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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 16, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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fox news at night. got supreme court coverage with opinions coming in the morning. have a great week, what is left see you next fox news monday. >> breaking tonight one person in custody after the police responded to response of a shooting in california multiple people wounded in one now confirmed dead. the shooter was actually apprehended and hogtied by prisoners and then later taken into custody by police. we will keep you updated with the latest information on this tragedy. then it comes after the tragedy of the shooting in buffalo new york killing ten what local law enforcement and the mayor had to say about
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that this morning. >> the evidence we have uncovered so far makes no mistake this is an absolute racist hate crime that will be prosecuted as a hate crime. someone who has hate in their heart, soul, and mind and the bravery of the buffalo police officers to engage in individual and to say about their actions and retired fellow colleagues who confronted this individual to save the lives of others may he rest in peace. and with the expressed purpose of taking as many black lives as he possibly could. the buffalo police saved a lot of lives yesterday. >> we still don't know the
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motives behind today in california but those buffalo motives are becoming to clear everyone who loves america not only hates what happened yesterday but should want to understand the reasons why in the end the responsibility of the individual the internet did not do it cable news did not do it. and then to do something so evil that does require us to ask questions in society with technology and our political discourse and how did we end up with a system that even after being detained by police last year for threatening to carry out a school shooting go into a mental health facility with an evaluation?
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and then to prevent this for we must engage with all the questions in good faith. there has been very little of that in the last 24 hours but how do we approach it here? let's start with the most immediate practical question after threatening as school shooting at age 17 being flagged as a mental health risk possibly by a gun months later we hear all the time that the people in charge cannot even hit the controls that we have now properly. and how states and for the shooting. the state that she runs let a mentally disturbed kid the new york attorney general to take the situation in the fbi
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director with his grandstanding about domestic terrorism but what exactly is the point of the fbi if it cannot prevent something like this? and then billboards screaming to a dangerous psychopath. this is the way the politicians and bureaucrats are so eager to pass the blame. i hope the media takes the operation with local fbi and school enforcement. and then you can blame right wing extremism and supremacy. and with that anti- semitism and then to focus on antiwhite hate even if it leads to shootings on the new york subway and other hate want them with white supremacy even
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if perpetrated by black but we will never get anywhere if we keep going anywhere with that kind of dumb tribalism. let's be better than the left and the establishment media and be honest this murderer did make clear his motivation included in the manifesto was targeting fox news that was not the main thrust not by a long way but of course the vast majority and was repulsed and it is discussing disgusting but think about your reaction if the breaking news this weekend in a grocery store attack driven by the radical islamist ideology that to go all too familiar with we are looking for law enforcement. but also be asking where was this terrorist radicalized?
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how do we stop it? we don't need to imagine what we do or say because it's what we have been doing or saying with some success. target the preachers of hate. target online radicalization the mainstream denounced to the tiny minority in the midst. we need to do all of that now from this ideology of hate. because just as a despicable smear after 9/11 immediate and the democrats are engaged for all conservatives, republicans and trump supporters racist and white supremacist that is a divisive and cynical lie with their own pot with the failures and as i have often said like most americans i am pro- immigration how can i not be as a new citizen of america escaping communism but public
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consent immigration depends on government controlling immigration now we have a government it doesn't pretend to control immigration control should not be a race issue it is a rule of law issue. and so the demand for strong borders that americans of all races and all political parties that's why i have long artie argued it has the opportunity to build a multiracial and that is really happening do not let bad faith demagogues try to suggest the majority of immigration and
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that is somehow muddled up for the motives of this attack. it was something completely different how did a young kid in new york get infected with this poison? know the answer because he told us and list a bunch of websites where he was radicalized online and then used twitch so let's demand some action and accountability from these people like the ceo of reddit and jeff basals who owns twitch which is part of amazon and it goes deeper they must have a serious conversation because we have tried to do here many times and then we have seen those
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consequences of a broken society. kids given unsupervised access to the internet a ridiculously young age and powerless to stop it or the parents all the other kids have a cell phone i want one to and that is a ban on a smart phone. it is a breakdown of family. as i have said before that is the most important thing in my life most important thing in the nation's life. who acts like that today? profamily this in supporting hard-working families that it is bs over decades to see a steady erosion of families as a foundational institution and that has to change we have to do much more to help families come together and stay together with proper parenting to make sure every child in america is raised in a stable and loving home. this whole story is more than
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just blaming your political opponents we need to investigate the mistakes that allowed this kid to have a gun in the first place and fight hateful ideology wherever we find it and then mend broken society. that is "the next revolution" we need. tell me what you think. so this weekend and circumstances what went through your mind when you saw the news of this attack in buffalo you originally from new york yourself. >> when i first heard the news what happened buffalo i was in shock incredibly saddened it is an absolute tragedy for our nation make no mistake about
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that the racial targeting that did occur in the shooting and is important to me and america it is a stain on all of us this has occurred but they key thing the next couple of days it's important for everybody to get to the facts of what has happened in this shooting and what has happened with this kid what we are looking at and how does that information disseminate that drove him to the most heinous actions? unfortunately the news media is already starting for lack of a better phrase the political washing of this event and that is to the detriment of the country to take that incident to spread it far and wide which is the wrong way to go.
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steve: thoughts that talk about the societywide aspect of disturbed young man and they have spent so much time online and infected by this to become a culture online the gaming culture the platforms like discord and twitch women in the end the responsibility but they contribute to the culture that is absorbed by young people today and parents are just in despair. i think there is a lot going on in our society that we don't want to talk about it. >> . yes you are right. i have three sons myself and i will tell you the amount of internet usage is what my wife and i talked about all the
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time we have taken major steps because some of the information we have seen is the more children are online the more self-esteem issues the more word depression that is occurring. it is a serious problem and people may be quick to say you can pass a law that what happens in the homeless is the responsibility of the parents and the family but not of government. so it is incumbent on all parents to significantly limit the amount of time they spend online. in my house no computers or phones in their room. i want my sons to go down a rabbit hole of internet at midnight are one or two or 3:00 o'clock in the morning because then you don't know what rabbit hole they will go down. steve: what about the platforms themselves with big technology company?
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i know it is hard. so much content uploaded all the time we don't want to crush speech that is perfectly fine but there is so much stuff it seems to be dangerous and harmful. are they doing enough? >> this is a major issue in our country right now where fortunately so many social media companies depending on the politics of the post themselves. i am a free speech absolutist and will always be protected where the social media companies shall information to be disseminated to go down the line to remove certain information or things like child pornography are already legal they should remove that but the responsibility for what children taken is the responsibility of parents to
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put more focus on social media companies in light of this tragedy that has occurred in our country it will drive them more on speech our country cannot survive this. it will put people into more corners and darker corners is not good for the republic long-term. steve: people despair but i made that analogy of the islamist ideology and actually that has been pretty successful in the sense of focusing or targeting the core. and then with the evil ideology with those extremist. and then with this ideology and that kind of targeting could be effective. >> this is the issue.
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and then we all know that does exist in the world. with the media platforms to then become the arbiters. that is what has driven us to where we are in the country right now. and somebody to say this is acceptable and this is not. and then to commit one of the most heinous acts our country has ever seen. we need to get down to the facts what was driving his behavior how did he acquire his weapons former new york state has the drug laws in the country and how did he acquire his weaponry? and then go down at fact
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pattern. and then to jump to conclusions or policy or go to grab the last policy off-the-shelf is what the democrats want to do right now and say that would have fixed the issue because if you look at most of the mass shootings the reality tends to be with those that prevent the tragedy in front of us. steve: thank you congressman that reminds us of the previous conversation that was a perfect example. great to see you tonight. thank you. picking up on the last part of that conversation about the access to weapons in the way the system operated in this instance. and that struck me and is mind-boggling and police were called one and a half days
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with psychiatric evaluation and a mental health facility something must have gone wrong. >> this is unfortunate in deference to adapt to those innovations and apply them into that attachment to social media. and then to make a threat online to kill the president they would be knocked down by federal authorities and then we look back at what happened june of last year where this teenager has mental health concerns and to acquire a firearm to commit the
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atrocities that happened over the weekend and this is a long-standing problem. just making mention to gun control it is not the issue it's more police or law enforcement enforcing the law and of a mental health concern no way shape or form should be in possession of a firearm. steve: is it also. what pieces did not connect? i don't understand how after all these years the focus on this issue could still happen. >> going back to my last point if someone has a mental health concern there should be a removal order that this person does not have the ability to possess a weapon when that is
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in effect police officers from the local precinct will come to the person's residence and remove any firearms they are in possession of and that did not occur in this case and in addition we had an 18 -year-old in possession of a massive trove of weapons and that should not of happened and to have deference with law enforcement doing more as opposed to less because we let criminals act with impunity this is what manifests as a result. steve: exactly. you can say that again thank you very much we appreciate you joinin
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this phone? more groceries! this phone? fewer concert tickets. this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. steve: according to the white house biden and democrats have been working for months trying to solve the food shortage crisis with this crew of boobies and now 40 percent of all baby formula is out of stock and now expecting a months long delay until the supply can be replenished but there is one crisis.
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>> today in order to sustain ukraine as it continues the fight i am sending congress a supplemental budget request to keep weapons and ammunition following without interruption for ukrainian fighters with humanitarian assistance. >> how congress can congress deliver the $33 billion of aid that has been promised? >> you think we can do it as quickly as possible. >> you can do that before the end of the month? >> we have to that's why were so pleased to hear we can proceed immediately with this bill today. we cannot afford to wait. time is of the essence. >> every day. spanky performing without
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interruption and time is of the essence people paying with their lives, americans to the open borders madness drug death from fentanyl coming across the southern border a record high and i argued for that for the start. here is another proposal. to see the same amount of effort and urgency and those drug death happening in america. and following this closely tell us your view. >> talk about the biden administration foreign-policy before we get to the border they are also inflicted
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wounds. and the way it is handled with across the board. and then for russia to flex the muscles to move into ukraine and then the biden administration is continuing because we are looking at what is going on in ukraine but we are not looking at what is happening here on a national security level. and you are absolutely right with the border being wide-open is a problem for the biden administration it is a situation that they themselves have created. and then such magnitude it is not just about the loss of baby formula or inflation or
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what we are seeing in the south china sea with the expansion of china but what we are seeing could very well turn into something in the next three or four months to be extraordinary. watching gas prices go up and the supply chain to go even further. >> at 33 billion. steve: i cannot keep track but just the same amount give it to ukraine. and then specifically the china aspect. that is behind the fentanyl. and then with 107,000 overdose
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deaths. >> that is what the cdc said last year. and then that has to do with junkies or addiction. it doesn't. fentanyl is shipped into mexico the mexican drug cartel are using the precursor chemicals they are mixing them in mexico making the counterfeit drugs like percocet or oxycontin on —- oxycontin and adderall it is distributed all across the united states we are losing so many young people children high school and college and mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters. the crisis continues to increase we have to ask ourselves what happens when the money comes back the us department of treasury the mexican drug cartel was funneling that many back through chinese banks not only
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other drug cartels taking advantage of the national security crisis but the national security crisis at the border we are losing our children in a generation of americans those are what need to be pose directly to the administration. >> this is poisoning of the number one enemy of china. it is unbelievable they don't it is unbelievable they don't take this more seriously. hi. i'm shannon storms bador.
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join over 100,000 online sellers who get ship done with shipstation go to /tv and get 2 months free. steve: last week we argue the biden support for the supreme court justices were grounds for impeachment illegal protest designed to intimidate the judiciary with the constitutionally mandated proceedings is not a normal policy degree men or breaking the law they are subverting the constitution and undermining our democracy.
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we based last call on impeachment on the tacit support and the fact that he had not condemned them but look where we are the sunday? biden has explicitly supported them and encourage them. >> if there is an outrage right now i guess about protest that have been peaceful today and we continue to encourage that outside of judges homes and not the present position. >> we continue to encourage that outside of judges homes. that is the presidents position? break the law? that is the president's position undermine the rule of law? that is the presidents position. yes. these are biden's people doing his bidding. now let's bring and our guest to talk about all of this. it seems to me that you have
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so much going on so much news this week and to focus on but then without really calling it out with official white house and the president's name and then to encourage mobs to go to supreme court justices homes quick. >> if you love america and this country it doesn't matter what side of the political aisle you are on the have to be concerned with the erosion of the lines we had as a society that we have seen in recent memory may have these people protesting outside of the judges homes but i believe in the right for all americans to protest that is your right as an american. but when we go to supreme court justices homes and is
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specifically condoned at a conference over the weekend to say i wonder how long we will have these institutions at the rate we're undermining them and what will we have as a country? that is the question we need to be asking and be furious at this administration for basically condoning this because if they don't explicitly come out against it and say this is wrong they are condoning and supporting it and they are letting all of the people that are breaking the law right now that they are behind them. >> and those that lecture us nonstop with those democratic norms and all the rest of it it is unbelievable.
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you started the douglas society. such and important institution as a new home of black conservatives so what is your reaction you see the way the left and the media try to exploit terrible tragedies as we see now? >> for me as the founder and president and founded the organization to be a voice of black conservativism to actually have another perspective people can find online. we will go into a new cycle hear how all republicans are racist all about how anybody is a conservative is a racist and those young millennial african-americans and the
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independence to go somewhere to find another perspective and then go to douglas on the social media because it's important to get ahead of the narrative that way. that way.
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after my car accident, ♪ call owondnder whahatmy c cas. eight million ♪ so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. youour cidedentase e woh than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris steve: more disastrous news with inflation but the average inflation rate hits nine.4 percent. direct consequence at the national level with directed spending with biden's were un-american energy.
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but you can see at the state level one reason food prices are so high is the nation number one producer of california is attacking a farm on —- attacking farmer stopping them from producing food and restricting the water the farmers need then blaming drought and climate change and then refusing to build infrastructure to capture the water than flushing it out into the ocean for no benefit the democrats presiding over this madness was governor newsom and his opponent has framed this in the way that the democrats environmental extremism is in a pro scarcity mindset here to explain is the gubernatorial candidate, great to see you. this is your way of explaining of what is going on. i think it's incredibly smart and i would love to hear more.
12:48 am
>> it's important to remember there are two kinds of environmentalist it is pro abundance pro human environmentalist and then pro scarcity that view humans as the problems those are who control governor newsom you will see i lay out a pro abundance agenda doesn't need to be a war between farmers or conservationist are residents, we can produce abundant freshwater we can recycle wastewater and then desalinate ocean water they have launched all of these initiatives spending two.$7 billion on water storage product on —- projects the governor hasn't built a single project since then says he supports desalination but his own coastal commission last week blocked and a very important desalination project
12:49 am
the israelis have been so successful they are now refilling the sea of galilee. we can have a pro abundance agenda we had plenty of water and energy but the governor is blocking the necessary projects to make it a reality. steve: they brag about what they do in california. you may say that infects the rest of the nation when you launch the campaign how is it going and what kind of reaction are you getting? >> it's going really well. i was a democratic affiliation last year but no longer in good conscience i cannot be a democrat after i uncover the role the democrats had played to create the open drugs scene and the addiction crisis to cause energy electricity prices to rise seven times
12:50 am
more in california over the rest of the country over the last ten years. even as a decline over the last decade. independence and democrats the agenda is focused on requiring people to stay in shoulders but consider that completely
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it is a bit like him and in the middle the party has gone so far great to see you good luck. steve: don't forget we have daily coverage of the governor's race and all the crazy california badness if you are watching this in california please join us
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steve: welcome back. it's time for this week's close-up. the first time in this role check it out despite the attorney general denial whistleblower said the fbi did target parents who protested using the agencies terrorism investigations pretty much the exact opposite of what merrick garland under oath told congress. >> i want to be clear the justice department supports and defends the first amendment right to complain as they wish. about the education of their children to him about the curriculum taught in the schools. i can't imagine anyhe circumstae
12:57 am
in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children nor can i imagine the circumstance where they would be labeled as domestic terrorism. >> steve: i can't imagine any circumstance, yeah, right. ever since he got this job he has behaved as self-righteous, weasel. and this confirms it. >> thank you for having me on here to close. i was one of those parents. i was at a really raucous school board hearing in august speaking, steve, on behalf of my two kids who are public school kids in williamson county south of nashville, tennessee, where i was born and raised in live now. i kind of wonder if they have a file made to investigate because it made zero sense for kids to be wearing masks and by the way, kids are still wearing a mask in many parts of the country, even though they were zero scientific evidence of it. steve, i'm curious what you
12:58 am
would say in response to this question, buck sexton and i were debating this before the entire biden administration started to, merrick garland might have been the draft pick for the most reasonable member of the biden administration. if we had to pick someone that we might have trusted to not be an absolute ignoramus and buffoon. i can't even name anyone in the biden administration right now. if you let me handpick someone and say, hey,th this person is n charge of policy right now.. you may not agree with everything but they are confident they will be motivated by zealotry and they will actually get a job done on behalf of the american public. i don't know about you, steve, but i cannot pick a single member of the administration except merrick garland because he was not a long time partisan scrooge, but he turned it into one so quickly. >> steve: two parts, like this
12:59 am
close of the study of merrick garland because last week remember we had him on, and talk about environmental justice here that is what he's focused on. and the rest, like people like me, far left totally incompetent and less reaction to you for that. >> i don't know where we go from here. i really don't. to your point, it feels like the analogy are used, steve i came out of the world of sports but i have to get you to an sec football game because i live it down here in the south he would look, sometimes in sports, someone tanks to try to get thec best draft pick and it happens in the nfl sometimes, nba, major league baseball not as much. but there was always this tanking element. it feels like the biden administration is intentionally tanking. when i see the border, the crime, the inflation, all of the issues overseen in europe and
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ability to anyway help rectify them it feels like consciously making the worst possible decision in an effort to ensure joe biden is the worst president in the past 100 years. >> todd: you are right. strong close, clay travis, good to see you. we will see you next sunday on "the next revolution" that will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, one person is dead, five hurt after a shooting at a california church. the deadly effect one day after ten people killed by a gunman who fired in a racially motivated attack at the supermarket. you are watching "fox & friends first" on monday, todd piro. >> carley: ashley strohmier in for >> carley: . scouring of the suspects arrested for the buffalo shooting and speaking with his parents and learning more about his past, and also learning more about the rampage inside ofhe


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