are making. i am proud we get to lift up that threw our work. trey: you have such a beautiful spirit. but i still wonder where you got the grace to forgive the person that killed your husband? >> i'm honored by those words, there was a long time where i couldn't think about the man who killed greg without feeling so much hate and anger in my heart, there was a disconnect between this mother that i wanted to
10:59 pm
be for our son, teaching him about empathy and compassion and then reality of pain, not until i imagined how i would feel if i were mother of the man who killed greg, i pictured him like my own boy. filled with hope, and possibilities, i realized then and there how much we have in common, none of us wanted to be here. a lot of people call this 4 giveness -- forgiveness, to me that is empathy, empathy is misunderstood, we think it is condoning or stepping behavior, it is really about the courage to lean in? for those who are moved by your story, we have 30 seconds. serve and connection. how can people help. >> -- i am sorry. >> vision. >> we're don't have 30 seconds, i'll have balk to back on to talk about it. >> thank you so much, trey.
11:00 pm
>> thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, good night from south carolina. ♪ ♪ >> i am shannon bream. mass shooting in the organ abortion emerges as a flashpoint in the midterm elections. pennsylvania prepares for its turn in the primary spotlight. ♪. shannon: a march to the sepsis supreme court after a leaked draft of signaling justices are poised to overturn roe. >> will sing of the american people, stand with innocent wiper. >> and moved by democrats to pass a bill up making a to an abortion national law, build to


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